Happy Torture of My Weekend

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I washed the dishes and put the kitchen back in order from dinner. Master said that he was going to show our guest around the house. It was Harry’s first time here. I had met Harry a time or two, when going to Master’s workplace. He was very good looking.
As I stood there, loading the dishwasher, I thought about him. Master and I had an open relationship. He also knew that I liked blond guys. I couldn’t get Harry out of my mind. He was tall, blond, deep blue eyes, and had a pronounced bulge in his pants. Yes, I looked every time I thought that he wasn’t looking. I could still smell his cologne in the kitchen: Old Spice. The smell brought up childhood memories of my dad.
Master had not told me why he had invited him over, just that we were having company for dinner. I had not questioned him, though I wanted to do so. He had given me a look that had stopped me from asking.
When the last of the dishes were in the dishwasher and the kitchen was again clean, I went to go see where they were. I walked to the living room thinking that they may have retired there, but they hadn’t. Wondering if Master was showing him our playroom, I walked toward the stairs that lead to the basement. The door was cracked open and I heard voices; being very inquisitive, I stopped and listen to see what was being said.
“Yes, she has been wanting this for some time. I decided to surprise her. I’m glad that you agreed to help me,” Master said.
Hmmm… What is he talking about? I tried to hear more, but Master was talking too low for me to hear. I would have to go down the stairs to hear more, but then Master would know that I was there. Also there were his rules about me entering the playroom. I was to be nude anytime I stepped in there, no matter what reason I had for going there. What to do, I wondered. I decided to just act like I hadn’t heard and call out to see where he was.
“Master, I’m finished with the kitchen,” I called out.
“We are down in the playroom, Mein Liebling. Come on down and join us,” he responded.
My heart jumped into my throat. I knew that I would have to go down nude. Even though he had an open relationship, Master and I had not acted on it. He knew how self-conscious I was about my weight. Damn, what do I do? I knew that not following his orders would get me into trouble. Whether we had company or not, I would still get spanked and corner time. Therefore, I did the only thing that was left for me to do: to ask whether the rules still applied in this case.
“Umm… Master, do I still have to obey your rules about how I enter the playroom?” I questioned, hoping that I didn’t!
“Yes, you do! The rules apply at ALL times, no matter what!” he asserted.
DAMN, DAMN, just my luck. How to get out of this…
“Before you start thinking about how to get out of it or disobeying me, remember you will be punished, and then STILL do as I ordered you!” he clarified.
SHIT! Of all my luck. I slowly started to take off my clothes, drawing it out VERY slowly. I was not happy about this, but did as I was told. I then headed down the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them!
I don’t know why it never occurred to me to wonder WHY they were down there, but there they were standing as naked as the day they were born, facing the stairs. My heart stopped beating for several seconds. My eyes wondered down Harry’s body. Boy, did he live up to his name! Master knew how much a hairy man turned me on. I felt my pussy get extremely wet just looking at what he had to offer.
His body was COVERED with thick blond hair, from head to toe. Damn, he had to have more hair than Master, and I didn’t think that was possible! Yummy… my mouth watered at his body. He had 8-pack abs that said he worked out every day.
My eyes wondered down further at the “pronounced bulge” that I gazed at earlier. Was that ever a sight! A girl had to be crazy not to want that big chunk of meat! He was hard and standing straight up. It looked to be at least 9 inches. What surprised me the most was that he was shaved completely bald as the day he was born! That only made him look even bigger!
I then looked at Master; he was a few inches shorter then Harry. I loved his dark hair. I looked down at his cock. It was clean shaven too. Hmm… he must have shaved this afternoon. NICE! He was nearly as fat as Harry, but not as long. Master was a little chunky, but not fat. He had a medium build, with fine biceps, but he didn’t quite have Harry’s “8-pack” abs. I particularly liked Master’s hairy body and cute ass.
I was glued to the spot. I tried to move, but couldn’t. I had completely forgotten that I was nude. My pussy was dripping down my legs. I finally got my feet and legs to obey my mind and finish the rest of the walk down to them.
Master chuckled at the look on my face, “See something that you like?”
“Umm… Yes, Master I do,” I replied breathlessly.
I ached to reach out and run my hands over Harry’s body, but refrained from doing so. Instead, I dropped to my knees, into the waiting position with my head down. I wanted to look longer at the wonderful sight in front of me, but I knew that I was to wait until told I could move. I waited several minutes. They whispered and walked around me.
