Hindu Wife Degradation

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The long awaited day had arrived—Kayalvizhi’s wedding. Her parents were incredibly relieved. She was the black sheep of the family, as her grades had always been poor. Her family had money, but unfortunately for her, their Tamil Brahmin community valued education more than wealth. She had failed out of school, and though her parents told people she was getting a degree online, they had secretly sought a groom for her. Her relatives commented that it was lucky she was at least beautiful. Unlike most of her cousins, she was getting married at a young age of 20 years.
Her fiancé, Anand, was from an upper-middle-class family, and worked for an international company that produced machine tools. Anand and Kayal’s wedding ceremony was performed in late morning in the sumptuous Thanjavur Brahmin style, and all of their relatives enjoyed a good feast.
The reception started around 5:30, and it was going well. Family and friends took many pictures with the couple, and there was music and dancing.
After a few hours, when the reception was winding down, Anand answered a phone call from a friend. During the call, his facial expression changed from happy to shocked. Kayal, standing beside him, noticed.
“Anand, is there a problem? You look tense.”
“Yes, a big one.”
“Because today is our wedding, I gave my work project to my friend Jacob to handle. But that idiot has ruined my project.”
“What are you going to do?”
Anand was silent. Kayal asked again.
“He needs my help.”
“Then see him tomorrow and make everything right.”
“Tomorrow I must submit the project; I’ve been working on it for almost three weeks!”
Kayal didn’t say anything.
“Please dear, if you let me, I will go to his house and return in about an hour.”
Kayal thought for a while. She had been anticipating her wedding night for a long time, and if Anand didn’t go now, he would be blabbering about this all night. Her dreams of a romantic wedding night would be ruined. But if he took care of the problem now, he would be more relaxed, and they might have an excellent wedding night. So Kayal allowed him to visit his friend. Anand informed his parents and left on his bike.
Almost two hours passed with no news from Anand. All guests had left, and Anand’s parents and his new bride were worried. They called his cell phone, but found it was switched off.
Kayal was beyond worried.
Anand’s parents tried to placate her, saying that he often switches off his phone when working, as he doesn’t like distractions.
Another hour passed, then the house phone rang. Anand’s father answered.
“Noooo…” he shouted, dropping the receiver.
Anand’s mother and Kayal, alarmed, asked him what happened.
“We must go to St. John’s hospital now” he said.
They drove to the hospital. On the way, Anand’s father informed his wife and his new daughter-in-law that Anand had met with an accident and was in the hospital. Hearing this, the women started crying.
In a few minutes they reached the hospital. When they got there, Anand was being treated, so the family was not allowed to see him. They waited outside the room, tension visible in their faces.
In a few minutes the doctor emerged, and Anand’s father inquired, “How is my son, doctor?”
“He is okay. He was injured around his stomach and thighs. He looks fine on the outside, but we have to take some scans to confirm.”
Anand was taken into another room, and after a half hour, the doctor called Anand’s parents and new bride into his office.
“Sir, is everything all right?”
“Yes… but…” While saying this, the doctor noticed Kayal in her kancheepuram silk saree, which indicated that she was a just-married bride.
“Who is she?”
“She is my son’s wife; they were married today.”
Hearing this, the doctor regretfully said,
“His health is fine, but there is a blood clot near his groin. So . . .” He stopped and looked at Kayal.
“So, what doctor.”
“He can’t have any sexual activity for a year or more.”
Kayal was momentarily stunned. She had been waiting for this day for so long, and she felt her dreams were crushed. All day Kayal had been nervously anticipating her first night of marriage, but now she would be an unsatisfied wife, waiting almost 15 months for her first time.
In two days, Anand came home from the hospital. The couple stayed with Anand’s parents for another week before Anand and Kayal left for Trichy, where Anand had bought a house in which to start their married life together.
After moving in, everything was nice for a few days. At first, Anand was good to her. He took her shopping and to the cinema, and even though Trichy was a small city, it was much bigger than the small village where Kayalvizhi was from, so she enjoyed the outings.
Kayal also didn’t have many issues in the beginning, despite the disappointment of their first night as husband and wife. She assured him that since she was only 20 years old, it wouldn’t make any difference. Many of her older cousins weren’t even married yet. Besides, the challenge would only strengthen their relationship. But, secretly, she had hoped that Anand would at least kiss her or touch her romantically. Yet he didn’t even want to see her naked. They lived like roommates.
As days passed, he became increasingly busy with work, and Kayal started to feel unsettled. She was more and more unsatisfied with her married life. The human body reacts to the presence of pheromones; she was getting horny as she lay in bed next to him, but couldn’t tell him directly.
One day Anand came home early from the office, in a hurry.
“Kayal darling, today is the happiest day of my life” he said, giving Kayal a tight hug.
“What Anand—I have never seen you this excited!”
“Do you remember the project I was working on when we got married?”
“How can I forget? That fucking project shattered my dreams” Kayal thought.
But she forced a smile and said only: “Yes Anand.”
“That project got approved, so I am going to Dubai for a while to present the project. If I succeed, it means a big step up in my career.”
“Wow, Dubai! When are we going?” Kayal asked excitedly.
“Sorry dear, you are not coming with me. It is a four week trip, and my company is paying all expenses. And . . . my boss is a very strict man. He won’t allow wives to travel with employees on business trips. He thinks it may distract us from our work”.
“Oh. When are you leaving?”
“The flight is later today.”
Hearing this, Kayal cursed her stars and started packing Anand’s bags for the trip. In a couple of hours, Anand left for the airport in a cab, and Kayal stayed in the house, staring at the walls.
The next morning, Kayal awoke early, opened the window, and saw a man in his early forties approach the front door wearing a vest and a lungi (a garment that covers the legs). She immediately went downstairs. As she reached the door the doorbell rang, and Kayal immediately opened it.
