Husband and wife meet a stranger on a business trip

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So far it had been a nice weekend. My husband had a convention to attend so we decided to go early and I would join him for a long weekend. The kids were at college and I had enough vacation days so it sounded fun.

We had booked late so we could not get into the conference hotel. Instead we chose a cute boutique hotel about 3 miles away. The hotel was nice. We did some sight seeing, and generally had a nice time. It was Saturday night and after dinner and we decided to go to the lounge and listen to the band. It was a blues band, more on the sultry than rock side. We chose a table away from the band where the music was not as loud and we could talk.

It was the normal conversation between a couple married 25 years. Kids, work, friends, family. Nothing exciting, but comfortable and nice. My husband is a wonderful man. He has been a great father. He is affectionate towards me and has supported me in everything I have done. He provides for us and is well respected in the community. I truly love him and I am happy in our marriage. We have had our moments, but hasn’t everyone.

As we chatted a man came in, went to the bar, and got a drink. It was not too crowded and he was in my line of vision. He was nice looking, maybe 45, nothing exceptional, but my eyes followed him for a moment. He got his drink, looked around, and then walked towards our table. He saw me watching him and smiled. I smiled back, just polite. My husband looked and asked who he was. I told him I had no idea, but he smiled at me so I smiled back.

The man looked around, seeing all the tables near us taken leaned against the wall. He looked at me again and saw me watching. He said, “The tables near the band are too noisy.”

My husband looked up at him and said. “That’s why we are back here. Feel free to join us.”

The man protested he did not want to intrude, but my husband insisted it was not an intrusion.

The tables were small round cocktail tables. My husband and I had sat sort of next to each other facing the band. The gentleman pulled up a chair placed it next to me, and also sat where he could see the band. It felt a little odd having a stranger sitting so close to me. I felt a little self-conscious and started to think about how I looked.

At 45 I still looked pretty good. Good genes kept my skin looking smooth and young. My shoulder length hair hung loose, and was dyed a pretty brown to cover the streaks of gray. I kept myself in pretty good shape. I am 5’4″ and I am 45 so I am not model perfect. However in the right light I still caught glances once in a while. I was wearing a skirt I adored. It hung low on my waist, flared a bit, and it was pleated. When standing it stopped about 2 inches above my knees, certainly nothing shocking. Along with that I was wearing a white blouse that buttoned down the front and tucked into my skirt. I was presentable.

The gentleman introduced himself as Jim. He was there for the same convention as my husband. He was at our hotel because he had a pre-convention meeting with a business partner here. He had heard the band and decided to come in and get a drink. We chatted for a while. He was pleasant company. Conversation came easy and he made us both laugh. Every once in a while he glanced down at my legs. Sitting my skirt had slid up a bit. Nothing crazy but more than normal. I didn’t mind, I was having a fun night and there was no harm in looking. I actually enjoyed it.

As the band played I started swaying to the music in my chair. Jim said, “Why don’t you two go dance. Please don’t let me stop you.”

I told him my husband really didn’t like to dance. My husband agreed. He said he had two left feet. Actually my husband was not a bad dancer he just felt insecure about it.

Jim then asked my husband if he could dance with me. My husband said to go ahead. He said I love to dance and did not get enough chance to.

Jim then asked me if I wanted to dance. I did, but I hesitated and looked at my husband. He saw my hesitation and said to go ahead and have fun. Jim put his arm around my waist and led me to the dance floor. It felt odd being escorted like that, but it was also very sweet.

As we got to the dance floor the song that was playing had a little bit of an up-tempo. It could go either way, Jim held out one hand and put the other hand around my waist. I put my hand in his and we started to dance.

Jim said to me, “I prefer the slow ones. At my age I think I look silly jumping around on the dance floor.”

I had to agree with him. He was a good dancer. Not Fred Astaire but then again I am not Ginger. He could lead, keep rhythm, and knew when to turn. He kept a respectable distance. Not the telephone book they used in high school, but he was not pressing against me.

Every once in a while his hip would bump into mine. For some reason I was very aware of each time it touched me. The song ended and the next one was a slow song. He asked if I wanted one more. I smiled and said sure why not. This time he pulled me a bit closer. He held our clasped hands up by his shoulder. His other hand was on my hip. When dancing with my husband I always felt like we were drifting not dancing. He never really took the lead. Jim was definitely leading. I was enjoying the feeling of of letting someone else take control.

All of the sudden I was aware of his hand on my hip. The skirt I was wearing was not very thick. I realized that his hand was was fairly close to where the waistband for my panties was. I thought about what I was wearing. I was wearing one of my favorite matching thong and bra outfits. They were cream colored and satiny. They sat fairly low on my hips, but so did my skirt and so did his hand.

