How I Got Bred – How one night changed my life and my future!

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We had just moved into our new house in Connecticut. My husband and I loved it, 5 acres with a pool and sauna. The house was in the middle of the land and the houses were spaced so we had complete privacy. It was truly our dream home.
Hubby and I are both in our late twenties. I guess you’d call me cute, or perky. I’m 5′ 2″ and quite petite. My hair is a dark blond, what some people call dishwater blond. It’s cut in a neat “bob” just below my earlobes. The “perky” part comes from my little 34-B tits that are really between an A and a B cup; they stand up on their own, without need of a bra, though I sometimes wear one. My stomach is a flat 23 inches…when I’m not pregnant! And I have a tight, firm, round ass that measures 36 inches.
My high school friend Kathy lives just down the road. She’s a real knock out! She’s 5′ 9″, a 38-D/25/36 ravishing red head, with the temper and hot sex drive to match. From our days in high school gym class, I knew that she is a natural redhead. Sometimes I think she’d rather fuck than eat…at least until…IT happened:
Kathy and I were together all the time, going to the gym, shopping, etc. My hubby’s job required that he travel… a lot. Sucks big time, but it pays for the expenses. With so much time apart, though, it was taking its toll on our relationship. His needle dick and disdain of foreplay didn’t help matters, either.
One summer evening I called Kathy and told her that hubby was on the road again, this time for two weeks. She came over and we sat by the pool and had drinks and shared our erotic fantasies. I was wearing a pretty little solid orange bikini, not modest but not a thong, having rather thin fabric that, when wet, showed my nipples and pussy really good. Her bathing suit was a one piece, with a VERY deep V neck and no back, basically just a couple of strips of cloth and a G-string. Her 38-D breasts bulged out the sides. It was a sensuous, seductive number not meant for the beach.
After a few drinks, we were ready for the sauna. The sauna is relaxing. It’s located on the house side of the pool and is enclosed in glass so there’s a clear view of the pool and surrounding woods.
After 20 minutes, Kathy took a ladle of warm water and poured it on my little titties. My long, thick nipples popped up and the stream ran down my stomach, under my bikini bottoms and between my pussy lips. Damn that felt good.
We played around, teasing each other, grabbing each other’s tits and ass, kissing, and fondling. Though not lesbians, we both had an occasional bi-curious streak that we experimented with from time to time. I took off my bikini and exposed my bulging thick bush. Kathy was amazed how much hair I had. “I never shave my pussy, I like a natural hairy pubis,” I said. She quickly removed her suit and opened her legs to show off her shaved labia. I told her it looked like a little girl’s pussy. She didn’t have a bit of hair between her legs and her ass. The hot steamy sauna made her sweat and her pussy glistened. I ran my fingers up and down her mound, feeling how smooth it was, getting both of us worked up sexually.
She ran her hands over her soft, toned body, between her inviting thighs and around her 38-D baby feeders. I told her this was getting me too horny since hubby wasn’t home to service me with his toothpick dick. She got a wicked gleam in here eyes and told me not to worry. She called from her cell phone and invited 2 guys she knew to come over. I put up a stink because I didn’t know them.
Before they arrived, I quickly put my bathing suit back on. Kathy didn’t. She ran to the pool, holding her big jugs, to cool off. I followed and swam with her until the guys stopped by. I asked her to tell me about these two strange men, “What do you know about them?” She just smiled, that wicked gleam in her eyes again, and said they were “good guys” and to trust her.
When they arrived, they were already dressed in bathing trunks but one guy stood out more than the other. His cock was bulging out, tenting his trunks. Kathy said that Mike, the guy with the huge bulge, wasn’t even hard… “yet.” My amazed eyes spoke to her and she smiled and winked at me. “You ought to have a taste of it,” she said. I must have had a look on my face, she told me to relax.
Mike and Jim joined us for a short swim and then we all went to back to the sauna. They were gentlemen and we had a great time just talking and drinking mixed drinks; these guys weren’t so bad after all. The drinks were making us all tipsy, but I held my own, at least in my own mind. I was crazy to allow strange men in the house, in the sauna with us even if Kathy knew them and they were gentlemen…and HOT!
Kathy was still naked and my bathing suit was so damn sheer, being wet, that my bushy, woman’s mound pushed out. I could even see my nipples thru my wet suit.
Jim commented that my pubic hair was coming out the sides of my bikini bottom. Contrary to conventional wisdom many men really like, even prefer, a hairy pussy and it turns them on to see hair sticking out from panties or bathing suits. He wanted to see more of it. I smiled and said no, but gave him a suggestive wink. Mike and Kathy headed back to the pool but Jim stayed behind to tease me more about my mound of hair. He said he had never seen a woman with so much hair on her pussy, but that he loved it since it let him know I was a real woman. I smiled and pulled aside my bikini, exposing my full bush. The hair covered all my pussy and ran to my ass. He reached over to touch me between my legs. I pulled back, thinking to myself, “I am married and I can’t let him touch me.” Deep in my gut, though, I was longing for him to do nasty, sexual things to me, and I was really glad he stayed with me.
