Harry shows the Queen what she’s been missing – Old Man & The Queen

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The walk back from the village of Edge Landing started off silent. After the events in the tavern, Elena half expected Harry to grope her all the way back home, but instead the chubbier old man left her to her own thoughts, content to keep her on her toes and never know what to expect from him.

Inside her mind, however, was anything but quiet. Elena cursed old Harry Jones mentally, beyond disgusted at how the situation had unfolded with him and the perverted farmers. She also was annoyed with herself for being deceived into such a perverted encounter and not heeding both Harry and Walter’s warnings earlier in the day.

More than anything, though, the breathtaking 23 year old Queen felt both ashamed and mystified that she had gotten wet from being spanked, bare-bottomed, in front of three complete strangers.’What was I thinking? How … how is that even possible?’ she asked herself, frustrated that her body could betray her at the most humiliating moment of her life. An assortment of mixed emotions coursed through her, trying to rationalize how it could even happen, finally telling herself that it was her lack of sex-life combined with the sensitivity of her curvy body that were the main culprits. That, and the sudden unexpectedness of being touched so lewdly.

Elena shook her head, not feeling that the explanation sufficed, and feeling even more pent-up guilt at her embarrassing response. In many ways, she felt like she was somehow cheating on Erik, despite being forced into the situation, and that if only she hadn’t been wet then she could have dealt with her emotions on a much more even keel. She glanced over with a scowl at Harry as they walked, feeling that it was allhis fault in the first place.

“I’m sorry how things went down back there,” he said, finally breaking the silence, and the touch barrier by putting his hand over her shoulder. Elena was surprised to hear his apology, but it didn’t alter her mood at the moment.

“No, you’re not. And don’t touch me,” she said icily, brushing his hand off and taking a quicker step forward to walk in front of him, “you tricked me.”

“Tricked? I think ya mean I warned ya exactly what would happen, and ya blew me off Queeny.”

“I didn’t blow you off … I just didn’t believe you.”

“Rubbish. Ya acted like I didn’t have the first dang clue of what life was like in my own town,” he said. She frowned, knowing that much was true.

“Well, either way things could have been different from how they happened,” Elena continued, clearly unhappy with how he handled the situation.

“I’ll say! Could have gotten ugly. Ya should be thankin’ ol’ Harry,” he grinned, turning the conversation back at her.

“Thanking you? Thanking … YOU?” she scoffed, snapping her head towards him as her long, wavy black hair whipped around and over her far shoulder, baring the delightful bare skin over her clavicle.

“Darn tootin’! Whattaya think would have happened had Harry Jones – the one and only hero – not come to your rescue, eh?” he exclaimed, enjoying the banter. Elena turned her head away from him, and kept walking as they resumed the same pace together now.

“Honestly, what do ya think they would have tried to do?” his tone slightly softer now as he prodded her, wanting her to admit the truth.

She paused, but finally said, “Probably tried to rape me.”

“Not probably. WOULD have raped you,” he said, letting that sink in. “Lickity-split they would have stuff every pretty hole of yers and there’s not a cotton-pickin’ chance it woulda happened any other way.”

“Uggghh, you’re so vulgar. I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Elena said, the tendons on her feminine slender neck flaring as the gorgeous brunette Queen was forced to relive the moment.

“Ya think Pete would have saved you? Those three are amongst his best customers. Boulderdash if you think differently.”

“Well, you didn’t have to spank me! You’re a foul lecher,” she blurted out, needing the insult to help make herself feel a little bit better, though certainly not feeling ‘regal’ and Queenly as she resorted to it.

“I never claimed to be a saint,” he chuckled as Elena gave him a disappointed look. “Well, at least someone thanked me,” he winked.

“Who? No one thanked you,” she said, her voice dripping with annoyance.

“Yer pussy did,” he said matter-of-factly.

Her eyes went wide, and she slapped his face suddenly, “Harry Jones! You’re talking to the Queen of Synia!” she said, as if he hadn’t already made her say much worse things back at the tavern.

“And I’m telling the Queen of Synia, that her tender little tight pussy gave my chubby finger a nice little wet kiss!” he said, ignoring the quick slap and laughing as his belly rolled. “Glad one of ya is romantic,” he added, laughing harder at his own joke.

Elena’s face had returned her bright red hue as the dirty old man brought up the one subject matter that embarrassed her the most. A tear formed in her eye. “You’re such a pig!” she exclaimed, but her voice dropped lower, along with her head, as she tried to explain, “Don’t make anything of it. That was … that was … I didn’t like it at all. I don’t know how that even happened” was all she could muster.

Rather than rub it in any more like she assumed he would, Harry instead gave her a sympathetic glance and shrugged, “Bah. Don’t ya worry about it, I just wanted to show those boys my finger to make Jenkins and that weird Josh whippersnapper cum so we could get the hell out of there. Every now and then I use the old bean to cook up some Cockamamie scheme that somehow works.”

Elena gave him a surprising look, relieved he wasn’t digging into her further, and giving a little snort at his word choice. “Yeah, he was weird,” was all she offered, still annoyed but at least pleased to change the direction of the conversation away from how her body had reacted.

“Probably was the first time the poor chap has seen a nipple,” he said playfully. “Surprised he lasted that long. Shoulda called him ‘Jizzing Josh,” he winked again.

Elena couldn’t help but roll her eyes and chuckle a little, though instantly regretting it. “Don’t make me laugh.”

“Why? Your face looks so pretty when ya do,” he said genuinely.

“Or give me nice compliments.”

“That kinda removes a lot of options to talk to ya, Yer Highness,” he said with a returned chuckle. Despite feeling a little more light-hearted with the most recent exchange, a dark look crossed back over Elena’s face.

“Well good, because you still want to rape me.”

“Blimey. Ya don’t have the foggiest, Yer Majesty,” he said, shaking his head as he scratched the back of his neck. “Last thing I want is to force ya.”

“So are you saying we won’t have sex?” she asked, her eyebrows raised as they walked, drawing a bit closer to his house.

“I didn’t say that. I said I don’t want to force ya. I do, however, hold people to their promises,” he said with a sly grin. Elena was about to respond when Harry cut her off, “But this was the only way I could be with ya. Heaven knows an old codger like me would never have a chance with a majestic creature like yerself. I swear you’re the most beautiful woman I’ll ever seen in all of tarnation.” His sweet words sounded so unusual coming from the mouth that could be so foul.

“I said no compliments,” she said, holding her ground though and not wanting to let the feeling of her beauty being appreciated take root in her brain. “So you admit you tricked me?” she questioned.

Harry shrugged again, “I gave ya a warning. I would have let ya stay cooped up in my house for a month and not forced myself on ya, but instead I gave ya a choice and let you decide your fate,” he said casually, though it was obvious it was a plan he had formulated for awhile. “Sure, it’s a little tawdry and I’m a bit of a soddy rascal for givin’ ya a choice of me or the farmers, but I ain’t regretting it.”

Elena sighed at the realization he wouldn’t let her out of the ‘deal,’ “Well at least we can agree you are a bastard,” she said truthfully.

“Bahaha, ya have no idea Your Highness. A bastard in more ways than one!”

She looked at him quizzically. Despite the horrible thought of having to have sex with him soon, she couldn’t help her curiosity, “What do you mean? From royal lineage?”

