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I blackmail my Own Cheating Mother

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Ramesh started to walk to his home after he got down from the bus. He is a programmer in a computer consultancy. He normally works longer hours but today he finished work earlier. His father is a business man and is always on trips. He is away again and his mother is alone at home.

As he approached his house, Ramesh noticed a moped parked outside his house. It looked like his Uncle Venkat’s.

Venkat is his Dad’s best friend and a family friend. That’s why Ramesh always called him Uncle. He works for state government and has his office quite near to Ramesh’s house. Ramesh’s Father, Rao – a businessman who ran a small business and a shop.

Opening the gate, Ramesh wondered why his uncle had paid a visit when his Dad is not around. He entered through the back door. The house is unusually calm and Ramesh wondered around to find his mom.

Suddenly he heard a moancoming from his parent’s bedroom. Curious, Ramesh walked softly to the door and slowly peeked into the room. There, on the bed was his Mother and Uncle Venkat – nude and making love. His Mother, Gayathri, was on her back holding her legs up high in the air. His uncle was on top, pumping away vigorously. Ramesh gasped in surprise and his first instincts were to get spoil his mother’s slutty fun.

But as he watched, he realised he is watching his mother nude and slutting around getting fucked on the bed. He immidiately changed his mind and decided to watch his uncle fuck his mother. As he watched, he felt a stirring in his crotch. He never thought he would get a hard-on watching his mother. Mothers in India never look sexy to their sons. But Ramesh started having hard-ons looking at his mother’s body.

He never thought of his mother being sexy before. At 42, Gayathri was chubby and a little fat. She was five foot, one inch tall and had long black hair that bobbed playfully when she had a head bath. She had big breasts about 40DD that had sagged a bit over the years and certainly showed her age. Since Gayathri always wear sarees, Ramesh never had an opportunity to peek on her nakedness before.

Seeing his mother enjoying herself with his uncle, Ramesh quickly went to his room and grabbed his zoom camera. He quickly started to think where can position himself to take some shots of his mother. ‘The back yard tree’ he thought and quickly sneaked to the back yard. Getting on to the tree, Ramesh noticed that the shear curtains were left open slightly in the middle. He cannot see them clearly. He started the camera and pointed it to the window.

He zoomed the lense for a closer view. He could see them well and clearly. The angle was perfect for him with his mothers right side being exposed to the camera. He started clicking the shots when ever he thought of a perfect shot. As he filmed, the twosome rolled over, putting his Mother on top. Ramesh had to zoom in further as they moved away from the camera end. He had a perfect shot of his mother pushing on to his Uncle’s cock for a re-entry.

He could see his uncle’s cock with its bright-red tip lining up with the outer ends of his Mom’s dripping pussy. Ramesh reversed the zoom, pulling back far enough to take in the entire couple. He watched through the viewfinder as his Mother bounced up and down, taking her husband’s best friend’s cock fully with each downward thrust. Venkat cupped each of Gayathri’s breasts, squeezing them slightly for every stroke. Ramesh zoomed in again, getting a tight close-up of their intertwined genitals.

Ramesh took about two packs of snaps before his uncle ejaculated into his mother’s pussy. Gayathri collapsed into Venkat’s arms and the held each other closely. Ramesh took his last snap.

After finishing his snaps Ramesh rushed into his garage to develop the shots in his dark room.

After Ramesh finished his developing work, he came back to the house. Everything seemed normal. His mom is cooking in the kitchen and his uncle is sitting on the dining table reading the news paper.

“How was work, Ramesh?” Asked his uncle as Ramesh walked by.

“Okay, I guess,” Ramesh replied. “How come are you here, Uncle?”

“Just stopped by to see your Mom now that your dad is not home again. ” Venkat replied.

“Thats good uncle! I guess mom would be happy seeing you” Ramesh said looking at his mom. His mom just gave a smile.

Ramesh smiled and shook his head.

” I’m going to go do some work in the garage,” Ramesh said, heading up to the garage.

“Okay, dear,” his Mom called out after him.

“See ya’,” yelled his uncle.

Once there, he shut the door behind him and hurried to the photographs he hung to dry.

The photos came out really well. Ramesh is proud of himself. Looking at the pictures and his mother’s body, Ramesh’s cock started receiving the much needed attention.

Ramesh could not wait any longer as he unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. He slowly studied his mother’s figure, her breasts, her tits, her arse, her shapely curves, her fatty stomach and finally her pussy.

