I Blackmailed My Uncle to Fuck Me

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I was attending a family gathering last year to
celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday in her big
Victorian house. During the course of the day, I saw
my uncle John go down to the basement. I didn’t think
anything of it until I saw Becky open the door and go
down a few minutes. Becky is 19 and is married to my
uncle’s son, Bobby.

Becky had looked nervous and quite secretive slipping
through the basement door. After about five minutes,
curiosity got the better of me and I decided to follow
them, first removing my shoes so I wouldn’t be
clunking down the steps. I stood on top of the stairs
and listened but I didn’t hear anything. I quietly
walked to the bottom of the staircase and looked
around. I heard a slight sound from the little room
where Gran stores her Christmas decorations. There’s
no door to the room but a curtain hangs at the

I moved quietly forward and listened. The sounds I
heard were definitely not innocent. I peeked inside
and held my breath as I saw Becky on her knees in
front of Uncle John. She was sucking on the tip of the
biggest damn prick I’d ever seen and it belonged to my

Becky was obviously trying hard to get her father-in-
laws huge sausage into her mouth, but her jaw wouldn’t
open wide enough, so only part of the huge head was
between her full lips. I’d long suspected that Becky
was a slut, but the energy she put into getting my
uncle off was proof enough. She used both hands to
stroke Uncle John’s prick while the crown stayed
between her lips and his hairy sac peek out through
his fly.

“Let me fuck you,” he whispered.

Becky took his knob out of her mouth. “I’m having my
period,” she told him. Along strand of saliva
connected her lip to the head of that huge prick and
even as I watched, a glob of stuff oozed from the
hole. Becky pumped more out before her tongue lapped
it up. Uncle John put his and on Becky’s head and shut
his eyes, rocking his hips back and forth as he
climbed toward his cumming.

“Yes!” he hissed as he snapped his hips and came into
Becky’s mouth. I could hear her gulping his load and
Uncle John looked so satisfied. I realized I’d have to
hurry out, but my own pussy was bubbling. I backed
away and ducked behind a big trunk of clothes. In a
minute, Becky emerged, wiping her mouth and quickly
went back upstairs. I got up and went to the doorway
and just boldly walked in.

Uncle John was sitting in an old chair smoking aa
cigarette. If I hadn’t seen what happened just a few
minutes before, I’d never have known “Debbie!” Uncle
John said, surprised to see me, obviously. “Well, you
caught me. Just don’t tell Mamma I slip down here to
smoke. She’d kill me for sure”

“Is that all you come down here for?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“That was sure no cigarette Becky was mouthing, Uncle
John. “I wonder what Bobby would do if he found out
that his wife was giving his own father head?”

Needless to say, Uncle John was speechless. I had him.
But I wanted more. I stepped real close to him. “Don’t
worry, Uncle John, I won’t tell. Not if you’re good.”
I lifted my dress, revealing my pussy. I’d removed my
panties and put them in my pocket. “Lick my pussy,
Uncle John.”

He smiled and dropped the cigarette onto the concrete
floor, stubbing it out with his foot but never taking
his eyes off of my red-haired muff. He cupped my mound
in his big left hand and wiggled his middle finger way
up my hole. I groaned and humped against his hand,
wanting more inside me than his finger.

I had told him to eat me, but I wanted that big prick
inside me and I knew he’d need some time to recover
after Becky’s blow job. He brought that cum-slick
digit to his face and inhaled deeply, then stuck it
into his mouth. He had me sit on the edge of the chair
and he knelt between my spread thighs and dipped his
tongue into my honey pot.

“Ooh, Uncle John, that’s so good! Have you eaten
Becky, too?”

“All the time,” Uncle John said between licks. “Bobby
won’t eat pussy. Becky comes to me for that.”

“Seems she likes sucking that prick of yours, too.”

“Bobby didn’t inherit a taste for pussy or the big
cocks that run in the family. I never thought he was
mine. That’s why I divorced his mother, you know.” I
pressed his head harder into my cunt as I got close. I
wanted him to concentrate on getting me off.

“So, big cocks run in the family, huh?” That explained
lots of things, like why Gran had so many kids. She
liked fucking Gramps’ big prick. “Uncle Jack?”

“Uh-huh,” came the muffled reply.

“And Uncle Frank?”

Uncle John stopped eating. “Why do you think Frank’s
still single at 42? He has too many women who want his
foot long meat.”

“Shut up and keep sucking,” I chided, again pulling
his mouth to my snatch. “Foot long, huh? Shit… oh,
cumming!” I did, too. Poured a bucket of cum down his
throat and his tongue squirmed and wiggled to catch
every drop and wipe the walls of my tunnel.

Uncle John stood up then. It was obvious that he had
recovered from Becky’s suckoff because his swollen
prick made a prominent ridge down his thigh and was
more than obvious in his pants. I could easily see
that he wore no underwear and that he was more than
ready to fuck me. Either that or he had half of a
baseball bat tucked in his pants.

