How i Kissed my Cousin and Fucked Her

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Sienna and I are about 3 weeks apart in age and some of my earliest memories are of us playing in my yard or hers as little kids. I can remember us both owning a pair of plastic swords and we sailed many a pirate ship (The top of the old storm cellar in our yard) back in the day. She is also the first girl I ever saw naked and the first girl I ever played doctor with! As we became teens we were close friends and we often double dated. She was my female confidante when I needed to talk about how much I loved my brother’s girl friend (April) and at times she was my partner in crime (We often took turns swiping a six pack of beer from our aunt’s store by taking it out the back from the cooler).
Sienna was five four with curly blond hair to her shoulders. She was petite with a big set of C cups that seemed even larger because of her small size. She had a sexy pert little ass that looked good in any pair of jeans or shorts she ever wore. Even when we were older she would spend the night at my house. It was nothing for mom to get up and Sienna would be asleep on our couch and she always called my aunt to make sure she knew Sienna was here. Of course she did because we knew better than worrying my aunt that way.
Sienna had a habit that I liked, but it really bothered me at times in the sense that I didn’t want it to just stop there. This never happened at her house, but at my house if I was laying on my bed and she came in to talk, she lay on top of me and a lot of times her hands would be on my chest feeling of me.
I knew she was my cousin and I didn’t think sex was really what she intended, but my body knew it was a girl on top of me and my nose smelled girl. I would get a hard-on and she would giggle about it and asked me why she was turning me on. I would tell her because she was on top of me!!
“Do you want me to move?” she would ask.
“No,” I would tell her.
She would lay there and sometimes she would put her head on my chest and tell me to hug her. She told me she felt safe when I held her like that.
This happened several times and one evening when no one but us was there, she said, “James, I want to kiss.”
We were both seniors in high school and neither of us were virgins. I told her to shut up and she said she was serious. So I said whatever. She leaned forward and we kissed. Soon our tongues were dancing inside each other’s mouths and my hands were on her butt cheeks.
Her blue eyes met mine and she said, “I just want to kiss.”
I said, “I just want rub your ass while we kiss.” She actually put her bottom lip between her teeth for a second, a reaction I had seen her do several times when she was about to do something she had been contemplating.
“Okay,” she said and our lips met and we kissed and held each other. We kissed until we were both pretty turned on. I started to slide my hand inside her jeans and she got up.
“We better stop,” she said, her breathing hard.
“You are a fucking tease!” I said, my cock so hard it was hurting. I was half serious and half teasing. It hurt her feelings.
“I’m not!” she said, tears welling up in her eyes and I sit up and pulled her to me and hugged her.
“My god I am just kidding!” I said as she pulled back. “What’s up? Why all this kissing?”
“I just want to kiss you,” she said. No other explanation. So we kissed again. I knew it was almost time for my mom to be home so we went to the living room. Sure enough mom had just pulled in the driveway.
Everything went on as normal between Sienna and I with no repeat of the kissing for about two weeks. We ended up at my house after school one evening and we are alone. I was not exactly innocent as I lay on my bed. I knew what she would do and she did climb up on top of me. This time I was in gray gym shorts and a tank top and she was in shorts and a T-shirt. We were both a little sweaty from being at the gym, but she still smelled pleasant.
“I just want to kiss,” she said, her face in front of mine. Our lips met and her lips were so soft and tasty, her tongue dancing with mine. My hands went to her butt and I rubbed and massaged those beautiful cheeks beneath the thin cloth of her shorts.
We kissed until our breathing was all we could hear. My hands were on the small of her back, her shoulders and of course all over her butt. I slid my hands inside the waistband of her shorts and panties and she looked at me, her hair wild around her beautiful face and we kissed even harder. She would raise up and check my alarm clock so we didn’t get caught by my mom coming home. My dad was always later in the evening so I didn’t worry about him. My younger brother worked at a grocery store and my older brother was at college so mom was the only worry.
Her naked ass felt so good in my hands and I pulled my hands out, hugging her and touching her through her clothes some more before I would go exploring again.
Neither of us were wanting to quit when the alarm clock told us it was time to stop, but we did. She was all smiles as we went to the living room. We went driving around and the wind blowing in the windows of my jeep helped and we went to the main game room hang out of the teens in our town. I ended up going with some friends to drink some beer and one Sienna’s friends took her home.
Sienna and I double dated that weekend and the movie we all went to see was Beverly Hill’s Cop. The girl I was with was named Brenda and she was around five ten with huge D cup breasts. Athletic, she talked with a lisp I found very sexy and after the movie we had all went to the lake and she and I made out in the back of Sienna’s 1983 S-10 Blazer. Sienna and her date David made out in the front. It was hot listening to them make-out. Brenda’s curfew was midnight and we had went to the late movie that night and so we didn’t have much time to make out. We took her home and I drove while David and Sienna made out in the back seat. I could see his hands all over her boobs in the rear view mirror but they were straightening up when we got to his house and dropped him off.
