Husband overcomes concerns of sharing his wife with friends – Sharing My Wife Roni

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I had an uneasy feeling as I entered the shower with Roni. She was washing her hair as I stepped in behind her. Neither one of us spoke for a while. I finally broke the silence, “Well that was different.” She placed her head under the water and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. She turned to face me wrapping her arms around my waist, “That was amazing!” then rose up on her toes to kiss me. When she pulled away she looked into my eyes,”…well?”
I felt the discomfort inside me start to churn. All the guilt and second thoughts of what had just occurred ate at me. It seemed so exciting as it was taking place, but now it felt surreal. The fact that I had allowed the two of them to actually have sex with her caused a number of mixed emotions inside me. I wanted to tell her how I felt without upsetting her, “I can’t believe we actually did it.” Roni’s smile beamed, “Pretty crazy, huh.” She kissed me again, this time more longingly. I returned the kiss as visions of Mike and Josh playing with her petite body played in my mind. In spite of my second thoughts my cock was soon rigid again. Roni noticed and took it in her hand. She began to slowly stroke me, “Ooohh, it looks like somebody is getting excited again!”
She was obviously thrilled with our first encounter of sharing and asked, “so what was your favorite part?” as she looked excitedly into my eyes.
I knew that she was expecting me to be just as excited as she was and being as how this was all my idea I didn’t want to disappoint her. But in reality I had concerns about our first tryst, so I focused on the positive, “I thought it was all pretty amazing, watching them play around with you in the kitchen… was really sexy. I loved the way you teased them. But I guess my favorite part was when I had you blindfolded and you spread your legs for us.”
“Oh my God that was tough…I don’t think I could have done it if I could have actually seen all of you looking at me.”
“That was what I was hoping…but, I still can’t believe that you did it.”
“You told me too!” a look of concern crossed her face, “Was it bad?”
“No Baby, just the opposite you looked magnificent. I wish you could have seen the look on Josh’s face when you used your hand to spread your lips apart.”
“Oh man, I forgot about that, I pretty much showed them everything didn’t I.”
I smiled at her, “Yep…there’s not a part of your body that they haven’t seen now.”
“Did I go to far?”
“I don’t think so and I’m sure they won’t complain. Baby you have a gorgeous body, I love showing it off.”
“Should I feel bad …that was kind of slutty.”
“Certainly not, it was sexy as hell. I’m the one that suggested it…so relax it was beautiful.”
“Did Mike and Josh seem to enjoy it?”
“They never took their eyes off of you. They saw every crease and crevice of your lovely little body and they both loved it.”
Her smile lit back up,” Good then…I’m glad I did it.”
“I’m sure they are too.”
“This whole thing has been pretty exciting …I guess you’re happy that you talked me into it.”
I felt my concerns begin to fade as I started becoming aroused again, “Baby this whole day has been unbelievable…And it seems like you are pretty happy with the results.”
She leaned into my neck and giggled, “I guess I am.” She lay her head on my shoulder, still stroking my cock and asked, “I wonder what Mike and Josh think of me now.”
“I’m sure they’re thrilled right now. I bet they’ll remember this day for the rest of their lives.”
Her voice became excited, “You think so?”
“I’m sure of it.”
She pulled me firmly against her and held me there, “I never knew that I was capable of something like that…thanks for exposing me to the whole idea. I still can’t believe that we actually did it!”
I remained silent and just held her.
Finally I pulled away, “We need to get cleaned up so we can get in the bed…we both have to work tomorrow.”
She squeezed my cock, “And what are we going to do about this?”
“If you keep doing what you’re doing, we won’t have to worry about it much longer.”
Roni giggled” I think I can fix it for you.”
She kissed my neck and then worked her way down to her knees. She took me in her mouth. Watching the way she serviced me was incredible. She didn’t just suck my cock…she made love to it. Watching her perform as the water washed across her face and body was amazing. I didn’t know what had changed but there was something very different and more erotic in the way she took control. I thought of how those very same lips had just brought so much pleasure to two other men and the thought still aroused me greatly. I thought of her telling us that it would happen again. Remembering how she had made that statement with such confidence, I surrendered all of my reluctance and asked, “Were you serious about doing it again.”
