Impregnating Indian childless sister to save her future

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We are an orthodox Muslim family living in U P. My father name is Saifuddin Khan is working in Dubai and he is there for the last about 10-12 years. He is working as a carpenter there. We live in a village near Lucknow. We are 3 members in our family. Me Ahmad Khan age about 22 years and a student in a local college. My mother name is Kulsum Khan am, aged about 45 years and my elder sister Salma aged about 28 years.
My sister is about 6 years elder to me and so she has already been married in a nearby village. As with the most of Indian Muslims, we are also less educated family. I am also doing simple BA. My sister was just 10 class pass and my brother in law is a teacher of Urdu in local Madrassa (religious school). My sister is married for about 8 years now but she is still childless. This is the biggest problem in our family these days. As in orthodox Indian society being childless and that also in a village community is the biggest problem. My sister is very beautiful and plump. She is so sober and nice and she is very much liked and loved in her in laws, but lately due to her being childless has been causing family problems.
Many a times, I had seen my Ammi talking with my sister on mobile for long hours. I knew that there are family problems as she had not given birth to any child. As I am her brother and we are orthodox Muslims and in our society talking in family about such issues between mother and son or brother and sister is not even thought for. But I had overheard sometimes and knew that my sister’s mother in law was very upset over her not getting a grandchild and so she was thinking of getting her son remarried after giving divorce to my sister or if she does not agree she was even ready to marry her son one more times as we Muslims are allowed to marry four times.
This all was very frustrating and shocking for us. I knew that my brother in law is a nice man and he loves my sister very much but due to family and society pressures he may also give in.
My sister used to visit us many times as there were many Dargahs (religious places) in our city and mother was taking her to different shrines to get heavenly blessings to get her pregnant but till now all in vain.
Lately I had found my mother in very gloomy mood as she came to know that in-laws of my sister had started searching for another girl for my brother-in-law. I was also very upset with this development but I could not do anything. I found that now the mobile talks in my mom and sister had gone longer and normally they were engrossed in talking even many times a day. Overhearing their conversation I had come to know that all medical tests were conducted on my sister and brother-in-law and they were positive. There was no medical problem in my sister and she could bear a child. Only the sperm count in my brother-in-law was less, but that also was sufficient to become a father. So perhaps the right time had not come or even GOD didn’t want them to bear a child yet. As doctors had said, that it is just a matter of time and my sister will become pregnant.
One day when my mother was sitting in drawing room and lost in some thoughts, I felt very bad for her, as she was facing this problem all alone as my father is already in gulf country and was away. I knew it is not correct to talk to her about my sister but I thought it my duty to talk to her.
So I went to her with a cup of tea and sat near her and started talk, ” Ammijaan! I am sorry to interrupt you but I see that these days you are very sad and always in thoughts. Is there anything wrong? Ammijaan please share your problems with me. I am grown up and as Abbajaan is away, I am there to share and help in your problems.”
Ammijaan turned towards me and she remained lost in thoughts as if thinking if to talk to me about sister or not. Then as if she decided something and said,” Look Ahmad! You are not a child and a grown up now. Further as your father is away and no one else is there with whom I may share my problems. I think the time has come that you also know the things going on in the family and suggest some suggestions as you are educated. Ahmed! The problem is about your sister Salma. It is long time since her marriage and still she is not having a child. This is causing problems in her family and now her mother — in- law has started searching for another bride for their son. They will either give Talak ( divorce) to your sister or simply get second wife. In both the cases the life of your sister is ruined. If she stays there only, her position in the family will be reduced to a simple house maid, doing all the family chores just for food. And no family respect or love. And if she is divorced, she has nowhere to go. You know in our orthodox Muslim society, there is no place for divorced and barren ladies. People just want to get rid of their girls by marrying them even to old people or widowers and even divorce. Your sister will be known as barren and also divorce, so she can never be remarried. She has to come to us forever , as she has nowhere else to go. I am so much worried about your sister’s life and don’t know what to do? Your father is also far away and can’t help us.”
Saying this Ammi started sobbing and crying. I also felt very bad for my sister and also my mother. I was furious about the family of my sister’s in-laws. In angry tone, I asked,” Ammijaan! This is so wrong. How can they do such thing to my sister? What is her fault? They should contact a better doctor and now with the advancement of medicines, this is not a problem, which cannot be cured. ”
Ammijaan said.” they have already consulted so many doctors and all say there is no problem with your sister or her husband. It is perhaps, that the time has not come. There is some minor problem with your brother- in- law, but even then it is not so big that he cannot beget a child. Hence his mother — in- law is naturally putting all the blame on your sister and wants to remarry him.”
I was dumbstruck and silent. I knew the position in our Muslim society and knew that mother was right. They can get there son remarried and throw my sister out of house and we our even law cannot do anything. That was a difficult situation to handle. I and Ammijaan both kept silent and lost in our thought to sort out some solution for some time, but could not get to anywhere.
I asked mother, “Ammijaan! You are taking Salma Baaji to so many dargahs and even that is not of any use. What do you think? My suggestion is to go for better medical treatment. Though it is very costly and chances are not always 100%, but still we can’t sit still and see Salma Baaji’s life ruined. You also consult with your friends in neighborhood and perhaps some lady may give some suggestions.”
Ammi hesitated for some time, as if thinking if to tell me something or not, then after a long pause, she made up her mind and said,” Look Ahmed! It is very personal, and it is so odd and weird for me to discuss such things with you my son, but I don’t know what to do and there is nobody else, whom I may share my concerns, so I tell you. I had already discussed the matter with my ladies and all have no solution. Shanbnam Aunty, who is one old lady in the other lane, even suggested some very odd and weird solution. She has suggested that as there is no problem with Salma and the sperm count is a bit less in your brother-in-law, so instead of getting your sister kicked out of house, she should have extra marital relation and get impregnated from someone else. That was so wrong a solution. We can’t even think such things.”
I interrupted Ammi and said,” That is very unusual solution. Think of the position of our family and reputation of family and Salma, if anybody comes to know such things. The old Shabnam aunty should be ashamed of suggesting such things.” I was angry.
Ammijaan stopped me and said, “Ahmed! You will not believe that in the state of frustration I have given thought to even this solution.
Though, it is so wrong to talk such things with my son. But I have no alternative. You are right this is so wrong. Even think, if Salma goes for this way and anybody comes to know of this, then what will happen to her? Also the person may blackmail her and even after getting her a child, he may keep asking for continuation of this relationship or may ask for money etc. to blackmail us. Also another problem is there, even if Salma goes in that way, and the child she gets resembles the father, will her in-laws not be getting suspicious? Also where can Salma get such a person who helps her?”