“Get into the submission position,” was all Master said.
I quickly kneeled forward, with my face to the floor and my hands crossed on my back. I felt fingers running over my back and hair that sent delightful shivers down my spine. Oh, how I ached right then! Not from pain but from the need to be fucked senseless by these 2 men.
I felt fingers then lead down to my ass and pussy. If they couldn’t tell before that I was wet, they damn sure knew now. As I knelt down like that, I was very curious as to whose hand was exploring my privates. I felt a couple of fingers enter my pussy and I let out a moan. I knew better than to push back, but I wanted to SO bad. It was pure torture staying still.
“Assume the inspection position, slave,” Harry ordered this time. I did a quick double-take, but immediately complied.
I stood up, bent over at the waist, with my legs slightly bent. I grabbed my ankles and kept my eyes focused on their feet. God, what did they have in mind? I saw Harry walk around to my ass and felt his fingers explore it. Wow, he had big hands and fingers! For once, the old wives’ tales were right about the correlation sizes of cocks, hands, and feet. Then again, they had been wrong with my ex. At least when it came to that, Harry wasn’t a disappointment.
“Is your ass clean, slave girl?” Harry inquired.
“Yes,” I replied.
I felt several sharp SMACKS hit my ass, instantly turning it red. It was a flogger, which I would have noticed, had I not been distracted by his hot body. Damn, he hits hard, I thought. Wouldn’t you know it, I gushed more from my cunt. My ass was now on fire, and I wondered for a second what I had done wrong.
“Yes, WHAT?” Harry demanded.
“Yes, Sir,” I quickly amended.
I knew now what they were going to do: anything they damn well felt like doing. Oh, good, I thought. I hoped that they would both fuck me at the same time. I suspected that they would. The only thing that could make this better was to add another man to the team.
“Good, because I plan to be the first to take that hole tonight. As a matter of fact, I plan to do whatever I want to you tonight. Your Master gave me permission to do as I please tonight. We’re sharing control of you tonight. Of course, I’ll return the favor,” he evilly laughed.
I wondered what he meant by “returning the favor”, but all I could focus on was YES, YES! Be still, my beating heart! I then remembered his HUGE size and started to panic. Master’s cock was by no means small. His was the fattest I had up that hole. I knew that if his hurt, Harry’s was going to feel like I was split in two. The more I thought on that, though, it didn’t matter I was finally going to have a dream come true. I was going to be DP’d. I couldn’t wait. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have long to wait anyway. Master attached a leash to my collar and led me over to the bed.
Before I could climb on it, I was ordered to kneel and suck Harry’s cock. I raised my head and engulfed it. I loved the taste of his cock. He had a sweet taste. I went all the way down on him. I then pulled back, ran my tongue around the head of his cock, and licked up the drops of precum that formed on the head. It tasted like nectar from the Gods.
“Oh, God damn, your slave DOES know how to suck a cock!” Harry exclaimed.
“I told you she was one of the best!” Master bragged.
I felt pride grow in me at that. I knew that Master loved my BJs, but Harry’s praise made me feel even better about them.
Harry only grunted, as his hands grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth all the way down on his cock. I had never had a cock that long or fat before, and he hit the gag reflex that I thought was long gone.
Boy, was I ever wrong! I breathed through my noise and could still smell the clean scent of soap on his skin. It was intoxicating. I could not get enough of his cock or his roughness. I had always loved the roughness when a man forced me to suck his cock. I just hadn’t told too many people. I couldn’t stand it any more. I reached down and started to play with my clit, while sucking him off. Master had never minded, but Harry sure did when he noticed.
“Keep those hands on your lap. I don’t want you to cum or play with yourself, until I say you can. Understood?” Harry intoned.
I nodded my head yes, and then glanced over to the side where Master stood watching. His cock was very hard and the head was purple. He stroked it, probably thinking about me sucking him next, as well as enjoying the sight of Harry shoving his cock down my throat. He just grinned wickedly. I was then ordered to stand up, and I did as told.
Master sat on the bed, at the head of it, with his back to the headboard. I was then commanded to climb up and start to suck his cock, with my ass in the air. I climbed up and knelt down in front of Master. I lowered my head to his cock and saw beads of precum on it. He had definitely gotten turned on by watching me suck another guy off.
“Did Master like watching his little slut suck off another guy?” I teased him.