“Ayy, 2nd bastard child of King Lewis,” he said, referring to the old King of Prodere, 5th of the 6 Kingdoms, who passed away a decade earlier. If there was a rival Kingdom to Synia, it was Prodere. Elena cocked her head to the side as she thought for a second.

“And yet you moved and now live in Synia on the outskirts of our Kingdom?” she asked, pressing him for more. “Why here?”

“‘Outcast’ is probably a more accurate word than ‘moved,’ Your Highness,” he said solemnly, looking far off down the road as if envisioning the day that it happened. “Figured Synia was the last place they’d look for me. Elena rubbed her arm, wondering if Erik knew this information.

“So that is why Walter trusted you? You felt betrayed by your Kingdom? And by Lewis, your father?” she questioned, trying to put the pieces together. Harry snorted in disgust.

“Tis a shame that he died since I always swore I’d be the one to kill ’em; the pompous prick. Hell, I wasn’t even good enough to be the first bastard haha,” he laughed, his belly jiggling once more at the dark joke. “Though I only found out about my half brother a couple years ago,” he explained.

“We’ve heard such rumors of King Lewis’ … habits,” Elena said. The legend of ‘Lusty Lewis’ and his sexual conquests were not exactly Prodere’s best kept secrets. “Though it appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” she added with an incriminating look towards Harry.

“Guilty as charged, M’Lady!” he said with a crooked grin, “Though most whores tend to really like Ol’ Harry’s experience and my … trouser-snake,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, changing the subject and obviously not wanting to explain in further detail. “I’m sure you will too!”

“Ugghh, the male ego knows no bounds,” she grunted, her eyes looking sarcastically skyward at his comment, still astonished by his colorful commentary. “And are you implying I’m a whore?” she asked, trying not to let her mind form a visual of his ‘trouser-snake.’

“Poppycock! A whore has a set price that men pay to sample her goods, Yer Majesty. Ya couldn’t be a whore if you wanted! By the dickens there ain’t enough gold in Synia to make a fair price for ya. I reckon any man would sell everything he had for one chance to lay with yer pretty voluptuous self,” he smiled genuinely this time, the comment crude, but complimentary.

Elena couldn’t help but blush at his descriptive compliments, trying to remember the last time Erik had told her how beautiful she was … but she quickly scolded herself for even thinking about it. “You’re not really good at following rules Harry,” she said, not knowing how else to respond, and certainly not wanting to say ‘thank you,’ to the man that was manipulating her into adultery.

“Criminy. Right, right, the compliment thing? Would ya prefer I tell you how much you’ll like squirmin’ on this cock of mine?” he said, gripping his crotch as they arrived at the path in front of his house, reverting back to his lewd form.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Harry, but the more a whore acts like she’s enjoying something, the more money she gets in tips. It’s not real, and I’m sure you’ll be disappointed when you’re finally with someone who doesn’t want to be with you AND isn’t getting paid,” she said, talking like a mother might to a boy. Ironically, Elena felt a bit remorseful at telling him how little she’d enjoy sleeping with him.

“You speaking from experience M’Lady?” Harry said, with another twinkle in his eye. “Tell ya what, since yer so confident you won’t enjoy me, I’ll make yer pretty little royal self a deal.”

“No thanks, I’m done playing your stupid games,” the Queen rebutted, as they reached the door, Harry unlocking it, “I’ve learned my lesson once.”

Harry opened his palms and lifted his shoulders as if to say’Your loss,’ before telling her, “If I can’t make ya orgasm in this first week, we won’t have sex for the rest of the time that you’re here in Edge Landing,” he said, opening the door like a butler who was allowing an esteemed bride into a honeymoon suite. “Ya have nothing to lose,” he said with a toothy grin.

“Are you serious? What’s the catch?” she added in disbelief. Shortening the amount of time she’d have to stoop to his licentious level had certainly piqued her interest.

“No catch … other than if ya do orgasm, from then on ya have to try and let yerself go and just enjoy it. No more ice-cold miss prissy Queen,” he said, laying his trap. “And of course we keep having sex for as long as yer here, like we would be doing anyway.”

Elena raised one eyebrow as she noted that even his ‘catch’ was fairly tame. She had to sleep with him either way and she was about as certain as could be that a 70 year old lecher wouldn’t be able to turn her on in bed, let alone bring her to orgasm. There was just simply no chance she’d ever allow herself to cum from the sexual acts of a geezer like him, she told herself. It wasn’t exactly hard to believe either; on top of her lack of attraction to Harry, she almost never orgasmed with Erik – a man she loved anddid find attractive, so Elena figured this deal was truly a no-lose situation. She felt that she could stomach one week with the old man, and the prospect of having a light at the end of the tunnel was exhilarating. A month was such a long time, a week seemed so short in comparison.

“You’re on Harry,” she said, putting out her hand to shake it after she entered the home, “and I’m sorry but I’m not even attracted to you,” she said as he took her hand and shook it vigorously.

“Ya will be honey,” he responded, smiling as he closed the door. “Ya will be. Now go put on something sexy for yer old man and I’ll make some tea.”

Harry busied himself in the kitchen while Queen Elena disappeared into the bedroom. It was still light out outside, but Harry lit some candles anyway and began grinding a few exotic herbs as he lit a fire to boil water. He grinned as he added libido-enhancing root herbs he had picked up on his distant travels. He knew he didn’t need them for Elena, and only used them when he was about to sleep with unattractive whores, but he wanted to be sure to give her an extra special performance. She took quite a bit longer than he expected in the bedroom and by the time the bedroom door opened Harry Jones had two full cups of the enhanced tea.

“Holeeee-shit!” was all he could say, his eyes nearly popping out of his skull as he watched his curvy ‘wife’ come out of the bedroom.

Elena was dressed in nothing but a thin, semi-transparent, light blue negligee that showed off an incredibly healthy amount of flesh-filled cleavage, the tops of her breasts wobbling with each step. The nightie hug to her waist but expanded back out over her wide hips, though it was cut short enough that it only just barely covered her provocative ass. Beneath it bared her completely nude, long smooth legs, with only her favorite silver anklet on one ankle. She stood in the doorway, one hand on the doorframe as she leaned into it, looking provocative.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said, as unromantic as possible, her words completely contrasting with her attire. Elena’s goal was to get the old man to orgasm as soon as possible so she could get to bed and forget this twisted day ever happened. But she certainly didn’t have to ‘act’ enthused in order for that to happen. She figured with the way she was revealing her body that the dirty lecher wouldn’t last very long no matter what she said. And, in a way, she was being as ‘loyal’ as she could be to Erik by not being a verbally willing participant … at least that’s how Elena rationalized it in her mind.

“How romantic of ya to say so,” Harry chuckled, though despite her lack of enthusiasm he felt his cock lurch in his pants. He had already taken off his boots and socks, and walked up to her as his eyes studied every inch of her hourglass frame.

“I never promised romance,” she replied.

“Ya certainly didn’t! Most wenches don’t before the hanky-panky stuff happens with Ol’ Harry,” he said, standing in front of her now, just a few inches from her face. “After though, they get all lovey-dovey on me and can’t get enough of me thick snake,” he gave her a wink. “Course, I don’t expect amoral Queen like yerself to be like that Your Highness,” he said, choosing his words carefully, “Now give your loving ‘hubby’ a kiss.”

