Hot Indian wife was taken my Asif while hubby is watching

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This story is about how the thoughts of sharing my beautiful wife Geeta started in my head. Geeta is a 28 year old lovely Indian girl, who was well cultured and with a traditional mindset. We met in our hometown in India and soon got married. Currently, we both live in east coast US. I had this job lined up at time of our wedding.
I was a highly protective lover and husband. I would never dream of sharing her with anyone else. I did not even prefer her to wear revealing clothes when we went out on a date or for meals. But things started to turn soon after the marriage and some incidents provoked my feelings to make Geeta a hot wife.
I received my appointment letter for a job in US about a week after my marriage. Once the VISA formalities were over, Geeta asked me to take her to a beauty parlour. She knew it will be much more expensive in US. We went to a well-known place called Habib’s in South Delhi.
She wore a skirt and a lose top. She had to get her waxing, facial and hair cut done. I was relaxed about this place as most work is done by female employees. It is only for the hair cut that a male attendant was assigned.
My newly wedded wife was getting her legs, arms waxed, and I was hoping she also get a Brazilian wax done. I was excited about getting the opportunity to play with her lovely clean body later in the night.
The hair cut was planned for the last. She was asked to enter a small cabin in the corner, and it had a separate chair for me to sit and watch. A male stylist approached her introduced himself as Asif. He discussed requirements with Geeta. He also said hello to me and asked for tea/coffee. He got someone to wash Geeta’s hair before he would start his work.
When Geeta returned after the hair wash, Asif started his work. He was going about trimming the length of her hair. He would also share some jokes and make Geeta comfortable. He would take his time running his fingers through her hair. He would also slowly move them down from her neck. I was watching how his fingers would constantly touch her neck, ear, and side of her face. So far, I did not think much of it.
Towards the end of the haircut, he moved her hair down from her shoulders and asked her to look down. He then proceeded with slowly massaging her neck and back. As he was massaging her back, he looked straight in my eyes and gave me a wicked smile. That moment defined my marriage with Geeta in future. A stranger was feeling up my wife and looking at me with arrogance. How was I supposed to react? My initial reaction was to break the eye contact and look down. This must have given him more confidence. Geeta was probably unaware on what was going on. She was feeling relaxed getting her back massaged. Asif then proceeded with hands around back of her neck and slowly started to massage it.
He did soon wrap up the massage and gave final touch to the hair cut. Strange feelings were running up and down in my brain. I felt angry but thrilled at the same time.
Just as we were settling the payment, Asif came over and passed his visiting card. He mentioned he also does home visits in the area.
That evening while doing sex with Geeta, I could not get Asif out of my brain. Thinking about him feeling up my wife Geeta, made me hard.
We still had 2-3 days before leaving for US. Geeta wanted to do more shopping during this time. We went to a few places and it all got very hectic. Next evening, she was complaining about a backache. This was probably due to lot of walks and carrying those shopping bags. Without thinking much I spoke — “Why don’t we get Asif to come and give you a quick back massage?” He did a good job the other day. At first, she was like that is not a good idea and even I was worried about inviting him to our flat. But then my brain waves were imagining him starring at me, while running his hands over her back. I told Geeta that it was OK for him to come for an hour. He will just do a back massage and possible wash and blow-dry your hair.
Geeta said OK to the idea and I quickly picked up my mobile to call Asif. He was not too surprised to hear from me. He said he expected a call and he will be happy to visit us after-work. We setup an appointment for him at 8:30 in evening.
Geeta had a quick shower. She decided to put a lose pyjamas with a short t-shirt. This would easily give Asif access to her lower back for the massage. She smelled very nice after the shower.
My heart was pounding hard. I did not expect much to happen but the idea of still watching Asif massage my wife’s back was making me both excited and nervous.
Exactly at 8:30, our doorbell rang. I went to open the door. Asif was standing outside with the same arrogant smile. He had a small bag in his hand. I invited him inside.
Geeta came out to living room and greeted Asif. Geeta explained the pain points in her lower back.
I thought he would get her to sit on a chair facing backward to do the massage. Asif had other ideas.
Asif mentioned that he will have to massage the entire back. Also, he needed some sturdy support so it is best to do this on a bed. I could see some nervousness on Geeta’s face. Clearly, she did not want to bring Asif to our bed. I had to jump in the conversation and mention it is OK. Asif again gave me an arrogant smile and this time also a thump up sign.
Geeta lied down on bed, with her face down. Asif opened his bag and got various oil out. He asked me to bring some towels. He then softly asked Geeta if it is OK for him to pull her t-shirt up. She softly nodded, while looking at me.
Asif started pulling the t-shirt up. I thought he would just expose her lower back, but he carried on till he pulled it all the way to the top. My wife’s bra strap was clearly visible. Asif started to apply oil and massage her lower back. He did know what he was doing. It really started to relax Geeta. Also, the aroma from the oil he was making her sleepy. He used his fingers and thumb around the lower back.
