Hijabi student is seduced by anonymous stranger’s gifts

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As I entered my one bedroom apartment, it was a relief to be back at university. I spent the break at my parents in New York and I had found the whole experience frustrating.

My name is Sania. I was born in New York but you would not think so from looking at me. I dress very conservatively in full Islamic clothing. I wear a niqab and jilbab.

My family is a traditional Muslim family and originally came from India, long before I was born. I never had any freedom at my parents home. From the age of 13 I started wearing the hijab and from the age of 16 I began wearing the niqab. This was initially at the request of my parents but I then grew accustomed to the clothing and I now always dress a niqab.

I wanted to study away from home. I found my life overly constricted in my parents home. They controlled every aspect of my life. I moved to Boston to study. It was far enough that I had little interference from my parents. I was staying in a one bedroom apartment on my own. I revelled in my own space without any interference from my parents.

I did take my religion seriously. Every night before I slept I would read the Koran. It was a habit I acquired at an early age and I have kept this up to now. I am now 22. I am 5’2″ and my figure is curvy. I measure at 36d-28-36. No one has ever seen my figure as I wear loose clothing and I am covered from top to bottom.

I had a Muslim boyfriend. His name was Ahmed. We were friends more than anything else. We met online and it was nice to have a boy take an interest in me. He never took a sexual interest in me though. He treated me like a saint but I was sexually frustrated.

I masturbated and watched porn nightly. I loved reading erotica. I loved reading about interracial sex and rough sex. I was 22 and I had never experienced the touch of a man. No man could ever take a sexual interest in me due to my clothing. The way I dressed made people look at me oddly and I found it difficult to make friends or socialise. My religion was my curse. I was deeply frustrated.

I was texting my boyfriend and I was feeling horny. I decided to move the conversation towards something naughty.

Boyfriend: How was uni?

Me: It was good. I was thinking about you today 😉

I wanted to start gentle and develop into some horny chat. I just wanted him to tell me how he wanted to bend me over and fuck me senseless.

Boyfriend: I was thinking about you too. What were you thinking?

Me: I was thinking about our sex life after we married.

The idea of pre-marital sex was abhorrent to him. I thought talking about life after marriage might open him up to sex chat. I was really horny.

Boyfriend: We can’t think about such things. We need to wait for when we are married. I need to go pray.

Oh god. He was so infuriating, his “holier than thou” attitude was annoying. I was sexually frustrated and he was not helping. I was so horny and I needed a man to scratch this itch.

I went to sleep in frustration and resolved not to message my boyfriend the next day.

I went to university. I was kept busy with my lectures and this kept my mind occupied and away from my horny frustrations.

I arrived back at my apartment at 7. I had received a few messages from my boyfriend but I decided to ignore them.

It was getting late and I sat down at my desk to read the Koran. I was reading a chapter on a husband’s rights over his wife. A husband could take his wife anytime he wanted and she could not turn him down. As I was reading this I was getting turned on. I could feel my thong getting wet. Yes, I wore slutty underwear. I dressed as a pious Muslim but underneath my modest clothes I was always dressed as a slut in a thong and 1/4 cup bra. I loved sexy thongs and bra’s.

I was imagining a man taking me roughly despite my protestations. I would not protest a man ever taking me. I was a horny willing slut. This was the first time the Koran was turning me on. I was getting so horny that I decided to start masturbating in my seat as I continued reading. I was rubbing my pussy through my jilbab. I started humping my hand as I was getting hornier and hornier. My other hand was roughly groping my large overflowing breasts through my jilbab. It felt so good. I was getting rougher with my breasts and started pinching and twisting my nipples as my other hand was furiously rubbing my clit. I finally came in my seat and screamed into the open Koran, “ohhhh allllaaahhhhh.”

The orgasm felt so good and all the energy left my body. I simply undressed and went to bed in my bra and thong. My body felt relaxed and I slept easily.

