How I impregnated my family’s young Filipino maid

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I lay awake naked on my bed, staring up at the ceiling in the dark. We were going through another blackout and the air conditioning was dead. The sweltering Bangkok heat was unbearable, even in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep anyway; I was a few months over 18 and my near-uncontrollable sex drive had no outlet. My big cock was a steel pipe that I gripped and pumped in my hand, lubed up with a palm of spit.
I was frustrated; I was a good-looking white kid from a well-off American expatriate family. I went to a private international high with the sons and daughters of diplomats and rich businessmen. I had a group of friends, same as everyone else, but when it came to girls, I was shy, nervous, and inexperienced. Plenty of guys my age had a steady supply of pussy – mostly the expat chicks we went to class with, but sometimes Thai women – and loved to brag about their conquests when we hung out around the villas after school. I’d smile and try to act cool and lie, all the while trying to figure out how the hell they did it. I wasn’t a virgin anymore but I was shit when it came to the opposite sex.
I jacked off angrily, thinking about a hot girl in my class that I wanted to fuck. Katie Barrows. Some Canadian chick with nice-sized perky breasts and a cute feminine face. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes. Petite and slender, real sexy. I thought about taking her against her desk at school and fucking her with her legs wrapped around me while she wore her preppy school uniform with the pleated skirt hiked up over her hips. Yeah, biting her bottom lip, eyeliner-painted eyes closed in pleasure, naughty fucking bitch…
I tried not to make too much sound as I pounded my cock in my hand. My snobby parents were sleeping a couple of rooms down and I didn’t want them to know what I was doing. It’d be a lot better if I was sitting in front of the family computer watching porn, but the fucking thing was in their bedroom. So it was just me, my hand, and my imagination.
I closed my eyes and fantasized. My mood wasn’t helping so I went harder, going from fantasy to fantasy. Sexy Spice, Christina Aguilera. I started to sweat as my brain became saturated with lust. I lay my head back into my pillow and gritted my teeth as I stroked harder.
Fucking, fucking, fucking. Video game characters, Lara Croft, Chun-Li, that slut Rogue from Diablo, all flesh and sex in my head as I pleasured myself and got closer to my reptile brain. Getting sucked off by sexy, young Thai sluts. Pounding their little brown skanky farang cock-hungry pussies. Crying for my seed and my big fucking naked dick that was stretching their cunts out so much they would never get satisfaction from anything smaller again. Filling their whore wombs with my spunk so the next time I passed Patpong I’d see them leering with rounded stomachs.
I finally went back to nubile little Katie Barrow, only this time she was naked and on all fours on my parent’s bed before me, wagging her cute round ass at me, puffy pussy wet and ready. I grabbed one shapely ass cheek and she spread her legs, revealing the little round globe of her 6 month swollen belly hanging down along with her milk-filled teenage teats. She arched her back and cried out as I pushed in her steaming wet gash and started to saw in and out, rutting her pregnant pussy while she mewled and moaned like a true breeding whore, cradling and caressing her growing belly as it swung beneath her, breasts mashed into the bed.
The thought of knocking young Katie up and fucking her stupid, adolescent mother-to-be brains out sent me over the edge. I grunted and stifled a cry as my cock bloated and bucked, shooting long ropes of sticky cum into the dark over my bed.
I lay there panting and covered in sweat, my spent cock still semi-hard and oozing cum onto my thigh. I’d never came that much before – the idea of making a girl pregnant, of claiming her, of forcing their body to change to bear your child while the whole world could see the product of your potency – shit, the big tits and belly on a slender frame were hot as hell to me.
It hadn’t been much of a fantasy up until now, but with my libido and size, the urge to breed was a curse that was bound to come along sooner or later.
It was a depraved epiphany that I couldn’t get out of my head after that.
Like it or not, I was a lonely stud come of age without a proper mare.
I groaned as I grabbed the matted hand towel I had ready and wiped off my cum from my leg and dick. The goddamn thing was about eight and a half inches long and the thickness of a wrist when it was hard, as much good as it did me. My balls were normal-sized, and despite the sheer volume of the load I’d just blown, definitely had plenty more left in them. I’d be able to go again soon if I didn’t try to get some sleep, but I needed to clean up and get a glass of water.
I swore in the dark as I realized I’d came all over my bed. I tried to wipe it all down and at least make the evidence less obvious. We had a live-in Filipino maid named Maria who took care of the house. Would she know what cumstains looked like? Fucking embarrassing if she did. Worse if she told my parents.
I didn’t know much about Maria other than she was like 23 and cooked okay. I guess she was all alone in this country, trying to make money to send back home but I never really gave it a lot of thought. Filipinas had a good rep with the expat community for being honest, hard-working housekeepers. Less bullshit, a little more expensive than the local Thais but way better service. Maria though, she probably barely graduated high school, so I doubted she got much more of a salary than our last maid, who was Thai. I don’t know if Maria was from a dumbfuck village or what back in the Philippines, but she didn’t speak good English – she had a thick Filipino drawl. She didn’t seem all that smart either, but what could you expect from a housekeeper?
Maria wasn’t a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, but she was a good-looking chick, definitely better than any slutty bargirl I’d seen in Soi Cowboy. I don’t know if my dad wanted a nice young oriental thing around the house or what, but I’d never seen her flaunt it or flirt with him, she just did her work and kept to herself. Maria was really just a fixture of the house. She’d been with us for about a year on the recommendation of another expat family after we replaced our shitty Thai maid Loi, who my mom accused of stealing from us.
I’d never paid much attention to Maria other than her body, which was lithe almost to the point of being skinny. The woman had nice light brown skin, a toned stomach, big tits for her slender frame – probably at least a D cup – and a nice ass that I stole a couple of looks at now and then, especially when she wore a tank and work jeans around the house. Maria had long silky black hair that went past her shoulders; she wore in a ponytail when she worked. Our maid was a recognizably pretty Pinay – her features were exotic and slightly elfin. She had a pouting mouth with dark pillowy lips, brown slanted almond eyes, a pert Filipina nose and angular cheekbones, good white teeth and a cute smile. Definitely fuckable.
Thinking about Maria like that made my cock start to stiffen. I was a little ashamed at how depraved I was, even considering fucking the help.
I chucked the hand towel into the hamper and peered around the dim confines of my room, past the band posters and disused desk and my rumpled, sweaty bed. The digital clock read 1:34 AM. I had school in a few hours. I cracked a window to let in the seething sounds of the Thai evening in – we lived in a gated community in Sukhumvit that had a big yard with what felt like encroaching jungle with the city’s building’s beyond. Immediately I could hear the crackling spark of bad wiring on one of the power lines outside, the bark of a stray Rocky(D), insects buzzing lazily, distant cars honking. Bangkok was alive beyond, all lights and jungle and bustle and sex.
I checked myself out in the gloom of my mirror – good-looking guy, slim, decent muscle tone from my time at the track. I was covered in sweat and my big cock looked engorged and obscene as it swung down between my legs. I felt parched as I ran my fingers through my short hair, determined to get a glass of water. I doubted anyone was up and cracked my door to walk out into the hall naked.
The villa house we lived in was older than many of the others in the compound, so that meant creaking wooden floors and more places for roaches, spiders, and other vermin to get in. I knew we had snakes in the yard too sometimes but I’d lived in Thailand long enough that it just didn’t bother me much anymore. Out of sight, most of the time, so out of mind, right? I crept down the stairs in the dark, more awake than asleep, but only just. I flicked the light switch at the bottom a couple of times – no dice of course. The path was well-worn and lit enough from the moon outside that I could make my way through the upscale living room and towards the kitchen.
As I got closer to the kitchen, I noticed a light was flickering from somewhere inside. I could hear soft sounds too. The fizzy chatter of Thai TV, mostly. I guessed Maria was up too, watching that piece-of-shit battery-powered portable mini television she had in her room. I peeked in and saw that the door to the maid room was ajar to allow for circulation now that the power was out, light dancing weakly in a fan across the floor, enough to see a couple of cockroaches flee at my arrival. I was about to give up on the drink and go back to my room when I started hearing something else between the Thai sitcoms and commercials.
Soft, feminine moaning. Gentle, needy grunting.
My jaw dropped in disbelief, a grin forming as I put a hand to my forehead.
Was Maria fucking someone? Had she snuck a boyfriend in somehow? No way…
Heart pounding, I crept into the kitchen to see for myself. The slut was so freaking fired! Holding my breath, I inched forward in the dim light to peer into her room. Even thought I was naked, I was ready to grab a knife from the kitchen too if I had to – I don’t know what I was thinking.
The maid’s room was just that. A cramped little room. Servant’s quarters. Mostly made of tile, like a bathroom, it had a raised shelf for a bed and space for a dresser and an end table, but not much else. There was a bathroom next to it that was even smaller, with a squat toilet and a tiny space for a shower that Maria used. Compared to the rest of the villa house, it was shit. Maria didn’t have air conditioning either, just an electric fan. I thought it was unlivable, but then she was the help and I was her rich employer’s kid. The door to Maria’s room was a little more than half open, so as I snuck around the side, I could see everything that was going on.
Maria was laying on her bed, back up against the far wall and her pillow, long naked legs spread, knees bent. She wasn’t wearing anything except a large old t-shirt. Her eyes were closed tight, teeth bared in an almost animalistic way as she plunged two fingers into the wet, pink insides of her Filipina pussy, fucking herself slowly as her hips rocked, her other hand squeezing and kneading a covered breast.
Holy. Shit.
I could see her light brown pussy glistening in the flickering light of the TV as Maria fingered herself, biting her bottom lip as she stifled another moan, the saintly picture of Jesus turned away on her nightstand. Maria’s slit was shaved, leaving only a womanly triangle of black hair tufting above, slick and matted with her desire. The Pinay’s onyx-painted toes curled into the pink floral print of the cheap bedding beneath her, ass shifting as she squirmed in pleasure. Maria’s coffee-colored skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat, beaded on her forehead and rolling down a cheek as she knocked her head back and let out a little lusty squeal. The maid’s black bangs were plastered to her forehead, the slender curve of her neck exposed as she started rocking her hips and gently arched her back.
I felt the blood pulse to my genitals as my big cock started to grow and harden almost painfully. I stood there in front of the doorway, watching silently. If Maria opened her eyes she’d see me there and I’d be busted, but I just didn’t care.
“Unnn…” Maria mewled softly as she withdrew her fingers from her sopping Filipina cunt, sticky with her desire. She rubbed the tips of her digits over the bud and hood of her swollen little clit, driving herself deeper into a sexual frenzy. I could smell her now – Maria’s sweet, feminine musk, a heavy, heady aroma in the hot, humid air. This girl was like a fucking bitch in heat.
My cock engorged to its full hardness, screaming for relief as I watched our family maid fuck herself in the dark. I felt excitement, growing lust and desire for the writhing, sexy oriental female in front of me. Danger, too, and fear that I might get caught, but I couldn’t leave. It didn’t make sense, and I wasn’t thinking…but this was better than porn.
Maria’s hand crawled over her flat stomach to lift the hem of her shirt up and expose one ripe breast to the air. The heavy, tan-colored tit bounced gently as it was freed. Her perfect, full teardrop breast was large and upturned, capped with a puffy, silver-dollar-sized light brown areola that was almost pinkish in hue. The nipple was fat and hard, begging to be sucked. Maria’s hand squeezed and caressed it in growing ecstasy as her cries grew louder and more frequent.
I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was throbbing; Maria’s show was turning me on more than I’d ever been in my teenage life. The extremely prominent, vulgar Y-shaped vein on the side of my penis stood out more than ever, the large, mushroom head of my cock angry and inflamed. I gripped the base of my cock and started to stroke it slowly as I watched, not having an endgame of any kind. Not really thinking. Living in the moment. Not knowing what I’d do if she opened her eyes. Not caring.
Maria plunged her fingers back into her needy, steaming cunt and, as she went down to her knuckles and her whole slender body spasmed with pleasure, her slanted eyes finally opened.
