Husband Helps For My IVF

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Hi, I am Sudharani from Mumbai. This is story of how I became a proud mother with the help of my husband who arranged a special IVF treatment to me.

I got married when I was only 22 and at that time my husband was 15 years older than me. He was 37 but was average looking though physically appeared weak. I was very healthy woman. When I told my mother, she convinced me that once marriage is over, men put on weight and get good health because of special attention and satisfaction. I believed her but nothing helped to improve his physique.

Even after 9 years I could not conceive. How could I conceive when my husband used to finish off either in my hand or on my thighs without complete penetration? Only in the first year of marriage, he could perform with at least half penetration. He took lot of treatment for both erectile dysfunction as well as early ejaculation. So all these years I remained a unsatisfied housewife doing only cooking and looking after his house. Yes he used to bring me many clothes, ornaments take me outings in his car etc. But on bed he could not satisfy me.

His sisters and brothers all had children and many times used to tease him. I had myself tested with a gynaecologist and they had told me that my fertility is very good and can become pregnant if the sperm is motile and healthy. My husband never agreed for testing of his semen. He believed that it is God who can bless us with child if we have in our destiny. In recent years, he also was worried as there was huge ancestral property, which was to be distributed among brothers and sisters. In addition, he was depressed with lowering of his own social status because of no kids.

He once took me to an IVF clinic and we discussed the pros and cons of having IVF. It came out that I can become pregnant only with a donor sperm in which case the biological father will not be known and I can select the donor only with help of his profile of skin colour, hair colour etc to match with that of my husband so that others may not doubt. In addition, the cost was very high. If not successful in first attempt then procedure was to be repeated several times, which could cost much more? We returned home disappointed. My husband was still worried. We thought of adopting some orphan child. We even met few orphanages but the procedure there is also cumbersome.

Few months passed. One day when we were eating at a hotel my husband suddenly saw a person sitting in the next table. He went and greeted him. He was extremely handsome and then it was learnt that he was my husband’s classmate’s younger brother. He joined us for diner on our table and was introduced to me as Shashidhar. He was in fact most handsome person I had ever seen. I was wondering why he has not gone for acting or modelling. Very fair complexion, extremely healthy six ab figure, good smile, fantastic set of teeth. He was working in a IT company.

After dinner, my husband invited him to our house. He was still a bachelor and was glad to accept our invitation. He said he would come on some Sunday for lunch. We departed and I saw he had a BMW car and thought he must be very rich also.

In fact, I had completely forgotten that my hubby had invited his friend’s brother for lunch on the next Sunday. I remembered only when my husband reminded me and discussed about menu. We decided on simple south Indian menu and a sweet. That day, surprisingly my husband showed much interest in my dressing. He asked me to wear an orange net saree, which he had brought from Delhi few months ago. In fact, I was always avoiding wearing that saree as the blouse was backless and neck was very deep. But, as my hubby, for the first time showed some interest in me, I decided not to disappoint him and after preparing meals dressed wearing that saree.

Shashidar came at 1 PM. They were talking when I laid out the plates on the table and made ready the lunch. As he insisted on me also to take lunch with them, I also sat on my chair opposite to Shashidhar. Few times, I could sense that his eyes were fixed on me and felt shy.

As I was wearing net saree, top portion of my breast was visible. I tried to correct again but as I was eating with one hand it was not possible and on the contrary the pallu fell on my left arm showing off full skin. I got up, washed my hand and corrected the pallu fixing it with a pin. We completed lunch and while I was clearing the table, and both the gents sat on sofa taking about old days.

He left after half an hour. Two or three days later my husband asked me to go to LIC office to enquire about payment of some premium as he was not having time. Therefore, I visited the LIC office and got the information. When I came out of the LIC office, surprisingly I saw Shashidhar just come out of same office and was starting his bike. I waved at him and he stopped. After some enquiries, he asked if he can drop me at home. It was very hot that day and I sat on his bike. We reached home and I thanked him. He did not come in as he was busy.

He met me few more times here and there in the market and now we got more familiar. That night my husband spoke to me about IVF. I was in fact ready for donor sperm, as I wanted to be a mother, which is ambition of every woman. My hubby told that he also did not mind but the cost was very high.

We stopped further discussion. Morning while leaving to office he had left a DVD near the TV unit. I saw it with curiosity, which had figure of a pregnant woman who was very happy.

With interest, I played it. An unsatisfied homemaker gets intimate with a tailor and gets a baby in short film. The husband accepts the wife knowing that the child was of the tailor and supports his wife as it was her right to become a mother.

Husband explains to his wife that marriage is a social ritual where two decide to be companions for life. But if one is not capable of giving birth to child the right of other should not be denied. I could not understand why he left it for me to see. I was bewildered to think any such thing in my life. I started to think. Is it possible? Will any husband really accept it? Why they should not agree when they consent for child from a donor sperm? My mind was thinking all such possibilities. Who can father my child if at all we decide so? In the back ground Shashidhar’s photo flashed in my mind.

