Husband’s old college roommate visits – & seduces wife.

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“It’s for you.” Said my wife Amy as she handed me the phone. She had a look of disgust on her face so I had a good idea who it was. There is only one guy I know who could get under a women’s skin like that.
“Hey dude what’s up.” I said.
Joel Whitman was my roommate in college. He was the crazy college party guy we all know. However, unlike the rest of us he has never grown out of that personality. To this day he is still that wild and care free guy. Joel says the first thing on his mind, which is usually politically incorrect. Since I have known him he has never had a girlfriend for longer than a month. Women seem to hate him, and guys want to party with him. Oddly enough and what has always astounded me is that he sleeps with a lot of women. He seems to have a way of pissing women off but making them curious to know more. His relationships never end well.
One of the best Joel stories I can remember occurred one night in the dorms. We ordered a pizza, which is college gold. Everyone wants in, but no one has money. So this cute girl from down the hall asks for a slice. Joel says “sure if you’ll fuck me.” The girl says, okay. She sits down and Joel gives her a slice. We all laughed assuming it was a big joke. After the pizza, Joel and the girl went into the back room. I am not kidding; 15 minutes later Joel walks out and gives me a thumb’s up sign. I can remember saying, no way when Joel proceeded to hold up his dirty condom.
Joel moved out of state after college, so I don’t get to see him very much. He called to tell me he was going to be in town in and wanted to know if he could crash at my place. He had tickets to the football game on Saturday, which sounded great to me. I agreed forgetting to check with my wife.
Amy and I have been married for 4 years. She has only met Joel twice. Once when we were dating, we got together with a bunch of my college friends. Joel kept hitting on Amy asking her what a hot piece of ass like her was doing with a nerd like me. The next time was at our wedding when he told her wedding dresses turn him off and proceeded to hit on her 22-year-old cousin. So you can imagine he was not her favorite guy. She did not have a problem with me going to the game with him but was not thrilled with him sleeping over.
The weekend came. Joel arrived and was his usual self. He gave me a big hug and then her too. She was surprised, as he squeezed her closer then socially acceptable and held on longer than normal. I watched as his arms engulfed her slender frame. As he was hugging her he said, “Hey man I forgot how hot your wife is. She feels good too.” I could see Amy trying to be polite but pushing herself away from his grasp. Joel and I both watched as Amy walked away. She has a nice round ass that has some bounce when she walks. I have to admit Amy still looks good. I am still very attracted to my wife. All she has to do is look at me with those hazel eyes, and I spring to attention.
The night continued with Joel and I catching up. He made flirtatious comments towards Amy. He would reach out and massage her shoulders. During dinner he started rubbing her knee. Most of this happened right in front of me. For some reason I didn’t seem to mind. I actually thought it was kind of funny. At one point he grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him.
“Sit on my lap honey.” Said Joel.
“Are you going to do anything?” She said, looking at me.
“Oh he is just goofing around.” I said. “Don’t take him so seriously.
After dinner Amy and I shared a bottle of wine and Joel had a few beers while we watched a movie. I sat on the small couch so I could stretch out as I was feeling the wine. Amy and Joel shared the big couch. Joel kept trying to put his arm around her but it was so obvious and goofy I didn’t say anything.
When Joel got up to go to the bathroom, Amy leaned over to me and said, “He keeps on touching me and whispering stuff in my ear.”
I told her he is just playing, and without thinking I told her to flirt back and that will scare him away. The wine was good, my day had been busy and the next thing I remember is waking up to a dark room. It was 2 am and I was alone. I wandered upstairs. Amy was in bed. I got ready and crawled in next to her.
“I can’t believe you fell asleep,” she said.
“Your awake.” I said. I reached out to pull her close. As usual she was completely naked.
“No way.” She said pushing herself away. “You have no idea what happened, do you?
“No.” I said.
Amy proceeded to tell me how when Joel returned she decided to follow my advice and flirt back. From where she was sitting she could not see my eyes and had no idea I was asleep.