“You’re right Harry, I won’t get romantic with you,” she said, agreeing with his comments. Elena sighed and took a deep breath, forcing herself to lean forward so that she could get through with the ordeal. She placed her full, lively pink lips on the old mans, and lightly pressed them against his fat lips.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” he said against her lips, reaching his hand up to clasp the back of her hair to control her head movement. His other hand slipped around her taut, incredible core and drew her in, feeling her curvy physique against his chubby body. “Tongue me,” he commanded.

Elena scrunched up her face at the command, but finally swallowed and parted her lips, feeling the old man’s strong hand on her black hair as he held her possessively. Harry had slid one leg between her thighs, and any semblance of personal space was gone as she felt her full, ripe breasts press into his chest, her tongue finding his fat slimy one, and allowing them to twist and tango together. Their lips moved together, saliva passing between their mouths as Harry kissed her passionately. Elena tried to think about other thoughts and not enjoy his kiss, but she had to admit he was a surprisingly good kisser.

‘Don’t get turned on, think of Erik,’ the Queen told herself. Harry, meanwhile, nibbled on her full, lower lip, pulling it towards himself lightly as the hand around her waist travelled down to her perfectly rounded rear, cupping it with his chubby fingers and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Now bite on my lip, and suck on it,” he instructed, “Blimey, I know how hard this must be for ya Elena – not being at all aroused by me. ‘So I appreciate yer effort; yer actually quite talented with your lips and tongue,” he said, purposely telling her she wasn’t aroused to make her continually think about tryingnot to be turned on. The seeds of reverse psychology would be sewn over and over.

The beautiful 23 year old Queen put her lovely feminine teeth against his fat lower lip, biting gently and mimicking his earlier action as she pulled on it, tasting his old mouth. She lifted her head slightly to suck on it, feeling the soft manly lip between her own. Harry’s beefy tongue then snaked forward to invade her mouth, licking and sliding over her own.

Elena gave out a soft whimper, hating the sound that had suddenly slipped from her lips. Harry grinned at that, his hand on her neck had dropped down to join the other hand that was squeezing her meaty ass. Taking both delicious cheeks in his strong, tubby hands he pulled her even tighter to his body through her pronounced backside, his fingers enjoying the doughy curves as he fondled and groped her perfect rear while they made-out and kissed.

“By George, I swear ya have the sexiest, most lovely fuckin’ ass. I thought ol’ Jones was a titties man, but ya may have me changing my coordinates!” Harry chuckled at his joke. “I could squeeze this fat ass of yours all day. Tis a real shame a loyal, loving wife like you has no ability to enjoy a lil naughty business outside of yer marriage,” he said, goading her on some more.

“I just .. I love my husband and I vowed to always be faithful, so I couldn’t enjoy it even if I wanted to” she said properly, fighting for her dignity though her body was squirming slightly from his sensual touch, waging a war with her mind.

“Truly a lovely homage M’Lady,” Harry said, faking admiration, lifting one hand off her big ass and reaching up to cup her large breast over the nightie, “Most women eventually give in to the sins of the flesh and passion, but not yer pretty Royal self!” he grinned, rolling his thumb over her nipple, “I’m honored to call ya my Incorruptible Queen.”

“Ohh stop, no one is incorruptible, we all have our faults, including me,” she said softly, biting her lip as he tugged on her nipple between two fingers. Harry grinned as he felt the bud begin to harden.

“Not you, Yer Highness. I can see why women all over the Kingdom look up to you, a woman as pure as she is beautiful,” he said smoothly. “Her body a fortress of committed fidelity.”

Elena swallowed. ‘Ignore his fingers, think of Erik,’ she said, trying to control her thoughts.

“Even the Queen’s nipples resist my touch,” Harry went on, despite knowing they were hardening, “It’s so inspiring that you’re not aroused by an old man groping yer lovely nips,” he said, giving her ass a sudden spank with his other hand, her round derriere rippling from the slap, “I’m sure Erik would be proud.”

“Ahh!” she jumped from the spank. “Well .. I .. I was raised with good morals,” Elena said feebly, her mind racing now, shouting at her body to stop reacting to this dirty old man, her hips moving to the side in response to the spank. ‘Don’t give in, be strong. He’s an ugly bastard and you’re the Queen of Synia,” she told herself.

Harry spun her around, pressing his chubby lips to her bare neck as he pulled her gorgeous jet black hair over her opposite shoulder, kissing and sucking on the nearest tendon as his fat lips left a wet trail of saliva on her neck. For whatever reason, Erik rarely kissed her there, and a tingling sensation spread down her spine as the invisible hairs on her neck stood to aroused attention.

He lifted the nightie up slowly, looking down to watch the sculpted nude ass of the Queen slowly come into view. He whistled as he gave it a spank-and-grope grip with his right hand, cupping the luscious flesh as a pouty “Ahhh” sound escaped from her lips. His chubby lips whispered into her ear, before nibbling on her earlobe.

“Take off yer nighty, my esteemed, devoted Queen, and show your new husband all of yer naked loveliness.”

“Please, let’s hurry up with this,” Elena pleaded, wanting to end the sensual torment as fast as possible, not wanting to subject her body to more licentious delight. She reached back, gripping the light, expensive fabric and pulling the negligee up and over her head slowly, revealing the full rotundity of her ass as it contrasted to her tight, tapered lower back. Her bare upper back was supple, the indented line of her spine looking exquisite as her back blended up into slender shoulders and arms. The light blue negligee fell softly to the floor. Meanwhile, Harry had unzipped his pants and underwear and stepped out of them quickly, tossing off his long-sleeve shirt as well to join the Queen in complete nudity.

“Dagnammit, Yer a sight for sore eyes … or any eyes for that matter! Now, reach back and feel ‘Ol Harry’s cock,” he said, reaching a hand up to turn her neck towards him so he could see her eyes when she felt his thick meat that was a bit over 8 inches when fully hard. “I’m sure it can’t compare to the King’s, but I haven’t had many complaints,” he said, his beady little eyes lighting up, guessing that he was bigger than the King.

Elena swallowed and hesitated, but finally reached her right hand back towards his body, first connecting with his pudgy belly and then dropping it lower. The Queen’s piercing green eyes suddenly went wide in shock, “Ohhh!” she gasped when her slender fingers found the thick ‘trouser snake’ of Harry Jones. He felt … huge. And quite heavy. Much bigger and thicker than her husband.

“That’s it, clasp those pretty little manicured fingers around it Queeny. Most of my whores can’t afford French manicured nails like yours,” he said, before asking the question she didn’t want to hear. “So how much bigger is the dreamy King Erik than poor Ol’ Harry?” he asked wryly.

“That’s … that’s none of your business,” Elena said, blushing as her feminine fingers gripped around the old man’s girth, barely able to get halfway around it. “It … it feels so warm,” she blurted out, desperate to change the subject.

“Ayy, it’s just trying to get it’s core temperature up fer when it sinks into that hot pussy of yers M’Lady,” he teased. “That’s right, go on, stroke my one-eyed monster,” he instructed crudely.

Elena closed her eyes, trying to wish herself away, back at the castle and in the privacy of her own bedchambers with her husband. Anywhere but here. Anyone but .. this codgy old man with his thick cock. Her hand slowly stroked down the shaft, feeling the hard bumps along it that seemed to match the wart on the side of his nose in their firmness. ‘This is disgusting,’ she told herself as she felt up his powerful prick, scrunching her nose as she felt it begin to harden under her feminine touch.

