His daughter becomes his wife

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My biological father passed away when I was one. Shortly afterwards my mom met John and they got married when I was two years old. John adopted me and we were a happy family for a couple of years until my mom went to a fertility expert to find out why she couldn’t get pregnant again. The doctor found a tumour in her ovary and within six months she was dead. I was six years old and John was 25.
Although my grandparents offered to take me so that John could start a new family with a new wife, he decided to keep me. He’d loved my mom and he was the only dad I’d ever known. Through the years he dated quite a few ladies, but he never got serious with them. In the end it was always only John and me.
I turned 18 two months before my high school graduation and John took me out to celebrate in style. He took me to the fanciest restaurant in our town and he bought me a beautiful necklace. I felt so special. That’s when he broke the news.
“Carly, pumpkin,” he said softly. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”
“What’s up, daddy?” I asked apprehensively.
“My company is closing down. I won’t have a job in three months’ time.”
John was a highly specialised tradesman and I realised that he wouldn’t get a similar job anywhere in the area. The only way he could stay would be to take an unqualified position somewhere else, for half the pay or less.
“What are we going to do?” I whispered anxiously.
“Well, you will have graduated by then and you’ve already been offered a permanent position at the Holiday Inn so you can stay here, where your friends are.”
“Where will you be?”
“I’ve looked around and there’s a high demand for my skills, just not here. I’d have to move to another state. I talked with one company this morning and they said that they’d be happy to hire me for the same money as I’m making now.”
“So are you just going to go?” I felt hurt. “Will you sell the house? Will I ever see you again?”
“Carly, sweetheart,” he caressed my cheek. “I don’t know what else to do. If I stay here we can’t afford the house anyway.”
“Even if I help with the payments?”
“Even then. And I want you to be able to put money aside to be able to afford your own place eventually. I have to go, Carly.”
“Can I come with you?” I would miss my friends, but I’d miss my daddy more.
“I checked. The company will sponsor my move and pay for my initial accommodation until I find something permanent. But they’ll only pay for a wife and minors. You’re an adult now.”
“That’s unfair!”
“Well… I guess… No!” He was thinking of something.
“What, daddy? Tell me!”
“It was a silly thought.”
“Tell me anyway. Anything that can keep us together is worth trying.”
“I was just thinking that I could tell them you’re my wife. You’ve got my surname, your name is Carly Brown and nobody there will know us.”
“That’s a great idea, daddy!”
“You really think so?”
“Of course! As you said, nobody will know us and it’ll take care of all the moving costs and I’m sure I can get a job there too.”
“OK, baby. I’ll tell them to sort out accommodation for me and my wife and we’ll prepare to move.”
The next couple of months went by in a blur. I graduated from high school, the house was sold and John and I said goodbye to our friends and family. We hadn’t told anybody that his new employers were only paying for our move because they thought we were married. We set off early one morning and drove for two long days. We hit our new hometown in the early evening and we followed the directions that had been given to us. A well-dressed lady met us at the apartment block that would be our home for the next six months until we’d had time to buy a new house.
“Mr and Mrs Brown,” she said and walked up to us. “I’m Mrs Fletcher and I work in the HR department for your new employers. I’m afraid we couldn’t find a two bedroom apartment like you requested, but even though this one has only one bedroom it’s just as spacious as a two bedroom one would be and since you don’t have any children I thought you wouldn’t mind the open plan solution.”
John and I looked at each other and for the first time we detected a flaw in our plan. Mrs Fletcher showed us into the apartment and it was wonderful. It was sparsely furnished and the bedroom was dominated by a king size bed. For the first time I regretted putting our own furniture in storage. Apart from the floor there was nowhere to sleep other than the bed.
“Carly,” John looked at me when the chatty Mrs Fletcher had finally left. “What are we going to do? We have to unload the truck and there’s only one bed. We’re not going to be able to buy a new one until tomorrow. Do you want me to go to a motel for the night?”
“Don’t be silly, daddy,” I calmed him. “We’re just going to have to share that big bed for one night. It’s big enough for both of us.”
We spent the rest of the night unpacking the truck and finding a space for the stuff we’d decided to keep out of storage during these six months. When it was time to go to bed I realised another problem. All my night dresses were skimpy little baby doll outfits that I’d bought since I started working. They weren’t exactly the kind of thing I liked to parade around in front of my dad with. I’d bought them because I was hoping to get a boyfriend eventually and I wanted to look nice once we started sleeping with each other. John, it turned out, was even more embarrassed than me because he was used to sleeping in the nude. He kept his boxers on though and we both went to bed, lying back to back. It had been an exhausting couple of days and we were soon asleep.
