I take James fully – Tanning to Entertain

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The next morning I got up early. After showering and shaving my pubes bare, I oiled my body thoroughly. Looking through my collection of underwear, I chose a white, demi cupped bra and a sheer white thong. I knew I would have to wear a modest blouse and skirt, each black and a black jacket. Looking in the mirror, I looked professional as always. I chose 4″ black pumps.
Carefully applying my makeup, I went light and nothing to tip-off my intentions for after work. I would refresh it in the ladies’ room before leaving the bank.
I didn’t see Marti but found a note next to my travel mug. I read it as I fixed my coffee. ‘Fuck him, silly. I want ALL the details when you get home. Love, Marti’. I grinned at her interest in MY fun.
I arrived at work at my usual time and talked to several of my co-workers before the doors opened. I went to my desk, finding a note poking out from under my desk pad. I read it and found James had got there earlier but had to run some papers to a branch on the edge of the city. The final entry read ‘your turn!’
I slipped the note into my purse before I put it onto a drawer. I busied myself by looking over several loan applications.
Around 10:30, I got up to get another cup of coffee. Walking into the coffee room, I saw James at his deck. Looking up, he smiled and grabbed his cup. We met in at the urn.
“Did you find my note” James asked?
“Yes, and I intend to hold you to the content,” I answered. I glanced around and realized we were alone; I brushed my boobs against James’ arm. He responded by leaning into me. I turned and faced the only entrance into the room and lower my left hand to his crotch. Squeezing his tool, I told him I wanted him ready for an exciting afternoon. Without another word, I walked back to my desk.
I didn’t see him again until the bank was ready to close. I heard a series of messages coming through on my cell. I readied my desk to leave and watched most of the other employees go, including the bank manager.
I waited a few more minutes and then moved to the ladies’ room. I sat in a stall and read the messages. The first was from James, telling me he would meet me in the lounge of a hotel on the edge of the city. The second one, also from him, asked what I was wearing. I texted back, saying ‘very little, lol.’
I stood and took off my jacket and hung it on the stall’s door. I removed my blouse and folded it and put it in my purse. I made sure my demi bra was supporting my boobs as I wanted, leaving the top of my areolas were peeking out. I refreshed my makeup and highlighted my eyes with a combination of colors. I put on more lipstick and looked at the mirror. I was surprised at how different I appeared with the new makeup. My jacket was showing my cleavage and the clasp of my bra.
I walked into the lounge a half hour or so later. I was surprised to see so many taking advantage of ‘happy hour.’
Several men looked at me as I started to the bar. I could get used to this. Finally, I found James sitting in the corner on the short end of the bar. His eyes were eating up my exposure. I moved up to him, and he surrendered his stool to me.
James was mesmerized with my exposure. “I can’t believe I waited so long to make a move,” he said.
Placing my hand on his ass, I said, ‘you’d be dead by now if you had started sooner,” I told him. “I want a glass of wine to loosen me up.”
He ordered my wine, and he had a scotch and water. We chatted, and as we did, I surveyed the others around the bar. I found four other women and a dozen or so men. Proper odds, I would say!
“I hope I’m as attractive as the other ladies here. I can be so self-conscious looking at them. James, do you think they are going to have the fun we are?”
I shifted on my stool and allowed my skirt to slip up further. James wasted no time in putting his hand between my thighs, which I opened to accommodate him. I turned to allow him a better view of my breast.
“You are nothing like I envisioned, ” he admitted. His fingers began to work their way up to my panties.
“I can take them off if you want,” I purred in his ear. I took a sip of my wine and told him I would be right back.
I walked to the ladies’ room and standing near a stall; I removed them and put them in my purse. I looked at my phone and saw another message from Marti. ‘Have you met him yet?’ I decided to call her.
She picked up on what must have been the first ring. Her first words were ‘tell me.’
I told her, just to mess with her, ‘I just removed my panties.’
“You go, girl. Where are you?’ she wanted to know.
Telling her all that had transpired, she seemed to enjoy my behavior.
“I bet you look hot as hell,” Marti said.
“I’ll fill you in with the details at home,” I told her. “Got to go.”
I walked back into the bar and to my stool. I adjusted my skirt before sitting on the seat and opened my legs. Foolishly, I hadn’t thought about the guy on the stool next to me. I didn’t dare turn to see if he was watching.
“I thought I was going to have to come after you. Is everything OK?’ James asked.
“Feel me and see.” leaning closer, I asked, “is the guy next to me watching?”
