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He takes his daughter and granddaughter

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Amy Jackson turned left into the residential area where she lived with her daughter. There was a growing sense of anticipation, as she got closer to home. It was early Friday afternoon, three hours before she normally got off work, and she was excited. Her dad, Rob Manning, was visiting Amy and her daughter and she had a surprise for them. It wasn’t a big deal, she knew, but she thought they could all use a night on the town. And, with the substantial raise she’d received from her boss that morning, she was going to splurge and the three of them were going to paint the town red.
Amy’s parents divorced the year before and Rob still seemed a little lost whenever he visited. Sometimes she would see him staring into space with that expressionless stare on his handsome, rugged face and it would break her heart. When she saw him this way, Amy wanted desperately to do something, anything, to help him but she didn’t know what to do. The only thing that seemed to have any affect was talking to him, leading him into conversations that would take his mind off the pain he still felt.
Her parents’ divorce had taken her by surprise, maybe more than it had her dad. One day, out of the blue, Thelma Manning told her husband of thirty-six years that she wanted out. Apparently, she had found and fallen in love with another man and she no longer loved her husband. The news probably shouldn’t have surprised anyone, she had reflected later, because her parents’ marriage had disintegrated into a marriage of convenience long ago.
Amy’s own divorce had gone the same route. She married James Trawley when she was eighteen and became pregnant with Stacey when she was nineteen. The only reason James had stayed around so long was because of their daughter; the stingy bastard didn’t want to pay years of child support even though he could afford it. When Stacey was barely seventeen James finally asked Amy for a divorce and moved out. He paid child support for ten months until his daughter turned eighteen, then he was out of their life. That was a little over a year ago and Amy had moved on. The trick was to find a way to get Rob Manning to move on.
Her dad had married young, as she had. He was twenty when he met Amy’s mother and the two were married less than two months later. Maybe, she reasoned, as she slowed the car to turn into the drive, getting married at a young age isn’t a good idea. It certainly had proved to be a disaster in her life and the lives of her parents. Perhaps it was something she needed to tell Stacey, who was an impressionable eighteen-years-old and just one month shy of graduating high school. Although her daughter wasn’t seeing anyone seriously it never hurt to be prepared.
Amy unlocked the door of her modest two-bedroom bungalow and stepped into the living room. She was surprised that her dad wasn’t in the recliner watching some cable sports show. He and Stacey were probably out walking, maybe at the nearby neighborhood park, since his car was still parked at the curb in fRobt of the house. Well, she smiled, that would give her time to take a quick shower and get ready for a night of fun.
Amy heard voices coming from Stacey’s small bedroom when she stepped into the hall. Most likely her daughter had roped Rob into helping her study for finals and Amy padded barefoot down the hall to the door that was opened a few inches. She was anticipating their reactions when she told them what was in store later that evening. But she didn’t have a chance to spring the surprise on her daughter and father. Just as her hand touched the door, Amy looked through the six-inch crack and gasped. She took an involuntary step back, then sucked in a deep breath and stepped back to the door.
Stacey was on her hands and knees, naked, with her face on the pillow and her small, round ass high in the air. Rob, equally naked, was behind his granddaughter with his hands on her soft hips as he rocked back and forth, sending his hard cock in and out of Stacey’s pussy. Amy could hear the loud squishing sound of her dad’s cock thrusting in and out of her daughter’s sopping wet pussy.
“Fuck me, granddad!” Stacey exclaimed in a voice filled with lust. “Make my pussy feel your hard cock!”
“You want me to fuck you hard, baby?” Rob growled. “You like your pussy pounded?”
“Yes! Fuck me hard and fast!”
“I love your little cunt!”
“Oh, your cock feels so good in me, granddad!” There was an unmistakable sound of need in Stacey’s voice that her mother couldn’t help hearing. “Please cum in me! Fill me with your seed!”
“I’m getting close, baby!” Rob assured his granddaughter as he picked up the tempo and began slamming her pussy with his fat, seven-inch cock.
Amy stood at the door, her mouth working but no sound coming out. She was too surprised to even move a muscle. She just stood peering through the slender crack into her daughter’s room, watching her own father make love to her eighteen-year-old daughter. It was beyond belief and so mind-blowing that she could hardly think. Finally, Amy snapped out of her trance and pushed the door open.
“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, granddad!” Stacey screamed suddenly.
“Yes! I’m gonna…OH, STACEY!”
Amy stood in the doorway watching her dad’s body tense as his cock exploded deep inside of his granddaughter, filling her young pussy with his seed. Stacey’s hips gyrated convulsively as she rode the crest of her orgasm, groaning loudly with each spurt of her granddad’s seed into her cum-hungry cunt. When Rob and Stacey were finally spent, they collapsed onto their sides together, gasping for breath. It was then that Stacey opened her eyes and froze.
“Oh, mom…”
Chapter Two
Amy felt like a coward as she sat on the edge of her bed staring at the floor. Instead of confRobting her father, she had fled down the hall to her own bedroom and locked the door. As soon as Stacey saw her and called to her with a frightened, wide-eyed look on her face, Amy had turned and ran. She couldn’t remember why…she just ran. The look of surprise and guilt on her dad’s face barely registered as she hurried away in humiliation.
How could he have done that? He was shamelessly fucking his granddaughter and, while Stacey was of majority age and could have sex if she pleased, she was still a young girl as far as Amy was concerned. And it wouldn’t have mattered if Stacey were ten years older; Rob had no right fucking his own granddaughter. It was incest and that was unacceptable. Then, as that thought came into her head, Amy closed her eyes and groaned softly as she remembered something she’d forgotten.
Amy and her best friend, Beth, were eighteen and fresh out of high school. It was a Saturday night and the two girls planned to cruise the town in Beth’s parents’ car looking for boys. Both were sexually active and looked forward to a wild night of partying and sex with a couple of good looking guys.
