I Shared my wife with an American sailor

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Nicolette had a strict upbringing although she still had her fare share of boyfriends with 1 being a long term relationship. Her parents are of Southern European background giving her lovely coffee colored skin, sultry sexy looks, stands 5’5′ tall, lovely round shaped breasts round size 32 with a then size 10 body, she could pass as a model. Although we are now divorced but still friends, the memories will never fade away and still gets me hard thinking about our adventure. All this started some 28 years ago and lasted for 15 years.
I will tell just what took place in different chapters all of which are true accounts as best as I can remember, I get a kick out of the memories and not into fiction telling, what i’m about to share are all true including her name.
After round 4 years of marriage, I started to sometimes imaging how I would react to other men touched Nicolette, also knowing she had some sort of sex with other guys before settling down with me and becoming my property. Soon the thoughts went from jealousy to being turned on, being so attractive she turned a few heads and any red blooded male would obviously be thinking, ‘I’d like to fuck her’ or similar thoughts.
I started off by questioning her prior experiences with guys she met or knew before me, she at first was not too keen to tell but this soon became our bedtime stories prior to having sex. I would tell her what I done and she started to get into the swing of things and although she didn’t have too many guys she did have her fare share. To cut a long story short, she had her first cock at 17, she had been finger fuck, cock fucked, sucked a few cocks and even one night her and her then best friend got picked up by a couple of guys, taken back to their apartment and were fucked all night. Her words, ‘they took turns with me and Lynda (Lynda was a true slut and would open her legs frequently) and fucked us on the same bed’. It was obvious I couldn’t hide my hard on but it certainly gave us some hot erotic sex sessions which Nicolette didn’t complain as she is quite sexual.
From bedtime story telling I moved to ask about her fantasies, she would say she didn’t have any or was too embarrassed to tell, she questioned mine, all this was centered around my perversion of Nicolette with other men. Seizing the opportunity I confessed, ‘I don’t know why but, but, my fantasy is to see you with other guys’. ‘WHAT, YOU’RE KIDDING’, was her surprised answer. The ice was broken and I soon moved to fantasy story telling about her with other men, getting gang banged (which we never did do with lots of regret), all this really turned her on and when I was up her I would let go with her past, ‘ HOW MANY DIFFERENT COCKS HAVE YOU SUCKED, HOW MANY GUYS HAVE FUCKED YOU, YOU LOVE THE COCK DON’T YOU, I WANT TO SEE YOU GANG BANGED’, this really got us off big time. Her replies at the heat of the moments were something like, lots, plenty, oh yeah.
One night we were out with another couple, good friends of ours (only friends nothing else), and this 1 of 2 things that took place that eventually got me / us to actually move to reality. There was a surfing competition in town and we were at a disco, 3 surfers soon took a liking to Nicolette as she was a little tipsy with alcohol and being a little friendly, much to my mates displeasure things were getting a little awkward, ‘why don’t they f**k off, can’t they see she’s married’? After getting back home into bed I brought the surfers up saying that I thought the big guy wanted to fuck her which she replied, ‘IF C AND H WEREN’T THERE WITH US I WOULD HAVE LET THE 3 OF THEM FUCK ME’, that statement bowled me over.
Second thing which finally done it, while we were again pillow talking I tricked Nicolette into thinking i set up and gang bang for her and the guys were on their way over as I phoned them 10 minutes earlier. I met them a few days back, they all belong to a swing club, were very discrete, showed them her sexy Polaroid photos, (no digital cameras back then) and they really wanted to fuck her. ‘WHAT, YOU DIDN’T, HOW MANY’, ‘6 guys and one of them is really hung and says not too many woman can suck his cock properly’, ‘WELL I’M GOING TO TRY’, Nicolette was getting into the idea as she really thought I had set up 6 guys to come and use her until I told her it wasn’t true. Well she was so embarrassed of her behavior but that was it, sooner or later it’s going to happen.
After all the bed time talk and confessing of my fantasy to see the woman I loved with other men and Nicolette somewhat taking an interest, or should I say more than an interest, in the possibly of getting it together with a man other than her husband. The American navy fleet was to spend a few days of R&R in our city on their way back to the States. I suggested to Nicolette that perhaps her and her best friend at the time should perhaps hit the town together. Now I’m certainly sure not too many husbands would approve of their wives hitting the town with 5,000 randy sailors about who spent round 3 months at sea and especially with a girl like Lynda (read chapter 1) who would be interested in dropping her panties at any opportunity that presented itself, not a good idea unless you wanted your wife fucked.
I told Nicolette she should hit the town with Lynda and if the opportunity presented well, see what happens. The sailors should be OK with frequent medical checks and the discretion as we will probably never see them again once they left port. If she wanted she could flirt a bit as we were sure Lynda had a high chance being fucked due to her slutty view of, if you enjoy it, do it. Nicolette wasn’t sure just how serious I was about sharing her and if it would have an impact on our relationship if something was to really happen. Night was set, Nicolette wore an above the knees white dress with a pair of white nylon g-string panties, fixed her hair and makeup not that she needed make up such her natural pretty attractive looks. Lynda arrived also looking quite good, I gave the girls a lift into town and wow, there was sailors everywhere you looked. Dropped them off and drove back home wondering what was going to happen to my wife if anything.
Well it was getting late, girls still didn’t return and I could imagine Lynda copping a good fucking while Nicolette was avoiding passes as happened a number of times when single according to some of Nicolette’s account during our bedtime talk. It was past 1:00 am when I went to bed wondering what was happening and unable to sleep too well from anxiety and excitement, was sure the girls were OK as the sailors should be respectful, to an extent or perhaps they were picked up by local guys. It wasn’t until round 7:00 am when a taxi pulled up in the driveway, both Lynda and Nicolette got out and both wearing sailors hats. God I hoped nobody in the street saw them as it was obvious who they were with as the fleets R&R was popular news at the time. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, Lynda was all smiles and Nicolette had a grin as she looked at me, I knew something happened. How did your night go, I asked to which Lynda replied laughing, ‘well that’s a silly question seeing there’s 5,000 randy sailors in town’. My God, just how far did my Nicolette go was my thoughts, was she fucked. The girls had a coffee, my anxiety was too great waiting for Lynda to leave before I could find out just what happened. Lynda eventually left, we saw her out and as we reentered the house Nicolette started to spill the beans. ‘God his cum was thick ‘ was the first words she said, ‘what’ I questions ‘did he use a condom’? ‘no we didn’t fuck, I didn’t let him’, ‘why’ much to my disappointment, ‘I just let him lick me out and God he was good at it and I gave him a hand job’, he made me cum a few times with just his tongue’.
2 sailors took my wife and Lynda to their hotel after picking them up at a bar, Lynda and her guy went into the bedroom leaving Nicolette with her guy in the living room, they passionately kissed while he was feeling her up, removed Nicolette’s dress and panties, sat her on the lounge, spread her legs and put his face into her hairy cunt. She said she wanked him off later until he shot thick globs of spunk over her legs and thighs, until this day I think a little more happened as to what she lead on. She said they could hear Lynda and her guy fucking in the other room and mainly waited for them to finish with Nicolette and her sailor doing some feeling up and passionate kissing when she wasn’t being licked out.
Nicolette was tired and went to sleep and didn’t wake up until the afternoon as to which we continued the about what took place. Nicolette said he was an expert on licking pussy, his cock was as big as mine at 6′ and how I felt about another man blowing cum over her, I was excited and new that the next time, I will be present and needed to find the right guy who didn’t mind her husband being around.

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