Home Sweet Home

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Time for the disclaimers and back story that will become relevant further in the story. Of course, everyone in this story that engages in sexual activity is 18 yrs of age or older. This is a work of fiction but I’ve tried to keep it within the realm of possibility and believability, with the exception of the volume of cum produced. In my story here, both male and female have the possibility to emit large amounts with less than normal risk of dehydration or effort needed to replenish energy. This is the first chapter of a (potentially very long) series that will expand past the main character’s household.
Onward to the backstory/information dump! My name is Brian Valentine. I recently turned 18 and became a senior at my high school that the author was too lazy to name. Short brown hair, 5’11”, 8″ dick. I’m not exactly athletic but I keep myself in shape. I’ve been told I’m attractive but I’ve never actually had a girlfriend. Yes, I’m still a virgin. My mom had died during childbirth. My father was hit by a drunk driver when I was 13. I currently live with my step-mom Lilith Wilde and her twin daughters Mary and Abigail, who are 9 months older than me. My step-mom had been with my dad for a good two years before his passing. Lucky for us we were living in a fairly large house we fully owned and were left a life insurance payment large enough to keep us afloat without my step-mom overworking herself to death. So she had plenty of time to spend with my step-sisters and I.
Lilith Wilde is a gorgeous woman. She had given birth young and took very good care of herself. She’s 35 but could easily pass for mid to late 20’s. Long black hair, emerald green eyes with the face of an angel. She measured at 5’5″, 34DD-24-34. Perfectly round, perky tits and a bubble butt to die for. Amazingly smooth, flawless, and, I’d imagine, soft skin. But somehow she seemed completely unaware of how hot she was. As a constantly horny young male growing up, it was hard for me to tell if it was a gift or torture to have such a hot piece of ass parading around the house. Her daughters certainly didn’t help my situation either.
My step-sisters were also pretty in their own right. Even though both were 18 yrs old, Mary was ‘the oldest’, which is just dumb twin speak for “I came out a few seconds before you”. But that was her main advantage over Abigail. They were identical twins but had some physical differences. They were both 5’3″, had long blonde hair, and green eyes. Mary was 34B-22-30 and Abigail was 34C-22-32. So physically Abby beats Mary with bigger boobs and booty. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to inherit their mother’s kind and caring attitude. Personally, I think they’d seen Cinderella too many times. They seemed to think I was their personal servant. It didn’t matter if we were home or at school. But lucky for me, they won’t show up for at least another chapter or two.
End of backstory! Yay! (At least for now)
Our story begins on a Friday evening, a few months into the first semester. I had gotten home about 10 minutes ago from a fairly average day at school. I dropped my stuff off in my room then walked back to the living room to watch my shows on the big TV. I could hear the shower running but I resisted the urge to take a peek. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely tempted and it wouldn’t have been the first time I secretly watched. However, since I didn’t know when her shower began I couldn’t estimate how much longer she’d be in there. So I had deemed it too risky. Now I sat on the couch watching TV, trying not to count the minutes I could’ve spent watching the shower instead.
A few more minutes pass before I hear the bathroom door open. She shouts out, “Hello?! Anyone home?!” Our front door is unnecessarily loud so I’m sure she already knew someone was here. I suspect she was trying to determine which of her children had come home and if we had brought company with us. She didn’t usually prance about when we had friends over. I yelled back to let her know I was alone and it was safe for her to exit the bathroom. She walked swiftly into the living room wearing her bathrobe and her hair up in a towel. “Thanks, sweetie!” She said without stopping. She went straight to the front door and made sure it was locked before she relaxed. Then turned to go back down the hallway, walking casually this time. She stopped at the couch and looked at the TV. “Oh, this looks interesting. Mind if I sit down?”
I scoot over and gesture to the space beside me. “Sure.” I put my arm on the armrest and my other hand in my lap, just in case I had to hide a boner. Judging from her apparel it seemed almost certain. Her bathrobe went down to her knees and was a bit tight. Maybe even a size or two too small for her.
She sat down next to me and crossed her legs, causing part of her robe to drop on the side. Her left leg was exposed all the way up to her perfect ass. I’d never been this close before or seen this much skin without the filter of a foggy shower door. Best of all, she hadn’t even noticed. “Where are the twins?” she asked.
“They’re staying at a friends house, remember?” I kept sneaking a peek.
“Oh! Right.” She looked at the clock then uncrossed her legs. Her robe moved again. This time I could see part of her pussy and her neatly trimmed bush. Just a little, narrow triangle of short hair pointing at her prize box. Simple yet so erotic. I instantly got hard.
She leaned forward and took her hair out of the towel. It dropped down and she messed with it a bit as it swayed in front of her. It’s a good thing her hair was blocking her view because at this point I had given up stealth and was staring straight at her crotch. I leaned over a little to try and see more of her pussy. It was an innie. I could just imagine spreading those smooth lips to see what shade of pink her wonderland was.
She whipped her hair around to put it behind her, hitting her robe in the process. Parting it enough to clearly see her right boob. Her nipple was erect and just as perfect as her tits. Some water droplets ran down her skin. I tried to hide my boner as I stared at her sexy body. She adjusted her robe, making sure she was covered enough, then leaned back. I managed to pry my eyes off her body just in time to avoid getting caught. I moved my gaze to her beautiful face. Some hair was covering half it. I thought of those moments in the movies where the guy gently brushes it back behind her ear to see the girl’s pretty face. You know, just before they have heated, passionate sex. I wanted so badly to brush it aside but I couldn’t bring myself to move. It was like she read my mind. She took a finger and gently moved her hair away from her face. It looked so damn sexy I was losing my mind. My dick was fighting a war against my pants and I wasn’t sure how much longer it could stay contained. “So,” we made eye contact, “what are we watching?”
I jumped up off the couch and practically ran to my room gripping my cock. I threw the remote behind me and said: “Watch whatever you want!” I got to my room, closed my door, and whipped out my dick. I fell back into my chair and spun around to my computer. It took me about a second to pull up my MILF porn folder and take a pair of my step mom’s panties out of my desk drawer. They weren’t anything too skimpy or exotic. Super soft cotton panties with a black and red horizontal stripe pattern. Black lace around the leg and waistlines with a small red bow in front, above where the pussy would be. The back of them would cover most of her ass, so I had plenty of fabric coverage to feel on my big cock and fill with my young, thick sperm.
I hit play on a video and start jerking my meat shaft with her panties. A quarter of the way through the video I noticed a reflection on the screen. My step-mom had cracked my bedroom door open and was watching me masturbate! I acted like I hadn’t noticed and kept stroking. A minute or two go by, I notice a change in the reflection. The door had opened wider. She had let go of the door and was fingering her cunt while covering her mouth with the towel she used for her hair. Seeing her like that was so hot I couldn’t help but start jerking harder. I wasn’t even paying attention to my porn anymore!
Then I had an idea. I decided to drop her name. “Oh fuck. Lilith that feels so good!” I made sure I said it loud enough for her to hear. Before I could look to see her reaction I felt a wave of cum getting ready to burst free. I quickly adjusted her panties on top of my dick, closed my eyes, and threw my head back as I blasted a huge load into her panties. My dick just kept cumming and cumming. By the time it finally stopped the panties were thoroughly soaked. Excess cum was flowing down over my hand, dripping down onto my legs and chair. I leaned back and looked at my handy work. I was impressed, I couldn’t remember a time when I had cum that much before. Then it hit me. I had forgotten she was watching! I looked back at the screen for her reflection but she was gone.
I stood up and quietly walked to my door. I slowly pushed it open and peeked out into the hall. There was a small puddle of her pussy juice on the tile. She really was here! I didn’t imagine it! I knelt down to get a closer look. Upon further examination, I could see a thin trail going down the hall. I followed it to the master bedroom, her room. The door was cracked open. It looked like she had tried to close the door on the towel she had been holding. I could hear some faint, muffled moans so I slowly peeked my head in. She was on her back on the edge of the bed with her robe wide open and her eyes closed. The robe’s belt was clamped in her mouth to try to muffle her moans. She fondled her boob and pinched her nipple with one hand while using the other to viciously rub her clit.
Instantly my cock was at full attention. My dick hit the door, pushing it open a little further. The hinges gave off a little squeak. Fuck! I turned and hurried to my room as quietly as I could for another round of jerking before I was noticed. I got to my door and froze. I thought to myself, is this really what I want? I already knew the answer. Knew what I really wanted, what I couldn’t resist. I rushed back to her door, she was still going. She must not have heard me. I started stroking my dick again. Holy fuck! I’ve never felt so lucky in my life! I could see her fully naked for the first time AND I get to see her masturbate!
A few seconds pass before I decide I absolutely needed a better view. I had to see more! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t intend to waste it! I slowly pushed the door open enough for me to slip in. She didn’t seem to hear it. I sneak in and crawl over to her. I reach where her legs were hanging off the bed and rise to my knees.
I was now a foot away from her soaking wet twat! I looked up over her sexy body to see if she had noticed my presence. She hadn’t. I started to jerk off as I watched her work herself over from my front row seat. Her boobs were jiggling and some of her juices splashed onto my face as she rubbed her clit back and forth. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Its lewd aroma filled my nose, beckoning me closer. I wanted, no, I needed more. I moved my face closer till I was hovering only a couple of inches away from her glorious pussy. I could see a little bit of pink between its lips as it rocked side to side.
The belt fell out of her mouth, I could hear her moaning clearly now. I gave a quick glance to make sure her eyes were still closed. They were so I went back to watching. Her moans changed and got louder. They were the sexiest sounds I had ever heard. Her hands moved faster. Her back arched and she rocked back and forth. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but it seemed like something had suddenly added to her pleasure. It was so hot I couldn’t help jerking it faster, matching her excitement.
As I watched how she was moving her sexy body I noticed how heavy her breathing had gotten. It made me notice my breathing. I was breathing through my mouth, blowing hot bursts of air onto her pussy! And it was pushing her over the edge! I moved closer and opened my mouth wider blowing lots of hot air on her. She grabbed her tit hard and the fingers on her juicy cunt moved faster than I thought possible. Suddenly she stopped rubbing her clit and spread her pussy. I finally had the chance to see it all! But that chance didn’t even last half a second. As soon as the last of my breath landed on her beautiful spread twat her body started convulsing. She let out a pleasure filled cry, “FUUUUUUUCK!!” Suddenly clear-ish liquid gushed out of her cunt, spraying my face and filling my mouth. I closed my eyes and quickly swallowed the mouthful. Good Lord, it was delicious! I opened my mouth for my second helping.
I managed to get another mouthful before the geyser finished it’s showing. This time I didn’t swallow. I just knelt there savoring it. I started breathing through my nose, not wanting to spill her sweet nectar from my mouth. The smell from her lewd juices covering my face washed over me and I blew my load on the back of her robe that was hanging off the bed. It was another huge load, rope after rope splattered onto the robe. I opened my eyes and watched her sexy, sweat covered body move as she lay there. Chest heaving up and down from her heavy breathing, her body quivering on my exhale. I swished the juices in my mouth back and forth, thoroughly enjoying them.
I could feel myself getting hard again. I started slowly stroking my fuck stick. At this point, it was just instinct. All five of my senses were going wild. The breathtaking view over her perfect glistening body, the sexy sounds I never knew she could make, her insanely erotic smell, the feel of her juices on my face and the waves of heat coming off her furnace, and the sweet tasting liquid heaven washing over my tongue. The sensations were too much for me to handle. A flood of semen surged through my big cock. Without thinking I turned and aimed at her leg. She cried out as the first volley splashed across her hot skin. Her twat twitching with each shot as they made contact. I gave her leg a nice coat of cum before shifting to the other. As the last drop hit she tensed up and let out a little groan before squirting again. This time only a light stream came out, arcing down onto my throbbing cock. A light orgasm from getting hit by my sperm.
