Humiliation Of Shruti

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Shruti is newly married to ramsankar, who is a jeweler in pune. Shruti a beautiful girl of 22 is in sharp contrast to ramsankar who is a fat, short and forty years in age. But he has inherited a big jewelry shop, after his parent’s death in a car accident. When ramsankar approached shruti’s father for marrying shruti, impressed by his wealth he said yes. Soon after shruti and ramsankar got married.
From the very beginning shruti noticed that ramsankar is guided by his three friends mani, krishna and ahmed. They were much younger and handsome as compared to ramsankar. He was in fact bullied by them at every instance. They were also fascinated by young gorgeous shruti, who is a modern young woman and enjoyed short dresses, hot pants and other revealing dresses at home. They used to come home on slightest pretext and used to touch her whenever they get a scope. Ramsankar knew this but afraid to speak against it, sometimes he even enjoyed. Shruti who hated ramsankar for his ugly looks and failure to satisfy her sexually in bed, used to like the mischievousness of these young handsome men.
It was the festive season of navaratri and mani proposed that they should go for a road trip to goa. Shruti was super exited. She came near mani to thank him for the plan. Mani playfully pulled her and made her sit on his lap. She was wearing a very short cotton dress, which rode up and revealed her white panties to everyone. While mani hold her thin waist and pulled her more in his lap, every other eye in the room was stuck to her crotch area. Even ramasankar’s one inch dick bulged in size. Mani toyed with shruti and made her sit on his hardened dick. Shruti tried to release herself from the firm grip of mani but failed. She sat like a baby on his lap knowing her panties were visible to all. She got released only after giving a kiss to mani’s cheeks. But mani was not satisfied, he wanted more from this stunning beauty. He had a plan and shared with krishna and ahmed.
It was the eve of navaratri and the three friends arrived in a mahindra scorpio. Mani’s personal driver raghu was driving the car. Shruti was dressed in a very short red dress, revealing her milky thighs, and the low cut dress revealing her cleavage a bit. All the men were not able to remove their gaze from her and she was enjoyed the attention. The problem was, where she will sit. It is a 5 seater car. Fat ramsankar occupied the front seat beside driver. Shruti had to adjust in the back seat with the 3 friends. But it was not comfortable so it was decided that she will sit in the lap of 3 friends in rotation. It was late in the evening. The light was dimming out outside. Ahmed was sitting in the middle with mani and krishna sitting on his left and right respectfully. Shruti was sitting in ahmed’s lap happily. Mani whispered in her ears, what colour of panty are you wearing today. Shruti was all red in shame. Ahmed whispered, why you need to ask her, we can check of our own. He slowly pulled her short red dress to reveal her baby pink panties. Shruti didn’t want ramsankar to notice to she remain silent by tried to remove ahmed’s hand but in vain.
Mani hold shruti’s hand, while ahmed started touching all over the small panty covering the modesty of the gorgeous house wife. Krishna also joined the show. He was desperate to explore what is beneath those pink panties. He tried to insert is hand below the panty waist band. Shruti was all alarmed and asked ramsankar to pass the shawl as she was feeling cold. Once she was covered by the short shawl, there was nothing to stop the 3 friends. They started fondling shruti. While krishna unzipped her dress in the back, mani inserted his hand in front of the dress and started pressing her boobs over her bra, while ahmed inserted his hand under her panty. Shruti had a bush there. Ahmed’s hand roam around in the silky bush trying to locate the slit. He whispered in her ear’s “dirty girl, we need to clean it “and pulled her pubic hairs. A loud moan came out of shruti’s mouth. Ramsankar knew something is going on but didn’t protest. He was enjoying and his dick stiffened just thinking something is going on under the shawl. It was hard for driver raghu to concentrate on the road as his eyes were stuck to the back mirror. Shruti’s short dress was already pulled down from her shoulder and lifted from bottom. Now krishna un-hooked her bra from the back and mani hurriedly removed it from her body.