First they were rolled back with her orgasm, then glazed. Then they shot wide with fear as she saw me standing in the doorway, then sparked recognition; then filled with fear again. Maria let out a little shriek as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy to wrench her shirt down. My maid scrambled back and grabbed her bed sheet to cover herself up to her chest. I could see the terror in her eyes as she stared at me, mouth agape.
I don’t know why I did what I did. I was just so fucking horny that I didn’t think – I didn’t give a shit. I stopped stroking my cock and just held it at its base, letting her see it in all its glory. We stared at each other, neither knowing what to do. I knew Maria was afraid for her job – but at the same time, even with that terror, I could see her dark oriental eyes roaming over my body before they fixed on my big cock. It throbbed in my hand and dripped precum, standing strong and proud and absolutely turgid for her in the gloom.
I watched Maria as she stared at my huge white dick.
I don’t know if it was in awe or fear or a lingering sexual haze, but in those long moments I swear to god I saw her lick her lips. Her tongue just barely parted them, but I saw it. Our maid shifted uncomfortably under her sheets as something flickered in her eyes but then the spell was broken as her face screwed up and she came to her senses.
“Carl, no!” Maria cried suddenly in her heavily accented Filipino English. She pushed forwards from her bed to shut her door on me. I could hear it lock.
I stood there numbly for a moment before I turned and walked quickly back up to my room. I felt a thrill; strangeness knotting in my stomach. But mostly excitement, and quickly returning lust.
I was conflicted. Maria was completely beneath me. She was our housekeeper, some dumb Filipina bitch that barely qualified as a person. She was like five years older than me.
But she was a desperately wanton slut. Maria had a body I found irresistibly sexy, one that was just built for fucking. I wanted it.
It was like a sign.
I couldn’t get slinky, sexy Maria out of my head after that. I jacked off three more times that night, and came hard each time, thinking about that hot Filipina pussy. Fucking it.
I thought about Maria sucking my big dick with her cocksucking Pinay lips. I fantasized about licking her ripe tits and crushing them, loving them in my hands. Running my fingers over her brown skin, kissing her mouth. Filling her lithe little Asian body with my cum over and over.
I realized that I had found my broodmare. I was going to fuck Maria and make her my woman. I was going to breed her, and I was going to impregnate her many, many times. I was going to fuck her every day as her belly swelled with my children.
I didn’t sleep at all that night.
As the sun came up, the power sputtered back on. My morning wood turned into a hardon that just wouldn’t go away, even in the shower. Every time I thought about Maria, it just went back to raging full-mast. I turned the jet to cold, pounding my fist into the wall. Why hadn’t I fucked her last night? Why had I just stood there like a fucking moron? I should have just pushed in there and taken her, but I didn’t. I wasn’t ready, or I was scared, or…shit, I didn’t know what.
I was in a fog of lust for this girl that wouldn’t lift.
I’d calmed down a little after my cold shower and got into my school clothes. It was some ungodly hour, like 7 AM or something, and I knew the school van would be pulling up in about 20 minutes. It was another humid-as-hell monsoon season in Bangkok and it was back to school, second week in. It was my senior year and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I got into my dress-code black khakis and school shirt, along with a pair of Airwalk sneaks. I put my Walkman headset over my ears and trudged down the stairs to breakfast with Tupac in my skull. As I took each step, my heart was thumping – would Maria be there? Had she told my parents about last night? Or was she scared shitless that I would tell them what she had done?
I walked into the dining area to see my parents at the table. My dad was a 50-something balding businessman and my mom was a trailing expat spouse; neither of them were around very much. My dad chased the Asian dotcom thing and my mom was shopping all day with her friends, ‘volunteering’ and whatever the fuck else rich women do.
Dad was in his suit reading the Bangkok Post while my mom was sitting there listlessly in Prada with a copy of the New Yorker, each oblivious of each other’s presence.
Well, Maria hadn’t run away. The table was set with fresh-squeezed orange juice, toast, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. I sat down at my place and put my Walkman headphones down around my neck to dig in, all the while glancing up for any sign of Maria.
“Hey Champ,” my dad said without looking up. This pattern had been repeated a million times. End communication. My mom didn’t even acknowledge me.
Well, situation normal. Obviously Maria hadn’t said anything.
I kept waiting for our maid to show up, but didn’t; she was probably hiding in the kitchen. I wolfed down the rest of my food and got up to make like I was going to get something from the fridge. I couldn’t smell the scent of her pussy anymore as I entered the kitchen – the door to her room was closed and the air-con was whirring overhead.
I heard the clank of plates and saw Maria over by the sink on the other side of the room, her back turned to me as she scrubbed the dishes. She was wearing her long black hair back in a white ponytail scrunchie, her round little ass covered by a pair of old grey sweatpants, top a faded lime green t-shirt. Those feet that I saw curling last night were wearing slippers. Now that she was standing, I realized Maria had nice flared hips on her slinky, slender Pinay body.
I stood there wordlessly, devouring our maid with my eyes. As I did, she noticed me standing there again, glancing nervously to see me from the corner of her eye, loose locks framing her pretty face. Maria stiffened when she saw who it was, then immediately turned back to the dishes, trying to ignore me.
I drifted closer, so I was only about two feet away. Maria was shorter than me, the top of her head coming up just to my chin. I didn’t dare do anything with my parents in the next room, even though I wanted her badly. Maria felt me approach, and stopped washing, the sink running as we just stood there silently. Tension and awkwardness were thick in the air with only Tupac crackling from my headphones to fill the gap:
‘See you walkin and you lookin good, yes indeed
Got a body like a sex fiend, you’re killin’ me…’
I could Maria’s body trembling up close as I stood there, her stupidly holding a plate in her hands, frozen in place.
“You no tell,” she murmured in her heavy Filipino accent. “Last night, it not happen.”
She started obsessively cleaning the plates again with a jarring clank, not looking at me. Her voice was tiny, pleading.
“Please, you no tell Sir-Madaam.”
‘Sir-madaam’ were my parents, obviously. I didn’t say anything, just took in Maria’s air. She smelled a little like that sweet sweat from last night, cheap Thai women’s body wash and shampoo. I started to lean in more, but I stopped when I heard a yell from the other room.
“Carl, the bus is here!” my mom nagged. “Maria, hurry up in there and clean the table.”
I tore myself away from our maid and jammed my fists into my pockets, stomping out to the foyer where my backpack was waiting. I put my headphones back in and climbed into the bus, frustrated as hell.
‘ You’re lonely and depressed you need a Thug in your life
Enough talkin, you want me to leave, I’ll get to walkin
See you later, cause baby I’m a player, and all I heard was…’
School was an exercise in boredom and tolerance in extremes – one minute you were out in the fucking 300% humidity and 100+ degree heat, then you were in class in 50 degree air-con. The day was a daze that I zombie-walked through, dragging on as I kept staring at the clock for the day to be over.
At lunch in the cafeteria, my friends were talking about girls again. I asked what they thought about Filipinas.
“Lil’ brown fuckin’ machines!” one of my friends laughed. “They’re crazy about white American dick, yo. Too bad most of em are butt-ugly. Or like ‘housekeepah’,” he said, using a bucktoothed oriental accent. “Yo, they’re like, born sluts, for real. What, you got a thing for those brown monkeys?”
I kind of smiled half-heartedly at that, shaking my head.
“Nah, not really.”
“Yeah, right on…”
I was thinking about what to do with Maria the entire day. My parents were usually out till 7 at night, so it would be just her and me for a few hours after school. I didn’t know what would happen, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to be a pussy this time.
I lay back in my seat as the school van puttered home after a long day, sitting in the back, my dick hard as hell. I felt like a live wire of sexual excitement. It was all so new, so weird, but I was determined this time to get what I wanted.
I consoled myself that this wasn’t like one of the snobby fucking expat chicks that’d rejected me. This was a dumb oriental immigrant, someone who was going to lose their job if they refused me. It sounded shitty, but somehow that kind of control turned me on even more.
I stepped off the bus and unlocked the gate, already looking for Maria. I dropped off my bag and kicked off my sandals, unhurried as I started my search. Cold, electric excitement snapped in my chest and my throat as I walked through the house. I felt like a wolf going after an unsuspecting mate.
I found Maria in the upstairs guest bedroom, one that my father had converted into a study and my mom had then repurposed for an exercise room. The elliptical and old lady weights in one corner and the big teak desk and sumptuous leather chairs in the other were a perfect commentary on the state of their shitty marriage. Our Filipino maid was dusting the glass bookshelf, her cleaning tools in a bucket down by her feet.
I could hear my footsteps approach and so could she, but I could tell that Maria was trying to pretend she didn’t. She was trying to ignore me again, hoping that this would just go away. But it wouldn’t. Not after I saw what a wanton little slut she was last night.
My cock was hard as ever, straining against my khakis as I walked up behind her, only inches away this time. My heart was pounding hard as I stood there, saying nothing. I didn’t want to break the strange sexual spell with words. I didn’t think about the trouble I could get in for pursuing this. I just knew I wanted her.
Don’t be a fucking loser. Don’t be a pussy.
After a few long moments, I reached out my hand to touch her side. Maria stiffened immediately at the feel of my palm and fingers, but didn’t do anything other than to freeze and stop cleaning, letting her arms drop to her sides.
She said nothing.
Emboldened, I put my other hand on her other side, and began to caress slowly. I stroked gently upwards along her ribs to right below her breasts, then back down.
Still nothing.
I could see Maria in the reflection of the glass, closing her eyes tight.
“Relax…” I whispered softly, kind of in a murmur, kind of tender too.
I could feel her untense just a little as I continued to run my hands over her sides, then down to her hips. I might have been a little clumsy, but I was gentle. I held Maria’s hips firmly as I moved forwards, closer, inexorably pressing myself against her perfect rounded ass to grind, letting her feel the size, firmness, and strength of my covered cock. It was all very primal in my lust-filled brain. This was what I could offer my Filipina mare. This was my dominance over her.
Maria stiffened again and the duster fell from her fingers as she felt my big tumescent penis press against her backside, but then relaxed soon after as I started to calmingly pet her sides again, gently, but firmly – I wasn’t going to allow her move away.
She didn’t. She just stood there and let me.
I could feel my covered cock pulse against the rounded swell of her Pinay ass, pressing between her cheeks and legs. I knew part of it was wedged against her pussy too. My breath quickened as I grew even bolder, starting to grind my package slow and regular against her. I moved my hands more confidently now, under the hem of her shirt to touch her warm, smooth light chocolate skin, caressing my hands possessively over her toned stomach, which I was more and more certain would bear my young very soon. I moved one hand up over her ribs to squeeze a large, supple bra-covered breast, then moving across to knead the other under her shirt, my other arm across her stomach with a steady grip on her thigh.
My heart was pounding pure lust, hips gyrating, deep, slow grinding of my cock against Maria’s ass and sex. My dick felt like it was going to rip out of my pants. The Pinay’s breathing was harder and faster. I leaned in towards her neck, feeling powerful and in control over a woman for the first time in my young life. I took in her sweet smell, bold enough to press my lips to the hot skin of her neck. Maria trembled as I kissed her skin more deeply, savoring the taste, letting out a little whimper as I squeezed her breast again, harder.
I was starting to feel heat from her pussy as I ground into her, and it just made me start to thrust harder, like I was gently, deeply fucking her, pressing my chest into her back and pushing her towards the glass case. Maria gave a startled cry as she pressed her palms up against the bookshelf door from my forcefulness, and I could see her face in the reflection, eyes shut tight, bottom lip bit – I couldn’t tell if it was pleasure, or fear, or revulsion, or a mix of all three.
This was it. I was going to fuck her.