The next morning I felt refreshed and full of energy. I felt guilty about my perversion and the sacrilege I had committed but I had to admit that the thought of being forcibly taken by a man was now my favourite fantasy. I needed a man who would force me into being his slut rather than the wimp of a boyfriend.

I had a good day at university and I felt happier within myself. My sexual frustration was still there but following my orgasm it was slightly relieved. But it was still lingering. I was a horny slut and I needed relief. I could never imagine finding a man that could satisfy me. All the Muslim boys I dated seemed to be only interested in marriage rather than enjoying the perks of dating. I was not the most attractive girl but I just wanted a man to want me.

I fell asleep that night with a fresh outlook on my life. I needed a more forceful man in my life. My boyfriend was not what I needed.

The next day I was taking a keener interest in the men around me. My clothing made it almost impossible to flirt or show a man I was interested in them. As I was returning to my apartment, I saw a package outside my door. I was not expecting any deliveries and thought it might have been left in error.

I checked the packaging and it was plain with no address. It just had my name on the front. There was no mistaking it was for me.

I took it inside with me and sat on the bed to open my package. I was slightly worried as I did not know what to expect. As I opened the packaging there was a letter and a small jewelry box.

The letter simply said;

“I know your secret desires. Wear your gift tomorrow, if you dare.


The letter was signed with just an M. My mind was drawing a blank on anyone with the initial M.

I looked at the box and wondered what could be inside it.

I opened the jewelry box. I marvelled at the little gold chain with what appeared to be two little clamps. There were two beautiful diamonds on the clamps. It was beautiful and looked expensive but I was not sure what it was or how to wear it. I had never seen a chain like it before.

I decided to search online for what it could be. I put in the physical description of the chain and after an hour of searching I found links to nipple jewelry. I had never seen anything like this before. It was a beautiful piece of jewelry but I was not sure if I could actually wear it.

I put in my drawer with the intention of forgetting about it. I went to sleep that night in a conflicted state. I desired a real man to satisfy my frustrated sexual needs but on the other hand I was afraid of what to expect from M.

As I was dressing the next morning. I was looking at myself in the mirror as I was just dressed in my pink lace thong and pink lace 1/4 bra. As I pictured the jewelry on my breasts with the clamps on my nipples. My nipples stiffened in excitement and my pussy became moist. My body made it’s desire known. I looked over at the drawer and bit my lip.

I just wanted to see how it looked on my curvy breasts. I carefully placed it on. My nipples were stiff like pebbles and this made it easier to attach the clamps. They hurt a little but it felt so good. I loved to roughly play with my breasts and nipples when I got horny so they were accustomed to a little pain.

As I set out the chain across my breasts I could not help but give it a little tug. The pressure on my nipples felt so good and my pussy was becoming increasingly wet. It looked so good on my breasts and my body was sexually heightened. I got dressed in my usual conservative clothes to cover my sluttiness. I was hiding my sexy secret from the world. The world saw me as a pious Muslim niqabi but underneath my exterior I was a horny slut that needed to be owned.

I could smell my slutty pussy all day. There was a strong musky scent coming from my pussy. My nipples ached from the pressure of the clamps. They had been sending jolts to my pussy all day. I prayed my highly aroused and horny state was not obvious. I had to see my professor about my paper. I was anxious about seeing him in his office. I was in a heightened state of arousal. I wanted to be back in my apartment so I could masturbate. But I had to see my professor as this would be my only chance to discuss my paper with him.

My professor was called Tom. I liked his laid back attitude. He was in his 40’s and he had salt and pepper hair. He was not the most handsome man. He was overweight but he was a man with a cock and that is all that I needed.

He stood up to greet me and I immediately saw the erection hiding in his slacks. That caused an immediate rush of cunt juice to flood my thong and leak down my leg. I had never looked at Tom in a sexual way before but it was sexy knowing he had an erection while he was meeting me. We discussed the paper and he gave me some good advice on how to improve my work. I was distracted throughout the time I was with him. My mind was distracted by thoughts of his cock. The jewelry on my nipples seemed to be playing havoc with my mind. I had never been this horny.