“I wouldn’t have done it.” She said, with a touch of guilt.
Now I was curious, “What happened?” I asked.
Amy told me Joel put his arm around her so she moved into him. He stroked her shoulder and hair.
“The next thing I new we were making out. I expected you to jump up and stop the whole thing, but you never did. I didn’t know what to do, we just kept kissing and…. and, his hands, his hands were all over me.”
“Holy shit.” I said.
“Are you mad.” She asked.
I searched my feelings. I didn’t feel mad. Why not? I thought to myself. I thought of Joel and her kissing right in front of me. I realized I wasn’t mad I was turned on.
“No” I said. “How long did this go on?” I asked, hoping to get more details.
“I don’t know a few minutes. Maybe ten minutes.” Said Amy.
“A few, maybe ten. That’s a big difference. How did it end?” I asked.
“Well when he started to take my bra off a sense of reality hit me and I stopped him. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and ran upstairs.”
“Your shirt was off? ” I said with a lump in my throat.
Amy told me it all seems like a big blur. The kissing, then his hands, her shirt being pulled off, more hands exploring her. She did not have to explain much. Although a seemingly quiet and reserved woman, when she gets in the mood, especially with a few glasses of wine she gets really horny. Many nights we end up doing it right they’re on the couch. I was surprised she was able to stop herself.
I did not know what to say next. I reached over to her. She moved closer to me. We started kissing, hard. I fondled her breasts, which were hard as a rock, her nipples erect with excitement. I love her breasts. I know most guys like girls with big tits. But I find women with smaller B cup sized breasts are much more sensitive to being touched then women with bigger breasts. Amy’s breasts sit nicely on her chest. She is therefore, able to wear revealing tops, and sometimes goes without a bra. I got on top of her and quickly entered her wet pussy.
“Your so hot.” I said into her ear.
“Fuck me hard” she said.
I thrust myself deep inside of her, while imagining Joel kissing her and taking her clothes off. I could not believe he did that. I could not believe how turned on I was. Amy was bucking, arching her back as if she could not get enough. I wondered if she too was thinking about Joel. She pressed her hands in the arch of my back pulling me into her. This was the sign that she was ready to explode, and explode she did. It didn’t take me long to release my load. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
We awoke to the neighbor’s Rocky barking. I looked over at the clock 7 am. Our Rocky Dora was at the bedroom door whining. She needed to go out. I was ready to get up when Amy got out of bed. I peeked at her naked body. After 4 years I still like looking at her. She put her pink cotton robe on and went downstairs to let Dora out. I lay in bed thinking about last night. I could not believe my wife made out with my college roommate. As I was lying there thinking about the whole situation I became aware of conversation from down stairs. Joel must have heard the Rocky as well and went downstairs.
Thoughts of them together raced through my head. I got out of bed and tip toed over to the stairs. They could not see me and I could not see them, I could just barely make out what they were saying. They were talking about last night. True to form he was trying to convince her how much she liked it. She was doing a bad job denying it. You would expect if she were truly regretful she would tell him off, turn around and come back up. I heard Dora scratching at the back door. I heard the door slide open and I expected Amy to head upstairs. Instead she talked with Joel again. I had a hard time hearing what they were saying. Soon I heard her say I have to go up stairs. I ran into bed and waited for her to come in. I noticed her robe was opened slightly in the front revealing a good view of her cleavage. I asked her what happened?
“Oh.” She said, looking somewhat guilty “I ran into Joel. He is still a jerk. He asked if I was going to tell you. I told him I already did. Then he asked me if I enjoyed it. Can you believe the nerve? He doesn’t even care if you’re mad or not.”
I realized that I would be facing him soon. I should be punching him out. What would I say? All I knew was I had a raging hard on. Amy got back in bed. She had her back to me. I started rubbing her shoulders, her back, and her buttocks. She spread her legs slightly. I reached between and felt her wetness. I pulled her close to me and entered her from behind. I realized she was wet from Joel, which made me quickly explode deep inside her.
“What are we going to do?” Asked Amy.