Pulling my cock from her mouth she looked up at me, “What do you think.”
She took me back in her mouth and proceeded to finish the most erotic blowjob that I had ever received.
She could feel my body tense as I got closer to my orgasm. She took me completely inside her mouth and gently massaged my scrotum as I came deep in her mouth. She moaned lowly as my deposit exploded in her throat, swallowing ever last drop. As she slowly removed me from her mouth she stroked me gently, briefly sucking on the head before standing up and kissing me on the cheek.
Pulling away she smiled sexily at me, “Now we can go to bed.”
It was only a little after eight, but I felt exhausted. Roni must have felt the same. She quickly fell asleep with her body tightly wrapped around mine. As tired as I was…I still couldn’t sleep. My mind kept wandering. I couldn’t get the images of the day’s events out of my head. I would become aroused thinking about Roni being nude in front of the two of them spreading her pussy open for all of us to see. Thinking of how excited Josh was as he was allowed to touch her for the first time. And remembering how small her hand looked as she played with Mike’s manhood and seeing the excitement in her eyes as she stroked him. But the thought of them entering her pussy did still concern me. That was perhaps crossing the line. If I would have stopped them after the oral, I think I would have been okay, but I had encouraged them both to enter her willing Pussy. I had even gotten her drunk to make sure she wouldn’t refuse…that troubled me. I never stopped to think about how I would feel afterwards. The thought of sharing her was such a strong desire…it had consumed me. Now that it was over, I wondered if it might have been a mistake.
I finally fell asleep sometime after one. I tossed and turned the rest of the night, haunted by the thought of what I had encouraged my wife to do and also troubled by what Josh and Mike must think. How would they view me now, was I a cuck now? I didn’t think so. I had shared my wife with them; with my full knowledge and encouragement …that was different right? She didn’t do it behind my back…I didn’t know what the rules were, I’d have to Google it. Still it bothered me.
Roni woke me the next morning, “Steve you need to get up…you’re going to be late.” She was already dressed for work and looked radiant.
“What time is it?”
“Oh crap.” I only had thirty minutes to get ready and make the twenty minute drive to work , “Why didn’t you wake me earlier.”
“I tried, but you ignored me.”
I jumped out of bed, quickly brushed my teeth and combed my hair. As I was getting dressed Roni brought coffee to me, “Thanks Babe.”
She kissed my lips quickly, “I’m off to work…see you tonight” and then was gone.
There was so much that I wanted to talk to her about and I’d missed my chance by over-sleeping. I put on my shoes and was out the door.
My day dragged by and I couldn’t keep my mind on my work. I needed to talk to Roni. I called her at lunch but it went straight to voicemail. I was tied up in a meeting all afternoon and called again on the way home. She answered on the second ring, “Hey Sweetie.”
“Hey Baby, you want to meet me for dinner?”
“Well this is a pleasant surprise.”
“I was thinking about Angelo’s.”
“Sounds great, what time?”
“I’m headed there now.”
“Cool, I’ve got about ten more minute’s worth of work and then I’ll meet you there.”
“Great, see you then…I Love you.”
“I love you too.”
I found a table in the back of the restaurant away from everyone else. It was early for dinner and there weren’t many people there anyway, but I wanted to make sure that we would be alone.
Roni arrived about fifteen minutes later. I stood up so she could see me as she entered. When she walked over I kissed her cheek before she sat down. I sat directly across from her. When the waiter arrived I ordered a bottle of wine and an appetizer. When the waiter left Roni looked at me expectantly, “So what’s up…I know there’s a reason for dinner-out on a Monday.”
The waiter arrived with the wine and poured a glass for each of us. I waited for him to leave before speaking, “we need to talk.”
Roni raised her eyebrows, “Okay…”
“About yesterday.”
She smiled and took a sip of wine, waiting for me to continue.
“I feel guilty about letting them take advantage of you.”
She laughed, “They hardly took advantage of me.”
I looked at her questionably, “…you know you were pretty drunk and I felt like maybe I should have stopped it.”
“I wasn’t that drunk.”
“Yes you were and I’m sorry that I let it go that far.” Visions of her being ravished by the two of them had been stuck in my mind all day. I needed to make amends with her.
