Granny’s Gummy Glory hole – Old women still have their wants

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“Nearly the end of the month,” Granny thought to herself looking at the calendar on the wall, “Another week and Joey will turn sixteen, finally.”
Joey was her grandson who became her ward several years ago, when his parents shot a man during a drug deal gone wrong, and she had since done her best to raise him to be a decent (at least fairly decent) person, and for her effort, she was awaiting what would be her reward and her body shivered for a second or two in anticipation.
“Hey Granny, I’m home. How long before supper?”, came Joey’s voice from across the house.
“Twenty minuets to half an hour, why, hungry?” she called back.
“Just wondering. I’ll be down soon.” He told her going up the stairs to his room.
Entering his room, Joey shut the door behind him, walked over to the window, placed his phone on the sill, facing his neighbour’s house, and closed the curtains leaving his phone screen visible. Pressing the appropriate app, he saw through the viewing screen several girls from his class walking around in Susie’s room. Susie, his neighbour, had been talking to days about having a pyjama party tonight and, fulfilling his wildest (and wettest) dreams, he was going to record it.
“Joey, supper’s ready.” Granny called from downstairs.
“Be right down.”, Joey called back stopping the recording before leaving his room.
“So,” Granny said starting conversation, “Any special plans for tonight?”
“OOOOOhhh ya.”, Joey smiled answering her.
“Wow, you sound excited, what are they?”
Joey looked up at her confused, “Wait, what, what are what?”
“Your plans for tonight, you sure seem excited by them.”
“OH, homework.” Joey lied, “Got a busy weekend planned and if I don’t get it out the way, it’ll spoil my weekend.”
“Well, it’s good to see you’re being so responsible. Tell you what, go get started on it, I’ll do the dishes, that way you won’t have to worry about it while you’re out having fun.”
Joey wiped his face with his napkin, put it down on his plate and bolted from the table.
‘Must be really interesting homework.” Granny thought as she gathered the dishes on the table.
Joey ascended the stairs two steps at a time.
Reaching his room, he swung the door behind him, so focused on his phone he did not realize it did not shut completely.
“Yee-ass!!!||, he whispered excitedly as starting the recording he saw several of his female classmates bouncing around in their next to nothing nighties.
Granny finally finished doing the dishes and put them away. Getting some milk for her coffee, she saw the pie in the refrigerator. “Oh, poor dear forgot to get dessert.”, she thought to herself, “Maybe he’d like some doing his homework.”
Granny took the pie to the counter and cut a fair sized slice and placed it on a saucer, added a fork to the plate and headed toward the stairs. Reaching the top of the stairs, Granny thought it sounded like an odd, one-sided conversation going on.
“Oh Joanie,”, Joey cooed not believing what he was seeing,, “Joanie, Joanie, the biggest bust in class Joanie” he whispered watching Joanie dancing around with her tits swaying around like a clothes-lined sheet in a windstorm. So fascinated by the bouncing globes He hadn’t noticed that Susie’s mother, who didn’t look old enough to be Susie’s mother but more like an older sister, had entered the party room carrying several pizza boxes. She said something to Susie who turned her head to her guests smiling causing the girls to clap and shake their heads as if agreement, before Susie’s mother left the room.
Not knowing what was going on in Joey’s room, Granny took a secretive glance through the slightly opened door. As she peeked in, she noticed how excited Joey was…. and why. “Well,”, Granny thought, “two can play that game.” and she crossed the hall into her bedroom. Putting down the saucer she had brought for Joey, she reached into her purse and took out her phone, setting it up to record and returned to the opening in Joey’s doorway.
“Wow!!!” Joey thought,”Tits bouncing around negligees, skimpy and/or see through panties, pillow fights …. the only thing missing is kissing and touching each other”. Then it happened, Susie took a bite of pizza and a dollop of cheese landed on her nightie, right near her nipple. “Ohhhhh!!”, sighed Joey as Susie lifted her tit to lick away the cheese. That was all Joey thought he could take and as he started undoing his zipper, Granny reached the ajar door and started recording.
As he took his hardening manhood from his pants, he became almost paralyzed in shock and awe as Susie’s mother re-entered the room, wearing a red satin nightie short enough to expose a pair of legs that would have made Marlena Deitrich jealous. Almost immediately, when his joystick reached full erection, he started to stroke it. The sight of those nicely tanned, long, well defined legs helped him produce so much precum he had no need for lotion or alternative lubrication.
Suddenly, his firm rod transformed to a wet noodle as he heard Granny’s voice exclaim, “Wow, that is some endowment! Maybe I should send this film next door, might attract some interest, especially from Susie’s mom, yeah, I’m sure a divorcee could use something like that after going so long without.”
Quick as he could, Joey slid what was left of his erection into his pants with one hand while reaching for Granny’s phone with the other, but before he could reach the phone, Granny tucked it into the left cup of her bra. “You know where it is if you want it.” teased Granny as Joey’s hand stopped reaching,
Granny, please, Joey pleaded, “please, please, please, delete that, I’ll do anything, yard work, dishes, laundry, clean the house, ANYTHING!”