My jeep was at Sienna’s and when we got there, we went into her house and called my parents to let them know we were in safe. My uncle was up talking on his ham radio and we talked for a few minutes while Sienna went to her room and changed. She and I lay on the couch together in the den watching some movie on her parent’s laser disc before we both went to sleep.
I woke up around 2 AM and Sienna had went to bed. My uncle was still up but he was about to go to bed. He said he got the best skip/bounce at night sometimes and he could talk farther. I went to the bathroom and when I got done he said my aunt had called my mom and told her I had fallen asleep I lay there on the couch wishing she would come to me. I feared my aunt way too much for me to go to her. I finally went to sleep.
The next day was Saturday and I worked in the morning. Brenda and I went out that evening and we went to eat pizza and then we went to a secluded place up in the mountains near our hometown. I drove my dad’s truck because it had a bench seat in it and Dad really liked driving my Jeep!! Brenda and I were parked by 8:30 PM and by 9:30 she was on her back with her legs spread and I was pounding her pussy hard! Brenda has a beautiful full bush that she kept trimmed, but was a visible dark patch between her legs even in the moonlight peeking through the windshield and windows. Her pussy was tight and wet when I slid inside of it and the entire truck smelled like sex. I took all my pent-up emotions for Sienna out in that first fuck, really thrusting and working her pussy as she moaned and rocked to my movements.
“You are doing it so hard!” she said, panting, her dark brunette hair around her head like a halo. I could hear the squishy wetness of her pussy as my cock hammered home.
Brenda was not a little girl at five ten. She was an amazon, a little thick in the hips and legs, but with that big fat butt you know I love!! She lived in a neighboring town and we had actually met at a multi-school function. My mom was a school teacher at her school and she really liked Brenda and approved of me dating her.
I don’t want to give the impression Brenda was easy to fuck. We had went out more than just the double date before, but I had kind of played it safe with her. This night I had all of that pent-up passion from playing around with Sienna and I know I had pushed Brenda’s limits before and easily slipped past her defenses. I had been kissing all over her sensitive neck and ears and she was naked before she really realized it was going where it was going. There were two wrapped condoms in the ashtray of the truck, but I didn’t put one on. I was thinking of Sienna, but I was going to cum inside Brenda!
Her breasts were huge and I sucked those big nipples like a nursing baby and she jammed her feet into the door of the truck as she started cumming. I emptied myself into her pussy as I sucked those titties, moving one from the other.
Brenda was not the cheerleader type I usually went for, but she was a beautiful girl. I liked it that she was tall and big girls are attractive to me as long as they are not obese. Brenda dressed western and the cowgirl look is a big turn on to me.
Laying with my cock inside of her, we kissed and talked, but my mind wandered to Sienna. Her parents only let her go out one night a weekend and I knew she was at home, probably with some friends. Brenda and I talked and made out and I fucked her two more times before I took her home. Maybe it wasn’t fair to Brenda, but fucking her tight pussy had definitely knocked the edge off the lust for my cousin — for now.
Sienna and I hang out that next week but never really got much alone time until Thursday evening and we ended up at my house after school.
We had been playing dodge ball with some other classmates after school let out and only left because the janitor had needed to clean the gym.
She didn’t get on top of me right off. She was sitting at my stereo like she was looking through my old stack of 45 records. When she turned around her eyes got big. I was laying there in just my gym shorts. I saw that bottom lip come up and then she came to the bed.
As she climbed on top of me, I slid my hands into the back of her shorts and gripped her buttocks. We started french kissing. I moved to her ears, sucking on her earlobes and she moaned.
“I want to make love to you,” I whispered and she moaned as I moved my arms to her sides, moving her panties and shorts down a little.
“You’re my cousin,” she said, her eyes showing real distress. She wanted to do it. Something was stopping her and I know she was scared of crossing the sexual line with a cousin.
“We are best friends,” I said.
“I want to . . . . ” she said, her voice trailing off.
I kissed her and rolled her over on the bed and kissed her. She looked at me and I heard someone’s feet coming up the porch. Quickly I jumped off the bed and grabbed my shirt. I moved to my weight bench and sit down just as my dad called out from the living room.
“Sienna and I are in here dad!” I replied.
He came to my room, talking as he came. “Got to leave early today. Want to go see if the bass are biting . . . . ”
He was at my door and looking at my bed with Sienna lying on it. She looked fine, but I realized the bed around her was totally fucked up. Dad noticed it and the fact I was sitting at the weight bench with my shirt on backwards.