I was also stunned. This was the first time when Ammijaan was discussing such matter with me. And in the mood of gloom she had spoken about such things with me , which we just could not even think of talking in family .I understood the position so I kept silent and kept thinking for some way out, but could not.
After 2-3 days, when I came back from college, I found Ammijaan in worst mood, seemingly she had been weeping for some times and her eyes were red and she was so gloomy. I thought, it might pertain to my sister, so I went near to her and asked her what the matter was? She again started crying and after some time, she stopped and in sobbing she told me that Salma had told her that her in-laws has started searching another bride for her husband and had decided to divorce her. Today the father of the other girl had come to their house to discuss the matter and other things. They were planning to marry after about a month after Ramdan (the holy festival in we Muslims). Salma was crying in her home there and Ammi told me that she had told that she may commit suicide, as she don’t want to come to her parents after divorce.
This, way a bolt from the blue, for us. I could not speak anything with anger and told mother that we had to do something fast. Mother seemed to be in some determined mood and she wiped her face and eyes off tears and said in a solid tone,” I will have to do something to save the life of my child. I just cannot let my daughter die of shame or been kicked off her in-laws home like this. I can’t let them ruin her life as such.”
I kept silent and felt very sorry for my sister, and went to my room and fell on the bed and started crying. Ammi had a long talk with Salma baaji (Sister) on mobile, I was in my room so I could not understand their words, but both went on talking for long time.
In the evening, Ammi came to my room. Her jaw was clutched as if she was very tense and came to me. She sat beside me on bed and it seemed that she wanted to talk to me. I asked her, about what the matter was?. For some time she kept silent and then in a determined tone she spoke, “Ahmed! I am very much ashamed to talk to you. It is very much frustrating and wrong for me, as a mother to talk to you, such things. I don’t know how to start and what to speak.”
I told.” Don’t mind Ammi jaan! I am your son and you can talk to me about anything. There is nothing to hide or to hesitate. You tell me what the matter is?”
Ammi kept silent for some moments and then said,” Ahmed! I can’t speak to you in light. Please switch off the light and come to bed and hear attentively. It is about your sister Salma.”
I switched off the light and there was very less light in the room now. We could not even see each other faces properly. Mom cleared her throat and said, ” Ahmed my son! This is very personal so please this should not go out of us both. I had been thinking of your sister whole day and trying to find some way out to save the life of my daughter.
Her in laws are bent upon ruining her life without any fault of her. We have to save her. I had been thinking of all the possible solutions and finally found that somehow she has to get pregnant at earliest otherwise they will marry her husband again. Finally I found out that there is no other way than Salma, getting physical relationship with another man and get pregnant. But the problem is that there is no one whom we may trust that after pregnancy he will not blackmail her or will not tell the people about his relationship with Salma. I could not think of anyone. So ultimately I decided that there is only person on the earth, who can do this favor to Salma, without any fear in future and that is YOU”.
The last word by Ammi , was like a bomb dropped on my head. “What” a big scream automatically came out of my mouth. “Are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about?”
I screamed and was blankly looking my Ammi like she had gone mad. Ammi patted on my shoulder and said,” Ahmed! Calm down. Just think it over, there is no way out. Don’t you love your sister and want to save her prestige and life? I have thought a lot. It can be only you and no one else. With you it can be safe and no chance of black mailing in future. Further nobody will come to know. And also as you both are siblings, so resemble each other. Even if the child looks like father or mother, we can easily say that it is like mother (Salma). It is only, if you love your sister and ready for this sacrifice.”
I was stunned and kept sitting like a dumb rock for a long time. Then like some fog cleared from my mind and I started thinking on the lines my mother was speaking. When I gave it a thought, I found that perhaps, in the given situation, this was the best possible way out. I myself could not find any other way. I was just sitting silently and thinking and thinking. Ammi was also sitting beside me and watching me with anticipation.
After a long pause, I raised my head and in a slow voice asked,” Ammi! Have you talked to Salma Baaji about it? What does she say? Is she ready?”
On my words, a meek smile came on mother’s face, she said,” I have not talked about this to Salma, but as you are ready, I will make some arrangements. I have thought of it. I am sending a message tomorrow to her in-laws that for 10 days, we have planned a special prayer / Namaz at a local Dargah. As they already want to get rid of her, so they will send her here. Then I will give her sleeping pill and you can perform your duty. Ahmed! This is very secret. You have to keep it secret for the sake of our own family, your sister Salma and also for the child. O.K.”
I kept silent, I was of the view that Ammi has already talked with Salma, during the day. Otherwise how is this possible that without her permission, we can indulge in sex? But perhaps Ammi was hiding it from me, so as to save the mutual brother / sister relationship of us.
After a long pause, I said,” Ammi! This is incest and sin in society. I have never in my life thought about Salma Baaji in this way. But as I think, perhaps you are right. There is no other way, so I am ready. You send a message to Salma to come and we will try to save her life from being ruined.”
A faint smile came on Ammi’s face. What a unique but weird way she had thought out? I don’t know what GOD has in store for us in future.
Ammi silently rose from bed and went out. I kept thinking about the about to change relationship with my sister and don’t know when sleep took over me.
Next day, I woke up and after my usual morning rituals; I went to kitchen for breakfast, as I had to go to college. Ammi was hiding her face and trying to avoid eye contact with me. I was also feeling shy and silently and fast ate my breakfast and went to college.
When in the evening, I came back from college, I found Salma Baaji (elder sister in Urdu), was sitting in the drawing room.
I bid her Slam Alekum (wishing good morning), she shyly replied me. I thought she must know the plan so she is shy of me. She was trying avoiding eye contact with me and also she was talking less with me. I was also feeling shame as at least I knew what for she was there and what I was supposed to do. For the first time in my life, I saw my sister closely as a girl. She was fair in color and very beautiful. She had grown a big voluptuous after marriage. Her boobs were big and she was wearing a light blue suit, which was tight fit and her body contours were clearly visible. She was wearing low neck shirt and half of her milky breasts were clearly open. For the first time in my life, I felt a pang in my cock, looking at her. Boy she was hot.
Mother gave me a cup of tea and after some time the dinner was ready which we ate silently. There was a charged atmosphere in the home. Like everybody was tense. After dinner mother cleaned the dishes and Salma Baaji went to her room. After about half an hour, mother called me. She was sitting in drawing room. I went there and stood silently near to her.