It was about a minute before I realized the significance of where I was currently kneeling. It hit me like a semi-truck. She could sit up at any moment and catch me! Of course, that was the exact moment she realized she had just yelled ‘FUCK!’ in a quiet house with only one other occupant. She quickly covered her mouth and started whispering “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I hope he didn’t hear me!” Before I could move a muscle she sat straight up and froze, her hands still covering her mouth. She slowly looked down and met my gaze. She whispered quietly, and kinda squeaked “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”
A drop of her love nectar rolled out from the corner of my mouth, ran down my chin, and landed on the tip of my slowly softening shaft. She watched the drop the whole way down. Then her eyes followed where my dick was pointing. She noticed the puddle of white liquid on her robe and her glazed legs. Instantly she knew why I looked like a squirrel gathering acorns, knew I had just cum from watching her masturbate, and knew where that extra help that sent her over the edge came from. Her eyes came back up and stared into mine again. She let out a quiet high pitched squeak “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”
peak. Trapped in our disbelief over what had just transpired. Uncertain of what we should do now. The silenced seemed to last a week and a half, or however long it took for this chapter to get published.
She was the first to break the standoff. Suddenly realizing she was still exposed, she quickly covers up with her robe. I saw an opportunity to escape. I swallow my mouthful then turn to run out of the room. Before I could make any significant distance, she grabs my hand. Again, I found myself unable to move and the silence resumed.
It was my turn. I slowly turned around to face my step-mother. She was looking away and using her robe to cover the lower half of her face. Half of her gown was wide open, the half that would be covered by the arm holding me in place. She looked so cute. I heard her mumble something beneath the cloth but couldn’t quite determine what. I choked up enough courage to speak. “I-I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said..”
She cleared her throat then whispered, “I-it’s ok.” She maintained her eye-floor contact. Not that I could blame her.
“I-It is?” I replied bewildered. I looked directly at her face, ignoring her half exposed body. Ensnared by how cute she looked.
She looked at our hands. My eyes followed hers. Her panties, the pair I had just cream coated, were still in my hand. I had forgotten to hide them in my room and was still carrying them when I snuck in! She whispered “It’s only fair… I watched you earlier.” I stood there staring at the panties, my cum oozing onto our hands. She started speaking again. “I thought I might have said something to upset you on the couch.. so I went to see if you were alright..” I looked back up at her. “When I opened your door and saw… I was gonna close the door and walk away…” She trailed off.
My mouth started moving on its own. “I saw you in the reflection on my computer screen.. and, to be fair, I told you to watch whatever you wanted.” I let out a quick, nervous chuckle. She gave me a gentle tug toward her. I sat back down in front of her, and she released my hand. I looked down at my hand clutching her cum soaked panties then back at her. “Are you mad about what I did to your panties?”
She covered more of her face in embarrassment, and there was another awkward silence. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then slowly lowered the robe from her face and pressed it against her chest, above her boob. I don’t think she realized her entire right half was exposed, and I really didn’t want to mention it. She took another deep breath. Clearly, she was trying to collect herself, but the anticipation was killing me. She turned her head back and looked me in the eyes. Apparently, she still wasn’t ready for eye contact. She diverted her gaze downward then quickly looked up after seeing my big meat stick. I moved my hands to my lap to cover my dick. Her voice cracked “I-I..” she gave a quick little cough to clear her throat. Then she made eye contact and tried again. “I’m going to be honest with you. Ok?”
She looked serious but kinda sad. Like she was disappointed in me. I got this sinking feeling that my life was over. After a few seconds of thinking about how bad I screwed up here, I realized she hadn’t said anything else. There was another awkward silence. She was still looking at me, actually waiting for an answer. Like she wanted my permission before she was honest with me. I had a quick little tug-of-war in my head over whether I thought I could handle the truth or not. I looked down and whispered “Ok.” Then, of course, I realized I was looking at her body again. After a little freakout, I went back to eye contact.
Noticing my reaction, she looked down and saw half of her naked body was clearly visible. Immediately she closed her robe and held it tight. She sealed her eyes shut and took another deep breath before speaking. “Ok… Honesty… Yes, I was mad.” My heart dropped. Again I went over how screwed I was. Then it hit me. She had just said ‘was’ not ‘am.’ I looked a little confused. She continued, “Well… Um… You see, those were one of my favorite pair, and I’ve been wondering where they were.”
“Oh…” I said. I wasn’t sure how to feel.
She looked down at the panties. “No.. No. I’m sorry. I said I’d be honest… although that’s not entirely not true…” She shook her head. “Sorry, sorry. I’m rambling.”
I looked up at her, still a bit worried, and whispered, “Wanna take another deep breath?”
“I really do!” She replied almost frantically. She took an extra long inhale followed by an equally long exhale. “Ok… Ok. Yes, those are one of my favorite pair, and yes I was upset that you stole them. I was upset that you were using them to… pleasure yourself.. And I was upset that you jizzed all over them.” Awkward pause as I waited for my punishment. “But… In all honesty, it also made me very happy. So very happy. Way more happy and..” she quietly whispered “turned on..” then returned to her regular speaking voice, “than upset.”
I was dumbfounded. “I-I’m sorry, what?”
Her face turned bright red. I could tell she was fighting the urge to cover her face with the robe again. “Um… You see..” She gathered her thoughts. “Ok, ok. I have a question I need you to answer.” And again I was worried out of my mind, but also intrigued. This whole thing was one big twisted rollercoaster of emotions that was messing me up. She said, “I noticed the porn you were watching had an older woman who looked a lot like me. I thought back to what had happened on the couch… And you had my panties on your.. um.. then right before you.. you, um, finished… I heard you say my name.” Long pause as I waited for her question, knowing I wouldn’t be able to talk my way out of this one. “Then, then, then..” She cleared her throat again. “You were in here watching… um, you know.. and you were so close you were… um.. and then in your mouth.” Her eyes darted around as she talked like she was piecing together a puzzle. I couldn’t help but find it adorable that she couldn’t finish her sentences.
She shook her head for a second or two. Then reached out her arms and made a pushing motion. Like she was trying to push down the anxiety so she could speak clearly. “Ok, ok, ok.” Of course, her pushing motion opened up her robe again. She quickly closed it and held her arms in an ‘X’ over her chest. She looked up at me to see if I’d seen. I immediately looked away. “My question.” She said. I slowly looked back and made direct eye contact. “And I want complete honesty from you. Honesty for honesty. Let’s be an honesty.. house.” She fumbled her words trying to find the right way to end that sentence, but I understood what she meant. I nodded my acknowledgment. Another deep breath. “S-son.. do I turn you on? Sexually… Do you look at.. or think of me se-se.. like that?” She was still struggling. “Do you find me attractive?!” She asked loudly and more definitively. She stared into my eyes as she waited for my answer. It felt like she was looking into the depths of my soul.
I was more than a little surprised. I thought the answer was pretty obvious at this point. She had basically laid out all the evidence. Maybe I could still talk my way out of this after all… Nope! No way out. All I have left is the truth. Hopefully, she’ll show me mercy. “Yes. I think you’re unbelievably sexy. On the couch, I saw some parts of your body and got super hard. I didn’t run away because you upset me. I ran cuz I was afraid you’d see my boner.. and I wanted to masturbate to you. And no, this wasn’t the first time I’ve masturbated to you.” I held up the cum soaked panties. “And I’ve cum in these panties several times. But I wash them regularly and take good care of them!” I put my hands back in my lap and bowed my head in apology. “I’m sorry.”
A delighted and amazed look crossed her face. She was beyond flattered by my response. “What exactly did you see on the couch?” She said calmly.
I didn’t look up. “First, your robe kinda fell to the side, and I could see your left leg all the way up to your butt cheek.”
She looked at her freshly shaved, smooth legs. “That got you hard?” She noticed some movement in my lap. “What was second?” Her eyes were fixed on my crotch.
I swallowed nervously. “Second, when you uncrossed your legs I saw the top of your um… vagina and your bush.” My dick was getting hard just remembering it. I kept looking down and hoped she hadn’t noticed.
She bit her lip playfully, it seems I’m not the only one getting turned on. She fought the urge to reach for her pussy. “Is that all?” She parted her robe, so her pussy, trimmed bush, and left leg were all showing.
I closed my eyes as I put the final nail in my coffin. “I saw your whole right boob from the side and when you brushed the hair away from your face all sexy like I just lost it! I had to go jerk it! I had to run to my room! I’m sorry, and I’m also sorry for throwing the remote at you! I hope I didn’t hurt you!” My dick was at full mast now. I bent over and put my forehead on the moist ground. I was hoping to hide my hard-on while making my dramatic apology.
She moved her robe, so her whole right boob was clearly visible. “So, did it look something like this?”
‘Look something like this?’ Her words rang in my head. Wait a minute… I sat up and opened my eyes. It was everything I had seen on the couch and much more. She was showing me what I had hoped to see. My dick went through the leg holes in her panties and propped them up like a tent. A little bit of precum was seeping through. I didn’t understand why she was showing me, but I definitely enjoyed the view. “Ye-ye-yes ma’am.” I had a hard time giving a straight sentence. “But well, you see. I see more then, than less now. I mean there’s more visible here than there. Um, when we were on the couch. Um…” I’d become verbally crippled! Even though I had just seen her full body naked as she caressed and rubbed her way to a glorious orgasm, seeing half of her now was ten times more hot. Because she was willingly and intentionally showing it to me. I dug a fingernail into my leg trying to reset my brain through a bit of pain. It seemed to work, I finally managed a legitimate sentence, “That’s about the gist of it, yes.”
She giggled a little, trying to hide it behind her hand. Then she looked down at the panty tent in my lap. Her hand dropped to her chest, and she bit her lip. “So, I have another question for you.” She said, eyes still fixed on the creamy tent. “Just out of curiosity, what would you typically imagine doing to me?”
My body betrayed me before I could answer the question. I thought to myself, I’d love to just show her. My body said ‘Excellent idea!’ And before I knew it my body had taken over and was moving on its own. I grabbed her legs and pulled them closer to me. I didn’t waste any time. As soon as her pussy reached the side of the bed, I moved in. I spread her lips and buried my face in her prize box, plunging my tongue as far as I could into her wet pussy. She let out a cry of pleasure and grabbed my head with both hands. My tongue twisted around inside while I drank her juices straight from the source. I kept my tongue deep in her till I was sure I’d pass out from lack of oxygen. Then backed off and licked her twat up and down. Each time I came up to the clit, I’d give it a few playful licks.
I could hear her trying to say something, but I was so filled with lust; I couldn’t tell what exactly. I caught my breath and immediately went for her clit, twirling my tongue around it then licking it side to side. I spread her pussy wider then kissed her clit a few times. On the third kiss, I pressed my lips against her and sucked hard, pulling her clit in between my lips. Her body quivered as she cried out again. I could feel her pushing on my head trying to get me to stop. But I couldn’t. I parted my lips a little more and pressed harder against her. Again I sucked hard. This time pulling her clit a little further into my mouth. Her legs clamped around my head. I could hear her faintly muffled voice through my new earmuffs. She was close, I could feel it. I sucked harder and attacked her clit with my tongue.
With the last flick of my tongue, my suspicions were confirmed. Her whole body tensed up. Her legs squeezed my head like a vice, forcing my head away from her twat about an inch or two. I managed to inhale just before her pussy erupted, flooding my face and mouth with her divine beverage. Two mouthfuls were successfully swallowed before it stopped. Her body relaxed, and my head was released. I sat back on my heels catching my breath. Three full seconds. That’s all it took before my tongue found itself gliding between her labia again.
I could hear her now. “Sensitive! It’s still sensitive!” She cried out. A jolt of pleasure shot through her body with each lick. I finished slurping and leaned back to enjoy the view. “Oh fu…fuck..” she whispered through labored breaths.
More. I wanted more. I placed my hands on her knees, her body twitched upon contact. My hands slid up her thighs, applying very little pressure, as I leaned back in. My hands met at her soaked pussy then slowly and gently spread the lips again. I give her pussy a light kiss. Then her clit. Then bush. I release her pussy and continue to lightly kiss my way up her sweaty body until I reach her breasts. I cup her beautiful DD’s in my hands. I feel how soft they are. I move them a little and watch how they jiggle. Give them a nice, gentle squeeze. Squishy yet firm. I was mesmerized by them. I lightly run a finger across each nipple. She lets out a cute moan. I give each nipple a kiss and move up.
I turn her head to the side and start kissing her neck. Each kiss earned its own moan. I turned her head again and kissed the other side of her neck. I move higher and turn her head till we were face to face. We silently looked into each other’s eyes. I could see many questions in hers. She opened her mouth to speak, but I didn’t let her. Our mouths meet and form my first real kiss. It quickly turned into a passionate one. Our lips spread apart and our tongues danced together. I’m sure she could taste her juices from my mouth.