Asif then told Geeta that he should massage her entire back. This will ensure that pain do not simply move to her upper part. She again nodded OK. I guess she could not refuse the offer of a full back massage. He then told her he will have to unhook her bra to get full access. I could not believe what I just heard. Here was my newly wedded wife, lying down on our marital bed and a stranger was asking if he could unhook her bra. She simply looked at me, so did Asif. I slowly muttered “yes Asif, please go ahead”. Why did I not do it myself? Why did I not say, that’s not needed?
Asif unhooked her bra with his fingers. He next moved the bra straps on each side. Now he had full and clear view of her back. He was moving his hands up and down. He also moved her hands on top of her head. Geeta was enjoying the massage. I could feel it in her body reaction. Asif kept looking at me while doing the hand movements. Without asking, he also pushed her pyjamas down slightly. She was too shy to complain, I could see top of her ass crack now. Asif behaved as if he has done nothing. He kept rubbing his hands from top of her back, all the way down to her bum.
Asif was clearing having a lot of fun. He then asked Geeta how she got the backache. She mentioned all the walking and carrying heavy shopping bags. He quickly asked that he should then also massage her feet and legs. Geeta was not too keen with this idea but I chipped in and said “why not”. This was all that Asif needed. He slowly started pulling down my wife’s pyjamas. Geeta panicked and said, “what do you think you are doing?” Asif responded without slowing down that he cannot possibly massage her legs without removing the pyjamas. He also mentioned he has already seen her legs when she came for waxing so no need to be shy.
Before either me or Geeta could say something, her pyjama was on the floor. Now, I could see my newly wedded wife just in her panty and open bra. Asif started to massage her legs. His hands were moving right from bottom of her feet, all the wat to the top of her legs. He even parted them to get full access. I was in a shock but enjoying the view.
After few minutes of massaging her legs and back, Asif asked me to go get a drink for him. I grabbed some beer for me and Asif.
A stranger was drinking beer with me, as my beautiful wife was lying down in our bed. After finishing his beer, Asif asked Geeta to turn over so he could massage her feet and lets from the front. Geeta looked at me, almost pleading me to stop the massage. Asif gave me the look and that smile, I simply did a hand gesture to Geeta to turn over. She held the front of her Bra as she turns over, trying not to expose her breasts.
Asif moved her hands sideways, leaving her Bra loosely placed on top of her. He started to massage her legs and slowly parted her legs. We both could see a wet patch in her panty. Sure, Geeta had a Brazilian wax at parlour and Asif knew about it from his female colleagues. He winked at me, pointing to the spot. Geeta had already closed her eyes. She was feeling shy but probably enjoying the sensual massage. Asif started to massage her head. In a shock move, he picked her Bra from top of her boobs and threw it down the bed.
My eyes popped out in a shock. Geeta moved her hands to cover her boobs. Asif held her hands and moved them sideways. He started applying oil on her boobs. He asked her to enjoy the boob massage as it is his speciality.
I should intervene now and put all this to an end. But I was too thrilled to stop all this. She was clearly enjoying him touching her nipples.
I very well knew there is no going back from this point onwards. I was not wrong. Asif slid his hand into Geeta’s panties. Before she could react, his fingers were exploring her pussy while his tongue was licking her nipple. And his eyes were staring at me.
Soon he let go of her and started to undress himself. He had a big tool. He asked me to stay dressed and to just watch. Next, he pulled her panties down. He threw them in my direction.
Asif took a condom out of his bag, clearly he came prepared. He pushed Geeta to the end of the bed and put her legs over his broad shoulders. He looked at me, as his big tool entered Geeta’s pussy. He again gave me a thumb up sign. He fucked her hard for some time in that position before moving her to various other positions. He showed no sign of slowing down. My wife of few weeks was put to good use by Asif.
Geeta was fully participating with Asif. She was enjoying the thrust and following all his instructions. At one point, she was riding his tool while giving me the looks. Asif took Geeta to a different world and made her a personal slut.
Next he asked her to get on her knees on the floor. Her back was toward me. Asif stood in front of her, facing me. He moved his tool in her mouth and asked her to suck it hard. She obeyed. I was looking at Asif with my wife’s panties in my hands. Asif gave me the wicked smile again.
Geeta moved to Rocky(D)gy position and that was an ultimate view. Asif fucked her as a personal little bitch. Finally, Asif came inside Geeta. They both finished off with loud moans. Asif gave me a high five, before picking his clothes and getting dressed. He still made me pay for the massage service.
He kissed Geeta hard before leaving.
Geeta did not allow me to fuck her that night. It was a new beginning in our relationship and it’s got stronger and stronger from that day onwards.
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