I removed my hand from her shirt and started pulling it up from the back, one hand holding her hip as the other started fumbling with the bra strap. I had to stop as I faltered, using both hands to work the annoying clasp. When I faltered and finally got it open, the spell was broken again. Maria pushed me away, wheeling to stare at me accusingly, dark eyes full of fright and conflict. She seemed flustered, despite being scared. Maria glared at me with that same expression I’d seen last night, scrunching her exotic features in submissive outrage.
“No, Carl! No!” Maria half-shouted, half-pleaded in her thick Pinay accent. “I need work…no, this baad, you not do this…”
Our maid closed her bra in the back and fixed her shirt, not meeting my eyes as she grabbed her cleaning bucket and hurried out.
I smiled after her slyly, knowing the dumb Pinay bitch was mine. She’d be my mare. It was just a matter of time.
I looked down at my raging hardon, wet spots of pre soaking through my pants. I resolved not to jack off again until I fucked her. I wanted my first load into her hot little Fillipina pussy to be huge. I wanted to fill her womb completely with my seed and fuck a baby into her our first time together.
After I showered off and changed into my usual cargo pants and band shirt, I played Quake on the computer in my parent’s room. The follow-up to Doom II had just come out and I’d picked up a copy at Pantip Plaza over in Ratchathewi with my friends a few days earlier. I didn’t feel like homework – I didn’t feel like doing shit except going after Maria. I felt smart, biding my time until tonight. I didn’t want to go further until then – it felt wrong, like I might ruin it.
Let the pussy percolate, as my friends said.
After my parents got back, we had dinner. Maria’s Paad Thai shrimp, satay chicken, tom yum, sticky rice and her homemade lemonade. It was better than usual, though our maid didn’t look me in the eye when she served it, just quickly put the plates down in front of us and left. I just stared at her wryly, knowingly the whole time. If my parents were watching, they might have noticed me leering, but they weren’t.
“How was school, Champ?” my dad asked, reading his Economist and working on his Palm Pilot while my mom was at her Reader’s Digest.
“School blows,” I murmured between bites.
“Uh huh,” dad said. “It’ll get better.”
“If you studied as hard as you played those video games,” my mom frowned, “you might do better this year.”
She was referring to my C+/B- average last semester.
“And stop hanging out with that crowd, I don’t like them. Why don’t you do like your father asked and pick up an instrument? The sheer amount of opportunities you have should at least mean something to you.”
“Thanks, Mom,” I sneered, voice dripping with sarcasm.
“I don’t like your tone,” Mom warned.
“Leave him be, Ruth,” my dad interjected. “He’s just adjusting.”
“He’s acting like a loser,” my mom sighed. “Can’t you talk some sense into him? He’ll never get into an Ivy League if he keeps this up. All the other Foundation mothers have honor students. It’s embarrassing.”
“He’ll be fine,” my dad said, noncommittally, like I wasn’t even there.
Could you believe this shit?
“Yeah,” I glared. “I’ll be fine.”
I pushed my plate away and excused myself, privy to my parents starting to argue again about how to raise me, then my mom yelling at Maria to clear my plate (“No, don’t throw it away, Ma-ree-ah!“). I went into the sitting room watch TV in the sitting room by myself, kicking angrily across the couch. The TV had an A/B switch, so I could change all the dubbed American shows the Thai stations aired back to English. I watched cartoons and shit, cracked a smirk at Freakazoid. When I looked up, I saw Maria there setting a plate of mango sticky rice on the end table for me with a fork. She was watching me quietly – I couldn’t read her expression. The Pinay quickly looked away when she saw I’d noticed her, padding off back towards the kitchen.
I didn’t know what it meant, really, and didn’t care as I ate some and the night dragged on, mosquitoes swarming against the glass windows outside, geckos crawling over the ceiling. Eventually my mom came in and told me to go study if I wanted to keep getting my allowance, so I retreated up to my room with my comics and Walkman and Tupac. I watched the clock.
Time seemed to crawl with my anticipation. I wanted to jack it but I had to force myself not to. Adrenaline filled my veins as I tried to distract myself and make the hours go by quicker. It seemed like forever until my parents went to bed. I lay awake in my boxers, thinking about what would come next. I’d only ever had sex twice, the first time with a Thai hooker, the second at a party with the village bicycle-type girl, so drunk I barely remembered what happened.
Don’t worry, I used a fucking condom both times.
This time, I sure as hell wouldn’t.
When it was 11 at night, I decided I’d had enough waiting. I crept downstairs, trying to minimize my noise as much as possible – I didn’t think my parents would hear us downstairs over their air conditioning. I was almost trembling with anticipation, my cock choked by my boxers as it strained to get free. I stole through the dark and into the kitchen to see Maria’s door closed.
I steadied myself and went up to try the handle.
It was locked.
I started to doubt myself right then and there. I tried the door again, and it was still locked. I felt unease gnaw at the pit of my stomach. I felt the familiar shame, the embarrassment at being rejected, and then a quiet, ugly rage. Who the fuck did she think she was after last night, after this afternoon? I wanted to bang on the door, to yell and scream and threaten to tell my parents on her. I paced in the dark kitchen with the cockroaches, trying to calm down, to wait and see if she would open the door, but she didn’t.
Maybe this was another sign. That I should just go back to my room and forget all about this shit. That this would just be a footnote in my fucked-up expat life and I would move on. Maria would find another job and we’d have another maid and I’d go to college and find some nice white girl and become my dad. But then I thought about Maria again, and what I saw last night, and how badly I wanted her. How deeply in lust I was with her.
I wouldn’t take rejection. Not this time.
I don’t know what came over me as I went up to the door, my lips near the wood surface. I said the words like I meant it:
“Tomorrow you wear makeup for me. Make yourself pretty. No bra.”
I went back to bed angry, but hoping. I’d know in the morning if she was really receptive to my advances or not. I wasn’t ready to let this go.
The next morning I sat down to breakfast, ready for another god-awful day at international school. The rituals I hated continued.
“Hey Champ,” my dad said between a sip of coffee.
“Hey,” I said flatly, looking surreptitiously for Maria. Fuck, it looked like she was hiding out in the goddamn kitchen again. I ate my food and went after our maid.
Maria was at the sink doing dishes again, but this time she was dressed differently. My eyes ran up her long, slender brown legs to her round, tight little ass, accentuated in sweat shorts. She wore her hair long this time, and it looked prettier than normal – Maria had spent some time making it look nice. She wore a faded pink tank top that was tight around her curves.
I felt that same excitement again, pulsing in my chest and in my groin. I walked over next to where my Pinay was standing to check her out. She looked over at me from the side, and I could see she’d done what I asked. Maria was wearing some black eyeliner that accentuated the sexiness of her almond-shaped oriental eyes, a little dark shadow above. I traced the pout of her pillowy Filipina lips but didn’t see any lipstick – I realized she probably didn’t have much makeup, and used all she had for me. I wasn’t complaining – it made her look even more appetizing, hot even, in her own way.
There was shame in her brown eyes, but also quiet submission. I looked down to see a good amount of supple, brown cream-colored cleavage at her neckline, the vague outline of her nips pressing against her tank.
I smiled, feeling wolflike, as I leaned in. I wanted to touch her, to claim her, but I still didn’t dare do it then, not when one of my parents could walk in on us at any minute.
“Good girl,” I murmured near her ear, taking in her smell again.
Maria stiffened again, stopping her dishwashing for a moment before starting again. I watched her big nipples harden under her shirt at my nearness. My cock twitched as I smiled near her neck. Was she aroused by me?
“Please, Carl, you go…” Maria mumbled, “You go school.”
I left, hurrying out past the dining area without saying anything to my parents. I didn’t want them to see my painfully obvious erection. I had to hide the thing with my fucking bookbag until the bus came. The entire day I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen when I got home. Would we finally fuck? What did it mean that Maria did what I asked? Was I wearing her down?
Our courtship, fucked-up as it was, made the day at least bearable.
When I finally got home, I dropped my bookbag at the foyer, kicked off my shoes and started looking for Maria. I found her, ironically enough, in my room, folding my clothes on the bed. She’d tied her hair back into a ponytail again for work, but was still wearing the same clothes and makeup as she was in the morning
When our maid saw me, she immediately averted her eyes in humiliation. Maria finished what she was doing – folded the shirt in her hands and laid it on the stack with the rest of them, then just sat down on my bed, looking down at her hands folded in her lap. Submissively waiting for me to take advantage of her again in silent shame.
I stood in the doorway, heart pounding again. Ready. I don’t know what gave me my confidence – Maria wasn’t like a real girl, she was our maid. It was somehow okay to do this to her, and she was being obedient, maybe even receptive to me.
“Stand up,” I ordered. “Come here.”
Maria numbly did what I said, rising to her feet and padding over, looking away and over to the side. I don’t know if she was frightened or excited, but I could see her fat nipples poking lewdly against her shirt again, hard hand needy. I stepped to her, gently putting my hands on her sides and turning her around so she was facing away from me. I caressed her tenderly but controllingly as I pressed my big, long hard cock against her covered ass and pussy again, starting my familiar grind.
My hands went under Maria’s tank, first over her flat, firm belly and shallow navel that I already loved, then up to her large, gorgeous Filipina breasts, first caressing soft undersides, then taking them in my hands. They were warm and supple and mine as I worshipped them with my touch, kneading the titflesh as I felt Maria’s nipples harden even further. My cock strained as I continued to grind and hump against my family’s maid. I rolled Maria’s large, perky nipples between my fingers, finally eliciting a quiet moan from her. Her breathing was heavier now, and this time I could feel for certain that she was pushing back against my hips – weakly, enjoying it against her will like the mare she was.
I pulled the Pinay’s shirt up over her head and she let me. I let the pink tank drop to the floor as I turned her around, seeing the exotic bitch look up into my eyes for the first time, filled with hot shame and need, the pout of her lip bitten, pleading. I pulled her slowly into my groin, my covered hardness against her belly and her pussy. Maria’s warm, ample Asian breasts were pressed into my chest, nipples digging into my shirt. I went on instinct and leaned down to kiss her as I started to grind again. She let me, but didn’t kiss back, as I touched her hot wet lips.
It was my first kiss.
I kissed Maria again, deeper this time, and she opened her mouth to kiss back meekly, but then stronger, and lustier as we began to make out. I was shit and inexperienced, and our teeth clacked awkwardly a few times, but the press of our bodies and the grinding kept it going, my hands gripping the globes of her ass. I felt Maria’s small hands on my face as she guided me, then her fingers sliding over my back. We both looked into each other’s eyes as we kissed, hungrier and hungrier, then both closed. Maria was letting out little breaths, little pants as I began to kiss down over her neck – she meekly arched it for me as I kissed her collarbone, then the tops of her breasts. I moved back slightly so I could travel down, taking in my Filipina’s big tits. They were as perfect as I could have asked, ripe and full and womanly, her upturned nipples aching to be suckled. They heaved as I took them in, smelling vaguely sweet and feminine. They promised ample food for our future young. I couldn’t wait to watch them engorge and fatten with milk, nipples darkening and growing into true broodmare teats.
I kissed Maria’s warm titflesh lovingly before putting my mouth over a ready nipple to suck greedily. Above me, I heard Maria let out a little mewl of pleasure, trying to hold it back, but her body was betraying her. I felt her fingers curl through my hair as I suckled and licked at her fertile tits. I was in heaven. I could hear Maria start to moan gently above me. Slowly but surely I was coaxing the whore out of her, in preparation to make her into my breeding bitch, my mare.
I was worshipping my maid’s body as I kissed down her flat belly and navel and went to my knees. She was trembling again, panting softly as I began to pull down her shorts.
“N…no Carl, no…please you not do thaat…” Maria whimpered in weak protest but didn’t stop me, her thick accent making me take her resistance even less seriously. I ignored her and slid her shorts down her legs, revealing her simple white panties.
They were soaking wet, dripping glistening moisture down her brown thighs. Maria embarrassedly tried to cover her crotch with her hands, but I took her wrists and gently, yet firmly moved them aside.