As we were discussing the paper, Tom said that he needed to step out to make a phone call but he would be back in a few minutes. As he left the room, I saw my paper on his desk and I wanted to have a look at the notes he was making. As I went to the other side of the desk I noticed that he had not locked the screen on the computer. He had the university homepage open but I could see a few other tabs that were minimized. I opened one up and I was shocked to see it was a hijab porn site. I quickly minimized the page again and went back to my seat.

I was short of breath and I could only think that the erection I saw when I came into the room was for me. Tom came into the room and finished up making notes on my paper. I took it from him and thanked him for his time. I took one last look at his crotch and his cock was still erect.

I quickly rushed back to my apartment. I needed to masturbate so desperately. I wanted to drive my fingers into my cunt and fuck it furiously. I wanted to squeeze my big tits and torment my erect nipples.

As I walked into my bedroom I stripped from clothes and underwear. I kept the jewellery on. My nipples felt so good in the clamps. I wanted to keep that feeling. My pussy was on edge. I fell onto the bed and I dug two fingers into my needy desperate cunt. I need to be fucked so bad. I fucked my pussy roughly with my fingers. I pulled on the chain causing immense pleasure to course through my body. My breasts had never been this sexualised before. I screamed into my pillow as I came with a thunderous orgasm. My bed sheets were soaked with my juices. I came so much it felt like I had wet the bed. My nipples were sore and I finally took off the clamps. I felt this immense pleasure as I released my nipples from the clamps. My body shook as another orgasm hit my core. I moaned loudly at the intense pleasure and came loudly. “Oooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss.” My body was on a sexual high that I had never experienced before. My orgasms had drained me and I fell asleep.

My dream was filled with images of being taken by a mysterious stranger. I hoped my dreams would come true.

I wore the nipple chain everyday for the next week. I masturbated up to 3 times a night. I was opening up more sexually and I loved how sensitive the clamps made my nipples. I would orgasm from just playing with my nipples and breasts. I had not spoken to Ahmed despite his numerous attempts to contact me. I had not received any more notes or packages from M. I was hurt and wondered if someone had been playing a joke on me.

As I was walking back to my apartment from university I saw another package outside my room. I immediately smiled and rushed to my apartment and picked up the package.

I quickly entered my apartment and rushed to my bedroom to open up the package.

There was another note and jewelry box. The note simply said;-

“You have been a good girl. I wanted to complete the set. I will let you figure out how to wear it.


I opened the jewelry box. It was a diamond encrusted chain with a trail and pendant. This chain was longer and it had a trail that hung down. The piece was beautiful. It was pure gold and had diamonds encrusted into it. Whoever M was he had a value on me and that value was high. The piece was expensive and he must think I am worth it.

I was flattered by the beautiful jewelry. From the last gift I knew it was another piece of erotic jewelry. I had a look online and saw that many women wore a similar piece around their waist with the trail between their legs and the pendant resting on the clit. The images of the women in the erotic jewelry was turning me on. I was soon rubbing my clit and my other hand was mashing my tit roughly. I was excited about tomorrow and wearing my new jewelry. I wished there was some way I could say thank you to M and show my gratitude. The gifts were amazing.

The next day I wore my black 1/4 cup bra and black thong. My nipples felt electric as I attached the clamps.

I wrapped the chain around my waist for the new piece of jewelry. As it rested on my waist, I felt the pendant drop on my clit. My pussy immediately became wet and I felt a need to cum almost immediately. My day had not started and I just wanted to bury my fingers in my cunt. I snapped out of my horny dazed look and quickly got ready. I was late for my lecture and I had to hurry. I was walking at a brisk pace to make it to my 9.00am lecture. I could feel the diamond pendant rhythmically rub against my clit. It was sending sensations through my body. My pussy was dripping and had flooded my thong already. I had a full day of lectures and I could not imagine making through the day in my horny state.

The jewelry made me feel so sexy. I felt anguish at the thought of wearing this immensely sexy jewelry but not having a man to appreciate it. I needed a man to appreciate my beauty. I needed a man to take control of my body. I needed M to be that man.