She told me,” Look Ahmed! Your sister is here. Now all depends upon you, her life and future is in your hands. It is very unusual and also I myself feel like dying of shame, for what I have asked you to do to your own elder sister, but there is no other way out. So please go to her room. She will be sleeping, don’t wake her up. And be gentle with her. After you finish, please rearrange her clothes as before, so that when in the morning she wakes up, she does not find anything unusual. Now please go.”
I was feeling hot as I was going to fuck my own elder sister and that also with the permission of my own mother. My cock was twitching and I was getting a hard on already. I was afraid that as I was wearing just a lungi, mother may not notice my hardening cock.
I hesitantly asked,” Ammijaan! Salma has just gone to her room a little while before. How can she be sleep so fast? Also does she know the plan? What happens if she wakes up? What will happen then?”
Mother spoke in irritating tone,” Ahmed! Don’t spoil the time. When I have told you that nothing to worry, why you ask such foolish questions? I again tell you, she will not wake up and she is sleeping now. You go and do your duty. Please just go, I feel ashamed talking all this to you. It is weird.”
I hesitantly said O.K and went to Salma’s bed room. A little night bulb was lit in one corner and the light was so dim that I could only see the silhouette of her body on bed. She was lying in middle of bed and wearing a maxi (a long one piece gown type cloth from neck to toe). I did not know if she was wearing anything beneath it or not.
With a thumping heart I went near to her. Her own breathing was fast. Her eyes were shut and her breasts were heaving up and down fast. Clearly she was awake but pretending to be sleep. Mother must have discussed the plan with her and taken her approval, otherwise it was just not possible to do all this. Ammi was rightly keeping a pretense of her ignorance, to save our mutual sibling relationship in future, and perhaps she was right.
Though the light in the room was so dim, but just by watching Salma lying on bed (for a fuck) , made my cock instantly hard. I was not a virgin and I had fucked many girls of my neighborhood before, but it was first time with my own sister.
I stood near her bed and looked her face. Her eyes were shut and her head was tilted to one side, perhaps to avoid looking towards me. With a trembling heart, I sat on the bed near to her and in a slow whisper called her name. She didn’t reply and kept silent. Her breathing went a bit fast. I slowly put my hand on her hand. I felt a shiver going in her body. She was trembling.
I was getting excited by looking her breasts though they were still covered in her maxi. I slowly put my right hand on her left breast. It felt big and soft. Salma did not do anything and kept lying. I cupped her breast and slowing started caressing it. It felt like a soft ball. It was so good. None of the girls, whom I had fucked before, had so big melons. Salma’s boobs were really fantastic.
My cock was getting hard with every passing second. I took off the banyan I was wearing and also untied my lungi. It fell on my feet and now I was standing stark naked near to my sister. The very thought of fucking my own real sister was making my cock rock hard.
I again kept my both hands on her boobs and started pressing and fondling them. Actually I was supposed to get in the room and just take out my cock and start fucking her, and after discharging my semen in her womb, I was to get out.
But the beauty of her voluptuous body make me change my plan and to also enjoy a bit. I raised her maxi towards her face so as to reveal her boobs and to fondle them properly. But as I started pulling her maxi, her milky white thighs came in view. I found them so sexy and started rubbing my palm on them. Salma’s body was trembling; she was keeping her eyes shut so she could not speak anything. She just let me caress her thighs.
I pulled the maxi more up and wow, there came in view the most beautiful cunt of my life. Salma was not wearing any panty. Perhaps it was to make my job easier. But this was the first time that I was watching her naked cunt. it was full of hair, so the cunt hole and even clitoris was not visible. Also the light in the room was not so much, but even then the sight of her cunt was so fascinating. I forgot her boobs, and bent down a bit to have a better look of her cunt. She smelled so sweet. A tasty aroma was emanating her cunt.
Suddenly my eyes fell on a small mirror kept on the table, near her bed board. Perhaps it was lying there always, so that sister or mother may use it to comb their hair with ease. But what I saw in that mirror, made my jump with surprise.
I could see a pair of feet on the ground , where the curtain was put on the door of adjoining bathroom. Actually there was a bathroom which was common to this room and mother’s room, which was next room. There were two different doors from each room to that bathroom, so that even in night anybody may use it. And curtains were there on the door. So it was possible to go to bathroom from either of the rooms.
Now somebody was standing there behind the curtains, and the feet of the person were visible under them. There were only 3 persons in the house. Me, Salma Baaji, and Ammi. Also mother’s room was the next one, so none else could be there except mother. Ammijaan was standing behind the curtains and watching our fucking. The light in the room was so dim and also she was standing on such angle that I could not see her, but just for the mirror on the table, I found her.
It was a surprising thing. My own mother was peeping me, fucking my own elder sister ( with her own permission). The very scene was voyeur. Perhaps she was curious to watch as to what was happening as the taboo itself of a brother fucking his sister was enough and here it was with the consent of or rather instructions of mother. It was greatest impossibility in Indian and particularly in our Muslim society. The thought that my mother was watching me , fucking Salma, made my cock steel hard. It twitched up and down. I kept silent and didn’t know what to do?
I kept my face near to Salma’s cunt and stood still for some moments. I kept watching mother standing there. Here Salma was also silently waiting my next move. As, she was keeping her eyes closed, to pretend sleeping, so she didn’t know anything about mother watching us. She was waiting my next move. She was expecting me to come in the room and open my lungi and raise her maxi and start fucking her straight way, but here it was taking time. She must be getting excited by every passing moment.
Then some pervert thoughts came to my mind. My face was near to Salma’s cunt. I last time inhaled her scent of cunt and took out my tongue out. I gave a secret peek in the mirror to confirm Ammijaan’s presence and put my tongue on Salma’s clitoris. Salma felt like a 10000 watt electric shock. She jerked her body and jumped her pelvis. She was to scream in surprise but somehow muffled her scream. I lapped my tongue around her swollen clitoris and then took her clitoris in my lips and started sucking it.
Salma was in a fix. She could not move or even stop me as she was to pretend sleep.
But perhaps her orthodox Urdu teacher husband has never done this to her, so getting the clitoris licked and sucked was a strange and new experience to her. She was wiggling vigorously, and shaking her body, to remove my head from in between her legs. But she could not speak anything. This was the situation to my advantage. I started chewing her clitoris with more force. Salma gave a muffled scream; this new pleasure was new but in imaginably good to her. She bucked her cunt up, perhaps to give me easier excess.