He always wanted to see her topless. Ramsankar was tired and was snoring lightly. Mani didn’t delay. In one swift motion removed the shawl revealing shruti’s milky white globes. Ahmed made her stand and removed her baby pink panty. Only dress on her body was her short dress crumbled near her waist. There was a lorry passing by from the opposite side and shruti’s white naked body shined in the bright light. Shruti tried to hide her private parts with her hand but krishna and mani were holding then in one hand and exploring with the other. Ahmed had the best view of her beautiful buttocks. He squeezed it lightly, it was soft and smooth, the best he has ever touched. Cars were passing thick and fast. Shruti pleaded, to let her at least sit so that her breast is not visible from outside. So shruti was allowed to sit and was given the shawl to lightly cover. It was another 30 mins, three men were exploring all nooks and corners of her body. Ahmed was slowly rubbing her vagina slit. Shruti had an urge to pee for some time now and with all the poking and caressing, it was beyond control now. The road was going through the middle of a jungle. She asked raghu to stop the car and told everyone that she had to pee. Raghu stopped the car and ramsankar also got up from his nap. Mani told shruti that there is no bathroom and she shouldn’t go in the bushes as there can be a****ls.
He told shruti that better we will guard you while you pee by sitting in front of the car lights. Shruti was like shell shocked but ramsankar didn’t protest. He also agreed that shruti, shouldn’t go to the bushes and lights in the front of the car is the best option. Shruti somehow pulled her small dress under the shawl to cover her boobs and get out of the car. She was not wearing any panty or bra. Driver raghu had already put on the high beam and the fog lights illuminating the front of the car. The three friends came out of the car with shruti and escorted her in the front of the car. She was naked before in front of these men, but inside the car in semi-darkness. Now it is public in full bright light. But her urge to pee was more than her shame. She lifted her dress revealing the glorious nude bottom part of her body. Ramsankar was little surprised that she was not wearing panty but didn’t mind. He was never so exited before to see his wife nude in public before other men. Shruti squatted in the bright light of the car and started peeing. While the hissy sound of the pee filled the air, all the men were busy enjoying the show. Shruti almost peed for a minute. She quickly stood up and tried to bring down her dress. But mani protested. “you dirty girl, need to wash before you bring down that dress. Ahmed lifted her dress higher up and krishna went back to the car to bring a bottle of water. Then the 3 friends turned her towards the bright car light.
Raghu and ramsankar had the best view. Mani made shruti to open her leg and slowly started cleaning her vagaina , with his hands. He parted his pussy lips with two fingers and started rubbing are urethrae. He took his own sweet time to rub his slit. Ahmed understood that even ramsankar is enjoying the show and slowly pulled shruti’s dress up exposing her breast. Shruti pleaded ahmed but ahmed pulled the dress further and took it out completely. He told others that shruti has peed in her dress and better to remove it. In bright light of the car, her beautiful body, pair of shapely boobs with pink aureoles were clearly visible. Shruti was only on her high heels, completely nude in public in front of 4 men and her husband. After cleaning shruti from front and back it was time for drying her up. All the three friends used paper towels to dry her up. They again explored her glory hole from all angles. They checked shruti’s private parts making sure it was completely dry before escorting her back to the car.
It was mani’s turn now, she sat naked on mani’s lap and was given the short shawl to cover up. It barely covered her lower body. Once the car started, the boys again started enjoying shruti’s fascinating body. Their hands were under the shawl. Continuous rubbing and probing of her private parts has made her very hot. She was all wet and started moaning lightly. The boys started enjoying her openly. Her boobs were almost out of the shawl and being pressed by ahmed and krishna. While mani was rubbing her honey hole. She was leaking like a waterfall. Ramsankar knew what’s going on in the back and had the best erection of his life. It was another 30 mins driving before the team reached laxmipur, where they were planning to stay for the night. The parking lot was empty but shruti was ashamed to come out. She asked for her panty at least. But was again denied. Mani removed her shawl a bit to show everyone how she was leaking from her pussy and will ruin the panty. So the gorgeous girl had to come out of the car only covered in the short shawl. She somehow managed to cover her boobs and pussy but her ass was completely visible. The guys made her walk in the front enjoying the view. Luckily for shruti there was no one there until they reached the front desk. It was a small motel and a mid-aged bald guy madan was sitting in the reception. He informed the team that there is no room available and it is the only hotel in the area. Then he saw shruti and immediately knew that she was full nude under the shawl.
