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Housewife Sona blossoms sexually

130 Min Read

It all started when Prem saw this very attractive lady in one of the community meetings. The minute he saw her, he decided that he was going to marry her. Though she was two years older than him, he persuaded his parents to talk to her parents for the marriage.
His parents were hesitant for this relation but on Prem’s persistent requests they met with the parents of the girl. They knew it well that her parents would not at all object to his boy. After all he had the best of reputations (character wise), had the looks of a chocolaty hero and was successful in business as well. He was more like a jackpot for any girl. As expected, the girl’s parents agreed and their marriage happened within a month.
Prem made sure that his wedding was itself a memory for his bride, Sona. He spared no expense and effort to make it a super success. Sona, coming from a lower middle class, was apprehensive about the expensive marriage. The way Prem handled everything, especially her side of the guests, relaxed her much. You can even say she started to fall more in love as she saw him take care of everything and everyone.
It was all like a fairy tale. He saw her, he liked her and he married her.
Before the feeling of being married sunk in, their first night knocked on the door. Prem talked and talked while Sona waited in anticipation of ‘things’ to come. Sona felt quite shy to take the initiative but she was forced to (the night was turning to dawn). She slid close to him so he could get the hint and take ‘some’ initiative. It was not to be. Sona was forced to take his hands into her and guide it onto her bosom. It is then that Prem realized that he was supposed to do these things. Prem was a virgin at this moment and did not know what to do next. Mustering enough courage, he pressed her boobs like the b grade porn movies. Five minutes into the foreplay, he was nude and trying to push his dick into her cunt, again just like the porn movies. The touch of his dick on her cunt made him excited enough to cum. He controlled somehow. He somehow slid his dick into her cunt. The way her cunt was clutching at his dick, made him cum in 5-10 strokes. He rolled over and, within a matter of minutes, was asleep. It left Sona irritated. The thought that her husband was so excited inside her that he came in 5-10 strokes made her quite happy too.
Prem surprised Sona with a honeymoon trip the next day. He showed her the tickets to Goa. Sona was totally surprised at this gesture of his. She had always imagined going to special places with her husband. She felt butterflies in her tummy imagining things that they would do in Goa.
The story with the honeymoon too was the same as her first night. They did make love 2-3 times a day but the story was the same as their first night, 5-10 strokes and the story would finish. However, their other parts of life grew – love, care and understanding. Sona was not feeling frustrated ,yet, because she never knew (till now) how long a man was supposed to make love to her, what an orgasm meant and such stuff.
Coming back, they both got busy with their respective lives. Prem continued to love her, lust her and take care of her. Sona continued to take care of Prem, his home and his body. A few years flew by. They were the happiest of the couples in the neighborhood.
Ever since Sona came into his life, Prem’s business grew leaps and bounds. No need to mention his profits increased multi folds. Being a jeweler, he gifted her all kinds of waist chain, nose rings and anklets. He even got her a special cunt ring – it was removable kinds. All this fancy gifts meant only one thing, he was spending a hell of a lot on her. The only time he spent on himself was when he shopped for her lingerie. Fishnet being his kink, he spent a lot to buy all kind of fishnet stockings, fishnet lingerie and stuff.
In short, they were happiest around each other.
Part 2: The Neighbor
It all happened during one of the festive seasons. Holi is a festival of colors. The colors being used in this community were organic ones. The food served was home made. It felt as if it was a family get together of decent, like minded people. It was a way one would get to know each other, interact with each other so the intimacy of the neighborhood was maintained.
Faces and bodies were smeared with color. Use of wet colors made the clothes stick to bodies. Everyone was eyeing the counterpart genders but in a decent way. Sona was playing Holi with her female friends while Prem got busy with his male friends.
Sona observed this new guy in the neighborhood for the first time – A tall, handsome Greek god. (It is hard to explain every feature of his body but will try my best as story moves on). The attraction was magnetic. She felt guilty being attracted to a stranger but it was something she could not control. She eyed him casually, tried to size him up too. The more glances she stole, the more she was attracted to this new stranger in the community. She could see that he was eyeing her as well. Their eyes met several times during the glancing game.
Prem, being the friendly guy, decided to meet the new neighbors. They introduced themselves as Ravi and Poonam. Ravi was quite a warm person. The same could not be said about his wife though. She seemed pretty uptight and stern. Sona joined them.
Water, mixed with the organic colors, was dripping from her hairs onto her body. Sona looked sexy as hell. Every male member in the community was eyeing her, subtly though. Her curves were accentuated as the water made her sarree stick to her body. Her puffy, hard nipples did not help her cause much. She was trying her best to hide her body behind her sarree but the effort was in vain. Every movement of hers was being observed by people. Every time she put color on someone, every time she drank juice, every time she ate something, every time she talked with someone – she was being observed. It was the same every year but this year there was something different. It was Ravi – His wet body, his shameless glances meeting hers and a magnetic attraction beyond control.
Her body was simply deserting her. Her nipples were hurting inside her bra and so was her cunt. She was kind of forced to tell Prem that she was pretty excited, wanted to go home and make love this very moment. Prem was not complaining. They started to kiss in the stairs. The clothes started to come off as they went up the stairs. They somehow opened their flat. Once inside, they started to make love. The only difference today was that Sona was having fleeting glimpses of the hunk she had just seen while Prem made the familiar 5-10 strokes in her cunt.
Sona spent the next few days trying to know all about Ravi. The few things she came to know where that he was living in the flat just opposite hers. She could see everything that happened in his flat since her flat was a story above his. She tried to subtly catch everything that went on in his flat.
In a few weeks time, she knew a hell lot than what she was supposed to. She knew Ravi’s schedules, his wife Poonam’s schedule, she also knew every other owner of flat in Ravi’s building. The only few things she did not know were – why she was doing all this weird stuff? Why was her need for sex skyrocketing?.
Prem and Ravi soon stuck a good level of friendship and became regular beer buddies. They would be in each other’s company every weekend. Poonam was quite verbal about Ravi spending the weekend with Prem. Sona did not mind it at all. It was just the other way around for her. The more time Ravi spent at her place, the more she loved it. She was absolutely fixated on his strong body. She was a big fan of his athletic, nerve rippling body besides his charming personality. She was blushing all the time when he was around.
Six months down the line, Ravi became really close to Prem. He was discussing everything about his life with him. Ravi told Prem quite clearly how cold Poonam was. He also told Prem that he was one lucky dude to have a wife like Sona. Their friendship grew closer by the passing day.
Sona did not have any kind of sexual feelings (yet) for Ravi. However, it was going to change very soon. This episode happened when Poonam was away to her mother’s place.
It all happened on an early monsoon morning. It was raining heavily outside. Sona peeked into Ravi’s flat by habit. He was busy humping a girl. Sona felt a shiver run up her spine. She knew it well that Poonam was not there. The idea of Ravi fucking someone else was so sinful and yet she was absolutely in trance seeing his nude, manly body. Sona was absolutely hot and shaking seeing them. Ravi kept on humping her for quite some time. Ravi’s fucking was making Sona wet. It was something totally new for her. She was amazed at the number of strokes Ravi made.
She did not know what to do. Whether she should keep on looking at them or go hump her own husband. She decided for the latter. She woke Prem up and made love. The story again ended in 5-10 strokes. She came back out to check what was happening at Ravi’s place. He was going stronger and wilder at her. She realized it for the first time that there was something more, much more, to what she did with Prem. After all, her cunt was still on fire.
Prem soon went away for his work. Sona again peeped into Ravi’s flat. She was him going at the girl again. Sona felt her pulse quicken as she realized that the girl had the same body structure as her. Sona was in a trance seeing Ravi perform. She was quite taken aback as their eyes met, Ravi did not stop what he was doing.
The next few days went avoiding each other (Sona and Ravi). She knew it well that at some point of time, she would have to face him though.
As luck would have it, Prem was to go away on a trip for 3 days. He asked Ravi to help Sona out with anything required. Since her told it in front of Sona, she would not be able to avoid Ravi anymore.
Ravi came in the very same evening.
Ravi: “Hello Sona. Ravi told me to take care of you while he was away. Do you require anything?”
Sona felt quite ashamed and shy to even talk to him but it was not an option. She also was anxious to know who the girl was.
Sona: “I am sorry Ravi.”
Ravi: “What for?”
The silence was almost deafening.
Sona: “You know it quite well what I mean. Why are you still asking me and making me uncomfortable?”
Ravi: “It is quite decent of you to offer an apology but I am the one who is more of a culprit here. So I should be the one apologizing.”
It was an odd moment for Sona. She did not know what to say, what to ask and how to react.
Sona: “Why should you be sorry?”
Ravi: “I should have closed the window. It was just that I was having sex after a very long time. The weather too was such that I could not help myself.”
This confession left Sona hot all over. Her face burned as she blushed and her body burned reliving the memories.
Sona (blurted out): “Why did you have sex after so long? You don’t do it with Poonam?”
The minute she asked the question, she knew she was in further trouble.
Ravi: “Poonam is a very cold person. She can kill your enthusiasm in minutes. So anything related to sex is like a dream for me.”
She absolutely felt sympathetic for him. She wanted to know whether that girl was a whore or her long time girlfriend but she decided to refrain from asking.
Sona: “Since we are sorry for what we did. Let us behave like mature people and act normal when we meet next.”
Ravi: “Agreed.”
She felt really happy to reconcile with Ravi. The next day Ravi again came towards the evening to give her company, routine visit.