Looking out the sauna window, we saw Kathy and Mike kissing. They were both laying nude on a blanket and she had her legs wrapped around his waist, rocking him. The site of them fucking made me hornier than ever.
Mike pulled away from her and I could see that his cock and testicles were huge. Damn, I wondered, what would it feel like inside of my tight cunt hole, cumming against my fertile cervix? My body shivered. Where did such a wicked, nasty thought pop up from?
Mike was built like a stallion! His massive fuck pole stood out straight and throbbed with his heartbeat. Kathy reached out and grabbed its head and guided it back deep into her brazen, shaved snatch. In no time, she was again strapped around this guy and giving him a wild ride. The sight of it made me wetter than I already was.
Her ass spread apart as Mike fucked her hard and deep, her pussy stretched around his massive rod. At times he would pull out, leaving her pussy hole gaping wide open and not closing, then he would shove it back in and she would gasp with delight.
Jim was at my side watching the lovebirds doing their mating ritual for the longest time, until Mike pulled out and shot a huge amount of thick white baby juice up to her breasts. Watching what was happening, I thought to myself, “I wonder what that first cum shot felt like inside her…mmmm. It must have reached all the way up.”
He was still shooting rope after rope of sticky, thick jizz and Kathy stroked him intensely, spilling the remainder of his cum in her belly button. “I wonder if her husband cums hard like that,” I thought. I knew mine didn’t.
Mike told Kathy that he pulled out just in time. Her face had a look of relief after he said that since, like me, she wasn’t on any birth control; we both relied on condoms. I could see her rubbing the puddle of spunk on her belly but none between her pussy lips. She looked up at me and smiled. She then took his cock between her breasts and let him titty fuck her. Her twat was still gaping wide open. When he shot his load again she took it in her mouth and swallowed as much as she could.
Startled, I bumped into Jim and felt his hard dick tenting his bathing suit. I thought, “Damn, he’s much bigger than hubby, thicker and longer.” He, too, was turned on watching Kathy and Mike fuck. He let out an excited sigh when my hand lingered on his cock and stroked him a couple of times through his trunks.
He commented on her breasts bouncing with each of Mike’s deep thrusts. Then he told me that Mike loved Kathy’s soft body and big natural breasts and how her pussy got sloppy wet when she’s aroused. He said, “Mike tells me that she is a wild fuck and loves it when she gets fucked by more than one guy. Her pussy gets really loose, especially when Mike fucks her.”
Jim pulled me closer and I didn’t resist. His lips quickly were nibbling mine and I felt his hands on my round little ass, pulling my mound against his cock. I felt my pussy lips part under my bikini bottom and a gush of girl juice pour out of me.
I didn’t think a little playing around like this would do any harm or lead to anything so we started making out more passionately. My sexual urges were building to the point of my body demanding relief; satisfaction I knew Jim’s hard, long, thick cock could provide.
The teasing and playing continued for a while, getting progressively hotter and more intimate, then I untied my bottoms, one string at a time, and tossed the fabric aside, thinking, “yes or no, do I let him play with my pussy?” Deciding “yes,” I pulled his bathing suit off. Our sex organs were exposed and that got me even hotter. I brushed over his cock with my hairy pussy and it throbbed and pierced my labia a little. Jim untied my top and my perky little 34-B cup breasts pointed out between us, much to Jim’s delight. The sauna was hot and our wet, exposed, salty bodies melted together.
Standing, we moved our bodies over each other, teasing, rubbing, having fun. I told Jim that I wanted to have some excitement and this teasing felt so very good. As long as we didn’t get carried away like Kathy and Mike it would be all right. My pussy was telling my head that it wanted more, though… much more!
The head of his cock pressed a little between my pussy lips again. It throbbed with his heartbeat just like Mike’s. That excited my clit and chipped away at whatever will power I had left.
In the background, I could hear Kathy and Mike shagging again. I was amazed that Mike had stayed hard after shooting two huge loads, and wondered if Jim could stay hard and cum multiple times.
I was wondering what Mikes’ cock felt like inside her, and what it would feel like deep in me. I reached around Jim and pulled him closer to me. Our hearts were pounding as my hard nipples were rubbing his chest and I moved my hairy pussy closer over his shaved cock and balls. I let the head in my pussy a little again and remembered that he didn’t have a condom on. I guessed as long as he didn’t cum in me it would be all right. However, deep inside I wanted to know what his (and Mike’s!) cum spurting on my cervix would feel like.
My head was telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, but I kept thinking of Mike and Kathy, especially Kathy’s gaping twat and my pussy was telling me to keep going.
I played with Jim’s cock between my pussy lips longer and longer, lubricating him with my warm girl juice. His balls were as large as Mike’s and I squeezed them and made Jim moan. He kissed my nipples and rubbed my ass, which made me loosen up even more. I felt comfortable with this stranger so intimately close to me. Much of that comfort came from me finding out that he was extremely intelligent but not arrogant, very attentive to my wants and needs, and in general was everything hubby wasn’t.