He told the team that he may do something for them. There is a locked room for the owner of the hotel. He may allow them to use the room for tonight but there is one condition. Shruti had to remove her shawl and give him a view. The guys readily agreed against shruti’s mute protest. Before she knew ahmed pulled the shawl and made her nude in the open reception. Hotel manager madan was very impressed with her beauty. He turned her around to check her baby like butt as well. He only complained about the bush covering her pussy. He told others that a gorgeous girl like shruti shouldn’t have any hair in her pubic region. While mani’s hand roamed around in the silky bushes, he confirmed madan that the bushes will be cleaned tomorrow and he will have a better view before they leave. Madan was happy and pressed the bell. A 14 year old bell-boy monti came running to the reception and was happily surprised to see a beauty standing naked in middle of all the men. Shruti was again shocked to be completely exposed in front of a young boy and hugged mani tightly covering her boobs. Mani’s hard dick inside his pant was poking her vagaina but she didn’t mind. To the delight of all the men, mani slowly started massaging shruti’s butt. He even spread her ass cheeks to give monti a peek to her ass hole and glimpse of her pussy crack. Finally after much pleading, shruti was given back her short shawl and the team was on their way to their room. It was on the 1st floor, so the men decided to take the stairs. Shruti followed monti, followed by the remaining men giving a great view of her shapely arse. She was thinking what is going to happen to her once they are in the room . She was publicly made naked, humiliated and degraded, even in front of a boy. How worse it can be. Somewhere she was little exited and was leaking from her love hole…….
Shruti’s almost naked walk of shame to the hotel room finally ended. Monti the bell-boy opened the suite specially reserved for the owners. The team of Shruti, her husband Ramsankar and his three friends Mani, Krishna and Ahmed were tired and happy to see the room. As Raghu the driver planned to sleep in the car, the 2 double beds and 2 sofas in the suite was good enough for them. The bathroom was clean with a large bath-tub and hot running water. Monti was leaving after handing over the room keys but Mani stopped him. “Why don’t you help the lady take a bath and get cleaned up, she has peed on herself and leaking pussy juices throughout the journey”. Shruti was again feeling humiliated and ashamed in front of the 14-year-old boy but Monti was more than happy to oblige.
He readily came near Shruti and started pulling the short shawl covering her naked body. She pleaded in embarrassment but Ramsankar asked her to be a good girl and take a quick bath. Monti removed the shawl and told Shruti, “don’t worry Didi, I will take good care of you”. So Shruti had no other way but follow Monti to the bathroom. Naked Shruti was going inside the bath-tub when Monti stopped him. “Didi why don’t you pee, before the shower, then I can completely clean you”. She couldn’t believe that the 14 year old boy is asking her to pee in front of him. The words made her blush with embarrassment. She asked him to wait outside while she pee. But Monti didn’t want to miss the fun watching a big girl pee for the first time in his life.
He told Shruti “if you don’t pee in front of me then I am calling others and then you have to pee in front of everyone. It’s your choice”. Shruti’s face turned red in embarrassment but had no other option but to sit on the commode toilet. She closed her legs to block Monti’s view but he ensured that her legs are wide open and he gets a full view of her vagina. A strong hissing sound announced the start of her piss. Looking down between her thighs Monti marveled at the sight of Shruti’s strongly shooting pee stream leaving her pussy lips. Her golden shower was spraying over the toilet porcelain. Slowly she began to exhaust her supply of piss.