“Carl, it dir-tee…”
I ignored her, luxuriating in her scent. It was the same as two nights ago, hot and musky and sweet. I took a deep breath in through my nose as I pressed against her covered Pinay snatch. I could feel heat steaming from her delicious brown cunt. Closing my eyes, I kissed it with my lips, once, then again, deeper and deeper, my hand sliding up Maria’s thigh, the other squeezing her ass. I felt my Filipina’s fingers gripping tight through my hair. She was letting out little mewling sounds and subdued gasps as she panted above.
I hooked my fingers in the band of her panties and pulled them down forcefully, revealing Maria’s dripping, hungry oriental cunt. Her pussy lips were a succulent tan color, insides an inviting pink. I could see her little clit poking out of its hood. Above me I saw the maid’s breasts heaving, belly undulating gently as she breathed quick and deep. I was drowning in my Filipina bitch and I wanted more.
I parted her slick, hot lips with my tongue and gave her a long lap, between her labia and going all the way up over her clit. Maria let out a long, loud moan, the sound deeply feminine, deeply pleasured, and deeply needing. It urged me on. I kissed, and licked, and gently nipped, going completely on instinct – I’d never eaten a girl out before or even thought about it, but Maria I wanted to try. I wanted all of her. Her pussy tasted like strong musk; slightly tangy. Exotic. Feminine. Fertile.
I wanted more.
Maria cried out and moaned, sounding unbelievably animalistic and whorish as I ate out her lewd, needy brown Asian cunt. The maid spread her legs to give me better access, pushing my head gently inwards, hips demurely bucking against my face. When I looked up I could see her oriental features twisted with lust, back arched, slowly rolling her head. Sometimes her eyes were open and glazed as she watched me hungrily, others closed, a hand sliding over her side and up to knead and squeeze her breast.
This was my Filipina mare, my breeding bitch, finally coming out. It felt amazing.
I attacked her clit and pushed my tongue in and out of her, tasting her depths, lapping my tongue in a sexual delirium, my Pinay mewling and babbling to herself in whining Tagalog. I focused on her engorged clit, and Maria started moaning loudly with each breath, screaming softly in ecstasy. She was sopping wet, her bitch-cunt making so much juice that it went down my chin. Finally, Maria trembled and tensed, bending over me to cum hard with a long little wail. She dug her nails into the back of my head, body shaking as she gasped. I let her rest against me for a few moments before she staggered back, panting.
I was ready. Maria was good as mine. My cock was swollen painfully hard, my boxers a mess of sticky pre. I turned and got up to start unbuckling and unzipping my pants when I heard Maria grabbing her clothes. She had them in a bundle against her chest, hiking up her panties as she looked at me with a mix of deep shame, guilt, and lust, hair disheveled, sweat dappling her slender shoulders and large, ripe Asian breasts that rose and fell. My Pinay looked painfully conflicted as she clutched her clothes, swallowing nervously. Finally, she spoke, begging me in almost a shout.
“No, Carl, please, no do, it baad, very baad what we do…!”
Before I could say anything, Maria fled, scampering out of my room and down the stairs, leaving the small pile of my washed clothes unfolded. I stood there dumbfounded, my pants half-open. What was it with this girl? Was this her backwards-ass bumfuck Island upbringing with this Catholic guilt shit?
I was frustrated, but resolved to stay the course. I’d try again tonight. I knew I was wearing her down. Maria was mine – she just needed to accept it.
Maria avoided me until my parents got back. I let her have her space and watched TV. Dinner was again, better food than normal. I caught my Filipina giving me furtive, timid, awkward looks when she thought I wasn’t paying attention. I was disappointed that she’d changed to a conservative black button-up and gone back to a bra. The makeup was gone too, and she was wearing a little gold crucifix. It was almost laughable. Was Maria that ashamed of what happened? Was I like a vampire she could ward away with a cross or some shit? Maybe this was her trying to tell me she wanted me to stop.
But I wouldn’t.
I waited that night again, until it was late any my parents had gone to bed and I was sure they wouldn’t get up until morning. I went down to the kitchen again in the darkness, and saw that Maria’s door was closed again.
Maria was still trying to act the virtuous virgin.
I was close. I knew I was wearing down her resistance. My Pinay was too much of a slut to refuse me for long. I’d seen her body betray her and I knew how much of a whore she was inside.
“Tomorrow,” I said firmly, my voice strong and dominant. “Tomorrow you don’t wear panties. Be ready for me.” I frowned, adding a warning. “And don’t run away again.”
There was no response from the other side of the door, but I knew Maria was listening. Probably fingering herself furiously in the dark. Needing me. Maybe this time the picture of Jesus was turned face-down.
The next day I got hey champped and ate my breakfast, tired but tense after being in a constant state of arousal without release for the past two days. I cornered Maria in the kitchen again as she did the dishes, my parents arguing about my mother wanting to go on another expensive trip. My Filipina was wearing her work jeans that, unintentionally or not, showed off the curves of her pert little ass and hips. She had on a short-sleeved yellow blouse, her back turned to me again at the sink. Maria was wearing her hair pulled back into a cute Pinay topknot, wisps of black locks framing her neck and face.
I was possessive and bold as I stepped behind her, gently pinning our maid against the sink as I pushed up against her, my big, hard cock insistent as I ground it against her buttock and hip, my arms sliding over her ribs. She gasped quietly as she nearly dropped her plate and soapy sponge. I heard her make a sound of protest, but she stopped when my mouth went over her neck. Maria arched it quietly, shivering as I ground into her, hard. I dared to snake a hand upwards to crush one of her breasts – it was supple, soft and free against the fabric, nipple instantly hardening in my palm – Maria wasn’t wearing a bra again today for me, despite the cold act she’d tried to pull last night. I could feel her struggle meekly as she tried to squirm away, but I turned her resisting body towards me, pressing my mouth over her tightly-closed dark lips. My Pinay’s painted eyes were wide with horror at what I was doing – I could see she’d put on make-up again.
Maria put down the plate with a clink and pushed against my chest, silently outraged and shocked at what I was doing with my parents just in the next room, able to walk in on us at any time.
“Not now, you school, please!” Maria hissed, glancing at the door fearfully. She looked back at me, guiltily, helplessly. “After…after…”
“You promise?” I frowned, starting to move in again.
“Yes! I pro-mise!” Maria pleaded with that screwed-up expression, only daring to raise her voice a little louder, putting a hand on my chest to fend me off.
I smiled and looked at her darkly, lustily, before I left, giving her ass a passing, possessive grope. When I looked back, I could see her watching me from the sink, a deep Filipina frown on her pouting lips, eyes sultry and hot. It felt angry and shameful, but sexually charged too.
At this point Maria knew I wasn’t giving up.
I’d taken a huge fucking risk, and as I hurried through the dining area, past my squabbling parents, I was filled with a quiet thrill. Today was the day.
I somehow survived through my morning classes, doodling Quake monsters and explosions, then tits, mostly Maria’s. I couldn’t believe how sexy they were on her slender body. I daydreamed about her, about her brown skin and gorgeous face, her wanton cunt and lusty moans. I was in a daze right through lunch and into the afternoon, watching the second hand make its painfully-slow rounds on the classroom clock. It was like the night before Christmas, and I couldn’t pay attention worth shit. I got called on in class but didn’t have an answer more than a dumbass stare and an apology, earning me the teacher’s scorn and the snickers of some of my classmates. I didn’t give a shit. For the first time since I came to Thailand I didn’t feel like a loser.
I practically jumped off the school van as it pulled up to my house, working my key through the gate that surrounded our tree-filled yard to bound up to the front door. I shrugged off my bag, my cock swollen and hard, an obvious, obscene bulge against my pants. I stalked through the first floor to find Maria, and when I couldn’t, went up the stairs. I found her in the hall, mopping the hardwood floor. When she saw me she stopped, looking at me demurely. There was still some reticence there, but timid acceptance too. My little Filipina bitch put the mop back into its bucket and obediently padded after me as I went to my room, eyes on the floor.
I closed the door behind her, locking it – locking her in with me.
Maria stood there nervously, stiffly, hands at her sides. I could see her nipples straining again against her blouse. I moved to her again, slowly, methodically, grinding our groins together as I put my hands on her back and glided them down to hold her ass, pulling her into me. She looked up at me silently, meekly as I leaned down to kiss her, loving the feel of her slinky body and big breasts crushed against my chest. She smelled a little like sweat from the day’s work, but mostly a hint of shampoo and hot female skin.
Maria was more receptive this time, kissing back coyly, then a little more deeply, eyes looking off to the side at first, but then back on mine as my hands moved up her back, taking her blouse with it. I lifted the shirt up over her head, exposing her brown shoulders, back, and lovely breasts. I ravaged her tenderly, my bitch kissing back timidly, unsure, as my mouth found hers, then her neck, then her shoulder, feeling her hard nips dig into my torso. Her hands were limply on my sides, then timidly on my arms, then my back, caressing gently as she became more comfortable with my advances. I broke a series of deep kisses with a string of saliva, her panting lightly as I pulled my shirt off. Maria stared at my trim, thinly muscled torso with the first sign of open sexual hunger I’d seen from her, a quiet little smile coming to her lips, contentment in her slanted eyes at the condition of my teenage body.
Mashing Maria’s warm bare breasts into my naked torso was heaven as I locked lips with her again, the contrast of her tan skin on my white so different, so exotic, so sexy. She was grinding back on me now with her hips, rubbing her breasts and fat, hard nipples against the definition of my chest.
“What are you?” I murmured into her ear after kissing up her neck, eliciting a shiver. Maria’s eyes were closed, lip bitten as I asked again.
“What are you?”
“Nn…I you maid,” Maria moaned softly into my shoulder, her hands on my ass. “I you little maid…”
“Yeah,” I growled, my mind completely taken by lust, my words sex-drunk. “You are. You’re mine. You’re my woman.”
She breathed hot breath into my ear, sounding surprised. “You want me be you wo-maan?”
“Yeah,” I grunted, luxuriating in her smell, in her touch and taste. I slid down, hand on one of her proud Filipina tits, tenderly mauling it. I held her second breast while I licked and kissed the nipple, suckling at it in all my lust.
I heard Maria let out one of her shrill, whore-cries as I tended to her breasts, her hands in my hair lovingly.
“I…unn…yess…I be you wo-maan…” my Pinay bitch moaned happily as I licked and kissed and sucked her big Asian tits. “I be Carl wo-maan…” she said hoarsely, shuddering in pleasure before letting out another groan.
“You make me you wo-maan…” my mare whispered wantonly, her thickly accented words turning me on to no end. “I..un…I be…”
Maria was driving me fucking wild.
I kissed down her flat, toned belly as I got on my knees again, worshipping it for its fertility and what it would soon do. Loving it, urging it silently to give me many young. Maria, completely unsuspecting, panted above, enjoying the attention. I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped, sliding her pants down her hips. My nostrils were filled with the musky smell of her ripe pussy, dripping and bare as I pulled her jeans slowly down to her knees.
“Good girl,” I said quietly, pleased with her that she’d done as I asked and worn no panties today. I gave her sopping, eager cunt a deep kiss, lapping my tongue over it once, then twice, sucking on her clit, my hands on her thighs. Maria squealed with unrestrained pleasure, pushing my face into her demanding Pinay pussy. She loved this.
“I you good..mnnah! Good girl…I you good girl, Carl…”
I stopped and looked up, seeing her staring back at me whorishly, a needy expression crossing her pretty Filipina face as she started making a soft whining noise for me to continue.
“What am I? Huh?” I smiled lazily, before I dove back in.
“Aaunn!” Maria screamed lightly in pleasure, grunting softly with each breath as I continued my assault. I lapped deep and fast, pushing my tongue into her hot, steaming folds, fucking her with my mouth.
“You…you my maan…” Maria managed. “You my maan…you my boy-friend…” she babbled lustily. “Pleaaase…I want you be my boy-friend…” she mewled, before trailing off into whimpering Tagolog.