One day my husband called Shashi for dinner. That evening I don’t know why and how I myself showed too much interest in my dressing. In fact he had a surprise in store for me was when my hubby opened his briefcase and took out a light yellow net saree with lot of embroidery work and was very attractive. He had also bought matching ready-made blouse. Which was sleeveless and backless. The front had net showing off lot of upper portion of my boobs. I looked at mirror and I myself appreciated what I was seeing. That day I did not feel shy and thought how Shashi might react to view my huge boobs, back and bare sleeves. I wore the saree well four inch below naval.

As anticipated Shashidha’sr eyes were fixed at my top portion several times. This time somehow I did not feel uneasy, and on the contrary my whole body was reacting and I felt excited. Few occasions while serving water and curry, I let my pallu fellall down, made an eye contact with him and smiled.

I don’t know how all changes happen. May be my husband was trying to provide occasions for me to be friend with Shashidhar? Was it the case? But in days to come, I myself was trying to dress sexily. I went to beauty parlour for frequent waxing, facials, hair make up etc. I bought few more net sarees, stitched backless blouses, bought new tops, leggings etc. I started telling my husband to call Shashsidhar for lunch or dinner by preparing some special dishes. I was giving excuse that after ll he being a bachelor is staying alone and may be missing homely food.

So visit of Shashidhar to our house became frequent to the extent of two or three days in a week. Many days he used to drop down suddenly for lunch in absence of my husband. My seeing him had changed. I was dreaming a bed partner who could stir my feelings, make me experience orgasms and may be bless me with motherhood. But, I was a bit scared too. I could not understand my husband at all.

Week after week passed and Shashidhar’s visit had become a regular either for lunch or dinner husband whether my husband was at home or not. But now I was used to it, rather I was eagerly looking forward to his visits and neither my husband had any objection. Yes I was gradually getting attracted to him in my mind and longing for his physical contact which alluded me till one day.

That one day, my husband returned home from office and told me that there is a good news that he was to go abroad for two months on training. I said that I also would like to go with him but the problem was that the company was now allowing spouses to accompany them as it was a training and not a pleasure trip. He was to leave after two days. I told that I would go to my parents and return when he comes back. Yes it was concluded that way for me to go to my parents home.

At night Shashidhar came home and congratulated my husband. He had a problem and told that he came specially to seek help from us. His landlord had asked him to vacate immediately as his son and daughter in law were returning from US. So he was to vacate next day morning. My husband gave a solution which appeared simple to him but sent my blood racing. He told Shashidhar to come and stay at our house and I would cancel going to my parents. He said he can stay for two months and find alternate room for his stay. Shashidhar looked at me and I was confused and also excited. Should I oppose my husband in front of his friend’s brother or should I immediately agree? What they may think if I show enthusiasm and agree suddenly. I was in dilemma.

However, my husband did not allow me to speak at all and he told in firm voice that his decision was final.
Next morning Shashidhar moved in to our house. We had separate guest room, which was well equipped. He was shown the room by my husband and Shashi felt happy. That night I had prepared a party as my husband was to leave next day. There was scotch and they even made me to take two pegs, though I had never tasted alcohol.

My hubby left by midnight flight next day and we returned home after dropping my husband at airport. It was well past midnight and we slept in our rooms. I never had slept alone in a big house and was scared. I could not sleep at all for whole night for two reasons. I was excited and anxious as to what all may happen in coming two months with Shashi and me alone in the house for such a long time. Second, I was nervous to sleep alone. Somehow, the night was over and hurriedly I prepared breakfast. Shashi spoke casually few words and left to his work.

In all these problems, I had forgotten to pack his lunch box. So, I rang his office number to say sorry for the miss. Shashidhar spoke on the other end and said that he understands my problem in sending husband away for long time and he won’t mind missing my tasty lunch for a day. I appreciated his humour. He told me not to bother for preparing dinner tonight and told that he is taking me to dinner in a hotel. I did not know what to say and kept the receiver. Nevertheless I was ready much before he was expected back home. I wore the same light yellow net saree. The blouse was highly revealing but I wanted to enjoy how Shashi would react and feel.

Shashi returned home by half past seven. He freshened up and I gave him tea. He too got dressed wearing a red Tee shirt and jeans. It was bit dark by then and so I had no hesitation in sitting on his bike. I held him tight as he sped on the highway to a five star hotel in outskirts. The hotel was fantastic and as we entered, he led me to the restaurant holding my hand tight. At once, my blood raced up to its max temperature wetting my thighs instantly. I felt giddiness and held him for support. He led me to the table and after some time I was feeling good. He ordered simple veg menu with soup. There was good classical live music going on. By the time, we finished dinner it was past ten and we were back after half an hour drive. Next day was a Sunday and hence there was no hurry to get up.

He bid me good night and went to his room. I came to my room but was excited and anxious. I remembered his touch, which sent shock waves in me. I remembered the way I was sitting on his bike almost hugging from back. My blood was racing. The room seemed lonely and a sort of fear gripped me. Yes, I wanted him. Yes, that was the truth. I drank a glass of water. I remembered I had not kept drinking water in his room. I took a jar and a glass and knocked his room. The door was open and he called me in. He was reading some book. I kept the water on side table. He again said good night. I came near the door and asked if I can switch off the light. He told me to switch off the light while going back. I switched lights off keeping only a night lamp on. I closed the door, ran back to the cot and hugged him. He kept his arm on me I was on the cot hugging Shashidhar. There was so much heat in the embrace that I started to melt. As I raised my head, his lips sealed mine; his mouth melted in mine, his heat dissolved me, and our tongues twisted and danced kindling an inferno in both bodies.