I had made it through the first 2 lectures. I was lucky to be wearing my niqab as the others could not see me biting my lip. I was clinging on. I could not pay attention to anything that was said in the lectures. My third lecture was with Tom. I usually enjoyed his lectures but I did not imagine I would be paying too much attention today.

I entered my third lecture and took my usual seat at the back. As I was about to sit down I noticed an envelope on the seat. I thought someone had left it from the earlier lecture. As I was turning around to hand it in at the front I noticed that it had my name on it.

My mouth was open. It was M. How did he know where I would sit or where to find me?

I quietly sat down in my seat and secretly opened the envelope. Inside was another note like the others;

“Take off your thong and leave it under your seat.


Oh my god. I noticeably gulped. My pussy was overflowing with excitement but it was too dangerous. I was sat in the far right corner facing the front. There was a boy sitting 5 seats down from me. His name was Micky and he was one of the nerdy students that did not quite have his own group. He was really skinny and looked almost like a goth. He did not fit in with any groups. He would always try to talk to me though. It was just me and him on the back row. We were social outcasts. He had invited me out after lectures but I was always too shy. He was hot in a nerdy way.

As the lecture went on I could see Micky get more involved in the lecture.

Micky seemed to be engrossed in the lecture. This was my opportunity if I was going to go through with it. My nerves were on edge at the thought of being caught. I would not be able to live it down if I was caught dropping my thong in the lecture theatre. My thong was soaked and it would be obvious to anyone that saw it.

I was too horny to back down at this stage. I carefully shuffled in my seat and wriggled out of my thong. I kicked it behind me under the seat and left it for M. The lecture finished and the students started to clear out. I followed them out. I was nervously looking around for anyone that may have noticed me take off my thong or anyone that was going towards where I left my thong but nobody seemed to have noticed. As I left the theatre my nerves were on tenterhooks. My pussy was more exposed than ever before. The jewelry was hitting my clit with every step I took. I would need to finish early. I would not be able to sit through the afternoon lectures in my horny state. I had a light lunch and went to the next 2 lectures but I was not able to take it any more. I left at 3.00pm and headed back to my apartment. I needed to desperately fuck my pussy. My pussy was so wet that it was leaking down my leg.

As I got back to my apartment there were no packages. I quickly entered the bedroom and immediately my eyes were drawn to the centre of the bed. I saw my thong displayed neatly on my bed. I could feel my cheeks burn red. I quickly stripped and went over to my bed in just my body jewelry. My pussy was throbbing and the need to cum was desperately growing.

I picked up my thong and I could see white sticky cum on the crotch of my thong. I felt my cunt let out a flood of pussy juice as I saw the cum. I felt it with my finger and it was still hot. I could not believe it. He was in my room. He had just cum in my room. My body twisted in anguish. He was so close but still so far.

I should have been afraid that a stranger was so easily in my room but it also pleased me. I wanted him here. I needed him here. I devoured the cum from my thong. I began fingering my pussy as I ate the cum from my thong. It was so hot. I collapsed forward on to the bed as I felt a shuddering orgasm wrack my body. It was so explosive. My pussy came like never before. The whole floor was covered in cum but I was beyond caring. I finally achieved the release I craved all day. I whispered as the aftershocks from my orgasm flowed through me, “please fuck me M. Please take me. I am yours.” I fell into a deep sleep on my bed.

I awoke after a few hours. I was only wearing the body jewelry. I did not feel the need to dress as I was alone in my apartment. I made a snack for myself as I watched some television. I was not really interested in what was on the television and my thoughts turned to who M could be. The only man I thought it could be was Tom. He had been brazen in watching Muslim porn during our meeting and showing a clear interest in me by showing that erection in his pants.

He was older and not the most attractive man but M had brought out a new heightened sexuality from within me and I would do anything to please M.

