He creeps while I sleep

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I’ve always been a heavy drinker and I tend to just pass out on the bed. One night I came in and sort of passed out halfway on the bed on my stomach with my butt and legs hanging off the bed. Though I was relaxed and totally immobile I was still somewhat conscious, just laying there letting euphoria, dizziness and drunken thoughts roll over me. I must have been there at least 30 minutes when I heard the bedroom door creak open. I laid still pretending to sleep so that my husband wouldn’t try to wake me or move me, I was sooo comfortable and relaxed. “Honey, are you awake?” I could hear the brush of cloth and steps as he moved closer. “Sweetie?” he made the word a question. I laid still hoping he would leave. I was about to respond when I felt the cloth of his pants against the back of my thighs where my nightshirt wasn’t covering them. His fingertips played with the edge of my shirt just below my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe it, my husband was getting frisky with me when he thought I was passed out. I felt him move and shift behind me and then I heard a zipper. He was obviously taking his dick out. I felt his hands lifting my shirt leaving my butt exposed. He laid a hand on each of my ass cheeks squeezing and massaging and then he kissed my left butt cheek and rested his face on it and whispered, “you’re my dirty whore, I love you so much baby”. I realized he was kneeling behind me. He lifted his head and began to spread my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe it, my husband was on his knees with his hard dick out playing with me while he thought I was out cold.
After spreading my cheeks he used his thumb to pull my thong to the side exposing my asshole and pussy. I felt his hot breath against my pussy and heard him take a deep breath him. “You smell so good baby, you’re making daddy horny”. He had never called himself daddy to me before. His lips kissed my pussy softly as though he was kissing my mouth, he slowly went from kissing my pussy to making out with my pussy eventually working his tongue inside me. He moved his mouth back and I felt him slide a finger in my pussy, slowly going deeper and deeper. I felt something wet touch my asshole and I realized that he was licking my hole. He slowly went from licking to slowly probing his tongue into my asshole while he pumped his finger in my pussy. I lay there expecting to be angry but instead I was turned on, I realized that my pussy was getting wetter and wetter.
He pulled his finger and face away from me and I heard him stand up. I kept my eyes closed as he walked around the bed near my head. I felt him softly touch my cheek and say “oh baby, you’ve got daddy so worked up if I put it in your pussy I’m just going to cum, but I want to to spend a while with your cunt gripping my cock so daddy is going to cum in your mouth first and then after I get hard again I’m going to give your cunt a good thorough dicking, after all, we’ve got all night ”
I felt something warm touch my lips and realized that it was his cock. He used the tip to spread his oozing precum on my lips and I heard him sigh as he pushed his head past my lips. He pumped in and out of my mouth slowly going deeper each time until he reached the back of my throat. He would move his cock in and out of my lips sometimes stopping to rub more of his delicious precum on my lips, even when I was awake I loved having his dick in my mouth. His breathing was becoming faster and his movements were less controlled. He held my head and began to make short fast strokes I could taste that he was getting close to cumming because his fluids were tasting more salty. He gave a low grunt and I felt his dick begin to throb in my mouth seconds before his cum filled my mouth, he held his dick in my mouth making small thrusting movements as he filled my mouth with his last drops. When he pulled his cock out I tried to let my mouth relax even though I wanted to lick my lips and try to swallow all of the the tasty goodness that was pooling in my mouth and smeared all all over my lips. I felt his breath as he leaned close to my face using his thumb to smear cum over my lips “now we are going to have some real fun” he kissed my forehead and I heard him walk away and I heard a dresser drawer open. I could feel that my bangs were somewhat over my eyes so I assumed that I could peak without it being noticeable.
He was naked accept for a long sleeve business shirt that was unbuttoned so if he turned around I would see that he was naked from neck down until you got to his business socks. He was rummaging in the top drawer of his tall dresser. He was pulling things out and setting them on the dresser, I couldn’t see most of it because his shoulders were in the way, but I could see a bottle of lube. Then he pulled something out of the drawer that looked like a small dildo with a hilt type handle and I realized that it was a prostate massager. He put some lube on it and reached around and slowly inserted it in his ass. My pussy clenched from being so turned on. He shut the drawer and I closed my eyes before he could turn around. I had no idea that my husband enjoyed prostate pleasure, I had never attempted going near his back door and I felt a little guilty that I had never considered that he had cravings that he kept from me.