“Steve there is nothing to be sorry for…I had a great time.”
The waiter arrived with the appetizer and we ordered our entree. When he left I asked, “You don’t feel like… maybe if you hadn’t had all of those shots of Tequila … then things might not have gone that far.”
“Maybe not, but hey, it did go that far and guess what…I’m not upset about it.” She smiled,” so stop worrying.”
“I feel weird about it.”
“Yes…I don’t know how to explain it. I mean, I let two of our friends have sex with you. That’s weird.”
“Maybe you were the one that was drunk.” She laughed, “Steve you practically begged me to do that for you…and now you feel weird?”
“Roni, they both had sex with you!” I said it a little louder than I’d intended and looked around nervously to make sure no one had overheard me. I didn’t see any shocked faces so I continued, “I don’t know what I was thinking. It all seemed so exciting when we talked about it. But now…hell I don’t know how to feel.”
She could tell how confused I was. She took my hand and started stroking it gently, “Steve it’s okay.”
“Is it?”
“Of course it is…wasn’t it you that told me ‘life is short, live it while you can’, that’s all we did Sweetheart. I really think you are overthinking this.”
I let out a short laugh, “I can’t believe we actually did it…”
She smiled knowingly at me “Yep we did…and it was incredible, so stop worrying.”
“Is everything still okay between us?”
Her smile brightened, “I love you more than ever.”
I could feel all the pent-up anxieties begin to slip away. Roni looked at me lovingly, “finish your wine sweetheart, you look like you’ve had a rough day.”
I finished the glass and poured another, then filled Roni’s half empty glass, “I have been worried all day that you’d be upset with me, once you were sober and thought about what all we did to you yesterday. I was afraid that you’d think that we took advantage of the situation.”
She leaned across the table closer to me,” What makes you think that I didn’t take advantage of the situation?”
She sat back up and took a sip of wine as she smiled at me.
I didn’t know how to reply to that.
She continued, “Steve you have been putting all of these ideas in my head for months now. I knew how much the thought of it turned you on… and yes, it turned me on too. When you started showing them my pictures it excited me but I never dreamed that it would go this far. And when you had me strip for them…that turned up the excitement, I loved the attention.”
“You’ve been thinking about this for that long?”
“How could I not, we talked about it all the time. Your fantasy became mine as well. You were the one that kept that fantasy growing until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. So when I saw an opportunity I took it. I did it for both of us…you can thank me now.”
She looked at me expectantly. Everything she had said was true, how could I not say,”Thank you.”
Her smile beamed, “You’re welcome.”
“And you don’t have any regrets?”
“None… That was one of the most exciting days of my life.”
I was quite for a moment contemplating what she had just shared with me. I finally shook my head and smiled at her, “Okay then let’s celebrate.”
She was giddy as she held her glass up,”Let’s make a toast.” I raised my glass and looked solemnly at her. ” To my Husband…The Love of my life.” I felt my previous concerns being lifted off my shoulders, “And to my wife…the most beautiful woman in the world.” We touched glasses and each took a sip.
I wanted to make sure she was truly unburdened by our first experience, “So you are okay…I mean you don’t feel like we pushed you into doing anything that you regret?”
“Steve honestly, I’m fine…no regrets.” She reached across the table and took my hand, “If you’re worried about me…don’t be. What we did was an amazing experience and if we could somehow go back in time, knowing what the outcome would be… I’d still do it again. so stop worrying.”
I felt much better, my only apprehension now was Mike and Josh. I knew that we would eventually have to see them again, “and how about Mike and Josh?”
“What about them?”
“How are you going to feel next time you see them?”
She gave me an embarrassed smile,”Probably a little uncomfortable…but I’ll get over it.”
I leaned in close to her, “They both had sex with you.”
I could see her face blush, “I know…crazy isn’t it.”
“Do you still plan on doing it again?”
She took a long drink of her wine, “I’m not sure, ask me again later…after the wine kicks in.”
“That’s a yes isn’t it?”