“Ahhumm…ang sarrrrap.”
She was so sexy, so dumb, so naive and pathetic, but so unbelievably hot. She wanted me to be her boyfriend? Was that what it would take to make taking advantage of her as our family maid ok? I attacked her clit, devouring her cunt as she squirmed and cried out above.
“Yeah, I’m your boyfriend now,” I growled, giving her another deep, possessive lick. It was stupid as hell, but the bitch wanted to hear it. “And you’re my girlfriend.”
Before I knew it, Maria was cumming, trembling and shaking as her eyes rolled back and she crumpled against me, holding my head for support.
My Filipina slut was panting hard, sweating even when she came back to Earth, limbs shaking. She went to sit on my bed, stepping out of her jeans to lay back on it completely, a happy, naked mess. With a lazy smile, Maria draped an arm down between her legs, knowing I was watching, fingers sliding into her dripping oriental cunt. The smell of my woman’s pussy was heavy in the air, clouding my brain with sex. She smiled up at me, biting her bottom lip invitingly, playfully propping her head up on an elbow.
“Mmm…you so good me, make my pussiee so heppy…”
Maria seemed relaxed around me now, accepting this. Wanting it even. Maybe she had the whole time, just thought it was wrong. Maybe all she needed was to know I wanted to be her boyfriend, as retarded and childish as that was. But I didn’t care. We were going to fuck, finally.
As I undid my pants, Maria licked her pillowy Pinay lips lasciviously, watching me intently with her dark slanted eyes.
I pulled down my khakis down to my thighs and my monstrous cock sprang free, bobbing as it stood huge and erect before my needy Filipina mare. It throbbed, pulsing for her, the head shiny and wet with pre. The thick, fat vein on the side of my shaft was bloated, my mushroom head big and proud. My dick felt like it had swollen even bigger than it had ever been, gaining another inch in my lust for the female that lay before me. My cock felt harder than steel, strong and ready.
I saw Maria’s fingers plunge in and out of her cunt more rapidly as she stared at my big dick, mouth opening and shutting in animalistic pleasure, tongue running over the roof of her mouth, then sticking out lewdly – I know she was thinking about tasting it.
I stepped to her on the bed and she slowly sat up, removing her brown, cream-covered fingers from her cunt. Maria got up on her knees, smiling wryly, seductively at me as she reached out to touch it, stroking her thin brown fingers over its length.
She looked at it with that same wantonness, taking both hands to touch it, measuring its length and girth. Maria suddenly covered her mouth and gave out an disbelieving laugh, waving her hand in front of her mouth like she’d eaten something incredibly spicy.
“Oh gott! Carl, you cock so beeg, so beeg!” she licked her lips again impishly and wrapped her vag-slick fingers around my member, starting to pump it as she looked up at me, teasing but also pouting in a way that was deliciously submissive. “It so beegabnoy, abnoy!
I smirked down at her, lids closing with pleasure from her small hand. She was even more of a slut than I’d ever imagined. A gift from the sex gods for all those nights I jacked off alone and all the wasted cum as sacrifice.
“Why you wan give me this?” Maria asked as she stroked my cock. “This for white giirl, too beeg, too beeg for me.” She curled both her small hands around my pale shaft and pumped gently, tilting her head as she admired it greedily, chastising me: “This like Rocky(H)-diick, fuck make bay-bee.”
I groaned in pleasure, my dick throbbing in her hands as I heard my Filipina mare talk dirty, tapping unwittingly into my deepest fantasy and desire.
“Mm…too beeg…” she murmured lovingly, giving it a long tug with both hands. Maria bit her bottom lip coyly as she looked up at me again needily, starting to pump again, painfully, achingly slowly.
“I suck you, ok?” Maria whispered submissively. “I want taste you, suck my maan beeg diiick.”
“Mmyeah good girl Maria, suck my cock,” was all I could manage.
Maria closed her eyes as she leaned in and opened her mouth giving my member a stroke before she tenderly engulfed my head with her cocksucking Pinay lips, withdrawing with a slow kiss. She pumped my dick again as her tongue darted out to flick and lick the underside of my cockhead, swallowing it again before working her tongue once more. I watched in absolute bliss, the white and pink of my big cock wrapped up in her luscious dark Pinoy lips, being sucked in her tan mouth, cheeks hollowed as she worked so erotic to me. Maria bobbed her head as she suckled and licked my cock, going deeper and deeper, as much as her little mouth could allow. With each suck she stroked my member, coaxing it timidly.
As much as I’d worshipped her breasts and body and cunt, she worshipped my cock with her hands, lips and mouth, moaning softly against my cockflesh. Maria eventually had to hold it in both hands as she pumped and pleasured me. Her dark eyes opened as she watched me for a moment, lifting my cock up to bud the pout of her bottom lip over my head and shaft, groaning lustily at the shamelessness of the act before swallowing my cock again.
Maria slurped and suckled with quiet noises, bringing me closer and closer to a huge climax. It was an effort on my part not to explode everywhere, needing to keep the seed I’d so faithfully built up for her greedy womb. Eventually, my depraved little Pinay got tired, pulling on my cock to lead me onto the bed as she lay down on her side, teasing out the hairband of her top knot to let her long black hair fall over her shoulders. She snuggled her temple into the side of my thigh as I knelt down next to her, legs open for her to lie between. Single-mindedly, my woman began to suck on my cock again, eyes closed in delight. The maid was so wanton, so depraved, so fulfilled by this, her submissive, true whorish nature now so clear. What Maria lacked in technique and experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm.
She pumped me gently, sucking me off as I looked down at my prize Pinay bitch, unable to help myself as my hand slid over her mound to plunge my middle and ring finger into her juicing mare cunt. She let out a desperate moan as she came up for air, free hand urging on my arm to continue. Her thighs began to rub together as I fucked her slow and deep with my fingers, each breath coming from her cocksucking mouth a little feminine grunt of lust. She sucked more urgently as her pleasure grew and we fought – her to take my cum, and me to keep it.
I could feel Maria’s slick, hot pussy walls ripple and clamp on my digits as she orgasmed gently, body squirming, then lightly shaking. She got up on her hands and knees between my legs, large breasts hanging down, nipples so fat and ripe. Maria was sinuous in her movements, swaying her little rounded heart-shaped ass before she arched forwards, dragging her breasts over the bed to swallow my cock as deep as she could, letting out little female animal grunts of pleasure between slurps as her head went up and down, long black hair making my naked oriental bitch seem incredibly exotic, primitive almost.
“I wan you Rocky(H)-diick,” Maria moaned as she gasped for air, looking up at me with absolute lust. She turned around to lay down on her back, face underneath my large hanging dick, reaching up to grip it again. “I wan drink you seed.”
That pushed me over the edge. As my Pinay slut lifted her chin and sucked me into her mouth again, I grit my teeth and let out a loud cry, feeling my balls tighten and my cock grow in her hands. I exploded in Maria’s mouth, cumming over and over again, the mind-blowing orgasm making me see stars. I felt her greedily swallowing what she could, milking my powerful organ, but there was too much for Maria to take it all. Gagging lightly, she had to let my cock pop free, thick white creamy cum running down her chin. My dick kept shooting seed, spraying thick ropes over my mare’s slender neck, full breasts and belly. Marking her as mine.
Maria lay there languidly, mouth open to try and catch a long, oozing sticky strand of cum from my cock with her tongue. She swallowed it eagerly, one hand idly massaging the spunk on her chest into her breasts. I had to lay back, catch my breath, as Maria got up, pouting; catlike in her obvious pleasure.
“You diick too strong, Carl, so dirtee!” Maria both chastised and enthused, sliding a hand over her stomach and then breast, sucking on the cum that she scooped off. My mare leaned in to kiss my cheek.
“I need work now, clean house, make dinner for you and Sir-Madaam.”
She gathered up her clothes, practically purring at me. “You take rest, do home-work, then, tonight, we do.”
I lay back as Maria left my room reeking of sex. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Shit never worked out for me with women, but now, what, my family’s hot maid was now my bitch? My girlfriend? I smiled and closed my eyes, thinking of the sex to come. After today, I ached to impregnate her, to make her gravid with my babies. I wanted her to be my broodmare more than anything.
And I had to admit, as dumb as she was, Maria was kind of sweet – trying to get me to do my homework. I looked over at my neglected desk and shrugged.
Yeah, what the hell.
That evening we had tacos for dinner, the one Western-style dish Maria knew how to make really well. She knew they were my favorite, and she’d slaved over the stove and gone out special to buy the flour and ingredients to make everything by hand. Dinner was family style, with spicy ground beef, grated cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and salsa all ready to go around a plate of covered tortillas.
After we were all at the table, Maria served me first. She’d showered and had on her yellow blouse again, hair pulled back in her usual work ponytail. My Filipina gave me a sultry look the whole time, sharing a secret smile when she didn’t think my parents were looking. I smiled slyly back, knowing that right now a generous amount of my seed was in her stomach.
“Maria, what’s this?” Mother inquired coldly, bitchily at the fare that had been set before us. “Tonight is red snapper. It’s on the schedule I gave you. Warm tomato salad and snah-per,” she enunciated condescendingly, as if talking to a child who had no grasp of English – like Mother always did with Maria. “Do you not understand? What were you doing all day anyway, if not going out to buy dinner, like I asked you? Our bathroom wasn’t cleaned, did you know that? Do you not want us to have a clean bathroom, Maria? Look at me when I’m talking to you!”
“S-sorry Mad-aam,” Maria stuttered fearfully as she bowed her head. “I solly, not know -”
“I asked her Mom,” I cut in, staring, not liking the way she was treating my woman. “Chill out.”
“Oh, well aren’t you in charge of the house now,” Mother said flippantly, frowning coolly at Maria while my father ignored the entire exchange, deep in his Palm Pilot. “You don’t work for him, you work for us, do-you-understand? There are plenty of other maids who are just dying to work in a house like this, for cheaper, and don’t waste time looking pretty!”
“I like Maria,” I said, a hard edge to my voice. “Don’t you like her too, Dad?”
“Yeah, she’s fine,” my father said, noncommittally, like Maria wasn’t even in the same room. “I like tacos. Let’s just have dinner, Ruth.”
My mother huffed, settling back into her seat and refusing to eat as Maria escaped back into the kitchen, giving me a worried but grateful look.
Mother was pissed. As soon as I excused myself to go to my room, she started arguing with my father again. I loitered around the corner to listen – most of it how my mother thought I was being a little shit and how I was an embarrassment, but especially that running the house was her job.
That night the monsoon kicked up, lashing rain at the windows and whipping the mango trees outside to bend and groan in the wind. The power, as expected, got knocked out about an hour into the deluge, plunging the household into a sweltering darkness. You’d think the rain would make it cooler, but no dice. Humidity was in the triple digits and rising inside. We had flashlights and candles to break out but my mother just started swearing about the fucking country and went up to bed, my father following dutifully after her.
I went to my room to lay on my bed like I had when this first started, idly stroking my big, rock-hard naked cock and thinking about my mare. She was probably getting ready for me now. The anticipation was killing me as the storm intensified outside, howling and whistling as lightning lit up the neighborhood and gave way to dark, echoing thunder and frightened barking Rocky(D)s.
I waited as long as humanly possible, absolutely unable to get the incredibly erotic images of Maria sucking me off out of my head. Swallowing my seed so greedily. I was trembling with excitement at the thought of consummating with my female and finally breeding her like she so needed to be. I alternated between jacking it and reading comics by flashlight, giving in to the overpowering need to relieve my sexual need but not allowing release. I needed to save up everything I had left for her womb.
I thumbed the bluish glow of my Casio light: 11:34 PM. Close enough. I stole out of my room, quiet as I could, wearing my boxers in case my parents were somehow still awake. I went down the hall, up to their room, and put my ear to the closed door – I could hear my father snoring like a freaking bulldozer. Good sign. After years of marriage, my mother was pretty much deaf when she slept next to him, so chances were she was out too.