I went back to my bed to get an early. Today had been draining. I noticed a package on my desk. It was placed on top of the Koran. I don’t know how I missed it earlier. I was in such a horny daze before that I did not notice it.

I picked up the package and opened it with relish. I was so turned on by every message from M that I was eager to see what he was giving me now. I opened the package and read the note;

“Tonight I want you to masturbate using the gift in the box. It is made to size. It is also a clue as to who I am. You must be curious.


I opened the gift and it was a big white dildo. My pussy was getting hot all over again. M was giving me clues to his identity. He was white and he had a large penis.
I tried to remember Tom’s cock from the outline in his pants. I had a strong feeling it was him but I was not sure. The dildo seemed so much bigger. I took it with me to my bed. I was finally going to fuck my pussy with a cock even if it was rubber.

I removed the jewelry and got on the bed, spreading my legs for the big dildo. It was so big and wide I did not know how I would fit it into my pussy. I rubbed it over my nipples and over my skin. I was in love with M’s big cock. It must have been around 10 inches. I rubbed it around my clit. I felt little electric tremors course through my body. My body was on fire. No one had ever turned me on like this before. M was dominating my body without even touching me.

I moved the dildo against my wet dripping pussy. I placed it against the opening of my pussy. It felt so good. I wanted to sink it deep into my cunt. But it was so large I knew I had to be gentle. I was so wet that I did not have a problem easing it in. I pushed it deeper and deeper. My cunt was so wet. I needed to cum so desperately. The gentle torture of my pussy was good but I needed it hard and rough. I fucked my pussy harder with M’s cock. I moaned like the horny slut I was. “Ohhhhh M pleassseeee fffuccckkk mmyyyy hoooorrrnnnyyyy weeetttt ccuuuunntttt.”

I came loudly as I moaned “yyyyaaaaaa alllaaaaahhhhhhh.”

“Claim my horny cunt master” I whispered as I fell asleep.

It was finally the weekend and I did not have to attend any lectures. I needed some time to myself to recover from the torment of yesterday. I still had a lingering tension in my nipples and clit. The explosive orgasms from yesterday did not do much to relieve the constant tension in my pussy and nipples.

I had slept naked and I started running my hands over my naked breasts. My nipples came to life and began to stiffen and enlarge in my hand. I took my stiff nipples between my fingers and began to pull on them. I moaned, “aaaahhhhhhh.” My body was insatiable and it was desperate for more. I began pinching my nipples harder and roughly rolled my nipples between my fingers. I started squeezing my breasts roughly. I needed to be fucked so desperately. I moaned like a slut “please master abuse these monster tits.” I was so horny and my pussy was dripping wet all over again. The torment of my tits felt so good. I was so close to my much needed orgasm from just abusing my tits. If I touched my clit I knew it would push me over the edge.

I needed more than my fingers. I reached under my pillow for my masters cock and drove it into my wet pussy. I came immediately “yes yessss yeeessssssss yessssss. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh alllllaaaaahhhhhh. Feeeelllllsssss soooooo goooodddddddddd.”

I felt a bit more relaxed after my morning orgasm. But my pussy was insatiable. I was horny again. I needed to maintain some control over my urges. I promised to abstain from masturbating for the rest of the day. I needed to catch up on some work so I decided to stay at home and have a relaxing day.

As the day went on, the thought that my new toy was only a few steps away was driving my pussy to distraction. I could not focus on any work. I all of a sudden heard something be slid under the door. I rushed to the door to see if it was another note from M. It was another note, I went to the door but realised I was still naked. It took all my strength to stop me from discovering my mystery admirer.

I went back to the note and my eyes lit up at the message;

“Tonight you will be mine.

I will come for you at 9.00pm. I want you naked but for your jewelry, niqab and hijab. I want to see you standing up reading your Koran.


I was beyond excited at the thought he would claim me tonight. My pussy became wet all over again but I was resolved to having my next orgasm in my admirers presence.

It was approaching 9.00pm and my pussy had been dripping all afternoon. My nipples desperately ached for M’s touch.

