I was having sex with a black man

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My husband and I were married in December of 1970 and
have had a happy marriage since then. We have a lovely
daughter who is now 25 years old and lives out of state
with her husband. But things have changed considerably
in the past few years.
Although I was very faithful to my husband and he was
to me, he opened my eyes to more than I ever thought
would be possible in my life. I never even thought of
the possibilities of straying from our monogamous
relationship and thought my husband of so many years
was the same.
It all began about five or six years ago when, during
foreplay, he started mentioning what it would be like
me to have sex with other men.
I could remember lying in bed one particular morning
and he woke me up by fingering my pussy. As he slowly
awoke me and had me moaning he was whispering in my
ear that he had had a dream that night of me having
sex with a black man.
Now, let me tell you that even though I came from a
family that was truly a bunch of rednecks and despised
black people for no apparent reason, I didn’t feel the
same way. In fact, I’ll have to admit that on more
than a few occasions I have played with myself and
have thought of a big black cock sliding deep inside
of me. But I was so dedicated to my marriage that I
left these feelings to my innermost thoughts and
shunned them from my real life. Not, because of any
racial prejudices but because I was committed to my
Anyhow, my husband was whispering into my ear this
particular morning about a big black man laying between
my legs and pushing his big stiff cock into me until I
was stretched almost beyond my limits. It wasn’t long
before he was asking me if I liked the way that big
dark piece of meat felt getting all sticky and sliding
into my innermost depths.
Just vocalizing that I wanted it to be rammed into me
deeper set me off, into one of the most intense orgasms
I can remember ever having up until that point in time.
We never discussed the subject again until one evening
at the dinner table my husband candidly asked me if I
ever thought of having sex with William, the only black
man at my workplace.
I told him that although I thought William was a well
built and sexy looking man and that had fantasized
about other women at work making love to him after
hearing them comment about his looks. But that I had
never thought about letting him fuck me.
I think the seed was planted then, and a couple of
nights later when my husband and I were having sex I
whispered into his ear as he was humping away at me,
“Honey, would you like me to date William?”
I could tell by his increased pace that he was more
than ready for me to go out with him. When we were
finished making love and we were laying in each other’s
arms we talked about the possibilities.
I told my husband that William had asked me out a
couple of times but that I had just laughed and in a
kidding manner had told him that married women just
didn’t do that sort of thing. William would always
tell me that he didn’t want to take me away from my
husband, just take me out and have a good time.
Well the opportunity finally presented itself about a
week later, on a Wednesday afternoon, much due to my
encouragement and he asked me out for that Friday night
if I could get out of the house.
I told my husband that evening that William had asked
me out and wanted to know what he thought. He just
looked at me and then we had a long talk. He told me
that he knew I was faithful to him and he said that
sexual fidelity was not what he felt made me faithful.
He said that although he was not interested in going
out with other women, he always thought the idea of me
doing it with other men was super stimulating to him.
To my surprise he admitted that he’d always had that
fantasy about me with other men, even when we were
dating back in high school. He said that as long as I
was careful and had a good time, and most important to
be willing to tell him everything that happened after-
So the next day at work I told William that my husband
thought that I was going out with the girls at work and
that I’d be gone most of the evening.
But then I looked around the office, and in a very
quiet voice I said, “But if you wanted to go out on a
date with me instead, I could tell them that I didn’t
feel like a girls night out.” I told him that he would
have to be discreet and no one could ever find out or
it could never happen again.
Friday evening finally rolled around and I met William
at a pre arranged location. I’m not going to get into
the sordid details of what happened, but we did end up
having great sex that night and when I walked into my
house at 4:30 a.m. the next morning he was still awake.
I held him close for a few minutes and could feel his
stiff swollen cock against my leg. I knew what he
wanted but I had to tell him that we couldn’t have sex
that morning because my pussy had been used almost all
I told my sweet husband all about how William had used
me, how we’d done it six times and how I’d eaten his
sperm twice too. My husband was aghast that any man
could get his rocks off eight times in one night. But
it was true.
William just kept saying that he liked white pussy the
best, then he’d start fingering me or eating his come
out of my pussy again until I was writhing around
going absolutely crazy. What a man he is.
We ended up making love before we went to work even
though I was sore. After telling my husband how
William had used me all night long, he couldn’t take
any more and just about raped me. If I hadn’t given in
I’m not sure what would have happened.
It wasn’t all that painful anyway, because William
had stretched me so much that I hardly felt my
husband’s smaller prick.
We now have a very exciting sex life even though I have
had three black lovers since that time and am currently
81/2 months pregnant with my second black lover’s baby,
even though my current lover thinks it belongs to him.
My husband never wants to participate in any of my
sexual encounters, but always insists that I tell him
what I did. He told me that it was just as satisfying
for him to see me sexually satisfied as it would be for
him to go out with other women.
We talked for quite some length about us having another
child and it was very exciting going through the small
steps of stopping birth control and waiting each month
to see if my egg would be fertilized by one of my black
lovers sperm.

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