After the basic pleasantries were over, Sona offered him refreshments.
Ravi: “Sona, I truly wish I had a wife like you. You are so open to things. Prem keeps telling me things.”
Sona blushed, who doesn’t love being praised. She wondered what all had Prem told him. Sona just smiled and sipped her tea.
Ravi: “Seriously. Had it been Poonam, she would have made such an issue out of this whole thing. It is kind of living hell for me to live with her.”
Ravi continued, sipping his tea, his eyes assessing her reactions. If he sensed that Sona felt uncomfortable, he would stop. Sona did not mind giving him a patient ear to hear out his problems. By the time he completed his side of the story, Sona had nothing but sympathy for him. Ravi looked visually relaxed after sharing his story with Sona. He excused himself as it got rather late sharing his story with Sona.
Sona felt even closer after the last conversation. It seemed she did not mind what Ravi did. The first seeds of justification for cheating had set in and she did not even realize it.
It was night soon. Sona being alone was not able to sleep. Out of curiosity, she once again peeped into Ravi’s flat. This time she hid behind the curtains as she peeped. She was disappointed to see nothing bur darkness in his flat. She turned her lights off and went to sleep. Sleep was a rare commodity for her today. Her mind was totally filled with the discussion she had with Ravi in the evening. The more she remembered the discussion, the more the flashes of what she had seen came through. The more flashes she saw, the hornier she was getting. She got up to have some snacks, to her utter delight – the lights in his flat were back on.
She positioned herself behind the curtain, what she saw was going to change her life, forever. She saw a full blown foreplay, followed by oral fun and then a hectic wild love making session. The whole session lasted for more than two hours. It not left Sona desiring sex, it also left her with many, many questions. She never experienced such stuff with Prem. Was Prem doing it right? Was Ravi a better lover?
She was left hanging for answers. She did not know whom to ask for answers.
Ravi came up the next evening as well. She felt more relaxed and so did he. The conversation was very general kinds. Ravi felt nervous though, Sona was looking at him quite differently today.
Ravi: “Why are you looking so differently at me today? Something doesn’t feel quite normal.”
Sona just blushed, wished she could tell him about the flashes going in her mind’s eye. She just smiled naughtily back at him. Ravi could feel a stirring in his pants seeing her sexy smile.
Ravi: “What?”
The silence followed by this question felt like eternity. How could she tell him what was running in her mind? What would he feel about her if he came to knew all that? Despite all these questions, she was feeling quite anxious to tell him all that was going through in her mind, especially the questions.
Ravi: “Sona, I know you want to ask something. Ask now.”
Sona blushed, the deepest shades of reds. Her mind told her not to get into further conversation but her body was simply defying all the logic’s involved.
Sona: “I have a thousand and one questions to ask which might take a while for you to answer. Will your lady guest wait for that long?”
It was Ravi’s turn to blush. He was not clear how she had watched him but she had surely watched him yesterday as well.
Ravi: “Are you sure you want to get into this conversation Sona? I think I should leave you to decide about it. I should go. My whore friend will be home in 10 minutes. If you still want to ask anything, come home. I will give you a live demo using her as the tool.”
Sona was reeling hard hearing his words. It was simply too much for her brain, body to process. Her body was burning up badly. She did not know how to react, what to say, what to think. She was absolutely blank. It was simply too much of an excitement for her to digest.
A thought – was she cheating on Ravi stopped her from going to Ravi’s place. She did get her regular dose of watching through the window though.
In the coming few weeks, she observed that her relation with Ravi got quite open. She was giving him more smiles, was more open to discuss on normal topics with him and so on. The change was observed by their counterparts as well. Prem did not mind it all. The same could not be said about Ravi’s wife, she felt quite in secured and jealous.
Prem was expanding his jeweler business. He was travelling to major cities of India to finalize a chain of shops. It meant spending time, screening people and the basic prospect of business. It also meant that Sona was staying alone, Ravi was getting closer to her in these periods and Ravi’s wife was getting even more jealous.
In the times when Prem was away from home, Ravi would come and tell much to Sona. He told her how dry his sex life was going, especially now that his wife was suspicious of their relation. Ravi tried his level best to go deeper into any kind of conversation on sex but Sona was smart enough to steer clear of it. Until, Ravi made a very odd request. He asked her if his whore friend could come and stay at her house. That ways, Sona could see everything up close and he also could have some moments of fun.
A few questions sprung up her mind – what will she tell Ravi (she decided to go with her childhood friend story)? Was it right (her inquisitiveness got the better of her)? Was it justified (she was beyond this)? How will she send her answer to Ravi (she sent a text message to him conveying her approval)?
She felt quite stupid as she asked him “What about your wife?”
Her question itself was a silent admission of her consent.
Chapter 3 – Sona evolves in the company of Ravi and his whore friend.
Sona felt butterflies in her tummy as she knew there was no backing out now. Shweta, the whore, would be arriving any minute.
The door bell rung, it was Shweta indeed. The biggest problem for Sona was what to talk to her, knowing Shweta’s profession did not help much either. She just hoped and wished that Ravi came over soon so her ordeal, to entertain Shweta, would be over.
Ravi not only arrived fast but also made quite an entrance. He looked more like an animal in heat. There was certain urgency in his actions. Shweta’s looks also changed as soon as Ravi came inside.
Ravi broke his stride and looked towards Sona. She looked different today. She looked way sexier than before. Was it because of the reason they had gather here for or was it for real? She looked outright sexy – her face glowing in anticipation, waist length hairs let loose and trying to look all innocent kinds. Ravi could not help but stop and adore her. It made Sona blush like never before. Shweta chose to step back and observe both of them.
Ravi came quite close to Sona. She could feel his breath on her skin. His breathing was that hard. She could see an animal in his eyes. Her own inner devils were making it hard for her to resist him. She did not want to kiss him but her inner slut was making it impossible for her to control. Her lips parted in anticipation. Ravi was stunned by her initiative. Ravi pulled away at the last moment. He remembered his promise to her. He had promised her that he would not touch her.
Ravi: “Sona, I had promised you that I would not touch you hence I had to pull out. Please don’t mind. I like you a lot and would not like to do anything which you might regret later.”
Sona was burning from inside. She felt embarrassed for having made the effort to kiss Ravi. She felt a bit humiliated at first when Ravi pulled back from the kiss but after his clarification, she desired him so much more. Her inner slut was wrecking havoc on her.
Sona: “Thank you Ravi. I love you so very much.”
She bit her lower lips as the words came out of her mouth, involuntarily.
Sona: “I meant I love you so very much for respecting my limits and reminding me of the same.”Ravi turned his attention to Shweta. His dick having a damn hard time inside his pants after hearing Sona’s liking for him.
Shweta: “Ravi, control yourself. If you go at me, the way you normally do – the whole purpose of you inviting me to teach Sona will be defeated. I think you should first clear her head for the concept of cheating.”
Ravi just smiled at the timely intervention of Shweta. He took a few deep breaths to settle down. He turned his attention to Sona.
Ravi: “Sona, what is cheating in your point of view? Think before you answer as our whole night depends on your answer. I ask this question to you as you had mentioned quite clearly that you don’t want to cheat on Ravi.”
Sona contemplated on the question for some time.
Sona (blushing pretty hard): “I think if I am in relation with any other man than my husband, I would call that cheating.”
Ravi smiled hearing her answer. He discussed something with Shweta and looked back towards Sona.
Ravi: “I will keep that in mind. You need to have an open mind to anything and everything that will happen tonight. If at any point, you feel like stopping – all you need to do is tell me. Okay?”
Sona: “Okay.”
Ravi: “I would like to know what you want to learn from us.”
Sona blushed harder and stayed silent. Ravi understood the Indian lady inside her was stopping her from coming out.
Ravi: “Sona, when you make love – you make love with all your senses.”
The firmness in his voice hit Sona at the right places. She could feel that she was in the right hands.
Sona:” What do you mean by senses?”
He laughed hearing her innocent question. She sure was an inquisitive student. He stayed silent for a few minutes, contemplating the best way to make her understand it.
With a naughty smile, he asked Shweta to come close to him.
Ravi: “Whatever you see now – think of it as a romantic movie.”
Before Sona could digest the sentence, Ravi started to kiss Shweta, softly.
Ravi: “A kiss can convey ones love, lust and longing. Depends on what one wants to convey.”
He looked deep into Shweta’s eyes, dove into the battle of lips and tongue. Sona was burning up from inside seeing them going so romantically at each other. Sona’s mind churned up a thousand questions but she decided to stay silent as she knew there was no fixed answer to every question. Ravi breathlessly broke his kiss and asked her.
Ravi: “Sona, now tell me everything you observed.”
Sona: “I saw the two of you kissing. That is all.”
Ravi: “Are you sure?”
Sona looked puzzled. Ravi then explained to her how she could have been more aware. He explained to her that had she been more aware – she would have hear them moan, she would have observed how wild she got and played with his hairs, she would have observed Shweta’s wild side coming out as she dug her nail into his hips etc.
Sona for the first time realized what she was missing. Shades of embarrassment started to reflect on her face.
Ravi: “I guess you have not been kissed like this before.”
He kept playing with Shweta’s body as they both got closer to Sona. The way he played with her body was making her excited and jealous at the same time.
Shweta: “Sona, I repeat – please be open minded to everything that happens today and you will be the one gaining most out of the night today.”