Our food arrived and we ate our meal without any further discussion of the events of the day before. We each had another glass of wine and I was feeling a bit tipsy. We ordered dessert and coffee to sober-up before the ride home. I was reminded of how much I truly enjoyed her company during our lighthearted conversation that followed. I think I had forgotten just how much I truly loved her. This whole episode had reminded me of the desire that I had experienced with her during our early years together. I was so thankful that my crazy ideas hadn’t changed her feelings for me.
When we arrived back home I poured us another glass of wine. I had forgotten to ask her about a repeat performance with Josh and Mike when she was tipsy and I was determined to get a straight answer from her. We sat in the living room and sipped wine. When her glass was close to empty I poured her another. Half way through that glass I suggested that we take a shower together. After the shower I made sure she finished her wine before retiring to the bedroom. We spent a short time playing around with each other. I had worked my way down and was kissing my way toward her lower extremities.
I waited until I had her completely aroused before asking the question again, “So you never answered my question…do you still plan on getting together with Mike and Josh again?”
My tongue found her wetness and she gasped as she spread her legs wider, but still no reply.
I persisted, “Well?” and then gently licked her excited clit.
She placed both hands on the side of my head and after a brief moment, “Do you want me to?”
I lifted my head enough to look at her, “I’m leaving it up to you. The first time was my idea…if you want to continue it’s up to you.” I then returned my tongue to her sensitive clit.
After grinding her pussy into me for a short time she finally replied, “If you are sure you’re okay with it …then yes.”
I pulled my tongue from her drenched pussy and climbed back up to her. I positioned myself on top of her and she eagerly forced my cock inside of her. She moaned loudly as she felt the entire length enter her.
“So you want them both to fuck you again.”
She replied with a breathy “Yes!”
“You enjoyed sharing yourself with them didn’t you.”
She didn’t answer, but started fucking me briskly.
“Are you going to answer my question?”
“Let me on top.”
I rolled over and she mounted me. Placing her hands on my chest she began riding me slowly and seductively as she looked into my eyes. After a few moments she finally spoke, “I did.”
“Did what?”
She closed her eyes,”I enjoyed sharing myself with them.”
Hearing her admit it really turned me on, “What did you enjoy the most?”
She sat up straighter as she continued to ride me slowly. She opened her eyes and smiled at me seductively, “I enjoyed having them take control of me.”
“Did you like feeling their cocks inside you.”
“Oh God yes”
She began riding me harder and looked at me with an almost cruel look, “I loved having them take advantage of me as you watched…it seemed so wrong, but felt sooo good.”
“Did you like being their slut.”
She was overly excited as she answered,”I loved it…I want both of them to have me at the same time.”
“Like they did yesterday.”
“No, they took turns. I want them to both fuck me at the same time as you watch.”
“So I get to watch two guys fuck my wife?”
She placed both hands on my chest and leaned forward looking into my eyes, “Yes.”
“And I’m supposed to just stand around and watch as the two of them violate you?”
She smiled at me slyly, “You get to violate me all the time…you need to learn to share.”
I reached up and started playing with her breasts, “So I get to watch them enjoy my wife…do I get you afterwards?”
She corrected me,”You get to watch ME enjoy them. And of course you get to reclaim me afterward.”
“I don’t know, it sounds kind of one-sided.”
“You know that you’ll love it…watching them take turns with me. I’ll let them do whatever they want to me.”
“Whatever they feel like doing is okay with you?”
I could tell that she was really involved with the fantasy. Her true inner feelings were coming out, “You know what they’ll do…first they will strip me naked (long sigh)…then they’ll have me suck their cocks and finally take turns fucking me.” A shiver went through her body as she made the last statement.
She had her eyes closed now, completely absorbed in the fantasy, “You’re imagining them doing it to you right now, aren’t you.”
She leaned back placing her hands on my knees. She opened her eyes as she ground herself against me, “Josh is fucking me from behind.”
“So you’re on your hands and knees.”
She shuddered, “Yes.”
“And what about Mike?”
“I’m sucking his cock.”
“You like his big cock don’t you?”
She ground herself against me slowly moving her smooth wetness against my torso, “He is so big. I love the way it feels.”
“In your mouth?”
She closed her eyes again, “Everywhere, in my hand, mouth and especially in my pussy.”
Her riding was getting more intense, “You want him to fuck you with that big cock, don’t you.”
