Husband learns wife’s past confessions were false – Wife Gone Bad

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I had finished a sales call and reached the office at 6 pm. I usually didn’t stay in office that late, but the order had to be entered into the system that day for a discount to apply. I went to my desk, and was entering the order in our complicated system when I heard peals of laughter and clapping sounds coming from the conference room next to my office. Already annoyed, the incessant noise ticked me off. So I knocked on the conference room door.
It was opened very slightly and Rahul, one of my colleagues opened the door.
“Rahul, will you guys keep it down?” I said.
“Arun!! Come in, come in. Something nice to show you.” he chuckled.
“No dude, later. Have an order to…” I protested, but Rahul grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room and closed the door.
“Come on, man. Trust me, Here we have exactly what you need after a long day of sales calls.”
I looked around. There were three other sales guys at the other end of the room, crowded around a laptop.
“What’s going on?” I asked, approaching them. One of them pointed to the screen. It was some sort of a porn video. I looked away at once and continued “Guys, are you crazy? This violates so many policies! Porn in office? You’ll get fired if someone catches you.”
“Policy schmolicy, man.” the guy whose laptop it was said. “Lighten up a bit. It’s not like we are broadcasting it to the ladies. We are in a conference room after hours.”
“Do what you want. I am leaving. I want to part of this.” I said and turned to leave.
“At least look at the body of this babe. I wonder how ugly men like these get hotties like her.” he said turning the screen in my direction.
I looked back reflexively, and stopped in my tracks after I saw the screen. The guy turned the screen around and I walked towards him and behind him to watch the screen.
“Haha, even Mr. Goody Two Shoes Arun is enchanted.” another guy slapped me on the back and laughed.
Enchanted? Horrified was the word. Here’s what was playing on the screen – A short dark thin man was sitting on a couch. In front of him on the floor, was a naked woman with a very hot body, on her knees, with her back to the camera. From the movement of her head, it was clear she was giving the man a blowjob. Someone else was shooting this. Still visible on the wall behind the couch, was what had made me stop in my tracks first.
It was a huge but yellowing map of the city. Ever since I was a child, I had seen that map of the city in a living room in my neighborhood. When I went there as a kid with some friends, we’d always try to find our school on the map. I also knew that maps of the city this size were not commonly available in the market. The owner of that house had gotten it specially made, because he thought it was a novel way to decorate a wall.
Now of course, it was possible that two people might have the same idea. That two people might have huge maps of the city on their living room walls. But it was almost impossible that two people would have the same servant. Because the short thin dark man sitting on the couch, getting a blowjob from a woman whose face wasn’t visible, was the same servant who had told me many times recently “Don’t know when Balram sahib is coming back from Calcutta.”
The blowjob continued for a few more seconds, when a voice said off-camera
“Time for a close-up. Do you mind if I take a close-up, Mangal?” and laughed.
Mangal, the servant replied,
“No, sahib, no problem. Whatever you wish.”
As he said that, the woman spoke without looking back,
“Don’t you dare take a close-up, Balram. I told you my condition for this clip, my face shouldn’t appear.”
That’s when one of the sales guys watching the clip with me said,
“What a bitch. Doesn’t mind showing the rest of her body naked, but won’t show her face?” and everyone laughed.
“Don’t worry, my dear.” Balram’s voice said, “I will shoot it in a way that your full face isn’t seen. Only your luscious lips around the cock. And you can delete the clip afterwards if you aren’t satisfied.”
The woman on screen was about to say something when Mangal caught her head and held it down saying,
“You talk too much. Shut up and keep sucking. Trust sahib.”
And only muffled moans of protest were heard. The camera started moving closer.
“First we take a close-up of her ass.” the voice on the screen said as camera zoomed in on the ass, displaying a mole on the left buttcheek that pretty much shot to bits any hopes I had of this not being my wife. “Now the pussy” and he moved the camera under her pussy, giving a dark-lit shot that didn’t show it too clear, “Now her boobs” he said showing my wife’s luscious boobs bouncing against Mangal’s knees, “and now, the lips and the cock.” And the camera moved upwards.
My heart almost stopped as I dreaded the worst. Her full face would be visible. All these sales guys knew my wife. She had worked here after all. They had set me up for humiliation. They were going to laugh at me for being a cuckold. And spread the news all over the office.
These thoughts raced through my mind as the camera slowly moved upwards, but before it could reach the face, it was yanked from Balram’s hand. By my wife. And thrown to the side. All that was visible for the next few seconds was the ceiling, and then the video stopped.
“Feisty little bitch!” Rahul said.
“Where did you get this?” I asked the guy who owned the laptop.
“Some friend forwarded it to me with a bunch of other clips. Liked it, didn’t you?” he said. I stayed silent, hoping that no one had recognized Shilpa’s voice. No one seemed to have. He continued, “You should watch the whole thing. It’s twenty minutes long.”
“Awesome video. The worst part though, is that she doesn’t show her face at all. And speaks only at the end.” another guy piped up. “Wonder what she charges for a night, man.”
“How do you know she is a prostitute? Maybe she is just some desperate housewife.” Rahul asked.
“Impossible, dude. A hot bitch like her can get any man she wants. Why would she give blowjobs to an old fat guy and his servant? She has to be one of those high class whores….25,000 rupees a night types.”
“Maybe. But then if she was a whore, why didn’t she actually fuck anyone? All we saw was oral sex.” Rahul countered.
“Maybe she didn’t fuck them on camera.” the guy said.
By now my head was spinning.
“Guys, I’ve got to go.” I said and walked out of the conference room.