Before Sona could answer, she felt Shweta’s soft lips on hers. She remembered Ravi’s advice of being aware but got lost in the whirlwind of emotions that rose from the kiss. Shweta kept on kissing her in all possible ways and for a long, long time. Sona used all of her senses to assimilate the experience in totality. She felt so very alive, sexy and horny too. Her panties were soaked wet and her whole body desired more.
Ravi: “I think I have kept my promise in a gentleman kind of way. You are not cheating and yet you are learning everything. Are you okay with it?”
Sona’s mind and body were in no state to say anything other than a yes.
Ravi: “Sona, are you okay with whatever is happening here between us?”
Sona (quite shamefully): “Yes.”
Ravi: “I would have loved to make it a three way kiss but …”
Sona felt a cold shiver run up her spine hearing Ravi’s words trail down in silence. Certain shamelessness took her over as she grabbed Shweta by her hairs and pulled her into a much required kiss. Her nipples were poking and hurting for a touch. Her body and mind were on flame like never before. All she wanted was – the action to continue. Shweta responded with moans and kissed her back with equally ferociousness. It was a quite a cat fight to witness. Ravi chuckled as he imagined this cat fight taking a turn towards fight of the pussies.
Sona kissing went from wild to feverish as Shweta touched her boobs and ass. Sona felt as if her body was about to melt down.
Sona: “Please Shweta, don’t tease me.”
Shweta smiled, she knew what she was doing exactly. Shweta understood quite clearly that this so called sexy lady did not know what a proper orgasm was. She made up her mind that she was going to teach her a proper orgasm but only after making her beg for it.
Shweta turned away from her face and instead settled her lips on Sona’s long neck. Every time she licked, kissed and bit – Sona would moan. Well, Sona was in such a state that if anyone even touched her hairs, she would moan. Shweta cupped Sona’s boobs from behind with one of her hands and let the other hand slide down to Sona’s crotch. Sona felt quite amazed to experience a whole new array of sensations in her cunt. She wondered what was happening to her.
Sona: “Shweta, please don’t stop whatever you are doing. I don’t know what is happening to me but I have never ever felt anything like this before. I beg you to please teach me how to do this. Please, please, please.”
Shweta started to, very faintly, touch Sona’s vulva – making it even more erotic for her. The lighter touches made Sona moan out.
As it is said by one and all – timing really matters.
Shweta let her hands slide down from both the sides towards Sona’s clitoris and started to alternate the pressure to the side’s (using her fingers). Fingers of one hand going slow and smooth while the fingers of other hand applying just the perfect pressure to make her yelp in delight. Sona could feel every cell of her body filling up with sensations of pleasure. She did not know what was happening to her, such sensations had only happened to her 2-3 times in her life. Before she could make out what was happening to her, something delightful hit her body.
When Sona got back to her senses, the sight in front of her eyes was not quite what she had expected. Ravi was totally nude. His somewhat huge dick was being handled by Shweta quite professionally. It was moving in and out of Shweta’s mouth. Ravi’s eyes were closed, precum was leaking from Shweta’s lips, Ravi was moaning quite badly and Shweta was doing something with her fingers between her legs. This is what Sona saw.
Sona felt quite strange as sensations of pleasure were still hitting her body. She felt as if she was a new person all together. In that strange moment, Sona put her fingers between her legs – trying to emulate Shweta.
Shweta: “Sona, what you are doing is perfect. It is just that the place is wrong.”
Shweta showed Sona the exact spot to handle, she also guided her how to make the movements. Sona slid her fingers inside her panties and started to work on her clitoris just like Shweta had guided her. She felt pretty strange as her eyes kept closing every now and then. Despite wanting to see what was happening in front of her, her eyes were closing as her fingers moved around her clitoris. She did not know what had happened to her but she found herself collapsed against the bed once again. When she opened her eyes, Ravi and Shweta were looking at her. Their faces gleamed with satisfaction.
Ravi: “Sona, what you just experienced is called an orgasm. You can experience such sensations whenever you want. You already know one of the ways to experience such sensations but there are many other ways. We will discuss them later. The night is still young. I think you might be feeling famished by now. You should eat something light.”
Sona felt very different from inside. The discovery of her orgasm made her feel so beautiful from inside. She felt so very happy to discover an element that was missing in her life. She gulped up the apple juice, took an energy bar in her hands and made her way back. She did not want to miss out on anything. After all she was quite an enthusiast for learning. She stopped at the gates as she heard them talking.
Ravi: “Let me control your pleasures.”
Shweta smiled and gave in to Ravi. After all, he had the dirtiest mind with a mouth to match. However, she had decided that she would not accede so easily. She would make Ravi work for it.
Shweta: “Ravi. Are you waiting for her to come back?”
Ravi looked her as if he was commanding her, controlling her.
Ravi: “Would you mind taking me in? Take me deep please.”
Shweta (in a teasing tone): “You mean – my mouth or my cunt?”
Sona never realized that such things could be said and done while having sex. For her it was always light off, 5-10 strokes and off to sleep.
Shweta knew what he meant and yet wanted to tease him. She slipped his pants down to the floor and was feasting her eyes on the thick bulge in front of her eyes. The shape quite visible in his boxer shorts. Heat tore through her body as she pressed her palm against his bulge. The more he hissed, the more his chest heaved up and down in excitement – the more Shweta got excited. After all that is what she wanted.
Sona stood behind the door, her hands exploring her own body.
Ravi: “I need you to finish what you have just started. When you do, please ensure that you take it all the way in.”
Sona was mesmerized at the way Ravi took control of the situation, the way he commanded her. Her body trembled imagining him doing all those stuff to her.
Shweta: “Have I ever disappointed you?”
Sona chocked seeing the way Shweta handled Ravi. Shweta slid his underwear down to reveal a majestically thick and long dick. Sona felt sparks hitting her at places which she never knew existed.
Ravi could not help but close his eyes and roll back his head in pleasure. Shweta was going at him quite wildly. Her moans, her musky smells did not help him much too. She had gripped him hard, just the way he loved it, and started to tease him with her more than talented tongue. Ravi caught her head and went in deeper. His hips were moving like a piston into her slutty mouth. The sounds Shweta made were making it even more amorous for Ravi. Shweta put her hands on Ravi’s hips and pulled him all the way into her mouth. She was visibly chocking but a game to take in some more. Ravi’s body was buzzing all over as Shweta pulled at his hips. Ravi pondered if Shweta was enjoying it as much as he was enjoying it.
Ravi: “Shweta, better grip your tongue and mouth around me hard. I will violate your mouth now.”
He felt mild pings of electricity in his bones as she followed what she was told.
Ravi: “Shweta, just keep doing that but faster.”
Shweta did not need his directions. She knew what she was doing and was in total control of the situation.
Ravi: “Darling, I am going to cum any second. I will cum inside your mouth. Is that alright with you?”
Shweta did not say a word. Her moan conveyed every feeling of hers. Ravi’s orgasm tore through him into her delicious mouth. She swallowed every bit of his release. Sona could not quite match her timing to his cumming but she came within a few minutes herself.
Sona returned to her senses hearing the words “Ravi, it is your turn to go deep now.”
Ravi pulled her up, carried her in his arms on to the sofa. All the while, observing her reactions to his movements. A ripple of desire tore through her as he touched her legs. She wished he would just bury his tongue into her cunt and not tease her.
As a saying goes – Karma is a bitch, it comes back to bite you in your ass.
She had teased Ravi much, now it was his chance to do the same. She was dying to have his tongue inside her quite badly but he had some other plans. He kissed her vulva and pulled back. He knew every soft spot of hers and planned to torture her to ecstasy.
Ravi (shifting his body a bit): “Shweta, your boobs look so sexy from where I sit. I bet you wouldn’t mind if I bit them a bit.”
The words sucked oxygen out of her lungs. She knew what Ravi was going to do next. She cried out a moan in anticipation. He cupped her soft boobs in his palms and softly felt them. His sexy words made it even harder for her to control her inner slut.
Shweta: “Will you do what you are supposed to or just watch me?”
Ravi laughed, he knew what she was doing but he refrained to enter into a verbal battle with her. He instead let his tongue and mouth do the talking. He dove onto her bosom – flicked his tongue around her nipples until she cried out asking for more. The minute she cried out, Ravi bit down on her boobs but not very hard.
Shweta: “Ravi, fuck me baby. Please. Don’t tease me anymore please.”
Ravi: “I have to explore so much more with my tongue and you already want to be fucked.”
Ravi licked a wet patch between her boobs and moved onto the other one. He repeated the same routine of teasing her. Shweta repeated the same routine of begging him. The torture was becoming impossible for her to control.
Shweta: “I would like to know all that you can do with your tongue but at this moment – please go down on my cunt. Please, I beg you.”
Ravi (smiling viciously): “In that case, I think I will have to stop talking and start eating.”
Ravi moved down like a professional between her legs. Her legs on his strong shoulders added to her view. He started to lick her, swirled his tongue against her wetness. Shweta could not help but arch her hips to meet his swirling tongue. She was so very desperate for a proper orgasm.
Ravi: “Liking it?”
Shweta did not reply. Her eyes begged though.
Ravi: “I need you to open your legs. I can’t eat you nicely in this position.”
Shweta, like an obedient slut, parted her legs as wide as she could. Heat surged out from every pore of her skin. The way he looked at her crotch made her legs go weak. She wanted him to go down on her, once could safely say she was dying for the touch of his tongue. She wanted to just let go and feel a thundering orgasm like never before.
Ravi: “You just want my tongue or want my finger too.”
