How i Fucked My Daughter-In-Law

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Hi, I’m Jack and not sure how it all transpired but I do know it happened. My wife and I live in a two-story home in a quiet suburban area. We’re in our early 60’s and both still working. I’m fairly well fit, recently unemployed due to down sizing at a communication firm, so I took a small job while waiting for a better employment opportunity. My wife, Sara, also works. She works a first shift job while I have a third shift. With the way things have been going between us, this schedule works very well. We have our daughter in law living with us. Her name is Angie. She’s 36 years old, 5’4” tall and has an hour-glass figure any woman would envy. Her long black hair hangs to her waist and she has deep dark brown eyes you can simply get lost in. Not to mention her 34-B cup tits that stands up and pointed directly at you.

Angie And her two children ages 12 and 14 are here because our son is in jail for one thing and then another and she and her two kids were left with no means of support. Just how luck can I be you ask; Let me tell you.

It was a warm July day and as I had just gotten off work. Took my shower and was coming up stairs to go to bed. Man was I tired. As I was about to enter my room, I heard Angie crying. I knocked on her door and ask if she was all right. Her reply was so faint I could not understand her so I opened the door. She was lying in the bed with a sheet pulled to her chin. I sat down and ask again. She said she felt so alone and wished her husband were there. Not sure how to handle this I said, Bill does not deserve you or the kids. He has never once thought about you or what might happen if he were sent away. Even worse he did not seem to care one way or another. Bill’s problem now was he had no freedom and always wanted to see family on the weekends during visiting hours. Angie started to cry harder, I placed a hand on her shoulder and patted her softly.

For some reason, I told her I too was lonely and wish I had someone to share my desires and thoughts. Things had not been the best between my wife and I and sex sure as heck was way down on Sara’s list of activities. As for me, I’m probably the horniest ass in the world. This statement caused her to look up with a questioning look and ask what was wrong. Not wanting to bore her with my troubles, I simply said it’s too complicated but would just settle with being loved. As she turned in the bed to face me the sheet fell and there were those wonderful tits. Standing at attention and the nipples pushing into her silk top. I let my hand drop from her shoulder and placed it on the bed to her right.

Angie softly said, “I’d go for that”.
I replied, what, what are you talking about? You have the kids and seem to be involved in about anything and everything you can get into.
She replied, that these were just a way to take her mind off problems and personal matters that were really bothering her.

I was getting really curious now and probed a bit deeper. Please, tell me what the heck a lovely, beautiful woman as you could possibly need.

Angie reached up and hugged me and started crying aging. I placed my arms around her and got this strong sexual urge. As we hugged those tits did their job and I got a hard on almost in an instant. I’m not sure but she must have seen the tent growing in my robe. As she removed her hands from around me her left hand simply dropped into my lap.

Oh, I’m so sorry she said knowing well she had felt my hard on. I told her not to worry it’s simply one of the problems I have to handle. It had been weeks sense my last orgasm and physical needs do take a toll on a body. I told Angie I get these physical urges and it’s only human nature. She told me she too had needs that were not being met. It was then I raised my hand to her face and looked into those wonderful eyes. I said you know it’s not love, just a physical need we have. I lowered my hand and lightly slid a finger down the outside of her breast. Her moan was so soft and pleasing that I did it once again. This time she pushed into my hand and held herself there. I looked into those deep brown eyes and was totally lost. I slowly placed my hands over her left breast taking the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it slowly to the left and then right. She was moaning and saying she wished this wasn’t happened. I knew this was not the case and slowly, started moving my hand down her wonderful body. Angie had such a flat belly and once I reached her pubic area, Gosh, she was so endowed with a crop of soft hair. I’ve never seen or hear of a woman with so much pubic hair. I slowly ran my hand through her patch of soft cotton and was heading south when I encountered the most wonderful pubic mound. It was as if I were raping a minor. Her mound was very rigid and well rounded over the entrance to her most valued treasure.