Now I was properly sucking her clitoris and then started took my tongue fully out and lapped her cunt from clitoris to her cunt hole. And then again, started back from her cunt hole to her clitoris. Salma was whimpering and moving her head sideways. She was getting an unbearable pleasure. Neither could she stop me nor could she help me. Her cunt was oozing sweat nectar of cunt juices. I was sucking the cunt juice and with every passing moment, my cock was getting rock hard.
This was the first time for me, to suck a girl. Though I had fucked some girls before, but never they allowed me to suck their cunt , and even putting my cock in their mouth was just out of question. I was enjoying sucking Salma’s cunt for the first time. The only problem was that she was not shaved down on cunt, so when I lapped my tongue on her cunt, her public hair came in my mouth. But this was nothing in compare to the blissful moments I was enjoying.
I secretly look in the mirror to find Ammijaan. She was moving behind curtain. Perhaps she was furious, because I was just supposed to fuck Salma to get her pregnant and here I was sucking her cunt. This must be a new thing for Ammijaan also. But as she was hiding behind the curtain, so she also could not spear anything. The situation was very strange and all to my benefit. I decided to take the best use of it and again I put Salma’s clitoris in my lips and while sucking it vigorously I put my index finger in her now fully wet cunt. As soon as my finger entered her cunt, she gave a little cry. And I started moving my finger in and out of her wet and slippery cunt with speed. Salma’s wiggling intensified and she again raised her pelvis in air to give my mouth and finger a better access.
I added another finger in her cunt and also increased the speed of finger fucking. Simultaneously I was sucking her clitoris with more vigor. Then all of sudden Salma bucked her cunt and her both hands came of my head. She was keeping her eyes closed but pushing my head down to help me suck fast. Surely she was getting the pleasure of her life. She could have never even thought of such pleasure. She must be knowing only the straightway fucking of her husband. The joy she was getting for the first time was unimaginable for her. We both were in new heaven for the first time. I had also only read about sucking in stories or seen in blue movies, but this was my first real experience and it was surely millions times better than I had ever thought.
I looked toward mirror to see, what Ammijaan was doing. She must be very furious, to see all this.
Ammijaan was moving in anger behind the curtain. Her plan was not working as per her planning. But she could not do anything as she could not even come out as she was hiding. This all situation was giving me a great kick and my cock was getting so hard that I feared that it may not burst out.
As my cock was twitching with passion and was totally unattended, I thought, that as Salma is getting her first sucking then why should I also not get my cock sucked for the first time today. I thought of putting my cock in her mouth, but it was to be Salma’s first cock suck, so I feared that she may not like it or may not cooperate or may not even do it.
So I decided to suck her clitoris some more time, to bring her orgasm near and let her enjoy some more so that then she may be made ready to suck my cock.
I took my tongue out and put it in her cunt hole and started fucking her with it. She jumped with joy. All this was becoming unbearable for her. With one hand I kept caressing her clitoris and kept tongue fucking her vigorously. She kept her hands on my head, and kept moving her fingers in my hair, and also she was raising her cunt up the bed to give my tongue and fingers a better access. I increased the speed and now she was wiggling so much. Her orgasm was nearing up and it increased her own bucking and now she was moaning loudly with eyes shut to keep the pretense of sleep.
At this moment, again looked in mirror toward Ammijaan’s side and found her there. She was not standing still but moving in anger. I started moving my own feet towards Salma’s face and bring my body above her face in 69 position. I put both my feet on the either side of her face and lowered my pelvis down till my rock hard cock touched her face.
As Salma was keeping eyes shut, so she did not notice my movement, but as soon as my hot and hard cock touched her lips, she jumped with surprise. As she found my cock on her lips, she immediately moved her head to other side. Surely she did not want to put my cock in her mouth. I knew it was her first time to put a cock in her mouth, so I expected this reaction, but I again touched my cock on her cheek to let her know that as I was sucking her cunt, I wanted her to suck my cock. But she was not ready. I tried some more times but every time she moved her head, to avoid me, but she could not speak me to stop my try.
I was naturally angry; my cock was so hard and expecting some release. Here Salma was getting her licking and cunt being tongue fucked but keeping my cock totally unattended. So I increased my speed of tongue fucking and clitoris caressing and within half a minute I found her orgasm again approaching. As it was her first time so her orgasm had to be very intense. Her moaning increased and became more fast and loud, she raised her cunt in air, but I immediately withdrew my fingers from her clitoris and tongue from cunt. She was left high and dry. She kept moving her waist in air to find my mouth, but I again put my cock on her face.
Salma Baaji (elder sister) was mad with lust. She was on the blink of her orgasm and then I left her. She was dying for fuck, but I did not touch her cunt again and kept rubbing my hard cock on her face and closed lips.
Now Salma knew that until and unless she put my cock in her mouth and suck it , I will not put my mouth on her cunt. so when again I put my cock on her lips, she did not withdrew it sideways. She kept her lips closed and my hot cock head was resting on them. I also put my lips on her cunt hole but did not do anything else. Reluctantly Salma Baaji opened her lips a bit, so that my cock head though could not enter her mouth, but her lips were on it. I also put my fingers again on her clitoris but kept still.
This was too much for her. Her orgasm was so near and she was mad with lust and here I was lying still on her. Suddenly she again a muffled cry of anger and opened her lips full and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Half of my cock was now in her mouth and she was moving her tongue around the head of it, and started sucking my cock like a lollypop, by moving her mouth up and down on my cock.
I was in heaven. This was the first time that my cock was in somebody’s mouth and being sucked. That also , by my own elder sister Salma. This was too muck I could expect. I fully inserted 2 of my fingers in her wet cunt and while finger fucking her with speed, put my mouth on her clitoris and took in my teeth and started sucking and chewing it fast.
Now, we both were sucking and licking each other in 69 position, we both were mad with lust and passion and doing the first oral sex of our life. Both of us were sucking each other with full speed and passion. Salma Baaji was pushing her cunt in air again and again.
Now as it was long time, for me to suck her so her orgasm was near. She was moaning loudly as “OH OH Oh….aah aah aah “. I sensed her orgasm and increased the speed of my fingers fucking and chewing her clitoris. I even started gently biting her clitoris.
Suddenly Salma Didi raised her cunt and also put her hands on my head to forcibly put it more on cunt and screamed a loud “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.” And as if some dam burst in her cunt and her body started convulsing rapidly. She kept chanting OH OOOOOHHHHHHH OOOOOOHHHHH and sweat nectar started flowing from her cunt. I took out my fingers from her cunt and replaced them with my mouth and with fingers kept rubbing her clitoris vigorously. She was having perhaps the best orgasm of her life. For about 2-3 minutes her body kept vibrating and convulsing and I kept lapping the sweat cunt juice coming out of her cunt. I feared that she may not bite on my cock in her mouth with teeth, but she was clever enough. She withdrew her teeth inside, but due to blasting orgasm she could not keep sucking me. As she was in a trance like position, so keeping my cock in her mouth she kept Cummings in my waiting mouth.