Shweta was like a slut out of control. She put a hand into his hairs and guided his face to her wet cunt. Ravi reciprocated by flicking his tongue and wiping away the extra juices flowing around her vulva. He slowly collected the juices, mixed with his saliva around her clitoris.
Shweta: “Yes, your tongue surely knows the exact spots which need attention. Please insert your finger Ravi. Please don’t make me beg.”
Ravi: “Shweta, you will have to have patience. Besides you know it well that I will only do it my way. Keep your legs open and wide. If you clamp your legs on my head, I will stop.”
Shweta cursed him verbally for being so dominating and bossy. Sona on the other hand cursed herself for making Ravi promise not to touch her.
Shweta: “Ravi, I promise I will not clamp my legs. Just lick me, finger fuck me. Damn it. Do something, anything. Please.”
Ravi let two of his fingers into her cunt. At the same time, he started to swirl his tongue on the entire length of her vulva. Shweta did not care that she appeared so very submissive in the moment. She was in ‘the’ zone and she wanted to stay in it the whole night. She basically did not care. She just wanted an orgasm, at the moment.
Ravi pressed his tongue against her clitoris as his finger fucking picked up a bit of speed. She angled her hips to give him even better access.
Ravi (moving away from her cunt): “Slut”
It surely had the desired effect on Shweta but it had a bigger effect on Ravi. He almost dove back to her cunt. He gave her some crazy, delicious tongue. Shweta could not help but moan out in pleasure. He buried his tongue inside her. Shweta had already conceded herself to his control. It is just then that waves of bliss hit her. They hit her hard too. She shuddered and moaned while his mouth and tongue kept on working its magic down south.
Shweta pulled Ravi up and they got into am embrace like a loving couple – Kissing, sharing her juices, cuddling, giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Shweta was glowing with the afterglow of an intense orgasm. She had softened up visually, her tone too.
Shweta: “Ravi, I don’t quite feel complete.”
Ravi just listened to her and kept on stroking her curves. Shweta removed his shirt while Ravi kept on playing with her body.
Ravi: Shweta, I am so glad we are together. Had it not been for Sona, we would not have been sharing such special moments together. I can only see one way in which the night might get better than what it already is.”
Shweta: “How?”
Ravi got up.
Ravi:”Bitch, get into the Rocky(D)gy position and stay like that.”
Shweta whimpered hearing his commanding words. She knew her cunt would remember this pounding for many days to come. The last time, he had taken her in a Rocky(D)gy position – she was sore for good 3-4 days. The memory of her G-spot being rubbed by his manly dick made her cunt ooze fresh round of wetness inside.
Ravi went towards the door, caught Sona’s hand and guided her towards the spot they were making love. He whispered something into Sona’s ears which made her legs go weak in that very instant.
Sona lied down on the floor with her cunt being shamelessly exposed to their pleasure.
Ravi: “Shweta, finger Sona. Make her feel her G-spot while I fiddle with your booty”
Shweta: “Ravi, I will do all that you say but you need to promise me one thing, you will give it to me hard and deep today. I want to feel your cock like never before. I am sure you will rip apart my cunt tonight especially since Sona is here.”
Sona blushed. She did not know what to say, how to react. She felt sluttish sitting with her legs parted open for Shweta to explore.
Ravi: “Shweta, If Sona comes as you stimulate her G-spot – I will give you such a pounding that will leave you sore for a whole week.”
The words acted as sweet music to Shweta’s ears. She slid two fingers inside Sona’s cunt and curled them up to hit her G-spot. Once she hit the right spot, Shweta did not have to do much. The only thing Sona could do was moan.
Shweta felt Ravi tugging her hairs. It made her moan out instantly. She absolutely loved it. Ravi’s cock jumped at the sight of a glistening pussy which was so very eager to be humped. Ravi let his cock touch her vulva. It made Shweta gyrate her fingers harder in Sona’s cunt. Sona was lost in her own world of desires.
Ravi:” Shweta, wouldn’t you like my cock inside you now?”
Shweta just moaned and so did Sona. Shweta’s fingers were wrecking havoc of the good kinds inside Sona.
Shweta (with a firm tone): “Don’t tease me. Just fuck my cunt badly and madly. Make me yours baby.”
Ravi: “This is what I absolutely love about you – A slut in one moment, a bitch in another.”
Sona was feeling the effect of this dirty talk in her mind and body.
Shweta: “I am not a bitch for all to enjoy, only you my love.”
Ravi could not help but mince his jaw hearing her words. He was forced to insert his dick into her glistening pussy.
Shweta: “Ravi, if you tease me anymore – I swear I will kick your balls. Just fuck me baby.”
She adjusted her ass some more so she could get more of his dick inside her cunt. She wanted to engulf all of it. He smacked her ass which made it worse for her to control. Shweta curled her finger and gave Sona a few more strokes of ecstasy.
Shweta: “Is that all you got?”
Ravi promptly smacked again. Shweta increased her strokes again. Sona did not what was happening to her but she knew she was going to explode any second.
Shweta: “If you don’t fuck me deep now, I will make Sona cum this very instant and finger myself too.”
Before Sona could realize what was happening to her, her world went absolutely dizzy. She was floating in clouds of bliss. Obviously, it was heaven.
Sona’s orgasm itself proved a trigger enough for Ravi. He rammed his cock all the way into Shweta’s cunt. Shweta cursed him for having such a huge dick. They both groaned in unison. She felt so tight whenever he fucked her.
Shweta: “Oh God! Wish I could tell you how I feel right now.”
Ravi started to move in a certain rhythm – In and out, hitting the spots which brought out her inner slut.
Ravi: “You wanted me take you like this.”
Shweta wiggled her smooth, creamy ass for his delight as her answer. He thrust hard into her which made her cry out in pleasure. Her breathing became erratic in anticipation of the hard fuck she was going to get. Each thrust reminding her of her desire for being sore for a week. His cries grew louder and so did Shweta’s. He reached his other hand around and started to stroke her clitoris. His own climax was around the corner.
Shweta: “Ravi, Please don’t cum before me. I am just a few strokes away. Please.”
Ravi rubbed all the nerve endings, near her clitoris, hearing her words. He knew he was about to explode. He closed his eyes, kept his hands on her ass and started to increase his pace. The room suddenly filled up with nothing but amorous moans and musky smells.
Ravi kept on banging her. Shweta screamed out loud, announcing her orgasm. Another minute went by, Ravi let his orgasm rip her cunt. The groaning pleasure ripped through every vein of his. He collapsed onto her, powerless, totally spent.
They took some time to recover, the two of them. Sona had drifted into sleep. Shweta slipped away in the darkness of night. It was quite a temptation for Ravi to spoon Sona. He decided otherwise.
Sona got up hearing the chirping of the birds, dawn had set upon them. Ravi smiled as she woke up. He had been waiting for her to wake up so he could sneak out to his flat before morning arrived. Sona had so many more things to ask but decided to postpone it for other day, other time. Wish she knew that God had other plans. Ravi would leave the neighborhood soon.
Sona felt so fresh, so young and so alive this morning. The experience was cut short by a call from her husband. Prem called up her to intimate that her mother was not well. She was forced to leave in a hush.
On returning home, she found a note from Ravi:
“My circumstances force me to leave town. I have parted enough to you. I am sure you will find your way around the questions which still bug your mind. Neither me, nor Shweta will be available to answer your questions. Make friends with internet and search everything that comes up in your mind.
I hope life brings us together sometime soon.
I will miss you.
Prem’s business grew leaps and bounds. He was super successful in a very short span of time. The only regret in his life was that he was forced to travel 20 days in a month at least, if not more.
Sona was generally bored being the lonely one left behind. She would accompany Prem on some trips, she would visit her mom’s place a few times and the rest of the times she would barely manage her days without Prem.
As years flew by, Sona was becoming more of a sexually attention seeking woman. She loved Prem very, very much but her desire to explore something more (sexually), always left her feeling that loneliness deep inside. The memories of Ravi and Shweta (read the first part of this story to get the reference) would flood her and she would quite inevitably relieve herself remembering those flashes.
Sona tried to make friends with others but the result were not so kind. The guys would generally obsess over her curves and looks. No one wanted to go beyond one’s own sexual desires.
Sona wanted so much more out of life and yet here she was – bored, horny and deprived. She had no problems with Prem, except for his 5-10 strokes and staying away from her for long periods of times. At times, she felt like telling him the same but his love for her superseded her kinky desires.
She would curse Ravi on a regular basis for leaving so suddenly. She missed his company much. He was a good guy, good friend and a person with whom she could open up, be herself and those sexual things too.
Prem was travelling to Chennai for opening a new exclusive store. He asked Sona to accompany her but she did not find Chennai interesting as a city.
He was more than shocked to see Ravi attending the opening of the store. Ravi was friends with the new store owner. He had so much to ask, so much to share.
Prem and Ravi reconnected after the pleasantries of the shop openings was over. Ravi took him to his place. It was a beautiful penthouse apartment with a sea facing view. They sat on the small roof with a classy Zen garden around.
Prem: “You have progressed well my friend. I am so happy for you.”
Ravi: “I have but not as much as you. I just came to know that you have been voted as the most dynamic entrepreneur in the jewelry sector.”
They clanked their bottles and chugged down the chilled beers. Some three bottles down, they started to loosen up and again re-connected like they used to do before.
Prem asked about Poonam, Ravi’s wife. Ravi conveyed he was forced to leave town by Poonam. Over the years, things got so tough that they were forced to part ways.