“Oh God yes. I want to feel him inside me again.”
She opened her eyes and moved her hands back to my chest, “I’m going to cum.” She started fucking me briskly.
“If you really want this, then you’re going to have to convince me that I’ll enjoy it too.”
“I promise you will…I’ll make sure that it’s the most erotic thing you’ve ever seen.”
“You know that you’re asking me to let you be their fuck toy…right.”
“Think of how hot it will be to watch me being dominated…I know that turns you on…this is as much your fantasy as it is mine.”
“I don’t know …I’ll have to think about it.”
Her breathing was getting heavier and I could see how excited she was getting just thinking about being with them again, “Please let me…I’ll do anything you want. Think about watching me walk around naked in front of them, I’ll spread my legs and show them my pussy again if you want …whatever it takes…just tell me.”
Her breathing was getting heavier and I knew she was in complete arousal. Thinking about sharing herself with them was really turning her on.
“Yes, just ask and I’ll do it.”
“If I agree to share you with them again I get anything I want…”
She was riding me even harder and I knew she was about to cum, “I want you to swear that you won’t forget your promise and will do whatever I ask.”
“I swear…I swear.”
I waited a few seconds before replying,”Okay then I’ll invite them over this weekend.”
“Thank you Baby…..Oh thank you…..Oooooh.” She had an incredible orgasm and then collapsed on top of me, Feeling her pussy convulse on my cock quickly made me cum as well. She fell asleep still lying on top of me.
The rest of the week slipped by quietly with no mention of the upcoming weekend. I kept thinking of the previous weekend and what Roni had shared with me on Monday night. The thought of watching her with them again turned me on, but also filled me with dread as well. I looked forward to the event while worrying about it at the same time. The thought of her parading around nude in front of Mike and Josh still turned me on, but the thought of each of them being inside of her again gave me pause. I wondered if I would be able to sit idly by as they had their way with her. I needed to tell her if I changed my mind. By Thursday night I had made my decision. As Roni was preparing dinner I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck and asked, “Are you still considering going through with it?”
She played innocent, “With what?”
“You know what I mean…tomorrow is Friday.”
“Oh…you mean the Josh and Mike thing.”
“You know that’s what I mean.”
She was quite for a minute and then turned to face me, “Are you still going to let me?”
“I’m willing to try if you promise that I can call it off if I get uncomfortable.”
“Of course, I don’t want to do anything that’s going to cause a problem for us, but I think that you’ll really enjoy it.”
She reached down and started stroking my cock through my pants, “I Think you’ll love watching me being used by them.”
My cock sprang to life, “Being used?”
“Yeah…I am going to fuck them so good.”
Wow she was being a little more aggressive than I had anticipated,”And all I can do is watch?”
She kissed me and then looked up at me, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you after they leave.”
“And you’re not concerned about them telling someone about all of this?”
“Not in the least.”
“Are you sure?”
“I think they know how to keep a secret. They know how it would affect me…I would never speak to them again. And even if they did we would just deny it.”
I looked into her eyes thinking of how much I loved her, “This isn’t going to end up biting me in the ass is it?”
“Like how?”
“Like ruining our marriage?”
She released my cock and wrapped both arms around me, “Oh God no…I love you more than anything in this world. This is just for fun…it’s just sex. I would never leave you for one of them…just consider the two of them as my friends with benefits.”
“And you’d never do anything with them without my knowledge…right?”
“Of course I wouldn’t… You are my world, I’d never do anything to screw that up.”
I looked into her eyes and hesitantly asked, “Okay then…do you want to call them or should I?”
“You can.”
I thought about it for a second and then decided that she should make the call, “I think you should.”
“Why me?”
“If you want this to happen then you need to be the one that calls. If I do it gives the impression that it was my idea. But if you call, then they’ll know that it is you that wants them to come up. I’m sure that they can imagine why.”
“That would be so awkward…I like it better when you set everything up, please call them.”
“Nope… this is your idea, you need to call.”
Roni bit her lip nervously and took a deep breath, “Okay…where’s your phone, I don’t have their number.”
I handed her my phone. As she looked for their number she mumbled under her breath, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
She dialed Josh’s number and he answered on the second ring, “Steve-O, What’s up?”