I began reading the Koran at my favourite chapter. The one that turned me on and filled my pussy with much need. As I was reading I heard the door open. I had not left it unlocked but he somehow had access to my apartment.

He entered the apartment and I heard him lock the door behind him. My pussy was throbbing intensely and I could feel the persistent and intense heat rising from my cunt.

I heard him undressing as he entered my bedroom. He wanted me reading the Koran so I continued to readily quietly. As he walked towards me I could hear his big dick slap against his thigh. It was a heavy thud every time it slapped against his thigh. This only caused my pussy to leak and throb more. I could feel a growing puddle at my feet created by my hungry cunt. It wanted to devour that monster dick.

I heard M pull up my chair and sit behind me. He moved the chair closer so that he was directly behind me. I could feel goose bumps all over my body. My emotions were so intense and my body was filled with a deep need. If I sat down I would be on his lap. He finally spoke in a rich deep tone;

“Sit down on my cock as you read the holy Koran.”

As soon as the words left his lips my big Muslim ass slapped down on that monster cock. I had to ease the giant cock into my pussy. It was so big. I moaned as it touched my wet dripping cunt, “yaaaa allllaaaaahhhhh soooooo biiiigggggg.” My cunt was so slutty and wet that his monster cock entered with ease. It was too big though. It was bigger than the dildo. It throbbed in my cunt. I felt I was going to cum any second. I began grinding my cunt as it was filled with his monster cock. I needed to cum desperately.

He spoke again;

“Stop grinding. You do what I say. Read louder. Tell me what a good Muslim girl must do for her man.”

He was my master and he was taking control of my body. He began running his hands over the jewelry. It felt so good to have a man appreciate me.

His hands were tugging on the chain between my clamped nipples. This added extra pressure on my nipples, it sent jolts through my body. My body burned hotter with every touch.

Through moans I read the Koran to him “a good Muslim wife must obey her husband. She must satisfy his every demand. He has the right to rape her to satisfy himself. Her body is owned by her husband. He is her master and she is his slave. She is his sexual slave.”

My pussy grew wetter and hotter as I read the holy words.

He moved his hands to my nipples. He twisted the clamps and I groaned in ecstasy, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh allllllaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Sooooooo gooooooooddddd.” The pain/pleasure from my nipples felt amazing. He moved his hands down to my clit. He gently played with the jewelry resting on my clit. I needed him to rub my clit furiously. I could feel my orgasm building. I was so close to the edge but I needed a push to make me cum.

He all of a sudden stopped his torment of my body and lifted me off his cock. I groaned in frustration as my cunt was now empty. I begged for his cock, “nooooooo. Please give me that big white cock.”

He ignored my pleas and lifted my hands over my head. He tied them together and guided me to the bed. He gently pushed me on to the bed with my back still to him. He turned me around and I thought M would be finally revealed to me. But as I looked up my eyes were filled with his monster white cock and pubic hair. As I was mesmerized by his cock, he tied my hands to the bed posts. I was tied to the bed and at his mercy.

He lifted my niqab and pushed his big cock against my lips. I knew what he wanted and I was more than willing. I began kissing and licking the tip of his big fat white uncircumsized cock. I moaned like a slut, “mmmmmmm aaahhhhhhhh.” I needed that big white cock in my mouth. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him and his big fat white cock. I opened my mouth to take him deep. He grabbed my hijab and rammed his big cock into my mouth. He was roughly grabbing my hijab and I could feel it tearing. The intense fucking of my mouth was turning me on so much. He was hitting me deep at the back of my throat. He started abusing me verbally, “fucking Muslim slut. Your mouth is made for deep throating white cock. You horny hijab slut”. The dirty words caused my cunt to drip even more profusely. I gagged on his fat cock as I tried to moan, “mmmmmmmmm.” I wanted to feel his cum shoot in my mouth. He was turning me on so much. I was so horny. I felt little tremors over my body as my body was reaching boiling point.