I woke up with the feeling of a hand cupping my breast. A thumb was slowly stroking my erect nipple and I felt myself getting wet between my thighs. Somehow I’d ended up sleeping in John’s arms and he was obviously dreaming that he was holding one of his lovers, judging by the way he was caressing my breast and now also placing light kisses on my head. I knew I should wake him up, but it felt so good, I wanted him to do more. I’d never felt like this when my boyfriends’ clumsy hands had tried to get my clothes off and consequently I was still a virgin.
My hand started making its way down John’s flat stomach and I soon reached his boxers. I let my hand feel its way across the fabric and I nearly jumped when I felt how big and hard he was. I started stroking his cock through the soft cotton and raised my head to meet his lips. When he felt my lips on his, John slipped his tongue into my mouth and started kissing me deeply. I replied eagerly, wanting more of him. Then I heard a gasp and John pulled away.
“Carly! I’m so sorry.”
“We shouldn’t be doing that!”
“But it felt so good. I loved it.”
“But it’s not right, pumpkin.”
“It felt right. It felt more than right. It felt perfect.”
“Oh, it felt good. But you don’t know about these things yet, do you?”
“No, I’m still a virgin.”
“You’re an 18 year old virgin and I’m a 37 year old man. Your dad. You should be with a boy your age.”
“But I’d rather lose my virginity to someone who loves me and who won’t hurt me. You wouldn’t hurt me, daddy, would you?”
“I’d never hurt you, baby.”
I sat up and pulled the baby doll over my head, revealing my firm 36C tits with their pink peaks. I pulled off my panties and showed the thin blonde strip over my sex.
“Please fuck me, daddy. I want you to be my first,” I begged him and I could see that he was struggling with himself. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your little girl’s virgin pussy!”
His eyes were fixed on my naked body as he got up and pulled his boxers off. His cock was a good 7 inches and incredibly thick. I’d had my fingers up my cunt several times and I knew how tight I was. I wondered how he’d ever be able to fit his cock inside me, but I didn’t say anything as I wanted this so much and I didn’t want to give him a chance to change his mind. His eyes met mine and he kept looking into them, not saying a word. I slowly moved my hand to my wet pussy and started fingering it and that was all the encouragement he needed.
He pushed me onto my back and parted my soft thighs with his hands. He positioned himself between my legs and leaned forwards, watching my cunt intently as it opened up like rose petals before his eyes. He placed his hands under my ass to lift me slightly and then he let his tongue trail the length of my slit. I moaned out in agonising pleasure as I started realising what had been denied me so far in my life.
Each time his tongue licked me he applied more and more pressure, parting my pussy lips more, gaining more access to my most intimate folds. His lips soon closed in on my engorged clit and he bit it lightly before flicking his tongue across it. I didn’t care that the bedroom window was open, I cried out my passion as my cunt was eaten alive. Just as I thought that I was on the brink of cumming he let go of my clit and homed in on my fuck hole. I was producing pussy juices by the gallon by now and he started fucking me with his tongue while drinking my nectar. Every time his tongue slid inside me I thrusted my hips upwards to feel more inside me. I was so hungry to be fucked.
His hands let go of my ass, I was lifting my hips towards his face by my own volition now. Soon I felt a finger replacing his tongue in my cunt as he started sucking my clit again. Then I had two fingers inside my tight cunt. Then there were three. I moaned louder and louder. The pain of this exquisite pleasure was unbearable. His fingers were fucking me hard, spreading me wide open. I bucked my hips towards them. Then it happened. His fingers hit the magical spot and I cried out. My cunt convulsed tightly around the fucking fingers and my body shivered with cum. It felt like an eternity before I regained control of myself and started breathing normally again.
John lay next to me and placed his hand on my tit and kissed me deeply. I could taste my pussy on his lips as he circled my nipple with his finger.
“Did you enjoy that, baby?” he smiled at me.
“I loved it, daddy,” I smiled back at him.
“Do you want to sleep now?” he kept stroking my nipple.
“No. I want to fuck you,” I said and smiled as I saw the happy expression in his face. He was giving me every chance to get out of it and even though his cock was bone hard against my thigh I knew that I could still say no. The slippery juices pouring out of my pussy were saying yes though.
He kissed me again. With his lips locked on mine he positioned himself over my body. He rested himself on his elbows that were on either side of me and he pried my legs apart with his knees. I felt his hardness against my pussy and I raised my hips to welcome him inside, but he took his time. He let his lips wander down my throat. He kissed my collarbones and then he sucked my nipple into his mouth. He bit it lightly and sucked on it hard. Then he moved to my next tit and repeated the action. I felt so ready for him. I wanted him so badly. I moaned with hunger as he started rubbing his hard cock along my wet slit.
