Husband humilated for premature ejaculation

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When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn’t faze her.
I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other things. Early in our relationship, I could last 4-5 minutes most of the time and occasionally longer. Unfortunately, as I have aged the amount of time I can last has decreased. By the time I was 32 I could only last 1-2 minutes. It is really unfortunate because I have a fairly thick 8″ cock but can’t perform well.
Lana has become increasingly frustrated by this and very vocal. So much so, that one night her friends were over watching a chick flick and drinking heavily. She told them how quickly I cum after a love scene in the movie. Janice, her best friend, said that she should have me lick her after I cum. Lana got so excited about it that she pulled me upstairs with her while her friends were having another drink.
We quickly undressed and I slide my hard cock inside her. I came in about a minute flooding her with a big load of cum. I started to kiss her and she pushed me away and said “No kisses until after you do your job”. I reluctantly went down between her legs and was debating what I should do, when her hands forced me into her dripping pussy. I was gagging but she was so excited by what I was doing that she came three times within 10 minutes.
She pulled on her robe and told me to throw on my underwear and go downstairs with our juices on my face. I sat there on the couch while the girls talked and laughed at me. I must’ve liked the humiliation because my cock started to get hard. Janice noticed and pointed out my big hard cock. Carmen then said that she wanted to see me eat my own cum. Lana immediately said great idea and ordered me to get them a new round of drinks.
With their drinks in hand, they had me strip and lay on the Coffee table. They all made comments about how awful it is that God blessed him with such a beautiful cock that he can’t control. Soon I was Cumming all over my cock and stomach and Lana immediately told me to use my fingers to eat it. I started to hesitate and she told me to hurry or she would kick me in the balls. I quickly scooped up all the cum and ate it almost gagging as I did. They laughed as I got up and went upstairs to clean up and go to bed.
The next morning the girls woke up hung over and I was glad no one mentioned the night before as they were leaving. Over the next few weeks Lana and I had sex almost every night and she had me lick her after I filled her with cum.
One night she is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends. I should’ve realized that her going out this time was different but I didn’t. She sure looked sexy in her mini skirt and almost see through top. She noticed my hard cock and told me to wait up for her. It is almost 3 in the morning when she comes home and as I turn to look, I notice she has 2 guys with her. I start to ask what the hell is going on but she says “Shut Up, minute man” and I obey. They all laugh and I can tell they are all drunk.
The start to undress and she gets down and starts sucking Joe. Steve gets up behind her and starts licking her pussy. I am mesmerized and very turned on by what I am seeing. Next thing I know Steve has his 8 inch cock sliding into my wife and starts fucking her hard. I can’t believe that he fucks her for a good 15 minutes in different positions before she begs him to fill her pussy with his cum. He grunts and fills her deeply. Lana then motions me over to lick her clean. I move between her legs and see little globs of cum start to push their way out of her wet pussy and I forget all of the reasons why I won’t do this and dive right in. I lick her for all I am worth, cleaning every inch of her filled pussy. She has 2 orgasms while I cleaning her.
Joe pushes me away and puts his cock deep in my wife. After they fuck for about 5 minutes she tells me to suck Steve hard again. I am really freaked out but very turned on as I get on my knees in front of Steve. I start sucking and licking slowly and it isn’t long before he is hard. Lana encourages me to continue sucking him since she will be way to tired to take care of him herself. I keep sucking and licking his balls and after several minutes Steve gets into it and starts face fucking me. It isn’t long before he is Cumming in my mouth and I swallow every drop. About 10 seconds later Joe fills my wife’s pussy with his cum and I immediately dive in and lick her clean.
My wife then passes out and the 2 guys hurriedly get dressed and leave. We wake up in the morning and Lana is very excited about all that we did the night before and we fuck for 65 seconds before I fill her with my cum. She climbs on top of me and I lick her clean.
We have met up with Steve and Joe a couple of more times over the last couple of weeks. Last week she had her girlfriends over while Steve and Joe were here. Lana had been telling them all about her fun and my humiliation and they wanted to watch and take video.
Janice and Carmen showed up early and I made them drinks while the 3 chatted. About 2 hours later the 2 guys showed up and Lana got undressed as she let them in the door. Janice suggested that I should be the one to get the guys hard for Lana. I got down on my knees and started sucking Steve and as soon as he was hard Lana grabbed him and climbed on top. Joe then put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him. At the encouragement of the girls he started face fucking me.
As Steve was fucking my wife, Joe asked if they could do a DP. She said sure but only with both of their cocks in her wet pussy. They quickly got into position and after about 10 minutes both of them grunted and filled my wife’s pussy. They pulled out quickly and Janice told me to clean of their cocks, which I did eagerly. After that I quickly jumped in and licked up my wife’s overflowing pussy as Steve and Joe put on their clothes and left. Afterwards they popped in the video of the evening and watched it while they had me jack off into my own mouth.
Janice and Carmen were leaving and Janice jokingly suggested that Lana have a Bukkake party with a bunch of guys and make me lick the cum off of her. Lana quickly agreed if Carmen and Janice videotaped it for her.
My wife had me placing adult ads online to search out a group of guys that were willing to get tested. I finally met with and got together a group of 20 guys. 12 showed up on the big night with their recent tests in hand. We had let them know during the interview process for this night that my wife was humiliating me and their I would be her fluffer and be licking up the cum. The 12 we had all agreed with that stipulation.
Lana quickly undressed as well as the 12 guys. Janice and Carmen started filming with 2 video cameras and a digital camera. Lana took 2 guys and I was left to fluff the other 10. I did my best to keep them all hard while she always sucked one and fucked another. When they were about to cum they would pull out and cum on her stomach or tits. Several times she had me come over and lick her clean of the night all 12 had cum once and 8 others had cum twice and 2 guys came 3 times.
After the guys left the girls watched the videos with me. Lana let me fuck her while they filmed one more time because she wanted to add the film of me Cumming in less than 60 seconds to the end of my humiliation tape.
My wife and her friends are planning some more fun in the near future.

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