My heart leapt in my chest, pumping blood to my cock as I crept towards the stairs and down to my waiting bitch below. My growing dick slapped at my thigh, already protruding out through one of the boxer legs. When I stood before Maria’s room, I could see the door was cracked slightly open, a warm, dim orange light glowing from within. I smiled and stepped out of my boxers, letting my cock spring free to swing low and heavy and hard. I wet my lips, took a breath, and silently pushed the door inwards.
Maria was standing there waiting for me, ready and naked in the dark, her slinky, curvy slut body covered in a light sheen of sweat in the heat of the stifling Thai night. Her black hair was loose and free around her shoulders, big Asian breasts rising and falling with her eager breath, long plump nipples hard and jutting proudly. Maria was lit in the low light of four or five candles, each placed around her cramped little room. My mare was staring at me with hot, dark slanted oriental eyes full of need and wordless female desire. I could smell her enticing pussy musk waft from inside, thick above the other everyday scents of the woman’s bedroom. I knew then that Maria had been fucking herself while she waited for her new man to come take her – just as impatient as I was. Her eyes roamed over my body, drawn once again to my huge, turgid cock, pulsing and growing harder and larger with each beat of my heart as I drank in the sight of Maria’s sexy body and the scent of her needy cunt.
My nostrils flared and I stepped silently to her, my cock leading the way. My engorged mushroom head pressed up against Maria’s belly as our bodies crushed together, my heavy ball sack at the slick entrance to her womanhood. I felt her breasts mash gratefully into my chest as our sweaty flesh joined, her hands resting on my shoulders. We shared an illicit, hungry kiss, my Pinay moaning gently as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, lashing against her timid one. It was a long kiss that affirmed our mutual lust, sealed against the rumbling of distant thunder and lashing rain. My dick smeared precum possessively across my fertile bitch’s warm belly, then trailed down her navel as Maria stepped away. She lay on her bed on her back, staring up at me and my engorged member intently, bottom lip bit in anticipation.
I closed the door behind me and latched it before turning back to my waiting mare. She lay there with one hand behind her head, the other absentmindedly caressing a full, ripe breast. She was on top of that same cheap pink floral print bedding, the kind you saw hanging to dry outside poor Thai homes lining the street or in whore houses. It felt dirty. Appropriate. As I stepped around her small bed, Maria opened her slender legs slowly, enticingly, invitingly – offering me her sopping Filipina pussy, glistening in the low light.
I got up on the bed between her legs and ran my hands over her knees and thighs, pushing them gently open further. I gripped the base of my shaft and lined up my giant white cock with her dripping brown Pinay cunt lips, my flared pink head obscenely large in comparison. I saw Maria watching trustingly, wantonly. As I slid my head back and forth over her slit, preparing to take her, my woman’s head lifted back, tongue tracing her lips. She whined in need, bucking her hips weakly against my cock, coating her wetness over my head as her pussy folds kissed my tip, pulsing like they were trying to suck me inside.
I pushed forwards into my maid’s unbelievably hot velvety depths with a low grunt of exertion and male lust, piercing and stretching her around my huge invading member in one rough stroke. Maria threw her head back and screamed in pleasure and pain as she was taken, grabbing at my wrist feebly as her slanted eyes bulged at my size. I only managed to get in about four inches before I met resistance from her little Asian pussy, walls genetically designed to take tiny Filipino pricks, not something this big. I was impressed she could fit this much of me so soon, probably owing to how fantastically wet she was. Maria cried out again, spasming and trembling as she came gently on my cock, pussy constricting around my length, milking me with weak little ripples and juicing around my shaft.
“AAaauun! Too beeg, Carl..unn…too beeg…you slow…slowly…” she whimpered.
I ignored her and began to push forwards into the Pinay’s wanton depths, drawing out a long moan as I felt her cunt stretch and slowly, painfully accommodate me. I pushed in deeper and deeper, inch by inch, hearing my woman wail in whorish bliss as I claimed her and ruined her pussy for any lesser man, spearing my cock up to the hilt. I felt a plug at the end of the tunnel – her cervix – my cockhead snug and wedged heavily against it. I let out a deep groan as I luxuriated in the feel of my new mare. I could die for that feeling, the first time you fill a female. It was heaven without a condom – there was so much more sensation. I could feel all of her, every inch of slick, grasping, greedy Filipina pussy. Maria’s cunt was viselike around my huge cock, her fingers digging into my arm, back arched, mouth frozen in a silent scream.
I looked down to see her brown Filipina village cunt stretched in an obscene ring around my giant white cock between our legs and felt superior; powerful. Like an alpha male. I luxuriated in the feeling for only a moment longer before I pulled back out, watching her pussy lips cling and distend as they sucked on my cock, staining it with pearly girl cum, eliciting another long moan from my mare beneath me.
I gripped her hips began to fuck Maria in earnest, pistoning my big dick in and out of her sopping, hungry Asian cunt as her tight walls slowly surrendered to accommodated me, molding to my size and shape. My bitch’s large breasts undulated as she squirmed in pleasure beneath me, teeth clenched, breath caught in her throat at my strength and potency. When the air came back, Maria gasped out in deep animal moans, clinging to me as I fucked her deeply, my huge member filling every inch of her needy Pinay cunt, each stroke bottoming out to batter at her cervix.
My mare bit down on her lip as she struggled with the unbelievable pleasure I was giving her and the delicious pain of adapting to my giant, probing cock, breaking her in and making her mine and mine alone – she’d been fucked before, and there was no hymen, but with all the resistance it was like I was taking her virginity a second time.
As her pussy finally loosened and relaxed enough for me to truly begin fucking her hard and fast and deep, the wanton oriental whore in Maria took over. She clawed at my back, biting at the air with closed eyes, panting and mewling and moaning as she pulled me down to crush our heaving, sweaty bodies together, her rock-hard nipples digging into my chest. My mare cried out over my shoulder as I grunted deep with each thrust, the lewd squish of our groins and slapping of my heavy ball sack against her cunt and ass now as constant as the rain outside.
Maria began to fuck me back, bucking her hips with little needy sounds between her cries of ecstasy, my mouth covering her cocksucking Pinay lips. We kissed, tongues dueling as we entwined in the storm. Our lips locked again and again, breaking only so that I could nip her neck and travel down her sweat-glistening chest, my hands moving up to grip her rolling breasts, head leaning in to suckle at a fat brown tit.
I bred her like I should have bred her that first night, fucking my mare as hard as I could, pounding her into her maid’s bed. Maria took it all and wanted more, proof positive that she truly was destined to be my bitch, my little oriental broodmare.
Maria’s shrill screams of pleasure in the night gave way to whiney Tagalog babbling, then deep slutty moans, then labored panting as she wrapped her slender legs around me. Eventually it was all too much for her and she came, hard. My mare’s eyes rolled back up into her head as her body arched and quaked like it was a conducting lightning, head thrown back with her long black hair a sexy mess around her shoulders. I could feel her Filipina cunt clamp down on my huge white cock and start to milk it, hungry for my seed. Maria let out a shaking breath of absolute pleasure as she lay there cumming. I kept pounding her as she lay there insensate, slowing my pace – I was in no hurry, and wanted this to last as long as possible.
I leaned back up onto my knees so I could take in my mare’s sexy body again, lithe brown flesh glistening with sweat. I saw her look up at me through lowered lids, totally subservient, loyal, stupid village girl love and feral lust in her slanted eyes.
I slowly, agonizingly pulled out, feeling Maria’s cunt cling along my cock, reluctantly letting me free. My maid looked up at me dreamily, questioningly until I gripped her hips and began to turn her over. She obliged obediently, eagerly as I gave her rump a little swat.
My Filipina mare presented her ass and dripping, well-used cunt to me, arching to raise it high as she got on her hands and knees. My cock pulsed as I saw her big ripe Pinay tits hanging beneath her. God, her entire body was like pure sex. Maria bit her bottom lip again as I gripped her hips dominantly and let her feel my naked, throbbing length sliding up the cleft of her brown ass as I moved in.
“Ahhnn…yes…” Maria hissed. “Like this my maan do me…like animal…”
As I gripped my cock and pressed it against my Pinay’s hot wet pussy, I knew this was it – Maria was about to become pregnant. I would breed her like the receptive female bitch she was. The thought made my cock harden even more and swell arrogantly, bloating larger than I thought possible. The consequences were the farthest thing from my mind, as lost in primal lust as I was. I gripped my mare’s flared hips and mounted her, plunging into her depths. I hilted her in that one animalistic stroke, my pelvis and balls pressed hard into her ass. Maria let out a husky, strained grunt as I filled her so completely, my cock head crushed up against the entrance to her fertile womb. I had never been this deep in a woman – I’d tried Rocky(D)gystyle with the Thai whore I lost my virginity to, but she couldn’t take more than a few inches of me before she insisted on going back to missionary.
I gave Maria a moment to catch her breath before I started truly rutting her. I was lost in a sexual frenzy, each thrust of my massive dick knocking against my mare’s dam. I gritted my teeth, groaning as I looked down at my woman’s slender, curvy frame, her round ass and back slick with sweat, black hair plastered to her shoulder blades. I loved watching my huge white dick piston in and out of her brown pussy, her lips stretching with it each time I pulled back. I moved my hands down to clutch her swinging breasts and squeeze them, gripping them as I pounded away. My mare was crying out in throaty gasps as I bred her, body trembling in an almost unbroken state of orgasm. As I continued my assault, Maria’s arms gave out and she slid forwards onto her elbows, ass sticking up higher into the air. She screamed into her pillow, face buried into it as I fucked her deeper and deeper into the cheap, sweaty bedding. I could feel my heavy balls slap lewdly against her thighs.
With each stroke I could feel myself getting closer to my release, my cock expanding inside of her in preparation to flood her womb and forcefully impregnate her. We were about to make the first of our young in the secret dark of the storm. I think that Maria realized this, through her own fog of primal sex. She gasped and panted, starting to mewl at me, voice pleading as I rutted her hard and deep from behind, utterly dominant over my mare.
“Un…Carl, please…UNh! No inside, you diick too beeg, to strong for my pussiee, you no inside, make…Haaah! No make me pregnaant, no make bay-bee… ayokong mabuntis!
My answer was only a low, animalistic growl, her dumb brown village girl begging finally pushing me over edge. I roared into the night as I grabbed Maria’s hips and slammed down into her as hard and deep as I could, throwing my head back as I came violently, exploding inside of my mare with such force that I almost blacked out. I let out strangled grunts as I felt my hot seed spray directly into her fertile unprotected Filipina womb, drowning it with thick rope after rope of my potent cum. I came over and over again as my mare thrashed beneath me, shrieking and screaming out as she was taken by another huge whorish orgasm at the feel of being filled by my seed.
Get pregnant, you bitch. Get pregnant. Get pregnant. Get pregnant.
I came for what felt like minutes, pinning her there like a true breeding bitch until it finally subsided, my cock still twitching inside her and plugging her womb with my seed. When I withdrew, letting Maria slump back onto her bed, my cock pulled free with a deluge of cum from her gaping oriental cunt, staining her thighs and dripping onto her bedding.
Maria lay there panting, gasping for breath as I eased next to her on my back, my own body trembling at the powerful orgasm I’d just rode out. My mare moaned gently as she recovered, turning to look lazily at me from nearly closed slanted lids, a sweaty, sexy, well-fucked little Asian mess.
“Why you do that, Carl?” Maria protested weakly, so content that it sounded like an unhappy afterthought. “You go in me, so much in me with you Rocky(H)-diick…” she murmured, parting her shapely brown legs some to look down disapprovingly but in awe at the thick white cum that continued to ooze out from her gaping pink Pinay pussy. “I tol you, you cock too strong.”