With a great disappointment, Monti watched as her flowing pee stream began to dwindle and drop and ended with a final jet of pee. Shruti had a mixed feeling of shame and little thrill to pee in full view of the teenage boy. Monti was proactive, he took a piece of toilet paper and started cleaning Shruti. After he flushed the toilet paper, he touched her pussy with fingers. Shruti protested but her meek protest wasn’t strong enough to stop Monti. He opened the pussy lips and slowly started rubbing inside. He was surprised to see her moist again. Shruti realized that things are going beyond control and she quickly got up from the toilet seat and went inside the bathtub to take the shower.
She teased Monti “make sure you remove your clothes before you join me, hope you don’t want your clothes wet”. Monti with slight dilemma got completely naked and joined Shruti. Shruti didn’t expect Monti to be completely naked and was surprised to see the 7-inch long dick of the young boy. Monti was aroused by the gorgeous naked beauty and his cock was completely stiff and tight. Shruti started the shower. Water started trickling down gently – through her hair, down her beautiful breasts, her silky bushes, down her shapely thighs. Monti was fascinated, captivated and spellbound. His figures were trembling in excitement while he cupped her breast from the back in the pretext of cleaning her. Her breasts were so warm and tender. Monti was exited and squeezed them hard. Shruti screamed and requested Monti to go slow. Monti continued caressing and fondling her breasts and kneading the soft flesh. The aureoles were light pink in colour and the large nipples were stiff hard. He started flicking the nipples playfully with his thumbs and forefingers. Shruti’s body was on fire. Monti reached down and cupped the smooth, bare cheeks of my Shruti\’s butt with one hand while kept pressing her boobs with the other. He butt chicks were smooth and tender like a baby. He reached further down and found the small, ultra-sensitive asshole.
He gently burrowed the forefinger right into her tight, puckered anal passage while heavily pressing her boobs with his right hand. Shruti let out a deep moan trying to wiggle Monti’s figure out of her asshole. She was shuddering and grasping while Monti continued to finger fuck her but-hole. He quickly brought his other hand to the front and started rubbing her pussy from the front. Shruti was in seventh heaven, she closed her eyes and opened her legs wider to give better access to the teenage boy. Monti’s inexperienced hands were simultaneously playing with both of her glory holes. He buried two of his fingers in her pussy from the front, started vigorously taking them in and out. Shruti was shuddering from excitement and leaking juices. Unmindfully she got hold of Monti’s throbbing dick in her soft palms and started rubbing it. Slowly she increased the pace. The boy couldn’t control anymore and began shooting spurt after spurt of cum all over her beautiful body.
Suddenly Krishna and Ahmed entered the bathroom to check and surprised to see Shruti and Monti in that condition. They screamed on Monti and asked him to get out of the bathroom. The teenage boy just had the most wonderful sex-experience of his life but was afraid of getting a beating for sexually exploiting the young house-wife. So he came out of the bathtub, collected his clothes and quickly left the room. Shruti was very close to an orgasm and was very disappointed with Monti leaving suddenly. Krishna came near Shruti and playfully smacked hard on her soft bare butts. She screamed out in surprise. He came inside the tub and started soaping her. Ahmed also joined him in the process. They stopped the shower and made her seat on the bathtub like a baby. They explored the lovely terrains of her body, kneading, fondling and squeezing her tender body. After she was covered by soap foam completely they rubbed her with a wet towel and bathed her in hot water. They had strict instruction from Mani to excite her but not give her an orgasm for now. They probed her love-hole in the pretext of cleaning and drying her but nothing extra. After the bath, she was glowing like a naked angel.
