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In love with Grandma

10 Min Read

I’m Peter. I am 17 yrs old. I am tall. Blue eyes short dark hair. I’m a virgin. I’m just your usual teenager. His hormones racing, he likes girls.
My Grandmother is 70. She is still very attractive and sexy for her age. She has long dark hair. Green eyes. Size 14 with D cup breasts.
She came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. She had a friend get married. So she decided to stay for a couple of weeks after the wedding. She had to stay in my room. I was relegated to the office. I didn’t mind. My sister needed her room, she is 21 and studying.
This particular day, I was in my room getting some stuff, grandma said that I could still use my room without asking her if I could go into it.
Tuesday after school 3.35 pm
I got home from school putting my stuff in room. Her suitcase open on my bed. Her washing mum had done nicely folded on my bed. Her clothes, underwear, bras and stockings. As a curious teenager I took a closer look knowing I shouldn’t. I picked up her underwear and opened them. A sexy red lacy G String. It could not hide much. The matching bra on the bed. I opened that up to. I imagined her breasts in it. Then her bikini. Yes she wears bikinis and looks amazing in them as well.
I went to have a shower and was playing with my cock thinking of grandma in her underwear. Shit I thought Im 17 thinking of my 70 yr old grandma. Is that wrong I thought. I got out of the shower and walked to my room a towel around my waist. I stood naked in my room and picked up her underwear my cock hard. I put them on and looked in the mirror. I put her bra on and looked at myself.
I heard the front door open. Grandmas home. I took off the bra and underwear and folded them putting them back on the pile. I heard her up the hallway. I put my towel on. I went to my drawers opening them as Grandma walked in my room.
” Hello ” she said.
” Hi ” I said so nervous looking at her, her washing, her underwear and bra not neatly golded like she does. She knows I’ve been looking. ” Just getting some clothes and had a shower.” I said looking at my bulge under my towel.
” Ok ” she said. She wore a pair of tight jeans and a short sleeved tight white cotton top over her breasts showing her ample bosom.” How was your day” she said picking up her bra refolding it and her underwear.
” Good ” I said trying not to perve. Shit I’m attracted to my grandma I thought. I got my clothes and went to the office to dress.
That night Grandma kept smiling at me. She knew I was looking at her underwear. She would have seen my boner under the towel.
Wednesday morning. 8 Am.
Mum and Dad and sister leave at 8. I was home in the kitchen getting breakfast. Grandma walks onto the kitchen in a black satin slip. Half her breast covered by the slip the cleavage under lace. The outline of her nipples visible trying to poke through the fabric. The slip sat mid thigh. I didn’t see a knicker line. Not even a g string. She had no underwear on. My cock hard in my pants.
We ate breakfast together, I tried not to perve at her breasts in the tight slip. Usually she wears a robe over it but not today.
I left for school thirty minutes later, after grandma insisted I give her a hug, feeling her bosom on my chest.
Thursday night.
I was home alone with her. Mum and Dad out for tea and sister out fucking her boyfriend for the week.
We sat in the spa together. She wore her white bikini with a rose pattern on it. Her amazing cleavage in her top. Those breasts wanting to escape. I couldn’t help look she knew I was looking. I couldn’t help it. An hour later we got out.
She got into the shower. I could hear her in there. I imagined her naked body. The water running down over her breasts. I went in into my bedroom. Her clothes on my floor her black underwear and bra sat there, I could hear her in the shower next door. I picked up her underwear listening. I heard the shower turn off. I put her underwear back. I collected some clothes and then she came in with a towel around her. I left the room she closed the door to dress. I knew she was naked under neath. I went to the bathroom and got into the shower. Her bikini lay on the floor. The door locked I put on her bottoms and then her top. I showered with them on. They were wet anyway so she wouldn’t know. My hard cock sticking out the side wanking it. I cum. I watched it slid down the plughole. I turned off the shower and took off her bikini. I dried it with a towel and put it back how I found it. I dressed and went to the lounge. She sat wearing her black slip. We sat talking and having a hot drink. I so badly wanted to go further with her. To see her naked. To touch those breasts.
Friday morning.
Again My parents had left for work. My sister gone to. I was getting breakfast.
” Good morning ” I heard her say behind me
” Good morning ” I said turning Wow. She was wearing the red bra. Her breasts visible through the lace. Her nipples sitting there. She had a floral skirt down to her knees. Her hair straightened. She looked so hot.
” You like this bra ?” She said.
” Ummm… ” I stuttered. She knew I had played with it.
” Its ok, I know you played with it and my underwear. She turned lifting the back of her skirt. I saw the matching G String on her arse as she dropped the back back down ” Going for lunch with a girlfriend today. Its just me and you tonight, your parents out of town and your sister away. ” She said.
” Yes ” I said. ” I was starting to feel nervous about been home with her. She had a drink of water. I saw her top on the couch. She picked it up and slid her arms in the holes putting it on she did up the buttons. It was a sleeveless black semi see through V neck top. It had a solid black band down the front the buttons went through. She looked so sexy. Her perfume and make up. She put on red high heels.
” How do I look darling ” she said doing a twirl.
” Good ” I said she looked like she was meeting a guy with what she was wearing underneath her clothes, her sexy underwear and bra.
” Not bad for a old lady.” She said.
” Your not old Grandma” I said.
” You angel.” She said. ” Would you like a lift to school ?” She asked.
” Yeh ok ” I said.
We got in to her car, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her knees with her shirt up around her thighs. The big boner in my shorts.

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