After he cleaned up, He took the photographs with him. Realizing that he its dinner time, Ramesh went back into the house. His Uncle is gone and his mother is setting up the dining table.

“Hey you,” said his Mom. “Thought you were still working in the garage. “

“I was, uptil now mom, Now I am hungry,” replied Ramesh, heading to the kitchen.

“Then come on! Lets eat” he heard his Mom say as he walked towards the dining table.

After the dinner, Ramesh and Gayathri sat down to talk. Ramesh was talking to his mother but he constantly kept thinking how he’s gonna show the photos to his mother.

As his mother is going to her room for a shower, Ramesh interrupted her and said, “Mom, sit down, I want to show you something. ” Gayathri was surprised and sat beside his son curiously. Ramesh handed the photographs to his mother. On the photos was his Mother – getting screwed by his uncle. Gayathri inhaled quickly and became stiff.

“How – I mean when – oh my God,” she finished, watching the photos intently.

Her face turned colors and she glanced at Ramesh only once and then turned her attention back to the photos. As she turned the photographs she could see the more explicitness of her lovemaking sequence with her lover.

Gayathri turned red for a while and said “Why did you do this? You want to watch your mother naked? Did you forget you are my son?”

“No I didn’t”, Ramesh replied. “I did it because I wanted Dad to know!”

“You Bastard”, Gayathri screamed.

“You wanna spoil my relationship? What the hell do you want from me?”

“Mom”, Ramesh said thinking. “I cannot think of anythink except for one”

“What is it? You bastard!” Katam screamed again.

“Now, Mom, you give me everything. Hence it is very hard to ask anything from you. But there is one thing you never gave me or even think you can give it to me. I am a man now, mother.

And I have some urges to fulfil. I know you have them too but you get them fulfilled by two men in your life. I want you to treat my urges mother. The thing you seek from Dad and Uncle, I can give that to you too!” Ramesh added the dig lest his Mother forget the scene just moments before.

“Hu. Huh..”Gayathri stumbled thinking about Ramesh’s request. She might have expect many worldly things but she never expected he would ask her pussy.

“NO…You’re my son for god’s sake. I could never…” her voice trailed off.

“You have no choice mother!” Ramesh replied jovially.

“No. I won’t. Ever. You are my flesh and bleed – making love to you – well, that’s ‘paap’ (sin)!” Gayathri replied, her head still down.

“Well mom! If you think that way, I will have to give them to dad” Ramesh affirmed.

Gayathri nodded in agreement.

“But no, I will not do this. And I don’t think you’ll show the photos to your Father. “

“Do you really want to risk that? I mean, you know how Dad will feel when he see you getting fucked by his best friend,” Ramesh replied.

Tears sprang from the corner of Gayathri’s eyes as she realized that Ramesh was right. There was nothing she could do. Ramesh got up from the couch, lifted his mother from the couch with her hand and hugged her.

Gayathri tried furiouly to get away from him but Ramesh held on. Gayathri ended up struggling for a while and gave up. Ramesh kept enjoying caressing her saree clad body and slowly walked her to her room. Gayathri hesitated to get into the room as she anticipated what would happen. But Ramesh facefully held onto her saying “Relax Mom!”

Ramesh slowly pushed Gayathri to the floor. Once his mother is on the floor he turned around to face his erect dick towards his mother’s face in a sixty-nine position, with Ramesh on top.

Startled at how quickly and easily they had changed positions, Gayathri didn’t have time to resist as Ramesh fucked his cock down her throat. Gayathri felt like she was suffocating; his full length filled her airway almost completely. He was pumping on his own, fully inserting his cock into her mouth and throat. Gayathri tried to push him off, but he was just too large. She felt something brush her hips and realized suddenly that he’d let loose her saree and her petticoat.

They were tangled around her ankles.

Ramesh scrambled up between her legs. He could feel her being violated and vulnerable feeling as he gawked down at the exposed womanhood of his mother. He could’nt believe he finally cam face to face with his mother’s cunt. He could smell her cunt through her cunt hair. Suddenly he realised he is looking at the same hole he was born; the same hole which brought him to this world.

He also felt tremendous pride looking at his mother’s cunt when it struck that he has reached to a level he can fuck the same hole that gave birth to him.

Again Gayathri tried to push him away, but to no avail. Her back arched severely as she felt the electric shock of his tongue against her clitoris.