“That’s it you gorgeous thing, bring Ol’ Harry’s cock to life with yer magic touch. Now, how much bigger is ‘Endowed Erik?'” he asked again, chuckling at his fake pet name for the King.

“He .. he isn’t,” Elena finally admitted in a whisper, hanging her head while her hand slowly pumped up and down the length of the geezer’s shaft that was much bigger than the King. She felt it begin to take shape as it had a slight upward curve to it, as well as thick, mini-speed bump like veins that stood up, pronounced on the clammy, old skin.

“Well sheee-it! Aren’t you just a bloody dignified Saint then!” he responded, reaching up and around her to place is chubby hands on her glorious tits once more, slowly, sensually kneading them from behind as she stroked his large member.

“What .. what do you mean?” she whimpered, her breathing heavy as she let out little pockets of air that were close to pants, struggling to control her body’s response to this lewd act.

“Only a truly loyal and moral Queen would be able to control her arousal for a bigger cock Yer Highness. Only a devoted wife could cast aside feelings of passion that she knows a big sausage like mine could give ‘er. Your fidelity to yer husband’s small wiener is noble Your Majesty, noble indeed!” he said giving her breasts a slap as she gasped, “Ohhh!”

“Please, don’t mention Erik any more,” she begged, hating how her nipples were now standing proud on her chest, pushing into Harry Jones pudgy fingers. ‘He’s saying these things on purpose, just ignore it. He’s a dirty old man,’ she told herself. It was impossible to do that of course, when a 70 year old man was groping and ogling her full, tremendous tits and she was running her palm up and down is now fully erect cock.

“It’s almost time Ol’ Harry’s python buried itself in his new ‘home’ for the week,” he said, taking her hand off his cock and guiding it between her thick thighs. He didn’t try to enter her, just positioned himself so that his hot shaft slid provocatively between her full, toned thighs. The bulbous head of his angry dick poked out on the other side of her legs, the length lodged right up against the soft tight folds of her pussy. “Ahhh,” she moaned as Harry grinned, “Tis a shame my ol’ stiffy is going to reach places inside ya that the King has never experienced,” he said, ignoring her request not to mention her husband.

“You’re a vile bastard,” she hissed, trying to wrest back control of her thoughts by insulting him, though her labored breathing juxtaposed with her tone of voice. It only caused the scene to feel even more taboo.

“You know me so well M’Lady,” Harry grinned, still fondling her mighty breasts and now pinching at the nipples. “Walk with me to the bed,” he whispered, moving one foot outside hers as he took a step. Elena complied, biting her lip to stop from moaning as his heavy cock pressed and teased against the puffy gates to her pussy. Harry gave a satisfied groan as he could feel the Queen’s wetness on his shaft as the moved in tandem. The act of walking caused her toned yet soft inner thighs to caress his veiny old length, his dick teasing against her tight slit. ‘Shit this feels phenomenal!’ he thought to himself.

Each step was an exercise in stimulation to her nether region, that fat cock rubbing and stroking her flowery lips as Harry waddled behind her, dick thrust between her full sculpted thighs. With each stride he’d feel her scintillating ass roll against his hips while his chubby hands squeezed and palmed her enormous breasts. The old man’s massive ballsack was swinging between his legs, and the Queen could feel it brush her thick thighs when the walked, though not truly being able to appreciate its size … yet.

Step. “Ahh.” Step. “Ohh.” Step. “Mmphh,” were the short gasps coming from the Queen as the steps brought the naked pair to the bed. Harry turned her and unceremoniously pushed at the same time, causing Elena to fall back onto the huge bed with a squeal. “Spread those phenomenal fuckin’ legs for me,” he commanded.

The dark haired beauty complied, her long, toned legs looking heavenly as she spread them for him, her cute French pedicured toes curled – a picturesque fantasy beauty all for himself. Harry shook his head in amazement, “Hot damn yer the bees knees. And I can’t wait to get m’self in that honeypot of yours! Fuck, you’re perfect,” he said, stroking his rock-hard shaft as he climbed up on the bed between her thighs. Elena gripped the fancy bedspread with clenched fists, bracing herself for a violent entry and closed her eyes.

Instead she felt a wet, slimy appendage press to her tight lips, and looked up. Rather than seeing his cock the Queen saw Harry’s balding head between her thighs, his chubby tongue snaking along the tightly pressed crease of her pussy lips. “No, don’t,” she insisted, as the tongue explored her folds, lapping at the puffy bare lips that were as beautiful as the rest of her.

“Mmmm, such a lovely tasting little punani,” Harry said, delighted as his tongue curled up between the folds to find her slightly swollen clit, tonguing it passionately. Erik had rarely done this with her, and when he did his tongue just zig-zagged like a drunken sailor all over her mound. Harry, in contrast, expertly sought out her prized nub, gently lapping at it as the Queen arched her back, hating the pleasure he was sending to her core in electric volts with each light swirl over her untested clit. “Please … that’s enough,” she moaned, knowing how wet she was becoming and cursing her body. ‘You hate him. This is wrong. Stop it Elena!’ she yelled at herself mentally, desperate for the old man to remove his tongue. She couldn’t orgasm, she just couldn’t, and she was about to roll away from him to prevent it.

For once, however, Harry complied with her request. “Then ask me to jam it in your honeypot,” he toyed with her. As much as he’d enjoy bringing her to a writhing orgasm right there and seal her fate for the month, the old lecher wanted her first time to be with his big dick buried in her snatch. He slid up between her spread legs, his thick old dong literally pulsing in anticipation as it pointed right at her, as if signaling she would be its next conquest.

“Promise .. promise me you won’t … orgasm inside me,” she said, her mind still sharp despite her arousal.

“Aww, wouldn’t want a chubby little horny Prince with a double-chin runnin’ around yer Kingdom, huh? Can’t blame ya Yer Highness,” he chuckled.

“Promise .. please. I need to hear you say it.”

“Alright, as hard as it will be my first time in ya … I promise,” Harry said, choosing his words carefully.

“Thank you. Thank you,” Elena exhaled, relieved and truly thankful.

“Alright, now ask me. Ask ol’ Harry to stick his fat cock in your tight, wet pussy,” he demanded, kneeling between her and reaching down to slap his heavy shaft against her lips. SLAP SLAP SLAP.

“Ahhh! Ok Ok!” Elena groaned, squirming under the slapping as the sounds of their skin connecting caused her face to blush once more. “Uhh … can you, put it inside me?” she asked softly, biting her lip, her face a picture of adorable beauty filled with so many mixed emotions.

“That’s not good enough,” Harry said, running his cock up and down her tight slit, tormenting her body as his purple head pressed against her lips, not yet parting them. “Ask me how I want. Make me believe you want it M’Lady,” he said with a grin.

Elena flushed a brighter red as she looked down at the mighty prick that was about to make her an adulteress, feeling her body’s unwanted arousal, her green eyes studying the taboo scene before her. She paused for a second, the only sound was her breath as her magnificent breasts rose and fell on her chest. She closed her eyes again, telling herself it was better if she didn’t watch as she said the words,

“Please .. please stick your fat cock in my tight, wet pussy Harry!”

“That’s it, that’s my good little busty Queen. Old Harry’s gonna fuck you nice and deep and you’re not going to orgasm, because yer a good, loyal Queen,” he grinned. Just then she felt a searing pain in her nipple as he pinched it hard and she opened her eyes in shock, “Oww!”