An hour into the evening they were approached by two boys they had known at high school, both of them football players and very good looking. The four ended up at a popular parking spot at a nearby lake. Amy and Beth got their wish; within five minutes after reaching the parking area, both girls were completely naked, their legs spread and their cock-hungry pussies filled with hard, throbbing meat. And ten minutes later it was all over and neither girl went away satisfied.
“That was a waist of time, “Beth grumped as both sat cross-legged on her double bed. They had returned to her parents’ house and were silently steaming over the poor quality of sex that both had hoped would be mind-blowing.
“Yeah. You know how long I’ve fantasized about Jimmy Ryan?” Amy shook her head and pushed a strand of blond hair from her face. “At least two years. What a loser. I could’ve gotten a better fuck from a monkey.”
“You got that right.”
Several minutes passed as the two sat in silent commiseration. It was almost midnight and the house was quiet; Beth’s parents had gone to bed a few hours ago and her older brother was away camping with friends. Even though Amy knew that it shouldn’t be such a big deal – you win some and lose some – she was still disappointed that the evening hadn’t gone that well as she had expected.
Then, suddenly, she froze when she felt Beth’s hand on her bare thigh. Amy raised her head and looked at her friend. What she saw startled her to her very core. The expression on Beth’s face was unmistakable lust, an almost urgent sort of desire that was generated from the raging fires of yearning to be touched and to touch. Amy sucked in a deep, tremulous breath.
“Please, don’t turn me away, Amy.” Beth’s voice was thick with lust and need as she stared at her best friend. Her bottom lip trembled.
“What are you doing?” Amy asked softly.
“I…I want you.”
Amy hesitated for a moment, unable to think of a response. She had never made love to another girl before – not that she actually thought it was wRobg, but because she had simply never been aroused by the thought of being with a girl sexually. This was not an area she was comfortable with and Amy was suddenly very ill at ease with a friend she had known for years. It was as though she were meeting Beth for the first time.
“Beth, we can’t do this.”
“Why? Because girls are not supposed to love each other? Who decides that we can’t love each other?”
“I don’t know.” Amy looked away for a moment. Beth’s hand, soft and warm, still rested on her thigh. “It’s just that…I mean, well, I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“Neither have I.”
Amy shook her head. “Then, why me?”
“I don’t know. I can’t explain it. “Beth shook her head and a long, curly strand of auburn hair fell across her face. She pushed it to one side of her pretty face, her beautiful eyes never straying from Amy. “I’ve wanted you for a long time but I’ve never had the courage to do anything about it.”
Amy sucked in a breath and released it slowly. “In a soft, almost inaudible voice, she said, “This is crazy.”
“No more crazy than two guys who used us to deposit their cum in and didn’t have the decency to make sure we were satisfied.” Amy heard the bitterness in Beth’s voice. “At least we understand our bodies better because we are women and I bet we can satisfy each other if we try.”
Amy sighed. “I don’t even know where to start,” she laughed nervously.
“How bout we start with a kiss and see where that goes,” Beth said softly. Then she shrugged and added, “If it doesn’t work, if you don’t want to, you know, make love, then we’ll stop.”
Beth’s hand began to gently caress Amy’s inner thigh, moving in slow, easy circles. The young blond had to admit that the feel of her friend’s hand on her thigh did feel good. Maybe it was because of the lingering, unresolved lust from earlier that night but she began to respond to Beth’s touch, and the way her soft hand felt on her thigh.
She sighed and nodded her head. The two girls stared at each other for a long moment, and then Beth slowly leaned toward her friend until their lips touched. The kiss was brief, tentative as the two felt each other out. Then, without a word, Amy felt Beth’s lips, soft and yielding on hers for a second time. Without thinking about it, her lips parted slightly and accepted Beth’s tongue into her mouth.
The kiss was surprising because Amy hadn’t expected it to be so different. Even though it was a kiss she found that kissing another girl was not at all like kissing a boy. It just felt different – somehow better. When she felt Beth’s free hand on the back of her head, Amy slipped her arms around her friend. The feel of Beth’s hand gently caressing her inner thigh began to fire the lust within her and Amy smoothly moved her legs apart. She felt her pulse quicken knowing that she had just given her best friend permission to touch the most intimate part of her body. And Beth didn’t disappoint her. When she felt a slender finger slip under her panties and move slowly up along her lips, she gasped loudly.
“Do you like that?” Beth asked softly.
“Y-Yes,” Amy stammered.
“I want to make sweet love to you, baby,” Beth continued in her low, soft voice. “I want to male you feel so good.”
“Let’s get undressed and into bed,” Beth suggested.
The two girls undressed, their eyes hungrily watching each other. Beth hurriedly shut off the light and crawled into bed beside Amy. As if they had been lovers for a long time, Amy and Beth rolled easily onto their sides and into each other’s arms. For Amy, it was an incredible experience, heightened by the fact that lying in the arms of her best friend was considered taboo. But it was so hot, so extraordinary that it took her breath away to feel the soft skin of Beth against her own body.
“This is so nice,” Beth murmured, as they kissed.
“Yes it is,” Amy agreed with a smile.
“I want you to know that I’ve never done this before,” Beth confessed. She lightly cupped one of Amy’s small, firm breasts and smiled inwardly as her friend sucked in a deep, tremulous breath. “You’re my first girl.”
“This is so crazy, Beth, but I like it,” Amy laughed.
Beth rolled her friend on her back and straddled her. She lowered her face and kissed Amy’s lips, then her neck and gently took each ear lobe into her mouthy. Amy groaned, a luxuriant feeling of warmth flooding throughout her body. When Beth sucked in a hard nipple, Amy gasped and took her friend’s head in her hands.
It felt good…so damn good! Amy would never have believed something could feel so wonderful. The notion that another girl could make her so hot, so wet had been inconceivable until now. She heard small whimpers come from her open mouth as Beth feasted on her hard, sensitive nipples and she tilted her head back and gave into her friend’s touch.