“Ma’am, vessel?” he asked.
Kayal had no clue what he was talking about until she saw a bicycle standing outside with an attached milk can. She realized he was the milkman, asking for a container in which to pour milk. Usually Anand would get up early in the morning to do office work, and he would place the vessel in the door. Kayal, who woke up later to prepare breakfast, had never seen the milkman before.
Kayal immediately went inside, got a jug, and came back. When she bent down to get the milk, her pallu (the sash part of a sari) slipped slightly, revealing her deep cleavage to the milkman. He stared at her breasts while pouring the milk.
“Wow, what knockers she has.”
While she had been a student, Kayal’s breasts were big enough to show prominently, even in her loose uniform. She was called ‘kolu molu maami’ (an expression describing something soft and round), which she initially thought was about her cheeks. She fumed when she found out it was about her breasts. She had 34D breasts while her waist was just 28″, giving her a pleasing hourglass figure.
Kayal didn’t notice the milkman’s stare. With the vessel filled, Kayal straightened, and the milkman quickly shifted his gaze. Kayal then took the milk into the house, closed the door, and returned to the bedroom to close the window. But when she neared the window, she saw the milkman stop his bicycle near a bush. Suddenly he raised his lungi up, put his hand inside, and pulled his dick out. Kayal was shocked when she saw his penis, long and thick. The milkman started pissing on the bush and Kayal unblinkingly stared at his dick, which poured urine like a fire hose. After finishing, he rode off on his bicycle. Kayal closed the window and started her housework, but the image of his huge dick was now fixed firmly in her mind.
That night, Kayal thought about the milkman and his dick. She couldn’t wait for sunrise so that she could meet him.
At 5:30 in the morning, Kayal opened the window and watched the gate, eagerly awaiting the milkman. In a few minutes the gate opened, and she saw him approach. She waited in excited anticipation for the door bell’s ring. The moment she heard it, Kayal brought the vessel from the kitchen and went out to fetch the milk. This time, Kayal observed the milkman’s muscular body. She felt a vibration between her legs.
“Ma’am, isn’t your husband home?” the milkman asked Kayal.
“No. He left for a business trip, but he’ll be back.”
They continued to talk for another 15 minutes. During this conversation, Kayal learned that the man’s name was Selvam, he had been married for 12 years, and had two children. Kayal also told him about her family. After their little chat, Selvam left to deliver milk.
Kayal felt happy talking to him—she hadn’t had a good talk to anyone since she’d moved to Trichy. Most of her neighbours had jobs (both husband and wife), and the rest would go to nightclubs or other places she couldn’t go. The conversation with Selvam brought her some relief.
After that, Selvam lingered often with Kayal, talking to her about his work, his wife, and personal matters. Kayal felt increasingly close to him. He started making his milk delivery earlier and earlier to spend more time with her. As weeks passed, both Kayal and Selvam were attracted to each other—but neither had the guts to express their feelings.
One day, Selvam came almost an hour later than usual.
“Why are you late today, brother?”
“Last night I went to sleep very late, so I couldn’t get up early”.
“Were you milking the cow all night?” Kayal teased.
“No—my wife. She’s a sex fiend and never lets me sleep when she’s in the mood”.
When Kayal heard this she was shocked, and her face become vacant. Selvam noticed.
“You miss your husband, don’t you?”
“Not really . . . even if he were here, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me,” Kayal said without thinking.
“What do you mean?” Selvam asked, surprised.
Kayal came back to her senses and struggled with what to say.
“Oh, he’s always busy with his work. He carries his laptop everywhere like it’s his conjoined twin.”
“Don’t worry, it will all work out as time passes,” Selvam offered.
The conversation went deep into Selvam’s sex life with his wife. He talked about her physique and her reaction to having her tits fondled, etc. Kayal felt awkward, but enjoyed it.
That night, Kayal was unable to sleep, thinking about the things she and Selvam had talked about that morning. The sight of Selvam’s huge dick appeared in her mind, and she started masturbating thinking about him. While fingering her pussy, she fantasized about his powerful dick. She massaged her breasts harder and harder, and let out some wild moans. She reached a couple of desperately needed orgasms before going to sleep.
From that day on, their conversation mostly revolved around sex. Selvam started admiring about how beautiful Kayal was and making sexy comments about her figure. He would often compare her with his wife and talk about things he liked to do to his wife in bed. At first Kayal felt awkward, but now she teased him with sexy replies. This continued for a few days, Selvam now visiting whenever he had free time. Kayal became more excited every time he visited.
One day Selvam rang her doorbell around 4:30 in the evening. As usual, Kayal welcomed him in, sitting with him in the hallway.
“You came early today; are you already done delivering the milk?”
“No, I may not have work for a few days. The cow at my house is sick, so if we milk her now it won’t be good for her health or for those who drink the milk. So I won’t be working for at least a couple of days”.
“And how is your wife doing?”
“She and the kids are at her mother’s house; they went to attend the wedding festivities of a close relative, and will be back in few days.”
“Then you’re alone in your house? Why didn’t you go with them?”
“If I went with them, there wouldn’t be anyone to look after the cow.”
“Oh, I forgot about that.”
They talked for another 20 minutes.
“Kayal, could you bring me some water to drink?”
“Oh sure. Wait here, I will be right back”
Kayal stood, entering the kitchen a few seconds later.
“Aaaaawwwww…” Selvam heard Kayal scream.
He rushed into the kitchen, where Kayal lay on the floor. He immediately went to help her up. While leaning on him, the side of her boobs pressed into his arms. Selvam, feeling their soft fullness, got an instant erection inside his lungi. So close to his body, Kayal could smell his sweaty musk, and with her breasts pressed against his tensed muscles, she was getting aroused. Selvam slowly helped her into the bedroom and made her lie on the bed.