“It’s not Steve, Josh. It’s Roni.”
“Oops sorry, what’s up beautiful?”
“Me and Steve were just wondering if you and Mike would like to come over this weekend.”
“Hell yeah…what day, I’m available all weekend.”
“How about Saturday?”
“Works for me, what time?”
Roni looked over at me. I whispered, “Whatever time you want.”
“How about 3:00?”
“Cool I’ll see you then.”
“How about Mike?”
“I’ll have to ask him, he’s not home yet.”
“Okay…please call back when you find out.”
“I’ll do it.”
“Thanks, bye.”
“and Roni…”
“I’m really looking forward to seeing you.”
“Thanks Josh…it’ll be fun.”
Roni ended the call, “Well that was embarrassing.”
“Well yeah, I’m sure he knew what I meant.”
I laughed, “I’m sure he did…nobody ever said that being a slut was easy.”
Roni pushed me playfully, “Oh shut up.”
We finished preparing dinner and my phone rang as we sat down to eat. It was Mike.
I handed the phone to Roni, “It’s for you.”
Her cheeks flushed as she answered the phone, “Hello Mike.”
“Hey Roni can I speak to Steve?”
Roni looked relieved as she handed the phone to me. I refused to take it and shook my head and pointed at her as I mouthed, “This is all on you.”
Roni looked panicked and tried handing it back to me. I refused her again.
Finally, frustrated she put the phone back to her ear, “Sorry Mike, but he’s in the shower.”
“Josh said he wanted us to come over this weekend.”
“Well actually it was me that called.”
“Yeah that’s what Josh said but I just assumed you were calling for Steve.”
Roni took a deep breath, “Well… it was my idea.”
I could almost hear Mike’s smile over the phone, “Really.”
“I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out with us.”
“That’s why I was calling, Josh said around 3:00 Saturday.”
“Yeah…that’s right.”
“I have a date on Saturday at 6:00. I’m afraid I can’t make it.”
I could see the disappointment in Ron’s eyes, “Wouldn’t you rather hang out with us instead?”
“You know that I love you guys…but this girl is pretty special, its taken me weeks to talk her in to this date.”
“Come on Mike call her and change the date to Sunday…I’m sure you’ll have more fun with us.”
“You think so…How much fun do you think I’ll have?”
“It’ll be more fun than last Sunday.”
“I’m not sure that’s possible.”
Roni’s blush deepened, “I promise it will be, but you’ll have to come over to let me prove it.”
“More fun than Sunday…how could I possibly turn that down…count me in.”
Roni’s hand was literally shaking now, “Awesome, I can’t wait to see you guys.”
“Steve knows about this …right.”
“Of course, he’ll be here.”
“I was just making sure, he’s usually the one that calls. I think this is the first time you’ve ever called us.”
“Well there is always a first time.”
Roni and I both knew what he was implying when he replied, “I hope it’s not the last.”
Roni looked at me hopefully as she responded,”Me too.”
“See you on Saturday.”
Roni pressed end and closed her eyes, “Man that was nerve wracking.”
“He had you worried didn’t he.”
Roni looked like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar,”NO…I…he…oh just forget it.”
I laughed, “You are willing to do anything to get them up here aren’t you?”
“Don’t be silly…we could always reschedule.”
“Reschedule…is this a Doctor’s appointment.”
Roni laughed, “You are such a dick sometimes.”
“And don’t forget that you are going to owe me big time for this.”
“I haven’t forgotten.”
“Just remember after you have your turn, I get mine.”
She looked at me quizzically, “And what is that?”
“I haven’t decided yet. But remember you have to do anything I want.”
“Oh God…why do I feel that there is going to be another woman involved.”
“I didn’t say that…but thanks for the suggestion.”
Roni’s mouth fell open,”I know this sounds selfish…but I’m really not comfortable about you being with another woman.”
“Who said anything about me.”
Her eyes bulged out, “Me…you want to see me with another woman?”
“Damn that does sound sexy!”
“Oh Steve…I don’t think I could…I mean I’ve never even considered that. I wouldn’t know what to do.”
“Let me think about it. Maybe I’ll think of something else.”