I heard him moving behind me and I felt him lick my pussy again. After a few moments I felt something larger entering my pussy but it didn’t feel like a finger or a dick. I realized that he was slowly working a lubed up dildo into my pussy. He worked my pussy with the dildo and I kept getting near orgasm but then he would change angle or speed and I would build near orgasm again. When he had the dildo as deep as it could go he stopped pumping it into me and I could hear him moving behind me. A moment later I felt pressure, a lot of pressure at my pussy lips. I heard him sigh and shift and I realized that he was forcing his dick into my pussy along with the dildo that was already filling me. My pussy felt so full, he pushed and pushed until he reached the end of me and then he gave a few more thrusts. It hurt and felt amazing all at once. He grabbed my ass and squeezed as he slowly thrust in and out of me. He began to move his hand towards my butt crack until he was stroking his thumb over my ass hole. He rubbed back and forth over my hole and then as he gave a particularly hard thrust into my pussy with his cock, his lubed thumb slipped into my asshole. He lost control then, thrusting hard and fast in my pussy while he wiggled his thumb in my ass. I was so turned on my pussy was soaked, I rolled his pooling cum in my mouth tasting and slowly drinking the cum that was in my mouth. He stopped suddenly and then withdrew his cock and thumb. He draped his body over mine breathing hard, his body covered a light dewy sweat. His wet cock sat between my ass cheeks throbbing. He kissed between my shoulder blades and then lifted himself off of me. He withdrew the dildo and replaced it with another which was as large as his cock and the dildo combined. I heard an odd clicking sound and realized that he was taking pictures as he shoved the dildo in my pussy. Once the dildo was in as deep as it could go he used a hand to spread my ass cheeks and the clicking started again as he took pictures of my totally exposed lower half. When the clicking stopped I felt cold wet liquid spatter onto my asshole. He said “I’m going to lube your ass and my cock up good, I wouldn’t want to hurt my baby girl. I heard the bottle squirt but I didn’t feel anything so I assumed that he was lubing up his cock. I felt him lean against me and then I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole, he pushed so his head was starting to spread my hole and I heard the clicking start again. I felt the slight pop as the ring of my asshole slipped around his cock head. He sighed and shuddered as the clicking continued. He would push a little deeper and stop waiting for my tight hole to adjust then he would pull out, squirt some cold lube in my open hole and then he would reenter going a bit deeper every time, pausing here and there to take pictures and let my body relax until he was buried as deep in my ass as he could go. He draped himself over me again giving hard thrusts but not really pulling back so he was still as deep as possible while still getting movement. My ass grabbed and hugged his dick as he thrusted and grunted. He pushed so hard that I felt him reaching the end of where my body would allow him to go. He was thrusting so close and tight that even when he pulled back a little our bodies touched in a long line. “oh baby, you are such a good little slut, you are going to have cum so deep up your ass you won’t know this even happened” he kept thrusting and without pulling back much and I could feel the orgasm building. I had experienced anal sex before but with long strokes in and out, but never like this with him trying to stay as deep as possible without pulling back as though he needed his sperm to be as deep as he could keep it. Each movement made my pussy wetter and hotter. The orgasm hit me hard, my pussy clamped down on the dildo while my ass tightened around his cock as it made short hard thrusts. He gave a huge grunt with a thrust and I felt his dick begin to throb hard as he pumped cum deep in my ass. He laid against my back gasping, thrusting deep every time his dick throbbed. He whispered “you are such a good drunk slut, and once I clean you up these pictures are going online for our fans to enjoy. my little unconscious porn star”. He cleaned me up while I pretended to sleep and as he tucked me in he whispered “I have something planned for tomorrow that our fans are going to love my sleepy little cum dumpster”
I laid there pretending to sleep remembering the feeling of him inside me and knowing that he had done this before and was going to do it again and I felt… Horny

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