His mouth was nibbling and sucking my neck, biting and soft kissing me. I let down my guard and got weak from all this fondling. By now, my pussy was sopping wet and begging for Jim’s hard dick! I quickly put a towel down on the hot sauna bench and lay down with my knees raised. I spread my legs wide to expose my inner thighs and spread my labia to show him my ringing wet cunt hole and my erect clit. I was inviting him closer…my pussy was winning the battle with my head. My heart was rapidly siding with my pussy, too.
I guided his hands over my wet body while he was rubbing his long, thick dick over my hairy pussy. His fingers moved from my asshole to my clit, I was enjoying his erotic stimulation between my legs. Deep down I wanted him to enter me. He rubbed the hair on my bushy mound, kissing my clit, licking between my open pussy lips.
I was losing my inhibitions a little at a time. His tongue probed me as his hands, now under my ass, lifted my body to his talented, powerful tongue.
His face moved over my hair, getting me even more excited. No man had ever teased me like this! He moved up from my tight little underused pussy, licking up my belly, making me quiver. He sucked my nipples like any good man would. Did he know that my long nipples were so sensitive that he could make me cum like a cat in heat just by sucking on them? He was pushing all my buttons, emotional as well as sexual, buttons that had been neglected for far too long!
I let him nibble my neck, biting me; I was allowing him to leave marks. His cock dangled over my pussy and his cock head rubbed over my gash.
He was getting closer to my baby maker. I still had thoughts of stopping him, but much stronger thoughts of him thrusting deep inside.
I closed my legs tight, capturing his throbbing, thick cock for a while, squeezing it. He told me to stop because that would make him cum. Deep down inside we both knew where his baby batter would end up. The excitement for him was getting him ready to cum so I stopped playing with his manhood. I let him explore my body in any crevasse he wanted. My eyes were still on his cock.
That large, purple, bulbous head looked inviting to fuck but I was hesitant to have him penetrate my pussy further without protection and didn’t want a strange cock in me without a condom, or DID I!? My body’s natural reproductive instincts wanted him deep inside and cumming in me, not holding back his own body’s mating instincts.
I reached up and played with his scrotum, subconsciously giving him permission to enter me. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his throbbing knob. The shaft was red and hot from me playing with it and from being in the sauna. I pulled it closer to me, moving the head up and down my gash, parting my cunt lips, and spreading his creamy, sperm laden pre-cum into my snatch, and massaging my clit. With each stroke, his cock head pushed into my pussy hole a little bit. The small amount of penetration was putting me further under his (and my pussy’s) control. Jim wanted to push deeper, but I made a feeble attempt at holding his advances off. “Remember, Jim,” I told him, “you can’t go in deep, we are just playing around and having fun.” We both knew I wouldn’t resist him penetrating me deep for long. Part of my mind was already silently screaming, “don’t listen to me Jim, FUCK ME HARD!”
I let his cock and sac rest over my wet slit as I squeezed my nipples and breasts then closed my eyes, enjoying every throb of his cock, which was laying over my mound as his balls rested between my thighs. The aroma of my pussy filled the hot sauna. Jim poured water over the sauna rocks and steam filled the room. Droplets of warm water collected on our bodies and the smell of aroused pussy became even more pronounced.
I guided his hands over my body, massaging my neck and breasts. This went on for what seemed like forever. With all this happening his shaft spread my open pussy lips and before I knew it my relaxed body let his cock head part my inner lips and he began to enter me. Looking down, I watched his penis being devoured by my hungry cunt until the head was out of sight between my thick, large inner lips. I don’t know if he heard me when I mumbled, “put it in me, baby, stretch me good.” My cunt caressed his cock head. My pussy muscles tensed and responded to his invasion and he held the head just inside, right over all those tingling nerve endings. We both moaned as he penetrated me deeper. I loved his flesh slowly slipping in my willing pussy even though I couldn’t let him cum in me. More accurately, I couldn’t admit to myself that I couldn’t wait for him to cum in me.
“What the fuck am I thinking, I can’t even let this go this far,” I thought. “Jim,” I said, “let’s not go any further.” He knew I wanted this as much as he did and ignored my plea and just sucked on my nipples. “Maybe I better have him wear a condom,” I thought, but his unprotected cock felt too good to cover with a rubber. He started to pull out and push back in, setting a slow sensual pace. I could feel that large knob inside my twat, teasing my resistance to nothing. The in and out rhythm allowed him to go in deeper with each stroke and I made no effort to stop him. In fact, I started rocking my hips to encourage him to thrust deeper. I could feel my pussy muscles loosen up and stringy, white mucus was pouring out of me, a sure sign of ovulation
My legs relaxed and my pussy stretched for his ultra-thick cock, I was feeling him gradually filling my tight little cunt, then his cock head pressed up against my cervix and a jolt of excitement tore through my body like a bolt of lightning! My nipples felt like they were going to explode! His pre-cum was leaking right at my womb, his sac slapping against my ass.