Our kisses were never ending, and we never wanted it to end. I tore open his nightdress and I slipped my nightgown. Shashidhar flipped the hook of my bra and my boobs popped out and reached his waiting hands. His hands were as big as lotus leaves but still could hardly cup half of my full boobs. Slowly I pushed left nipple in his open mouth, which he suckled with great love, lust and thirst.

Going down I kissed his cheeks, chest abdomen and further down reached that huge phallus which was standing like a stone pillar. I held it with my fist and still could not cover half of its length. My four fingers did not meet my thumb. I was mesmerized by what was in my hand and slowly moved my hand up and down. Soon a shining diamond of his pre cum appeared at the single eye of his magic wand of creation s. I smeared his lubricant all along and lifting my right leg centred on him and descended in a slow motion taking him in me at snail pace. For him it was first experience and for me it was penetrative sex of this kind for first time, although my husband had taken my virginity in the initial days of marriage.

As I lowered myself completely our mouths melted as a thanksgiving to each other. My breasts collided with his chest and his hands encircled my while he widened his thighs to ensure cent percent penetration. We lay still while only my vaginal walls moved pressing his shaft in circular motion and our mouths were moving one inside other. Every part of my body was clinging to every part of Shashidhar. Toe-to-toe, Knee-to-knee, mouth-to-mouth, breast-to-chest, belly-to-belly and his whole phallus deep inside me, so deep that his huge testicles were pressed between my thighs. I didn’t know how long we stay still without movement. I shivered, I was perspiring on my forehead and held on to his stretched hand and on to the sheets for support as I experienced orgasm after orgasms repeatedly and lost all my strength. I had now fully surrendered to the male domain lying under me.

It was an involuntary or says automatic instinct, I was now moving up and down slowly on his dick raising my hips but keeping my abdomen sealed to his. My thighs were helping my hips in the movement and upper portion was also moving in tandem. Each raise was lifting my boobs up until only the nipple was touching his chest and then press down fully. Shashidhar was holding and fondling my breasts and nipple. I was having countless orgasms and time came for me to surrender.

Shashidhar too understood my mind and slowly we changed our position without disengaging. He started with another hundred kisses. I pushed my breast to his mouth and he sat on cot resting me on his lap as my nipples were not reachable in the normal position.

I was feeling that down below he was enlarging and increasing in size filling me like an airtight piston cylinder. His movements were very slow at first, increasing the speed stroke by stroke, reaching a crescendo and then slowing down again. I was floating in space, drowning in sea, the sand below my feet was receding and I was groping for support, held on to the pillow, to the sheet and to his back. Shashidhar was now in the verge of climax which I sensed because of his heaving and tightening of thigh muscles.

I lifted my legs and locked him from back to ensure he will unload fully in me. He came in me in drops, in spasms and flooded as if the gates of a full dam were opened. I was gradually being filled up with his semen. I was just dreaming. Yes, this is the elixir of life, it is this nectar which contain millions of life, it may contain my son or daughter for sure. I raised my hips assisting him to completely come in me. The flood of life engulfed me, filled me and overflowed along my thighs on to the sheets. We stayed copulated for long time enjoying after play.

By morning my pool of pleasure was filled up two more times. We woke up late mated after morning tea, took bath together. There was nothing like ‘enough’ in our dictionary. Every mating was making us hunger for more and more. In the coming days, we invariably had sex every night and many times during days. Went out hand in hand, ate in hotels, went to few tourist places, stayed as couple, had our own honeymoon.

My husband returned after two months. We received him at airport and after dropping us at home, Shashidhar went to his new one room apartment, which he had bought at a nearby place. My husband had bought lot of clothes, lingerie, perfume etc. In the airport my husband was staring at me and then only I looked at myself. Yes my bulge had started to show. I was in my third month of pregnancy and hence the bulge.

Yes I had not noticed that since last three months that I had missed my periods. I was thrilled. I did a urine pregnancy test at home, which was positive. Still I was checked by a gynecologist and it was confirmed. There were no bounds for my happiness. I asked Shashi to take leave and in afternoon, I rushed to his room. Only when he was fully inside me, I told him the happy news in his ear. He was also thrilled. Night I told my husband and he was also very happy.

He then told that he had made all planning to bring Shashidhar nearer to me so that I can become a mother. Next day itself, my husband announced to his relatives about my pregnancy.

After six months, I delivered very handsome boy just like Shashidhar. I an ever grateful and indebted to my husband for his indirect help in providing me a natural IVF (Intense Vaginal Fuck) and of course to Shashidhar who made my dream come true. Now that we all know the story Shashi comes home at his or say my will and stay back while my husband sleeps in main bedroom.

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