It had been almost three weeks since Shilpa told me “the whole truth”. Or as this clip made it clear, more lies. Our sex life had improved beyond recognition. We had talked it out, she had apologized, and things were kinda normal. Or so I thought. And suddenly the whole pretense had all come crashing down.
I quietly entered the order in the system as I thought about the situation. I had to confront her. Maybe even divorce her. But I needed to know the actual truth. And I could not trust her to give it to me.
Half an hour later, I was sitting in the seedy office of a “Detective Agency” I had found using the yellow pages. One that ensured “contractual confidentiality”. A few minutes later, a heavy-set middle-aged woman dressed in a saree came inside and sat on the chair behind the desk.
“So, what can I do for you, Mr…” she said.
“Arun.” I said.
“Yes, what can I do for you, Mr. Arun?” she asked.
“No offence, but can I speak to the boss?” I said.
She put her elbows on the table, smiled at me and said,
“I am the boss. My name is Salma. This detective agency belongs to me.”
“Oh.” I said, getting up. “I am sorry, but I think I’d prefer some other agency.”
Just as I reached for the door, I heard Salma say,
“Think your wife is cheating on you?”
I turned around, surprised and said,
“How did you…”
“I can guess. Can’t think of any other matter you’d feel uncomfortable discussing with a woman.” she said.
I stood there, unsure of what to say, She continued,
“You can walk out the door if you want, Mr. Arun. But wouldn’t you trust a detective agency headed by a woman to handle this issue more sensitively and discreetly than a man?”
Mutely, I sat down.
“So tell me, what makes you suspect she is cheating on you?” she asked.
And I started talking. And talking. And talking. It felt good to talk about this with someone. Felt like a load off my chest. I told her the whole story, starting with the portrait sessions, and ending with the video clip. After I stopped talking almost twenty minutes later, Salma, who had listened in silence, said,
“Mr. Arun, you already know your wife is cheating on you. Why are you wasting money by hiring us?”
“I need to know. I need to know the whole truth.” I said.
“Why?” she pressed on.
“I just do.”
“Alright. you’re the client. Your wish is my command. But take the advice of a woman who has seen hundreds of such cases. The truth will only hurt you. And you are already very hurt. Just leave her. Move on with your life. I can find out the absolute truth. But it is not going to help anyone. All you will buy by paying me my fees, is more misery for yourself” she said in a very kind voice.
“I need to know.” I repeated like a stuck record.
“Fine, as you say.”
I gave her the details like my address, Balram’s address, a picture of Shilpa that I always carried in my wallet, and a cheque for the advance. And I left for home.
When I got home, Shilpa was watching the TV. I came in, and she kissed me. From my body language in barely returning that kiss, she sensed something was wrong.
“What happened? Bad day at work?” she asked.
“You could say that.” I replied and walked to the couch.
“Lost an important account?” she asked.
“Worse. Lost any trust I had in my wife.” I replied calmly, sitting down on the couch. Shilpa stared at me, mouth agape,
“What now?” she finally asked.
“Why didn’t you tell me the whole truth like I asked you to?” I asked.
“I did.” she said tentatively.
“Well, I have proof that you didn’t. That you left out something. And that you crossed some more lines.” I said.
“What? That’s not true.” she protested.
“Shilpa, I swear I am sick of your lies. Now I know for a fact that you have lied to me.” I said.
“On what basis do you say that?” she asked.
“I am not revealing that. Or else you will alter the truth on the basis of what I know and again lie to me. Let’s just saw I know everything. Now tell me. And remember, if I catch a single lie, I am throwing you out of the house right now and calling a lawyer for a divorce.”
“Arun!! Please!!” she said.
“Shut up!” I yelled. “Start talking. And remember, if you lie and I catch it, based on what I know, you are out of this house.”
Shilpa just sat there, staring at me. The conniving bitch, I thought to myself. I always thought she was an innocent clean-hearted lady. And yet she had been brazenly and confidently lying to me.
“Arun, I am sorry. Please don’t make us go through this again.” she pleaded.
“Maybe I should help you start talking. I am going to ask you some questions. Yes or No. And if you lie to even one of them, this marriage is over. Keep telling the truth and we still might salvage something.” I said.
She said nothing. I continued.
“Ok. First question, did you give Balram a blowjob?”
“Yes.” she said flatly.
“More than once?” I asked.
“Did he fuck you?” I asked.
She stayed silent, clearly thinking. Like a poker player trying to guess the cards of someone who has gone all in.
“Did he fuck you?” I repeated.
Finally, she decided to fold.
“Yes.” she replied.
And there it was. Confirmed. I had no evidence of it from the video clip, but she had admitted it. My shoulders sagged.
“I am sorry, Arun.” she whispered.
“I am not done yet. Have you fucked anyone apart from me since I caught you with Balram that day?” I asked.
“Shilpa, are you sure?” I asked.
“Yes, I am sure. I am not lying, Arun. Since that day, I have been faithful.” she said.
“OK, before that, was Balram the only one or did he have someone else with him?” I asked.
“You already know it all. Why are you asking me?” she said.
“Answer me.” I said.
“Yes.” she said.
“Name?” I asked.
Shambhu? Who the hell was Shambhu? I thought to myself. Nevertheless I continued.
“And? Who else?”
“Gurmeet.” she said.
“And? Who else??” I asked.
“No one else.”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
She paused and looked at me confused.
“Well, I guess technically Savitri too.”
“Savitri? Our maid?” I asked. This was all getting too much. I had come home expecting her to admit to fucking Balram and his servant Mangal, but there were two other guys and our maid involved too.
“Yes…… you didn’t know?” she asked, surprised.
“Who else?” I asked.
“That’s it?”
“Last chance.”
“Wait!” she said. “Do you mean just having actual sex or…….other stuff too?”
I slumped back in the couch, unable to take it any more.
“Shilpa…. just start at the beginning. And tell me the whole truth this time.”

———————- by aurelius1982

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