I watched his face and heard him moan more and more as I allowed this man to make love with me. I thought, “Damn it’s too late, I let him penetrate me! This feels wonderful!” What was I letting him do? I was his, coupled with his penis.
I let his cock head stay against my cervix as he leaned over to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples. I was locked to him; my pussy craved him in me. My breasts felt even more sensitive and wanted Jim to sperm me good so they could grow and fill with milk. One suck on my left nipple and I orgasmed on the spot.
My legs around his waist kept the dangerous little sperm-spitting slit of his cock head rubbing at my womb opening. I never had a man penetrate me that deep or stretch me so far. His cock throbbed with each heartbeat.
I thought; “I hope he doesn’t mind pulling out before he ejaculates.” But I knew better. “Jim, don’t cum in me,” I said. “I’m fertile right now and not on any birth control…!!” When I said that a powerful orgasm suddenly tore through my body and I shook violently. Jim’s dick jerked, too. The thought of risking pregnancy was turning both of us on, big time!
Letting go of his waist my soft thighs relaxed, my legs spread wider, and I felt him pressing deeper and starting his full stroke rhythm, first slowly then faster then slow again.
He was driving me uncontrollably wild! His sperm makers were slapping my ass as that thick cock filled me and stretched me as I had never experienced before. My nipples were hard and my breasts were longing to be filled with milk and sucked dry.
I thought, “he’s fucking me, damn, I’ll let him do it all he wants! This feels much too good to stop!” My breathing was faster as my body was enjoying our mating.
I finally lost control of what was happening between us. My pussy muscle tightened around Jim’s cock. “This is so good,” I thought. “I love his condom free penis in me.” My vagina muscles tightened even more, letting me know I was close to another orgasm. He slowed his pace and my pussy muscle held his cock tightly. I was pouring girl cum and I smelled the musty aroma of sex in the air, my juices sticking to his cock and my ass crack on his out strokes.
His pace quickened again, my orgasming pussy tightening around that burning meat ramming my body.
He was squeezing my nipples and fucking me faster as our moans grew louder. I remember telling him to pull out now before we go too far but in the same breath demanded that he still fuck me faster, harder, and deeper. “Let’s stop and use a condom,” I said, but I didn’t mean it.
I knew he would be cumming soon, but I wanted his shaft stretching my pussy and its big head rubbing my womb entrance. Did I want to tell him to cum in me? Did I want his hot seed filling me? I finally had to admit to myself that I wanted to take his hot, potent load right on my cervix.
I pictured Kathy fucking Mike’s intense huge throbbing cock and imagined him penetrating my body too! My erect clit was being rubbed by Jim’s fingers.
The more I thought of Kathy’s pussy gaping for Mike, his cock penetrating her, ramming it in, the more I wanted Jim fucking me the same way, spreading me wider and going deeper with his thrusts.
I needed him more and more and felt my body tense and contract, tightening around Jim’s cock and I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life!
I heard him yell he needed to pull out now, but I was cumming, and my birth canal instinctively held him in and my legs were wrapped around his back, ankles locked, holding his dick as deep as possible. I yelled, “Don’t you DARE pull out, give me your load and fill me up!”
My body took control as I felt his cock jerk and twitch deep in me, impregnating me with each of his ejaculations, his cock throbbing, releasing millions of sperm from his big balls, splashing against my womb entrance. Our bodies were mating in an animistic breeding. I couldn’t stop this and neither could he, not that either of us wanted to.
I felt every shot of cum enter me and he pumped me faster as he ejaculated. The veins inside his cock pulsed until every drop of baby juice was in me. With each throb of his cock my vagina grabbed it tighter. My cervical os was open and sucking millions of his virile sperm into my womb, sending those swimmers up toward my waiting, ripe egg, my body responding to us mating as it should!
At last my mega-orgasm ebbed and my heartbeat slowed enough for me to catch my breath, my legs still holding him deep in me.
I thought, “Damn this went too fucking far,” but every moment was worth the ecstasy that filled my vagina and breasts, indeed my very essence.
I rotated my thighs and felt him still hard in me. My bush was wet and sticky with globs of cum, mine and his, in the hair.
He pulled his cock from my sloppy whore seeded pussy and his warm semen flowed out my open hole and down between my ass cheeks, mixed with the girl cum I was pouring. Oh, God, it felt wonderful! I squeezed the remaining sperm from his shaft into my dark hairy mound, rubbing the seed back and forth.
Having made up my mind that I wanted to be impregnated by this wonderful, considerate man, I slipped his still hard cock back into my hungry cunt, wanting, no needing him to breed me and cum deep in my pussy again.
I thought; “what the fuck did we just do! I’m his bitch! Impregnated bitch at that.” But that didn’t keep me from bucking my hips up to get more cum from him.
We wrapped our arms and legs around each other, nestled together for more lustful lovemaking. Jim pushed his cum laced shaft deep in me and I rotated my hips and wiggled my pussy around till I made him cum hard in me again, shooting a few million more sperm straight toward my womb and my ripe, unsuspecting little egg. We stayed locked together for a long while. I kept his cock in me to stop any sperm from dripping out. I wanted this alpha male’s baby!