“What happened!?” Selvam asked her.
“I slipped on some water on the floor.”
“Where does it hurt?”
“My back and legs. I think we should call the doctor.”
Hearing this, Selvam realized he had a unique opportunity to feel the smoothness of her skin. He couldn’t let this opportunity slip away.
“Kayu, why do you need a doctor when you have me?”
“What do you mean?”
“I am good at treating this kind of thing. I learned ancient ayurvedic massage methods from my grandfather.”
“Are you sure you can help me? Because it really hurts.”
“Trust me, I am positive. I’ve treated many people in my village with my massage.”
Then Kayal agreed to let him work on her. Selvam immediately went to the kitchen to find oil for the massage. On the way back to the bedroom, he noticed that the front door was still open, so he quietly locked the door.
Selvam returned to the bedroom with the oil, where he saw Kayal lying on the bed with a pained expression on her face . . . which was so sexy. Seeing her like that drove him crazy with need to touch her smooth skin. Selvam wasted no time and immediately stepped close to Kayal.
“What is that on your hand?” Kayal asked.
“It’s just sesame oil.”
“I thought you would be using balm.”
“No, the oil will do fine. Now turn around and lie on your stomach.”
Kayal did as she was asked, resting her face on a pillow. Selvam moved closer and got a good look at her back.
“Kayal, if you don’t mind, could you please remove the pallu of your saree.”
“What? No, I can’t.”
“How can I apply the oil if your saree is in the way?”
“But . . . but . . .!!”
“I know what you are thinking. Think of me as a doctor—you would certainly do this if a doctor asked you to.”
Kayal considered it. Feeling more assured, she raised her body slightly, allowing Selvam to pull the pallu off her shoulder and put it aside. Kayal returned to her prone position, and Selvam once again gazed at her pale back. Moving closer, he noticed her boobs pressing against the bed. The sight was too much for him. He just wanted to take his dick out and shag her right then and there, but he controlled himself. He took the bottle and poured oil in one palm before applying it to the other. Then he slowly rubbed it on her back. As Selvam’s hands moved to and fro over, Kayal started to relax. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy it. Selvam first worked only on her back, but, seeing her relax, he slowly moved his hands to either side of her waist and pressed gently.
“Mmmmm…” Kayal moaned as he touched her waist.
He continued that for a while and then stopped.
“Kayu, now turn around and lie on your back.”
Kayal said nothing, but turned around and lay on her back. She observed that he suddenly had a nickname for her. In this position, her smooth and creamy tummy, along with the two luscious peaks barely hidden inside her blouse, nipples poking through the sheer fabric, gave Selvam’s eyes a treat. He wasted no time climbing over the bed to kneel over Kayal’s upper legs, his knees on either side of her thighs. Seeing Selvam in this position made Kayal a little more nervous, but she didn’t say anything and simply watched his movements.
Once comfortable in that position, he took the oil and poured it into Kayal’s belly button, filling it. Kayal’s body started to shiver as the oil slowly filled the depression of her belly button. Selvam could feel her body tremble underneath him, and the vibration in her body made his dick even harder.
After filling her belly button with the oil, he placed the bottle aside and slowly dipped his middle finger into her navel. The oil overflowed and started running down her tummy. Selvam then slowly rubbed the oil all over her tummy, using gentle pressure. Suddenly a question arose in Kayal’s mind:
“Why is he applying oil on my tummy . . . I was hurt on my back!”
But she realized she didn’t mind—in fact it felt very satisfying. She almost forgot about the pain as she felt his hands slipping over her tummy. As he continued, Kayal stared at the milkman’s muscular body, shining with sweat. Selvam slowly increased his pressure on her body.
“Mmmmm . . . aaaahhhh.” Kayal closed her eyes and started moaning, unable to control herself, which Selvam enjoyed
Before the massage, Selvam hoped only to feel Kayal’s smooth skin. But seeing all of this, it occurred to him that he could easily seduce her and get her to sleep with him.
So he made a plan to take this to the next level. He stopped massaging and got off the bed.
“Is it over?” Kayal asked.
“No! We have not completed even 50% of the treatment.”
Kayal was both surprised and excited that there was more to come.
“Then why did you get off?”
“I am a little thirsty. Let me get a drink of water, and when I come back, I’ll work on your legs. Do you need something to drink?”
“Yes, there is a cup of cold coffee in the refrigerator. You could bring me that.”
“Oh sure.”
Saying that, he entered the kitchen and took the cold coffee out. Then he removed his underwear and dropped it in the corner. He noticed that his dick was rock hard and standing erect inside his lungi. Too erect. This wouldn’t do. Suddenly an idea flashed in his mind.
“Hey, Kayu, is there any hot water in the kitchen? I have a mild sore throat,” Selvam called from the kitchen.
“I don’t think there is, but if you need it you could boil some water” Kayal replied.
Selvam knew she would say this.
“Okay Kayu, thanks.”
Selvam immediately started masturbating thinking of her. He knew if he had stayed in the bedroom for another minute he couldn’t have trusted his own hands not to do something naughty. He silently hummed “Iyengar Veetu Azhage”, a song from the movie Anniyan, while masturbating. Within 5 minutes, he came, shooting his load into the sink. He felt a huge release—in his mind as well as his body.
But now his mind wanted more. He initially only planned to find an excuse to touch her. But now he wanted desperately to fuck her. He knew it had to be done very smoothly, or his name would be spoiled. He tied up his lungie so high that the tip of the penis could be seen. He hoped raw animal lust could break the defense of this sophisticated Brahmin woman.”Here is your coffee” said Selvam the milkman to the higher-caste beauty who waited for him, partially undressed, in her marital bed.