Mani and Ramsankar were sitting in the sofas opposite to each other and taking about some business proposal. Mani noticed Shruti coming out of the bathroom nude and asked her to come and sit on his lap. Shruti like a sweet obedient girl, sat on his lap leaning back on his chest without bothering about her husband. She had become more relaxed with her nudity. She still felt very exposed, but less embarrassed sitting on Mani’s lap.Still discussing the business proposal with Ramsankar, Mani started fondling her boobs slowly, squeezing her nipples between his forefinger and thumb. The nipples responded immediately becoming hard and swollen. Mani’s other hand was resting on Shruti’s flat and tender belly. He started playing with her belly button and then brought his hands down to her pussy mound. He made her spread her legs giving a glimpse of her pink pussy lips to everyone in the room. He parted the pussy lips a bit and started rubbing it longitudinally. Shruti was now moaning lightly, leaking juices like a river from her love hole. Ramasankar’s was aroused seeing his beautiful wife getting explored openly by his friends. Shruti’s love juices have created a wet patch on Mani’s pant. He told Shruti “naughty girl, you have too much fun today, let me take you to bed now”. He took the naked beauty in her arms and put her in one of the bed. He knew that Shruti is in his control but wanted to take it slowly. He put her on the bed and covered her with a bedsheet, smooched her lips and turned off the lights. Shruti’s body was still on fire and wanted a fuck badly but had to sleep unsatisfied on the bed alone for the night. The four friends adjusted in the other bed and the sofas for the night.
It was morning 9am, Shruti completed her morning bathroom activities and came out naked to find Monti bringing up the breakfast. Monti was overjoyed to see the beautiful body of Shruti gleamed in the morning light. Shruti was more comfortable now being nude and sat on the sofa displaying are beautiful body. After breakfast, Mani pointed Shruti towards a box on the bed. Shruti opened the box to found a very short and sexy white dress. It was almost transparent. Mani asked him to wear the dress without any Bra or panty. But her nipples and specially her bushes were clearly visible under the dress. Mani told her not to worry as the bushes will be cleaned today before they start for Goa. He asked Shruti to get ready as the friends will accompany her to the parlour. Shruti did some light makeup and was looking absolutely stunning.
So the 4 friends and Shruti came out of the hotel in search of a parlour. It was a small town and the only parlour was a men’s parlour. So the friends entered the small parlour which was filled with around 4-5 middle aged men and the barber who was cutting hair. Ratan the barber was a middle-aged man in his forties, thin and black. He was surprised to see Shruti in that see through dress. Mani took Shruti near Ratan and lifted her dress displaying her bare-bottom to everyone in the room. She has never felt so humiliated. Embarrassed by her nudity she tried to cover her pussy with her hands, which brought a strong rebuke from Mani. Quickly she dropped her hands on her side. Her face was a dark shade of red as she stood bottom naked in front of everyone in the shop. It was a sight of delight for everyone else in the room, they were ogling her naked body. She spotted her husband Ramsankar quickly readjust the growing bulge in his trousers. Mani started roughly running his fingers on Shruti’s pussy hair and asked Ratan if he can shave and clean the hairs. He placed a 500 rupees note on his table. Mani was still holding the dress up.
Ratan readily agreed. He quickly closed the front entrance of the shop with all the customers as they were not ready to leave and wanted to enjoy the show. There was a very small bed in one corner of the room. Ratan asked Shruti to pull up her dress completely, lie back on the bed and spread her legs. Shruti complied, pulled her dress displaying her cute bum. Then leaning back on the bed, her legs spread and dangling over the edge of the bed, allowing everyone to view her spectacular pink pussy covered with silky hairs. The entire room was in a hypnotic state looking towards the amazing view of her open legs. Ratan collected his stuffs, razor with a fresh blade in it, some hand towels, shaving gel and a bottle of baby oil. He pulled a chair over to the edge of the bed, between her legs. Sitting down, he leaned forward and laid both of his hands on her pussy. He reached in and ran my fingers through the hair, pulling it and moving it around, so as to get an accurate assessment of how soft or wiry her pubic hair. Shruti gasped and shivered in excitement. The touch sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.