I heard Kathy call for us as Jim slipped out of me. Some of his cum was still dripping down my ass crack and onto the towel as we quickly put on our bathing suits. Damn his cum was soaking my bikini bottoms and showing thru as well as soaking that now sticky towel.
I hoped that Kathy and Mike didn’t notice that Jim and I had been fucking. Not that there was any doubt with the heavy scent of sex in the air.
The four of us stayed in the sauna for another half hour. I could feel Jim’s cum sticking inside my vagina and sincerely hoped that his sperm was impregnating me, even as we sat; the hot sauna keeping my body warm and acting as an incubator for his sperm and my egg.
Kathy and Mike were naked, sitting on the towel that we just fucked on. She leaned back, resting, her legs parted. I watched cum drip from her shaved pussy. Our eyes met and she smiled, rubbing her belly in a rounding fashion, indicating that she, too, may have just been knocked up.
She said; “what the fuck…it just happened. The second time he didn’t pull out in time so I let him fuck me again and again until all his cum was in me.” I knew Kathy and I were on pretty much the same cycle which meant both of us were likely ovulating.
Mike was still half hard; his cock had Kathy’s juices sticking to it. She leaned over and sucked him off, swallowed his load, then licked him clean.
The guys finally left. Kathy leaned over and asked if he was good, and I blushed… and said. “How did you know we fucked?”
She said, “Tell-tale signs, girlfriend, tell-tale signs…the strong smell of fresh fucked pussy, sitting on your cum soaked towel, and that…” and then she took her fingers and scooped up a glob of Jim’s cum dripping down my inner thigh.
She untied my bikini bottom and my dark hairy mound was filled with Jim’s cum, with more pouring out of me and down my legs. Kathy, startled at the quantity of spunk, just looked at me with surprise. “You let him ride bare back and shoot his swimmers into you!!? Tell me more before the guys return in a few hours.” So, I told her everything…in great detail.
We compared notes, so to speak, and determined that we were, indeed, most likely both impregnated. I asked her if Mike’s cock felt as good as it looked, and she replied: “BETTER! Try it, you’ll love it…and the damage is already done so you won’t need to worry about rubbers or pulling out.”
Sure enough, Mike and Jim came back a few hours later, and had been talking between themselves, much the same as what Kathy and I had discussed. She didn’t admit to it, but I highly suspected that Kathy was in on their little plan…
Kathy asked Jim to come back to her place to pick up some snacks and vodka. Mike decided to stay with me, in the sauna.
Every time I looked at Mike I thought back to the super sexy sight of Kathy’s gaping pussy hole, stretched wide open by Mike’s huge cock. “I wonder if my pussy would gape like that,” I thought. Mike asked me if I enjoyed being with Jim and, after turning beet red with embarrassment, I sheepishly admitted that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn’t, however, tell him that I felt like I might be falling in love with his friend. Mike said Jim told him that he thoroughly enjoyed himself, too. The tone of his voice and the look on his face made me wonder if Jim had the same feelings and had shared them Mike.
We were sitting on the bench, side by side, on the same cum stained towel that Jim and I had fucked on, the aroma of fresh fucked pussy still in the air. I couldn’t wait for him to make a move on me!
He asked about my bush, so I removed my bikini bottoms and spread my legs so he could get a good look. He examined my cum crusted bush, then started running his fingers up and down my furry slit, stopping to rub my clit, then he ran his fingers around my pussy hole that was still leaking some of Jim’s jizz.
Suddenly Mike grabbed my hips and pulled me down and toward him, so that my pussy was right in front of his face. I gasped, realizing that I was about to get my wish of having that anaconda cock cum inside of me.
My tits were on fire with passion and my nipples were hard as rocks, but so sensitive that I had to remove my top to keep them from rubbing on the fabric. Just then Mike started licking my slit and I came instantly! God was he ever an expert at eating pussy! Jim’s fuck juice being there didn’t bother him at all.
As Mike kept eating my pussy he reached around and ran a finger along my gash until he got it really wet and then he stuck it in my ass! Nobody had ever done that before and I jumped…and Mike opened his mouth and sucked my clit between his teeth. Damn, I came again, but this was a different cum than I had ever experienced… something liquid shot out of me! Kathy told me later that I had experienced my first squirting orgasm.
As much as I loved my husband and hated to admit it, even to myself, three things were becoming uncomfortably clear to me: 1: my husband was a terrible, selfish lover, 2: I had to have Mike cum in me so either he or Jim could get me pregnant, preferably Jim, and 3: my life and my future had changed forever that night.
After a while, (and too many orgasms to count!) I pushed Mike back and jumped up on all fours, my head right at his cock. Quickly I removed his shorts and gasped at just how huge that monster was up close! I took what I could in my mouth and sucked for all my worth, not that he wasn’t already hard as a rock. While I was sucking his cock I reached down and cupped his balls, which felt like they were as big as goose eggs. He gave an excited sigh as I gave him my very best effort of a blowjob.