Kayal slowly sat up in bed, took the cup, and started drinking. When she got up, she didn’t bother putting back the pallu (sash) of her saree, and she enjoyed the coffee with her pale breasts plainly visible under the gossamer fabric of her top.
Without ever blinking his eyes, Selvam watched Kayal sip her beverage. Even the way her full lips met the edge of the cup was erotic to him. He stole a peek at her cleavage, and her tummy, which was still shining with the sesame oil he had used in giving her a ‘therapeutic’ massage minutes ago.
After she finished her coffee, Selvam once again asked her to lie down on her back.
“Now let’s proceed with our treatment”.
Saying that, he moved towards her legs and slowly raised her saree up. He thought that Kayal would surely protest, but to his surprise she remained still, allowing him to explore her legs. He gently moved her saree up to her knees, revealing her smooth, pale calves, normally so forbidden to a darker-skinned man of his caste. He desperately wanted to put his lips on her alabaster flesh, but he once again relaxed himself and began to apply oil to her legs.
After massaging her legs for a while, Selvam again climbed over the bed. This time he was in the 69 position over Kayal, his loins, barely contained in their loosely fitting lungi, positioned over her face. He resumed his slow and careful massage of her tummy. All this time Kayal was enjoying her treatment with her eyes closed. When she suddenly opened her eyes, she had a shock.
It was Selvam’s penis, already somewhat erect, hanging straight in front of her face and close to her lips. Kayal was confused and didn’t know what to do or say. She immediately closed her eyes to avoid it, but a voice inside her head said:
“Come on, look at it. Enjoy it. You won’t get a second chance. He won’t notice; come on and open your eyes”.
Kayal couldn’t control her inner naughty girl, and immediately opened her eyes and had a good look at his penis, which hung mere inches from her lips. With his rod so close to Kayal’s mouth, Selvam could feel Kayal’s hot breath hitting his dick, making him even more horny. While staring at his hard shaft, Kayal saw a white drop of liquid at the tip, about to drop down. She was confused—how could he have this liquid before sex? While thinking about the anatomical possibilities, the pre-cum dropped from his cockhead and landed on Kayal’s bottom lip. She froze for a few seconds, but suddenly licked it from her lip. She couldn’t analyze its taste, but she kind of liked it.
Suddenly Selvam took his hands off her tummy and got off the bed.
“Kayu, the treatment is almost over. Now I just have to check your ribs”.
“Don’t worry, I just want to make sure you’re not hurt there. I won’t ask you to remove your blouse”.
Saying that, he climbed back over Kayal with her tummy between his thighs. He made Kayal raise her hands and place them over her head. Then he placed his hands on either side of her breasts and slowly massaged them, up and down. This was too much for Kayal, and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning quietly.
Seeing Kayal losing her self control, Selvam slowly moved his face close to her face, and smelled the fragrance of her skin. He continued to rub the sides of her breasts. His breathing started to get heavier, landing straight on Kayal’s face.
Feeling Selvam’s breath, she opened her eyes and saw Selvam face to face, his lips very close to hers. They looked into each other’s eyes and stayed that way for a few moments. Selvam then slowly moved his lips even closer to hers, lightly grazing her mouth.
As soon as his lips made contact with hers, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed her pouty lower lip between his, and started sucking it amorously. Kayal stayed as if in a hypnotic spell and gave her lips over to Selvam, who was now feasting on them. She felt an electric jolt between her legs that her husband’s sterile kisses had never given her. Selvam continuously alternated between sucking her upper and lower lips, mixing their saliva together.
“Mmm…aahh” Kayal moaned, her mind completely blank to anything but pleasure.
While smooching her lips, Selvam slowly moved his right hand from her ribs and placed it cautiously on her chest, over her sheer blouse, and began sensuously caressing one milky-white breast with his palm.
“Ahhhh…mmmph” Kayal’s moans increased.
Seeing her get excited, Selvam stopped devouring her lips, brazenly grabbed her other breast, and rubbed her nipple slowly with his thumb.
“Aaaahhhh” Kayal shouted.
Selvam grew rock hard when he saw her facial expression. He was now sitting with his groin over her tummy. He grabbed both her tits and started fondling them more ardently.
“Ohh…ahh…yes…” Kayal’s impassioned gasps increased with each second.
Suddenly Kayal’s cell phone rang. It was the ringtone for her husband’s number. Hearing this tone, Kayal came back to her senses, immediately pushed Selvam off, and got off the bed. She felt ashamed of what she had done. Kayal anxiously turned away from Selvam, straightened her saree, and answered her husband’s call, her voice trembling.
“Is everything okay there?” Anand asked.
“Yes, it’s fine here. When will you return?”
“I’m not sure. My trip might get extended.”
While Kayal was talking, Selvam got off the bed, quietly got behind her, and put his hands around her waist, stroking her with a feather-light touch.
“Ah!” Kayal gasped.
“What happened?” Anand asked.
“Nothing dear, a cockroach just fell on me”.
“Okay dear, I am going to the temple now. We can talk at night.”
“Okay hon, love you.”
Kayal immediately ended the call and freed herself from Selvam’s hold.
“What are you doing?!” Kayal demanded angrily.
“Just continuing where we left off”, he said calmly, moving closer to Kayal while staring into her eyes.
Seeing him move closer, Kayal took a few steps backwards.
“Stop there! Don’t come any closer.”
Selvam stopped there.
“Kayu. I know you want this as much as I do. Admit it”.
“No…No…” said Kayal with waning conviction. “I’m faithful to my husband”.
“Then why were you staring at my cock while I was over you?”
When Kayal heard this her face flushed and she was momentarily speechless.
“That’s not true!”