He pulled out of my mouth and I groaned in frustration again, “noooooooooooo.” His cock felt so good filling my holes that I felt deep disappointment every time he removed his cock from any of my holes.

He moved down and rested his cock between my tits. His big fat cock was wet with my saliva. He removed the clamps and chain from nipples. I could feel the blood rush back into my nipples and it felt amazing. “Ooòooooooooohhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm sooooooooo hoootttttttt.” My orgasm was so close but it was out of my hands. I was at his mercy and I prayed he would give me the release I so desperately needed.

He spat between my big tits to lube his cock and started to move his big cock between my huge tits. He grabbed my big tits and wrapped them around his big cock. He was squeezing my big tits around his fat white cock. That big white cock was owning and using my tits. It felt so good. My big tits were finally getting the use they craved. My nipples were sensitive and engorged after the use of the clamps. He was roughly pinching my nipples as he was roughly fucking my tits. It felt so good. I was close to orgasm. He began grunting and his cock was throbbing as he continued to fuck my tits. His mauling of my tits became rougher and rougher. My orgasm was so close. He tightly pinched my nipples and pulled my tits away from my body. My orgasm ripped through my body. I screamed out loud unable to control myself, “yaaaaaa allllaaaaaahhhhhh I loooooovvveeeeee yooooouuuurrrrrr biiiiggggggg whhiiiittttteeeeee cooocccccckkkkkk.” As I was moaning in pure unadulterated lust I felt his cum hit my niqab and hijab. It dripped down to my tits. There was so much cum, he bathed me in it. I needed to taste it so badly. I begged, “please let me taste you.” He came to me and ripped my niqab from my face. My head was pulled forward with the force. He fed his cock into my mouth and I licked the cum off cleaning his cock.

It dawned on me that I had still not seen my sexual tormenter. He came down to my face and I looked up into his eyes. I was shocked. I had not considered him a possibility. He had never shown any interest in me like this before. It was staring me in the face. I never expected this domination from him. It was Micky. Before I could say anything he gave me a deep kiss. Our tongues danced with each other and I was devouring him. As we kissed he released my tied hands and I was able to turn him around to get on top of him. His cock was only semi erect now after he came all over me. My cunt was so wet I began rubbing it and down his semi erect cock. Soon the monster began to stir under me. I felt it rise and it was rock hard in no time. I slid it into my wet horny cunt. I started riding it like the slut I was. My jewelry was bouncing against my body as I built up a rhythm. It was hitting my clit which only added to my sensations. I moaned “I needed this so desperately. Your cock is so big. I fucking love it in my horny Muslim cunt.”

He was mesmerized by my tits bouncing as I rode his cock like the cock hungry Muslim slut I was.

“You are a horny Muslim cunt. I could see it the first day I saw you sitting in the lecture hall on your own.”

I was loving being on top. His cock felt so good. My pussy was filled completely. I was riding faster and grinded my cunt against his cock every chance I got. I had never been this turned on in my life.

Our eyes were now locked on each other. I was riding him in a steady motion. This was more than a horny fuck, I saw real love in his eyes. I bent over to kiss his lips. His big fat cock never left my cunt and my eyes stayed on his.

I kissed him like a horny slut. Our tongues were in each others mouth. His hands grasped my hijab as he pulled me deeper in to his mouth. We kissed for an eternity. As I finally pulled away to get some air he ripped my hijab from head.

My long hair came flowing out. It was down to my big tits. I went to move my hair but he quickly smacked my tits showing his disapproval.

“Leave your hair. I want to see your beautiful hair on your big tits.”

My body had a sway as I was fucking him. He was tightly squeezing my tits with one hand and the other hand was groping my ass. He began slapping my tits. This only served to make me ride him faster. His other hand was spanking my ass. I was so turned on that I took my right breast and lifted it to my mouth. I started sucking on my nipple as he continued spanking my left tit and my ass. I was moaning into my tit in ecstasy felt so amazing. I had never been this horny my whole life. I was so close to cumming. My orgasm finally hit me and I squirted all over him. I moaned like a truly horny Muslim slut “ooohhhhhhhh allllllaaaaaahhhhhhh thaaaankkkkk yyoooouuuuuuuuuuuu.”