We were both dripping and throbbing though, and I laid back on the towel and playfully challenged him to spill more cum on it than Jim had. He laughed and said that wasn’t much of a challenge, and proceeded to prove it!
He got on top of me, taking his time, kissing me and softly licking my nipples while he rubbed that trouser snake up and down my slit. All thoughts of cheating, condoms, impregnation, and much of anything else were gone, I was focused on getting that hard shaft in me and feeling it stretch me to the max and blow my cervix up with a powerful and huge cum load.
He started to enter me and I screamed, “HOLY SHIT, I have NEVER been stretched like that! Go slow, but go deep! Bang my cervix!” He stopped every stroke to give me time to adjust to his penetration and then went a little deeper. After a couple of minutes, I felt his cock head bump against my cervix and I looked down, only to see that he had at least three more inches to go! But, he was gentle and kept stroking slowly and gently, prodding my pussy to stretch deeper as well as wider. I couldn’t help thinking that no other dick would ever measure up to Mike’s.
At last he got all twelve inches in me and we started a gentle, slow fuck. It didn’t stay soft or gentle for long, though. I started rocking my hips faster and he took the hint to speed up. Before long he was pounding my pussy so hard I was afraid he might break my pelvic bone! I have never been fucked so good in my life! The first really hard stroke not only pounded on my cervix, but his dick actually drove itself under my cervix and pushed it up, triggering an instant orgasm like none I have ever experienced. I would have thought that would hurt…but OH NO!
He pulled his cock out and told me to turn over and get on all fours, Rocky(D)gie style, which I gladly did! I could feel air entering my pussy, so I knew I had a really good gape going. Then he penetrated me again, going even deeper than before and sending me into another mind-shattering orgasm
I screamed at the top of my lungs and shook all over, cumming again and again, almost one constant orgasm. Mike wasn’t done with creating firsts in my sex life, though. He reached between us and stuck TWO fingers in my ass, pressing forward and driving his dick against my G spot, and I hit another whole level of orgasm, screaming, squirting, and shaking from my head to my curled toes.
After what seemed like an eternity, Mike started to growl and shake himself; his cock started twitching harder than I had even dreamed of experiencing. I knew what was about to happen so I pushed my ass back hard against him and started screaming, “OH GOD, MIKE, FUCK YOUR BABY INTO ME, KNOCK ME UP NOW!” Deep inside I knew that Jim had already taken care of that “chore,” though.
That put Mike over the edge and he shot rope after powerful rope of thick, white, sperm laden cum straight into my cervix. While he was spurting his last few shots I heard people clapping their hands and barking. Shocked and surprised, I whipped my head around and saw Jim and Kathy watching us. They both had huge grins on their faces and started teasing me about chasing cars. Turning a bit serious, Kathy said, “well, I guess we will be picking out nursery furniture together.” That sent another jolt of excitement through my whole body.
Carefully moving so as to not dislodge his cock I spun over on my back, missionary style. Kathy and Jim started making out on the other end of the bench while Mike and I were kissing and cuddling, his cock still buried deep in my baby tunnel. He didn’t pull out and didn’t go soft! After a few minutes of heavy playing with my little titties he started back slowly stroking in and out of me. Oh my God, I had NEVER been so sexually satisfied, although Jim was very close. I honestly had started falling in love with Jim, but that’s another story.
I started wiggling my pussy in circles and bucked my hips up to meet Mike’s powerful thrusts. This time was more like making love than the raw fucking we had done the first time, but with the same end result; it felt like he shot a quart of potent sperm straight into my womb entrance.
The guys stayed for several more hours and we switched up fuck partners several times, every time with both of us taking more loads of spunk in our newly impregnated pussies.
Kathy and I both fucked our husbands nearly to death for the next several weeks. We even doctored some rubbers so they’d “break” and spill cum into our already pregnant pussies. Neither hubby was thrilled about us being pregnant, but we couldn’t give a flying Rocky(H) fuck less what they thought. My hubby threatened to leave if I didn’t get an abortion, and I told him to not the door hit him in the ass on the way out, and that my lawyer would be in touch. The fucking little wimp backed down, of course.
We had our babies two days apart, Kathy’s strapping ten-pound baby boy was named Michael, and looks just like his father. Next we welcomed my baby girl, Kathy after her aunt Kathy, who arrived at 7 pounds and the perfect mix of Jim’s best features and my femininity. I felt kind of lonely and empty after I delivered my beautiful daughter, and decided then and there that I wanted more babies. Being pregnant was the second best thing to ever happened to me; meeting Jim was the first.
As you might guess, this wasn’t just a one-time fuck, and Kathy and I are both breast feeding our “husband’s babies,” as well as Jim and Mike (both of them love breast milk, straight from the source, of course), with unspoken plans to make many more babies the same way. And I am trying to decide if I want to divorce hubby or leave things as they are.
