I Fucked My Best Friends Hot Daughter

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Back in the late 80s My wife and I were living in Southern California. We had left our friends back here in Idaho. After a few years we were enjoying our life there and doing good financially. Our best friends were working on a farm back in Idaho and were tired of the low pay and decided to join us. They have 4 children. 3 daughters and one son.
Their oldest daughter had always had a crush on me. One night the kids were staying at our house. My wife had gone to bed early. The younger kids were asleep on the floor in front of the TV. Shannon came over and sat next to me on the couch. I had a blanket across my lap and legs. As we talked and watched TV she started to rub her hand on my thigh under the blanket. She was a beauty with a nice young body. She was 16 at the time and I was 30. She was also a virgin.
I started to get a hard-on thinking about the things that were happening. I set my hand on her thigh under the blanket. We knew this was wrong but it was too late. She moved her hand up my bare thigh as I was wearing shorts to my hard cock. There was no turning back now for me. She was jacking me off under the blanket. She lifted the blanket and put her head under and started sucking my cock. I was so excited I blew a load in her mouth. She was so happy and said she couldnt wait to come over next week again.
I wouldnt come so fast the next time I promised myself and her.
Let me know if I should continue. The story lasts till the present time as I still see her.
Our little get togethers continued in the same manner for the next month. With her sucking me off and I would finger her sweet virgin pussy. One day I came home from work just as my wife was leaving to take our kids and our friends kids to pizza. I said I felt dirty and was gonna shower and rest. Shannon said some friends were coming by to pick her up so we had the house to our selves.
I jumped in the shower thinking of her taking my cock in her mouth again. When I came out she was laying naked on my bed. I almost shot right there. She said she wanted to make love. I walked to her and knelt down between her spread legs and started to kiss her unused pussy. It tasted so sweet I didnt want to stop. As I licked and tongued she got hotter and hotter. wiggling and bucking and pulling my head hard to her. She came that first time with screams of passion telling me not to stop. I ate her for what seemed like hours then I pulled away and brought my cock to her hungry teenage mouth. She sucked and licked on me till I almost came in her mouth.
I got between her legs again and put my hard cock against her little pussy. I took several short strokes not wanting to hurt her. A little at a time till I felt that barrier. God I was so close to cumming already. I new once I popped her and pushed all the way in her I wouldnt be able to last long. I asked if she was ready and she told me to shove it in her. With one gentle push I felt that rip I had only felt once before in my life. She gave a little whimper and grabbed my ass.
She told me fuck me fuck me. And that I did. We fucked the afternoon away in every position we could think of. I shot load after load into her beautiful pussy. We got cleaned up in time before the group got home and they were none the wiser. We continued to get together every chance we got. Up in the mountains in the back of my truck. In the front seat of my 924 Porche. Not easy but can be done. For the next 2 years we were fucking every time we could get together until her family decided to move back here to Idaho.
My wife and I eventually moved back here also. We were in contact with the family but Shannon and I never got together again until last year. My wife had passed away so I was living the life of a bachelor. I had contact with everyone on Facebook. Shannon was now married with 3 children. One day on one of the games we were playing, she started flirting a little and she said she missed the fun we used to have. I agreed that I also missed them. We made plans for her to drop by the house.
She came by and yes we were fucking within 15 minutes. At least once a week she would come by and we would satisfy each other. One night she asked if I would help her with one of her fantacies. I asked what it was and she told me she wanted to be in the middle of 2 men. Wow I told her. I think that would be fun. And I went to work to find the right guy to share her with. I checked Adult Friend Finder and Craigs list. I got plenty of responses but we were looking for some one with an extreemly big cock.
The next weekend after we finished fuccking we went into the office and I showed her the pictures of her that I had posted online for the potntial 3 some. She was afraid someone would recognize her until I said there are no face pictures. Then I opened my email and started to show her the responses I had recieved. Pictures were a must to get a reply so most of them had cock pics and some even had face pics. As she scanned the pictures she would find something wrong with every one. That one is too hairy. That one is too young, it would be like fucking my son she said. When we got down the list aways she opened one and her eyes got big. We will call him Joe but thats not his name. He was a handsome black guy around her age (38 now). He had a 9″ cock thick as my wrist. Oh my god she muttered. That is way too big. I could never handle that. I told her what my daddy always told me. A pussy will stertch a mile before it will rip an inch. She closed that email and went on down the list. Every so often she would reopen Joes email. I knew that curiosity was getting the best of her.
There were a few guys that she showed some interest in but she finally asked me if I would have a problem if she picked Joe. I told her that I didnt have a problem with any of them. This was for her. Shannon smiled a sheepish grin and said set it up for next weekend if you can. We went back to the bedroom and I got fucked harder than I had ever been. She was on fire.