He was still rock hard and I continued to ride him. I looked down and I saw my cum and had squirted all over his chest and on his chin. He licked the cum off his chin. I picked up the cum from his chest with my finger and licked it. It tasted so good.

He turned me around so I was riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. As I was riding him, he was groping my ass from behind. He then pushed me forward so that I was on my hands and knees. He had me bent over like a Rocky(D). I bent over and arched my back to present my cunt and ass to him like a good bitch. He started ramming his big cock roughly into my cunt. He was spanking my ass. He then pulled my head up from my hair and continued to fuck me roughly. He was pulling my hair but I was loving the pain and rough fucking. I had been craving this.

He was verbally and physically abusing me, “you fat Muslim cunt. I am your master now and you are my Muslim slave slut. Your pussy is mine to fuck when and where I want.”

“You love this fat cock in your cunt. Tell me you love it or I will take it away.”

I moaned loud “noooooooooooo. I love your monster cock. I neeeed it sooooo bad. Pleaaasssseeeee fuccckkk meeeee. Please give it to me harder. I neeeeeedddddd it roougghhhhh.”

I was such a slut. He owned me. I would do anything for his monster cock.

He released my hair and began to roughly grope my ass. I felt him spread my ass cheeks. He was looking at my asshole. I could feel his eyes burning into my ass. My head was buried into the bed and I was grunting with every thrust he made. I was in a sexual bliss. I could only muster grunts.

I felt him spit on my asshole and then his thumb began rubbing the saliva into my asshole. I felt his thumb open up my asshole. I moaned as a true Muslim slut does. My ass had never been touched before but the gentle touching of my asshole was turning me on. I felt him withdraw his cock from my cunt. I groaned in disappointment.

His hand massaged my cunt and then used my lubrication on my asshole. He returned to gently massaging my asshole with my cunt juice. It felt good.

I gently moaned, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

I then felt his cock push against my asshole. I was so relaxed by his gentle massaging of my asshole that I was opening up for him.

I heard him encourage, “you are being a very good Muslim slut. Relax your asshole for your master.”

He gently pushed the tip of his cock into my asshole. I began to feel pain and a burning sensation. But disappointing my master was not an option. I simply endured. I needed to please him. I needed him in my life.

I felt more and more of his cock ease into my ass. He was so gentle with my ass. It made me love him even more. If it was possible. I finally felt all his cock enter my ass and it adjusted around his cock. He stayed in my ass for a few minutes. I then felt him move in and out. He slowly built up a rhythm and my ass welcomed fucking.

Each thrust elicited a groan from me, “uh, uhh, uhhh.”

He fucked me harder and harder the more he thought I could handle it. I was reduced to a grunting slut. My body and mind was in total submission to my master.

“You fat Muslim pig. You love my big cock in your fat ass.”

“You are grunting like a fat Muslim pig. You must love it. My cock loves being in your ass. Your body was made to be fucked. You will be fucked every night by me in all your holes. You will be my Muslim slave.”

His abuse only served to turn me on. Pigs are forbidden in Islam and this only made his language more taboo. He was turning me on so much. I was close to cumming.

“I am cumming in your fat Muslim pig ass.”

This pushed me over the edge and I came in my most powerful orgasm as I felt his cum shoot into my Muslim pig ass.

His cock remained erect for a while before softening. We fell asleep with him on top of me and his cock softening in my ass.

The next morning he explained how he had been obsessed with me since the first day he saw me in the lecture. His family owns the building so he had access to my apartment. He would come into my apartment and sniff my underwear. He knew I was a slut from the underwear I kept. He said he wanted to show me he loved me but did not know and he could only do it anonymously

After his confession, I simply said, “thank you. I truly do love you but to own me and make me your slave, you need to marry me.”

We married the next weekend and my life has become more perverted and sexually satisfied each day.

BY : Darkromantic1975

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