“Keep your eyes open, I want you watching this,” he said. Elena gripped the bed harder, ready for him to just thrust into her with all his might, thankful at least, the end was near as she looked down to watch the veiny incursion on her marriage.

Harry adjusted himself so that he could place the oversized angry discolored cockhead at her heavenly entrance, pressing lightly between those delicious lips of the Queen. They resisted for a second, before the soft, wet petals opened reluctantly to spread over his purple-ish tip.

“Ohh fuck,” he said as the lips kissed around his mushroom tip, feeling their slick tightness as he pressed himself down slightly. The old trader knew she’d expect him to just pound away like most men, but he wanted her squirming in tormented bliss instead. He wanted her to be fucked in a way she couldn’t imagine from an old man like him.

He wanted ownership.

Elena watched as the bulbous tip spread her lips, while the full lips on her face parted from the sensation as she tried to stifle a moan. He slid further, watching as her flowery petals were spread wider than ever before as his menacing head disappeared with a ‘pop’ inside her.

“Ummph, dammit it’s so thick,” she gasped, reaching down to put her hands on his hairy thighs. She looked up at him, for the first time taking in his body – that hairy flabby chest and that pasty, pudgy gut that hung over her exotic tanned body. The hair on his belly was a bit more sparse and thin, but still evident, especially the thicker line that reached from his chest down to his belly button and on further to his significant bushy pubes. ‘He’s so ugly, you’re not aroused, just get this over with for Erik,’ she told herself, relying on positive self-talk.

Harry pushed further, sinking a couple inches into her as she breathed out, “Ohhh.” His hands reached out, planting themselves on her juggs as he brought his knees forward. He withdrew slightly, and then pushed forward again, feeding another couple inches into her.

“Ahhhh,” Elena moaned. His progress was so slow, and as each inch of his thick cock pressed into her warm, tight tunnel, the Queen could feel her inner walls expand to accompany him, feeling like he wouldn’t be able to ever get it out with how tight she was around him.

“Tell me who’s bigger Queeny, Ol Harry or Erik?” he asked, withdrawing again as his old cock was now greased with her semi-transparent white wetness, smiling as he saw her royal pussy coating his shaft. He loved that her body was responding to his dick, and knew that this was just the beginning. Harry wondered how wet she could truly get.

“Ahhh … Please, don’t say his name,” she said, adding an “Mmphh” as he pressed forward again, sinking another inch into her.

“Then say mine. Who’s bigger, your husband or Harry?” he said, moving his hips as he raised back up, ready for her response.

“I don’t want to admit that!”

“Then we’ll just wait here, my big dick nestled in yer glorious married slit,” he said, daring her to prolong it. She relented and began to answer.

“H… Harry … OH!” she said as he sank forward, more of his cock filling up her tight, married love tunnel, close to bottoming out.

“Yes, that’s right my big titty Queen,” he said, squeezing her mighty knockers as he pulled back, once more, ready for the final hilting of his shaft. “Who’s been deepest in yer soppin’ wet cunt?”

“H … Harry! … AGHH!” she cried out as with one final thrust he sheathed his entire warty old cock into the Queen of Synia’s royal socket. Elena’s eyes went wide as that enormous ballsack of Harry Jones swung forward with a SMACK, like two construction wrecking balls meeting their target simultaneously. “EEEEEIII!” she squealed.

The target was the Queen’s tight little star of an anus, the sack completely dwarfing the entrance as it rested against it; his significant ball hair tickling her darkened anal hole. Elena could feel not only their size but their heavy weight nestled partially between her ass cheeks.

Harry held himself there for a moment, just basking in the glory of being completely embedded in Elena’s beautifully tight, wet pink pussy. His fat meat was pulsing with unknown desire, pre-cum leaking into her married slick fortress. Those big balls resting and subtly moving up and down as they kissed against her asshole.

He kneaded her ripe melons as he slowly drew back that tremendous thick length, his angry oversized head preventing him from pulling all the way out as it acted almost like a knot. He paused, then slowly sank back down. That huge wrinkled hairy sack rocking forward again. SHLAP. “Mmmphh,” Elena’s fingers dug into his thighs.

Again he withdrew, and again he pressed his body weight slowly forward, bottoming out. FWAP. “Aghhhhh!” she gasped.

“Who’s fucking you?” he demanded, retreating for a second, then lurching forward just a bit faster this time, but still with a tormenting, sensual rhythm. His sack swung back into that little puckered hole. Harry found his pace as he continued his deep, scintillating rutting.

“OHHH … you are!” she cried out, her full lips looking pouty on her face, her breathing labored as the 70 year old was filling her up so sensually, the bed creaking softly with his measured hip moments.

“My name!” he said with a low growl, “Say it.”

“Harry. Harry’s fucking me!” she obeyed, moaning louder, feeling his fat thighs between hers. ‘You’re not turned on. You’re not. They’re just words he’s making you say. It doesn’t mean anything,’ she told herself desperately. The more she tried not to think about his dick and how it made her feel, the more her mind went there.

“Put your legs around my waist,” he instructed, angling to get deeper yet as she complied. Elena wrapped her legs as far around his fat waist as they would go, thighs and knees spreading around him.

Her feet were as beautiful and feminine as the rest of her legs; pink cute toenails pointed skyward, her toned arches forming two incredible curves to her soles. The visible tendons of her foot pulled towards her to cause her toes to flex around his back. The vision of the exotic, busty Queen with a fat 70 year old geezer on her was as out of place as her lewd whimpers. His beer gut pressed to her taut core; his old man fat against Elena’s svelte, toned abs.

By now Harry was rotating his hips slightly with each pussy-filling thrust as he hit her vaginal basement, making sure the full extent of her pussy was stimulated from every angle. Elena watched with growing concern as one particular wart, dead in the middle of his shaft, was teasing her clit each time he sank down into her. Rub, bump, caress. Over and over on her wet little nub. The stimulation was building. Each thrust an assault on her arousal. The other warty bumps wreaking havoc on her puffy wet shiny lips. His words put a special touch to her depravity.

“Yer still not aroused, are ya Queeny?” he ribbed her.

“N..No,” she panted.

“Still not all hot and bothered by my old geezer dick, are ya?” he asked, stuffing her more, slightly faster.

“Noooo …” she continued to lie, not wanting to admit it as she felt those huge, hairy balls salute her anus after each thrust.

“Yer pussy’s still not soaked from my fat, 70 year old cock is it?” he pinched her nipples.

Her cheeks flushed as she saw just how much of her juices were coated onto his fat meat, made more embarrassing by the ‘schlick, schliickk’ wet sounds that her pussy was announcing as he hilted her. Elena couldn’t take it, she knew she was in danger of being sent over the top.

“No …” she said biting her lip, both of them knowing it was a lie.

“If it’s true – Tell me, m’Lady. Tell ol’ Harry yer married pussy ain’t soaked for his fat, 70 year old cock,” he teased, her feet bouncing and heels hitting his chubby back with each thrust.

She groaned. “My marr .. my married pussy isn’t soaked for your … fat 70 year old cock!” she cried out, the words sounding so awful and dirty and full of lust as they passed over her lovely lips. It somehow caused an opposite reaction, making her feel even more hot and on edge. The perverted language creating a mounting lust within her. Growing into a twisted desire. She had to do something!