Beth’s lips kissed her breasts, her tummy and finally her soft, slender thighs before she felt hot breath on her pussy. Then, without warning, Beth’s mouth began to devour Amy’s sodden womanhood, drawing her lips and clit into her mouth, exploring her depth with a searing hot tongue that drove her mad with desire. She stared at Beth with wide lust-filled eyes as the other girl continued to feast on her pussy.
Beth’s attentiveness, as she consumed Amy’s pussy, and the intensity of her tongue and lips, soon had Amy gyrating, bucking and thrashing on the bed. Amy’s back was arched, her ass hovering inches from the mattress as she gave into the overwhelming feel of her best friend’s mouth. A succession of loud, forceful ‘OH’s’ had become a sort of mantra as she came closer to orgasm.
Suddenly, she could take no more. Amy grabbed Beth’s head and pulled her face tightly against her pussy as her hips began rocking wildly, rubbing the brunette’s face with her sopping wet pussy. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming as she finally fell into the chasm of the most mind-numbing orgasm of her young life.
“Yesssss!” she hissed.
Her orgasm seemed to go on forever as she locked eyes with Beth. Amy could see Beth’s lips spread into a smile as she rode the raging storm of her orgasm. Finally, after what seemed a century, Amy lowered her ass to the mattress and sucked in a long, tremulous breath of air. Beth crawled up to lay beside her. With a long sigh of contentment, she allowed Beth to take her into her arms and hold her.
“You came so hard, Amy!” Beth exclaimed softly.
Amy shook her head and grinned. “I’ve never had an orgasm so intense in my life.”
“Maybe girls know best when it comes to our bodies,” Beth laughed.
“You do, at least,” Amy agreed.
Beth pushed a strand of damp, sweaty hair from Amy’s face. “I used to wonder what your pussy would taste like,” she said with a grin.
“Yeah? Was it good?”
“It was fantastic, though I could taste Jimmy’s cum in you. It’s gone now.” She grinned impishly at her friend.
Amy ran a hand down Beth’s back and onto the taught cheeks of her ass. Beth groaned softly when she felt her friend’s hand slip between her legs and cup her mound. She rolled onto her back to give Amy easy access to her body. When Amy’s lips found hers, Beth opened her mouth and sucked in eager tongue. They kissed with passion, their eyes open, their hands exploring. Amy parroted Beth had done earlier, reveling in the soft skin of her friend’s neck as she kissed her tenderly.
Beth’s breasts were a little bigger than Amy’s but not by much. The feel of her hard nipples as she suckled was something Amy had never experienced before and she feasted on Beth’s hard nubs with a ravenous appetite. She enjoyed hearing the brunette’s gasps of pleasure as she chewed on her nipples.
Finally Amy found herself between Beth’s wide spread legs staring at her pussy. She stared at the light brown hair that covered the puffy mound of Beth’s womanhood and pushed a finger through the soft hair. She could feel the intense heat as she slowly, tentatively lowered her face.
Suddenly, she was consuming her friend’s most special place with an eagerness that she had never known. With her thumbs, Amy spread Beth’s wet, slick lips and used her tongue to drive her into a thrashing frenzy. As she worked her tongue and lips on Beth’s pussy, sucking and licking and probing, Amy groaned her own pleasure. Never would she have thought or admitted that eating another girl’s pussy could be so satisfying.
When Beth’s ass rose from the bed, her back arched and hips rocking with heated desire, Amy reached under and grasped her friend’s soft ass cheeks. Amy gripped them hard as Beth thrashed wildly. Her face was slick with Beth’s juices as the brunette ground her pussy forcefully against Amy’s face.
The groan that came from Beth as she slipped into the storm of her orgasm was long and tortuous sounding as she struggled to be quiet. When she finally lowered her lovely ass to the bed, her body trembling with the aftermath of the most breathtaking sex of her life, Beth smiled and gently pulled Amy up beside her. Lying on their sides and facing each other, the two girls kissed with gentle passion. They fell asleep that night holding each other.
* * * * * * * * *
Amy opened her eyes. It had been years since she thought of that night, yet she remembered it like it had just happened. She and Beth had become lovers…at least for that summer until Beth went away to college. Then Amy met and married James Trawley and after awhile she forgot all about their affair. After Beth graduated college she married a man she’d met in her senior year and the two moved to Oregon. They had seen each other twice in the years since and neither woman ever mentioned what had happened that summer. And Amy had let those memories slip into some deep recess in her mind and forgot all about the most spectacular affair of her life.
Until now…
When she saw Stacey, naked and on her knees, giving herself to her grandfather, it all came back. Seeing her beautiful daughter, naked and writhing in the throes of lust, she remembered that summer and the delight she felt each time she and Beth made love. It was seeing her daughter’s sexy young body, naked and willing to please that had brought it all about.
And Amy recognized the burning desire that suddenly sent tingles of desire deep into her tummy. With a groan, she slipped a hand under her skirt and into her panties to cup her pussy that was already wet from memories of Beth. As she stared at the floor, images of her daughter flooded her mind and she moaned with pleasure. She could almost feel Stacey’s soft lips on hers as she rubbed her sex-swollen clit.
Amy abruptly stood up and quickly undressed. She dropped back onto the bed, spread her long legs wide and raised her feet into the air as she pushed a finger deep inside her pussy. With a whimper of delight, Amy pushed in a second and began rubbing her clit with her thumb as she saw the image of her naked daughter in her mind’s eye/
It felt depraved and wRobg but the one thought in the forefRobt of her mind was that she hoped Stacey would suddenly open the door and walk in. The way she laid on the bed, her legs spread wide, she faced the door. If Stacey did walk in, she would see her mother naked and frigging her pussy. It was the thought that drove her closer and closer to orgasm. She wanted Stacey to walk in and see her like this, spread-legged in such a wanton way.