Prem: “Sorry to hear that dear. You are in the prime of your life and doing well for yourself. Why don’t you go back looking for a bride?”
Ravi:” I have had enough. No more marriage. I am decided.”
The two of them remembered the good old days and were happy that they reconnected.
It was time for Prem’s flight back home. Ravi was tempted to ask about Sona but he decided otherwise. Prem, however, did take all his contact details so they could meet more frequently and stay in touch.
Prem sent Sona a message “Guess whom did I meet today?”
She knew he was like a small child when he met someone he liked. She, being the good wife, duly continued the conversation.
The picture of Prem and Ravi together just floored her away. All her suppressed desires and kinks just sprang out on her. By the time she could ask more about Ravi, Prem had put his mobile on flight mode as he boarded the flight.
Sona relived the past memories and there is no need to add what the end result was.
Normally, she would have slept as Prem’s flight would land late in the night but not today. She had so much to ask and so much to know. Besides, her desires had totally overtaken her mind and body. For now, she did need the 5-10 stroke kind of love making too.
She got the biggest gift of her lifetime when Prem told her that they would be spending 10 odd days with Ravi – from Christmas to New Year. Sona was unusually high in the coming days and weeks. She would fuck Prem at least twice a day when he was around, else she would gratify herself using her wide array of toys and finger.
She was going nuts in anticipation of spending a week around Ravi. She knew Ravi loved a women in sarree and she had beautiful ones too. She decided to go shopping for new lingerie though.
Time flew by, they arrived in Chennai.
Ravi received them at the airport. He looked the very same, if not more chiseled. Sona’s eye lingered hungrily on him. It was an awkward moment for the three of them. The attraction was clearly visible and uncontrollably so.
Ravi added more fuel to her fire when he complimented her on her looks. Sona blushed the deepest shades of red possible.
Ravi took them to their home. He insisted that they stay at his house, instead of the hotel. This way they could make the most of the time together. Sona did not want to miss out on this opportunity, she was the first one to agree.
Once they freshened up and were settled into his house, they sat together and caught up on each other’s lives, majorly Sona and Ravi. Prem and Ravi had already had their share of talks.
The talks went late into the night. Prem excused himself as he was feeling sleepy and wanted to sleep. Ravi felt odd that Sona decided to stay behind and talk to him. He looked towards Prem.
Prem: “It is not the first time for you two to be spending time together. Chill Dude.”
Sona felt odd hearing Prem’s words but decided that he must be referring to the other days when she and Ravi would spend some friendly time together.
The talks went way past midnight. Ravi knew she had something in her mind which she wanted an answer for.
He asked her “What is it you really want to know Sona?”
She blushed but stayed silent.
He added “What happened in the past, please let it stay in the past. I would not like any of that to come up now.”
Sona nodded, was about to ask something but stayed silent again.
Ravi asked her once more “I guess we should call it a night then, I have office tomorrow. It is pretty late and you must be tired as well.”
Son blurted out “I am sorry to know about your divorce. Where is Shweta now?”
Sona knew she was treading dangerous grounds but she had to ask. Ravi did not reply anything.
Ravi: “As I had said, let the things of past be past. Don’t prod them up again.”
Sona too went too her room. Ravi had put up a wall around her questions which frustrated her much. With her mind on overdrive, she went into sleep thinking of all the permutations and combinations.
Ravi got up early the next day and started with his daily routine of jogging, exercise and came back. Prem was up when he came back.
Prem looked curiously towards him and said “Sona, is still asleep. Seems you guys had much to share.”
Ravi smiled and replied back “We had a good friendship going back then. She had too many questions to ask. We could barely talk much. You guys are here for a good week. That should be enough to catch up on each other’s life. Besides, you know ladies can never have enough. How do you keep a lady like Sona satisfied?”
It came out awkwardly indeed. Ravi added “I mean in terms of sharing time, catching up on life etc. You are away for so long and she is all alone.”
Prem: “Social media, internet connectivity helps much. I miss her too. I am doing everything for her but now the animal – my business needs too much of my time and literally eats up all the time even when I am at home. This holidays is a much needed break for us as well.”
Ravi was making some juice for himself, he offered the same to Prem as well.
Prem joking asked him “How do you keep your needs in control? I mean now that you are divorced.”
Ravi did not want to say anything tentatively so he gave a generalized answer “I keep myself busy with work man.
Prem did not let go off the subject and added further “I can’t imagine why your wife left you. You are stable job wise, finance wise and look wise.”
Ravi just shrugged his shoulder and said “It is life man. She was a bit reserved kinds and I like experimenting. She found my experiments to be beyond her taste and I found her prudishness was killing the man inside me. We had no choice but to part ways and be at peace.”
Prem asked: “I am sure you have enough lady friends to give you and your tool happy enough.”
Ravi smiled: “I am single and I am enjoying it. So are my friends.”
The conversation was cut short as Sona came in. The unmade hairs, the post sleep laziness, ruffled up clothes and her lazy eyes just made her look like one hell of a seductress on loose. The effect was likewise on both the males. Their cocks starts to buzz up with flow of blood down under.
To add to his torture, Prem asked Ravi “Ravi, you are into exercising. Why don’t you guide Sona and make her do some stretching while she is around? She can continue them when she returns home.”
Sona’s eye sparkled up hearing Prem’s offer. She gave him a playful smile and asked “Mr. Trainer, When does my training start?”
Prem came near Ravi and whispered into his ears “You’d better change into something loose. Your weapon down under is clearly changing trajectory. I hope Sona is safe around you.”
He patted Ravi’s shoulder playfully and went inside the room. It was Ravi’s turn to blush.
It was Ravi’s turn to assess whether Prem really meant it or it was just a playful banter between the couple and he was caught in between.
Sona was not going to let go off this golden opportunity. She wanted to be around Ravi. She did not know why but she just wanted to be around him.
Ravi: “Change into something appropriate Sona else you will end up showing off everything. Your clothes are barely appropriate for exercising.”
Sona blushed and went inside the room. More fuel was added to her already buzzed up body as Prem caught her changing and started to pass dirty, naughty comments.
She looked stunning as she came out in her yoga pants. She took her hairs and made a bun out of them. Her hands overhead, her ample bosom at display – it was a sweet, sweet torture for Ravi.
Sona’s eyes lingered more on Ravi’s body than Ravi’s lingered on hers. Ravi was not complaining but it made him feel odd. The changes in Sona made him wonder what had he missed out on.
The only way to control his erection and emotions was to get exercising and which is what he did.
Sona proved to quite a flexible lady. Ravi was finding it hard to manage his erection. He was forced to touch her in between, guide her the right postures and sometimes even hold her to strike the perfect balance. He was drawn to her like a moth to flame, especially to that fleshy ass of hers.
Sona proved to be a very energetic and enthusiastic student. She needed a re-iteration with every exercise though whether she was doing it right or not. She would do the exercise and ask “is this right?”
Ravi would nod and make her do more reps. Ravi looked at the marvelously sculpted, curvy body in front of him and thought “Yes, I very much like this.”
Ravi found himself strangely out of control, guess it was the effect of the intimate proximity, all the touching and his not so nice thoughts. Every time she would seek his validation, their eyes would meet. Every time their eyes met, the sexual tension increased. Every time Ravi complimented her, she would blush and that too added to his torture.
The sexual tension was constantly rising and so was his cock.
Ravi asked her to do a plank and hold it for as long as she could. He first did one and showed how it was to be done. She thought it was easy but understood that it wasn’t easy to do a plank and hold for 2 minutes. Her whole body was shaking as she did so. He supported her tummy in between whenever it would lower down. The touch of his palm on her skin – the effect was electric for both of them.
A few minutes later, Ravi closed the session with a proper warm down. Sona never felt more alive.
Sona: “That was a beautiful session. I think I will make Prem record the next session so I can watch and do later at home.”
The very thought made her bite her lower lips. Her mind was, quite obviously, thinking of something else.
Ravi: “Be careful with your use of words Sona. You know it well that you have a certain effect on me. Now, with all this touching and living in the same flat takes it to another level.”
Sona felt heat emanate from every single pore of hers, hearing his words.
Ravi went on: “Stop staring at my crotch area. I will sport a tent pole in no time and that would make it odd for all of us.”
Sona flushed hearing him. However, she was not backing out of this conversation. She added: “I think it is not my fault. Your shorts are too short for that thing of yours.”
It was Ravi’s turn to blush. Prem came in to his much needed rescue. He asked “How was the session Sona? How was she Ravi?”
Ravi: “She is such a quick learner. She has a beautiful body too.”
Sona (silently and internally) moaned hearing the compliment.
Ravi: “I mean, she has a very flexible body. She wants you to record her session so she can watch it again and again later.”
Ravi was just playing her game against her and Sona was feeling the heat now. She just smiled at Prem and excused herself to change.
Sona heard these words coming from Prem as she went inside the room.
Prem: “I would love to record your and Sona’s session. Tomorrow morning, we will do that.”
Sona texted Prem to come inside the room. Her own thoughts were making it unbearable for her. The itch was unbearable and she wanted that 5-10 strokes in an urgent kind of way.
The breakfast was done more in silence than anything.
Sona broke the monotony and asked: “So what is the plan for the rest of the day and week?
Ravi: “I guess you guys have some catching up to do. Why don’t you two love birds catch up? I wouldn’t like to disturb the two of you.”
Prem was happy to hear that. He did want to spend some time with Sona alone. He was happy that Ravi understood.
