How my rape Happen

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I had met Darren on Craigs List, when I advertised for a domination experience. He delivered terrifically and I could not get him out of my mind for weeks afterward. (See the S&M threesome post for an expose of our encounter.) When I worked, when I slept and even when I jogged, all I could think about was his fat cock and my desire to be dominated by him. After weeks of soaked panties, I relented and called him for more. He made me beg, made me promise I would do anything. I did.
“I want to rape you,” he said. “Are there parks near where you live?”
“Yes,” I said. “With hills and some small lakes. I jog there all the time.”
“Perfect,” said Darren. “I want you to jog there on a regular schedule. Find a place where you can change discretely into clothing that you don’t mind being ripped to shreds. Lube yourself, too. I will have a condom on, but otherwise will assume I do not need to do anything else for you to be ready. Do it every time. I will not tell you which night I will attack. Just do it regularly. I will stalk you. You have a strong, fit body. I want you to struggle – hard!”
I agreed, and actually looked forward to committing to a regular exercise routine. I jogged my route three times a week for five weeks. Each night, I did as I was told, changing into old clothing, and each night my heart beat fast in anticipation of the attack. Some nights, I did a second loop, hoping it would be the night of my rape. But no. Darren was patient. He was a ex-marine and knew how to hide. I thought I saw him once, stalking me, but could not be sure. Each night I came home, my cunt aching for him.
We had agreed to not be in touch by email or phone until the rape, and after five weeks of waiting, I wondered if I should break the no-communication agreement. I was really enjoying the running in any case, so let it slide. But each night, I did the changing ritual, and became strongly aroused by it. Sometimes I stopped to masturbate, thinking about Darren’s fat cock.
Then he delivered as promised. It was a moonless night, and cold enough for no-one else to be around. I was jogging at a steady pace when I felt myself be grabbed from behind. I did not even hear him coming.
He threw me on the ground with a judo throw. I fought him immediately. I squirmed and punched and kicked. I got away a few times, and he grappled me down again. I was breathing hard at the exertion. I was stronger than he had anticipated, and he was enjoying the tussle. I felt his hard cock through his clothing, ready for me. In the fight, he ripped my top off, and then my shorts. We fought for perhaps fifteen minutes, making a great exertion on both of us. “I love tomboys,” I heard him mutter more than once. Eventually, when I was spent, he grabbed me by the hair, and bent me over. Then he slapped my face and dragged me back through the bushes to a tree ready with ropes.
He tied me to the tree, spread-eagle, with one foot high in the air and my hands over my head, and then produced a small knife. He played with it on my breast, knicking my nipples. He teased the tip down my abdomen and cut off my remaining panties.
He laughed confidently. “I would say ‘stay here’ but I know you wont be going far.” With that, he blindfolded me and was gone, slipping back through the bushes. I heard him retreating through the brush. I was totally aroused and full of desire for him. My cunt ached to be filled. Waiting for his return was agony.
Eventually, I heard him. Or was that two or three? Other than the sound of the underbrush, Darren and whoever was with him did not speak. A hand slapped my face. And again. My cunt was dripping, waiting for this.
I heard a fly unzip and then I felt a body – Darren’s body – over me. I felt a hard cock pressing roughly against my cunt. It entered me with a single, strong thrust. I gasped. It was big, and I felt it open me wide. He rode me rough and deep. A few times he pulled out and slapped my face. He stood up, and I heard jostling. Then I felt a cock fill my mouth. That was when I was sure that he had brought other men. The cock fucking my face was too small to be Darren. Perhaps he had made an irresistible offer to some other joggers, or maybe these were friends he had brought with him especially.
Several cocks took turns roughly fucking my mouth. I almost gagged a few times, but sucked at them eagerly. I was penetrated some more, fast and hard. I knew Darren was trying to make it seem like I was being fucked by everyone, but I could tell from the size of the hard member splitting me open that it was only Darren. He knew how to keep me safe.
The fucking continued for a long time, and I came at least twice. He finished himself deep and fast. I heard him and the others start to head back through the under-brush. I felt a tug at one of my wrists. “I have loosened one of your restraints. If you struggle enough, you will be able to loosen yourself. Goodbye.”
And with that, they were gone. I waited, still tied and spread eagle. I pulled at the ropes and freed myself after perhaps 20 minutes of effort. After taking off my blindfold, I saw that Darren had left my clean changes of clothes, a bottle of water and a canister of kimwipes. He is kind, like that.
Every day since my rape, I soak my panties thinking of his domination of me, and wanting to contact him again. I am frightened of what he will ask of me if I beg for more, but I cant stop thinking about him. I will wait a few weeks. Or at least try.

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