Rubbing the light pussy and spreading the lips for everyone’s view, he said that it is the most beautiful pussy he has ever seen. The pussy lips were partly open like a pink rose just started blooming. He played this way for a few minutes, thinking of his shaving strategy and of course, admiring Shruti’s swelling vaginal lips as they responded to his caresses. He could see her pussy and her ass in all their glory and I took advantage of the view, holding her ass cheeks apart so as to spread everything open for his inspection. There were some light hairs around her asshole as well. He used his index fingers to feel around the edges stroking over the opening. He pushed his index figure slightly insight the anus making Shruti wiggle. Then he leaned in so his nose was almost touching her anus and I inhaled deeply, it was in heaven! Ratan sprayed some shaving gel all over her pussy hair. Massaging the gel for a moment brought up the white foam and he spread the foam into all the crevices of her vaginal area with special attention paid to her clitoris. He gently circled around the bud over and over again, making Shruti jump.
She was now breathing heavily. The shaving began with Ratan’s razor stroking up and down, all over her pussy. Shruti would gasp as the cool razor touched her skin. He used the fingers of his left hand to pull her vaginal lips over in one direction and then the other, shaving in all the valleys. In no time, her pussy was bald and clean and it was time to shave between her buttocks.
Ratan asked Shruti to turn over on the bed with your head on the mattress and your ass in the air and spread the ass cheeks. Shruti obediently turned over, laying her head on the bed and raising her ass up under her knees which were spread wide for Ratan to view. Ratan made her push her ass further up and spreading her cute little baby ass even more. The young house-wife is now displaying her cute brown puckered ass hole to everyone in the shop. It was so erotic that every man in the shop including Shruti’s husband Ramsankar was stoking their cocks over their pants. Ratan had to manage her bulge several times. He sprayed some gel between her cheeks and rubbed it up and down along her ass crack as the gel turned white and foamy. He took his razor and carefully shaved the soft hairs from around her anus. Once he was done he told Shruti to back to her initial position only this time she needs to pull her legs up to your chest so I can see farther down between your legs. Shruti complied with Ratan’s request.
Her dress was lifted further in the process displaying her beautiful boobs. Ratan got the bottle of baby oil. He wanted to give her a massage to avoid any irritation due to the shaving. He poured some oil in her crack and started rubbing with the palm of his hands. He started slowly and felt Shruti’s clit twitch and quiver. There was a tingling sensation in her already horny pussy. Shruti closed her eyes and started moaning softly. He inserted a finger into her hot hole and felt it very wet inside. He inserts his second figure and started pressing it upwards rubbing her G spot. Shruti’s pussy was on fire. She let out a big groan while her vagina pulsed and squeezed Ratan’s fingers. Shruti right away felt it building inside her. Ratan now inserted his third finger and put pressure on her g spot. The added sensation pushed Shruti over the edge. She couldn’t hold any further and felt her hot juices running down the crack of her ass. She was finally having an orgasm, in fact, she was squirting. It was little at first, then it started to gush out like a fountain and spill all over the bed, floor and all over Ratan. Shruti was breathing heavily and moaning out loudly. Her dress was completely soaked with her juices. Ratan continued finger fucking her, she exploded in another orgasm causing her back to arch, further jutting her breasts completely out for everyone to see.
Her head thrashed side to side as she moaned and groaned in pleasure. After nearly a minute of this, she lay panting on the bed recovering from her exertion from the giant orgasm. Ratan smiled at Mani and told him that his work is now done. Mani was satisfied with Ratan’s work and gave another 500 rupees note to him. He then lifted Shruti from the bed, made her stand, removed her wet dress completely and slowly started cleaning up Shruti with a wet towel. Krishna and Ahmed also helped in getting Shruti clean. Ramsankar realized that he had cummed in his pants looking at her wife getting shaved and squirting in public. Once Shruti was cleaned Mani asked his driver Raghu to bring the car in front of the parlour. Shruti was tired and naked. Mani carried naked Shruti in his arms outside the shop. Her face quickly turned deep blush of red. It was only few steps to the car but Shruti felt like dying in shame being completely naked in the open market. Mani whispered to her “you are a big girl with a beautiful body, you shouldn’t be ashamed of getting naked in public and I know that you like it “. Shruti couldn’t tell anything but hid her face in Mani’s chest. With everyone in the market looking at her naked body, she just wanted to get inside the car and her ordeal to end. But it was just the beginning…… 

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