After some time her waist fell back on bed, and was breathing so heavily as if she had run a full marathon. Her heart was thumping rapidly and her breasts were heaving up and down with each breath. She kept lying on body motionless, lost in the aftermath of her best orgasm of life, even unaware of my cock in her mouth, which was unattended now.
After some time she regained her composer, and again started sucking my cock. As she had enjoyed her orgasm and my cock was still rock hard, so naturally she wanted to repay me the pleasure she herself has just got.
But now, I also regained my own mind and thought of why I had come in the room. I could not cum in Salma Baaji’s mouth, because I had to impregnate her. So reluctantly I raised my body up to withdraw my cock from her mouth, she was perhaps enjoying the taste of my cock in her mouth, so she also raised her head with my waist to keep the cock in mouth, but I forcibly took it out. During all this Salma Didi kept her eyes closed and pretended asleep.
I again looked in the mirror and found that Ammi was still behind the curtain. I don’t know if she was enjoying our oral fuck or was getting angry. However she also could not speak anything as she was peeping secretly.
Finding, my sister, lying nude on bed, and my own mother watching us, made my cock jerk in lust. I stood down on floor and turned my body toward Ammi’s side, I did not look toward her, but my cock was squarely facing her side and she could see it clear. My cock was jerking up and down as if the hands of a soldier. I thought that if mother is there for long time, then why not to give her a show. So I raised Salma’s maxi till her neck to reveal her orange sized tits. Salma was shy, and did not want to reveal her nudity in this way, but she could not do anything in this situation.
I took hold of her both legs and pulled her body to one side of bed, which was facing Ammijaan’s side. Now I could fuck Salma while standing on side of bed also Ammi could see all the show clearly before her eyes. Salma knew, what was coming, so she kept mum. Her cunt was all wet from her juices and also my cock was wet with her saliva, so there was no need of any lubrication. I parted both her legs sideways and her cunt was open before me like a book opened. I lowered my face and gave her cunt a kiss, and then took my steal hard cock and put it on her cunt opening.
Salma’s body was trembling; I rubbed my cock head in the slit of her cunt and made it wet with her flowing juices. Then I wedged cock head on the opening of her cunt and took hold of both her tits in my both hands. Salma’s heart was beating fast. I knew that my cock was big and much fatter than the cock she might have ever taken, so I put my lips on her lips, to avoid any sound coming out of her mouth, and gave a big jerk and my cock head disappeared in her cunt.
Salma Baaji, moved her cunt to get my cock out. She was feeling pain. Though she was so wet and after oral sex, she was dying for a hard fuck. But my cock was so big for her cunt. she tried to move her lower body, but I was stronger than her. So keeping her still and sealing her mouth with my own, I gave another thrust and half of my cock disappeared in her cunt.
Salma gave a muffled cry, but before it that she could do anything, a tightened my ass and gave the most powerful thrust and whole of my cock went in cunt as a knife in butter, till both my balls were resting on her ass hole and cock fully in her cunt.
Salma tried to whimper but her mouth was sealed and her body fixed in my legs. So she had to bear the pain. I knew, my cock was big for her. So I kept lying on her still and started fondling her tits with my hands. And also I was rolling her rock hard nipples in my fingers. As I was not moving my cock, so Salma Baaji (sister), heaved a sigh of relief. And after about 2-3 minutes of our lying still, her pain in cunt subsided and she herself started responding by raising her cunt up on my cock.
I knew that she was enjoying the fuck now, so I withdrew my cock about 3-4 inches and started fucking her with that much length only. After 10-15 thrusts, again her cunt juices started flowing, and her cunt became slippery. I knew that now it was the time to give her a fuck of her life.
I could not see toward Ammi, as she was on my back side. To give her better view of the show, I put both my feet on bed and put Salma’s both legs on my shoulders, and put one pillow, below her waist to give a better angle for me for fucking and better view to Ammi. Now I was sitting on both my feet on bed, and I started fucking Salma with full speed with my full length of cock.
As Salma had orgasm once and I had none, so I was dying for release now and fucking my sister with full cock and with great speed. My cock was moving in and out of her slippery cunt like a piston of railway engine. Salma was not feeling any pain now and was enjoying the fuck, as was evident from her loud moaning, she was still keeping her eyes shut, but involuntarily her arms hugged my back and she had tightened her arms around my back. She was moaning AHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH AAEEEEE AAAAAAAAAEEEE. I was fucking her like a mad man and she was meeting my thrusts with equal and matching thrusts from her waist.
We were fucking like animals. My cock was coming out till its head and then again disappearing fully in her cunt. My balls were tight with cum and banging thump thump on her ass hole now.
I kept fucking her like this for about 10 minutes and now I felt my own orgasm nearing it. I was sure that Ammijaan was standing behind the curtain and was watching the incestual fuck of we siblings. This very thought was making my cock harder and make me fucking my elder sister with more speed and vigor.
Now I sensed that I may not last long, so I put both my arms under Sal ma’s knees and folded them towards her shoulders, giving me better angle of penetration. I clenched my teeth and gave some best and most powerful strokes of my life. Salma was also near.
Suddenly I felt as if some volcano had erupted in somewhere inside me and hot lava started rising up to burst out through my cock. It felt like pure heaven, I could not hold long and a big moan or rather cry of happiness came out of my mouth. I screamed OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Salma BBBBBaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiii I am cumming, Oh Allah it is so good. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh and I tightened my ass cheeks and jabbed my cock fully in her cunt and globes and globes of my hot cum started shooting in my elder sister Salma’s cunt.
As soon as, my orgasm hit and I started Cumming, her own orgasm hit her again and perhaps this time it was many times more than the older one. She raised her cunt in air to receive more and more of my cock in her cunt and her own cunt juices (cum) started flowing. As my cock was fixed in her cunt fully closing it so the juices kept in side only. She also screamed some unclear words loudly and with OH ALLAH! She came and came so much,
This was the most intense orgasm of my life and the very fact that I was fucking my own elder sister and being peeped by own mother made it more intense.
I must have cum about half a liter in Salma’s cunt. big and thick globes of cum kept pouring in her cunt and after about 5 minutes of mutual orgasms , Salma dropped her waist back on the bed and I also fell on her breast like a dead limp Rocky(D).