“Don’t try to deny it, I was watching you while your eyes were glued to my manhood”.
While talking, Selvam removed his vest and threw it on the floor.
“What are you doing!?” Kayal asked in shock.
“Don’t try to hide your desire Kayu. It’s not a sin”.
Saying that, Selvam pulled his lungi off his waist and Kayal saw his cock standing proudly in front of her. She was terrified by its full, throbbing erectness, and immediately turned towards the wall.
Having seen him completely naked, though, Kayal’s heart started to pound and her pussy started to become very wet. She felt she was in an impossible position. Kayal was sure that if he continued to talk to her she would surrender to him. Deep inside her heart she desperately wanted that to happen: wanted to feel his dark, muscled body against her pale skin, to feel his rigid cock filling her tight pussy. Her traditional upbringing to be a faithful, modest Brahmin wife was the only thing standing in between her and her desire.
While she was thinking, Selvam suddenly grabbed her waist from behind, his chest pressing against her back and his erect pole nudging the cleft of her ass, still covered by her saree. Kayal didn’t try to move away this time.
“Please don’t; this is wrong”, Kayal said without conviction.
All of her resistance had shattered as his body touched her. Without saying a word, Selvam pulled the pallu of her saree once more off her shoulder. He started urgently caressing Kayal’s tummy and licking her earlobes from behind, his hot breath hitting her neck. Kayal said nothing, but tears started flowing from her eyes, as she was torn between what her body desperately wanted and needed, and how she had been raised to behave in her very conservative social caste.
When Selvam noticed the tears on her cheeks, he regained control of himself and let her go, sitting on the bed. Kayal saw this and looked confused.
“Listen, Kayu, I don’t want to force you. I want you to enjoy this as much as I do. I know that’s possible. Why can you not let yourself admit that you also want this?”
Hearing this, Kayal was totally perplexed, and wished she could speak as openly as he could.
“Okay then, let’s make a deal: if you put aside all your traditional values and sleep with me this one time, I’ll never come to your door again. You can tell yourself it was a momentary lapse of judgment due to your fall in the kitchen, and you’ll never have to see me again—if that’s what you want”.
Kayal knew there was no benefit to accepting his deal, as it gave him what he wanted. So Kayal decided to play dumb and let it happen. She accepted his deal by shaking her head.
“Okay. Now remove your saree and come lie on the bed”.
Kayal removed her saree and laid her blouse and petticoat aside before reclining on the bed. Selvam immediately climbed over Kayal and touched his tongue to the smooth, creamy skin of her tummy.
Kayal started softly moaning while his tongue roamed over her stomach.
After a while he dipped the tip of his tongue into her belly button and started drilling it suggestively.
“Ah…ahhh…ohhh” Kayal shouted, enjoying the motions of his tongue, her cunt starting to feel very warm and electric.
“Does it feel good, beautiful?”
Kayal said nothing, her ingrained upbringing still not allowing her to let go completely before this low-caste milkman.
“Don’t be shy, feel free to share your emotions and feelings. That is the fun part.”
Saying that, his hand roved lower over what remained of her garments, and stroked her pussy through the fabric. Kayal couldn’t stop a sharp gasp from escaping her lips, exclaiming “That feels great!”
“Good girl. Now let’s speed up the process. Remove all your clothes”.
Kayal hesitated, looking up at him wide-eyed from the bed.
“Okay, then I will do it for you”.
Selvam then made her stand up. He unhooked her blouse and threw it on the floor, then kneeled in front of her and untied the lace of her petticoat, letting it fall on the floor. Now Kayal was standing only in her panties and bra. Selvam stood up and took a step back, admiring her beautiful, light-skinned body from top to bottom.
“All this time you were hiding this angelic body inside those dresses. I think your husband is the luckiest man alive to have such a beautiful wife”.
The compliment made Kayal feel slightly less unsure of herself.
“Am I as beautiful as you say?”
Selvam was surprised when he heard this, and smiled broadly. Could she be unaware of how gorgeous she actually was?
“Yes—doesn’t your husband say this quite often?”
“Let’s not talk about him”.
“Okay…shall we proceed?”
Kayal shyly nodded her head in approval. Immediately Selvam hugged her tightly and started kissing her by sucking her lips, first the top, then the bottom lip. Kayal responded by embracing him and returning his urgent kisses.
They both started moaning through their locked lips.
While kissing her, Selvam moved his hands down, firmly squeezed her tits, and started fondling them. It doubled Kayal’s pleasure, and she expressed this by moaning loudly. After enjoying her plump lips and fondling her voluptuous breasts for a while, Selvam removed her bra and panties and took in the view of her nude body.
While Selvam was admiring her figure, Kayal could not stop staring at his rock hard pole. Without instruction or knowing what drove her to do it, Kayal knelt before him and grabbed his penis with her hand, her eyes glued to his bulging cock head. Selvam was surprised by this move, but loved her fingers around his rod. He thought that he had finally succeeded in bringing out her slutty side.
Meanwhile, Kayal pulled back the foreskin of his cock and planted a kiss on the head. It still had the erotic, tangy smell of his cum, and she liked it.
“Lovely piece of meat, isn’t it”, Selvam said.
Kayal looked up with a smile, and, her eyes still locked with his, started licking the tip of his shaft.
“Mmm” Selvam moaned as Kayal’s tongue lightly touched his dick.
Kayal continued sucking and licking his cock head like she was licking an ice cream cone, thinking back to the man-pleasing tips she and her friends had whispered and giggled over when they were school girls. She flicked the underside of his shaft with her tongue, which made his prick jump with joy. He moaned a little louder.
Though she had never done this before, Selvam’s appreciative noises encouraged and guided her, and she started sucking his cock more earnestly, using more of her lips. Selvam bent slightly so he could grab her boobs. He began to fondle them and pinch her nipples, which were as hard as pebbles.