I became very focused on his hand. I kept thinking if he moved it just a little he would know exactly what panties I was wearing. It was kind of exciting. I don’t know why. It had been years since anyone but husband and my children bursting into my room had any clue what underwear I was wearing.

The song was nice and I found myself moving closer to him. My chest was touching his. I could feel his warmth. I was enjoying the feel of being in a strong man’s arms. I looked over at my husband and he smiled and blew me a kiss. I figured if he was okay I was going to enjoy my dance. The song ended and I went back to our table. I was almost glad to be out of his arms. I felt like I could have stayed there dancing in his arms all night. Jim followed me. As we got to the table the next song started. It was an old standard that I loved.

My husband said to me, “You love this song. Why don’t you go dance another? ”

I looked at Jim and he said he’d be delighted.

Again his arm around my waist he escorted me to the dance floor. This time I immediately leaned against him and he put his hand on my hip. This time though it was a bit lower. I knew he could feel the waistband of my panties. Given that they were a very small thong, I am sure he knew right away there was not much there. I felt his hand start to trace the line of my thong. I did not stop him. In fact it was kind of exciting thinking of him discovering what I was wearing. Sure enough his hand followed the band of my thong all the way to where it disappeared into my butt.

I did not protest. I didn’t move away from him. I was enjoying the touch. His hand kept sliding from my hip back to my butt along the line of my thong. All of the sudden I thought of my husband. My back had been to him and I’m sure he could see everything. I looked over at him. He was watching but he just smiled at me.

Jim and I returned to the table. We sat down and I crossed my legs. It caused my skirt to slide up quite a bit. I caught Jim looking at my legs. He saw that I caught him and just smiled at me. I blushed, smiled back, but did not adjust my skirt. I don’t know why but it was kind of exciting having him looking at me. The music and a few drinks put me in a flirty mood. I had a vision of me pulling my skirt all the way up to the top of my legs so he could admire them. It made me feel kind of warm.

Unconsciously my fingers fell to the hem of my skirt and I started playing with it. It obviously drew Jim’s attention. He thanked my husband for letting me dance with him and said I was a wonderful dancer. He also told my husband how lucky he was to be married to such a beautiful woman.

My husband said thank you for the compliment and agreed I was beautiful. We sat chatted and laughed a bit more. Every once in a while Jim would lean over me towards my husband to say something. Whenever he did he put his hand on my thigh. As he did he would push my skirt a bit higher. I knew he was doing it but I did not stop him. I had not had this much attention since high school. At one point I looked down and realized Jim and my husband could see my panties. I looked at my husband and realized he knew that Jim could also.

My husband looked at his watch and looked at me. He said if I wanted one more dance I better do it now. Jim said I’m game if you are. He again escorted me to the dance floor. This time his hand was lower on my hip. Actually a bit below my thong and on the top of a butt cheek. I did not stop him, after all, one more dance what’s the harm. This time his hands roamed more. He did not grab my ass, but his hands were definitely on it. He also kept my back to my husband. I had no idea what my husband was thinking.

The song ended and we returned to our table. I was looking forward to saying good night, going upstairs, and making love to my husband. I was more than ready at this point. Jim mentioned he was not staying in this hotel earlier. Being a boutique hotel he asked what the rooms were like.

My husband being the nice guy he is said, “If you’re curious, why don’t you come up and see.”

Jim said he would only come if he could bring us some drinks to thank us. My husband said sure, Jim ordered drinks, and we headed up the elevator. Jim put his arm around my waist to escort me into the elevator. When we got in his hands dropped a little lower but did not leave my body. I felt them on my ass. It felt good and I did not pull away but I hoped my husband did not notice.

We reached our room and Jim poured us all a drink. The room was nice. It had an older feel to it. It had a chair, Desk, and bed. The bed was a little higher off the ground and normal. My husband sat in the chair and put his drink on the desk. That left the bed for Jim and I to sit on. It felt a little surreal sitting here drinking in our room with a stranger who had been groping me.

He was sitting next to me while my husband was watching us from a chair. However the conversation flowed smoothly and Jim continue to make me laugh. He was obviously flirting with me but then again, so was my husband. The attention from both of them made me feel special and I flirted back.

I kicked off my heels and, to no one in particular, commented that my feet hurt.

Jim said, “I give a hell of a foot massage.”

I said, “Well that sounds like like heaven.”

Jim got off the bed knelt in front of me and started rubbing my feet. I had not meant for him to do that. I expected my husband to say something but he didn’t. Jim was right he gave a hell of a foot massage. I ooed and moaned, and said it felt good. I looked at my husband for reaction, he just smiled at me.

Jim started to get brazen he started rubbing his hands up and down my calf. I admit it felt really good. I again looked at my husband but he continued talking, and Jim continue talking with him.

At one point Jim said to him, “You’re wife has beautiful legs.”

My husband said, “Thank you.”