“Please do…I don’t think I’m ready for lesbian sex. I would never ask you to be with another man.”
“It’s a good thing because it would never happen.”
“Well that’s the same way I feel.”
“Don’t worry…I’ll think of something else.”
Friday when I got home from work I told Roni that I was taking her out for dinner. We ate at a nice little romantic restaurant where we shared a quiet meal. On the way home I stopped by the mall.
Roni looked at me expectantly,
“Why are we stopping here?”
“We’re going to find you something sexy to wear tomorrow.”
Her eyes lit-up,”Really…Like how sexy?”
“I’m thinking black lingerie.”
Roni leaned over and kissed me happily, “Oh Steve…you never cease to amaze me. I thought you were having second thoughts… and now you’re going to dress me up for them. I Love You!”
We went to Frederick’s and I found her an incredibly sexy black lace nightie with matching panties, complete with garter belt and hose. When she tried it on the sales associate looked at me and said, “You’re one lucky man.”When I replied, “They’re not for me,” Roni blushed and scampered back to the dressing room. I paid for the items and waited for Roni to return. As we were leaving the sales girl said, “I hope your man enjoys the new items.” I looked at her and said, “Men…there’s more than one.”
Roni could not get out of the store quick enough, she practically ran. I caught up to her and could see that she was beet red, “I can’t believe you just said that.”
“Well I’m sure she thought I was kidding.”
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go in there again.”
I took her arm and turned her to face me, “Sweetheart you need to embrace what you’re doing. I’ve come to accept it and you need to also.”
“Which is?”
I put an arm around her shoulder as we continued to walk. I spoke very low into her ear, “You are a Hotwife now.”
“A what?”
“which means?”
“You know… you’re sexy as hell, other men check you out and you enjoy it. And on top of that …occasionally you might have sex with other men with your husbands full knowledge and consent. There’s nothing wrong with it. Some people won’t understand and I don’t think we should advertise…but it is what it is.”
“So I’m your Hotwife?”
“And You’re okay with it.”
“Well obviously I am, I just bought an outfit for you wear for your new boyfriends.”
“Don’t call them my boyfriends.”
“Sorry…your friends with benefits.”
“That sounds much better…I can’t wait to get home and try these on for you.”
When we arrived home Roni went to the bedroom to try on her new outfit. I waited in the living room for her. Twenty minutes later she returned. I was speechless. She had let her hair down and was now standing in front of me in her newly acquired lingerie. I took a moment to take it all in. In the store she hadn’t put on the stocking or garter belt. Seeing her now with all the accessories was beyond my expectations. The sheer black top was cut low and extended to just above her navel, her nipples were fully visible through the sheer fabric. The lacy panties were also transparent and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy complete with her slightly protruding labia. The garter belt fit her hips perfectly with the black stocking making her legs appear even more shapely. She looked incredible.
“You look like a goddess from my best erotic dream.”
She beamed at the compliment, “Do you really like it?”
“Baby, I Love it
“Do you think our friends will like it?”
“Baby they are going to eat you alive!”
She giggled, “This really makes me feel sexy.”
“Turn around so I can see the back.”
When she turned all I could say was “Holy Shit.” The thin strip of lacy material was only about three inches wide, leaving most of her exceptional ass exposed. Looking at her in this outfit I knew that that I would be in for a long erotic afternoon of watching my wife entertain two gentlemen.
“So you think I should wear it tomorrow?”
“Only if you plan on being mauled.”
“So I take that as a yes.”
“It’s up to you…I’m just jealous that I won’t be the one removing it.”
She came over and stood in front of me, “But you do get to watch.”
“Baby I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off of you.”
She wagged her finger in front of me, “Uh-uh…remember, I’m off limits to you tomorrow. But if you want I’ll let you take it off of me tonight.”
I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I took my time disrobing her …one piece at a time. When I had her completely nude we had sex like it was the first time. I came in very short order and was unable to satisfy her completely. She stopped me when I tried to continue and told me, “It’s okay I need to save myself for tomorrow.”
She kissed me for a long time and then turned away to go to sleep. I stayed awake half the night thinking about what I had agreed to let happen. I would be sitting ringside as my beautiful wife was consumed by two men.
Oh… the things we do for love.

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