Now Kayal started moving his penis inch by inch into her mouth. Once it was in, she let her full lips slide back and forth over its hardness, and started giving him an incredible blowjob. As Kayal’s mouth moved faster over his rigid shaft, Selvam let go of her breasts with one last caress of her peaked nipples. He closed his eyes and gave in to fully enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock. This high-class Brahmin lady continued to kneel before the virile milkman and suck his throbbing dick for a few more minutes, sometimes looking up at him from lowered lashes.
“Ahhhh…I am gonna cum!” Selvam shouted hoarsely.
At that, he put his hand on the back of her head, held on tightly, and shot his cum deep into her throat. His rod spurted for several seconds before emptying fully. Once empty, he released his hold and slipped his penis from between her lips. As soon as it was out, Kayal choked heavily and some of his cum dropped down on the floor from her mouth. She swallowed what remained. There was some cum still on the side of her mouth as she knelt before him gazing up, looking a little dazed. Kayal looked extremely hot like that.
After that, Selvam gave Kayal a few minutes to relax and catch her breath.
“How did it feel, Kayu?”
“It…it…was wonderful!”
“Does your husband not let you suck his dick?”
Kayal sat silently, giving him confirmation that her husband did not. Were these Brahmin men really that proper in bed, Selvam wondered? Of course, what he didn’t know was that Kayal’s husband had never even had an erection since they’d been married.
“That was incredible—like it was not the first dick you’ve had in your mouth—but I believe you. The wonderful part of this blowjob is you enjoyed it. That is what I was talking to you about from the beginning. We can both enjoy pleasuring each other.”
Kayal gave him a small smile.
After a few minutes, Selvam made Kayal lie on the bed. He climbed on the bed with her and started licking her body with the tip of his tongue, slowly and inch by inch. He first gave his attention to her legs. He lifted her ankle in his hand and sucked her toes one by one.
“Ohhh…that feels great” Kayal purred.
Moving on from her toes, he licked his way towards her thighs, then spent a few minutes on her tummy, again thrusting his tongue into her belly button in an erotic way that gave her an electric shock between her legs. He moved further up and sucked on her voluptuous tits, then raised her arms up and, breathing heavily, licked the sweat off each armpit. While he was tonguing her armpit, Kayal’s body started to shake like a snake, and she moaned louder. Kayal thought “Even though he is just a milkman, he is very good at foreplay”.
After playing with her armpits, he nibbled on her neck. Then he had her lie on her stomach. His tongue roamed over her back for a while before slowly moving down her body. He then reached her rounded but firm ass cheeks, grabbed one in each hand, slightly spreading them, and started licking. In the process, he gave them a few love bites. Kayal enjoyed each and every trick he played on her body, and showed appreciation with her cries of lust.
Yes…yes lick me! Aaaahhh…it feels great ohhhh…lick each and every corner of my body!” Kayal exclaimed.
At that moment, Kayal had completely given in to her lust and didn’t care about anything but fulfilling her body’s desire.
Meanwhile, Selvam, who was licking her ass cheeks, parted her cheeks, inserted his tongue in her asshole, and started licking it.
“Aahhh…ahhh…oohh…” Kayal shouted as his tongue moved up and down her asshole.
Kayal loved it very much. She had talked about this with her friends and had even seen it in some porn movies, but she never imagined that it would be so wonderful.
At first, Selvam slowly brushed the surface of her ass crack, slowly moved his tongue in, and inserted it inside her butt hole and pounded it with his tongue. As he licked her asshole, Kayal gyrated her butt and pressed it against his face to get more of his tongue.
While licking her asshole, Selvam noticed that Kayal’s pussy was dripping wet. It was so wet that it invited him to suck it. He watched her pussy lips trembling.
This was the first time he had ever tasted an asshole. He had never tasted a pussy either, not even his wife’s. So he was really turned on seeing her dripping cunt right in front of his face.
He didn’t waste any time. He raised her butt slightly up, and started licking the glistening folds of her cunt.
“Aaaahhhh. That’s amazing aaaahhhh…” Kayal moaned as his tongue started working on her cunt.
Selvam continued to lick her cunt crack, then swiped his tongue towards her ass crack, and from there back to her pussy. He continued this for another few minutes. She was beyond excited, moving her hips and moaning wildly.
“Aaahhhh… oooohhhhh…yyyaaaaaaa…”
After doing this for a while, Selvam made Kayal lie on her back. Then he spread her legs wider, went between them, and stared at Kayal’s dripping pussy.
“You are so wet down here, you dirty bitch.”
Kayal felt embarrassed hearing those abusive words, but at the same time, they made her even hornier. She liked the dirty talk.
“Come on you motherfucker, do what you came to do!” Kayal said in a seductive tone, joining in his game. “Why are you afraid?”
Hearing her talking dirty excited Selvam.
“Now we are talking, maami” Selvam said, smiling at Kayal.
Saying that, he stretched her pussy with his hand and started licking the inner walls of Kayal’s pussy.
“Oh…ya…aaaahhhh” Kayal shouted as he rolled his tongue inside her pussy and around her clitoris.
Selvam continued this for another few minutes. Kayal enjoyed it with some dirty comments and loud moans. After a few minutes, her pussy started to contract, her body started vibrating, and…
A huge amount of liquid pumped out of her pussy and hit Selvam right on his face. Then Selvam licked each drop of juice on her cunt. Feeling incredibly satisfied, Kayal fell back on the bed and breathed heavily. She had never thought that having her cunt licked would be so exciting, and at that moment she thought that she wanted her cunt to be eaten quite often. Selvam sat beside her and watched her soft mountain peaks rise up and down as she breathed.