Jim looked in my eyes and slid his hands up a little higher. He was now at my thighs. I should have stopped him but I didn’t. It felt good. Jim actually pulled my leg out straight from the bed and said to my husband, “Look at that, it’s perfect.”

I could not believe he was being so bold

My husband said, “I know, I always thought she had great legs.”

Jim was now getting bolder. He put my leg on his shoulder and was rubbing my thigh. It felt wonderful and I moaned again. I then realized in this position my skirt had slid up and he had a perfect view up my skirt at my panties. The thought excited me. He then put that leg down and did the same with my other leg. This time as he stroked my leg he pushed my skirt higher and higher. It was pretty much as high as it could go. I knew Jim could see my panties, I was pretty sure my husband could too.

Jim boldly said to my husband, “What great thighs.”

My husband just nodded. At this point he looked mesmerized watching Jim’s hands. Jim moved his hands up a bit more. He was touching the crotch of my thong. My mind was racing. This strange man was touching my panties. Not only that, I realized that I was loving it.

I weakly said, “I think that’s enough” and started to pull my skirt down.

In a very calm, but strong tone, Jim said, “Stop.”

The tone of his voice stopped me. I looked at my husband he did not say a word. My hands dropped to my sides

My husband is not a small man. He is not in bad shape. I knew he was not afraid of Jim. He was letting this happen. So was I. I admit, I was getting turned on. My husband is a wonderful lover. I have no complaints, but this was different. I was being told what to do.

Jim then said, “How about a back rub.”

He sat on the bed and scooted back. He indicated for me to sit between his legs. As I did he took the hem of my skirt, lifting it and pulling me back. I am sure he could see my ass. He pulled me back against him. I could feel his pants against my naked ass cheeks. The front of my skirt fell in my lap. My husband had a clear view of my skirt in my lap and my panties. Jim looked over my shoulder at my panties. He started rubbing my shoulders. It felt really good I moaned. As he rubbed my neck he said out loud that he liked my panties. He told my husband that he was a lucky man. My husband quietly agreed.

I was getting so turned on by losing control. I don’t know why. I know I could have stopped him, but letting him take control was hot. He continued to rub my back and then said my bra was in the way. He said I should take it off. I did not argue. I did that thing that amazes men and pulled it out through my sleeve. He took it from my hand, admired it, told me it was sexy, and dropped it on the ground. He asked me if it matched my thong.

I quietly said, “Yes.”

He said, “What? I could not hear you.”

I said yes more loudly.

He said, “Yes what?”

The words just formed. Looking at my husband I said, “Yes, my thong matches my bra.”

My husband sat watching. His hand moved to his lap. Jim said he could not wait to see more of it. I realized that I wanted him to see more of it.

Jim rubbed my shoulders. He then said to uncover my shoulders so he could get them better. I hesitated. I honestly did not know what he meant.

Jim looked at my husband and said, “Come help her. She needs to undo a few buttons.”

My husband stood and walked towards me. Really? I thought, you are really going to do this? He reached out and undid my top 4 buttons. You could definitely look down my shirt and see my nipples. I could not believe it. At the same time my pussy was starting to burn.

Jim looked, pulled my shirt back over my shoulders and again started rubbing them. Out loud he told me that I had great tits. I did not know what to say but thank you. I let myself enjoy losing control. My husband was in his chair again, hand in his lap. Was he rubbing his cock? I could not believe it.

Jim stopped rubbing my shoulders and told me to stand up. I did. He said he wanted to see my thong. I looked at my husband. He was definitely rubbing his cock. The sight of him rubbing his cock and Jim telling me what to do was overwhelming. I was waiting for my next command.

Jim said, “I want to see that thong.” I reached for the hem of my skirt.

Jim said, “No.”

I knew what he meant. So far there had been some touching, and a little flashing, but now we were on serious ground. I hesitated. He said in a firm voice, “Now.”

It sent a shiver down my spine and a gush of wetness to my pussy. I reached to my hip and unzipped my skirt. I let it fall to the ground. I was scared and excited. I was actually wondering and hoping he liked what he saw.

I looked down at the ground. He cupped my chin, pulled my face up, looked me in the eyes, and told me I looked very fuckable. Fuckable? Well at least he approved. Then I realized what he meant. He was telling me he planned on fucking me. He was telling me in front of my husband. I should have told him off.

The only words that came out of my mouth were, “Thank you.”

Next he said, “Let’s see those tits.”

I looked at my blouse. All but 3 buttons were undone. I looked back at my husband. He was paying attention, still rubbing his cock through his pants. I looked back at Jim. I knew I wanted to take off my blouse. I knew I wanted to take off my thong. I knew I wanted him to tell me what to do. I unbuttoned the last few buttons and let the blouse fall to the floor.

He reached out, caressed my tits and said, “Beautiful.”

