I Am a Cuckold

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As requested, i will gladly expand on my excursions into cuckoldry and submission in r/l. i divorced a few years ago when my wife of 25 years could not cope with my desire to submit, nor my penchant for forced femme….”cuckold” had not entered my vocabulary at that point in time.
i was fortunate (very fortunate) to find a r/l Domme-minded lady shortly after my divorce was finalized… and She saw in me the “real deal,” and asked if i was prepared to go beyond submission and attempt to attain surrender. i was thrilled!!! She began training me immediately, at first by dressing me entirely en femme, having my entire body waxed smooth, putting a feminine curve to my eyebrows, and getting me some sexy clothes. We worked on mannerisms and (before i was ready) She took me into Manhattan for my first experiences in “forced femme” activities.
i was introduced to T-girl and male friends of Hers…and was required to act like a lady at all times, even though i was not “passable” as a femme. She required me to serve Her friends…and in so doing, began to stretch my subbmission. i found myself having my first bi-sexual experiences, passed around among her friends, public humiliation and exposure of my genitals, watersports of every description.
At all times, my Mistress is very loving and caring, but She requires complete, unhesitating obedience to any request She makes of me. i made the mistake of hesitating…once or twice…it was a very, very painful experience physically, mentally and emotionally for me. i have been “broken” and i am very proud that i am well on my way to “surrender.”
To my Mistress, this means accepting my role as cuckold. You see, She LOVEs sex…almost as much as She loves my surrender. My cock is very average, and as She continues to treat me with herbals to enhance my femininity, my cock is becoming smaller and less ummm…potent. It is very natural that She requires me
to accept the fact that She will take other male lovers at Her leisure, and that i will service them and Her when they are invited over. i am very oral, a gormet cook, and very much enjoy bondage and humiliation thrown in with all of this……so when She brings home a lover, i greet them as maid (though not in formal maid outfit…usually something more…whorish looking), prepare drinks and serve them as they chat/make out on the sofa, prepare the food while they pet heavily and discuss any desires/limitations to what they will do with me in the course of the evening. When the meal is ready, i serve them and wait on their every need…and i am usually ignored, or treated like hired help at best, slave at the extreme. After dinner, i serve drinks and/or they enjoy a little smile herb….and i am usually put in semi-restrictive bondage (for the mental well-being of a new lover). Mistress usually has me start by getting Her lover hard by sucking and licking him, then i am secured more completely to a straight backed chair in the bedroom. They make love with me present in the room….sometimes with me in leather hood and blindfold, sometimes they both get hot by knowing that i must watch as they screw. Afterwards, i am usually required to thank the Lover for fucking my Mistress since i am inadequate, and offer to clean his cock.
Mistress usually dismisses him at that point…and walks him to the door. She unties me, and straddles my face with Her freshly fucked and filled pussy…and drips his cum/smears it all over my face. i am required to clean her with my tongue and bring her to another orgasm. She leaves my hands bound and lays down beside me.. stroking my hair and whispering to me how proud she is of how my surrender is progressing. i fall in love with Her again EVERY time!
We sleep, warm, close and content…very much in love with each other. When we wake up, i am completely released, usually kiss/lick her pussy once more and prepare for the day. She keeps me in a submissive head at all times, stretching me in every way. Right now…She has me visualize an “invisible leash” when we go out in “vanilla” public places. i must concentrate more than when i have a physical leash attached to my collar, to make sure that i am voluntarily staying near Her, in a submission position relative to Her, and focusing on Her needs before mine.
We both enjoy what we have…and never stop taking my submission deeper and deeper. i will surrender. Thank You allowing me to share my experiences in this forum. i could easily find myself serving Your purposes sooner than You can imagine. i travel extensively up and down the East Coast, and my Mistress insists that i satiate and fulfill as many Dominants as i can while i am on the road.

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