“I don’t know. I guess I will talk with him about it. Do you want me to end our friendship?
“No.” she said. “Just make sure he knows that it was a one-time thing and won’t ever happen again.”
Breakfast was uneventful; in fact, everyone seemed to be on his or her best behavior. I planned on talking with Joel on our ride to the game but just couldn’t bring it up. On our way home after having a couple beers in me I felt a little more at ease.
“So I think we need to talk about last night.” I said.
“Yea that was wild, you sure got a hot little lady.” Joel said, without a touch of guilt.
I heard myself get defensive. “Hey this was not her fault.” I said.
“Dude she’s the married one. Hell I thought you were awake. I thought you guys were playing a game. Some married couples get into that you know.”
I couldn’t believe this guy. Then he went further.
“You know you should really take care of her needs more. She was really on fire.”
I felt an urgent need to defend myself. I heard myself say, ” Our sex life is great. In fact we’ve done it twice since you’ve been here.” I saw his face change, and realized the mistake I made.
“I think this whole thing really got you guys going. The thought of me and your wife turns you on?” He asked.
I tried to avoid the question. “She told me to tell you what happened last night was a mistake and will never happen again.” I said.
He ignored my answer and said ” Guess what? She liked it too. I could tell last night, and then this morning sealed the deal.”
“Nothing happened this morning.” I said, “I heard everything.”
“Heard everything?” Asked Joel.
“Yes I was listening on the stairs.”
“So you couldn’t see us? Did you know I was just in my boxers? You should have seen her eyes. They were all over me, almost into me. I nearly had her right there. Said Joel.
Her eyes. Crap. I knew he was right but I had to defend her. “Your out of your mind.” I said.
He then told me how when she went to let the Rocky in he saw her pull the belt of her robe slightly so it loosened. As she walked back towards him he caught glimpses of her breasts.
“She started talking to me again. I think she asked me if I enjoyed last night. I really didn’t care what she was saying cause I was looking down her robe.” She told me she was going back upstairs, but she just stood there. “So I reached into her robe and pulled her towards me, we kissed again. I fondled her breast and the robe almost fell off. We both just stopped and then she ran upstairs.” Explained Joel.
I sat there dumbfounded. She had not told me about this morning. The worst part was I had a raging hard on. I missed the whole thing. When she had said, I am going upstairs, I ran into the bedroom. I could imagine the scene, her and him standing there almost naked. She was giving him signals. When they embraced their bodies touched. How hot. Joel saw I was in shock and knew he had me.
“I could have her tonight you know. She’s probably been thinking about me all day. Get a couple drinks in her and she won’t be able to resist.” He said.
“Not a chance.” I said with as much confidence as I could muster. “She told me so. It was a mistake just let it go.” I added.
“Well I’ll tell you what.” Joel said with a grin. “Let me come onto her again tonight. You pretend to fall asleep. If you feel she is not into it or if you are not into it, just let me know. I’ll stop and it will never happen again.”
I know I should have told him to go fuck himself. Instead I heard myself say “ok.”
I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I was expecting him to be his usual self and offend her. I was wrong. He did a 180-degree personality change. We decided to go out for dinner, the three of us, and Joel was charming. Amy just assumed I had set him straight, but he was playing her and she was falling for it. At one point the conversation turned to bad breath. Amy and I told Joel about how we have an agreement not to kiss each other until we have brushed our teeth. Joel made a comment about Amy having good breath. You could feel the tension build. That’s it I thought, I got him now. He blew it.
Joel then said “Look I need to tell you guys something.”
This is it I thought; he is going to put the final nail in the coffin.
“I just want to apologize for last night. I took advantage of two good friends and I shouldn’t have. I made a fool of myself, I feel bad, and I’m sorry.”
My mouth was literally open. She was not going to fall for that load of crap…. I was wrong.
“Thank you Joel. I appreciate that. I hope we can put this behind us.” Said Amy.