We both have just enjoyed the best ever orgasm, so we both were feeling weak. I kept lying on her for about 10 minutes and then I regained my senses. I looked in the mirror to check, if Ammi was still there or gone. She was there and there was some rapid movement behind the curtain near her waist. I thought she might be fingering herself or moving in anger.
Anyway it was getting late now, so I got up and took my lungi, which was lying on floor and just wrapped it around my waist. Salma was lying totally naked, as her maxi was bunched near her neck. I was to pull it down to cover her as asked by Ammijaan, but then again some perversion in me prevailed and I kept her lying naked like that only.
For a last time I kissed Salma’s hairy cunt and gently squeezed her tits and giving a loving peck on her lips, I silently opened the door and went out to my own room. Salma was lying still on her bed and my virile semen had started its journey towards her virile womb.
As reached my bed and tired as hell, I just fell on it and was dead sleep in just 1-2 minutes.
Next day I woke up late at about 7.30 AM, I was supposed to reach my college at 9, so I immediately went to bathroom and did my routine morning rituals, and went to drawing room.
Salma was sitting on sofa and peeling some vegetables. I , to make it normal, wished her, saying ” Good Morning Salma Baaji”, she silently raised her head in surprise, as if she was not expecting this from me now, but in low tone, spoke ” Good Morning Ahmed”. But clearly she was feeling shy and behaving awkward and was avoiding eye contact with me. Rather she was trying to avoid speaking with me. I don’t know if it was for shame, as we have fucked last night, or she was angry with me for the way I had sucked and fucked her. But anyway it was feeling nice. I was watching her now with a different look, not as a brother, but as a man toward woman.
Ammijaan heard my voice and came to drawing room with a plate of breakfast. She was also behaving abnormal. I understood, that after watching our fucking, she must be very angry with me, for sucking and licking Salma and then I made her suck me in 69 position and then after fucking, I did not even cover Salma baaji, as told by Ammijaan. Ammijaan was trying to show that Salma did not know the fucking, but was in sleep due to sleeping pills, so she had asked me to cover her as before to make it as if nothing happened, and what I did was totally different.
But Ammijaan could not say anything, as she was hiding herself and how could she say that she know, about what I did in Salma’s room. So she was looking towards, me with burning eyes but was silent. Her anger was clear from her every movement, but Salma Baaji, though was silent, but her look towards me or her movements showed lots and lots of love instead of anger.
I silently ate my breakfast and went to kitchen to put my empty plates in sink. Ammijaan was standing there, with face red with anger, she asked me,” Ahmed! What is this? Was everything all right in night? ”
I, in a simple and innocent tone said,” Yes Ammijaan! It was all right. Salma Baaji was sleeping so sound likes a dead wood. There was no problem. Everything went as per planned. And then I went to my room. I was tired or don’t know why I woke up late.”
Ammijaan could not say anything against my lie, as then she had to reveal her own peeping, so angrily she said, “Did you cover her up properly, so that when Salma wakes up in morning, she does not know of it?”
Ammi was trying to save our brother sister relationship, but that had already changed drastically in night. But again, falsely I said,” Yes Ammijaan! I covered her as before, after I was done.”
Ammijaan was angry was kept silent. Also she was feeling ashamed and awkward to talk to me about my fucking my own elder sister. So she said,” Ahmed! Look. You know that your sister is here for 10 days only and we have this much time only. I was expecting you to wake up early and go to her room one more time before she waked up. So that in this way, we had more chances to her conceiving , before she goes back to her in — laws. And you instead to helping your sister have woken so late, I think you should be more careful to make the best use of these 10 days, because now the future of your elder sister is in your hands. You are not a child now, so you should be vigilant.”
I was at fault. So I felt sorry to Ammi and said,” I am terribly sorry Ammijaan. I know I should have gone to Salma’s room in the morning, but I was so tired that I kept sleeping, but even then you had also not woken me. Anyway I will keep in mind and now I will come back in noon time, for lunch at home, and if Salma Baaji is sleeping then I will make another go to her in noon and also in night. From tomorrow, I will wake up early for a morning go, and till Salma is here, I will come in noon for lunch and a go on her. Also I will be meeting her in night. This way in 10 days, we will have about 27-28 tries on Salma. I think that much should be sufficient to make her pregnant.”
Ammijaan’s eyes were widened in surprise. She said in an affectionate tone,” Ahmed! My son, I don’t want your hurt also. I think that is so much, your body may be able to take. I said.” Ammi! Don’t mind. I can do it 3 times a day. I know it, as I had been masturbating even more than 3 times a day sometimes without any problem. ( I spoke that in haste and forgetting that I was talking to my mother). Ammi was surprised to my outburst of such filthy words before her, but she kept silent. Ammijaan silently nodded her head. I went to my room to fetch books. Salma Baaji was still behaving shy and avoiding eye contact with me. I took my books and went to door speaking, “Ammijaan and Salma Baaji! Khuda Haafij (good bye). I will come back in noon for a lunch, hope you people are not sleeping then, or at least one person is awake to give me food.
Ammijaan kept silent, but a smile came of Salma’s face. She knew the meaning of my words. She raised her eyes to my side and as soon as my eyes met her, she immediately lowered them. She kept smiling and very slowly nodded her head. I noticed it. Now I was sure that when in the noon, I come for lunch, Salma Baaji will be sleeping (fake), and awaiting a nice fuck from me.
Same thing happened. I came for lunch and as I thought, Salma was in her room. I asked Ammijaan about her and she told me that she is asleep.
This time, Ammijaan did not ask me anything in instructions, as she knew the results already, so she simply nodded her head for me to go to Salma’s room.
Within 2 minutes, Ammi was behind the curtain, as before. Now it was day time, so she had better light and better view of our fucking. I did as usual. I gave my better views to Ammi of our fucking and my throbbing cock. Many a times I took my cock out of my sister’s cunt so that Ammi may have a better look of my pulsating cock. I got a perverting kick in it. Every time I found, Ammijaan looking my cock, it twitched and became harder.
As before I and Salma had a big oral section and then a big fucking in cunt. Only care I took was, was not to ejaculate in her mouth, as I had to save my semen for her womb.
This became our routine. I daily fucked Salma Baaji , three times a day. (Morning, noon, and night), and every time Ammijaan was there behind the curtain to watch our fuck. She did not know about my looking her in mirror, so she thought it to be her secret to watch we brother and sister fuck each other. The only thing was that she could not reprimand me for sucking and licking Salma’s cunt and neither she could ask Salma anything against her sucking my cock, as now with each passing fuck, Salma was participating more passionately and sucking me with ease and seemed to like it more than even me sucking and licking her.