In the back of her mind, Amy knew it was her lust that guided her imagination at that moment. But, at that moment, she wanted what her lust dictated. She wanted her young daughter to see her like this, even if it was wRobg. She wanted to make love to Stacey and feel her in the way she had felt Beth all those years ago.
It didn’t take long and Amy began to orgasm, her body shuddering with the intensity of her lust. A long, hushed groan came from her mouth as she rocked her hips with the stuttering tempo of her climax. When it was finally over she lowered her trembling legs and lay gasping for breath. Looking at the closed door, she realized that she would have to have her daughter.
Chapter Three
An hour later, Amy stood near her bed as she dried her hair with a towel, still dressed in a white bathrobe when she heard a soft knock on the door. Before she could open her mouth, the door opened and Stacey stepped inside. Stacey, wearing a tee shirt and gym shorts, looked so beautiful that Amy almost groaned. Never had she thought she would be attracted to her daughter, but after what she’d seen earlier…
“Granddad left,” Stacey said after a moment. “He went to a motel and said he’d be back for his clothes in the morning.”
“Stacey – ”
“It wasn’t his fault, mom,” the young girl interrupted. “You can’t let him leave.”
“Ok. Tell me about it.”
Stacey shrugged. “You know I’ve been sexually active for awhile. No guy has ever made me cum until granddad. All the others were just too young and didn’t know how to satisfy a woman. But granddad…I came three times with him.” She leaned against the dresser for a moment, then, “I seduced him, mom.”
Amy gazed at her daughter for a long moment without speaking. She was a little uncomfortable with the ease with which Stacey talked about sex. The young woman had gone straight to the heart of the matter, not mincing words. In Amy’s day sex was a subject that most people broached slowly and carefully. It was forbidden. And young people seldom, if ever, discussed sex with such simple straightforwardness unless they did so with their peers. Even uttering the word, much less getting into a discussion with adults was not done.
But she had taught Stacey to be her own woman, with her own personality and uniqueness. Amy’s daughter was simply being who she had been raised to be. Still, a conversation regarding sex between her daughter and her father was an uncomfortable issue, even though her own feelings weren’t so much wrapped around her father and daughter having sex, but the fact that she had seen Stacey nude and in the throes of lust. It boiled down to that one stark image of Stacey, naked and desirable, that had awakened an old, nearly forgotten taboo.
Amy sighed. “I know you think I’m angry and disappointed, but I’m not.”
“Then what’s wRobg?” Stacey’s face was a mirror of confusion as she looked at her mother.
Amy couldn’t answer her daughter. The problem was simple…pure, unadulterated resentment. In less than a mere few hours, Amy had gone from a loving mother to a mother who wanted her daughter in a way that most people would define as shameful. And, Amy allowed, she was a little envious of her father for accomplishing what she wanted. How could she come straight out and tell Stacey that her own mother was attracted to her? That should go over well.
“I…well, perhaps its better that we just leave it alone,” she said instead of what was really on her mind. The fear of rejection was simply too great.
“No, mother, let’s talk about it,” Stacey objected with concern on her pretty face. “No secrets, ok?”
“This is not something I’m comfortable talking about,” she sighed.
“I don’t understand,” Stacey persisted. “You accidentally catch granddad and I having sex and you say that you’re not angry or disappointed. Yet, there is still a problem and you -”
Stacey stopped talking, the expression on her face turning to complete surprise and understanding. She stared wide-eyed at her mother, her mouth opened in shock. She shook her head slowly as a grin began to spread.
“You want granddad, too,” she said with sudden understanding in her voice.
“No, I don’t, Stacey,” Amy blurted. Then she stopped but it was too late.
“But…” Stacey’s face registered momentary confusion, and then turned quickly to disbelief. In a soft, barely audible voice that came out as a whisper, she said, “You want me?”
For the first time that she could remember, Amy suddenly found herself at a loss for words. Never had she felt awkward or embarrassed with Stacey. It was the most difficult, discomforting moment of her life, and she was more uncertain of herself at that moment than she had ever been before. She didn’t know what to do.
“I’m sorry,” Stacey said quickly when she saw her mother’s uneasiness. “I guess I was, well, kind of shocked.
Amy sighed. “I guess I owe you an explanation. It isn’t like I’ve lusted for you for years..”
Then Amy sucked in a deep, tremulous breath. In a halting voice she told her daughter of the relationship she’d had with Beth so many years ago. She told Stacey about that night with the two boys and what happened later in Beth’s bedroom. When she finished, there was complete and utter silence as she watched the expression on her daughter’s face change from astonishment to awe.
“When I saw you with your granddad, it brought back that time,” Amy said. “You’re so beautiful that your nude body reminded me of Beth.”
Stacey shook her head in amazement. “You and your best friend were lovers?”
“Yes,” Amy nodded. “At least briefly until she left for college. But I married your father and that part of my life ended. I thought it best to be a faithful wife.”
“Can I ask a question?” When Amy nodded, Stacey said, “Did you enjoy it? I mean, did you like making love to another woman?”
Amy thought about it for a moment. “Yes, I enjoyed making love with Beth. But you have to understand that it’s much different than making love with a man. It’s hard to describe but it was as though Beth and I were in tune with one another, that we knew each other better than any one else. And I guess that was true.” She fell silent for a moment then, “That was Beth’s argument the first time when she seduced me. She said that we could satisfy each other better since we were both women and understood the needs of a woman better than a man.”
Amy studied her daughter for a moment while the younger woman digested all she’d heard. She didn’t seem to be repulsed by the story Amy had told her or by the fact that her mother had once had another woman as a lover. And it was then that she decided to seduce her daughter. That moment seemed to be the best time and she stood up slowly. She walked across the room to Stacey and placed both hands lightly on her daughter’s hips. She looked into Stacey’s eyes.
“You know, Stacey, making love to another woman isn’t all that bad,” she said softly.
“I-I don’t know, mom,” Stacey stammered hesitantly. “I mean, I’ve never done anything like this.”