“God, your pussy smells fantastic!” Ramesh said between licks. Gayathri felt him probe the folds of her vagina.

She had a tightly formed cunt; the inner folds tucked gently within the labia. She felt Ramesh’s fingers pulling the folds apart, looking again for her clitoris. His tongue probed he depths vigourously. He ran his tongue up the length of the crack and back down. Between the licking he would suck on her protruding clit and then go back to probing her entrance deeply with his tongue.

Finally Ramesh started to pump in earnest.

Gayathri knew he was going to cum and didn’t like to swallow – for anyone. Again she tried to pull away, turn her head, anything that would stop her son from ejaculating in her mouth. Instead Ramesh pressed down harder, and deeper. He started to grunt and turned his attention away form his Mother’s vagina. Gayathri felt a wave of thick sperm spilling into her mouth. A few more pumps later and Ramesh was finished.

He rolled off his Mom and said to her, “You were great Mom. You have a very sweet pussy?”

Gayathri quickly got her legs togethercovering her breasts with her hands and didn’t respond.

After few moments she regained her composure and ran to the bathroom. Ramesh set his lungi and went to his bedroom.

Gayathri stayed in her bedroom for the rest of the day.

The next morning came to soon for Gayathri.

As she awoke she thought about the previous day’s activities and tried to convince herself it was a dream. It didn’t work, she knew she had sucked her son’s cock. And he had eaten her out. Feeling dirty, she climbed into the shower and scrubbed vigorously; no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t wash off the shame she felt.

Ramesh was already at the breakfast table eating a bowel of cereal when Gayathri went into the kitchen.

She said nothing to him. She went to the cupboard, got a coffee cup and poured herself some coffee. Ramesh remained silent, just watching his Mother. She was dressed in sweatpants and a heavy sweatshirt.

“I’d like to go to shower, Mom. Why don’t we go to the bathroom and take a shower,” said Ramesh, getting up from the table.

Defeated, Gayathri started to get up from the table when Ramesh said, “And I think we’ll shower together today.

Gayathri’s eyes shot open wide and she said, “No way. Your Father is coming home this morning and I won’t do that. What if we got caught?”

Ramesh smiled. Her change in thought pleased him. He pushed the button on the cassette he recorded earlier to replay his Father’s message. Gayathri listened and shut her eyes when she realized she’d be alone with Ramesh for at least another day.

Ramesh took her hand and she followed behind as they went to the bathroom.

Ramesh removed his shorts and T-shirt. Standing nude in the cool morning air, he shivered slightly. His cock stood at attention, the mere thoughts of the previous day caused Ramesh to have a rock-solid erection. He looked at his Mom, who stood motionless.

“C’mon, Mom. I’m getting cold just standing here. Take your clothes off and let’s get in the shower!”

Finally she started to undress. She felt disassociated from the actions.

First her sweatshirt came off. Underneath was a solid pink T-shirt, which she also removed. She left her bra on as she pulled down the sweatpants and stepped out of them. Finally, clad only in her underwear, she removed those garments too.

Ramesh whistled softly in appreciation. “You are incredible, Mom. If you’d just open up to this idea and let yourself go I think you’d really enjoy it!”

Gayathri shook her head back and forth in disagreement but walked slowly to the shower.

As she opened the tap the cool air around made the water seem very warm and the contrast in temperatures made her nipples protrude obscenely. She started rinsing her back first and slowly turn ed to rinse her front. Ramesh admired his Mom’s big but sexy bottom. Then he walked over to the shower to join in. Walking over to his Mom, he approached from behind. Ramesh was about seven inches taller than Gayathri and as he stood up behind her his stomach was inline with the tops of his Mom’s breasts.

He reached around her middle and held her close. She didn’t react. His hands drifted up and he cupped a breast in each hand, his thumb over her nipples. She inhaled sharply at the touch. Then Ramesh squeezed his Mother’s waist tightly and lifted her partially. Gayathri started to say something, but then stopped as Ramesh set her down on his extended cock. Since she couldn’t touch the bottom of the floor now, she rode his cock like a Rocky(H) – a leg straddled over each side, it’s torch-red head sticking out from between her legs.

She marveled at her son’s extremely large cock again. Ramesh, still holding her waist, rubbed her back and forth along the shaft as the flowing water is acting like lubricant. Gayathri’s vagina parted involuntarily in reaction and the outer labia folds wrapped partially around his cock. Gayathri moaned softly – still confused about her own emotions. He was being so gentle and patient. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of gliding along her son’s thick shaft.