I placed my left hand on her right boob and started to caress and massage it while we kiss. Then reached down with my right hand and took the cum soaked panties off my dick. I pressed my cock against her wet cunt. Her eyes opened wide as she realized what was now touching her pussy. She seemed a little concerned but didn’t break the kiss. My chunk of man meat slipped between her labia. I start thrusting, moving my dick back and forth in her pussy’s tender lips, making sure not to penetrate. It traveled the full length across her tunnel and rubbed against her clit with every thrust.
I broke the kiss. Before she could form a sentence, I balled up her glazed panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her mouth was filled with the taste of my cum. Its stench filled her nose. My cock ran across her clit again, sending an orgasm shooting through her. Her muffled orgasm cry emerged with erotic beauty.
I watched as her body quivered beneath me. Her eyes had closed, and her breathing was once again labored. It sounded like she was trying to suck in air. The panty gag must be making it too hard to breathe! I thought to myself. I moved my hand to remove them from her mouth but stopped short. She didn’t look like she was struggling for air. In fact, she seemed somewhat aroused. I listened carefully and was struck by an incredible realization. She wasn’t sucking in air, she was sucking my cum from her panties! My dick gave a big twitch of excitement upon receiving this new development. I’m guessing she felt it cause shortly after it reminded her of its presence, she began thrusting her hips. My cock was gliding between her slick walls and over her sensitive clit. Except this time it was her doing! She continued to hump and suck on the panties for a minute or so before she came again.
The moment of truth had arrived. I couldn’t resist any longer. Especially not after seeing how slutty she could be. My cock was throbbing between her labia and on her clit, a sensation she clearly enjoyed. To me, however, each pulsation was its desperate cry for help. My dick was begging to be enveloped. I slid my cock back down the length of her twat as I pulled out. A shiver ran up her spine as my shaft teased her clit for the last time. I lined it up with her warm, inviting cunt and applied pressure. As soon as my tip parted her wet lips, her eyes flew wide open. My body felt like it had turned to stone. We stared into each other’s eyes. I swallowed nervously, “I’m gonna put it in now, ok?” I looked at her longingly, waiting for approval. She maintained eye contact and nodded with a slight smile. I couldn’t have been happier. The time had finally come to give my virginity to my amazing step-mom!
I push it in slowly. My tip made its way through her lips and finally entered her pussy. It was hot and tight, far tighter than I had assumed it’d be after having twins. The deeper I went, the more intense the sensations felt. Her pussy squeezed and massaged every inch of my shaft. It was so hot I worried my dick would melt. It was pure heaven, and I could tell she was feeling it too. Her back had begun to arch at the same speed I was feeding her my cock. She was gripping the sheets and letting out a gradual moan through her gag as I slowly split her in two. I had almost buried my thick cock to the hilt when I hit some sort of wall, which I later discovered was called the cervix. It made me feel so accomplished. Sure, I wanted to shove my whole cock into her pussy and, yes, there was still an inch left stranded in the cold. But it felt good knowing that my cock could fill her up completely. I closed my eyes and took a few moments to enjoy the feelings surrounding my cock.
The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes where her perfect tits. They were calling to me. I reached out and grabbed them both. A little moan escaped from her mouth as my hands made contact. Her pussy tightened a little around my cock like it was giving it a quick hug. I gave her tits a squeeze, again she moaned and hugged my dick. I pinched her nipples, same result. Awesome! It’s like my dick is a pleasure detector!
I slowly started moving my hips, pulling my dick out halfway before sliding back to her cervix. Every time I pulled back, my dick was exposed to the cold air. When I pushed in, it seemed to melt away. It felt utterly amazing and only got better as I increased the pace. I began playing with her tits as I fucked her cunt, curious to see if I’d get the same results as before. It did! Even though I was pounding her snatch like a piston, I could still feel it constricting around me! It got tighter and tighter with each stroke, much more than before. It felt great, but I didn’t understand. Why is it getting so tight? Then I realized what was going on. I was so focused on my discovery that I didn’t notice her eyes had rolled back with pleasure. I was slamming my wrecking ball against the back wall of her pussy. With every thrust, my battering ram pushed through the barrier more and more. It was driving her wild! Each time I hit her cervix, she came, and each time she came, her orgasms increased their intensity.
My balls started twitching. I could sense the end was near, and there was nothing I could do to delay it any further. Her moans quickly increased to muffled yells. Some of those yells had words attached to them, and I could barely decipher them. “SO BIG! SO BIG!! OH, FUCK!!” Apparently, my dick had been growing inside her tight cunt. Each moment closer to my inevitable release was also a moment my cock used to expand. It must have grown a quarter of its typical, erect size and she could feel every bit of it as it plowed into her.
I was out of time. An army of semen charged through my hard, throbbing cock. Without thinking, I released her tits, grabbed her waist, and pulled her against me as I thrust in hard. My earlier wish had been granted. My cock had shot straight through her cervix! That last inch had finally made it to the promise lands. And with that last inch inside, my cock’s head was granted admittance to the private suite. My step-mom’s womb! And it had invited guests! My cock erupted like a volcano. Spurt after spurt blasted against the top of her womb, sending a series of shockwaves through her body. My hot, thick cum poured into her more and more. It wasn’t long before she had a womb-full and, with my dick blocking the only exit, it was going to stay that way.
A beautiful muffled yell rang in my ears, and a massive orgasm surged throughout her whole body. She returned fire. I felt her squeeze around me as she squirted. It was a mini tidal wave that washed over my crotch before dripping down onto the bed. I looked down. Her hands were resting above her pussy, around where a belt buckle would be. Is she hiding something? I hold her hands and try to move them away. She struggled for half a second then let me have my way. Her arms flop to her sides and I look back down. I couldn’t see anything. Maybe I could feel it. I gently place my hand where hers had been. She shivered. I didn’t feel anything other than her soft, hot skin. I press down, she quivers in response. It took me a while, but I put the pieces together. She was feeling her uterus! I move her hands back, and she gives me a smile.
A drop of drool mixed with cum rolled out the side of her mouth as she adjusted the panties with her tongue. This time she actually was having trouble breathing. I quickly take them out of her mouth, and she coughs a few times. Then she just laid there trying to catch her breath. I set the panties down next to her.
I could feel myself starting to go limp. I slowly pull out of her twat and take a step back. The blockade to her womb had ended, and I knew what was going to happen next. One of my favorite shows was about to begin, and I wanted a front row seat! I kneeled between her legs, gently parted her labia, and waited to watch my cum ooze out of her. She seemed familiar with this show and knew what its fan base wanted. She moved her legs back, spread her cunt wide, then pressed her hand down over her womb. That did the trick. It wasn’t long before a steady flow of jizz poured from her prize box. It was beautiful, too beautiful. I looked down, my dick looked as though it was preparing for another round.
I was beyond surprised. After all that had just happened… The thought trailed off as I recounted the events of this evening. I began to panic. Holy shit! I just violated my step-mother! The woman that single-handedly raised me for the last 5 years of my life! I jumped to my feet and stammered for forgiveness, “O-oh my God! I-I’m so so so incredibly sorry! I don’t know what came over me!” I closed my eyes and bowed my head.
She sat up without saying a word and cupped her hand beneath her pussy. She waited for a sizable amount to pour into her small hand then brought it up in front of her. After some examination of the specimen, she poured it into her mouth and drank it. She smiled. She glanced over at me with a puzzled look. It would seem she didn’t hear a word I said… But it didn’t really matter to her anyway. Her gaze falls to my semi-erect cock, still covered in our juices, and her smile grew. She quietly slid down off the bed and crawled over to me.
My eyes were still sewn shut while I awaited her reply. I definitely hadn’t just seen her drink my sperm and was quite surprised when I felt something touching my cock. I cracked open one eye to see what was happening. My gorgeous step-mom was licking our cum off my cock! Both eyes sprung open, and my soldier came to full attention. “What are you doing?!” I practically yelled.
She looked up, very perplexed. Then began rubbing my cock on her cheek as she spoke, “What kinda dumb question is that?” She didn’t wait for an answer nor did she show my cock any mercy. In an instant, she had it deep in her throat. I could feel her tongue dragging across my shaft in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on my fuck-stick. Pulling back until her lips caught on my head then sucking me back down her throat. I fought hard to hold back my cum, but it was futile. She sucked me down balls deep and held her position as I struggled. She could feel me twitching in her mouth and knew exactly what to do.
I stared down at her with my hands covering my mouth and a worried look plastered over my face. She made direct eye contact then winked. I felt her tongue run along my shaft as she managed to stick it out and lick my balls. Checkmate. Sperm flooded her throat. Without backing off, she managed to swallow twice before it became too much. On her third attempt, it had already overflowed back into her mouth and escaped past my cock. She pulls back until only the tip of my head is between her lips and swiftly stokes my cock with her free hand. She was thoroughly squeezing and sucking the last of my cum out of me!
Her stokes eased up as she felt the last of my load shoot into her mouth. When she had collected the final drop, she looked up at me with a smile. I smiled back not knowing what to do. She opened her mouth and showed me my cum. After swishing it around a bit, she closed her mouth and swallowed it. Then she opened her mouth again to prove it was all gone. I couldn’t believe it. Before I could speak, she looked down and took me back into her mouth. While I was still super sensitive! She bobbed twice them proceeded to lick my meat until she deemed it clean.
She stood up, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for the meal!” Then spun around to face her bed. She reached back and grabbed my hand, rubbing her perfect ass on my dick in the process. With a sultry look and another wink over her shoulder, she pulled me along as she walked to the bed. “Won’t you join me?” She asked, “There’s a few things I’d like to discuss with you.” Her walk turned into a strut to showcase her ass for the last two or three steps before we arrived at the edge. She released my hand and crawled onto the bed, making sure I could see her ass and pussy as she moved. When she reached the head of the bed, she rolled over onto her back with a satisfied sigh. Then turned on her side and patted the spot beside her, calling me to join her.
I carefully crawled over and sat down beside her. We looked at each other. “So… what now?” I asked, still a bit tense with anticipation. My hands slowly drift to my crotch. It felt a little awkward sitting next to her with my dick on display. Of course, I knew hiding didn’t make sense anymore. However, even though I’m sure she enjoyed it, she hasn’t actually said how she feels about it. After all, I had essentially just forced myself on her after spying like a creep. At this point in my life, especially having grown up in a house of women, I’ve come to accept that they are very confusing and emotional creatures. No offense intended, lady readers, but you frighten this protagonist.
“Well, first of all, I’m not gonna kick you in the balls, And I’ve already seen it, felt it, and tasted it, so there’s no point in hiding it.” She reached over and slapped my hands. “Let it be free!” She declared. Seeing no point in arguing, and feeling a bit of relief, I complied with her request/demand. Then I spent the next five seconds moving my hands around like an idiot trying to figure out where to put them. She waited patiently for me to make up my mind before continuing. “Secondly, you can relax. You’re not in trouble. I just want to explain a couple things. Then we can discuss how we are going to proceed. As I’m sure you already know, things aren’t just magically going to go back to the way they were.”
I nodded. “Yes, ma’am. I figured as much. Well, actually, I wasn’t so sure about the ‘not in trouble’ part, so that was nice.” I gave a sigh of relief and finally started to relax. “Um… What exactly do you have to explain? It kinda feels like I’m supposed to be the one explaining here.”
She rolled over onto her back and adjusted the pillow behind her head. Once she was nice and comfortable, she began, “I loved your father very, very much. He was a good man. He had several good qualities that I really admired, and he was a very talented man. I know it’s been tough for all of us since he passed away… But there were some things about him that you didn’t know. They aren’t bad things, just things that parents don’t typically tell their children. And these things have made moving on very difficult for me, in addition to everything else of course. You see, I have a very high sex drive and enjoy sex very, very, very much. As you may have noticed. And your father had special talents that allowed him to satisfy me like no one else ever could. Extremely… rare… talents. And It would seem he has passed them down to you..” She trailed off.
It felt a little awkward talking about my father like this. Especially since we haven’t really talked about him since the funeral. But I was very curious to see where this was going and curious about these talents. “What talents did he pass down?”