We were both breathing heavily, realising the importance of the situation. I was about to lose my virginity and our relationship would never be the same again. Still, I was over the moon. There was no man on earth I loved as much as I loved my daddy and I knew without a doubt that he was going to make this experience as good as he possibly could. He slowly lowered his hips and forced the engorged mushroom head of his cock inside my unfucked cunt. I gasped as my pussy walls stretched around his size. He kept kissing me as I slowly relaxed and got used to his size. Then he held me tight and lowered his lips onto mine before he slammed inside me. His kiss muffled my cry as he broke through my virginity and filled me with his fuck meat.
It seemed like a lifetime before the pain went away and I got horny again. My pussy was throbbing around the wonderful cock that had just made me a woman and I raised my hips ever so slightly to feel more of him. John recognised the signal and released my lips, smiled and placed my legs across his shoulders. As he started sliding in and out of my tight hole I could feel him getting deeper and deeper. With my legs pressed up against my chest I had little freedom of movement but it didn’t matter. I raised my head slightly and looked down to see his shiny cock parting my pink lips as he moved in and out of me. We kissed again and he started fucking me harder.
John picked up the pace and slammed his pubic bone into my clit with more force than before. I panted and moaned at the same time. I loved being fucked. I couldn’t believe how much I loved being fucked. John was a master in bed and he was pleasuring every sense in my body as our loud fuck squishes filled the night air. He moved his face down and started sucking my tits again. I cried out with pleasure. I couldn’t fathom how I would be able to hang on any longer.
“Daddy,” I panted as I felt him grinding against my clit once again. “I have to cum.”
“Cum for me, baby,” he replied, with sweat running down his face.
I let go. I cried out unintelligible words as my body started shaking and my cunt increased the pressure on his cock. I lost control of my body and I shuddered as my orgasm awoke feelings that I’d never felt before. The increased pressure of my quivering cunt brought John to the point of no return and he groaned out loud as he buried himself deep inside me one final time and stopped as he shot load after load of wonderful cum into my womb.
He soon collapsed on top of me and kissed me deeply.
“You were wonderful, darling,” he said with a happy grin. “Simply wonderful.”
“So were you.”
“But I hurt you…”
“The pain lasted only seconds and then you made me feel better than I’ve ever felt before. Thank you for being my first, daddy.”
“Thank you for letting me.”
We rolled over to our sides and John’s shrinking cock slid out of me as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke up first the next morning. I smiled as I remembered how wonderful it had been to fuck John and I watched him sleep. I wanted to wake him up and continue where we left off, but I was feeling shy and scared that he might regret what we’d done. I soon felt him move and then I felt his lips against the top of my head.
“Good morning, darling,” he said and I looked up to meet his eyes.
“Good morning, daddy,” I smiled.
“How are you feeling this morning?”
John laughed and I felt how hard his cock was against me. “Ready to continue where we left off?”
“Oh yes!”
“Suck me, baby.”
“You want me to suck your cock?”
“Unless you have something else to suck, yeah!”
I moved down and kissed his cock head. I licked the length of his cock before I got brave enough to open my lips and suck him inside my hungry mouth.
“Oh yeah, baby, that’s more like it,” he moaned. “Move around so that I can touch that luscious ass of yours.”
I did as I was told and as I filled my mouth with his fuck meat again I felt him burying a finger in my wet cunt. I kept bobbing my head up and down his shaft as he withdrew his finger and started massaging my asshole with it. It felt so good. I moaned around his magnificent cock as he slid his moist finger halfway into my ass. I was astonished by how the unexpected penetration made me feel. I’d always thought that I’d be completely against any type of anal play but now the wet finger was fucking my asshole and I was loving it. I sucked the cock in my mouth harder and deeper into my throat. It was so good. I decided to cup his balls with one hand and my other hand had circled the thick shaft really hard.
“Stop sucking, darling,” he panted and I stopped, thinking I’d done something wrong.
He held me in place and got behind me. I felt the wet cock sliding along my slit between my cunt and my ass. For a moment I thought I was going to fuck my ass and I got scared. Then he slammed himself inside my wet cunt. I moaned as I felt his balls slamming into my clit. I cried out as I felt him fill my tight hole again. It was magic. He was setting me on fire.
I soon felt his strong hands cupping my tits and he pulled me up against him. His hips didn’t stop moving as he started kneading my tits and kissing my neck. I reached down and started massaging my clit and I couldn’t help feeling with my fingers how thickly coated with my pussy juices his hard shaft was.
The bed squeaked underneath us as he kept pumping into me from behind. I applied more pressure on my clit and squealed with delight as he started pulling my tits by the nipples. The insides of my thighs were getting wetter and wetter as more fuck juice escaped from my hole and I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer.