“There’s always a first time,” Amy smiled.
“Yes, but…” Uncertainty clouded the young woman’s eyes as she gazed at her mother.
“You know I would never do anything to hurt you.”
“I know, mom.”
“I would never try to pressure you into doing something you didn’t want to do.”
“I know.”
Amy slipped both hands under her daughter’s tee shirt and caressed her exquisitely soft, flat tummy. She locked eyes with Stacey as she slowly moved her hands up toward her small breasts. When she cupped Stacey’s breasts in her hands and lightly touched her thumbs to the nipples, Amy was surprised to find them hard. She gently squeezed the hard nubs of flesh and smiled inwardly when she heard her daughter gasp softly.
“I think you like this,” she told the young woman.
“It does feel good.”
“I’ll tell you the same thing Beth told me that first time we made love. We can always stop if one of us doesn’t like it.”
Stacey sucked in a deep breath and nodded her head slowly without speaking. Amy pulled the tee shirt over her daughter’s head and let it fall to the floor. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of Stacey’s panties and pushed them down. When her daughter was nude, Amy stood and stepped back, appraising her daughter’s body.
“You’re beautiful,” she said softly.
Stacey smiled awkwardly. In a low voice that was filled with the same lust she’d heard in her mother, she stepped forward and said, “I want to see you, mom.”
Stacey pulled the belt on the robe, opening it. Amy shrugged out of the garment and let it fall to her feet. Mother and daughter stood separated by a few feet and gazed at one another. Amy’s gaze fell immediately to her daughter’s pussy which was smooth shaven while a neatly trimmed blanket of soft blond hair covered her own mound. They were both the same height and when Amy stepped forward the two stared directly into each other’s eyes.
“I guess this is where we kiss,” Stacey said softly, hesitantly. A slight blush of red colored her face.
“Would you like to?”
“Yes, I think so.” She shrugged her slender shoulders and smiled at her mother.
Amy took her daughter into her arms. The first kiss was more of a caress as their lips touched gently, briefly. Their eyes were open, searching, as both leaned in a second time. This time, with a tiny groan, Stacey parted her lips and took her mother’s tongue into her mouth. They stood together, their hands gently exploring as their tongues moved together.
Without speaking, Amy led her daughter to the queen-sized bed and pulled back the comforter. In bed, the two women rolled onto their sides facing each other. As they locked eyes their hands began to caress and explore, touch and learn about the other in the most intimate way possible. They kissed with an unhurried passion as their lust began to build for one another.
Amy gently rolled her daughter onto her back, and then pressed her lips to the soft swell of Stacey’s neck. The young woman rolled her head back giving her mother easy access to her neck and groaned softly as Amy’s lips traveled slowly up toward the sensitive lobe of one ear. For Stacey, giving herself to her mother this way was the most bizarre thing she’d ever done. Still, she liked the sensations her mother’s soft lips caused as she slowly and eagerly kissed her neck.
Amy’s movements were slow and deliberate as she made love to her beautiful daughter. The scent of Stacey’s hair, her skin was an aphrodisiac that stoked the fires of her desire. This was so much better than her memories of Beth and that, she realized, was probably because this was incest…taboo. A mother did not make love to her daughter, her flesh and blood, and that made it all even more erotic.
“Oh, yes, that feels so good,” Stacey gasped softly when Amy closed her mouth over one hard nipple.
“You like that, baby?”
“Yes, very much.”
“I’m glad, baby,” Amy smiled.
Amy’s lips and teeth sent ripples of unbridled need surging deep into Stacey. She held her mother’s head with both hands as the older woman feasted on her nipples. It was delicious, intoxicating. Desire continued to build, growing bigger and more exciting as she gave into the feel of her mother’s mouth. When Amy began to slow trek across her tummy, Stacey sucked in a deep, tremulous breath in anticipation.
“Such a beautiful pussy,” Amy said breathlessly as she stared wide-eyed at her daughter’s shaved womanhood. “So smooth and flawless and wet.”
“I’m wet for you,” Stacey replied unabashedly.
“I can’t tell you how hot that makes me knowing I turn you on.”
“Eat my pussy, mom,” Stacey pleaded suddenly. She needed release more than at any other time in her life. She wanted badly to cum. “Make me cum.”
Amy lowered her face and began to bathe the flawless skin of her daughter’s mound, feeling the intense heat and smelling her desirable scent. She spread the pink, wet lips and pressed her mouth to them with a groan. She kissed and licked and loved her daughter’s pussy with an eagerness she hadn’t known for a long time.
Stacey began to rock her hips slowly as she rubbed her pussy up and down her mother’s ardent mouth, holding the older woman’s head at the same time and watching her through lust-filled eyes. Tiny gasps of breath issued from her mouth as she watched her mother lying between her wide-spread legs and loving her in a way she could not have believed possible before.
“I’m gonna cum soon, mom,” she said in a voice that trembled with desire.
“MMMMM! Yes, baby, cum for me.”
It was an involuntary reaction, as though someone else was directing her body, but Stacey suddenly lost control. She tossed back her head and arched her back, lifting her taught ass from the bed. Her hold on Amy’s head increased as she pulled her mother’s face tight against her pussy. She began to buck and writhe as orgasm approached.
“I’m cumming!” she screamed suddenly as she slipped into the chasm of the most mind-numbing orgasm of her life.
Stacey’s hips thrashed wildly, with tiny frantic spasms of pure delight as she succumbed to her climax. Amy held her daughter’s soft hips as the young woman jerked and writhed until the awesome storm of her orgasm finally abated. She crawled back up beside Stacey and pulled her into her arms, holding her trembling body tightly. She could feel her daughter’s hot breath on her right nipple as she gasped.
Suddenly, as Stacey’s gasping breath began to return to normal, Amy felt something warm and wet on her right nipple. With delight she realized that her daughter had sucked the hard flesh into her mouth. She gasped with pleasure when Stacey began to nibble on the sensitive nub.