After a few minutes…
“Ok, I think it’s time to take this to the next level.”
Kayal knew what he meant and gave him a seductive smile.
“Kayu, could you please make my friend here stand up,” Selvam said, pointing at his dick.
Kayal slowly crawled towards him, took his dick in her hand, and gave it a couple of strokes. Then she put it inside her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down over it, lubricating his dick with her saliva.
“Ah…ahhh…ohhh…” Selvam moaned as Kayal worked on his stiff rod.
After a few strokes with her mouth, Selvam stopped her and got off the bed, his dick in a semi-erect state. Kayal had no idea what he was up to.
“I think my dick wants a spongy massage from you, rather than a wet one.”
Kayal couldn’t understand what he meant.
“Just use your titties to make me erect, slut.”
Kayal understood that he wanted a boob job. She immediately got off the bed and knelt in front of Selvam. She held her jugs in each hand, then grabbed his dick between them and moved it slowly up and down.
With her saliva already on his member, her boobs moved smoothly over his dick. Nestled between Kayal’s voluptuous breasts, Selvam’s dick started to grow harder and harder. In a few more minutes his dick reached maximum girth. With his dick as erect as it could be, Selvam pulled Kayal up by her hair and then hugged her with her boobs crushed against his chest, his hard dick penetrating her belly button. Then he started kissing her, covering her lips with his saliva. Suddenly he pushed her over the bed.
Selvam climbed on the bed, spread Kayal’s legs, and then slowly pushed his dick into her cunt. Kayal’s virgin cunt, though very wet, was so tight. As his dick started to move forward she screamed loudly.
Selvam stopped and looked down. He could see a trickle of blood oozing out. He was confused about how a married woman could bleed like a virgin. He wanted to ask if she was in terrible pain. But the look in her eyes told him to keep going, so he started pushing it deep inside.
In a few seconds his dick was entirely in, and he slowly moved it in and out at a slow pace. He continued this pace for a few strokes. Then he gradually increased his speed and moved his dick faster and faster.
“Ah…ah…ahh…” Kayal’s cries increased with each push. Her pain was now replaced by pleasure.
This was a dream come true for Kayal and she was extremely turned on.
Selvam, on his part, was reveling in the feel of Kayal’s pussy around his dick, the sounds of her erotic moans, and the sights of her big boobs jiggling from his thrusting and her erotic facial expressions.
The whole bedroom was filled with Kayal’s moaning sounds. Selvam continued fucking her in that position for a few minutes, then he made her kneel Rocky(D)gy style so he could fuck her pussy from behind. In this position, Kayal’s pussy was even tighter than before, and the pleasure doubled for Selvam.
“Ah…ah…ah…ah…” this time Selvam joined with Kayal with his own wild moans.
Selvam strongly gripped Kayal’s ass cheeks and fucked her like crazy, using some dirty and abusive words. He continued to fuck her for another 15 minutes. When he was about to cum he pulled his dick out of her cunt, kneeled in front of her mouth, and put it inside her mouth. He held her hair tight, gave a few strokes and…
“Aaaaahhhhh” Selvam shouted as a huge load of his cum was released into her mouth.
It was too much—Kayal could not take it all in. She choked, and most of the cum flowed out of her mouth and dropped down onto her neck, chest and tummy. Kayal immediately fell on the bed. In this session, Kayal had reached an orgasm three times and was very exhausted.
It was 7pm, so Selvam stayed the night with her. They had two more lovemaking sessions and slept naked on the bed, both their bodies covered by sweat, cum and saliva.
Kayal and Selvam slept together naked in the same bed all night. At around 5 in the morning, Selvam heard some crying sounds. He woke up and saw Kayal standing near the wall, wearing a towel and crying. He immediately got off the bed, naked, and went to her.
“Why are you crying?” Selvam asked Kayal.
She said nothing, and continued crying. So Selvam grabbed her shoulder and turned her towards him.
“Come on, say something. What’s wrong?”
“Don’t you know? I lost my virginity. My parents married me at a young age as I was getting too much attention from boys. I was a good Brahmin girl and now I just cheated on my husband. He will find out that I’m not a virgin. I shouldn’t have listened to you; it’s all my fault” Kayal said, tears flowing down her cheeks.
“How am I supposed to know that a woman married for 3 months is a virgin? When I got married, I was fired from my job as I kept coming late to work and leaving early” exclaimed Selvam. “My wife wasn’t good looking, by any means, but still I had sex 3 to 4 times a day. Why did your husband never lay his hands on you even though you are so beautiful?”
Kayalvizhi quickly told him about her husband’s car accident and resulting 15 months of impotence.
“Don’t worry Kayu, who said it’s wrong. Don’t blame yourself for this. Your body needs love and it was building up like a pressure cooker. It’s a good thing you finally found a release before it exploded.”
Saying that, Selvam moved even closer, hugged her, and patted her on the back. Kayal started to calm down. Then he slowly licked the side of her neck, very gently but passionately.
“Mmmm…aaahhh” Kayal started to moan mildly.
Suddenly Kayal realised that this was going somewhere, and pushed Selvam back.
“You are trying to seduce me again; you said last time is the last time!”
Selvam didn’t say anything and just moved a few steps forward. He pulled Kayal close to him, planted a kiss on her lips, and started sucking them. Kayal didn’t give in and tried to free herself from his hold.
Seeing her resist, Selvam moved his right hand under her towel and slowly rubbed her pussy mound. This sent a vibration through Kayal’s body and she gradually stopped struggling.
Selvam continued sucking on her lips while his finger started to drill her dripping cunt. Kayal began to fall under Selvam’s spell.
“Please stop…aaahhh”
“Do you really want to stop now, maami?” Selvam asked to Kayal with his finger still fucking her cunt.