I was able to contact Joe and the threesome was planned for the following weekend at 6:00pm. Shannon showed up at around 5:30 and the first thing she said was, we need to talk. I thought she was going to back out. She said what if he doesnt like me? I told her not to worry. He has seen pictures of everything you have except your face and you are beautiful. Whats not to like? I poured her a glass of wine to calm her nerves. As I was just sitting down the doorbell rang. Joe was early too.
I went to the door and opened it. Joe was about 6’2″ tall and 200 pounds of a well kept body. I introduced myself and he introduced himself. and I asked him to follow me to the other room where Shannon was waiting. I introduced them and asked Joe if I could get him a glass of wine. Sure that would be nice he replied. We shared a little information about ourselves and then the subject at hand came up. Shannon let him know that she had never done this before but it was a fantacy of hers. I told Joe how we had looked at pictures of lots of guys but Shannon was in awe of him and his big black cock. That made Joe chuckle a little. He said I hope I get to put it to good use this eavening. Shannon said oh you will which made him grin again.
Shannon was very excited now and asked how we start a thing like this? I said the best way would be for you to come and sit between joe and I. She didnt waste a second crossing the room and getting between us. She put a hand on Joes thigh and Joe leaned over and gave her a kiss.I reached over and started to massage one of her tits when Joe did the same to the other. The kiss ended and Shannon stood up and said Im gonna get comfortable and suggested we do the same. Off came her blouse and bra. Pants and panties were next. Joe and I both disrobed and Shannon gasped at his cock getting a little hard . She dropped to her knees and grabbed the big black rod.
She was grasping it with both hands and running her tongue up and down the shaft getting it wetter and harder. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the head of the massive cock in her mouth trying to get as much of it as she could in her mouth. Now bobbing her head up and down on it she was moaning and gagging a little. The shaft was a gleaming ebony.
I laid on my back and scooted between her legs and started to lick on her wet wet pussy. She brought it down on my face and started to gyrate her hips grinding it onto my face rubbing her juices all over me. I was licking her and tonguing her clit for all I was worth. I looked above me and I could see Joes nut sack swaying as Shannon worked his cock over. What a sight. My cock was rock hard. Shannon took her mouth off his big member and said lets hit the bedroom. We headed to the back of the house where the master bedroom was. Joe laid on one side of the king sized ber and Shannon grabbed his cock again being on her knees with her ass in the air. I got on the bed behind her and slid my cock in her easily. Fucking her with slow strokes. Now my cock is only about 6″ long but I had her pounding back on me while she sucked and played with Joes cock and balls. I reached over to the headboard and grabed my cell phone and started snapping pictures while I was fucking her.
Shannon raised up and looked back at me with a smile and said, Im gonna fuck this big cock. She threw a leg over Joe and lined his cock up with her pussy and eased onto it. First just the head. In and out ,in and out. Then a little more. Me taking pics all this time. Joe had his hand on Shannons tits massaging and tweaking the hard nipples. By this time Shannon had about 6″ in her pussy and was moaning a gutteral moan I had never heard her make before. And there was still at least 3″ that had not been used. She rocked back and forth in slow strokes. The cock was way thick for her pussy but she was giving it her best. She looked over at me and said fuck me in the ass. This was a pleasure I had never had with her until this moment. I got between Joes thighs and eased my cock up to he ass. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock and her asshole. I pushed the head to her and felt a littl resistance and then the head went in. She started rocking back and forth again taking Joes cock in her pussy and my cock in her tight ass saying oh god oh god it feels good. This is what I have been wanting. Two cocks in me at once. OH GOD. Joe gave a little hip thrust and Shannon almost hit the ceiling trying to avoid total penetration of the big cock. I was now fucking her ass a little harder and she was loving every second of her dream come true.
Outside I could hear my Rocky(D)s barking. Thats all I need right now was unwanted company. I pulled out and told them I would be back quick. I dont think Shannon even notice she was in such a state of mind. I walked through the house to the front room and peeked out the curtains. It was just the neighbors Rocky(D) so I headed back to the bedroom. As I got closer I could hear Shannon screaming. God what was this guy doing? I opened the door to see Shannon on her back and Joe with her legs pinned back to her shoulders. He was pounding her pussy with full long deep strokes as hard and fast as he could. Shannon was screaming fuck me fuck me fuck mme so I new she was all right. I grabbed my phone again and started taking video with it this time. With every stroke Shannons pussy was following Joes cock almost turning inside out. Oh Im gonna cum she shouted dont stop dont stop she cried.

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