“Yesssss!” she breathed.
Amy lay on her back and watched as her beautiful daughter alternately devoured her breasts, licking the pale, soft skin of the globes, sucking and chewing the hard nipples until she wanted to scream with desire. The young woman took her time, spending several minutes enjoying the feel of her mother’s breast in her mouth and on her greedy tongue.
Amy spread her slender legs wide when Stacey finally moved between them. She watched in silence as her daughter gazed at her first pussy. With eyes that quickly filled with lust and need. Stacey’s fingertips pushed gently through the soft, blond hair, toying with it as her mother looked on.
Amy gasped with delight when her daughter’s tongue suddenly pushed between her slick-wet lips and traveled slowly up and over her sex-swollen clit. She cried out with desire as she gave in to the exquisite feel of her young daughter’s tongue. Stacey was driving her mad with desire; just watching the young woman as she tongued her pussy was enough to turn her into a quivering mass of jelly.
She pushed fingers through her daughter’s blond hair as the orgasm she’d craved for so long continued to grow near. Finally, as Stacey had done, she lost control of mind and body. The feeling was too intense, too great. She grasped both breasts and began to forcefully knead them, pinch and pull the hard nipples until tiny gasps of pleasure came from her mouth.
She screamed when her orgasm suddenly exploded within. She rocked her hips, moving spasmodically, jerking and shuddering with intense delight. It felt wonderful as she released herself to her daughter’s greedy mouth. Her climax was so great, so overwhelming that she thought, for a moment, she had blacked out. Then, finally, after what seemed a very long time, the intensity of the most delicious climax of her life began to subside.
When she opened her eyes, she looked into the face of her daughter, hovering above her. With a smile, she wrapped her legs around Stacey’s narrow waist and pulled her daughter’s face down to hers. They kissed with a slow, gentle passion. She could taste her pussy on Stacey’s tongue and it sent shivers of delight deep within her.
“That was incredible,” she whispered into Stacey’s mouth.
“You came so hard, mom,” Stacey observed with a smile.
“You were the reason, sweetheart.”
“I’m glad we got together like this.” Stacey locked eyes with her mother as she pushed a damp strand of hair from the older woman’s face. Grinning, she asked, “Does this mean we’re lesbians?”
Amy hesitated for a moment. “I hate to use labels to define anyone because I think labels just get in the way. But I suppose if I had to define us I would say that you and I are bisexual considering that we also enjoy a hard cock.”
Stacey grinned. “Best of both worlds, then?”
Stacey rolled to one side of her mother and the two women lay in each other’s arms without speaking. For the moment it was enough that they were together sharing the afterglow of the love they had expressed. It was Stacey who finally broke the silence.
“What about granddad?”
“I don’t know,” Amy said after a pause. “I do need to talk to him, I suppose.”
“Don’t make him leave,” Stacey said softly. With a shrug, she added, “I wanted him to fuck me…I still do.”
Amy sighed. “I know, dear. And since I’ve made love to you, it hardly seems right to blame him for doing the same thing. Besides, I seduced you this time.”
Stacey smiled. “I’m glad you did, too.”
Amy softly growled her pleasure when Stacey pressed her lips to hers. They kissed as their hands caressed and explored one another. It was exhilarating to feel her daughter’s lips on hers, her tongue in her mouth and her hands gently touching.
“What you need is granddad’s cock in your pretty pussy.”
Amy blushed. “I don’t know, baby. It was hard enough getting up the courage to seduce you.”
“You don’t have to seduce granddad,” Stacey laughed. “I think he’s hard all of the time.”
“I think it’s a little different with you, Stacey,” Amy said as she caressed her daughter’s cheek. “You’re so young and beautiful and I doubt any man could say no to you.”
“You’re beautiful too, mom. Trust me. Granddad would love to fuck you.”
Amy blushed again at her daughter’s frank comment. “I don’t know…”
“Just be direct. Trust me on this.”
“Let me think about it.”
“Don’t think too hard. He’ll be back in the morning around ten.”
Mother and daughter fell asleep not long after. But before she surrendered to sleep, as she lay in the embrace of her eighteen-year-old daughter, Amy imagined being on her knees with her father’s hard cock plowing her pussy as he’d done with Stacey earlier. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do it, what direct approach she would use, but she determined that she wanted to feel her dad’s cock deep inside of her.
Chapter Four
Amy woke a little after eight. She pushed tired fingers through her hair and stared at the empty place where Stacey had slept. Bits and pieces of the night before came back until she had a clear image of making love to her daughter. Curiously, the images of her daughter naked in her bed didn’t bother Amy as much as she had thought they might. She had come to accept them as easily as she would most any ordinary part of her life. She didn’t know if that easy acceptance said anything about her principles, but she wasn’t about to beat herself over the head about it, either. It happened and she’d enjoyed it all.
Awareness began to push the dregs of sleep from her head and she suddenly remembered her father. Stacey had said he would be back around ten. Could she actually go through with what her daughter had proposed? Could she seduce her own father? Just because Stacey had said she could didn’t make it so. What if Rob wasn’t attracted to her? It was no stretch of the mind to understand that her daughter was a beautiful young woman who would have no trouble seducing any man…even her grandfather. But it’s different, she realized, when you’re middle aged.
Doubts and fears began to fade away as she stood in the shower under a hot spray of water. The image of a hard cock pushing into her pussy pushed away any panic she might have felt and replaced the fear of rejection with a sudden burning need. Her fat nipples became hard as she let her mind play with the idea of spreading her legs and taking her dad’s meat deep inside of her. In her mind’s eye she could see and almost feel him between her spread legs.
Time dragged by and a little of the earlier trepidation returned as she sat on the edge of her bed waiting for the sound of the front door opening. After the shower, she’d pulled on a terry cloth robe, deciding that being direct, as Stacey had suggested, meant no panties or bra. She felt a little brazen as she considered what she had planned and wondered if she really had the courage to go through with it.