“Anything, eh?”, Granny questioned as she started walking down the stairs, “Follow me and we’ll see.”
Joey followed Granny down the stairs and wondered why she would head toward the basement doorway. Opening the door, Granny started to explain, “This may come as a shock to you, but what you don’t know, and probably don’t want to know, your is Granny is a cum-slut.”
Joey froze in his tracks. His mind flooded with all the alternate universes he saw on television and in the movies as he wondered, “How the FUCK did I get here?”
“Joey, Joey,” Granny called to him snapping him out of his trance, “I know, you think of me as some sweet old lady, but it wasn’t always like this. Your Grandfather was a heavy, and poor, poker player, often losing more than he could pay, so, to keep his knees from being broken, I settled his debts, lots of his debts. After a while, I came to enjoying it, so much I’d give hints to other players to make sure he lost, and I had to make restitution, but those days are gone, and I’ve missed them long enough. I promised your grandfather I’d make a man of you when you turned sixteen, just as I did your father, the age your grandfather was the first time I gave him a blow job……, of course, like so many others, I didn’t like doing it at first, but I had become adjusted enough to start to miss doing it.
Whoa,” blurt Joey, “whoa, whoa, whoa, time out, freeze frame, stop the bus!!! YOU wanna what?”
“Blow your big one, gobble your goodies, prevent your progeny,” Granny tried to explain, “I…WANT…TO…Suck….YOUR…DICK… and swallow the outcome. What don’t you understand?”
“The part where my grandmother wants to blow me!!|
“I see, you wanted and expected someone else to give you your first one. Okay,”, Granny said retrieving her phone and dialing a number, “Mary? It’s Marta next door. I saw that herd of girls going over to your place and and wondered if you needed some help, or maybe some extra food, I think I may have a nice, big sausage over here, or maybe a movie to watch and entertain the girls.” she turned to Joey who was standing with his hands clutched together below his chin as if begging, “You sure you’re good?” Granny asked into the phone while pointing to Joey’s crotch, “Anything at all a single mother might need,” Joey undid his zipper and pulled out his still flaccid member as Granny concluded into the phone, “Okay dear, but remember, I got your back if you need it…… ta-ta dear.”
“Fine, go for it Granny,” Joey said as she hung up the phone, “but don’t expect much.”
Granny giggled saying, “Oh I know just what to expect…… I got a movie of it. Now come with me.”
Granny walked over to a closet door reaching into the right cup of her bra retrieving the key needed to unlock it. As the door opened, Joey saw a small chair and a glass of water.
“What’s the water for?”, Joey asked.
Granny didn’t answer right away, she just sat on the chair, took out her dentures and placed them in the glass of water then spoke, “so I can’t bite. Now, help me with this”, she added pulling a panel across the doorway.
Joey helped move the panel into place and he heard Granny bold it shut, “What’s this hole for?, he asked inserting his finger through it.
“Take your finger out and put your dick in, and maybe you’ll find out.” Joey did as he was instructed. Once his dick was fully inserted he felt a hand firmly grab hold of it. Instinctively, he tried to pull out, but the hand held it firmly in place. His erection started to return as the underside of his penis head felt something warm, moist and meaty sliding it’s way from the base to the tip. It crossed over the top of the head before rotating around the now quickly engorging member.
Once his full erection returned, he felt something engulf his penis, closing just above the hand holding him in place, he knew it was Granny’s lips, and as much as the thought disturbed him, he let out a slow moan of pleasure. Slowly the lips pulled away, with an accompanying feeling of suction, from the anchoring hand until it reached the base of the glans where they paused as the meaty object resumed it’s rotating massage. Just as Joey thought he couldn’t get any harder, the lips started their path back toward the hand holding him, this time joined with Granny’s gums chewing their away behind them.
Joey’s legs started feeling weak and he let out another soft moan of pleasure as Granny’s lower jaw started to shift left and right while it chewed. “Oh God yes!”, Joey kept repeating as he enjoyed the quickening oral back and forth action of Granny’s head.
Joey’s breathing became frantic as his orgasm neared. He fought hard to resist spewing his all into Granny’s mouth not only because he was enjoying the sensations so much, but mostly because it was his Granny’s mouth until massive exhaled groan escaped his lips, and sperm escaped his body. He tried pulling back, out of Granny’s mouth, but the vice-like grip of her hand held him in place until his body could discharge no more man juices.
A few last licks over his penis opening and Granny’s hand released his softening thrill stick, allowing him to walk (hobble?) over to a chair and rest. He heard the panel being unbolted before it slid open. “Well?” asked Granny, “Am I still good?”
“Oh God yes!”, panted Joey, “Oh Granny, how can I thank you?”
“That’s easy,” Granny said smiling, “Invite a few friends over for your birthday, and tell them to come stag.” she added with a wink.

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