She smiled as she recalled fond memories. “He was always ready to have sex, no matter the situation. Of course, that’s not too rare in men, but he could really do it. It didn’t matter if he had already cum or not, he could just keep on going and going and going. As for his cum, it was thick and delicious, and he never seemed to run out! Honestly, I really love cum. I love the texture, the feel, the taste, everything. Then there was the way he always looked at me. His lust for me made me feel like the sexiest woman in the whole world. And of course, his cock was amazing!” She quickly sat up and turned to face me. She was clearly very excited. She began waving her hands as she talked super fast. “Baby. Tonight was so amazing. I haven’t felt this amazing in years! You are amazing! With your amazing cock and-and your amazing cum and-and… Baby, just seeing how I filled you with lust was so…” She trailed off again. She seemed worried that she might be scaring me, but I thought she looked incredibly cute in her excitement.
“Amazing?” I helped her finish, again. A huge smile crossed my face. I couldn’t help but feel proud after hearing all that. I felt really special.
“Yeah…” She gave a sigh and relaxed as she drifted off in a daydream. It took her a few seconds to come back. She shook her head then made direct eye contact. “Baby, can I please be your cum dumpster?”
I stared at her like a deer stuck in headlights. “Cum… dumpster?” It’s not like I didn’t know what it meant, I was just having trouble wrapping my head around all this.
“Yes, cum dumpster. Your own personal cum dumpster. A cum dumpster to cover and pump full of all your cum. To use however, whenever, wherever, and as much as you want.” She clarified while staring at me with great intensity.
She just kept saying the phrase like it was normal. “Y-you’re my step-mother-”
She interrupted, “I don’t care. Not if you don’t.”
It’s not like it was a difficult question or anything. I already knew my answer. For some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud. “What about-?”
Again she cut me off. “We’re not technically related. We’re both over 18. It’s perfectly legal, and we’re clearly both attracted to each other.”
I couldn’t believe how determined she was! I started nodding violently and studdered, “Y-yes please!”
Her face lit up with joy at my acceptance. Before I knew it, she had tackled me and begun assaulting me with kisses. She was so thrilled she started expressing her thanks between kisses. “Oh My God! – Thank you, baby! – You won’t- regret it- I swear! I’ll be the best cum dump you could ever ask for!” It was about that time when her body finally caught up with her. She collapsed beside me with a gentle sigh.
“Oh fuck! Mom, are you ok?” I hovered over her.
She gave a weak smile. “I… I’m fine, baby… Just… just tired.” She tried to push herself up but failed.
I smiled back, then took her in my arms and gently picked her up. “It’s ok. Get some rest. I’ll be here when you wake up.” I laid her down on her side facing me. Then fluffed a pillow and placed it under her head. “You’ll need the energy, I promise.”
She looked so happy and adorable. “I love you…” She whispered. And with that, she was knocked out.
I laid down beside her and watched as she slept. She looked so peaceful. Like an angel resting on a cloud. A very naked angel. I looked her body over and thought to myself, it’s hard to believe someone so incredible could become mine.
After a while of admiring the woman lying beside me, I decided I should get some rest too. I’d surely need it tomorrow. As I close my eyes, I notice some of her hair was covering her face again. I reach over and gently tuck it behind her ear, just like I had wanted to earlier this evening. Sure enough, it revealed how beautiful her face was and, sure enough, it stirred feelings of romance. I looked a bit closer and saw some of my cum was still on her face. Then I thought about the fact that some of my cum might be leaking out of her pussy at this very moment. If so…
I slowly sat up, trying not to disturb her sleep. She didn’t appear to notice. I gently pushed her onto her back and spread her legs apart. Still no response. I carefully crawled around her and knelt between her legs for a better view. Her pussy glistened with our combined juices. I reached out and spread her pussy’s soft, tender lips. A small burst of sperm oozed out and dripped onto the bed. That’s all my cock needed to see. In moments, it was ready, willing, and able.
I tried to resist the urge. Told myself she was tired and needed her rest. Reminded myself I could have her all I want tomorrow. All I had to do was wait patiently. But I couldn’t wait. Fuck it. She’s my cum dump. She said it herself. I can fuck her anytime I want, and I want to fuck her now!
I slowly reached under her legs and lifted them up, being extra careful not to wake her. I scoot forward a little then rest my dick on her sweet cunt. She lets out a tiny little moan but doesn’t wake up. My hips begin thrusting at a slow but steady pace, rubbing my cock against the exterior of her twat until it slipped between her labia again. I heard a gasp and looked up. Her eyes were still closed, she was enjoying it in her sleep. I pumped my hips two more times then decided it was time for her wake up call. Without any warning to her, I shoved my cock into her soaked cunt. Plunging in till my balls slapped against her ass.
She let out a cry of ecstasy, and her eyes fluttered open. She was wide awake now! It didn’t take her long to get into it. “Oh, fuck yes!” she yelled. She reached above her head and placed her hands against the headboard to brace herself. She wanted to make sure she didn’t slide away from me once I started pounding. “Pound your slut’s little cunt!”
Those were the magic words! My throbbing cock mercilessly fucked her tight little hole. Pulling back and slamming in at increasingly fast speeds. Her pussy was making sloppy wet sounds that seemed to embarrass her. It was music to my hears. I pushed in until the very tip of my cock’s head had passed through her cervix and held it there. Then I placed a hand on her pussy and quickly moved it side to side, producing a steady stream of sloppy wet music. She cried out her embarrassment as several orgasms rippled through her body.
I grabbed her by her hips and raised her ass until her legs hung over her head. Her face was almost directly below her twat now. A mixture of our love juices was dripping down on the tip of her nose. My cock throbbed its approval as it resumed its assault. It jackhammered her pussy with so much force that the bed started bowing. Each thrust sent my big cock straight into her defenseless womb. She let out a little grunt and a little squirt each time it passed through her cervix.
I could feel a flood of cum swelling up. I picked up the pace and looked down at her face. It was practically covered with liquids and shined in the light. “You ready for your first load as my cum dumpster?” I panted. “Ready for me to claim you as my slut for the rest of your life?” I was really getting into it.
“Yes, Sir!” she answered.
I gave her three good, firm spankings. Her cunt squeezed my shaft as it came from each one. “Are you gonna be my personal sex slave? Swear your loyalty to me and serve as my cumslut?” I was struggling to hold back my cum.
“Yes, Master!!” She was trying to yell her response, but her tits weren’t making it easy in her current position. “I swear to be your faithful fuck-servant! Your personal fuck slave, cum whore, sperm bank until the end of time! Please entrust your precious cum to me! Paint my insides white with your sperm and claim me as your rightful cum dumpster!!”
That was the most incredible thing I’ve heard in my entire life. I rammed my meat deep and unleashed my flood straight in her womb. When I was sure it had been filled, I pulled back and shot a few ropes into her cunt. My cum splattered against her cervix and the surrounding walls. I could feel that I had a few more shots in me and I was determined to get as much coverage as possible. Quickly, I pulled out and spread her pussy wide. A surge of semen was on its way out of her twat, and I had to act fast if I wanted to finish in time. A spurt shot out and flew over her spread pussy. It crashed down just before reaching her clit, but its splash gave her bean a nice coat. Then I closed her twat just in time to fire my last shot all over its lips.
Victory! I had painted her whole pussy, inside and out! Her little cunt belonged to me now. It’s been claimed, my territory has been marked. I felt proud as I looked down at my handy work. My cum had started to rise out of her snatch and roll up her body.
I looked over her creamy twat to see her pretty face below. Her mouth was wide open and catching my cum as it slid off her crotch. Wow, she really did love cum! Maybe I should help. I took my softening cock and dragged it through her cunt, scooping a glob of cum over the edge to land on her tongue. She gave a gargled thanks.
When the flow died down, I slowly lowered her ass onto my lap. She swallowed and gave another satisfied sigh. I placed my hand on her glazed twat and asked, “Who does this belong to?”
She looked at me with her creamy smile. “It belongs to you, Master!” Her voice was filled with joy. She reached down to her wet bush with both her hands. Her fingers slowly brushed through it as she dragged them up her body before caressing her tits. “All of this belongs to you.”
“Good girl!” I replied cheerfully. One of her hands left her boobs and made it’s way down to scoop more jizz from her pussy. As I watched, I noticed some cum had traveled down a different path, falling backward between her ass cheeks. I put my thumb on her asshole and applied a little pressure.
“Um… Sweety?” I looked over. She seemed a bit concerned. “I know I said you can do whatever but um… can we save my ass for another time?”
I was a bit concerned that she was concerned. We were both pretty tired by now anyway so I decided it could wait. “Sure, no problem.”
She pulled herself up to her pillow and laid back. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I need to clean that particular hole before it can be used. I wouldn’t want my Master’s cock to get THAT kind of dirty. Plus, the author isn’t a fan of scat porn, and we don’t want to risk it.”
I reassured her, “Don’t worry about it, mom. Maybe we’ll have anal in the next chapter. Let’s just get some sleep.” I see her panties in the corner of my eye and get an idea. “But first…” I leaned over and grabbed them. “I think we should put these away, don’t you?” She looked at me wondering what I was scheming. I spread her pussy and slowly started stuffing the panties inside. She gripped the sheets and let out a low moan and shudder as I continue to stuff her already full pussy. When I finished filling her, I crawled over and collapsed beside her. She hands me a pillow. I place it under my head, and we close our eyes. “Now we can sleep.”
She fidgets a bit trying to get comfortable with her stuffed pussy. Then she chuckles. “Actual sleep? Or do you plan on fucking me again in a few minutes?” She reaches over and holds my hand.
I laugh then give her hand a kiss. “We’ll find out.”
I awoke to a pleasant sensation. Something warm and wet was sliding across my meat. At this point, my brain wasn’t awake enough to figure out what it could be, only that it felt great. I slowly pry my eyelids open. I became confused as my eyes came into focus, allowing me to see my surroundings. “This isn’t my room,” I thought to myself, “how did I get here?”
The warm, wet mystery feeling suddenly surrounded my dick. I lifted my head and looked down. There she was, staring up at me with her sparkling emerald eyes, her mouth sealed around the base of my shaft. Everything came back in an instant as she started bobbing her head while maintaining eye contact. After deepthroating a few times, she pulled her head back and released me from her mouth with a loud pop. Her hand took over for her mouth, stroking with a butter churning motion. “Good morning, Master!” Mom greeted me cheerfully, “I hope you don’t mind; I saw your morning wood and just had to have a taste!” Still maintaining eye contact, she returned to my blowjob. This time she combined her mouth with her hand. It was awesome! The pleasure was almost unbearable.
I grabbed a couple of pillows and used them to prop myself up. “By all means, mom. Please continue.” I placed my hands behind my head and watched her blow. “In fact, feel free to wake me up like this every morning!” Suddenly, I felt teeth baring into my cock. “Ow ow ow! Please let go! Please, please, please!” I whined. She bit down harder. “Whyyyy?!” I grabbed her head and tried to push her off as I squirmed. She still wouldn’t budge. I was beginning to get desperate. My dick’s life was hanging in the balance, at least that’s how it felt. I panicked, without thinking I slapped her and yelled: “GET THE FUCK OFF!!”
Her teeth retracted, and she released my dick. She leaned back and rubbed her cheek. I began to apologize, but she cut me off. “Don’t you dare say you’re sorry. You’re supposed to be my Master, Master. What kind of orders involve ‘Please’? Am I your cum dump or your mom?” She glared at me as she awaited my answer.
Anger was rising inside of me. How dare she? I leaned forward and held her by her jaw. I pulled her to me until our noses almost touched. She looked scared and aroused at the same time. “Now listen here, bitch.” I spoke with absolute authority, “You’re MY fucking cum dump, and you better get this through your head! I’m your Master, and you will do as your told.” I let go of her jaw and gently rubbed her cheek where I had slapped her. My voice went soft. “The first thing you need to do is accept that I will be a kind Master. I will be forceful, but I’ll also treat you with kindness.” I could see the love in her eyes as she stared back at me with bewilderment. I grabbed her jaw again and whispered aggressively, “But hear me, slut. If you ever, EVER sink your teeth into my dick again, your punishment will be far from kind and will redefine forceful. Do we understand each other?”
She tried to nod. “Yesh, Mashtah. Ah’m shorry, shir.” (Yes, Master. I’m sorry, sir.) I let go of her, and she fell backward.