Ramesh leaned over and nuzzled the back of his Mom’s neck. He kissed her backneck softly and swirled his tongue around the outer folds. He inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of her hair and body, now covered with nervous sweat.

Sensing that he had control, Ramesh whispered in her ear, “Let’s go to your room. “

She didn’t resist as he gently lifted her off his cock and took her hand.

They walked out of the shower and he led toward her bedroom. Ignoring their clothes on the bathroom deck, they entered Gayathri’s bedroom naked. Tears formed at the corners of Gayathri’s eyes. She wanted to resist this, but she couldn’t. The raw emotions bubbled to the service as Ramesh turned her toward him and started to kiss her. She didn’t return the kiss at first, but then slowly she gave up responding. His hands roamed over her back, her buttocks and finally into the crack of her bottom.

He rubbed past her anus and then inserted a finger into the waiting opening of her vagina.

She inhaled sharply and tried to speak, “We can’t, Ramesh. We shouldn’t be doing -” Ramesh cut off his Mother’s protest with a deep kiss. Still embraced, he led her to the bed where they settled softly, lying side by side. His hands roamed about her body, feeling her shoulders, then her sides and finally resting on her hips.

They continued to kiss as he felt each curve of his Mother’s body. Despite everything, Gayathri tried to deny this was happening; to disassociate herself from the event. Detached, she felt Ramesh roll on his back, bringing her with him. Without realizing it, she pulled her knees up, putting her bottom in a perfect position for entry. The large, round head of Ramesh’s cock made contact with her vagina, looking for entry. Gayathri’s vaginal secretions poured out in earnest, lubricating the way for the pending invasion.

Ramesh grabbed his Mother’s hips gently and pushed her down onto his waiting cock. He penetrated slowly, getting about a quarter of it in before stopping.

“NO -” Gayathri started to protest again. “Please Ramesh. I’m your mother. Stop, please!!!”

Ramesh didnot listen to her plead and grabbed hold of her legs.

Then he put a finger on her lips to silence her and said “Shhhhhhhh……” Then he placing his hands back on her hips he pushed down a little harder.

Sensing the futility of resistance, she slowly relaxed and felt him quickly push her legs apart as Ramesh filled her vagina with his thick shaft.

At that moment Ramesh grunted as if he conquered his mother’s vagina. He felt like he is closing the circle of relationship between him and his mother…. she got fucked by dad; got pregnant by him(as far as he knows!); He grew up inside her for nine months; came out of her cunt when he is mature enough to come to this world.

His mother has given birth to him in same position as he is holding her now; naked with her legs spread wide exposing the cunt with him popping out from her sweet cunt. The circle is full now after 20 years with his mom naked, with her legs spread exposing her cunt with Ramesh in a position to ‘enter’ her instead of getting out of her. The pain for his mother, would probably be the same with the difference being that the pain at that time was due to her being in labour and now the pain is due to her being violated by her own son.

The instant he felt the heat of her pussy wrap itself around his bulging cockhead, Ramesh lunged forward, driving his cock into her all the way up to its thick, hairy hilt.

“Oh, My, Fucking, God,” she gasped as pain shot through her cunt.

He groaned audibly as he shaft sank all the way in. He waited for a few seconds, allowing her to adjust to the girth.

Then he lifted her bottom up and sat her back down, forcibly this time. He did it again. And again. And with each thrust his Mother would cry out, less in pain now and more in pleasure. Gayathri did no work; she merely balanced herself on top of her son as he pumped her up and down toward a climax.

It was Gayathri who felt the first stirrings within her pelvis and couldn’t believe she was going to have an orgasm by her son.

She tried to resist the feelings, as she’d already tried so hard before, but they overwhelmed her. Ramesh was ready to come too, and the rapid breathing became shallow pants as he reached his own orgasm.

“I’m going to cum Mom. I’m going to spill my seed inside of you!” He yelled out as the first pulse of semen escaped his cock.

Gayathri cried out too, not in pain this time.

Hearing her son say those words created a perverted effect on her and she stopped trying to resist the feelings. They climaxed together in a frenzy of pumping flesh. When they were done Ramesh collapsed on Gayathri’s naked body bonding the mother-son union, finally. Gayathri continued to cry, now more confused than ever before.

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