When we got home we decided to break out a bottle of wine and a start a mean game of monopoly. Joel didn’t waste any time. Although less noticeable he continued to flirt and compliment Amy. He seemed to hang on every word my wife said. She seemed to be enjoying his company. The wine helped. My mind was spinning as I watched Joel seduce my wife. I was not playing well and soon lost my money.
I could just stop the whole thing I thought to myself. I looked over at my wife. She had been drinking but she was not drunk. She seemed to be having fun. She was definitely into him. I was curious, and horny. I decided to go through with the plan. I lay down on the big couch so I could watch them finish the game. Within 10 minutes I pretended I was asleep. To my surprise they continued to play the game. It must have been 30 minutes before I heard Joel bring up this morning.
“Does your husband know about this morning?” He asked Amy.
“No. I never told him,” she said.
“I have to admit I am having a hard time not thinking about that.” Said Joel.
My wife didn’t answer. Joel leaned in and kissed her. She did not kiss back but she did not pull away.
“Joel, I can’t.” she said, looking over in my direction. Joel looked over at me.
“If you were my wife I would never fall asleep when you were with another man.” Said Joel.
That bastard, I thought, he’s using me against her.
“I can’t believe he is asleep again.” I heard her say.
“Come sit with me on the couch.” Said Joel.
They walked over to the little couch. I had a great view of them. They sat down practically on top of one another. As they watched TV Joel caressed her arm. A few minutes went by and he kissed her again. They kissed for about a minute, when she pulled away.
“I love my husband.” She said. I figured this was it. This was as far as it would go.
“Your husband is probably watching us right now.” Said Joel.
I couldn’t believe he just ratted me out. I closed my eyes but could feel their stares. It was quiet, so I squinted just a little. They were making out again. It was getting hot and heavy. Joel lifted off her shirt. She had on her sexy red bra, which she usually wears on special occasions. Was she planning this? They continued to fondle each other and Amy positioned herself on Joel’s lap. With her back to me Joel reached around and undid her bra. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to him.
I watched as he kissed her neck and then her breasts. She leaned her head back, and to my surprise glanced over at me. When she saw I was looking she smiled back at me, turned her head and gave in to all her temptations.
Amy pulled off Joel’s shirt and kissed her way down his chest. She slid herself onto the floor between his legs. She undid his pants and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang to life inches from my wife’s face. She grabbed it with her hand and stroked it while kissing the tip. Amy and I have watched a lot of Internet porn together. It gets us in the mood. It has also taught her how to give a blowjob like a porn star. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. She made these cute little moans, which let us know how much she enjoyed sucking cock.
Within a few minutes Joel motioned her up and slid off her jeans and panties. There they stood completely naked in front of me. Joel put his arms around her waste and pulled her in to him. They kissed and groped each other putting on a great show for me.
Joel laid Amy down on the big couch so her head was in my lap. As he went down on my wife I reached out to fondle her breasts. She grabbed my hands and pushed them into her hard tits. I held her tight as Joel brought her to orgasm.
Joel did not waste any time. He flipped her over and started fucking her Rockygy style. She looked up at me and spoke like I have never heard.
“Look at your wife getting fucked. How does that make you feel,” She said.
“You’re a little slut.” I said.
I pulled my pants down and she took my cock into her mouth, as she was getting fucked from behind. I could feel his thrusts echoed in her mouth. It didn’t take me long and I released my load deep in her throat. She drank every last bit. Joel flipped her over and fucked her in missionary style.
“Oh he is going to make me cum again honey, oh fuck yeesss.” Said my wife as her body quivered with excitement.
Joel pulled out and shot a load over her belly, tits and the bottom of her chin. I sat there looking at my wife’s glistening body of sweat and cum. I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.
“Lets go to bed.” I said. Amy cleaned herself up and we went up to our bedroom. To my surprise, she leaned over and started rubbing my cock, within minutes we were at it again. Amy was very vocal which brought Joel into our room. He watched as I fucked my wife one more time.
Joel left the next morning. We have never done anything like that with anyone else, but every once in a while Joel stops by for some three-way fun.

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