“Please! Pull out and cum … cum on me!” she cried out, never expecting her first fucking with an old man to be so erotic. Harry grinned. He knew why she was asking. She could probably mentally cope with some hard, passion-less fuck. Like the ones Erik gave her. But not this. Not this barrage on her senses. He squeezed her enormous juggs, his fingers digging into the full, delicious breasts. “Why?”

“Just do it!” she pleased, feeling an orgasm building in her loins and needing to avoid it at all costs. ‘Don’t cum, don’t cum!’ she screamed at herself mentally.

“A gentlemen always let’s a lady cum first Queeny. ‘Specially a married, big-titted one with her adulterous little pussy bathing my dick in her horny juices.” With that he pummeled his hips forward, his chubby face moving towards hers as Elena suddenly found herself in a hot, passionate kiss with the old man, his slithery fat tongue in her mouth with his rock hard cock buried in her tight little tunnel.

Harry humped with deeper, hip-driving force, tongue and cock lodged in her holes as he felt the Queen’s scandalous thighs begin to quiver. Then tremble. Then suddenly her entire body shook with an erotic fury, her wide hips driving up into him as she moaned out into his mouth.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo,” the orgasm rocking her to the core as her cute, pink toes curled in unwanted bliss above his back. Her pussy flooded his thick, warty snake and she saw stars as the rolling waves of orgasm crashed through her body, momentarily losing consciousness.


Elena came to with a vision of Harry’s balding head near her chest, the wetness on her nipple informing her he was slurping on it greedily as he looked up at her. Her thighs were still twitching from the orgasm.

A few minutes passed as she regained her breathing, while the weight of the situation crashed down all around her.

“Ohh my gosh, I … I can’t believe I let that happen!” she exclaimed. “I’m such a horrible person. And wife…” she said, her lower lip quivering at her own indiscretion, hating what she had done.

“Because of what, exactly?” the old man asked, lifting his head up, greying eyebrows arching with his warty cock still buried in her, unmoving.

“Because I … I allowed myself to … orgasm with you,” she said, mortified, turning her head.

Harry shook his head, “Allowed? Bullspit! Ya did nothin’ of the sort! Ya had no other choice but to sleep with ol’ Harry. And once it happened, ya can’t control yer body. Cumin’s like breathin’ m’Lady – if ya haven’t had any oxygen in awhile, the lightest breath feels like the sweetest thing,” he said, sounding modest for once. “And ya don’t strike me as the kinda woman that’s had ‘pure’ oxygen in quite some time.”

“But I’ve … I’ve had sex before, obviously,” she said softly, her large mammaries rising and falling on either side of his pudgy face.

“Not recently, and … probably not good either,” he said, more gentle this time as he twirled a finger around her nipple almost like a lover, knowing it was a sensitive subject.

Elena flushed. “Well, Erik always cums with … ”

Harry gave her a look. “He cums, yes. Do you?” He knew the answer before he even asked the question.

The Queen frowned. “That’s … that’s private, I told you,” she said, not answering his question directly. Harry’s cock twitched just then as he enjoyed the knowledge. The movement of his dick caused the Queen to glance down.

“Ohh my goodness!” she gasped as if realizing something.

“What?” his eyebrows arched.

“You .. you didn’t orgasm.”

“Ahhh, that’s ’cause of the pace. Slow like that an yer ‘hubbie’ can go for a country mile,” he said, confident in his own abilities, his cock giving another little jerk in side her, indicating how much more life it had in it.

“Ohhh … well, it already felt like forever!” she said, amazed. Suddenly her face changed, “But … but we shouldn’t even be talking about this!”

“Yer right,” he winked, lewdly smiling from ear to fatty ear, “Plus ya need to fulfill your bet.”

“My what?” she said, gasping as her hand went over her mouth, remembering what she had agreed to with the seedy old bastard.

“Ya promised to try and enjoy it my young, curvy wife,” he said, reminding her of what she committed to.

“But I .. I can’t,” she whispered.

“Oh yes, I think ya can, m’Lady of Synia. In fact I think yer body’s begging for it. And being the truthful, trustworthy Queen ya are, I’m sure you’ll cooperate.”

“I … don’t think I can wrap my mind around thinking like that,” she admitted honestly.

“I’ll show ya how. And a bet’s a bet M’Lady. Yer honor owes it to me,” he said, reaching

over to the wooden table by the bed, handing her a cup of water that was resting on it. “Drink up, yer gonna need it,” he said as she put it to her lips letting her drink, the tendons on her long neck flexing with her gulps. Harry put it back when she was done.

“Ready?” he asked. Elena nodded, her eyes exhibiting a hint of watery emotion as she felt like she was betraying her Kingdom. He rolled to the side slightly to grab one of her legs and lifted it up, then rolled to the other side and did the same thing, pinning the Queen’s full thighs to her chest and placing her dainty feet on either side of his head on his portly shoulders.

He rested with his thick cock still buried inside her, lifting one foot and placing her cute, feminine toes to his fat lips. Elena watched in a sort of horror as her pink toenails disappeared one by one into his mouth, the old man’s tongue slithering and lathering his saliva around each one. ‘He’s such a dirty pervert! Erik never does anything like this,’ she thought.

Harry started to shift his hips forward while he washed her foot in his saliva, sinking in and out of her tight regal snatch. His beady eyes danced as he sucked on her toes like only an old lecherous bastard would, pulling it out of his mouth and tonguing along her sole before kissing her high arch that made her foot look beautifully athletic and toned. “Such fuckin’ sexy little feet and toes,” he grunted.

He placed it back on his shoulder and warned, “Ya might want to hold on,” as he leaned forward, looming over her and rocking her body back. She was close to being bent in half, her full rear end raising off the bed and looking even rounder in that position. Chubby hands slid under her to palm the doughy half moons of her ass cheeks. Fearfully Elena clasped her hands around his neck and held on.

“Now it’s time fer ya to really be fucked.” Harry lifted his fat ass up, her pussy closing as it was mostly freed of that thick veiny girth for a second. He hovered over her with just the tip buried in her tight slit, crouching over her but also leaning on her so that only his feat were on the bed, knees on her thighs. Elena’s wide hips, full thighs and glorious ass were just perfect for the mating press position. He looked her straight in the eye.

“Tell ol’ Harry to fuck the Queen, Elena,” he insisted.

Her green eyes found his, biting her lip as this time she held his gaze, “F..Fuck the Queen, Harry Jones,” she cooed softly.

Like an anvil he dropped down into her. SCWAPP.

“Ohhh! So … full!” she gasped, as she felt the girthy length return to its wet ‘home.’

There would be no slow sensual bliss now as Harry reared up again, digging his fingers into her thick booty as he jackhammered down again. And again. And again. FWAP. WHACK. SLAAHHP. “Aghh, Ohhhh … Harry!” she panted. That wrinkled sack and large, fruit-sized balls pounding down at her ass repeatedly, spanking her tight hole with his nuts.

“Let go. Forget about yer castle. Forget about everything. Focus on the moment,” Harry commanded, pumping his chubby hips up and down into her wetness.

“Ohhh, uhhhh, AGHhhh,” Elena panted, her mind still holding on, but inching toward the cliff with each intense piston of the hard, 70 year old prick jamming into her married pussy. Wet sounds of sex filled the room, the squeaking of the bed increasing greatly, whining in time to the old geezer’s bottoming out into the most scintillating slit in all of Synia. Her ankles pressed down into his shoulders, her plentiful breasts knocking together between her thighs and squished under his chest.