We pretty much knew who each father was, but purely for the sake of having accurate medical histories on both children we got tested for paternity and confirmed that Mike was Michael’s father and Jim was little Kathy’s father. Mike arranged the testing at a private lab in another state and made sure the records were destroyed so neither hubby could get them.After I “confirmed” (two months after the actual insemination) that I was pregnant all sex between hubby and I ceased; no blowjobs, no fucking, no kissing… nothing. It even got to the point that I told him if he touched me I’d do a Bobbitt on his puny little dick.
Mike, Jim, Kathy, and I continued to see each other, sometimes as a group and sometimes as separate couples. Kathy decided to have her tubes tied at delivery so she could play all she wanted without pesky pregnancies getting in the way. I got fitted for a diaphragm, since I wanted more kids. Feelings between Jim and I continued to grow and we found ourselves madly in love with each other, and hot to trot to make another baby. Since hubby was now pussy-less, at least from my pussy, getting pregnant again presented a problem, or at least a situation requiring action on my part.
Jim got me a really good attorney and she took hubby to the cleaners. I got the house, alimony, and child support for Jim’s daughter. Hubby got the house payments, his clothes, and not much else.
One Friday in the Fall I got a call from Jim. He asked me about going away for a trip to the mountains the following weekend, and said he had talked to Kathy and she was glad to keep little Kathy. I said, “sure, but you know it’s supposed to snow up there and I’ll be ovulating so we’ll have to use the trampoline,” as he called it.
The next weekend we packed for the trip, with Jim insisting on packing Kathy’s bag, and dropped little Kathy off with her Aunt Kathy. It was an unspoken agreement between the four of us that we would look after the kids as necessary, so she knew I’d gladly repay the favor any time. As we were leaving Kathy mumbled something about coming back with a bun in the oven but I assured her that the sperm would hit a roadblock. She chuckled and winked.
Jim had rented a romantic log cabin in North Carolina, in the Great Smokey Mountains, with no phone, no cell access, no Internet, and a real wood burning fireplace. The only communication with the outside world was a pay phone at the camp office in case of emergencies. Our cabin was called “The Romancer” and it lived up to its namesake! Oh, and there was a red heart shaped tub for two… not exactly designed for bathing, if you know what I mean. The other cabins were far enough away to afford privacy, even during the loudest screaming orgasm.
We got everything carried in and unpacked fairly quickly and Jim built a roaring, toasty fire. It was almost sundown and it was about a 45-minute drive back to town so we hopped in the car and headed to dinner and to pick up supplies so we could cook our own meals in case we got snowed in or otherwise got “busy.” We ate at a very romantic little Italian restaurant, lit with only candle light and the moon shining through the window. After we ate we made the grocery store run and headed back to the cabin.
As soon as we closed the door behind us we were tearing each other’s clothes off. We kissed and fondled, teasing each other like high school lovers, as we made our way to the bed. The only light in the cabin was from the fire, so the subdued, romantic light danced around the walls as the burning wood crackled.
My post baby tits were now full C cups and still leaking milk, Jim’s favorite flavor! He began sucking on my nipples and caused a sudden gush of milk from my nipple and stringy white ovulation time mucus from my pussy. Our hands were all over each other and he worked his way down from my titties to my stomach and on to my pussy. He licked me good then took my clit in his mouth and sucked on it until I creamed his face.
When he entered me I was in the reverse cowgirl position leaning forward toward his ankles. I reached back and played with his balls and rubbed my fingers on either side of his cock as he stroked into me. We kept up a steady, but not real fast pace; we were making love, not just fucking, and wanted it to last as long as possible.
After a while I got off and turned around to regular cowgirl so I could see and touch his face and he could squeeze milk onto his chest. Did I mention that he loved my milky tits? We began to speed up a bit and he started thrusting deeper. We stayed in that position for a good while. I switched back to reverse cowgirl to finish. His cock being as long as it was I was able to lay down with my back flat on his chest and rotate my hips and wiggle my pussy as he was still stroking deep but slow into me and massaging my tits. The feeling of getting a tender breast massage while making love was indescribable. He reached around my hips and rubbed my clit slowly and softly. That did it! My whole body tensed and I launched into a powerful orgasm. It’s amazing how being in love can intensify orgasms and make them not only more pleasurable, but also more meaningful.
My clit became so sensitive that I had to move his hand. He growled his displeasure, but he understood and went back to massaging my breasts with both hands. That, of course, triggered another orgasm; not as intense as the first but deeper and longer lasting.
After what seemed like hours I felt his cock swell and start jerking. I reached down and rubbed the underside of his shaft and that did it. He blew at least a cup of cum into my still tight hungry snatch. We kept up our passionate love making for most of the night, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he cummed in me that I realized I didn’t have my diaphragm in. The damage already done, we didn’t bother with it for the rest of the weekend, and I have to admit that it felt wonderful having strong ropes of cum shot straight onto my cervix again; I had almost forgotten what a thrill it was and how exciting pregnancy risk sex was. I never thought to look for it so I never knew it was missing. We had cabin fever that night, and I certainly got a creampie to remember, in more ways than one!