Ravi had a tough time working. His mind was totally distracted. Memories of the past and morning kept filling his mind up, making it very hard for him to work.
Sona sent Ravi a message “When are you cumming home? We are bored without you.”
The message made Ravi wonder whether the spelling mistake was deliberate or not. Whatever it was, reading those words he went into the washroom and jerked himself to a glorious orgasm.
Prem and Sona looked bored when he reached home.
Sona: “Would you like some tea or coffee?”
Ravi loved the fact that someone else was there to pamper him.
Ravi: “It’s been a while since someone did something for me in the kitchen. Thanks Sona. Can you please make me some cold coffee? Match the color to your skin, I don’t like it darker than that.”
Sona’s knees buckled hearing his words. He was a walking torture for her mind and body.
The three of them sat down on the sofa and started a not directional conversation. Ravi suggested they could play some game and catch up while they play. Prem, being the businessman he was, asked if there were any stakes or was it being played for entertainment.
Ravi: “I never pondered on those lines. I am a game as long as wagers are decent kinds.”
Prem: “Let the winner decide what the wagers will be. Is that fine?”
Ravi: “Let’s decide beforehand. What if it the winner asks for something un-reasonable?”
Sona barged in: “I agree. Can I suggest something?
Both the males were listening.
Sona carried on: “We can write some questions which are a shade above our comfort zone but nothing too embarrassing.”
Ravi: “You mean to say it is more like soft core porn. Right?”
Sona blushed and nodded.
Prem: “Yeah, that sound more interesting. I am a game. We are all adults here so we can add some spice. We can ask questions related to our love life, fantasies and sex. Agreed?”
Sona looked towards Ravi if he was okay with this.
Ravi: “Don’t worry. I do have a sex life after my divorce. I can answer, so don’t worry. Thanks for thinking about it.”
The flash of what had happened before replayed on her mind’s screen and she knew exactly what Ravi meant. She bit her lower lips and sat down to play. Her eyes twinkled with delight with the added variation.
The card game began. Prem won the first round. He pulled up a chit and smiled. He addressed the card to Ravi but added that Sona too has to reply. The winner had the control.
It read – “How often do you masturbate? How many times do you think about me?”
The energy levels suddenly changed, followed by awkward silence.
Ravi broke the silence “Almost daily, if not more. I certainly don’t think about you (pointing towards Prem).”
The laughs helped melt the awkwardness away. They both were looked towards Sona for her answer.
Sona: “Once in 2-3 days. I too don’t fantasize you.”
Prem shot another question back at her “Whom do you both fantasize?”
Ravi: “That was not a part of the game. If that question is there in the question pile, I will answer.”
They moved on and started to play another game. This time Sona won.
She picked up a chit from the question pile and blushed as she said “It’s too sleazy, this question. Can I ask another one?”
Neither of the males agreed.
Sona: “Don’t give a sleazy answer please.”
Ravi: “It’s a gentleman’s promise. Now ask the question please.”
Sona: “How do you feel about threesome’s? Have you ever had one? If not, then do you plan to have one in the future?”
Now that was a question which hit the three of them at the right places – their minds and body.
Prem: “I love the idea of a threesome. I have not done it. I do plan to do it in future. It is just that I have not yet got the right partner.”
Sona was buckling hearing Prem’s words. She went close to him, kissed his cheeks and whispered into his ears “Really? You never shared this fantasy with me. I wish we were in our room to discuss further.”
Ravi: “I love threesome’s. I have tried both the combinations possible.”
Prem, like an inquisitive kid, asked him: “If you don’t mind sharing – With whom did you had a threesome?”
Ravi: “It wasn’t with my ex-wife. However, it is a regular sex partner of mine. I have never done it in Bangalore though.”
Ravi wanted to add that Sona knew her well but her refrained as it would put her in a tight spot.
Sona was having a tough time managing her thoughts and fantasies. She wished this game would finish soon so she could rub herself to a few glorious orgasms.
The questions that followed ensured that the three of them were super horny, super kinky and open to almost everything by the end.
The question went on something like this –
– If I was handcuffed to the bed, what would you do?
– Which movie scene would you like to recreate and why?
– What’s dirty and kinky at the same time in your view?
– What is a super turn-on for you?
– Which kind of a kiss works best for you and where?
– Which part of my body is the sexiest in your view?
– Have you fantasize about anyone else when you are having sex with your partner?
– Is there any particular fantasy which can make you achieve an orgasm very fast?
The questions had their effect. The three of them felt very close, intimate, uninhibited and horny as they asked the questions. They had known so much about each other as they shared the answers.
One could clearly say that it was more than clear that Ravi had a thing for Sona and vice versa. It was hard to tell what was running in Prem’s mind though.
Ravi was finding it super hard to control his desire to masturbate so he called it a night. Sona was relieved as she wanted this conversation to stop. She was having tough time managing her own desires especially since her mind wandered regularly to what Ravi’s cock had looked like.
Once inside their room, Sona and Prem started to make love. As usual, the love making session did not last long. Sona was ultra-frustrated. She needed some loving, some friction and a manly cock to take care of her needs. She so wished that she went to Ravi’s room right now and got some of that. Lost in those thoughts, she brought herself to a massive, heart shaking orgasm.
The morning next day was equally torturous for all the three of them. Each of them were forced to masturbate before breakfast so that they could function and talk normally.
The silence over breakfast added a touch of sexual tension in the air but at the same time it was a torture too.
Ravi broke the silence “What would you guys like to do today? Any programs or would you like me to take you guys some place?”
Prem was in no mood to go anywhere. He wanted to continue the game where they had left off.
Sona: “We can always play the game at night. We can always make up for the time lost at night by playing for higher stakes. Besides, what will I do will the sarree that I had brought?”
Both the guys knew they were going shopping.
Prem barged in “No shopping.”
Sona agreed.
Ravi asked: “How about a movie followed by some window shopping and lunch?
Sona and Ravi both agreed.
The whole thing – movie, window shopping and lunch was a BIG, BIG torture for Ravi and every guy who passed them. Sona had worn a see through sarree. The blouse was a very elegant one. It struck a perfect balance of exposing enough to titillate one’s mind and cock and hid just enough to let everyone wonder. The sarree itself was worn pretty low below naval. Even if a saint crossed her, he would look twice before moving on. The highlight though was – the way she carried herself wearing this extremely provocative sarree. She perfected the game of being a super tease.
No need to say that the three of them sported soiled underwear’s by the time they returned home.
Ravi left the couple so they could have their personal space. Besides, he had his own needs to take care of.
He had slipped out of his denims and underwear and was in the process of relieving himself when he heard the knock on the door. He pulled up his shorts in a rush and opened the door.
Sona stood at the door (adding to his torture): “Sorry. Prem has blocked that bathroom and it was urgent for me. Hence, I knocked.”
Sona blushed as she saw Ravi hiding his raging cock behind his hand. Sona went inside.
Ravi cursed himself as he found himself so vulnerable and out of control to anything that Sona did. He cursed himself further when he remembered that he had left his soiled underwear in the washroom. He wondered what Sona would feel seeing his state of underwear.
Ravi thought he heard a muffled moan from the washroom. But again, he thought his mind was imagining things. Nervously, he went to the washroom gate and tried to look inside the washroom through the keyhole.
The view was blurry to begin with. Despite his best effort, he was not able to make much of what was happening in the washroom. He did keep his ears stuck to the gate, to hear anything but to no avail.
Sona took a bit of time and came out. Her looks had totally changed after she came out. Ravi was no detective but he could make out that she was in a kinky zone. Her eyes had that sparkle which clearly conveyed that her mind was up to something.
All the fondling and anticipation did not help Ravi, he went inside the washroom to masturbate himself to a glorious orgasm. He had more than a pleasant smile to see that his underwear had been touched. His mind went into a fantasy of its own, imagining what all Sona had done with it. Just the thought that it was in her hands, maybe she smelt it or she licked it was enough for Ravi to cum.
Ravi took his own sweet time to come out of his room. He gave the couple their personal space. His mind was on an overdrive. He was imagining all sorts of things.
Ravi wanted to enter the room anyhow. He made some tea and snacks and knocked on their door. To his utter surprise, the door was open. The view was certainly the most enticing one as he entered. Sona stood in her petticoat and blouse. Her perky nipples were more than clearly visible. The smells in the room made it abundantly clear that they had just completed making love. Prem was using the washroom.
Ravi’s eyes were fixed on her gorgeous body. He could not help but compliment her. “You look way more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”
Sona blushed, kept silent. It was an awkward moment. The noise of a door being opened broke the silence.
Prem: “Thanks Ravi. Wish I had asked for something more.”
He asked Ravi to sit on the bed while Sona stood in her petticoat and blouse.
Ravi, being the gentleman that he was, said: “I can always come in later after Sona has changed.”
Prem: “Sit, its fine. She can always go into the washroom and change. Let’s have tea together.”
Ravi: “Sona’s tea will grow cold. Let her have it, I’ll take my tea outside.”
Sona held Ravi’s hands and asked him to sit. She added “It’s not the first time you are seeing a lady changing. You must have seen your wife change a thousand times.”
It was a whole new ball game now. Everyone’s eye sparkled up hearing Sona’s words. Sona was already abuzz touching Ravi’s hands, Prem and Ravi went into their own fantasy zones.
The sight was more than what Ravi had imagined. Her bare skin, the waist fold, her curves – all exposed up close.
Prem: “Doesn’t a lady look sexier this ways than totally bared?”