“It’s just you and me. No one can hear us. No one will know ya orgasmed all over Ol’ Harry’s cock,” he said, leaning down and kissing her again, engaging her mouth in a sloppy, intense kiss. This time Elena kissed him back, tongue licking his slimy one. He squeezed her ass harder, loving the feeling of its wide, soft fullness in his powerful stocky fingers, the flesh of her derriere mashing between his digits, oozing around them.

“Mmphhh, ohh … Harry,” she panted, her conscience in the far distance telling her to stop, but not finding the words. Another part of her brain reminded her she had ‘agreed’ to try and enjoy it, so it was ok hold true to her commitment. The animalistic side was starting to win.

“Not a castle around for miles Elena. Just yer wet pussy and my thick cock.” POUND. Her plump ass rippled.

“Ohhh! What about .. N … neighbors,” she moaned, the thought of no one hearing her acts of adultery helping her ‘commit’ to her promise, while making it seem even more carnal.

“Far away. Probably fucking anyway. Just like you and me,” he said. THRUST. Her big titties rolling.

“MMphhh. Just … us?” she questioned in a groaned, lusty slur.

“Just us. And all night long. Let go Elena. Roll your hips my horny little Queen, hump back on ‘ol Harry’s thick sausage.” Elena obeyed, gently rocking up her soft thighs to meet his hips as the SMACK SMACK SMACK of wrinkled old man skin on beautiful smooth feminine skin increased. His middle wart strummed against her clit like a plucked guitar string with each forceful fucking motion.

“Harry, ahhh!” she cried out, hands tighter around his neck, clinging to him as she pushed her hips up more rapidly, her toes clenching.

Each time their bodies collided his portly hairy belly would jiggle and roll on her tapered stomach, the sweat of his efforts rolling down his chest and over his hairy pot that rested on her core. Elena could feel his sweat on her skin, making her hotter in temperature as his frame pressed over hers, almost completely enveloping her in all of his lecherous existence.

“Feel those big ol’ cum-filled balls on your ass you wet little minx?” he hissed.

“Yess, ohh my gosh their huge!” Elena cried out, succumbing more and more to his dirty talk. Yet still she held on and fought, “You … you have to remember to pull out though!” she pleaded.

“You don’t want Harry’s thick ol’ man spunk sloshing in that royal pussy of yers?” he asked. He was rearing up menacingly now, his whole body lifting before dropping his fatty physique down onto her, squashing her curvy body into the mattress, the bed groaning in peril.

“UGHHH, No … not in Meee. Harrrrrry …” Elena gasped, her thighs vibrating again as she panted, “I’M …” she gasped, throwing her wide, child baring hips up to meet him. Harry felt his own balls churn. “I’m CUMMMING!” she squealed, clutching his neck and humping her whole body up to his. Her breasts, coated with his sweat squished against his hairy chest, thighs and feet hugging to his lard-encased back tightly.

Harry felt the Queen orgasm for a 2nd time around his cock as they held each other in that lewd position, her trembling, steamy cunny convulsing and squeezing his girthy shaft. For what seemed like a full minute she ground her hips up, her body awash in the pleasure his 70 year old shaft had given it. Each hip-clinging rock of her body brought the old lecher closer to his release as she neared the end of her orgasm.

“Gonna … cum!” he panted as her eyes looked up, green iris’ widening in fear.

“Pull OUT!” she cried out through the haze of her fading orgasm, enough focus left in her to concentrate on the important request.

“Fuck.” Harry felt his cock twitch as he suddenly unwrapped his hands form her ass and pushed back and away in one hurried motion, his cock lurching a split-second after freeing it from the tight confines of her vaginal walls as he roared in a lusty belch. “GRUHHHHHHHH” Thick, high-arching streams of cum erupting from his purple, pussy-smeared head, flying through the air and landing with a splatter on the Queen’s enormous breasts. The second shot fired even more fiercely as it rocketed up to her chin and formed a streak from it, over her lips, and up to her nose. The third shot came out with less force, and connected with her stomach, his cock angling down as the fourth and fifth ropes painted her pelvis.

He was panting, sweat running down his brow as he finally found the Queen’s eyes. “See that? I’m a man of my word,” he said, keeping his promise about not cuming inside of her. The old man continued, his face now turning more reflective and sullen, “Being a bastard myself, I swore I’d never create one personally.”

Elena’s eyes studied him back, her breathing still deep as those luscious breasts rose and fell gently. She didn’t say anything for a while as she processed his actions and his words, her guilt mixing with relief and the slightest hint of admiration at what he just revealed. “I … I was worried you’d try to. I appreciate that,” she said, a sort of intrigued wonder in her eyes. Despite her forced infidelity, she was thankful that he was ‘honorable’ enough to heed her wishes about the riskiest thing they could have done. The Queen knew it could have been much, much worse.

“Not many men would do that,” she said truthfully. It was true, future consequences weren’t exactly high on the priority list of most males. She had to admit she certainly had never met anyone like ol’ Jones. ‘Maybe he does just want lots of sex with me.’

“Well … that’s only cause I need yer delightful consent for Round 3,” he said with a purposefully wry smirk, raising his eyebrows playfully, as if reading her mind.

Elena couldn’t help but smile at his remark and facial expression. It was a true, genuine smile. She rolled her eyes and grabbed a pillow and tossed it at him.

“Shush you old codger! No man can have sex that quickly after such a huge orgasm! Especially after how long we did it,” she said, shaking her head. Then, the Queen’s eyes dropped to his crotch. Harry grinned.

“Is that a fact, Yer Highness?”

“You’re … insatiable,” she marveled, staring at the veiny old monster pointing at her.

“Now, that IS a fact,” he beamed.

‘You’re just acting, it’s just because you lost the bet,’ she rationalized to herself, knowing it was a lie. ‘You promised you would try and enjoy it; you’re only staying true to your word. He won fair and square,’ her inner dialogue continued as Harry gave her a damp cloth to wipe up his excessive semen all over her body while he disappeared for a bit into the kitchen.

‘He’s right, you can’t control your body. Besides, it’s not Harry’s fault you’re in this situation, Elena told herself. ‘The Council and Erik practically put you at his mercy. Just go along with it, a month isn’t the worst thing in the world.’


Queen Elena was sucking on the slimy tongue of a 70 year old man she had just met that morning. Harry hadn’t asked her to this time, she was doing it on her own. Both of her French manicured hands cupped the sides of his face as she moaned into his mouth.

The kiss had gone on for a long time. Enough that during it a nearby candle dripped a few droplets of wax slowly down it’s white shaft as the moon rose and drifted along into the night. During the entire time the Queen’s alluring wide hips were slowing rising and falling in Harry’s lap. He sat on the edge of his bed with his feet on the floor while Elena faced him, kissing and slowly humping her flexible ass onto his meat, her pink pedicured feet around his waist on the bed. Her engorged, wet lips were spread erotically over the shaft, ‘sucking’ on his dick each time she raised her rear up provocatively.

As if her incredible pussy had been crafted for the sole purpose of fitting perfectly to Harry’s 8 inch, slightly upturned cock, she sank back down on it, the warts like pleasure bumps to her slick love tunnel that was squeezing and slowly pulsing it’s warm radiance over the heat of his aroused dick.