“Well?” He stood there just waiting for me to make
the move.

“Sit,” I said, getting up from the chair. I quickly
got out of my dress while Uncle John’s eyes scanned my
body. I reached down and unzipped his pants, unbuckled
the belt and tugged. Uncle John lifted his ass and
then that utility pole of his was free.

“Damn!” I gasped when I saw it. “How big is it?”

“Only ten inches long,” he answered. “About 7″ around.
Feel it, Debbie.” My hands were drawn to it like a
magnet. It was bigger around than my wrist and hot as
anything. I’d felt plenty of pricks in my 21 years,
but certainly none as thick and as long and as
exciting as my uncle’s. Before he could mention it, I
leaned down and kissed the thick head and then let it
slide between my lips. Way between my lips. I can open
my mouth a helluva lot wider than Becky can and my
uncle’s prick went half way down my throat before I
pulled away, my pussy on fire and needing a big, hard
prick inside.

Uncle John had obviously been here before to do the
deed because he got a blanket and cushions and
arranged them in the floor. He got on his back, his
prick standing stiff and inviting.

I straddled his lap and he put his hands under my ass
as I aligned the head of his big prick with the
opening of my horny pussy. I eased down, willingly and
eagerly impaling myself of his wonder wand. The wide
head parted my lips and split me wide as I lowered
myself onto that pussy pleaser. Down I went and deeper
it went, stretching me out as no other prick ever had.
Not even my vibrator was as thick or as long as my
uncle’s prick.

Uncle John’s hands kept hold of my cheeks as I slid
down his rigid pole. Just before I felt his hairy
thighs under my hands, he removed his hands and I sat,
our pubic hairs entwined, his thick 10 inches of
manliness hidden deeply, wonderfully, in my tunnel of

“Tight and hot, Debbie,” John said as we didn’t move,
enjoying the moment. “Just like your mother.”

“Mom? You’ve fucked mom?” I asked. Well, if she liked
big prick, her brothers were handy and hard, I guess.
It gave me a wicked thrill knowing that I was screwing
a prick that had drilled my mother.

Uncle John reached up and palmed my tits. My boobs
aren’t big, 32Bs, but they’re firm and the nipples are
very sensitive and rigid. He teased the nubbins,
making me squirm even more. Slowly, I began riding his
prick, up and down, in and out. The air was heavy with
the sweet smell of sweat and churned pussy juice. The
squishy sound our joined pieces made was punctuated by
our groans and breathy gasps. I was sure that if
anyone had entered the basement, they would have known
what was going on.

When Uncle John reached behind me and started running
his finger around my asshole, I started cumming. And
when he started working on my clit, I just plain lost
it. I started whimpering and I had to shove the heel
of my hand into my mouth to muffle my cries. My
spasming pussy clenched my uncle’s throbbing prick in
a death grip and Uncle John grabbed my hips and held
me down. I felt the head of his prick swell and start
shooting his cum juice deep inside my body. Both of us
came and came and our mixed stuff oozed out of me and
dripped onto the blanket.

I collapsed on my uncle’s hairy chest, our sweat
mingling and our breath raspy. His arms held me tight
and his hands caressed my back and tenderly squeezed
my asscheeks. His prick lost most of its hardness but
it was still long enough to feel good in my cum-
flooded pussy. I held my legs together tightly as I
relished the feel of that thick flesh soaking inside

Uncle John stroked my hair, kissed me tenderly, and
reminded me where we were. Sighing deeply, I
reluctantly got up, moaning with disappointment when
his prick slipped out of me and his warm cum ran down
my thighs. I scooped it up as it ran down and licked
the tangy stuff from my fingers. “Hmm,” I said, “now I
know why Becky loves to suck you off. I wouldn’t mind
a steady diet of this myself.” I knelt down and
started licking his prick clean. Uncle John gently
caressed my cheek and thanked me. When his shaft was
clean, we dressed and, separately, returned to the
festivities upstairs.

But my jets were still burning. Uncle John’s glorious
prick had stirred my juices and fired my imagination.
Within two hours of my time with Uncle John, I was
outside in Gran’s garage. I was bending over at the
waist, hands on a work table. My dress was pulled up
to my waist and Uncle Jack’s immense prick was reaming
my buttery pussy. It really is a foot long, too! And I
got every fucking inch inside me.

Uncle Jack is a fantastic fucker. Not only is he big
but he has stamina and he’s able to cum several times
within a few hours. And juice? God, but he always cums
like you wouldn’t believe! He gave me a wonderful
boning in the garage and I was able to suck him off,
all within 45 minutes. He’d already cum 3 times that
day and I saw him later heading to the attic with
cousin Jenny. He winked at me and I could see the
outline of his hard-on inside his pants.

Since the party, I’ve fucked all my big-pricked
uncles, two hung cousins, and I’ve decided to join a
contact club for women who love and need big pricks. I
think that might be the best way to find a well-hung
man to marry.

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