It was yet another of those silent moments. Sona was cautiously eyeing his reaction and so was Prem. It made Ravi think if they were playing some game with him. Ravi wanted to express his opinion but chose otherwise.
Sona: “why are you being such an ass Prem? Why can’t you just have your tea and relax. You are always in the mood for sex. You just had sex with me and now these talks again.”
It was more than an awkward moment for the three of them. The tea was enjoyed in total silence.
Prem’s question broke the silence. He looked towards Sona and asked “Why did you not participate with Ravi and that lady friend of his at home?”
The silence was deafening. Neither Ravi nor Sona had anything to say.
Prem looked towards Ravi for an answer. Ravi did not say anything. The silence, however, was quite uncomfortable and he knew it well that at some point the question will have to be answered. Ravi thought it would be best to get Prem answering some questions to thaw the sudden coldness in the room.
Ravi: “How did you come to know? If you knew about it all the time, why did you not ask about it before?”
Prem: “I am a jeweler by profession and you know it well that we keep all kind of gems and cash at home. We need to have proper security in place.”
Sona felt very embarrassed to know of this fact. She wanted to question Prem – why he did not tell her about the security cameras before – but this was not the time.
Sona: “If you knew about it all the time, why did you not ask me before about it?”
Prem took his time answering her question. He eventually answered “I loved you and still do – very much. I wanted to know if our thing was real.”
Tear drops gently rolled down Sona’s cheeks. It was too much information and that too in front of Ravi. It was embarrassing as well. Ravi excused himself out of the room, leaving the couple alone to let them discuss their issues.
An hour later, they made way into the drawing room – changed and looking fresh again.
Ravi: “I hope you both have sorted your issues out. If I can be of any help, do let me know.”
Prem, very slowly said: “We never had an issue buddy. It was something which was nagging my mind, I just needed some clarification. I am glad we discussed it openly and now are beyond that thing that had happened in her life. Since you were a part of that thing, I asked in front of you. I just wanted to see her reactions. I would hate losing her. I hope you can understand.”
Ravi did not say anything.
Prem continued “Thanks Ravi for being the gentleman that you are. Any man would have taken advantage of that situation but you did not. I respect you more as a man and a friend now.”
The evening which promised much was turning into more of an emotional warmth. There was no apparent sexual spark in the air until Prem asked Ravi for a nightcap.
A few peg in, the whole atmosphere changed. Prem did not, rather could not, stop himself for bringing back the topic to something sexual. Ravi, this time, decided not to hold back. He decided to play the sexual game Prem and Sona were playing.
Late into the night, more than a few peg in – Sona went to bring some snacks. She squatted and opened a cupboard to take out the packet. Ravi this time did not look away. Instead, he kept on adoring every single inch of her as she got up and brought them the snacks.
She felt nervous to see Ravi staring at her body so boldly. Prem being around did not help especially after the discussion they had together. Frankly speaking, she did not know what to do in this situation. A part of her wanted to tease Ravi bloody much yet a part of her stopped her from doing so.
She could not help but ask Ravi “What happened? Why are you staring at me?”
Ravi, very sincerely said “Please don’t mind, the both of you but now since the cat is out of the bag, I will only answer what I feel. I will speak what my heart feels, cock too.”
The mention of cock made her bite her lower lip. Prem loved the way things were proceeding.
Ravi added “You have one of the most incredible asses I have ever seen. How could I stop myself from appreciating your curves?”
Sona blushed like a newlywed hearing it. Ravi observed Prem and Sona as they reacted. Every single minor thing was being registered in his mind. He was glad that he was not stopping himself anymore.
Ravi looked towards Prem and asked “Does it not make you mad that another guy is appreciating your wife in front of you?”
Prem smiled and said “I love every bit of it. Pardon me saying but I get super excited to know what people think about Sona, her body and things that they would like to do to her. It just excites me too much.”
That confession of Prem was surely going to open up a thousand possibilities for the three of them. Sona could tease freely, Ravi could answer boldly and Prem could get high observing all that happened.
Before awkwardness could set in, Prem asked “Are you guys up for some card game?
With the changed dynamics, no one was going to say no.
Sona asked “What will be the wagers?”
Prem giving a naughty smile “How about the loser shaving the pubic hairs of the other partner?”
Ravi “It would be too bold since it involves touching other persons privates. How open are you both to that idea?”
Sona blushed deepest shades of red and said “That would be too much. I don’t know how comfortable I will be to be touched like that in front of Prem.”
Prem poked naughtily at her “Does it mean you will be fine if you did it behind my back?”
Sona felt super shy, did not answer. Instead she hid her face into his chest. Giving a kiss on his chest, she asked him “Does that thought excite you?”
She instead gently rubbed the back of her palm on his cock. Prem whimpered out of joy. Sona got closer to him and said “I get your answer.”
The game started. Sona was losing big time in the initial rounds. She said “It seems you both have ganged up on me. Have you?”
Ravi naughtily said “Would have loved to gang up against you and bang you together too. However, right now you have lost enough money and you have nothing more to bet. So why don’t you call it a day and let me shave that horny cunt of yours.”
The use of words was so precise that both Prem and Sona went nuts hearing it.
Sona always was a witty lady. She naughtily came close to Ravi and asked “Are you sure I don’t have anything more to wager?”
She had bent just enough to expose an ample amount of her cleavage as she asked him the question.
Ravi came with an inch of her face and said “I know you have much to bet with and I would love it. There is another player involved here and you will have to ask him how much does he feel your apparels are worth?”
Prem rubbed his cock shamelessly in front of them hearing this. He asked “What do you suggest Ravi?”
Ravi boldly said “I would love to play with her.” The stress was aptly on the word “play”. He further added “Since she only has her clothes to bet now, you will have to put a value to it so she can use it for equivalent amount.”
The slow burn was having the exact desired effect it meant to have. Everyone was burning in their own hell of lust.
Prem said, like a judge “She has three pieces of clothing on her body. Her bra, panties and the nightie. How about every piece of her cloth is good for one round? If she wins, she gets the money back else she loses that piece of clothing for all the rounds. Is it fine Sona?”
Sona felt her flood gates open down south.
Sona lost the next round. Ravi playfully told her “Time to remove your nightie.”
Sona giggled and said “It was agreed that I would remove one piece of clothing and not the one you define.”
The naughtier Sona got, the kinkier went the males.
She told them “Both of you, turn the other side so I can open a piece of clothing of my choice.”
Ravi “Well, that part was not agree upon. What do you say Prem?”
Prem, with a dry throat “Yes, you have to remove here. It is up to us whether we move away our eyes or eye fuck you.” He added “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. What about you Ravi?”
Ravi just smiled and said “No ways I am going to miss her exposing herself.”
Sona never knew she would feel such heat emanate her body. She was engulfed in her own desires and thoughts. Prem had never seen this side of hers, the playful one.
Sona unzipped the front of her nightie to expose her bra and the ample cleavage. She was wearing a strapless bra. She unhooked it, hid her boobs professionally with her hands and threw her bra on the table in front. She zipped up the nightie once more. The perky nipples could be seen on the nightie now.
Sona “Happy now? Just look at the two of you. It feels as if you both have achieved something you had dreamed of always.”
Ravi:” Sona, you don’t know what all I have dream about you. This surely was one of them but I never imagined doing so in front of Prem.
Prem did not say anything. He instead threw the bra towards Ravi. Ravi duly took it and put it around his cock and started to gently rub his cock using it.
The whole atmosphere was super volatile.
The next round began and as luck would have it, Sona lost again.
Ravi triumphantly said: “Please wait Sona. I think I will record u stripping away your petticoat.”
Prem was totally dumbstruck with the idea of Ravi recording his wife stripping out of her nightie. Sona had never felt kinkier.
Sona “What makes you both think I am going to give away my shield. You both would eye fuck me if I did away with my nightie. I think I am better off giving away my rather wet panties to my biggest lovers. Wait till I start to win and get my turn to strip either one of you.”
She duly stood up, turned her back towards them. The view of her whole back, especially her ass, was killing Ravi. To add to the torture, she raised her nightie, mid-thigh kinds, and bent to remove her panties. The view could have alone made anyone cum.
Ravi asked her “Why did you not remove your panties first?”
Sona, bringing her panties close to his face “I was leaking like an overflowing dam and needed some protection.”
Ravi snatched the panties out of her hand. He gently felt the crotch of her panties for the wetness. He smelt it too.
Ravi: “Sona, you are a dream girl. Not only you are sexy, you taste good and smell good as well”
Sona asked him “When did you taste me?”
That was it for Prem. He could not control anymore and he soiled his undies up. He came like never before and that too without the help of Sona. He excused himself to change.
Sona came closer to him and asked again “When did you taste me?”
Ravi came even closer to her, an inch away from her ears and whispered “I licked the finger which felt the wetness of your juicy panties. Wish I could actually taste you for real?”
Ravi saw goose pimples across the entire length of her neck and shoulders. What a sight it was. Prem came back in a rush and asked “What did I miss?”
Neither replied anything and went back to playing their game.
Ravi: “Sona, can you get us some more refreshments please? I think Prem needs some liquids.”
Sona went to get them something to drink and snack upon. One thing was sure, both the guys feasted upon Sona’s body. Her boobs shook uncontrollably as she walked (since she was without a bra). Her ass too swayed much more than before. A sight any male loves to feast his eyes upon.
The game began again. This time Sona ended up winning the round.