“He’s pouting,” Sienna said. “I told him I could kick his ass.”
“Huh?” Dad said.
“We been wrestling!” she said with a laugh.
Dad glanced at me and said, “Wrestling.” He turned and walked off.
Sienna started to get up and I told her to stay there. If she left then he would think we were guilty. We stayed in my room listening to music until mom got home. I felt like dad suspected but he wasn’t positive.
Friday night Brenda and I were together, but she had some relatives visiting Saturday night. Sienna called me around noon. I can not even remember why I was not working that Saturday but I was off. She wanted me to come over. I told mom I was going to Sienna’s and she asked me if we were hanging out tonight and I said probably.
It took about 8 minutes to get from our driveway to my aunt and uncle’s driveway and when I got there Sienna’s vehicle was the only one in the drive. I didn’t even knock as I walked in the back door, calling out her name like usual.
She walked into the den in a t-shirt and her pj bottoms, her curly hair back in a pony-tail.
“Where are your mom and dad?” I asked.
“Texarkanna until tonight,” she said.
“Okay,” I remember my cock stirring cause I knew why she had called me over.
“We have to talk,” she added.
We went to her bed room, her holding my hand and leading me like a Rocky(D). I took off my shoes and lay on her bed. It was winter and I had on a sweat shirt. She told me to get like I was the other day. I was wearing boxers which was the closest I could come to the gym shorts so I took off all my clothes except the boxers.
“Where is your sister?” I asked.
“She is with them,” Sienna said as she took off the pj bottoms. She sit on the bed beside me. I could see we were about to have that talk.
“I love you,” she said solemnly.
“I love you too,” I replied.
“I love you like I shouldn’t.” she said. The bottom lip came up to her teeth. “I am not a tease.”
“I think we both had feelings that go beyond being cousins,” I said.
“Kissing cousins!” she said, a smile on her face.
“I like being your kissing cousin,” I admitted. That was not a lie!!
“What do we do? Our family would die if we brought this out in the open.” She was talking in little more than a whisper.
“We stay friends. We steal what time we can get together.” I loved this girl and there was a lot of confusing things going through my head, but I knew one thing and that is that I would not do anything to bring harm to her.
She stood up and took off her shirt and those breasts were perfect. I took off my boxers and she looked at my hard cock as she took off her panties.
“Lets just kiss for a while,” she said, her arms crossed in front of her as she gripped her wrist. I nodded and she moved on top of me and my lips met hers and we kissed deep.
She put her hand between us and I felt her grip my cock and work it up between her legs, rubbing the head against her pussy before she pushed back, my erection penetrating her tight wet pussy. I moaned and so did she as she looked at me. I know the question was in my eyes.
“I changed my mind,” she said, moving up and down on my cock. I sucked her breasts as she rode my cock and I felt of her side, her ribs. I felt of the same body I had touched and held all my life. This was my best friend, my own flesh and blood and I felt more emotions going through me than I can describe. We kissed so hard she bit my lip and said she was sorry. She sit back on my cock and I watched her breathe and she smiled. Her intimate flesh engulfed my cock like a velvet glove, gripping it tightly as she moved up and down on my erection.
We kissed passionately, our lower bodies beating a tempo in time with our hearts. We moaned, fucking each other as everything seemed to build. We came together and it was like fire and ice, ripping through us as we could not get enough of each other. I felt her pussy squeezing me with each breath she took and I felt like I had emptied every ounce of fluid in my body inside of her.
We lay silently afterwards, holding each other and talking. Soon I was between her legs, working her pussy in the same position I had been thinking of her in while fucking Brenda. This time I had did not have to fantasize as she and I kissed. We were kissing so much, always kissing.
We spent the whole day fucking each other and I eventually cum so many times I shot a blank that felt like it pulled my balls all the way up to my chin!! That is when we stopped.
Sienna and I fucked a lot for the next 3 months and then slowed down as she got into a relationship with a guy she would eventually marry. A few months after that April broke up with my brother and a month after that she and I were together. Sienna and I mutually agreed to stop our “love affair”. We fucked the hell out of each other the day we agreed we would stop. It started out with a 69 that lasted until our jaws gave out. It was a great way to end it.
We had a relapse a few years later for just a night but nothing has happened since. I think we both realized that as much as we would have liked to have been together, it would not have been accepted in our family. With my original home in the backwoods of Arkansas I am always teased about the inbreeding that goes on back in the small towns and rural mountains, but I think sex with a cousin is more common than most people admit. Your cousins are often your closest friends and the first people you trust enough to do something like that with. I might add the relapse to this thread later. Maybe I am wrong for my part in what happened though I don’t feel wrong and I am glad Sienna and I were Kissing Cousins.

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