She shifted on her side away from me as she pouted, showing me the curves of her slinky brown back and delicious round ass, all beaded with sweet-smelling sweat. I turned into her to spoon, letting my huge, slowly-softening member lay over her ass and thighs between us, my chest into her back, drawing my arm possessively around her small, curvy oriental frame and resting it on her thigh. Maria let out a soft female purr of satisfaction at the feeling of being in my arms. I kissed her sexy, insolent little head. Though quieter, she still didn’t sound too pleased about what I’d done.
“Carl, what I do I get preg-nant?” Maria whined gently. “I get belly, you-I big trou-ble…”
I let out a deep sound of male pleasure at her words, like a low male alpha growl, my cock getting rock-hard again almost instantly against her Filipina ass and swampy, cum-oozing mare cunt. I slid my hand up from her thigh over her still-flat belly to caress it possessively.
Maria gasped as she shifted to look back at me with surprise, fear, dawning realization, and even a little lust in her dark slanted eyes. “Ah? You wan me get-??”
But before she could say more, I answered by pushing my cock to slide back easily into my bitch’s warm, welcoming depths with a long, slow thrust. I filled Maria completely, and while she was still incredibly tight, it felt like I had pounded her little Pinay cunt into a shape that would fit me now.
“Unnnnnn…” Maria moaned at the sensation of being taken again, arching her back against me.
My Filipina whore whimpered and moaned quietly as I began to thrust in and out of her, weakly squirming against me as I held her toned stomach, her hand gently gripping my wrist as I rutted her in the dark. She cried out in shaking pleasure as I pounded against her ass, the sounds of our fucking wet and lewd as my dick lubed up on my own sloppy seconds.
“Ann…you like tigerrrr…so good, so AUH! So good my pussiee…fuck me wit you Rocky(H)-diick, Carl…mmnh! Fuck meee…”
I moved my hand to grip and knead her breast, squeezing her plump Asian nipple between my thumb and forefinger before crushing her titflesh. We fucked like that for a while as I kissed her back, neck, and shoulder, moving my other hand to her neck, then drawing my fingers over the bud of her pouty lip. Maria nipped at my digits, sucking on them between throaty feminine moans.
Again, my dick started expanding inside her needy canal, and I started voicing my impending release with deep groans.
“Aaeunn!” Marina whined in pathetic protest, lost in her lust. “Carl, you no cum in me again…Carrl…no again please…I suck you diick now… AUN! No in me…ahaaaan…”
Have my baby, you fucking slant-eyed whore!
I came again, hard, emptying the last of my pent-up cum to blast into Maria’s full womb as I rammed myself down into her cervix. My Filipina’s body betrayed her, gripped with another powerful orgasm, her brown cunt grasping and milking my invading member insistently as she convulsed, hungrily drawing my semen into her core. Maria moaned low, voice full of lust and submission – she must have known that her pregnancy was inevitable now.
With any luck my mare had already conceived.
I came and came until I lay against her trembling, my fat cock sheathed in my maid’s well-fucked pussy. We rested there in the dark, panting, fighting for breath, our bodies drenched with sweat.
“I get preg-nant…” Maria moaned in helpless complaint – or maybe surrender – so unbelievably satisfied and tired she couldn’t get too angry.
I smiled wolfishly behind her, sliding my hand to caress her toned belly. She shivered at my touch – I wasn’t sure if it was in revulsion, horror, excitement, or pleasure. Maybe all at once, because I felt her pussy throb and constrict gently as she came again around my huge, semi-hard shaft.
“Yes,” I whispered near her ear, kissing her jaw. “You will.”
I pressed my lips to the side of her neck.
“I’ll take care of you,” I promised, not having any idea how, but meaning it.
But Maria had passed out, exhausted from our first breeding. I lay with her for a time, happier than I’d ever been. Thrilled at what I’d done, but also a little freaked. My darkest fantasies were coming true. I just had to make sure that I could live them out without my parents ruining everything. I tenderly removed myself from Maria’s cunt, pulling out some suction and a gush of semen. The maid made a feminine sound of protest, shifted some, but didn’t wake.
I left my Filipina mare there on her bed, comatose. Her slender brown thighs were absolutely splattered in cum, pussy pulsing as it ran steadily with thick semen that leaked heavily from an overstuffed womb. She looked beautiful with locks of black hair covering her eyes, curled up in an almost fetal position. Somewhere in her fertile, unprotected body, my sperm were doing their work.
I didn’t want to leave her, but I couldn’t stay till morning.
I somehow staggered back into my boxers and stumbled back into my room, going to sleep with a big, shit-eating grin on my face.
The next morning I barely managed to roll out of bed. It took my mom yelling and screaming and kicking at the locked door to rouse me and drag my ass into the shower. Downstairs, I got heychampped again as I dug into my breakfast, eating fast so that I could make the school van. Maria was there clearing plates in a cute blue jersey tee and shorts, giving me a secret, sexy smile when no one was paying attention. We stole looks at each other while my parents were off in their own worlds, full of desire. It didn’t look like Maria was pissed at me for the unprotected sex – just the opposite.
Guess I still didn’t get women.
As she turned back to the kitchen, I could see that Maria was walking a little bow-legged, although she tried to hide it. I smirked smugly. I bet her body was still full of my cum.
“Maria, are you alright?” My mother’s icy voice asked inquisitively.
Our maid stiffened. “Ah, yes, okay, I okay, Madaam, just slip, fall down last night but I work, I work to-day, no worry.”
“Hm. That’s good,” my mother acquiesced heartlessly as she took a sip of coffee. “Don’t forget to clean the rugs after this and try to get the silverware polished. You’ve put that off for far too long.”
“I – yes, Madaam,” Maria said meekly, helplessly. I knew she’d polished it last week. As I got up to leave and get to the van, my woman gave me one last sultry, loving look before she disappeared into the kitchen.
For the next couple of weeks our illicit mating continued unabated. We fucked every day like animals in heat right under my parents’ noses. Some days it would be right after I got back home from school – I’d find Maria and she’d take my hand and we’d go up to my bedroom or hers and tear off each others’ clothes. Other days we would wait until night and I’d creep down to the maid room where Maria was always ready for me. We never used protection and my mare didn’t talk about her pregnancy fears again. I flooded her little Pinay womb with my potent seed every single time, and sometimes two, even three times a fuck session.
My Filipina bitch gave almost as good as she got, and was nearly as insatiable as me. Each time I saw her I fell more deeply in lust with her, saw her as even sexier and hotter than before. White girls like Katie lost some of their appeal in the face of my slutty little tan-skinned oriental broodmare.
If it wasn’t fucking, Maria would suck me off and drink my cum, or love me for eating her out. Sometimes we’d 69. We had some close calls when one of my parents came home early, but mostly we put ourselves in danger because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other even when they were around. My bitch would wear sexier clothes for me during the day – tight tanks, short shorts, clothes that showed off her body, but only just enough that my parents wouldn’t take too much notice. My mother gave a few disapproving stares, but this was Thailand, and, according to her, Maria ‘was a Filipino girl’. Whatever the fuck that meant.
There were stolen kisses when Maria and I had a moment alone. My hands on her breasts, her squeezing my big cock. A teasing grind or a grab of an ass. The worst was when we thought we were alone in the kitchen while my dad watched a movie in the den, but he walked in on us to get a beer when I had my hand jammed down in Maria’s panties, my fingers fucking her needy little cunt. I pulled them out when I heard his footsteps behind me – luckily my back was to him before he saw anything, putting my love juice slickened fingers into my pocket as I pretended to have a conversation with my Filipina lover.
While we fucked incessantly, our relationship was almost purely sexual. We didn’t talk much, apart from her sweetly asking me to do my homework, how was my day, and other bullshit that always turned into sex. Then we’d just kind of do our own things, her back to work, me, fucking around but increasingly doing school. Sometimes we’d watch TV together, kind of like a real boyfriend and girlfriend, with her head on my shoulder.
One morning I came down to breakfast to see my parents at the table. Maria was there pouring my mother coffee. My mare looked tired – I wasn’t surprised after we’d fucked four times in one session last night. I don’t know what was up with this brown-skinned Asian chick – it seemed like her sex drive was only increasing. We exchanged a furitive lover’s look as I sat down.
My parents made small talk about bullshit as Maria brought out another plate of eggs from the kitchen.
“Carl, you’re doing a little better at school, aren’t you?” Mother asked skeptically, but not disapprovingly. “I’ve been hearing positive things from your teachers. I’m not going to ask why you’ve started to give a shit, I just hope it lasts. We need to concentrate on getting your GPA up so your applications look at least halfway decent…”
There was a slight rattle of plates as Maria suddenly set down the pitcher of orange juice she was holding, put her hands to her mouth, eyes wide, and scampered off into the kitchen. There was an awkward silence as we heard her bathroom door slam shut and the muffled sound of Maria throwing up.
I smiled darkly, proudly, hiding it in my hand as I leaned on an elbow. I felt a quiet thrill of fulfillment. My dick was as hard as a rock.
“Oh dear,” my mother frowned with little empathy. “Is she sick?”
No, she’s fucking pregnant. With my child.
Maria coughed and padded back in a few minutes later, looking worried and apologetic. She was staring at me.
Neither of my parents looked up from what they were doing. My dad at least let out a half-assed ‘hmm’ of concern.
“Maria, does this mean you need to take the day off?” Mother sighed heartlessly.
“No no no, Ma-daam, I okaay,” Maria frowned. “Solly that, I eat bad food, feel okay now. I work.”
Mother shrugged and went back to her coffee. Maria wouldn’t stop looking at me with her dark, slanted eyes as I left for school, her hand lightly resting on her abdomen.
I was horny as fuck for the rest of the day, knowing for certain now that my mare was pregnant. I knew I’d knocked her up after our first night together. I had an almost constant boner through the school day, thinking about Maria’s belly and breasts getting big and sexy.
She avoided me when I got back home, gently brushing me off and telling me that he had too much work – that I should study, and tonight, ‘tonight we do’. I shared an awkward kiss with her before she went back to work. Maybe she was having a hard time coming to grips with carrying the child of her employers’ 18-year-old son.
That night, Maria reluctantly let me into her bed. She started out cold, sulking so much that I thought she might try to throw me out, but once I began to pleasure her, to fuck her like she needed to be fucked, the sex became needier. Wilder. Animalistic. Angry, even. My mare remembered why she’d given herself to me and let me breed her, why we rutted every night.
I knew my Filipina bitch was frightened and conflicted about her burgeoning pregnancy, but as I took her from behind, my chest on her slinky, sinuous back and she thrashed beneath me, I dared to release my hand from around one of her large, sweaty knocking breasts and caress her flat stomach.
She came immediately, and hard, her cunt muscles rippling and convulsing around my fat cock. Maria moaned whorishly into the night as my pelvis slammed into her ass, my palm holding her belly possessively. Her arms gave out and she slumped forwards to her elbows, hand sliding over mine at her stomach as she panted and grunted lightly with each of my thrusts. I came soon after, splashing against her cervix and filling her already-fertilized womb. We lay back against each other, me still inside and spooning gently, teasing out two more small, convulsive orgasms in Maria before I pulled out and relaxed next to her on my back.
When Maria had got her breath back, she curled into me, nestling her head in the cook of my arm, looking up at me strangely with her slanted brown eyes. Love and lust and who knew what else. My woman pursed her cocksucking Pinay lips in a coy little smile at me as she sat up and snaked her hand around my softening cock and stroked it adoringly.
“When I little girl, before I move Angeles City, I live in Mindanao,” Maria purred, watching my dick slowly fatten and harden under her ministrations with delight. “Many Rocky(H) in the village where I live…dick like this.” She gave me a squeeze.
“One day I see the fah-muh let man Rocky(H) fuck lady Rocky(H), fuck her like you fuck me, ah? Wit you big diick. All the other Rocky(H) want fuck her but him not let them, they fight. Then he keep fuck her, she get big belly, get so preg-nant. Every year same, he keep her preg-nant, make many strong baby.”