He grabbed my head and slammed my face all the way down his cock, saying, “I damn sure did. Now, do something about it, or I’ll have Harry flog your ass while he fucks it. By the way, don’t you dare touch yourself while you suck my cock. I like Harry’s idea about that, at least for tonight. Concentrate on pleasing me and my friend.”
“Oh, I’m already going to do that. This ass is just too spankable not to do so,” Harry clarified.
Oh, God, I couldn’t wait! I felt Harry come up behind me and apply lube to my ass and his cock.
“This is more for MY comfort than yours. I hate to make my cock sore before I am finished. We plan to use your holes for several hours! I bet, all of those times you saw me at your Master’s workplace, you didn’t know I have several slaves of my own. Did you? I have fantasized about doing this to you since I first saw you. Like your Master, I like my women with a little meat on their bones,” Harry responded.
I shook my head no, not being able to reply, because Master was busy fucking my mouth and throat. I felt Harry enter my ass and, as expected, I felt as if I was split in two. I tried to ask him to stop for a second, to give me time to adjust, but Master held my head firmly on his cock. Harry slammed every inch of himself into my ass. I let out a scream around Master’s cock, but it was too muffled for them to understand it.
My pussy was gushing and I was dying to play with it. I reached down to rub it. My hand was slapped away and held behind my back. My ass was then flogged very hard several times. I decided to not try that again. He swung harder than Master. Damn, that hurt! I knew that, by the end of the night, my ass would remember this for several days. Harry plowed into my ass hard, and every time he slammed into me, my head was pushed further down Master’s cock. Master had a hard time not cumming, but was able to hold out for several more minutes.
Harry continued to spank my ass as he fucked it. I got very near an orgasm without touching my clit, which didn’t happen often. Both Master and Harry must have guessed that, because I was instructed that I was not to cum, unless one of them gave me permission.
“Oh, God. I can’t hold out any longer. Here it comes,” Master announced, as he came down my throat.
I loved the taste of his cum. After Master came, I gently licked him clean. I knew how sensitive he got after he came. He stayed hard though, so I kept licking him. I had a hard time concentrating on just one thing. God, Harry was very good at ass-fucking! I had long since gotten use to his size, and tried hard not to cum. After several more minutes, Harry was ready to cum.
“You ready? I have a BIG load for ya,” he shouted as he came. It felt like buckets were being emptied in my ass.
I felt his cock twitch, every time another jet of cum shot out. When he finished, he pulled out of my ass and got up off the bed.
“Up with you, babe! We have another position to try out, before you get to come,” Master warned me.
I got up and waited, while they changed positions and Harry cleaned his cock. This time, Harry was lying on his back.
“Come on and straddle me, slut. I am eager to sink all 11 inches inside that pussy of yours. Your Master says that you can handle his fist, but can you take my huge dick?” Harry demanded.
Damn, I couldn’t believe that I was off by 2 inches! I climbed up and lowered my aching pussy onto his hard dick. I had no problem handling the girth; it was the length that got me. I slowly slid as much as I could into my pussy. Master then climbed onto the bed and pushed me forward. There was no need to lube me, as my ass was still stretched and had plenty of lube left.
Master had no problem fucking me with someone else’s cum in me. He entered me roughly. I loved the feeling of two cocks in me at once. I would remember this night for a long time. As Master fucked my ass, he spanked my cheeks. He told me that I was a naughty slut for enjoying this, and that I needed a good spanking. He also told me that, since I liked gang-bangs so much, my next time would be with 3 men instead of two.
Harry and Master got into a rhythm where each pulled out slightly whenever the other thrust inside me. I had such a thin membrane separating the two holes, that I was sure the guys felt each other’s cocks pounding me. To make matters worse, Harry began to pinch my nipples, which surprisingly turned me on. It doesn’t normally affect me, one way or the other. I chalked it up to heightened sensitivity and the drastic need to cum. I had yet to take Harry’s full length in me.
“I haven’t been all of the way inside you, yet, but I will in a few minutes, when we move you to the spanking bench. By the way, your Master and I both took some Cialis, in case you expected us to get soft. That is not going to happen tonight, missy!” Harry informed me.
No wonder Master was able to hold out so long, while fucking my ass! The Rocky(D)gie position and anal sex were usually sure-fire quickies. The Cialis was keeping him hard. Damn, that was a 36-hour potency drug; were they planning to keep me constantly fucked between them for the next day and a half? Oh, God, I hope so!