I leaned back and rest on the pillows. “Good girl. Now then. I believe you have a job to finish.” I was worried I might have taken it a bit too far, but she appeared to be quite satisfied.
“Of course, Master.” She chimed with a big smile. She scurried into position and began showcasing her cock sucking skills. Her skills blew my mind as well as my dick. It felt like she was sucking out my very soul. It wasn’t long before I felt that all too familiar feeling building up inside my balls. I was about ready to dump a load down her throat. Her eyes got wide as she realized how close I was. She wrapped her index finger and thumb tightly around the base of my cock, forming a makeshift cock ring to keep the flood gates closed. Then pulled her mouth off me, again making a pop sound. “Master, I have a request.” She looked up at me achingly.
I’ll admit, I was irritated to be teased like that. My balls weren’t pleased either. A tsunami of sperm ready to be unleashed only to be denied at the last second. I had an overwhelming urge to grab her head and force it down onto my cock so I could feel my sweet release. “What is it?” I inquired, trying not to show my frustration.
She bowed her head in apology. “I’m sorry to tease, but can I please ride Master’s cock?” She looked back up at me. “I really want to feel your cum in my womb again. It’s the best feeling in the world! Please, Master?” She begged as she fingered herself.
Honestly, I’d have to agree with her. Fucking and filling her uterus was by far the best I’ve ever felt. I was ecstatic to hear she felt the same. I rubbed my chin and pretended to think about her request. Of course, I was going to accept, but the longer I stalled, the longer I’d last in her sweet pussy. I had to give myself a chance to cool down, or I’d blow as soon as I sheathed my cock. “You may ride.”
“Thank you, sir!” Mom said as she let go of my cock and rose to her knees. She reached down to her twat and started to pull something out.
“Freeze!” I demanded as I remembered what I had stuffed her with. She froze. “Stand up. I wanna watch.”
She smiled. “Yes, sir.” She stood up, angled her hips to give me a better view, then reached down and spread her pussy, exposing a piece of the black lace waistline. “Is this good?”
“Perfect.” I placed my hands behind my head. “You may remove your ball gag. Slowly.” She nodded, then reached down and grabbed the edge of her panties between her fingers. While keeping her pussy spread with her other hand, she slowly pulled her cum-drenched panties out of her juicy cunt. Drops of semen fell from the fabric and her twat.
The last bit of her soaked panties left her pussy, and a little stream of sperm spilled out. She took the panties in both hands and presented them to me, showing me the crotch. Then she balled them up and stuffed them in her mouth. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees. The bedsprings made her bounce above me. She caressed her tits and pinched her nipples as she watched my reaction. It was so hot, but I didn’t know what to do, other than watch her have fun. Her hand reached behind her and gave my cock a few good strokes before lowering herself onto it. Her eyes rolled back as my monster split her in half. I could hear her sucking on her gag.
I watched as her tasty twat engulfed my shaft. Her fingers rubbed her clit and toyed with her nipple as she swallowed me whole. Inch by inch until her cervix finally rested atop my throbbing cock. She lightly bounced herself, just enough to tease her cervix. Making my battering ram gently knock on the door to her womb. Her head fell back, and she let out her orgasm cry through her gag as her pussy constricted around me. Then, mid-orgasm, she bounced up and spread her legs apart, forcing herself to come crashing down on top of me. My cock rammed through her and slammed into the ceiling of her womb. Her body started to convulse as her orgasm amplified.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto me, pushing my meat a little bit deeper before I released my tsunami into her womb. My swollen cock pulsated with each blast of cum, and her body twitched in sync. After the second twitch, she began squirting. I could feel her warm nectar splashing against my skin before flowing down past my balls.
She fell forward as the last drop of sperm found its new home. Her soft, perky breasts acted as airbags to cushion her landing on my chest. Her head rested over my shoulder. The change in position caused my cock to pull out a few inches, and I could feel a mixture of our cum flowing down my shaft. I turned my head and whispered in her ear, “Good girl.”
She leaned to the side and pulled her panties out of her mouth, gently tossing them aside before laying back down. “Thank you, Master,” She whispered back as she gently swayed her hips side to side.
Watching that bubble butt move gave me a strong urge I couldn’t resist. An urge I’d been forced to deny for years. I gave a swift, firm spanking to both cheeks simultaneously. She let out a cry in my ear, followed by a low groan as she had another climax. Her body tensed up, and a burst of cum shot past my dick as her twat suddenly tightened. I acted like I didn’t notice and continued to play with her sweet booty, squeezing and jiggling it. My softening dick started to regain its composure. “You have no idea long I’ve been waiting to play with this perfect ass. Or how bad I wanted to touch it. I swear, I’ve spent many nights trying to come up with a scheme that would give me a chance.”
She reached her hands back and placed them on mine, helping me to caress her. Then with a sexy tone, she whispered in my ear again. “Well, it’s all yours now, Master.” She lifted our hands and swung them back down to give herself another spanking, accompanied by a moan of pleasure. “And guess what.” She went back to whispering, “I gave myself an enema between chapters, so it’s open for business!” She jiggled her butt back and forth. Then for a moment, a serious and somewhat annoyed look crossed her face. “Lord knows I had plenty of time.” She said flatly, implying the author was a lazy ass for waiting several months to finish chapter 3.
“That’s great!” I replied, then decided to clarify a bit. “Well, great that I get to claim this ass of yours but not great that it took so long.” I sat up, and she slid back down onto my cock. A shiver ran up her spine, and she let out a low moan as I pressed against her cervix. I gently placed my hands on her thighs and helped her wrap her legs around my waist, my dick tapping her cervix a few times in the process. “However, as tempting as it is to shove my dick in your ass, it’ll have to wait,” I said as I slowly stood up.
Her arms reached up under mine, and she placed her hands on my shoulders to support herself. “Oh? What do you have in mind?” She said with a sultry smile.
I gave her a kiss on the forehead and a quick thrust from my hips. “Despite how sexy you look covered in jizz, I think we could both use a shower.” I walked to the edge of the bed and hopped down. Upon landing, my cock pushed into her womb and earned a little yelp of approval. Then I carried her to the master bathroom, flipped the light switch, walked into the shower, and closed the glass door behind us.
The master bathroom was rather large since my father and step-mom had it renovated. I couldn’t figure out why at the time. Of course, looking at it now, I see the benefits they were after. Extended, white tile shower with glass walls and a built-in bench on the side opposite the showerhead. A deep bathtub wide enough to fit two. Extended double sink countertop, with extra space between the sinks. Fancy toilet and a somewhat skinny urinal in the corner… Ok. Those two (hopefully) didn’t have to do with sexual possibilities, but they were a nice addition.
She gave me a quick kiss. “Master, please let me take care of you.” I nodded and set her down. “Just sit back and leave everything to me.” She said with confidence.
I sat down and watched as she did her preparations. She fetched a few towels, turned on the water, checked the temperature, selected some shampoo, and body wash for me. All while strutting around like she was trying to showcase her body. She made sure to flash me every chance she got.
When she was ready, she detached the showerhead and started to hose me down. “Thank you for your patience, Master.” She motioned for me to stand, and I complied. She took her time and thoroughly enjoyed washing every inch of me. Copping a feel or giving a good squeeze as her hands glided over various parts of my body. She seemed particularly attracted to my butt, though. Based on how many times her hands found their way back to my cheeks, I’d say its a safe bet that it was her favorite place to grope.
When it came time to wash my penis, she bent over at the waist, cupped my balls, and took my semi-flaccid dick into her mouth. Her hips wiggled side to side as she gently blew me. I reached down and squeezed her ass like she had been squeezing mine. Then I ran my middle finger down between her cheeks, across her asshole and pussy. Both twitched beneath my soft touch. I was just about to slide a finger in when she dropped to her knees and released my cock and balls. I looked down, a bit confused, as she started scrubbing my dick. “Ohhh!” I blurted out upon realizing what had just transpired.
She looked up at me and giggled. “Can’t give it a good cleaning if it’s limp.” Her smile touched her ears as she reassured me, “but don’t worry, Master, we’ll get to have more fun. I just wanted to make sure you were thoroughly cleaned.” She finished scrubbing and rinsed me off. Then stood up to give me a deep kiss before declaring her completion. “All done! How do you feel?” Without waiting for my answer, she twirled around to remount the showerhead, adjusting its position to rain down over the back of her neck after she turned back to face me.
“I feel very clean, but somehow very dirty.” I laughed, looking down at her. Her angelic face showed her pride over her accomplishment. “Your turn, my dear.” My hands found their way to her hips, and my gaze fell to her chesticles. A wave of doubt washed over me, and I froze, trapped in my thoughts. All I could do was watch as the water ran down in rivers over her sensual body, highlighting each of its divine features.
After about a minute of motionlessly watching, she waved her hand in front of my face. “Honey? Are you ok?” She asked in a concerned tone. I pry my eyes away from her body to see an equally worried look over her face.
“Huh?” I slowly came to. “What? Oh.. Um, yeah… Sorry.” I tried shaking my head a few times, unintentionally flinging water like a Rocky(D). “Sorry, I kinda froze up.” I attempted to laugh it off but could only manage a pitiful, nervous chuckle.
“Is something wrong?” A hand rose to her mouth, and she lightly bit the side of her finger. It was something she typically did to show her anxiety and concern.
“Sorry, sorry. Everything’s ok. It’s just…” I coughed and cleared my throat before attempting my explanation. “It’s just… Um… Well. I never thought I’d get to see this. I mean, I’ve tried to peek several times, but this is… so different. It’s awesome, and I love it! But part of me feels like this is all a dream or just a big prank… I guess I’m just afraid I’m going to lose this… And I don’t want to lose this…” I closed my eyes and lowered my head in defeat.
A soft, tender hand warms my cheek and lifts my head. “Sweety. Look at me.” My eyes open and meet hers. “This is real, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m yours, and that’s not going to change.” There was a short pause as she thought about the situation. “I understand this is a big change in our lives, especially for you. We can slow down a bit until you feel more comfortable. I don’t mind.”
Suddenly, I heard a voice from below. My penis was yelling at me, don’t fuck this up, bro! We got a good thing going here! “No need to yell, it’s all good now,” I responded out loud without thinking. My mom looked confused. “Sorry, talking to my penis.”
She burst out laughing.
The laughter died down, and I gave her a big hug. “Thanks. I feel better. No need to slow down.” She hugged back. “Besides, it’s my turn to wash you!” With my confidence restored, I was ready for some fun! I quickly spun her around, reached my arms up beneath hers, and grabbed her fun bags, pulling her back against me. My dick pressed against her lower back as I took some soap and began lathering up her body. My hands took great care not to miss any patch skin. After all, they’ve been waiting for this chance as much as I have. Caressing every inch of her body and covering her with white foamy soap, it was well worth the wait.
I had decided to wash her privates last since I was confident I wouldn’t be able to stop myself once I touched them. However, her moaning and provocative movements made sure every second was more sexual than the last. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” I took a short break from washing as I awaited her response.
“No idea what you’re talking about, sweety.” She poorly feigned ignorance. Then she backed her ass up against my fully erect cock and wiggled it back and forth. Her bubble covered bubble butt felt great against my meat.
“Suuuuuure.” I groped her tit with one hand and slid a soapy finger between her labia. After a few strokes, I focused my attacks on her clit and nipple. Her head jerked back as she cried out, leaving her neck exposed. Quickly I bent down and began giving it kisses. A low moan emitted as she had a minigasm, signaling the completion on her cleanse. I gave her neck a few more kisses then whispered in her ear, “Good Girl.” I released her and sat back on the bench, her legs faltered, and she slunk to the floor.
She quickly recovered. “Thank you, Master.” She said as she turned and crawled over to me, much of her body still covered in white foam. “Now that we’ve been cleaned, can we get dirty?” Without waiting for an answer, she wrapped her boulders around my stiff dick and begun my first tit fuck. Her soft fleshy mounds squeezed around me as they effortlessly slid up and down. “Have you been dreaming of one of these too? How does it feel to have my tits wrapped around your cock?”
“Fuck yeah! It feels way better than I imagined!” I was a bit uncertain about how long I could last. After watching her parade around naked and feeling her up from head to toe, I was about ready to burst.
