I Fuck My Girlfriend’s Mom

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I’m 22 and I work 2nd shift at a plant. My girlfriend,
Vickie, is 19 and lives at home. She has a split shift working
at a burger joint. Lots of times I’d go over to her house in the
afternoons before her mother got home and we’d have sex. I’m the
only guy Vickie has ever done it with and she made me feel
Vickie is 5’6″ and a real doll. She has long brown hair, a
great body with suckable tits and a nice, tight pussy. She likes
to be pumped with me on top so we can kiss and so she can wrap
her legs around me. She’s also pretty smart, too. She’s going
to college as soon as she saves up enough money.
Vickie’s mom is Ruth. She’s 40 and works as a dispatcher
for a utility company and she earns good money. She works from
8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon and that meant
Vickie and me could get together in her bed in the afternoons
before I had to go to work at 4:00.
One morning, Ruth called and woke me up. She told me to
hurry over to her place fast. I was half-asleep but I got there
in fifteen minutes. Ruth was wearing a robe when she opened the
door for me. She was pissed as hell. She told me she had gotten
home early the day before and she had seen me fucking Vickie.
She demanded to know how long we’d been “doing it,” and who else
Then she told me she had decided what to do. “Fuck me,
Sam,” she said as she shrugged the robe off her shoulders. She
was naked and my dick couldn’t help but get stiff as I looked at
her full tits and hairy snatch. I’d always thought Ruth was a
good looking woman, but she was my girlfriend’s mother, so there
wasn’t much else to think.
Her tits were bigger than Vickie’s pointy boobs. The
nipples were brown instead of pink, bigger and stiff. I guess
she was already horny and I could smell her cunt as she oozed.
“Show me that dick, Sam,” she ordered. She had already put
her hand on the front of my pants and was rubbing my boner real
good. She stared me right in the eye and got her face close to
mine. “You’ve got a real nice looking dick, Sam. Vickie sure
seems to like it. I think I will, too. Wouldn’t you like to try
it in my pussy?” She took my right hand and put it on her cunt,
palm up. I felt the wet slice and stuck my finger into the
wetness between her lips. Ruth closed her eyes and moaned and
squeezed my dick.
“Come on,” she said. We went to her bedroom and she remind-
ed me that Vickie was at work. She tugged my jeans down and
pulled me to the bed where she sat and eyeballed my dick and
balls. I could feel her breath tickling the skin on my nuts and
her hand slowly jerked my dick. She sure knew how to handle
“So, this is the dick that’s been nailing my daughter, hmm?”
she asked. “And have these balls been making lots of spunk for
her pussy? Tell me, Sam, how does it feel when Vickie kisses
your dick?”
“She doesn’t do that,” I told Ruth. Oh, I had asked her
early on to suck my dick, but she wouldn’t. She thought that was
a nasty think to do. She said the same thing when I wanted to go
down on her.
“She doesn’t? Well, I guess I should have taught her how to
treat a man.” Suddenly, she leaned forward and let my knob slide
between her full lips. Shit, inside her mouth was heaven, soft
and wet with her angel tongue flittering around and making my
dick throb. I’d been sucked before but not by someone who knew
what she was doing and enjoyed it so much. She squeezed and
pulled at my balls and the whole time she looked at me to watch
my face.
“Like it?” she asked with her mouth full of dick. “Bet you
want to cum, don’t you?” She had that right and I groaned and
nodded. Ruth sucked hard and took most of my dick into her mouth
then she took her mouth away. At the same time, she gave my
balls a tight squeeze. “Not so fast, Sam. Show me how well you
eat my daughter’s pussy.” She laid back and spread her legs.
Her pussy lips were brown and swollen and dripping. I told her
Vickie wouldn’t let me eat her. “Then let me feel what she’s
missing,” Ruth said, grabbing my head as I knelt down.
Her hands pulled my head between her thighs and my mouth
quickly mashed against her wet lips. Her clit rubbed against my
nose as I stuck my tongue between the puffed folds.
“Ooh, yeah, Sam! Eat my pussy! You love that pussy, don’t
you? It’s the pussy Vickie dropped from. If you love Vickie,
love that pussy! Lick it, suck it, eat it!”