Kayal considered.
“Okay, then please make this the last.”
Selvam laughed hearing this, and he immediately pulled the towel off her, revealing her nudity.
“You know what to do.”
Kayal then kneeled in front of Selvam, grabbed his dick in her hand, and moved her hand to and fro. She gave him a few strokes, then put his dick in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. In a few minutes his dick was hard. Then he made Kayal lie on the floor and fucked her pussy. He pounded her pussy for almost twenty minutes, then released his load all over Kayal’s face. During that brief session, Kayal let out some wild moans and gave Selvam a good feast. Kayal also reached her orgasm in the process.
Then Selvam carried Kayal to the bed and made her lie on it. He climbed on the bed and lay beside her.
“How do you feel now? You’re looking relaxed. I know you like it as much as I do. Why do you worry about your husband? He can’t even satisfy you.”
“Please don’t talk about my husband.”
“Okay, do you want this to stop now? If you say yes I will leave you for good. Don’t you feel that fate brought us together? Your husband can give you money and jewelry, but he can’t give you what a wife really wants.”
Kayal didn’t answer him. She knew her husband’s limitations, and now that she had experienced the pleasure of sex, she didn’t want this to end. After thinking for a while, Kayal answered:
“What if my husband finds out?”
Selvam didn’t expect this from her, but he was happy that he didn’t want to put more effort on her.
“Don’t worry: I won’t show my face when your husband is around. Besides, I too have a family, and it would be a scandal if my relatives found out”.
Kayal felt convinced, and she moved closer to Selvam and placed her hand on his chest. Selvam placed his hand on hers, and rubbed it. Kayal and Selvam looked into each other’s eyes, then Kayal brought her face close to his face and started to kiss him all over his face. Then she moved to his lips and kissed them passionately. She grabbed Selvam’s tongue between her lips and sucked it and drank his saliva—it was so divine for her. While Kayal was enjoying Selvam, he got aroused again. His hand moved to her boobs and started massaging them.
After a while, Selvam made Kayal stand. He put his mouth on her boobs and started sucking them, one by one.
“Haaa…mmm” Kayal started to moan as he massaged her boobs with his mouth and covered them with saliva.
After sucking her bosoms for a few minutes, he made Kayal turn around. He knelt behind her and cupped her ass cheeks, then parted them and started licking her asshole. He tried to penetrate his tongue into her asshole and tried to tongue fuck her.
“Aaahhhhh…” Kayal continued to moan in her sexy voice.
Selvam was getting more aroused by the smell of her asshole, and started to move his tongue more vigorously. As his pace increased, Kayal’s moaning become louder and louder. He continued this for a few more minutes and…
“Ah…ah…ah…ooohhh” Kayal shouted, reaching a massive orgasm. She slowly sat on the floor and let out some deep breaths.
Selvam then moved forward and stood in front of Kayal with his dick semi erect, hanging in front of her face. Kayal understood what he wanted. She raised her head up and gave a small smile. Then she held his dick in her hand and gave it a couple of strokes.
She then kissed the top of his dick. She enveloped it with her tender lips, took it into her mouth and moved her head back and forth. First she moved slowly, gradually increasing her pace. As she gained speed, Selvam started to moan louder and louder.
“Aaahhh…ahhhh…yaaa…bitch faster…faster” he shouted.
While sucking his pole, Kayal moved her hand towards his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. Experiencing her untrained but natural technique, Selvam felt happy to have her.
He then slightly bent, grabbed her boobs, and fondled them, enjoying the blowjob of his life.
After a few minutes, his dick was rock hard. He made Kayal lay on the bed. He spread her legs and slowly rubbed her pussy mound with his palm.
“Aaaahhhhh…mmmm” Kayal started moaning, her pussy starting to become wet again.
Seeing her pussy get wet, Selvam withdrew his hand, brought his head between her legs, and started to drink the juice flowing out of her wet cunt. He licked her cunt like a starving Rocky(D).
Kayal continued moaning “Aaahhhhaaa…mmmmm…ooohhh…it feels great…aaaahhhh”.
After sucking and licking her pussy for a while, he stood up and brought his dick close to the entry of her pussy, and rubbed it gently between her folds. He rubbed it a few more times and Kayal eagerly waited for him to penetrate her pussy.
“Aaaahhh…please don’t tease meee…ohhhh” Kayal shouted.
But Selvam continued to tease her. Kayal couldn’t take it anymore. She immediately held his dick and guided it into her wet pussy.
Selvam gave a leering smile to Kayal and started moving his hips faster and faster.
“Ohhhh…ohhhh…aaahh” Kayal started to shout like a wild woman, her boobs moving back and forth with the movement of her body.
Selvam enjoyed it for a while, then grabbed her knockers in each of his hands and squeezed them. Her boobs were so soft that his fingers dug into them. Then he laid over Kayal, hugged her tightly, and started to suck her lips, while his dick pounded her pussy at the same rate.
He continued this another few minutes. Both their bodies started to vibrate, and Kayal knew he was going to cum.
“Don’t cum inside me…” Kayal pleaded.
Selvam immediately took his dick out, plugged it into her mouth and…
“Aaaaahhhh…” he shouted, filling Kayal’s mouth with his hot sperm.
Then they both relaxed for a while. Selvam dressed up and left the house to look after his cattle.
Once again, in the evening, Selvam visited Kayal and fucked her ruthlessly for hours. After their session, both were exhausted and they slept naked, as before.
While they were sleeping, Selvam received a call from a friend. He tried to wake Kayal, but she was so exhausted she didn’t even open her eyes. He then immediately dressed, locked the house door, and half-heartedly went to meet his friend. He took the key with him.

———————- by Tharkibudda

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