After a night of romantic, passionate love making we decided to sleep in and awoke mid-morning to light snowfall creating a beautiful white blanket over everything outside, truly a winter wonderland! On the inside, however, the fire had gone out and it was cold as a witches’ tit in a brass bra. With thick blankets pulled over us we made love and put his morning boner to good use, after which we made a mad scurry to get the stove going for coffee and get the fire started again in the fireplace.
We got our caffeine fix and decided to chance it and go out to see the sights. We stopped in the small town where we’d eaten supper the night before and made the rounds of all the little tourist trap shops. It was amazing how friendly the people were, even if they did talk slow and have funny accents.
The snow had stopped falling, at least for a while, so we decided to make the fairly short trip to Ashville and take the Vanderbilt mansion tour. It was so amazing, almost like reliving all that rich history.
The whole time we were on the tour we kept stealing kisses and copping feels every chance we got. By the time the tour was over I was sopping wet and horny as hell. We found a little out of the way place that was deserted and headed to the back seat to take care of business. It was cold out so we didn’t bother stripping completely. I just pulled my pants down enough to give Jim access to my now trimmed but still full bush and, more importantly, my dripping wet hot pussy. He pulled his cock and balls out and was hard as a steel bar; no foreplay was needed as we were both beyond ready, so he entered me as quickly as he could. The Kegel exercises I had been doing had my pussy muscles back to pre-baby shape and as tight as before, so it took about four strokes to get all the way in and put the baby maker slit on his cock head right at my cervix. We both lunged at each other hard and fast. It didn’t take very long, maybe fifteen minutes, until I had hit my third orgasm and he let out a loud groan and fired all his seed into me.
After we got dressed, and with my now soaked panties back on, we decided to grab some dinner. Being a little naughty, I suggested that we eat at the local Hooters. We feasted on their famous wings and beer before making the trip back to our love nest. It had started snowing again, much harder this time, and the temperature was dropping so we hurried as fast as we could lest we end up marooned.
When we got back to the cabin we were both exhausted so we made some hot chocolate, laced with rum, and turned in. In the early morning hours, we stoked the fire since we’d learned our lesson about letting it go out and made love twice and drifted back off to sleep. I was awaked to a dull pinching that I knew was a sign of an egg being released by an ovary. This time the pinching was on both sides, though, which I thought strange but never considered that I was ovulating from both ovaries at the same time.
After a wonderful, passionate, relaxing weekend we headed back home and picked LK (little Kathy) up from Kathy’s house, spoiled by her aunt as usual! Kathy pulled me aside and asked how our trip was and asked me if we had worn a hole in my diaphragm. I thought that an odd question, but told her I had forgotten to pack it. She broke out laughing so hard she nearly fell down. When I asked her what was so damned funny, she pulled it and the spermicidal jelly out of LK’s bag and told me about the conspiracy to get me pregnant. A few days later I experienced a little spotting for a short time which I correctly guessed was implantation bleeding. I was PREGNANT! YIPPEE!
I wasn’t really mad at all, though I pretended to be, when I found out that Jim, Kathy, and Mike had conspired to “steal” my diaphragm and leave it at Kathy’s house. Even more sinister, they had plotted my cycle ever since I gave birth and planned this trip right during my fertile time. All three of those characters wanted me pregnant again! I would never admit it to them but I had an idea what they were up to and went along with it since I really wanted very badly to be pregnant again, this time with no doubt that it was Jim’s.
There’s an old myth that a woman can’t get pregnant as long as she’s nursing. As the myth goes, ovulation is suppressed by the hormones that cause breasts to form milk. We certainly disproved that myth! After the wonderful trip to the mountains we didn’t bother with any birth control since we pretty much knew I was already pregnant. As it turned out, the dull pinching I felt in both of my ovaries on the last day of the trip was, indeed, a sign that I was releasing two eggs, not just one. I missed my period and we were all delighted, especially Kathy.
I enjoyed being pregnant and growing even larger than the first time since I was carrying twins. Me being pregnant turned Jim and Mike on as well and they kept me full of cum almost the entire nine months. July rolled around and I went in labor on the evening of the third. The real 4th fireworks came the next day when I delivered Jim Junior first, followed several minutes later by beautiful Penny. We named her after Penny on The Big Bang Theory TV show.
After I got out of recovery and back into my private room the gang was all waiting for me and seemed a bit more giddy than I would have expected. Jim provided the additional fireworks for the day when he pulled out the largest engagement ring I had ever seen and proposed. It too me about one nanosecond to say YES!
Mike spoke up and groused that he was losing some good pussy, but Jim said we could fuck all we want as long as he knew about it, and we didn’t do it when I was getting pregnant again. The last part of that made me nearly orgasm on the spot. I couldn’t wait to get Jim’s huge cock in me spraying sperm into my womb again.
We decided to wait until after we were married to open the baby factory again. We planned a Fall wedding at a romantic Tennessee wedding chapel. We also booked honeymoon reservations at the same cabin, except this time all four of us plus the four kids were there. Let’s just say a good time was had by all!

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