Ruth was one wild woman, let me tell you. She didn’t let go
of my head until she had cum twice. The sheets were soaked with
juice when she let me up and my face felt like it had been
underwater for hours. Even my lips and tongue were sore.
“Now, Sam, fuck me, and fuck me good, if you want to keep
fucking Vickie. As long as she’s living here, you can be her
rent. Now, give me a down payment and a deposit. Fuck me with
that dick!”
Her pussy felt like it was sucking my dick inside. My stiff
piece just split her lips and slid in real easy. Ruth’s pussy
wasn’t as tight as Vickie’s but it felt hotter and wetter inside.
And I could feel her pussy muscles tugging and grasping and
squeezing around my dick. Hot stuff, all right. Vickie didn’t
seem to enjoy being fucked anywhere near like her mom did, that’s
for sure. Her hands clutched my ass cheeks and she pulled hard
every time I thrust my dick into her. She loved to be fucked,
that’s for sure!
“Make me cum, Sam, I’m almost there, oh, yes, yes-s-s,
cumming!!” Ruth’s whole body went rigid for a second then she
started quivering all over. Beads of sweat popped out on her
forehead; her tits flushed pink; those pussy muscles of hers
tensed around my dick like a milking machine and starting pulling
my cum out of my balls. I rammed inside of her as far as I could
and my cum squirted from my dick like I hadn’t shot off a load
in a week.
“Oh, Sam, I can feel your cum!” Ruth gasped and hugged me
tight to her sweaty body. My ass jerked as spasms kept emptying
my balls deep inside Ruth’s hot pussy. I just laid on top of her
while my dick shrank and soaked in the warm mix of cum. When I
finally rolled off, Ruth let out a groan of satisfaction and said
there was more to do.
Before I knew what was going on, Ruth had straddled my head
and was lowering her sperm-filled cunt to my mouth. “Clean me
out with your tongue,” she ordered, “or else you’ll never see
Vickie again!” I didn’t ask what she might do. I just opened my
mouth and started sucking out Ruth’s cream-filled cunt. I’d
never tasted my own cum before but it didn’t taste bad at all. A
bit tart, slightly salty, but not bad, really. And it was mixed
with Ruth’s juices as well, so it was an interesting after-fuck
treat. Ruth fingered her clit while I ate her clean and she made
herself cum again in no time.
After she got off of my soaked face, she told me that it was
okay with her if I fucked Vickie as long as I gave her some
action as well. But she didn’t want Vickie to know, and neither
did I, of course. I mean, it was almost a dream come true,
right? Oh, there have been a couple of close calls. Like the
time I was getting a great blowjob from Ruth when we heard Vickie
come in the front door. She had come home because they had shut
down the restaurant because of some water problem. I hid under
Ruth’s bed and Vickie used the phone in Ruth’s room to call my
“Hmm, no answer,” she said, hanging up the phone. “Well,
I’ll just change clothes and go over there. He’s probably in the
shower.” No sooner was she out of the room than I hurried out
the window and ran the three blocks home. I was getting out of
the shower when Vickie arrived. We went to my room and fucked.
Naturally, I was scared but there is definitely something very
exciting about this situation.
More than once Ruth has sucked my dick within an hour after
I fucked Vickie, and I know the taste of Vickie’s pussy had to be
clinging to my dick but she didn’t seem to mind at all. I keep
having this fantasy about being able to get it on with both of
them at the same time. It’s be great to have Ruth show Vickie
the fine art of giving a blowjob using my dick. I can just
imagine Vickie with her mouth stuffed with my dick and Ruth
licking my balls and even tonguing my asshole.
And I wonder if Ruth would go down on her own daughter?
She’s told me she’s had sex with women and enjoys eating pussy
once in awhile, which is why she doesn’t mind tasting Vickie’s
cunt on my dick. But would she eat her own daughter’s pussy? It
sure is something to think about but no way was I even going to
suggest it. Vickie messed around with a girlfriend of hers once
and she has jokingly said that if she ever got thoroughly mad at
me, she’d give up men entirely and become a lesbian. I wonder.

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