By the time Rob Manning finally arrived back at 10:15, Amy’s nerves were nearly shot. She sat listening to the sound of her dad packing his clothes in the spare bedroom, trying to gather the courage to walk down the hall. Finally, she stood and took a deep breath and made herself walk. Her heart pounded in her chest as she put one foot in front of the other.
He was bent over a suitcase trying to close the zipper when she pushed through the door and walked to the dresser. She leaned against the dresser for support, afraid her rubbery legs wouldn’t hold her weight. She had to force herself to look at him as she sucked in deep breaths that did little to cleanse the fear from her head.
“I’m sorry, Amy,” he said in a voice filled with shame and embarrassment.
“I didn’t come in here to criticize you, dad,” she said. “I don’t want to fight with you.”
He nodded. “Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you did. What I did with…well, my behavior was appalling.”
“Stacey told me what happened.” Amy tried a smile but didn’t think the fear let it though. “She says she seduced you.”
“No. It was all my fault.” He responded with a vigorous shake of his head. “Don’t let her take the blame.”
Amy did smile this time. It was just like Rob Manning to take on the blame, to make his granddaughter innocent when the truth was somewhere in the middle. He was that kind of man and it spoke volumes about his goodness. There was no doubt that both were to blame simply because it took two to tangle. Rob could have said no to Stacey.
But it was the fact that he was willing to take all of the responsibility onto his broad shoulders that finally gave Amy the courage to seduce him. His selfless act was the pivotal point that drove away panic and allowed her to gather the strength she needed. Without another thought, she unbelted the robe and let it drop to the floor. There was an almost defiant expression on her pretty face as she stood naked in front of her father. And it was the most direct approach she could think of.
“Would you make love to me, daddy?” she said in a small, nearly inaudible voice.
“It’s been so long. Please don’t make me beg.”
Amy backed against the dresser again to support her weight and spread her feet wide on the floor. She could feel her bottom lip quiver with desire as she watched her dad’s eyes slowly travel from her breasts to the pink, wet lips of her pussy that peaked through the lush carpet of blond hair. She also saw the thick bulge building in his slacks.
“I’m not as young and pretty as Stacey but – ”
“You’re beautiful,” he interrupted in a voice that enhanced the look of lust growing in his eyes.
“Take off your clothes, daddy. Let me see you.”
Her pulse quickened as she watched him undress. She could barely swallow as she watched his thumbs hook into the waistband of his shorts. She gasped when his cock sprang free. It was so much bigger than her ex-husband’s cock and a tiny mewling sound came from her mouth as she stepped away from the dresser and knelt in front of him. It curved like a scimitar and the massive head was a dark, angry purple that gleamed with precum.
He gasped loudly when she took it in one soft hand and caressed the length of the curved shaft. Amy was mesmerized by her dad’s cock, so hard and throbbing and beautiful. She couldn’t believe she was naked and kneeling on the floor in front of her father while she stroked his raging hard manhood.
“You know what I like about your cock?” she asked as she cut her eyes up to his face. She saw the glaze of desire in his eyes and heard the unsteady, tremulous gasps come from his mouth. “You pushed this beautiful cock into mom and fucked her pussy to make me. Now I want it in me, fucking me just as you did mom.”
“Oh, Amy!” Rob sucked in a deep breath as his daughter smiled up at him. “You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of making love to you.”
In a voice thick with lust, she said, “I want to taste my daddy’s seed!”
Amy took his cock in her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat. Rob cried out and took her head in his hands as she began to consume his manhood. Up and down her pretty head bobbed, taking him in and out of her wet, hungry mouth. She groaned with desire and need as she sucked him. The feel of the velvet skin of his shaft and head exploded a burst of unbridled need for more as she sucked.
One hand cupped and toyed with his big, cum-filled balls as the other gripped the base of his fat shaft and pumped furiously up and down. Rob’s legs felt as though they had turned to butter as he watched his daughter’s lips spread in a big O around his shaft. Occasionally, her eyes looked up and locked with his, causing a shudder of desire to rumble through his loins.
“I don’t think I can hold out much longer, baby,” he gasped as a long, satisfying shudder rippled through his belly.
Amy pulled her dad’s cock from her mouth, making a loud PLOP as she released suction on it. “Empty your balls in me, daddy,” she purred. “Fill my mouth with your hot seed!”
“Oh, yeah, baby!” he grinned.
Amy’s lust had become hotter and more visceral. The taboo of being on her knees, naked and wanton as she sucked her dad’s cock, was fantastic and mind-blowing. She was full-filling a role she had fantasized for years: being a slut for a man. And doing it for her father was the most wonderfully bizarre of all.
“You want to fuck my mouth?” she asked in a breathless, shaking voice. “Grab my head and fuck my mouth, daddy. Fuck me hard.”
“That’s so good, baby,” he breathed in a husky voice. “Let daddy fuck your slutty little mouth.”
As directed, he took her head in his hands and pulled her mouth onto his cock. She gagged as he rammed his meat down into her needy mouth. He stood astride her naked body holding her head back and drove his cock down into her. In this position he could see her face and their eyes locked together as he fucked her. The long nails of Amy’s fingers dug sharply into the flesh of his ass, squeezing and kneading the tender skin while he fucked her with a relentless passion.
Rob’s passion was out of control now as he stared at his lovely daughter’s face. Looking into her eyes as he fucked her greedy mouth was the hottest thing he’d ever witnessed. He couldn’t last much longer, especially if he kept up with this same hard, fast pace. And, looking into her eyes, he could tell his daughter didn’t want him to slow down and pace himself. She wanted a mouth full of his seed.
He drove into her one last time and pulled out. He took his cock between two fingers and groaned loudly as the first rope of cum exploded into her mouth. She had her pink, wet tongue out, anticipating his hot load. The look of her tongue, covered with a thick pool of his cum was fantastic. Rob’s legs were rubbery as he stood before his daughter and milked the last of his seed from his cock.