But Salma Baaji always, kept feigning sleep and pretended as if she did not know our sex. This way she was trying to save our mutual brotherly or sisterly relationship. Though with each passing day her shyness was fading a bit and now she used to talk to me normally as before, without showing any hint of what was going on her bed between us.
This way 10 days passed, and I had fucked Salma Baaji for not less than 28 times. I had poured so much semen in her womb that I hoped even a rock may become pregnant with that. Ammijaan was also looking satisfactorily about it, and when we were alone sometimes, she caressed my hair lovingly and told that whatever was possible, had been done about Salma and now Allah had to bless her with pregnancy.
It was Sunday. And was last day and Salma’s husband had sent a call on her mobile that he will come at about evening and will take her back to his house, as the prayer time in the Dargah was over.
I decided to give a last go on Salma in noon and told Ammi accordingly. She nodded her head and told me to be fast and finish before time as Salma had to “wake up” and bath and to get ready to meet her husband to go.
I came back from the college in noon at about 2.00 pm. As expected, Salma was sleeping in her room. I asked Ammijaan about her and she nodded her towards her room. I took off my clothes and wrapped a lungi around my waist. I was wearing only a banyan on upper body. I went to Salma’s room. Ammi was nowhere to be seen. I thought she must be behind the curtain by now, secretly peeping the show of her children.
As it was the last time, with Salma Baaji, I decided to make the best use of it and to fuck her in Rocky(D)gy style for the first time.
I entered her room, and found Salma lying on cot, wearing only a maxi as usual. I stole a secret glance in the small mirror on side and found that Ammijaan was behind it. The very thought of my mother spying me, while fucking my own elder sister made my cock rock hard instantly.
I took off my clothes and stood facing the bathroom door, where Ammijaan was standing. My body was facing Ammijaan, so she could see my throbbing cock very clearly. I twitched my cock up and down, as if the hands of a soldier move up down in parade, the movement of my cock up and down, while facing Ammijaan was so erotic. I kept my face on Salma, and gave my mother a better show of my cock. I was feeling somewhat pervert and also voyeur. As it was day time so there was enough natural light in the room and Ammijaan was having a better and clear view of everything. She was unaware about my knowledge of her standing.
I raised Salma’s maxi till her neck and bunched it there only. Then I got hold of her boobs and started caressing them gently. They instantly got hard and her nipples were poking out. I put my mouth on her left boob and started chewing her nipple. She was moaning lightly. Lately she had started making some sounds and she knew that I have knowledge of her being awake.
I kept fondling Salma’s boobs and alternated her boobs in my mouth for about 10 minutes. Then I stood up and facing my body towards Ammijaan to give her view of my throbbing cock again, I went near Salma’s cunt and sat between her parted legs. Salma knew as to what was coming, so she silently and slowly parted her legs to give me better access to her cunt to lick it. Lately she had started enjoying her sucking and licking more than even the actual fuck but still she could not taste my cum, as I was always putting my cum in her cunt only, as I had to make her pregnant.
I gently kissed Salma’s clitoris and then started chewing it. Her cunt juices started flowing immediately. I kept nibbling her clitoris and she kept moaning and bucking her cunt in my mouth. Then I rolled my cunt round and put it in her cunt and started tongue fucks her. She was raising her cunt in air to receive my tongue more in her cunt and with my one hand I was rubbing her clitoris and with other I was fondling her boob.
Salma was in heaven and she was enjoying the last fuck in our house with her own little brother. Then again I kept her clitoris in my lips and while licking it I put two fingers in her, now slippery with cunt juices, cunt and started finger fucking her vigorously. Salma was loudly moaning AAHH AAHH and keeping her eyes shut to pretend and feign sleep.
It went on for about 15 minutes and now her moaning had intensified which was an indication of her approaching orgasm. My own cock was steel hard now and throbbing in air as it was totally unattended till now. So raised my body from Salma’s cunt and turned my legs on both sides of her head and put the head of my cock on her lips. Salma Baaji immediately parted her lips and took the crown of my cock in her lips and started gently kissing and licking it. I lowered my head again in her cunt and started sucking her cunt in 69 position. In this position we both were enjoying.
Salma had taken almost 5 inches of my cock in her mouth and was wrapping her tongue around it and was licking the tip and sucking the cock vigorously now. Within these 10 days Salma had become an expert cock sucker and sucking my cock like a lollipop. We both were in heaven. I started giving gentle thrusts in her mouth and started fucking her face. She kept her cheeks pulled inside so that the pressure of her lips was intense on my cock. This was giving me more pleasure. I also was chewing and licking her complete slit of cunt and was licking her clitoris, I was fucking her cunt with two fingers with speed.
I was a long time since we doing our oral sex, so Salma’s orgasm was approaching. I was still far from it as I had just now put my cock in her mouth and she was being licked for long. Actually I did not want to cum in her mouth to save cum for her womb and at the same time I wanted her to enjoy her own orgasm.
She started bucking her cunt with more speed and sensing her orgasm I also increased my own speed. Suddenly with a big OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Salma raised her cunt in air to have more of my fingers in her cunt and her orgasm hit her.
Salma Baaji’s cunt juices started flowing and her moaning became loud. She kept Cummings and Cummings on my mouth and kept sucking my cock. After some time her juices become less and her waist (cunt) fell on the bed. She was very exhausted with the orgasm she received from oral sucking.
I pulled my now throbbing cock out of her mouth and sat between her parted legs. My cock was so hard that the veins were full of blood and were clearly visible on it. It was throbbing with anticipation of going in Salma’s tight cunt. I gave a steeling look in mirror and found that Ammijaan was standing behind it and was busy watching the show.
I thought of giving her better show for the last time and stood on the side of Ammijaan. Now my hard and throbbing cock was clearly towards Ammi and about 5-6 away from her. As I was facing her so she could clearly see my cock in the light of sun. I twitched my aching cock 2-3 times up and down as a hand pump, liking saluting to Ammijaan, but I kept my eyes towards Salma, so Ammi could freely watch my cock. Then I sat near Salma and put one of my hands under her waist and turned her. Salma could not understand anything but instead of facing the roof , now her back was facing and she was lying face down. I dragged her legs to Ammi’s side and folded them inside, so that she was standing Rocky(D)gy style and her cunt was facing Ammijaan. Ammi had a clear view of Salma’s cunt and ass hole.