James glanced past me and smiled. “I think he wants seconds.”
We talked, adding sexual teasing and promises what we planned to once in a room. James’ fingers were slipping in and out of my pussy, not deep, but enough to make me wet as hell.
James said he would go to the desk and secure a room. I told him I was anxious to ‘get my turn.’ I turned to the guy on my left and smiled. We exchanged names, and to tease him, even more, I ran my right hand inside my jacket and brushed my left breast. “I hate to wear a bra. But a lady has to do what she has to do”.
The guy was so stunned by my actions, he didn’t, or couldn’t, reply.
James returned and quickly finished his drink and asked if I was ready. “You don’t know how ready I am.”
We entered the lobby and to the bank of elevators. The door opened, and we stepped back to allow a couple to exit. The lady looked at me with disgust. Lol, her mate’s eyes smiled their approval.
Once the door closed, James immediately had his hand in my bra. Fearing he might tear it, I opened the closure to give him access to my boobs. When the elevator stopped, my jacket was on the floor, my bra had slipped down behind me, and I was exposed and topless.
I picked up the jacket and held it to my chest as we walked to our assigned room. James unlocked the door, and I entered first. A lovely room. I walked to a loveseat near the window, dropped my jacket and bra on it. Looking at James, I unhooked my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing nude, with my hands on my hips, I told him, “Time to get paid back for last night.”
I sat on the end of the loveseat as he undressed, taking time to fold his pants, hang his shirt and jacket, etc..
As he approached, I spread my legs, still wearing my pumps, and placed my hands inside my thighs. I opened them enough to allow him to see his prize. James walked over, leaning down, he kissed me. I raised my hand and held his face as he did. He is an excellent kisser, and I just hoped he was as good with his tongue later.
Once we broke the kiss, he dropped to his knees and spread my legs further. He commented on his view by saying, “Damn, that’s as beautiful as I’ve ever seen.”
I leaned back on my elbows and waited. James began to kiss and lick my inner thighs, moving up to my opening. I watched as he touched me, and using his tongue, and he entered me slightly. He pushed it up and down, not rushing into me.
Moaning, I spread my legs even further. James used a hand to open my outer lips and began to lick my juices. Oh, he was excellent! My lover pulled my inner labia lips with his fingers and took one side in his lips. Pulling gently, he repeated it on the other side.
Over the next several minutes, he probed me with his fingers and tongue to the point I must have been flooding his mouth. He was the best I had ever experienced. He found my clitoris and began to manipulate it with his finger. I found myself pushing harder with my hips to increase his pressure.
I was cumming in a minute. I was so exhausted in pleasure.
James got up and went into the bathroom. I heard him peeing, so I took the time to get off the loveseat and sit on a small chair at a small vanity table.
As he re-entered the room, I smiled and lightly clapped in approval. “Anytime you wish to repeat that performance, I will be available,” I told him.
I stood when he approached. Again we kissed a long passionate kiss. I had slipped my hand down to his cock, stroking him. Looking into his eyes, I said, “maybe I owe you a little more.”
Sitting back down on the chair, I pulled him to me with his rod. Lowering my head, I licked his shaft thoroughly. Looking up, I could see he was enjoying my work. I started to take his cock into my mouth, working him deeper slowly. In less than a minute, I felt my chin brushing against his pubic hair. Adjusting my position ever so slightly, I took him into my throat. I started to feed him as deeply as I could.
His hanging balls drew my attention next. I cupped them in my left hand and used my right one to squeeze both lightly. Soon I was scratching each with my fingernails.
I knew he could last must longer, so I stood, and we walked to the bed. Screw the bedspread, I got on my knees and opened myself to enter me ‘Rocky(D)gy style,’ There was a mirror covering the wall on the opposite side, giving each of us a full view.
James, knowing what I desired, stood behind me and placed his cock tip on my opening. I reached back and opened my lips with my right hand. He slipped into me smoothly. I pushed back to hurry his entry. Once in, he began to thrust his cock up to the butt. Looking into the mirror, I saw him watching my breasts swinging freely. Watching us, I smiled with approval. He rode me expertly. My boobs were moving so much I attempted to capture them but finally gave up.
Several minutes later, I saw that expression of ‘gong to cum’ appear on his face. I reached back with my hand and found my clit. I began to work on myself to catch up with him. I saw him cumming. I rubbed more vigorously and came less than a minute later.