Her boobs slammed down, and the tip of my cock pierced through her lips. She started massaging my dick between her tits as she sucked hard. I didn’t stand a chance. Spurt after spurt, my cum filled her little mouth. She was just about to swallow when I stopped her. “Don’t swallow it yet. Just hold it in your mouth.” She gave a slight nod and continued massaging until the last drop was fired. Then she carefully pulled her mouth off of me and waited for further instructions.
“Good girl. Now stand up.” She obeyed. “Rinse yourself off slowly. And don’t swallow a single drop.” Again she followed her orders. Watching her smooth skin becoming exposed from underneath the soap was more than hot enough to breathe life back into my boner. But the fact that her mouth was full of my jizz made it ten times better.
Once she was all rinsed off, she turned back to me and extended her arms as if to say, “Tadaa! All clean!” I stood up and patted her on the head. “Good.” Without warning, I swiftly picked her up and pinned her against the wall. I could tell she was struggling not to drink her mouthful when she hit the wall, but she didn’t miss a beat. In an instant, she had her legs spread with her feet resting over my ass. And the next, my cock was buried inside my mother.
I was merciless. Pounding my mother’s snatch harder and harder as she desperately tried to contain her precious cargo. Thrust after thrust, my thick cock rammed through her, subjecting her cervix to a barrage of attacks. Each one shooting bolts of ecstasy through her. Her body began to rag doll as her continuous orgasm drained her strength and flooded her mind with pure lust. Her eyes rolled back as she surrendered herself to pleasure.
My cock grew inside her as I approached my limit, spreading her further and further apart. I knew I didn’t have much longer, and I wanted to go deeper. I quickly slid my hands down my sides and under her knees, separated her legs from my waist, and slammed my palms against the wall before slowly raising them. The higher her legs went, the deeper I could thrust. This change in position also drew our bodies closer, causing our chests to collide with each other. Soon my shaft was drilling deep into her womb.
With a final, deep thrust, I unleashed my little white soldiers. My chest pressed hard against her breasts, making breathing more difficult as my cock pulsated deep inside her. She gargled out her orgasm cry as a glob of cum shot from her mouth onto my chest. She closed her mouth in time to keep most of it inside. I leaned back, opening her airway while staying buried in her womb, and watched as her body convulsed its gratitude.
When the flood gates closed, I slowly pulled out and lowered her to the floor. Her hand quickly reached to her pussy to attempt to contain its gift. I turned the water off, squatted in front of her, and gently stroked her hair. “You may now swallow.” As soon as I finished the sentence, I heard a large gulp, and her mouth was empty.
She was panting and trying to catch her breath. I began to think I might have pushed this too far until she spoke. “That.. was… fucking awesome!!” There was a long pause as she prioritized regaining her ability to breathe. “We should do more stuff like that!” She rose to her knees and started her customary cleaning blowjob.
“Agreed!” I said, trying to hide the fact that it kinda wore me out. As I watched her blow, I noticed the cum on my chest. “What’s this?” I asked rhetorically.
She pulled herself off my stiffening cock and looked up. “I’m sorry, Master. You were fucking me so hard I just couldn’t hold it in. I accidentally spilled some of your delicious cum. Please forgive me.” She pled while giving me her best puppy Rocky(D) eyes.
To be honest, I wanted to forgive her… But I’m supposed to be her Master here. “Those puppy Rocky(D) eyes won’t work on me!” I said with authority, then whispered. “this time.” I reached down and placed my hand on her head. “You need to be punished for wasting my gift. Now say ‘Ah’!”
Sticking her tongue out and opening wide, my little slut mother complied with my demand. “Ahhhhh-guh!” Holding her head with both hands, I rammed my shaft straight down her throat. To my surprise, she maintained full submission. She didn’t struggle or complain, not that she could speak at the moment anyway.
After keeping her face pressed firmly against my pelvis for a good ten seconds, I slowly pulled back. As I passed the halfway point, I moved my left hand to the back of her head and firmly wrapped my right index finger and thumb around the base of my shaft for better control. I pulled down on my cock to apply heavy pressure against her tongue. Still no struggle. In fact, she started moving her tongue side to side as I dragged my dick down its length, leaving a thin trail of precum behind. It was like she wanted all her taste buds to be covered with my taste. Of course, I was more than willing to oblige. I drew my slimy path all the way down to the tip of her tongue, at which point she playfully licked my slit a few times before returning to her ‘Ah!’ position.
I gave her tongue a couple slaps with my meat, then slid back into her mouth and began fucking her throat at a steady pace. The texture of her tongue and the constriction of her throat increased my pleasure with each thrust. My hips pumped faster and faster as I smashed her face against my stomach. A pressure had begun to build in my balls when a voice in the back of my head whispered, ‘the human body requires air to survive.’ Shit! How could I have forgotten?! I pulled out as fast as I could and subconsciously stroked my dick while she gasped for air.
I was fully prepared to apologize but, again, my brain had something to remind me. At the beginning of the chapter, she told me not to say I’m sorry. Not to mention, this was supposed to be a punishment. It’s probably better to pretend this was intentional. Even so, shouldn’t I say something? Something that reinforces that this is her punishment, that she needs to learn a lesson, and that I’m the Master here. Hmm… Oh! “You better not waste a single drop from MY pussy.” She finished catching her breath and looked up at me mid-sentence. My tough-guy voice cracked as I said pussy, exposing my uncertainty. She pretended not to notice and opened wide for me. I guess she could tell I was still a bit uncomfortable with this and appreciated that I was at least trying.
Time to finish this. To finish strong and prove myself as a Master. With my next downstroke, I slid my hand down to wrap my finger and thumb around the base while simultaneously stuffing it down her throat. My growing cock rampaged through her mouth as I furiously pumped my hips like a piston. Each thrust brought me exponentially closer to my imminent release. I managed to keep up the pace for about five seconds before my white army was prepared for its assault. With both hands on the back of her head, I smushed her face against me in a last attempt to push deeper. And there, in the depths of my sweet mother’s throat, my little men charged into battle.
I counted each shot. Like the night before, she easily swallowed the first two. This time, however, she kept trying even after the third and fourth shots had filled her mouth. It wasn’t until the fifth shot came shooting through her nose that I realized why she hadn’t backed off like before. I quickly released her head and pulled back just in time for shot six to fly across her face. She began swallowing as much as she could while I painted her face with six more bursts.
When the rain had subsided, I noticed she had one hand holding my sperm in her pussy and one under her chin to save the runoff from her face. Even though she was panting for her life, she didn’t intend to lose an ounce of my jizz. “Good gir-!” She caught me off guard before I could finish my praise. My cock, in its super sensitive state, was back in her mouth. She licked every square inch of it clean before moving to lick my balls. “Fuuuuuuck, I love you so much!”
When she was finished, she leaned back against the wall with a satisfied smile and replied between labored breaths. “I… Love you… too… Master.” Suddenly, a massive belch erupted from her little mouth and echoed through the bathroom. Her eyes opened wide, and her face turned a brighter shade of red in her embarrassment.
I burst out laughing. “Your compliments to the chef, I assume?” She averted her gaze and gave a slight nod. “It’s ok, Mom.” I turned and sat back down on the bench, then watched silently as my cum dripped from her face. It was better than any makeup. My mind drifted off as I thought about how my cumdumpster lived up to her title. My cum had decorated so much of her body. Her mouth, throat, nose, face, stomach, pussy, and womb had been flooded with my semen. I thought about the places I’ve yet to cum-
“Oh my!” Her words pulled me back to the present. “It seems you’re still not satisfied, my dear.” She giggled while looking down. I followed her gaze to find my penis at full attention. Apparently, my daydreaming was super effective!
“Well, you see, my dick is a gentleman.” I fired off a cheap, crude pickup line, “it stands up, so women have a place to sit down.”
She bent over to give it a kiss on its ‘cheek.’ “Why, thank you, kind sir!” She graciously said as she moved to kneel over my lap. I caressed her melons while she prepared to lower herself to her special seat. Her hand gave my surprisingly hard rock a few jerks before guiding it to her pussy. Once she had it lined up, she dropped straight down and engulfed it instantly. Her eyes sealed shut, and her whole body began quivering, signaling another pleasurable climax. “Mmmm, you’re the best Master a girl could ever ask for.” Her lust-filled eyes opened and stared into mine. With a sultry look, she inquired about my plans. “What shall we do now? We seem to have gotten all dirty again.” Two drops of cum fell from her face to her tits, and I could feel a mixture of our juices oozing around our joined crotches.
I returned her smile. “We’ll just have to clean up again. Starting with you, the best cum dump a man could ever dream of.” Her face beamed with a level of pride I hadn’t seen before. My fingers found their way to her nipples and pinched playfully. “Scoop all the cum into your mouth and hold it,” I commanded gently.
“Right away, sir!” She chimed with a radiant smile, then began to slowly drag her finger across her face while giving me the slutiest look I’ve ever seen. After she gathered most of the cum from across her face, she collected the drops from our chests.
“Perfect,” I whispered.
What happened next played out pretty fast. Mostly because the author got lazy, but partly because he kept getting stumped on it for some reason… So here’s the single paragraph version!
Next was my turn. Another thorough cleaning like the first left us both covered in white foam. I turned the water on, she rinsed us both off, and I gave her permission to swallow. We left the shower and dried off before doing the typical follow-up bathroom rituals. Brushing teeth, brushing hair, etc. Then I departed for the kitchen for breakfast. She stayed behind to do whatever it is girls do. I’ve seen her and my sisters do it a few times, and I’m still not sure what ‘it’ is. Not that I’ve ever asked.
(I probably should’ve ended this chapter here, but I didn’t want the Wilde “Harem” series to go further than three chapters without the appearance of another woman)
I was sitting at the table, eating my second bowl of cereal when she walked in and struck a pose in the kitchen doorway. She was wearing a sky blue see-through babydoll negligee with a floral lace pattern and matching panties. “Well? What do you think?” She asked as she spun around to show me the rear.
After choking on my cereal for a few seconds, I wheezed my approval. “I fucking love it!”
She bounced up with a joyful squeal before sashaying over to give me a big hug. “I’m so glad you like it! I just knew you would!” She reached down to my lap and paid her respects to my hardening cock. “I see I have his approval too.”
“Both judges agree, five stars!” I replied while returning the hug, feeling the softness of sexy attire. “But um… could I get a close-up view?” I asked innocently.
Immediately she let go of me and struck a pose with her hands behind her head. “Of course, dear. Ogle all you want!” Her hands dropped to her sides before slowly sliding up her negligee. Her hands glided effortlessly across the silky fabric until she arrived at her bosom. Gently cupping them, she leaned in and licked her lips provocatively. “You like?” She inquired, equally as provocative. All I could do was nod rapidly. She bit her lip then tilted her head slightly upward, displaying her cleavage as she arched her body back to an upright position. Then she quickly spun around, landing with her legs spread about shoulder-width apart and ass sticking out. Her hands swung around and spanked both cheeks with a sweet, clear clapping sound. Looking over her shoulder, she leaned forward and dragged her hands up her back, pulling up her negligee and exposing her panties as she backed her ass up closer to me.
Like moths to a flame, my hands flew to her ass. I was completely mesmerized as I caressed her booty. A couple of my fingers slipped beneath the panty line. Without realizing it, I started leaning in closer and closer until I was only an inch away. Her feminine aroma filled my nose and weighed on my thoughts. More. I want more!
In a fraction of a second, my face had closed the gap. My nose nuzzled through my mom’s panties, finding its home between her tender lips as her ass collided with my eyes and forehead. Her panties began to dampen along her slit and around my nose as I took a long inhale. Her pussy twitched, and she let out an erotic moan.
I was so ensnared that I completely lost track of time. About ten minutes had passed without me realizing. I also hadn’t noticed my mother pleading and negotiating. Saying things like, “What about your cereal? It’s going to be all soggy!” And, “Maybe we could take a break?” But I was somehow able to hear her final plea. After ten minutes of blindly nosing her panties and playing with her ass, I heard her cry out, “I can’t take much more! I’m about to-!”
Oops. I quickly sat back up and severed all physical contact. My mind slowly but surely cleared up. I watched as she struggled slightly to get her footing before apologizing. “S-sorry about that. I was kinda hypnotized by your body or something.”