This was new posture for both of them. The whole show was before Ammijaan’s eyes and just near to her. Then I stood near Salma’s cunt on the ground and rubbed my cock head in her cunt slit. I rubbed my cock head in the length of cunt. Salma could not say anything. She must like it, because she was moaning in pleasure now. My cock head was smeared in Salma’s cunt juices and was glistering with it. I kept rubbing my cock head in her cunt channel and then even rubbed it on Salma’s ass hole also. As my cock head rubbed on her ass hole, she trembled in fear and anticipation. But my cock was so tight and big for my sister’s ass, so I was just teasing her.
Then I again put the cock head on Salma’s cunt hole and with a powerful stroke, I pushed it in. Salma gave a pleasure full moan and a Ah came out of her mouth. She was enjoying the fuck now as in these 10 days, her cunt had stretched to the size of my big cock and now instead of pain there was only pleasure for her.
Ammijaan was watching her children fucking in Rocky(D)gy style. I had a secret glance in the mirror and found Ammijaan keenly watching us fucking with speed. This made my cock harder and I increased my speed.
I was fucking Salma with force and my cock was going in and coming out of her cunt with full speed. Then from floor, I put both of my legs on the sides of the bed and stood like a real Rocky(D). Now my body was on bed.
I was looking as if a bull had mounted the cow and was fucking it with force. This angle and position was more enjoyable. Salma was moaning AAHH AAHH AAHH loudly and was in pure heaven. This style was more fun and pleasure. I cursed myself for not using it before as now this was our last time. Anyway I decided to make the best use of it now, and kept fucking Salma Baaaji with vigor.
Salma’s cunt was quite near Ammijaan’s face and as we both were facing other side, so she could watch us without any fear. In Rocky(D)gy style, both out genitals were in perfect view. I was pulling my cock out till only the tip was inside and then was thrusting it again in with one powerful stroke inside, like a piston in the railway engine. My semen filled balls were slapping on Salma’s underside of cunt. I put my hands on Salma’s boobs and started fondling them while fucking.
We both were wet with sweat and our orgasm was nearing up as I was feeling my balls tightening. I increased my speed and also loud moans started coming out of my mouth. Salma was also nearing her climax and was shivering with anticipation.
I gave 10-12 most powerful strokes and my orgasm came. I pinched Salma’s boobs with power and screamed ” OOOOHHH OOOOOHHHHHHHH I am Cumming ” and with last stroke I jabbed my cock in her cunt and my cock twitched and globes and globes of my hot cum started putting in Salma’s cunt.
The very touch of my semen brought Salma on the climax and with a loud shriek she also hit her climax and her cunt also started releasing her juices. Her cunt was filled and flooded with my semen and her cunt juices. For a long time my cock kept twitching and releasing its virile cock juice in her virile womb.
This posture was more enjoyable and we both had our best and most powerful orgasm of these 10 days today. Ammijaan must have a best view and show. I fell like a dead Rocky(D) on Salma’s back for some time. Then I regained my composure and pulled cum smeared cock, which has gone a bit limp now, out of Salma’s cunt. My cock must have stopped our mutual juices in her cunt, so as I pulled my cock out, Salma’s cunt started overflowing our juices and they came out to her legs and then started dripping on the bed, wetting the bed sheet.
I stood down on the ground. Salma was still standing like a cow in Rocky(D)gy style, as she was feigning sleep, so it was a funny position that she could not even lye on the bed, till I went out of the room. I looked for Ammijaan in mirror and found her still standing behind the curtain. Salma was oblivious to this, as she was keeping her eyes shut to pretend sleep and also she was facing other side.
I rubbed my finger last time on Salma Baaji’s cunt and on her ass hole and then gave a last kiss on her cunt and then I took my lungi and wrapped it around my waist.
Something came to my mind. I thought of showing to Ammijaan that I was not such a fool that I didn’t know of her presence. So I wrapped my lungi and then suddenly I turned towards Ammijaan’s side and looked directly in her eyes.
Ammijaan was horrified by my sudden action. She stood behind the curtain and had made a small gap in curtains to peep in the room and suddenly I was looking directly towards her. She was just frozen and kept standing like a lamb before the lion. She was turned white with fear and she could not speak anything or kept freezing like ice and even could not shut the gap of curtains.
I straightway looked in her eyes and then smiled mischievously towards her and winked to her. Ammijaan was standing as if fixed to ground and kept looking in my eyes like a goat towards a wolf. I did not want to put her to more shame so again I winked and went out of the room, leaving behind my recently fucked elder sister Salma Baaji in Rocky(D)gy style and my mother standing transfixed behind the curtain.
I came out and went to my room.
After 2-3 minutes Ammijaan also came out of room and silently went to kitchen. After another 5 minutes Salma Baaji also came out of her room wearing her clothes and pretending as if she had just woken up. Obviously she didn’t know of what had transpired between me and Ammijaan.
I also came out of my room and shouted, ” Ammijaan! Hurry up. Time for Jijaji (my brother –in- law) to come is near. He may come any moment. Please tell me if anything is to be brought from market.
Ammijaan could not speak anything in shame and just silently nodded her in negative. Salma also came out of bathroom, ready to go with her husband. Today again she was avoiding eye contact with me and feeling shy. I could feel that this was due to the new style of fucking.
Just then bell rang. I opened the door and welcomed my jijaji withj ” Aslaam alekum”. He also wished me and shook hand with me saying ” Valekum Slaam”. Then we sat in drawing room and Salma came in and wished her husband. He was happy to meet her after a gap of 10 days; we chatted for some time and had tea etc.
After about 1 hour, jijaji asked our leave to go with Salma, as it was getting late and they had to go.
Ammijaan agreed and we all came out of our house. I called a rickshaw and they both sat in it. I spoke,” Salma Baaji! Khuda Haafiz. May ALLAH bless you both. Please come again.” Salma’s face become red with shame , she could not speak anything and just smiled, as she could understand the hidden meaning but her husband did not know anything so he didn’t noticed. Salma smiled in affirmation, nodded her head and they went by, leaving behind we both mother and son behind.
It was getting dark, I went to watch TV and Ammijaan silently went to kitchen to make dinner. We both were silent as if some ice wall was between us. Ammijaan was feeling shame to be caught peeping us fuck, so she was behaving like a thief caught. Silently she made dinner and we both ate it and went to our rooms. I was hoping and praying that Ammijaan’s plan may work and may ALLAH bless Salma with pregnancy and may save her future, as we had done whatever we could and now only ALLAH could do anything..

———————- By haldwani

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