We both collapsed on the bed—him on my right. I turned to him and kissed him. “I’m glad this is a ‘just for sex only relationship.’ I could do this every night,” I told him.
We chatted for a half-hour or so and finally realized he needed to leave. I let him use the shower first, checked his clothes for any aroma of sex, and kissed him again before he left.
Taking my time, I showered, applied my makeup, and called Marti. “Well, I hope you got royally fucked,’ she said.
“Royally,” I said. “Where are you”? I inquired. She told me she was just pulling into the driveway at home. I told her I would be there in a half-hour. I ran the evening through my mind. I don’t think it could have gone better.
Marti was in the den, drinking something which included dark liquor. I asked her to make me one while I went up and undressed. I noticed she was wearing a tee-shirt, so I grabbed one of Mike’s and went down.
I just looked at her and smiled. I didn’t say a word. Finally, she burst out with a fury of questions. ‘Was it good?. Did he pay you back for the blow job? Are you going to see him again?’
I sipped my drink and started filling her in. “James was absolutely the best I’ve ever experienced when he ate me out. I couldn’t believe he was so thorough in making sure I was pleased. Probably the most talented tongue I’ve ever had”.
I noticed she had moved her hand down to her cunt and was toying with herself.
“Are you going to see him again?” Marti asked.
Smiling, I confessed, “any time I can. It was the best I’ve had for a very long time”. A pause, and then I added, “I hope James can keep our relationship a secret. If it gets out at work, I’ll lose my job”.
I noticed she had stopped playing with herself. I’m sure she will get all the sex she wants in a few hours.
I asked Marti how she and Mike were doing. I hoped for a definite answer.
“Great. I just wish we could have more time together. I have a little seniority and can change my days if I want. Or I could work only four days with longer hours.” She told me.
“I think you two need the extra time. Mikes is not making a fortune at the paper, no benefits, and nothing keeping him from changing jobs. ” I explained.
“It would be great if we could get a week’s vacation together.” She said.
“Tell you what I’ll do. If you can get a week off while the weather is still good, I’ll help you all rent a houseboat on Lake Cumberland. I’ll come down the last two days if you let me,” I said.
“That would be great! Three days alone with Mike and you coming for two, hell, we would have a great time”. She said, excited.
“We can find a cove, or hell, anywhere and get in serious tanning. “We need to start looking for scope neck dress, and we can get a couple of bras that will show maximum cleavage. One night we’ll go out to a bar and tease the hell out of men”.
“Wouldn’t that be great!” she said. “Mom and daughter, boobs galore, and flirting with a bunch of horny men. We could become a legend in town”.
I got up and got a weak drink and returned.
“You’ve got a body any women who love to have. I wouldn’t let you get in a bad position when we go out. I’m not going to judge you and your behavior. Just remember your dating my son,” I explained.
“I wouldn’t cheat on him. I promise,” Marti added.
“Honey, I don’t think you would dump him for someone else. I don’t, and I hope you’ll be an addition to my family sometime. I just want to say; you’re young. I don’t think he’s messing around on you, but I don’t think he would turn a ‘piece’ down if it were available”. I said.
Seeing her confusion, I added, “I will tell you if I think you’re doing something I don’t approve. I hope Mike will come to me soon and ask for a loan to get you an engagement ring. And I hope you will accept it.”
“I will if he asks. I want to make him the happiest man in the world,” she told me.
“Until he presents the ring, I want you to make sure he’s what you want. Understand?. I mean, if you want to have sex with someone, that’s up to you. Find out now if there’s something better out there.” I explained.
Marti stayed silent for a minute or so. “I think I understand what you’re saying. And I can’t envision myself going out looking for sex”.
“It’s not going out looking, but if we’re in a bar, and a hot guy hits on you, well, I’d rather something happened now, and not after your engagement. Hell, you may see me do things while we’re out you couldn’t have ever thought I would do”. I added.
Smiling, she said, “Damn, I love you. I can’t think of a better mother-in-law.” she misspoke.
“OK, I look forward to our first assault on the men in town. Time for me to go up and get some sleep. Are you going to wait down here for Mike”? I asked.
“Yep, but I want to go up with you and borrow your red heels. I feel wicked.” Marti commented. “Tonight, I’m going to be his slut.”
She followed me up the stairs. I got the heels out of my closet and handed them to her. My only comment was, ‘damn; I may have to peek!”
I was asleep before Mike got home. Shit!
I went up and laid on the bed. Reviewing the events of the night, I fell into a restful sleep.

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