I could feel his touch from my brain to my pussy. Every nerve ending waiting for more.

He took my hand and put his other hand on my shoulder. He guided me to my knees in front of him. He told me to remove his socks. I did as I was told. I had to smile inwardly. I thought of all the times I saw my husband in boxers and socks. Even worse, shirt, boxers, and socks. He always looked silly.

I finished and looked expectantly at him.

He said, “Take my cock out.”

This was it. This was the big time. I mean, I knew we were getting here, but now we were here. Not only that, I realized I was glad we were here. I undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It was nice. Bigger and thicker than my husband, but not insane. I looked at my husband. He was still rubbing his cock, but he leaned forward and was paying close attention.

Jim said, “What do you want to do now?”

I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth. He stopped me and said, “No, tell me.”

I quietly said, “Suck your cock.”

Jim said, “What?”

In a bold voice I said, “I want to suck your cock.”

Jim nodded and I pulled myself forward and took him in my mouth.

I had one lover before my husband. My husbands cock was the only one I ever sucked. He said I was good, but what did he have to compare it to. I knew a man like Jim had something to compare to. I wanted to be good. Jim had his hand on my head.

He looked at my husband and said, “Did you know she was this good at sucking cock?”

Praise! I was elated. My husband said he had always thought so.

After a few minutes Jim stood up. He started to undress. He said to me, “Get those panties off and get on that bed.”

I took them off and went to step out of them.

He said, “Give them to your husband.”

I picked them up, walked to my husband, and handed them to him. He took them, and with the hand he had the panties in continued to rub himself through his pants.

I looked back at Jim. He was now naked his cock sticking straight out. He pointed at the bed. I was sure he was just going to climb on me and fuck me. Truthfully, I wanted that. I wanted to feel him inside me. I lay down on my back. He climbed between my legs face first. The second his tongue touch my clit I came. I mean, my husband and I have a great sex life. We are 2-3 times a weekers, and I almost always cum, but this was different. I felt it from my toes to my head. I felt like my fingers had cum. I grabbed his hair and pushed my pussy into his face. He quickly brought me to another orgasm. I could not help but wonder what was next. I looked at my husband. He now had his cock out and was openly jacking off with my thong.
Jim raised his face and got off the bed. I could not believe it. He was not going to fuck me? I looked at him.

He smiled and said, “Roll over and get that ass in the air.”

I was more than happy. I love sex. I love all positions. This is the one I feel most vulnerable in. I did as I was told. I felt his cock enter me. It felt wonderful. I was hoping I felt good to him too. The whole time I looked at my husband, watching him jack off. Jim was in no rush. He was taking long slow strokes. I could feel all the nerve endings tingle. Every time I would try to push back and get him deeper, he would pull out a bit and keep me on edge. Finally, with one hard stroke, he pushed as deep inside me as he could. I came. Wave and wave of orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now I wanted him to cum. I wanted to prove I was as good as he was. I started to rock, trying to fuck him back. He put his hand on my ass and stopped me.

He looked at my husband and said, “You’re wife is a great fuck. Get over here and show the woman you love how sexy she is.”

I watched my husband. He got up and undressed. There was the body and cock I knew and loved. I realized that Jim was still in my pussy. He pointed to my head. My husband kneeled by my face and I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I’d given him blow jobs before, but I was determined this was going to be the best ever.

Jim started fucking me again. I got the rhythm down. I wanted to please both these men. Every time Jim shoved his cock in me, I took my husband in deeper. All of a sudden, I felt my husband about to go off. I pulled my mouth off his cock. I think I had actually let him cum in my mouth once.

Jim pushed my head back down and said, “No”.

My husband exploded in my mouth. As he did I came again. I tried to keep swallowing through my orgasm. I got most of it, but some dripped down my chin. I was feeling sorry I did not get every drop. I knew from now on I would try to.

That last orgasm set Jim off. I could feel his cum inside me. Hot jets filling me up. I felt very proud of myself. I lay on the bed ass in the air, licking my husband’s cock. I could feel it start to stiffen again.

Jim climbed off the bed and got dressed. My husband got off the bed. He walked Jim to the door. As Jim walked out, my husband stopped him, shook his hand and said, “Thank you”.

I rolled on my back and waited. I started to get nervous. That was wild, but what would the fallout be?

My Husband came back to the bed, he leaned over, kissed me, and said, “I love you. You are the sexiest woman I ever met. Now roll over and get your ass up in the air so I can fuck you.”

I rolled over, got on my knees, and stuck my ass up. My face was down on the bed with a huge smile on it.

Two months later the kids came home from school. My daughter looked at me. She said, “You look great, what’s got into you.”

She was right, I had a bounce to my step, my clothes were a little sexier, her father and I were more affectionate.

I just smiled at her and said, “You’re father learned to dance.”

Let’s have fun.

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