“Swallow it, Amy!” he gasped. “Swallow daddy’s seed.”
She closed her mouth and, still looking up at him, she swallowed his thick load. Her hands on his ass cheeks caressed him softly as she grinned up at him. He’d seen her lovely pale throat move as she swallowed his cum and that act was so hot that it nearly buckled his legs. He pulled his daughter up until she was standing on her toes. He fisted one hand in her blond hair and roughly pulled her head back.
“You little slut,” he breathed.
“Am I a good cocksucker, daddy?”
“The best, baby.”
He mashed his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue between her lips. He could taste his seed as he kissed his little girl deeply, yet that did nothing to lessen his need for her. He still wanted her as bad as he had the first time he realized he was attracted to her. And that was ten years ago.
“Take me to my bed, daddy,” she cooed. “I want you to fuck me on my bed.”
Rob picked his daughter up and walked down the short hall to the master bedroom. On her bed, they lay together, their legs entwined, their hands busy exploring each other. They kissed and caressed and moved slowly together. Rob couldn’t believe his cock was still hard, that he still wanted to fuck.
“You know what would make me hot?” she asked. “I’d love you to watch Stacey and I make love.”
“You and Stacey?” his voice was incredulous.
“Last night,” she nodded, a grin spreading her mouth. We made love for the first time. That was when I knew you had done nothing wrong. I understood how anyone could want her.”
“How about we make it a threesome?”
He sighed. She was leaving when I got back this morning. Said she was spending the night with a friend.” He looked at Amy and grinned. “I think I know why now.”
“Well, we did sort of plan this. She convinced me that I should seduce you and I glad that I did.”
“So am I, baby.”
“Fuck me, daddy.” She rolled onto her back, pulling him on top. I need you in me.”
Rob kissed her face; her eyes, mouth and cheeks before moving on to the lobes of her ears and the soft swell of her neck. She arched her back, pushing her flat tummy hard against his cock. His lips and tongue and teeth sent her over the edge as she gave in to his touch, the feel of him. Her fingers combed through his hair, caressed his back as he kissed and licked her soft, yielding skin.
She gasped when his drew a hard, fat nipple deep into his mouth. He sucked it, consumed it as she arched her back and purred contentedly. He feasted on her nipples, cupping the small globes of her breasts, kneading the soft, yielding flesh. She cried out with hot desire when his teeth scraped and lightly nipped her nipples.
“Please, daddy!” she moaned breathlessly. “Fuck me! I want you in my pussy!”
“I don’t have protection, Amy,” he gasped. His eyes were wild and wide with need.
Amy shook her head. “I’m on the pill. Hurry! Now!”
Rob saw the way her eyes widened when he pushed his cock inside her wet pussy. Her lips parted and formed a big O as her pussy spread to accommodate his fat girth. Her legs went around his waist and gripped him tightly, opening up and giving herself to him. She wanted all of cock in her. She needed to be filled with him, to feel him fucking her, taking and using her.
“Fuck me hard, daddy,” she cooed. “Be nasty with me.”
“You like it nasty?”
“Oh, yeah!” She ran her hands sown his back. “Did mom ever fuck you like this?”
Her shook his head and grinned. “She doesn’t like sex that much. At least not with me.”
“That’s her loss. Now make me your slut and fuck me hard and nasty.”
Rob shoved his cock into her in one fast, hard thrust and watched her eyes widened with the brutal plunge into her warm, wet cunt. She gasped loudly and fisted a hand in his hair. She jerked his face down to hers and took his mouth with hers. They kissed hard and passionately, their tongues devouring one another. She bit his lips, growled like a she-wolf as she met each one of his thrusts with one of her own.
Amy was on fire. She couldn’t believe she was fucking her father, taking his cock deep inside of her and wanting desperately to milk his seed into her hot, greedy cunt. She looked to one side and caught her reflection in the dresser mirror. The image of her long, pale legs spread wide and wrapped around her father’s waist was hot. Seeing his ass, moving up and down as he fucked her fast hard and deep thrusts, drove her mad with desire.
“You little bitch!” he gasped when she bit his bottom lip.
“That’s right! I’m your bitch! You like that?”
“Fuck, yeah!”
“You like fucking your little girl’s slutty cunt?”
“Then treat me like a whore!”
Amy couldn’t believe that she’d uttered those words, asked her father to treat her like a whore. But she was over the edge and slipping quickly into the abyss of her desires and fantasies. How many times had she fantasized about a man doing just this? Making her his whore. She was tired of being the good little girl. She needed hot, nasty sex.
Rob’s lips mashed against hers and devoured her mouth as he kissed and licked and bit her lips. They moved together, hard and fast as their hands and mouths continued to overwhelm. His cock pounded her pussy, drove in and out relentlessly, filled her and expanded until she could barely think.
“Fuck!” he hissed. “I’m gonna cum!”
“Cum in me!” she exclaimed into his mouth. “Fill me with your hot seed and pretend you’re making a baby in me.”
“You want me to breed you?”
“Just like you did mom. I want the same seed that made her pregnant with me in my cunt!”
The last drive of his cock into Amy’s pussy was hard and brutal He stiffened, his muscles rigid as he exploded deep inside of her. The first rope of cum blasted hot inside Amy’s pussy and sent over the edge of her orgasm. She screamed loudly, began bucking and writhing as she rode the most powerful orgasm of her life. Finally, after what seemed like a century, she slowly lowered her ass to the bed, unwrapped her legs from her dad’s waist.
They rolled to one side, gasping for breath. As they lay together, legs entwined, arms holding and hands caressing, on thought came to mind. With his cum slowly seeping from her pussy and the memory of making love to her daughter still fresh in her mind, she knew she had something that most people didn’t have. It might not be a socially acceptable way to love one’s daughter and father but she could truthfully say she had the best of both worlds.

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