Ravi: “Prem, so what do we do now? Does she get her clothes back or she strips away any of our clothes?”
Prem was absolutely delighted with the options Ravi presented. He said “It’s her choice basically.”
Both the men turned to face Sona. She had never looked naughtier as she asked Ravi to remove a clothing of his choice. Ravi duly removed his t-shirt to expose his lovely build, the manly chest and the well exercised abs. A sight which made Sona leak some more.
The next round was again won by Sona. She again asked Ravi to remove a piece of his clothing.
He got up, came close to Sona and dropped his shorts to the ground. He stood in his soiled underwear in front of her. She could smell the sex smells quite clearly.
Ravi: “Prem, do something. If she wins one more time, I would be nude man.”
Sona: “You guys team up so soon. Even I have a piece of clothing left on my body but I never asked for help.”
They started to laugh. The next round of game started with even more sexual tension. Everyone knew what was at stake. Prem was quite safe but Ravi and Sona were on the brink of nudity.
If Sona lost, Ravi would be shaving her pubic hairs. If Ravi lost, Sona would be shaving his pubic hairs. Prem was totally out of the equation as of now.
As luck would have it, Ravi and Sona lost equal games in the next round so now it was up to Prem- what he wanted.
Prem was on the top of the world. He looked towards Sona and then towards Ravi. Both of them knew that they were going to have the time of their life. Sona blushed hard and was feeling much shy. Ravi was his usual bold self.
He took out a coin and looked towards both of them and said “I can’t decide who to choose. Let this coin decide your fate.”
He flipped the coin and Ravi lost. Sona’s eyes sparkled up like never before. Ravi was more than glad that he lost. He went and brought his trimmer and a towel.
Prem: “Ravi, the bet was to shave the pubic hair and not trim it. Please bring your razor with a new blade. Don’t worry, she knows how to shave pubic hairs. She has shaved mine a few times. She loves it neat, clean and smooth. She gives such lovely blowjobs after shaving my cock.”
Ravi went to get the razor. Sona playfully beat Prem’s chest and said “As if I am going to give him a blowjob. You are being too open. What has happened to you?”
Prem: “Wish I could tell what has happened to me. Wish I could tell how happy I am to see you so horny, kinky and excited.”
They hugged each other.
Ravi: “About time Sona. If it is too embarrassing for you, Prem can still change his decision and I can shave you off.”
Both Ravi and Prem exchanged high fives as he said that.
Sona: “Are you stripping out of your underwear or need Prem’s help coming out of it?”
Ravi stripped away his underwear. His cock stood in its full glory. The sight was one out of a porn movie. His erect cock jerked as it came out of its cage and precum flowing freely. Prem was flabbergasted at his size and girth.
Involuntarily, Prem blurted out “Wow, look at his size.”
Sona was shocked to hear it from Prem and so was Ravi. However, Sona felt totally ablaze with desires beyond control as she held Ravi’s cock to shave it clean. The feel of his strong cock in her hand alone itself made her want that cock inside her hungry cunt. The veins on his shaft protruded out as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft.
Ravi started to ooze a lot of precum as he felt Sona’s soft hands on his cock. Ravi’s eyes were transfixed on Sona’s face as she gently held his cock in her hand.
Ravi: “Here let me help you. It seems you are totally lost on your fantasy world, holding my cock.”
He lathered up his cock nicely with the shaving cream. Sona carefully shaved the pubic hairs around the base of his jerking, strong cock. She then shifted her attention to his shaft. She carefully removed every single hair possible. She stroke his entire cock and said “smooth like a babies bum, now let’s clean those enormous balls of yours.”
Ravi found it hard to breath in anticipation. Sona carefully shaved away his balls.
Sona: “Seems you have a quite a load stored in there. I can feel the heat as I hold it. Want any help?”
This time Prem found it hard to breath. Ravi was totally gasping under her electric touch. The more he found it hard to control, the kinkier Sona felt. She tightened her grip on his shaft and gently squeezed to feel the pulsations of his enormously erect cock. Ravi knew that he would be cumming soon so he thought of changing the dynamics of the situation.
Ravi: “Prem, do you mind checking the state of her cunt and telling me?”
Prem was more than happy to oblige. As if by instinct, Sona properly widened her legs to give Prem the access he wanted. She was dripping wet and hungry for a touch, anyone’s touch. The touch made her legs buckle and that resulted in relaxing her grip around Ravi’s shaft.
Sona understood Ravi’s game and she countered him “How long has it been that you were with a woman?”
Prem was gently feeling her entire labia with the help of her juices. Sona was in a total different zone, a dream come true state.
Ravi naughtily replied “If you keep on playing with me like this, it will be very soon that a woman will have made me cum.”
Sona felt a cold wave travel her entire spine as he heard Ravi’s words. Prem’s touches down under were also a reason for the cold wave. Even Prem’s touches felt different today.
Sona started to pump Ravi’s cock slowly while her other hand cupped his freshly shaved balls. She told Prem to match the speed of his touches to hers.
Sona felt as if she was at a point of no return. She asked Ravi “It seems you have a lot of cum in there. Is it all for me?”
Ravi could not help but moan. He closed his eyes as Sona teased the entire length of his cock while playing with his balls at the same time.
Prem did not want to be left out of the game, so he asked “Ravi, did you ever imagine yourself in such a situation?”
Ravi politely answered “I always fantasized Sona but never with you around. This is even better.”
The three of them were reeling and buckling in their own world of desires and fantasies.
Prem whispered into Sona’s ears “Part your legs to show him the door way to heaven.”
Sona duly complied.
Prem asked Ravi “Did you ever think of her being the dirty girl, playing with your cock and balls like this?”
Ravi could just manage a whimper.
Prem added “What about you Sona? Did you ever imagine it to happen like this – his manly cock in your hands alongside those heavy balls of his?”
Sona did not know what to say, she just squeezed her pelvic muscles as a reply to him. As a result, Prem started to slide his fingers a shade faster than before. Sona’s whole body buckled under the new desires to experience a release and much needed relief.
With every passing second, Ravi’s veins were becoming taught. His cock was hurting hard and his balls were bursting blue.
Sona wanted to see him shoot and soon. So she decided to tease him some more. She said “Prem, I have imagined this hard cock so many time. I have imagined him and this handsome cock of his all the time when you were away.”
There is no bigger thing than that feeling of being sexually needed by someone.
Sona was acting rather frisky now as she added “Sometimes I imagined him even when you were fucking me.”
Prem felt the effects of the word. He started rubbing her faster and harder.
Ravi started to pump his hips, he was on the verge of cumming. Sona smeared his precum on her palm so she could use it as a lube to reduce the friction.
Ravi: “Oh, Sona. You have changed and for good.”
Sona continued to rub his balls as he looked into his eyes. The look in either one’s face was priceless.
Prem knew the exact words to speak “Look Ravi, she wants nothing more than to make you cum. don’t worry, I will make her cum first.”
Sona clamped her cunt on Prem’s fingers hearing his words.
Prem: “Sona, I know you are excited. Just relax and let me do my work. I am so bloody excited to see you in such a state. Wish you were riding his strong cock.”
Well, that opened up a floodgate of moans all around. The three of them were at a point of, literally, no return.
Sona, her words stuttered out of excitement as she stopped and looked towards Prem “I love you so much. I could have never dreamed of this ever.”
Just this dialogue alone made Prem and Sona feel so intimate, despite the fact that she was sexually gratifying another person. It was an odd moment of super intimacy for them.
Prem: “I wished to see you on your knees with his strong cock in between your ultra-sexy lips but today your hands would have to do the job.”
Saying that he started to kiss her neck while his hands gently rubbed against the side of her attention hungry clitoris.
Ravi: “Sona, I can’t hold much longer. I will cum soon, do you have any specific place of preference where I cum.”
Prem answered on her behalf “On her chubby ass please.”
Sona clenched her vaginal muscles on his fingers as if giving her consent. She whispered back to him “You are such a bad boy. Wish I knew this side of your before.”
Ravi asked Prem: “Why on her ass and no place else?”
Sona felt she was about to erupt hearing them share the dirty talk.
Prem: “It is cause I always imagine that the cum that you dump on her ass flows down her slutty cunt and using that semen of yours – she once again masturbates herself.
Sona’s legs buckled imagining that situation.
Ravi: “God, yeah. That feels so very good, please keep going like this.”
Sona: “You going to cum baby? Please blow your heavy, hot load on my ass as my hubby asked you.
Ravi, practically begged her “Not now Sona, your hands alone will take me to heaven today.”
Sona wanted to tease him more, talk dirtier but the way his cock twitched in her hands, the way his balls tightened up – she knew he was just a few strokes away. Every stroke made Ravi moan in delight. The more Ravi moaned, the kinkier Sona was feeling.
Sona’s words were nothing less than a torture for both the males present “I think I am going to cum hard than you Ravi. Prem, please don’t tease my cunt any more. My cunt needs a deeper pressure please.”
Prem started to move his fingers as instructed by Sona. Sona felt as if she was going to faint out of pleasure.
Sona: “Ravi, I might not be able to …”
Her words lingered off as she came heavily on Prem’s fingers. Her grip instinctively tightened on Ravi’s cock. She started to feel her hands warming up to the warm release of Ravi. She took support of Ravi’s thighs with her free hand to manage herself from falling.
Ravi and Sona were disturbed by a new sound. It was Prem jerking himself off to the images and thoughts he had just witnessed.
The three of them drifted away in their own personal heavens.

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