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I Fucked The Plumper Receptionist

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As the only employee for my company in the Utica area I have what is known as “shared office space” . That means that I have my own office and a meeting room where clients can come and we can discuss their projects . However all twelve of the different companies that have offices on that floor share a receptionist and there is a large meeting room with all the latest audio/video equipment and a small kitchen . We all have our own phone numbers but the receptionist can tell who the call is for and answers the phone as if she worked just for that company . I had spent two weeks in my new companies headquarters In New York City to learn the way things are done according to their standards . My office wasn’t even called a branch office it was called a satellite office because it had only one employee, me . Utica wasn’t a large enough town to have more than one person we had 15 clients so I was busy most of the time . Much of my time was to be spent trying to find new clients .
I worked with my predecessor , Bob , for one week in what would be my office . He told me that the head office has insisted on the office having a window so we had a great view of the Mohawk valley which can be pretty depressing in the winter. The first thing Bob did was to apologize for Juanita , the Receptionist . She is a very good receptionist he said but doesn’t make a good first impression on clients . She seemed to be well dressed and only has a slight accent I said . Yes he said but in case you haven’t noticed she must weigh a ton . I grinned and said more like half a ton . Well he said there isn’t anything we can do about it the building manager’s wife picked her because her husband was playing around with the good looking one we used to have and her being Hispanic helps with minority relations as a matter of fact all the receptionists in this place are minorities . I smiled and said I like a woman with meat on her bones and let it drop . We spent the week with Bob running me around to meet al of our clients . Bob was promoted to head of the Cleveland office which was considered to be a major branch !
The first Monday that I was alone I got in early before Juanita was there . I had no meetings planed so I figured I’d just set up the office the way I wanted it . The building had been originally used to make radios back in the twenties when they used tubes and had been used for that until the 1950s . My office was quite large one of the advantages of working for a large company was that they were used to high rental prices so my office seemed to be cheap to them even though it was much bigger than I needed and my meeting room was huge I could seat all of out clients in there at once and have room left over . I had brought in my own coffee machine and my personal lap top . We had high speed internet connections which was nice . I went out to the receptionist area and told Juanita that Bob was now officially gone to better things and gave her my card . She smiled and said Yes he told me that when he left Friday evening after you had gone . I said well I’m going to have some coffee. Juanita said I don’t make coffee . I know I said I brought in my own machine if you want some your more than welcome to help yourself . Thank you she said that’s kind of you . Anytime I said it will be ready in a couple of minutes . I went back to my office and sent an e-mail to the head office telling them that everything was normal , something that they insisted on every morning and evening . I assumed it was just their way to be sure that you were in the office . At exactly 8 A.M. my phone rang . Juanita said It’s your head office with their early morning check in . Thanks I said . It was my nominal boss who was in head office . How are things on your first day he asked . A bit slow but I have a line on a new client . Good ! he said we can always use new business and he hung up . Juanita came in and looked around and saw the fancy coffee machine that I had brought . Nice she said . Help your self I said . I noticed her long black hair that went down to her remarkably huge ass . I also noticed that she was taller than I had thought . Thank you she said . Bob didn’t like me much I think he wanted some skinny blonde with big boobs . I think you may be right I said . Bob was a little to conventional in his taste . If home office had told him that a good PR guy only wears red suits that would be all he owned I said . He will go far by sucking up I said but that isn’t my style . I’m going to get some new clients . Good for you she said . This is good coffee she said . Thanks I said it’s Kona coffee from Hawaii . Well actually it’s from B.J.s discount store . She laughed Bob wouldn’t approve . No I don’t suppose he would . She went back to her desk . Hmm I said to my self that looks like a challenge worth working on . I managed to sign on my old company as a PR client on my first morning ! Juanita came in a couple of times for coffee . We chatted a little each time . Her arms and legs were very large with rolls of fat that I liked ! Juanita took late lunch because the receptionists staggered their lunch hours so everyone was always covered even if the person that answered the phone was on a different floor . I signed up a new advertising client that afternoon it was someone that I had done business with at my old job . When I came back to the office I noticed that Juanita was looking though the classified ads. Not looking for a new job I hope I said . She smiled no a new apartment my land lord sold the building and the new owner wants to put his mother in my apartment . Things like that happen I said . Yes she said but as soon as most people hear my Puerto Rican accent the apartment is already rented and if it’s still available they see me get out of my car and think that the floor won’t hold my fat ass . I was about to comment on how nice I thought that ass was but caught my self . When do you have to be out of your current apartment ? In three weeks she said . I may be able to help you I said . How do you own an apartment building ? No I said but I bought a trailer near mine to rent and I’m almost done fixing it up . I put new appliances in to and all new insulation and sheet rock and a new roof . All I need to do is paint the walls and put in the new carpeting . If your interested I’ll show it to you after work . would it hold my weight ? She asked . Please I said your to hard on your self . You’re a very attractive woman . I’ll tell you what after you see the trailer I’ll take you out to dinner . Really ? she said surprised . Yes Really I said I find you to be very attractive . She blushed and said thank you Rick . I finished up an ad proposal for one of