I rubbed the area very tenderly and she let out a pleasing sigh so I started to rub her a bit harder. This was when I slowly lowered my index finger into the warmest and most moist pussy. I ran my finger up one side of her vaginal lips and down the other. I continued rubbing and feeling her until I heard her slowly sigh again giving me that well know sign of her orgasm. I continued to rub and massage her pussy until she was ready to cum again. I inserted a finger into her pussy, another surprise. Damn, this woman was as tight as Fort Knox. Even thou she had cum and was well lubricated, she had a pussy a virgin could only dream of. I was simply speechless. I pushed my finger into Angie’s pussy and she went crazy thrashing around and moaning much louder now.

Angie. I ask, how can you be so tight after having two kids and two marriages? She said, my first husband very seldom wanted sex. It was with him she had the two children. Seems he was more into the bars and strippers than working on a marriage and two children. Angie called Him needle dick, so there you go. As for my son, he was the opposite, he loved sex and according to Angie, had a 9” cock. During sex she said he’d hurt her shoving it in so deep. Seems he was always on the hunt for new pussy even if it was well used or accounted for.

I said, this doesn’t tell me why you are so tight. I was then I learned that her son had been too big to be delivered in the usual method and her daughter was going to be born naturally until after more than 10 hours of labor the doctors had to delivered her c-section. Now I know, both kids taken c-section.

She may have been a virgin as far as I was concerned. Her first husband was a slithering ass that had a dick so small it’s a wonder he could ever father children. As for Bill, According to Angie, He has a nice 9” cock he loves to use but seldom has the drive. Guess this was due to him always going after some ass in a mini-shirt and not looking after his own wife. (What an ass) In any case, I could care less. I’m going to give this lady the care and sex she deserves. I start slowly and giving extra care not to touch her clit. Using circles and long slow stroking of her pussy lips was now the rule.

As she began to relax, her pussy slowly open up. I did small dips of my finger into her very wet pussy. As she relaxed I was getting more and more of my finger into her. After about 5 or so minutes I had two fingers in that wonderful pussy. It was time to get my cock into the picture. I moved between her legs and placed the head of my cock over her pussy. Damn, I could see no way this was going to happen. I’m not that well endowed but the girth is very nice, I’m told. I slowly began moving my cock up and down her pussy lips and pushing a little to gain entrance. I was now hitting her clit with my cock as I did this and my pre-cum mixed with her vaginal juices were making it much easier.

Finally, the head of my cock popped into her as she let out a loud moan and raised her legs into the air. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful and tight. (I’m sure I never will again.) I lowered my face to hers and she turned away saying we should not kiss, it just wouldn’t be right. I thought, “What the fuck! I got my cock buried in this woman and have felt every inch of her body. Does she think this will help her feel no guilt fucking her father-in-law.” Oh Well, I ran my lips over her ear and down her neck. As I did this I pushed into her with all I had and sunk my 6 ½ inch cock into her love tunnel. Son of a bitch was she tight. I thought blood circulation to my cock had been shut off. I remained ball deep in that wonderful pussy and slowly began to feel her pussy contract and release. I then slowly pulled out until just the head of my cock was in her then slammed into that pubic mound as hard as I could push. Over and over I slammed into her making sure her clit was being hit on every stroke. Angie dug her nails into my back and screamed for all she was worth. I thought I had killer her.

She had that glazed look in those beautiful eyes a reflection of ecstasy and was simply engulfed in orgasm number three. I’ve never seen or known any woman could cum so easy. I raised her leg and began fucking her faster and faster as I was reaching my final state of no return. As my balls tighten, I knew I’d not last much longer. I was right, one last hard shove into her did the trick and I shot my first stream of hot cum into her waiting cunt. Again and again I shot stream after stream of cum into her. As I slowly started to withdraw my cock Angie said, “Please just lay here with me and let me enjoy this wonderful feeling.” We laid together for 30 minutes or so with my cock in her while I rubber and felt every inch of that lady’s body.

Finally, I got up and looked down at Angie as she slept. Just thinking what a wonderful lady she was to give me such a special gift.

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