My mother slunk down to the floor as she panted. After a few seconds, I could see her peering over her shoulder at me. Pure animal lust filled her emerald eyes as she stared me down. Having stood there, bent at the waist, for ten solid minutes of teasing only to be denied her climax at the last second…
Upon this realization, a deep fear set in. I could feel the whole atmosphere of the room shift. The situation had suddenly transformed into something from Animal Planet. Of a mighty lion staring down a defenseless gazelle before it strikes. Waiting for the precise moment to pounce on her prey.
At this point, I was legitimately concerned for my wellbeing. Not that she would intentionally hurt me, but… “W-w-wait. Hold on a second!” I held out my hand as I spoke, feeling like a lion tamer holding a wooden chair. I could tell she sensed my fear. It seemed to feed her strength. Suddenly I felt a hand wrapped firmly around my dick, and I jumped through the roof. Well, technically, my body jerked from the shock and fell out of the chair, but I could’ve sworn I flew a bit.
Lying there on my back, I awaited her attack. Too afraid to look down, I fixed my gaze on the ceiling. She crawled up my body until she was kneeling over my face, and our eyes locked in on each other’s. Again I was too afraid to move. I noticed a thin line of drool run down from the corner of her mouth. The break in eye contact seemed to trigger her attack. After scooting forward a bit more, she dropped down and sat on my face. Her fingers ran through my hair before grabbing it and pulling my head into her.
My nose was back in the damp crease of her panties, but this time she was definitely getting her orgasm. She held my head firmly in place as she rode my face. Her hips thrust back and forth several times, then rotated in circles as she ground her pussy against my face. I was struggling to breathe. My mouth opened in an attempt to find some air, and, after I adjusted to her movements a bit, it succeeded. It wasn’t much, but I was finally able to breathe. However, it was a solution that came with a couple problems of its own. Problems for my air supply.
First problem, my labored breathing was adding a new stimulus to her riding pleasure that she really seemed to enjoy. Her movements increased in speed and became more erratic, leading to the cause of the second problem. At this point, her juices were flowing through her panties, forming little hanging droplets on the other side. Most of which had been caught and smeared against my face. However, with my mouth now open and her movements becoming more aggressive, droplets began falling into my mouth and splashing across my tongue. As more and more of her delicious juices coated my taste buds, I could feel my priorities start to shift.
Desire once again took over my mind as the solitary thought became a necessity. More. I needed more. More of her sweet taste. More of her nectar. I had become a slave to a thirst that could only be quenched by one drink.
I began viciously licking her soaking panties for the beverage of my desire. However, after a moment, my source of nectar was removed. Was it payback for before? I gasped for air and opened my eyes in time to see the answer. She had lifted herself up to move her panties over as much as she could before dropping back down on my tongue. My oasis had returned, and I was drinking straight from the source.
Her hips pumped swiftly as my tongue dove as deep as my mouth would allow. Each pump of her hips, every probe of my tongue, and pass of my nose across her clit brought her racing toward the release she craved.
A muffled cry pierced through my thigh-earmuffs as a river of my mother’s juices serged into my mouth. I greedily drank as much as I could, but I couldn’t catch it all. I could feel her warm liquid run down the sides of my face before splashing against the tile.
Again I heard a muffled sound from my sweet cumdump. It sounded like… “Oops?” I let out a little chuckle as I blacked out from oxygen deprivation…
When I came to, my mom was rapidly slapping my cheek and repeating herself. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Sweet, are you ok?!” I coughed and gurgled my response, and she immediately began apologizing. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I just-” I cut her sentence short with a kiss.
She helped me sit up. “Well, that was interesting.” I laughed.
Once I was confident enough to move on my own, I got back into my chair at the table then looked back at her. She was still a bit worried but seemed to be calming down. “Soooooo… Hungry? I have some cereal here if you want-” My sentence fell short as I looked into my bowl of soup. I could barely tell where the cereal ended, and the milk began. “Well, damn.”
“I tried to warn you.” She said before laughing. “Don’t worry about it, Master. I’ve had a steady supply of nutrition since we woke up.
“Excellent point,” I kind of mumbled as I pushed the bowl away from me. I reached around the box of cereal and pulled out a pen and paper. She looked at them, intrigued. After clearing my throat, I explained their purpose. “So, I was thinking about the whole cum dumpster thing and wondered if we should set some rules or something.”
“Good Idea, Master.” She stood up and walked over to me. “Would it be alright if I sat down?” She gestured to my lap. Looking down, I noticed I had gone utterly flaccid from my blackout. To be honest, I was a bit depressed and surprised by what I was seeing. That was definitely the smallest I’ve seen it since this whole thing started. Before I could say anything about what I perceived to be a somewhat pitiful sight, she began solving my embarrassment with a loving blowjob.
“Perfect. Just perfect.” I whispered in awe. Once her throne was ready, she spread her pussy and swallowed my shaft. We turned back to the table and started working on our “laws.” She did all the writing while I played with and teased her body. (The “Laws of My Cum Dumpster” are gonna be written separately)
We must’ve worked on that paper(s) for over an hour before it came time for each of us to sign it. I gave my signature first, then returned the pen and asked, “Do you agree to be my Cum Dumpster? Again?”
With a big smile, she cheerfully responded, “Of course, Master.” Then began to sign her name on what had begun to look like a legal document. I watched intently as she wrote, watching each letter… L-i-l-i-t-h… because I had a plan… W-i-l-d-e.
As soon as the final letter was bound to our contract, I pinched her left nipple with my left hand and rubbed her clit with my right as I thrust wildly into her pussy. After all the thought we put into our agreement, I was already edging. So after ten seconds, I was filling my official stepmother-cum dumpster.
“Thank you, Master,” she moaned through her quivering orgasm, “for your gracious gift!”
Grabbing her hips, I began to move her in circles on my lap, stirring up her freshly painted insides with my slowly softening dick. “Good girl,” I whispered softly in her ear. “How does this feel?”
She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling. “It feels so good, Master. But may I make a request?” I let go of her as I start to wonder if I was doing something wrong. “No, no, no, no! Please don’t stop!” She cried out as she quickly put my hands back on her hips. “I was just gonna ask if you could nibble on my earlobes…”
My hands went back to work as I moved my lips to her ear. “Like… this?” I whispered sluggishly just before taking her earlobe between my lips. Her body rocked back and forth as I gently bit down.
“Ohhh, yes, Master.” She gasped.
I could sense she was really starting to get into it. Unfortunately, I had to stop this. After all, it’s difficult to play pool with a rope… Without warning, I completely stopped all movements and released her ear to whisper into. “Up.” After a moment’s hesitation, she stood up and sealed her pussy with her hand. She began to kneel for her customary cleaning blowjob when I intervened. “Stop,” I commanded. She appeared confused but obeyed without question.
I had a plan. More like a general goal, I suppose. Either way, I knew what I wanted to do. “Remove your hand from my pussy and put your middle finger in your ass,” I ordered calmly.
Bewilderment overtook her. “B-but, Master… Your precious cum will-” I swiftly reminded her of her position with a firm smack across her left tit. She released a little yelp of pain, then bowed in submission. “Right away, Sir!” While remaining bent at the waist, she coated her finger in our juices and, while spreading her cheeks with her other hand, began to insert it into her anus. As predicted, her unguarded pussy began releasing its cargo. She watched longingly as her reward left her to splash against the tiles below.
I gently placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head to look at me. Sadness reflected from her eyes, and, for a second, I felt bad for what I had just done. That feeling, however, quickly changed to bliss and pride. Not because I had made my mother sad, but because I could see how much it meant to her. I cupped her face in my hands and pulled her in for a kiss. Then, looking her dead in the eye, I told her, “I love you so much.”
Most of the sadness faded, and she returned my feelings in full. “I love you too, Brian.” Again our lips met in a tender kiss. This time, our parted lips freed our tongues to dance together in harmony. A passion fueled kiss that seemed to go on forever.
Even though she thoroughly enjoyed our kiss, the lost gift weighed on her mind. Upon breaking the kiss, she pleaded with begging eyes. “Master, may I please touch my pussy and save what’s left of your cum?”
“Immediately.” I released her and stroked my dick. Her free hand sealed her treasure instantly. “Kneel and finger your asshole,” I ordered cheerfully. My cum dumpster was once again obedient to her Master. Her knees lowered to the ground one after the other. Then she began sliding her finger in and out of her back door at a steadily increasing pace.
Wet dick in hand, I stood up and took a step forward. She watched intently as I began to jerk it in long, slow strokes, mere inches from her face. On a final downstroke, I slid my hand down to the base and held it tight. Her mouth opened in anticipation. “Not yet, slut.” I teased with a wicked smile. Holding her head steady with my free hand, I took my cock and painted a white path down the length of her nose. She giggled her approval as I proceeded with her makeover, dragging my dick across her forehead like a windshield wiper. Then finished off by lightly slapping it against her cheeks. I took care to ensure my dick didn’t touch any part of her open mouth.
Her finger was moving like a piston in her bubble butt, and my dick was almost fully erect. The time had come to enact my plan. As one last bit of teasing, I carefully inserted my tip into her gaping mouth, doing everything in my power not to touch her with it. Sadly, I wasn’t the best at Operation as a kid, and apparently, I hadn’t improved much since. I accidentally touched her tongue, allowing her a little sample before quickly pulling out. Oh well. “On all fours!” I barked. “Turn around and clean up what you spilled!”
“Yes, Sir!” She quickly pulled her finger out of her perfect booty and spun around. Her hand left the sanctuary of her pussy as she leaned down and placed them on the floor beneath her. Then she lowered her head and began licking my cum off the floor.
I knelt behind her and watched as her ass swayed from side to side. Both of my hands made their way to her gorgeously round ass and spread it apart. Even though her panties had partially slid back into place, I could see her beautiful holes twitch ever so slightly as she licked. With my left thumb, I pulled them back to the side and exposed her cream coated orifices. Then my right thumb lowered itself directly onto her little asshole and pressed down. I looked over her ass to see her response. A brief moment of hesitation, then she returned to her task.
I slowly pressed my thumb down into my slutty mom’s tight, warm asshole. The level of resistance was shockingly lower than I had anticipated. I guess having her get it all prepared was a great idea! But the further I sunk my thumb, the more cum oozed out of her twat… Then it hit me. I carefully pulled out my thumb and gripped my hard cock. After adjusting my left thumb to partly spread her juicy cunt, I dagged my tip up through her labia, scooping up a load of cum and rubbing it on her asshole.
My cock ached to try it’s new playground, twitching hard against her defenseless hole. Then my tough-guy performance cracked. Nervously I made my announcement, “Um… I’m about to put it in your butt, ok?” Crap! She’s probably gonna get upset again.
Without looking back, she calmly spoke, “Take it easy at first.” Her soothing tone put me at ease.
Using our cum as lube, I slowly dug my pole into her ass. I could feel the missing resistance from before as her sphincter constricted around me. Every few seconds, I paused to observe her status. After all, I’d prefer her experience to be filled with pleasure rather than pain. Inch by inch, she was taking it like a champ. Through her soft moans, I could hear a change in her breathing. She had taken a short break from her clean up duty to focus on taking steady, deep breaths and relaxing her ass. And it appeared to be working. I could feel the resistance levels diminish.
Finally, I was balls deep in her ass. I closed my eyes and held my position to savor the feeling while giving her a chance to adjust. The sensations were very different from her pussy. It wasn’t as hot as her juicy twat, but it was definitely tighter. Her anus was thoroughly gripping every inch of my dick. Through the pressure, I could feel something pulsating… It was her heartbeat! I could feel her heartbeat engulfing my dick! Fucking her ass suddenly felt far more intimate than before.
Grabbing her hips and pulling her back against me, I drove deeper into her anal canal before slowly pulling back a few inches. “Slowly,” I whispered to myself as I pushed back in. After three smooth, slow strokes, I buried myself as deep as I could. I looked down at her perfect ass and admired its beauty. The sights, sounds, and sensations were driving my self-control to its limits.
In an attempt to stay calm and to stay lubricated, I pulled back until only my tip remained sheathed. With two fingers, I scooped more of our nectar from her cunt. Her body shivered from the sensation of the brief double penetration. I could feel her ass squeeze its gratitude as I applied our lube to the length of my shaft. Then smoothly slid back inside with ease. After a few more steady strokes in and out of her ass, I could tell my stalling attempt was failing. The mixture of pressure, the thought of our source of lube, and the intimacy I found in feeling the heart of my loved one was too overwhelming. I gently placed a hand on my mother’s lower back and apologized, “I’m sorry but…” My last drop of self-control evaporated as her heartbeat pulsated around me once more.