our old clients who I was meeting the next day . I also e-mailed the home office copies of the contracts with the two clients that I had signed up that day along with the ad proposal because they wanted copies of everything in home office . When my boss called he was very happy . I like your new ad campaign I think the client will be happy and congratulations on the new clients . We are very pleased here . Thank you I said I have some other prospects that I may be able to sign on soon . Excellent he said and hung up . I did some cleaning up and left at 5 P.M. Juanita was also ready to go . I’ll follow you she said . I told her where I was parked and what I was driving . She followed me to the trailer. I helped her up the stairs to the deck . There was a bit of snow on them . Be careful if I fall you’ll be crushed . AH ! I said crushed but happy ! She giggled and said you nut . True I said I’m a bit nuts but who isn’t ? She was happy with the trailer her furniture would fit . How much are you asking a month ? I told her and she said not bad . I said but that doesn’t include heat or lot rent . I told her what lot rent cost and about what heat would cost . I told her that I had just replaced the furnace and all the insulation and had put in double pain windows . I can do that she said if you want to take it you can pick out th
e paint colors
for the rooms and the carpet as well I said . Oh ! she said that sounds like fun but when will it be ready ? This Friday I said I’ll do the painting tomorrow and the next day and they are scheduled to carpet on Thursday . Cool she said . We can pick out the paint and carpeting tonight , I was going to do it tonight any way and then go to dinner if you want to . Great she said deal . Then she frowned and said one more thing . She jumped on the floor and it didn’t even move . Awesome she said ! I laughed I had just replaced the floor on Saturday and Sunday with one inch thick plywood ! We picked out the paint and put it in my truck and ordered the carpet , which they had in stock and would install on Thursday . Then I brought the paint back to the trailer . I don’t want it to freeze I said. Good idea she said where do you live? She asked . I said in the double wide over there I said . Nice she said just like me double wide . You know what they say I said the bigger the cushion the better the pushing ! She giggled . Do you really like big women ? Oh yes I said . We went to dinner in one of the best places in town . I drove back to the trailer park because her car was there . Would you like a small drink before you go home I asked . No I don’t drink she said but I’d love to see your place. Great I said . When she got in she said I see you’re the typical male and she picked up a porno tape on the coffee table . Life in the fat lane . Would you like to see it I asked . Yes ! She said . It was all I needed to get her going . She was fascinated and we started to make out . She was hotter than hell . I haven’t fucked in a long time she said . I can’t even finger my self anymore . Don’t worry I’ll take care of that . I was licking her nipple and fingering her at the same time . She was wet and came in a few seconds. Her skirt was still on so I pulled it over my head and pushed her panties aside . Her pussy was covered in long black hair . I licked her pussy and the sucked on the clit . She came very ,very , very hard . She squeezed with her monster thighs and almost crushed my skull . No one has ever done that before she said . I love it ! I got out from under her skirt and smiled . I try to please . She took up most of my sofa . Help me take my clothes off she said . I did and she was the biggest woman I’ve ever seen and the hairiest to! She didn’t shave her legs or underarms . There was something erotic about that . Now she said I want to suck your cock she said . I’ve been doing that since I was 12 and fucking since I was 13 ! I’ve always been big so no body ever ate me before . Twelve I said ? Yes she said my neighbor ! He was the first to fuck me to . It was hard to get condoms in San Juan at our age. How old was he ? I asked . The same as me she said . even though I’m 30 she said your just my third guy . I said well lets see how much you’ve learned . She said get you cock up her so I can suck it ! I can’t bend over very much . I stood up and she took my cock in her mouth . She was awesome! She would move her tongue around while she was sucking on my cock . She had the entire thing in her mouth and was still running her tongue up and down it . I’m cumming I said . She just pulled me in closer and sucked harder and moved her tongue even faster . I came and she kept it up until my cock was limp . WOW I said that was the best I’ve ever had ! I knew you’d like that she said . Now lets get you off again I said . Yes lets she said . I had to move the hair out of the way but I was sucking on her clit and she was cumming over and over again and saying something in Spanish that I didn’t understand but she was happy I knew that much . I stopped and got out some detain and put it on my cock and then a condom . I raised her legs as far up as I could so I could get my cock in her cunt . When I slipped it in she screamed . YES ! I was pumping and rubbing her clit at the same time . She was gushing when she came I kept on pumping until I came and my cock went limp . She actually passed out . When she came to again she said that was great ! I’m glad your happy I said . we both need to clean up I said you didn’t tell me you squirted when you came I said . I’ve never came before she said so I didn’t know . We both got on the shower and cleaned up . My cock was hard again because I was excited by her huge fat rolls and her monster ass . She looked down and said excited Rick ? yes your big ass gets me hard . Well then lets do something about it she said . What would that be I asked as innocently as I could . Fuck my ass . I said I’m not sure my cock is long enough . Well we’ll never know until we try she said I’ve always wanted to try anal sex she said . Ok I said . I dried her off with a couple of towels . I put more detain on my cock and another condom . I spread her huge ass cheeks and lubed up her asshole and then standing on the edge of the bath tub I pushed my cock in her ass . Oh Yes she said . I like that ! I was surprised that my cock went in so easy but it was great nice and tight . I humped and she was cumming again I was afraid that she would faint again and fall and hit her head . But It felt so good . I came and when My cock went limp I pulled it out . I took off the condom and laughed . She turned around and said what’s so funny ? We need to shower again she laughed and said if you get hard again I’m just going to suck you off It’s getting late and I need to get home

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