“We’re going to fuck you so much over the weekend that you will walk bow-legged for a few days! We’ll keep you so wet that you’ll beg to cum this weekend. We’re going to break you of this disinterest in cumming often. If you lapse again, I’ll arrange more group encounters to keep you horny and desperate to cum!” Master declared.
“Part of that will be me returning the favor to your Master, by loaning him some slave girls to fuck both of you to exhaustion. Naturally, I plan to come along and fuck all of the girls too. After all, I’d be a poor Master if I didn’t make sure of their well-being. Besides, it would be another chance to fuck your ass. I will introduce both of you to some techniques that I use to keep a girl’s ass even tighter. Not to mention that I promised your Master my own ass. Of course, I have male slaves too, since I am bi like your Master. It will be a fine old orgy, with the difference that your Master and I will be in charge of it,” Harry added sadistically.
I finally relented and decided to beg to cum, something that I had rarely done. I normally didn’t plead for permission to cum, but this talk of what they would do had me too aroused to restrain myself. The denial of my orgasm, which Master didn’t usually do to me, also kept me on edge.
“Please, Masters, let me cum! I’ll do anything you ask, as long as I can cum. Please, I’m begging!” I implored them.
“Anything, huh? I’ll take you at your word, but you’ll have to do what I say first, so you can’t renege on it! Harry, she did ask both of us for permission. What do you want from her? As my guest, you’ll get your favor first. Then she’ll do what I want, and only afterward get to cum. To use her own words, ‘anything’ is fair game,” Master offered Harry.
“I would like to see her stay naked throughout the house all weekend, for starters. Perhaps we should open all of the curtains and also make her bottom nice and red while she is on display. I also don’t want her cunt cleaned of our cum, or her ass and face, for that matter. Besides, she’ll need all of that extra lube for what we have in mind. Between our cum and her juices, she should have plenty of it,” Harry stated, much to my shock and embarrassment.
I really didn’t want the neighbors to possibly see me with cum dried and leaking all over my naked body. It wasn’t that they didn’t know about our lifestyle, since they did, but it was still a bit humiliating to have the whole block see me that way. Why then did my pussy get wetter at the idea of looking like a cum-slut?
“Well, you’re right. She will need the extra lube, since I intend to have both of our fists in her wet pussy and ass at the same time. She has never had her butt fisted before. I intend to see how stretched she can get this weekend. I have some butt-plugs that are nice and large, which I have wanted to make her wear now and then. This should help me know which ones to use first. I also want to see which other large, household objects I can fit in both holes. We can later use your techniques to tighten her up afterward, only to loosen her up again. I want her holes used more frequently and used to penetration,” Master declared.
At that point, as if brought over the edge by his own idea, Master came in my ass, filling me with even more cum. He promptly pulled out, and then went to wash his cock.
Harry sat me up straight. I tried to lower myself completely on him, but couldn’t take the full length, so he grabbed my waist and impaled me on his cock. I felt a sharp pain, as he entered me deeper, going past the cervix. He did have some compassion on me and held still, while I adjusted to his full size. As soon as the pain had lessened, however, he started fucking me with full force. I almost went over the edge, but was barely able to hold back.
I tightened up, and this caused him to finally lose control and cum inside me. His seed had to be inside my womb. If I was fertile, this would certainly knock me up, not that it would bother Master. He actually liked the idea of each of us having kids from other people. Yeah, we are kinky, what can we say?
Harry now let me off himself, and both Master and he positioned me onto the spanking bench. They strapped me in, and for a second, I thought that they were going to whip me first. Instead, Master brutally shoved his fist into my dripping asshole, making me squirm and flinch from the shock of initial agony. I was glad that they were still merciful in choosing to put his hand in my ass, since it was smaller than Harry’s. For his part, Harry rammed his hand into my cunt, which was also well-prepared for another invasion. Even so, I felt some excruciating pain for a moment, as I hadn’t adjusted to the impact of his fist there.
Well, at least, I thought when I still could think, I would get to cum sooner than if they delayed this. Master surprised me again by handing Harry my favorite vibrator, a “silver bullet”. Harry applied it to my aching clit, enabling me to begin cumming when I had permission. He held it there, making me suffer a bit longer before allowing me to cum. Even though I had waited all evening to cum, that last moment felt like eternal torment. I was so close to a release, so any delay was almost impossible to endure. Thus began my weekend of torture, not that I was complaining too much.

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