How I made my arrogant cousin into my sex slave

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Hi Guys, I’m 20 and I have a beautiful cousin, she is 18, her beauty is out of this world, I have always wanted to make her mine, but she was too arrogant and she was a feminist. So after lots of tries to make her fall in love with me, I finally decided to make her my slave and discipline her.

I knew she would not willingly do it, so I recorded the video of her bathing and blackmailed her I was pretty rich because I had billions of dollars in bitcoin, so I bought a home in Banglore and convinced her family to send her with me to a new school in Banglore, but I had my manager buy this school, so we did not need to attend school, so we were living together.

We moved in, after arranging the house, I called my cousin (Ammu) to my room, But she told she wont come

ME : Bitch, do you want me to upload the video of you bathing

She : No, please don’t do it

Me : Ok, then let us establish some rules between us, you should call me master from now on

She : wtf, what are you talking about

Me : today onwards, you belong to me, you are my slave

She : (crying) ok master

Me : ah, that’s my girl

I made her wear bdsm collar with leash and, I started her training, I whipped her, electrocuted her until she lost consciousness her suffering turned me on

I took her to bed

She : please don’t hurt me, I will do anything you want

Me : ok, I wont hurt you anymore but I will take something that’s most precious to you, your virginity

She : (crying) ok master

I tied both her hands with rope and kissed her boobs, her nipples were hard.

Me : you pretend to be a feminist but in the end you are all weak women who submit to your desires

She : (crying)

I squeezed her nipples until she could take it no more

I licked her pussy she moaned in pleasure, love juices overflowed from her vagina

I started to insert my dick, I went all the way in, I fucked her 3-4 times, then I raped her ass, after that her face, I slapped her face and showed her she is my slave, her helplessness made me more excited, after fucking I pulled her into the bathroom and cleaned her and then slept with her enjoying the smell of her sweat.

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