“Ooooooooooh daddy,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Oh yeah, baby,” he panted. “Me too. Just go with it, honey.”
My moans got louder and turned into pants. Then my body started shivering and I cried out loud as my cunt grabbed a tight hold of my daddy’s fuck shaft. He slammed into me again and with a loud cry he emptied his balls inside me once again. We soon collapsed in each other’s arms and he wouldn’t stop kissing me.
“I love you, my darling,” he said against my tits.
“I love you too, daddy,” I smiled back.
“No, but I really love you,” he moved up and looked into my eyes. “I love you like a man loves a woman.”
“Oh daddy,” I sighed. That morning I’d realised that I felt the same way and it was such a relief to hear him say it to me first.
“I know,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done this to you. I’ll find a place for you to live and then if you don’t want me in the same town as you I’ll move on.”
“No, daddy!” I cried out. “That’s not what I meant. I meant that I love you too. I love you like a woman loves a man. I love you in ways I still don’t realise are possible. Please don’t make me leave you.”
“Do you really mean that, pumpkin?” he looked unsure. “You’re not confusing sexual satisfaction with love?”
“Why do you think I never let any of my boyfriends take my virginity? They didn’t measure up to you. Why do you think I left my job, my friends and my hometown? Because I couldn’t bear being without you. It wasn’t until you fucked me that I realised just how much I love you, but I do and I never want to be apart.”
“Then marry me.”
“Marry you?”
“Yes, marry me. They already think you’re my wife. I don’t want to spend a day without you. Besides, I know you’re not on the pill. You might be pregnant and I’ll be damned if my daughter has to be an unwed mother.”
We both laughed at the thought and we kissed again. John soon got out of bed and dressed. He had to go to his new job for a couple of hours to talk to a few people and I watched him getting ready from the bed. I didn’t have any particular plans and now that we were lovers I realised that I didn’t have to go shopping for another bed. I showered and put on a bathing suit and went and sat by the pool. The morning went by and it was early afternoon by the time John came back. He picked me up and carried me into our apartment.
As soon as we were inside the door he pulled my bathing suit off and he opened his fly. He grabbed hold of my thighs and lifted me, pulling my legs apart and opening my pussy to his invasion. I soon felt his wonderful thick cock sliding inside my tight hole and his lips descended on my nipples as he started fucking me.
I moved my hips back and forth to feel as much of his cock in my cunt as I could. We were slamming into the wall as he buried his shaft deeper and deeper, fucking me harder and harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held me by my ass, one hand on each cheek, kneading them and using them to control his position inside my hungry cunt. I could feel my pussy leaking sticky juices and his fingers were coated in my slippery wetness. I could feel his fingers massaging my asshole and soon a finger slipped inside.
I cried out and bucked against him as his started finger fucking my ass at the same pace as his cock was fucking my cunt. I was in ecstasy. Our passion was unbridled and we couldn’t get enough of each other. Far too soon I came and my convulsing cunt milked him of yet another load. When his cock finally started shrinking inside me he lifted me off and put me down on my feet. I walked ahead of him to the bathroom with my cum mixed pussy juices running down the insides of my legs.
“Baby, pack a bag,” he said to me.
“I’m going to start working on Monday and then it’ll be months before I can go on vacation. Mrs Fletcher commented that you weren’t wearing any rings. I want us to go and get married now so that you’ve got your wedding ring and nobody can get suspicious or ruin your reputation.”
“But daddy, a wedding ring doesn’t matter to me. I love you.”
“And I love you, baby. But I want to do things right. And I want you to be my wife if it happens that you get pregnant.”
We fucked quickly in the shower as we got ready for our trip. We didn’t fuck that night and the next morning we got married. As I kissed the man who’d been my daddy and who was now my husband I felt dizzy with happiness. I knew that he was going to make me so happy. As we lay entangled in each other’s arms after having fucked as man and wife for the first time he cupped my tits and smiled at me.
“Baby,” he said and bit my nipple lightly. “There’s something I have to ask of you.”
“Anything, daddy.”
“You’re my wife now. You can’t call me daddy anymore. You’ll have to start calling me John. Will you be able to do that?”
I laughed and hugged him tight, feeling his hardening shaft against my legs. “Yes, da… sorry, John.”
A couple of months later we moved out of the apartment where we’d first realised our love for each other and into a brand new family house. I was pregnant with our first child by then. We had to cut all our ties with the people we’d known when we were daddy and daughter, but we didn’t mind. Some people commented on our age gap, but nobody ever suspected the truth. They just saw two people who were madly in love with each other. I’m 30 years old now and I’ve born John four children. I still slip and call him daddy occasionally, but John just laughs and calls me mommy.
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