Maria made soft feminine ‘mm’ as she admired my cock, which was now standing straining, huge and engorged, her vulgar village breeding story making me fully erect.
My mare pumped my cock gently with both of her small brown hands, making me groan.
“Now you make me pregnant,” she frowned gently, more teasingly now than truly upset. Unsure. “I tol you not do but you diick too strong, fuck me too good, make my pussie want it too, ah? Now I making baby for you.”
My cock pulsed and throbbed at her words.
“You always want this, I see it,” my woman whispered.
“Yeah baby,” I murmured, leering up at her lazily, affectionately. “I want you pregnant.”
God it sounded good to say it aloud.
Maria bit her bottom lip and gave me a hard, almost painful tug before stopping. She looked down at me seriously, hands on her still-toned, sexy flat stomach.
“You say I get pregnant you care me…how you do that?” my Filipina asked me with a growing frown, voice demanding. “How you do when I get belly and Sir-Madaam see, ah? I get fire, no one let me work them! I lose visa…Carl, you no undastand -”
“Shhh…” I murmured as I got up behind my lovely bitch, pressing my white torso into her sweaty brown ultra-feminine back. I kissed her neck, my arms sliding up her sides calmingly, just like I’d done when we’d first started this. My cock wedged insistently against the crack of her sweet Filipina ass, my hands moving to caress her breasts as I held her there. Maria was upset, screwing up her face and squinting her slanted eyes as she glared back at me. She breathed a sound of protest through her nose as she squirmed to get away, not thinking I was taking this seriously.
“I’ll marry you,” I crooned in her ear.
That disarmed her immediately. My Filipina melted in my arms at that kind of commitment.
“I’ll marry you.” I said again.
“You…marry me? You wan me be you wife?” Maria said softly, disbelievingly. “You mommy daddy no want – ”
“It doesn’t matter what they want. We’ll do it without them knowing, okay?”
I tried to explain to her, as simply as I could. “People will know we’re married after I finish school. Until then you’re my secret wife. You come back to the US with me, America? Then we’ll have lots of babies together.”
I really pulled it out of my ass. I didn’t intend on marrying her, or taking her back to the US, or anything. I just didn’t want her running away.
“Maria,” I whispered against her ear, kissing her cheek, moving my hands from her breasts down atop her hands over her stomach, my cock throbbing against her backside. Knowing I had power over her. “Be my wife.”
After a long silence, I could hear Maria purr. She closed her eyes and her dark lips curved up into a little oriental smile. It was just what she needed to hear. She didn’t have much choice either.
“Mmm…yes, I be Carl wife.”
My Filipina turned her face into mine and we began to kiss, long and passionately.
“I have all you bay-bee forever, be good wife for you.” Maria hissed between kisses, putting her hand to my cheek. “I give you many baby…”
She tenderly broke from our embrace and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs for me, smiling up with love and lust. Maria knew how much this kind of talk turned me on. I grinned down at her, sliding into her easily to the hilt and drawing a shudder and a moan from my new slut-wife.
As we rocked back and forth, fucking, my mare moaned out everything I always wanted to hear, Tagalog moaned between thickly accented English:
“Mm…get me preg-nant, Carl…make you wife give you bay-bee. I wan make bay-bee for you.”
“UNN! I love you white diick…I wan you cum make me preg-nant…”
“Give me the belly to have you bay-bee…”
“Fuck you dirty wife…haaan…you little pregnant wife…”
And then, what I should have expected but was unprepared for nonetheless.
“I love youuuu…”
I came in her as hard as I ever had, filling her conquered Asian womb with cum until it spilled out between her thighs. I wanted to make my Filipina mare even more pregnant than she was now, and somehow give her twins.
Over the coming weeks I admired my broodmare as she began showing signs of her inevitable, illicit pregnancy. Her puffy areolas darkened to a deep chocolate and slowly grew to almost twice their size, nipples engorging to even longer, fatter teats. In that time, Maria’s breasts swelled to another full cup size, to a DD as they ripened and prepared to produce milk for our secretly gestating offspring. My bitch complained quietly of her tits being tender in the beginning, but this passed along with the morning sickness. Maria’s nipples became more sensitive and stayed that way. I grew obsessed with her pregnant breasts, and worshipped them with my hands and mouth whenever we were alone.
My seed had taken root and I was deliciously conscious that I was the cause of this, that I was the one that was making her nubile body become that of a lewd, unbelievably sexy young oriental broodmare.
Maria’s now too-small bras became troublesome for her, and there was a period before she bought new ones that the engorged stubs of her fat pregnant Asian teats and outlined areolas pushed obscenely against the thin layer of her tops, driving me mad. We fucked all the time. If anything she’d gotten hornier. Needier.
I started saying shit like I loved her. Why not? Maybe I did.
I saved up my allowance for a little while to buy my woman something, all part of my plan to keep her in the house while she carried to term.
One night, Maria was riding me as I lay back on her bed, looking up to watch my woman bounce up and down wantonly along my huge shaft in utter ecstasy. Her swollen breasts were heaving deliciously as she crouched over me, hanging down with her engorged, elongated dark brown nipples that just begged to be suckled. Maria’s eyes were closed, her young oriental face transfixed with pleasure at our fucking. She could take all of me easily now. The giant length and girth of my potent penis was the only thing that could satisfy the hungry, pregnant gash between her Filipina legs now.
Even the maid’s pussy had changed with her budding pregnancy and deepening depravity. Her labia lips had swollen and darkened to a brown, greyish-black color, even starker in contrast to the giant white cock that was being devoured in and out of its dripping, insatiable depths. It was a true broodmare-cunt now if ever there was one. Maria’s small hands were supporting her on my chest as she fucked me with almost violent lust, leaning back in an arch to show me her hot, sweating body in the low light of her room. I admired every curve as I held her in place by her hips, my eyes roaming down her body from her neck to her tits to her abdomen.
At first I thought it might have been a trick of the light, but that night was the first time I saw Maria start to show. Her body was so slender, so nubile that even the slightest change was pretty prominent – I could see a gentle swell. God, it was so fucking sexy on her.
I smiled deep and satisfied, aroused beyond belief as my hands went to stroke over her little bump. It wasn’t much, just over a month, but I loved it. Her skin felt firm and taut as my fingers traced over where our young was developing. It turned my mare on too.
“We baby growing…” Maria grunted huskily, putting a hand over mine on her stomach. “Auh…Fuck me, hus-baand…look you did, ah? You make me preg-naant, make me mommy…unhmmm…”
We fucked like cave people that night, lost in each other’s bodies. I lost count of the times she came; I filled her about three times with my cum, her pregnant pussy insatiable. When at last I’d fucked her to sleep, Maria lay there, a sweaty, cum-covered sexy Asian female tangle of hair and limbs. She was smiling as she slept curled on her side.
I watched her tenderly before I pulled a ring out from my pants on the floor, sliding it onto her finger. It wasn’t much. I’d bought it from a little shop in Mall 8 with a few thousand baht of what I’d saved up. I didn’t know if the diamond was real, but the gold band probably was. It looked the shit, like an actual engagement ring.
Before I left for my room, I looked back, watching her sleep.
Was I falling in love with our maid?
The next morning, Maria was smiling and humming to herself in shorts and a hoodie as she went about the morning chores. She was wearing my ring, tugging it, admiring it in the light. When she saw me come down, it was all my Pinay slut could do to keep herself from running to me. Instead, she waited until I was almost done with my breakfast and called me into the kitchen.
“Carl, you come here please, you clothes I fix like you wan, you see I do okay or not?”
I smirked as I drifted into the kitchen and then the laundry room. Maria was waiting for me with a big village girl smile. She leapt up onto me, wrapping her long brown legs around my waist and showering me with kisses, murmuring sweet Tagalog in-between.
“Oh Carrrrl…iniibig kitaGusto kitang mahalin…”
I felt the tiny roundness of her growing belly barely press between us. The warm crush of her swelling brown tits felt incredible. Her pussy was already hot as she ground onto my hardening cock. Maria had zero fear of us being caught. She kissed me hungrily, attacking me with her mouth, her arms wrapped around my neck. My pregnant whore stared intensely into my eyes, panting open-mouthed, nose to mine as we kissed. She loved me. We made out until Mother called my name from the other room, that the school van was coming.
Reluctantly, Maria decoupled from me and fixed her hair and shirt. I awkwardly tried to shift my boner so it didn’t look so obvious.
“I love you, Carl,” she whispered, hand on my chest. “I wait you my bed…”
I was living every teenaged male’s dream.
Over the coming weeks I watched Maria’s belly swell with unquenchable lust and smug alpha male satisfaction. At just about 2 months, my mare’s small bump was already deliciously prominent and sexy – proof of my potency and her fertility. She wore the same tight-fitting tanks and cute little shorts every day at work, prancing around the house with her obviously rounding, growing belly. Though still small, it was all the more apparent on her slinky, curvy frame.
At first, Maria started wearing blouses, loose shirts and hoodies to hide it, but I discouraged her from this. My parents needed to find out eventually; I selfishly needed to see the product of our frenzied, urgent breeding around the house. My Filipina mare began stroking her burgeoning little stomach lovingly – sometimes lasciviously when I was around, followed by a squeeze or caress of her big Asian breasts. She knew how much it turned me on. More than once, it was a ‘come hither’ for me to fuck her soundly; up against a wall, on a sofa, or even the ground.
I loved pulling her shirt up and exposing my bitch’s little pregnant bump, running my hand over the little swell of her growing belly, and knowing that it was me that fucked it into her.
My parents were clueless. Too absorbed in themselves, they barely noticed our pregnant maid traipsing round, her little round Filipina belly carrying their half-breed grandchild. Maria was happier than I had ever seen her in the year she’d worked for us. Her skin was prettier, her hair nicer and more lustrous in her early pregnancy. The love and lust my Filipina mare had for me was hard for the stupid village girl to contain. She’d not only accepted her new place in life as my slut-wife and broodmare, but embraced it.
We fucked now more than ever, our steamy, secret Bangkok nights filled with the whorish moans and depraved grunts of my pregnant maid as I fucked her knocked-up cunt senseless while my parents slept upstairs. I loved looking down to see her holding her little belly, stroking it, hissing and gnashing her teeth with closed eyes as we fucked. Locking her long brown legs around me while her bump and breasts heaved, skin glistening with sweat. I longed to hold my mare as she rode me, seeing her vulgar, delicious skinny pregnant curves bounce up and down in the low light of the maid’s room.
But more than anything, I loved fucking her from behind and seeing her little gravid belly hang and below her with her enlarging breasts while she was on her hands and knees. It was so animalistic, so sexy seeing her like that. One night, a few weeks past her third month, we were at it again just like that, sweat beaded and dripping from Maria’s elongated nipples and perfect little Asian baby belly as I took her like the bitch she was, my palm possessively over her taut globe of flesh.
“UNH! How do you like being pregnant, huh? You love that I made you like this, don’t you?” I growled, leaning down to Maria’s ear as I bottomed out inside her.
She gasped, eyes rolling back in pleasure.
“I love…love be you pregnant wife…carry you baby…I you slut, fuck me husbaand…uhunnn…my body belong you…AUUGH!”
I fucked her until her bitch-moans and screams of pleasure faded into whimpers and mewls into the pillow, her body slumping, ass raised in the air. When I was done, she was gasping for breath, quaking now and again, hand protectively resting on her little mound. Her thighs were a sticky mess of my cum – every night she had to change the sheets. I knew it was extra work for her, but I didn’t hear her complaining. My broodmare’s shallow navel was already starting to pop out – I loved it. I got down and kissed and licked my woman’s little pregnant Pinay belly, drawing a quiet moan of happiness from her. I slid up against her, suckling on a fat dark teat before I felt her gravid little bump press firmly against my stomach. Maria giggled in a blissful, supremely exhausted way.
“Me so happy…” she murmured, putting her hands on my cheeks to pull me in to a kiss.

by Depravio


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