My restraints were broken, like her ass would surely be soon. She cried out in shock as I began my assault, ramming my shaft in and out of her ass. Her bubble butt constricted around me as I violated her colon. It felt amazing! Like she was giving my cock a deep tissue massage. My hips slammed against her ass, sending little ripples across it with each strike. A low grunt escaped her lips each time I thrust deep into her asshole. The force of my thrusts drained her strength and cleared her mind of rational thought. Her arms slowly failed beneath her, causing her head and shoulders to slide down to the kitchen tile. Her face smeared through the semen she had yet to retrieve. Her eyes rolled back, and her tongue freed itself from her mouth as she lost control of her body and mind. As I marveled at the awesome sight before me, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Simultaneously, she felt the steady growth of my throbbing cock as I approached my imminent release.
A deep groan erupted from her mouth as my full size overwhelmed her, “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” Her body tensed up as she reached her climax, increasing the pressure in her sphincter, and enhancing my pleasure. Without thinking, I gave her a swift, firm smack on the ass while thrusting as deep as I could. Her ass instantly clamped around my cock like a vice as she cried out in ecstasy. The pressure was mind-blowingly intense and completely stopped me from moving. I was beginning to fear for my dick’s safety when suddenly, I felt it. Her heart was pounding. Pounding as hard and fast as I pounded her poor ass.
Despite the insane pressure crushing my cock, my white warriors were determined to be unleashed. Thick, hot cum serged into her ass in what felt like never-ending waves. Blast after blast, I began filling her bowels. Our orgasm cries began to harmonize as I thoroughly claimed my newest conquest. Though, to be honest, part of my yelling was from pain and fear that my dick wouldn’t survive.
As our joint orgasm subsided, her hold of me loosened. I began to caress her ass cheeks as I carefully pulled my cock out of ass. My legs faltered beneath me, and my butt found the floor with a thud. Leaning forward, I gently spread her cheeks to get a better view. Her panties had slid over a bit and were partially covering her holes, so I pulled them down to her thighs. ‘Let’s try this again,’ I thought to myself. Once more, I spread her cheeks to admire our handy work. Her previously tight hole was now slightly gaping. I stared in fascination as it slowly closed and awaited the reappearance of my sperm.
I was so fixated I hadn’t heard my cum dump talking to me, “Master?” She asked while looking back at me. The puddle of semen had vanished, and she was propped up on her elbows.
“Yes! I’m here!” I blurted out louder than I intended and made eye contact.
She giggled. “I was asking if you were enjoying the view?” Her breathing seemed a bit labored, and her body showed signs of exhaustion.
With a smile, I returned my gaze to her holes. “Without a doubt!” I said enthusiastically. “I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t come out yet, though.” Right on cue, she began to clench, and a bit of white slipped out of her back door. “There it is!” Her clenching had also released some jizz from her cunt, dropping it onto the crotch of her panties below.
She let out a soft giggle as her head and shoulders returned to the floor to rest. “I’m so glad…” She said in a bit of a sigh. Clearly, she was out of energy. “Master… Would it be alright… if I took a little nap?”
“Sure, mom, let’s take one together.” I looked over at the clock. “Looks like we have a couple hours left before Thing One and Thing Two get back.” Glancing back at her, I inquired, “My room or…” She was out cold. “Guess I’m your uber for the day.” I laughed while stumbling to my feet before picking her up the way firefighters do. Then, slowly but surely, I made my way down the hallway and into my room. Although her room had a bigger and better bed, my room was closest.
I gently laid her down on my bed then fell back into my chair. I watched as she adjusted her position to get comfortable, rolling onto her side to face me. Some of her hair fell into her face, a couple strands landing in her slightly opened mouth. I leaned forward and brushed her hair behind her ear. Just before I leaned back, a thought occurred to me. I looked down to see my cock and balls were still covered in cum. She had fallen asleep before cleaning me off.
What should I do? I mean, I could just go wash it off. It’s not that big a deal. Then again, she really likes my cum. So would she be upset if I didn’t let her have it? I went back and forth in my head for a while before finally coming to the conclusion that she wouldn’t want it to go to waste.
Having made my decision, I stood up and approached her. I looked down at her as I pictured what I was going to do. Just the thought of it was enough to breathe a little life back into my exhausted dick. I reached down, gently opened her mouth, and slid my semihard cock inside. Her response blew me away. While still sleeping, she had begun to suck me off! I couldn’t believe it! The suction wasn’t strong, but that didn’t matter to me. The fact was I was violating my sleeping step mother’s mouth!
My hips began moving on their own, in slow and smooth motions. I could feel her unconsciously cleansing my dick of our juices. After a couple of minutes, I pulled back to inspect my shaft. Satisfied with the results, I pulled out completely and moved my balls into her mouth. She immediately resumed her clean up while I slowly stroked my cock.
Once cleaned, I backed away from her. I grabbed a shirt and some house pants and walked to my door. Before exiting, I turned to take another look at my sleeping mother. She was wearing a thorough facial with a satisfied smile. Our juices had begun dribbling out of her mouth and formed a little creamy puddle. Her panties were still down to her mid-thighs. Two lines of sperm trailed over her ass cheek as the remnants of her creampies formed another pool.
A loving and pride-filled smile grew across my face. I had successfully filled her up and worn her out. She truly is a cum dumpster. Never in my whole life had I been so proud of an achievement. I wished I could take a picture… Oh, wait. I can! I quietly pick my phone up off the dresser and take a picture of my beautiful cum dumpster. Then another… and another… and several more before eventually convincing myself that I had enough.
Then it hit me. I hadn’t taken a piss since yesterday morning. I left my room and darted across the hall to the bathroom with my phone and clothes.
Once I was finished doing the bathroom stuff the author didn’t want to write, I washed my hands and cleaned my dick a bit more thoroughly. Then I fully clothed myself and headed for the door. It was a good thing I had just relieved myself because as soon as the door swung open, I was greeted by the sight of my twin sisters. They had snuck in through the back and were now staring me down with intense anger.
“Um… Hello Mary, Abby.” I muttered, surprised by their presence. Why did they come home early? Behind them, I could see my bedroom door had been opened. The alarm clock on my dresser was showing just enough for me to make out the time. Oh… They didn’t come home early. I had fallen asleep on the toilet… Well, that’s embarra-… Oh, Shit!! Mom!! They would’ve seen what I did to her! Fuck! My only hope now is that she already woke up and cleaned herself up in time… Looking back at my sisters I could tell they saw through my failure of a poker face and were quickly running out of patience. With a bit of fear, I managed to speak to my firing squad, “What’s… up?”
Unknown to Brian (our main character, whose name has barely been mentioned), his twin sisters had just entered through the back door and were heading straight to the kitchen. Not to be confused with Brain entering the “back door” in the kitchen.
Mary was the first to reach the kitchen, moving straight to the fridge. “Aaaaaaaaabbs,” she whined while she stared into the refrigerator. “I’m hungryyyyy… Make me something.” Her body seemed to deflate with her laziness as it drifted side to side. Both girls appeared tired from their stay at their friend’s house.
Abigail, following a couple of feet behind, peeked over her sister’s shoulder. “Didn’t mom make something?” She inquired.
Suddenly, the author came to a realization. He had gotten so caught up in being naughty in chapter three that he forgot to include the scene where Lilith makes herself breakfast. The scene he had planned to use to further the plot in this specific scene, leaving him to come up with another way to progress the storyline.
The author stared at the monitor as he thought, occasionally looking through the previous chapters to jog his memory. Then he had an idea. He returned to this page and inched closer to his computer. “I bet cereal would taste pretty good right now,” he said, remembering the cereal was next to the contract.
“How ’bout some cereal?” Abby asked, humoring the author.
Mary sighed. “I guess so.” She mumbled in disappointment before picking up the milk and closing the fridge. “What kind do we got?”
Abby walked to the cabinet where they kept their cereal, opened it, and began reading their noncopyrighted names. “Sargent Crunch, Fruit Circles, Bran with Raisons, Cinnamon Squares…”
“Psst!” The author whispered, “What about the box on the table?”
Both twins rolled their eyes and flatly said, “Gee. I wonder what’s on the table.”
“Moron…” Mary whispered as they walked toward the table, her twin nodding in agreement.
Again they harmonized their unenthusiastic tones. “Oh, look. A box of cereal on the table.” Upon further inspection, they noticed a few things were accompanying the dumb box — a bowl of soggy cereal, a paper, and a pen.
“Ugh!” Mary grunted her annoyance of her stepbrother. “That fucking loser left his gross stuff out again!” She picked up the bowl and dumped it into the sink.
Abby, however, was more curious than her sister. Sure she shared Mary’s sentiment over Brian leaving his stuff lying around, but she preferred to use it as leverage. After all, holding his stuff ransom was an excellent way to make him do their bidding. “Looks like his homework is gonna get our rooms cleaned!” She chimed as she picked up the paper to see how useful it would be.
Leaving the bowl in the sink, Mary returned to the table. “Sweet! Cuz, I really didn’t feel like doing anything today…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the anger and disgust on her dear sister’s face. “What’s wrong?”
Without saying a word, Abby handed the signed contract to Mary.
Herein lies an agreement formed from love and written with lust. A shared desire to keep one another happy and sexually fulfilled. To indulge in our carnal desires through the relationship of a caring Master and a naughty servant. In such a relationship, setting boundaries is essential to ensure that both Master and servant thoroughly enjoy themselves and each other. These will be our rules.
The Laws of My Cum Dumpster are as follows:
#1. Your body belongs to your Master. He will use it, however, whenever, and wherever he sees fit.
#2. You will obey all of Master’s commands in a timely manner.
#3. You must refer to your Master with a proper title. You may call him Master or Sir.
#4. Cum is your greatest reward. Show gratitude upon receiving it.
#5. Never waste Master’s cum. If it leaves your body, it must be returned to your body.
#6. Never hold back an orgasm unless specifically told to do so.
#7. Your outfit must be approved by Master.
#8. Keep your asshole cleaned and plugged when not in use. (Within reason)
Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment. If you break one of Master’s rules without his knowledge, you must inform him as soon as possible, ask to be punished, and ask to be forgiven. You may then suggest a method for your punishment.
Punishments include:
#1. (To be determined)
The Laws of My Master are as follows:
#1. Master will treat you with respect.
#2. Master is responsible for your health and well being.
#3. Never abuse or injure.
#4. Never permanently alter your body without your express permission (i.e., tattoos, piercings).
#5. Obey the safe word as soon as it is used.
#6. Always fulfill the needs of his Cum Dump.
#7. Maintain reasonable hygiene.
If Master breaks his rules, his Cum Dump may punish him in a manner of her choosing.
If, for any reason, you wish to stop whatever may be happening, simply say the safe word “pineapple.” All actions following the safe word must be made with the intent to end whatever may be happening safely. If the safe word cannot be said, a gesture can be used in its place. For the gesture to be recognized as a substitute safe word, it must be made three times in quick succession. Gestures include but are not limited to tapping, snapping fingers, or squeezing a part of your partner.
Rule and punishment changes, additions, or deletions can be negotiated during quiet times. If you understand and accept these terms and conditions, please sign.
Cum Dump
As Mary finishes reading, Abby points to the signatures at the bottom. “He forced her to sign this crap.” She growled.
She quickly crumpled the paper and threw it at the trash can, completely missing it. “Aw, hell no!” Mary yelled as she and her twin marched to the pervert’s room.
Abby reached the door first, flinging it wide open as they prepared to unleash their rage on him. Both stopped dead in their tracks by the horrific sight of their brother’s bed. Their beloved mother was lying there, passed out, and riddled with jizz.
“Oh my God,” Abby whispered as she began to tear up. Her despair quickly turned to anger. “He raped her!”
“He’s dead.” Mary declared. A few seconds later, they heard a faint squeak of the faucet turning in the bathroom across the hall. Followed by the sound of running water. “Abbs.” She whispered, pointing at the door.
Knowing full well that Brian usually locked the bathroom door, they stood there waiting for it to open. Waiting for their moment to strike.

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