Up and down she rode him like a woman who wanted to savor every inch. His chubby old fingers gripped and cupped her thick, plump ass, helping her with leverage and feeling the sensation of the incredible way her hips curved up and towards him and then back down to sink into his lap, bottoming out. Her entire inner corridor stuck tightly to his length.

Just like the candle, liquid droplets of lust were sliding down Harry’s shaft, The Queen’s wetness greasing his hard pole as the cock shined under the flicker of the candle.

It was more than a mouth-watering grinding of her delectably juicy rear end, it was feeling the entire body of a lover who was in the heat of sensual bliss.

“Fuck, yer amazing,” he said, breaking the kiss.

“Mmm, heaven forgive me, but it feels so good. I can’t .. I can’t help it,” she said tenderly, this time rolling her hips when she bottomed out, swirling them around his lap as she gave his cock sensations that the best whores in Synia could only dream of providing. As her ass gyrated in lateral circles around his dick, her heavy breasts smushed against his chest.

“Holy shit! Holy fuckin’ mackerel that feels incredible! I’m gonna fuck ya all night long, I swear I’ll never get enough of this pussy,” he groaned.

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I?” she cooed, pumping her ass up and down his girthy rod with sensuous zeal. Elena picked up her pace, dropping her booty down quicker now into his lap, her cheeks rippling lewdly with each cock-gripping ass plunge.

“Uhhh, OHHHH, Harrrrry,” she moaned, rocking her wide ass into his lap and grinding down at a faster speed. She leaned forward to kiss him again as she humped that big old dick.

Saliva escaped excessively from the corners of their mouths and dripped down their chins as they fucked, mostly falling on Elena’s breasts. Neither of them cared.

Harry had enough of her being in the driver’s seat and suddenly spanked her ass hard, the smack echoing around the room. SMACK. Elena squealed with glee as she felt her meaty cheek jiggle from the powerful blow. Their pace quickened as they began humping into each other with extra vigor, the old man’s fat chubby lips lowering to her bountiful bosom, latching onto her hard nipple as he began thrusting into her.

“Yesss, ohh right there!” she panted, her arms now going over his shoulders, holding onto his somewhat hairy back. “Suck my breasts Harry!” she exclaimed, her huge melon rolling into his face as their pace became erratic as if both were trying to pleasure each other and fuck as deeply as possible. He kept suckling on her big teat and lifted one hand up to paw and grope the other.

For a second Harry leaned back, slapping one of the Queen’s pendulous breasts from the side, and then the other, knocking them into each other. SLAP SLAP SLAP. “AEIII! Harry!!” she shrieked, feeling the sudden pleasurable, harsh spanks to her tits.

The old man then rocked forward, scooting even further to the edge of the bed as his hands returned to her ass. “Hold tight you wanton little slut.”

“OHHH!! Harry, are you sur-AHHH!!” Elena cried out as suddenly like a man possessed the 70 year old sprung up from the bed, Elena still embedded on his shaft as he took two steps forward. The Queen clutched to his neck while he held her plump ass tightly, fingers creating 10 red marks where they dug into her flesh. Harry swung his hips back quickly only to slam them forward. FWAPPP!!

“AGHHH!” the married wife screamed feeling his cock pull back and then jam itself mightily back inside her tight wetness as she hung completely in the air in this standing position. SLAM. SHWAPP. PHLACK. Over and over the geezer’s hips shot forward, the round ass of the Queen slamming back down to meet him, her cheeks undulating under the vivacious assault as the old man pounded his warty snake into her. His huge heavy sack was covering an insane distance as it swung back and forth to loudly smack into her meaty ass.

“Mmmm, yess … OHH. Harry!” she moaned, her long legs and cute feet bouncing up and down past his sides with each lurch of his body into hers. THROP THROP THROP. The Queen was bucking on a man nearly 50 years older than her, her juices leaking down his shaft and sliding over those hairy balls, matting them in sticky liquid lust.

Harry slowed for just a second, only to viciously drill her with mighty entire-length spears of his bumpy python. “Tell me what ya want ol’ Harry to do Queen Elena,” he demanded between pulverizing thrusts.

“Ohhh, I want you to fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy Harry!” she begged, finally saying the words on her own without being told exactly what to say. The old trader grinned, lust in his beady little eyes. With a determined growl he turned, walking four paces to the nearest wall and slammed her against it; a framed landscape painting of Edge Landing knocking partially off it’s hook from the tremor, hanging perilously at a diagonal angle from the corner. “OHHH!” the Queen squealed.

“Take it, take it all my big titted royal slut!” he yelled, swinging his hips up furiously to bang into her with her plush ass pinned to the mall, his hands sliding down to hold her under her full thighs. THROP THROP THROP.

“Yes! Pound me! Pound me with that huge old cock! I love it Harry!” she shrieked, gripping his back as her hips rolled and tried to grind into him with her curvy frame trapped against the wall. “Do it! Make me cum on that big fat monster!” The words shocked her with the ease with which they escaped her mouth, but she didn’t care, her thighs were trembling and she was close to another massive orgasm.

SLAMMMMM!! CRAASSHHH! A ferocious thrust into the voluptuous Queen finally sent the painting on the wall to its doom, the vibration knocking it off the hook and crashing onto the floor, the frame splitting and tearing the canvas. Elena had never felt something so animalistic in her whole life, their barbaric mating sending her over the edge.

“AGHHH!! You bastard! Fuck me! FUCK ME!! AHHH … HARRYYYY. I’m CUMMMMING!! I’m cumming on your huge COCK!!” she squealed her body humping up and down, big breasts sweaty and rolling on his chest, mashing into his flabby body.

“AEEEIIIIII!!” she finally screamed, arching her neck, her head against the wall as sudden squirts escaped from her full lips and drenched his hairy forest of pubes. Elena’s entire body was shaking, lost in the throes of passion, toes spread and ankles crossed behind his back as she tried to squeeze every inch of meat inside her as she came all over him.

“Ughh. Close …” Harry grunted, feeling the tingling in his balls as the sack lifted, ready to explode. “P .. out,” Elena panted, not able to give him the full instructions as her beautiful tight pussy squeezed and clenched his thick shaft.

It was too much for Harry to take and he quickly lowered her to the ground as he backed out, her body slumping against the wall, eyes in a glaze. His chubby hand reached for his throbbing dick, aiming it directly at the Queen’s face.

“ARRGHHHH” he groaned, back arching as two pumps of his shaft caused it to belch. A massive strand of ropey cum shot out like a cannon, finding its target between the queens glossy green eyes, causing her to finally shut them. With a ‘splort’ sound the cum splattered and droplets flicked onto her eyelashes and nose. String after string of old man seed bellowed forth from his darkened purplish tip, and soon the Elena’s face looked like a bucket of unprocessed milk had been splashed on it.

“UGHH, Uhhhh … Fuck,” Harry said, coming down from his powerful orgasm, studying the beautiful Queen with her face full of his cum, her hair caked in it as well.

Slowly Elena opened her eyes, her big green irises finding his smaller eyes in the low lit darkness. A tongue extended out of her mouth, licking at the old man’s cum, dragging it into her mouth and swallowing.

“That was the best sex of my life.”

“It’s gonna be a fun month, Yer Majesty.”

BY : SteamyEncounters

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