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“Oh! Babuji, how I wish to take your ‘lund’ (cock) inside me now, and then again and again and again, as many times as you would like. I long to hold it inside my warm, wet womb!” Erotic words uttered by the bahu, and without inhibition!

The words from his bahu touched a raw nerve in Balwant. The animal lust had taken over both his bahu and him alike.

“I cannot stay without touching your lund and holding it……” He heard her say.

The shy woman was now behaving like a randi (slut)… a bitch in extreme heat who would not stop at anything till her cunt was rampaged by her father-in-law. The very man who had brought out her animistic longing to surface. He was the one man to whom she no longer hesitated in outpouring her sexual outbursts. She didn’t care how she looked or how she behaved in front of this man.

His naked bahu, whose nightie was just ripped off her torso, lay with her hair strewn, the sindoor (vermilion) was long since gone with just a faint smear remaining. The mangalsutra, the symbol of her wedded status, was dangling over her right breast.

Balwant’s love for this randi woman grew. His lust multiplied with the words she uttered and the moans she emitted just now.

Balwant pulled her hand further up and placed it around his hardened cock. “And what does my bahu want to do with my lund …?” His fingers grazing across her torso running up to her breasts,

“Babuji… ” Her voice laden with lust “I want that dark beast …”

“ wonderful..” He said while pinching her nipple that elicited another moan. “But tell me what you want the lund for…?

Nodding her head, as if pointing towards her crotch “I want him inside me, Babuji”. Her voice besieging, almost begging in lust.

“Kahan …. naam bolo (Where…name it)?” Balwant had that impish grin when he asked her where she wanted his lund, and she had to say the right but unutterable word. For her, that was the most intimate part of her womanhood. Even that did not stop him from teasing and embarrassing her further.

There was a teasing tone in the manner the patriarch was talking to his bahu in this most ardent stage of their impending copulation. He was goading the young girl to come out with specific answers to his questions once the girl had blurted out her carnal desire to hold the man’s lund.

Sonam was embarrassed beyond measure; it was one thing to say these things in the spur of the moment and in her rising desires, but quite another if the recipient indulged in questions that would make her say things far more boldly. She was primarily a shy, conservative girl but circumstances, ever since her husband had left for a foreign assignment, made her change far more than she thought was possible for her. Shyly, hesitantly, she went on answering her father-in-law’s teasing questions.

“Meri choot mein (In my pussy) … Babuji,” her voice in whisper with the longing of a woman who could not wait to be taken.

“So, you don’t feel ashamed to take that name? Hmmm,” Balwant teased her.

“But you wanted me to say it, Babuji! And then you tease me? You put me to shame!” Sonam felt ashamed at Babuji’s trickery in getting her to answer his question and then tease her. She covered her face with her hands.

Balwant played with her long, silky hair. He laughed, wanting to tease her more. Just as a loving couple would do.

“Hmmmm …. so, you want to take my ‘lund’ in your pussy … eh, Bahu?” he persisted in his teasing.

Sonam went on answering all his impish teases but she was far too impatient; impatient because she could not hold herself further. She was already holding the monstrous cock in her soft, petite hands while rubbing her soft palm along the length of the shaft. Her palms were moist by the steady stream of precum that oozed out from the tip of the stupendously large, black, monstrous cock that she held in her hands.

Such was her rising lust that she was eager to hold her wet hands on her face, breathing in the aroma that intoxicated her. And even to feed on the juice that had wet her hand. Oh my god! She was insanely overcome with heat and want for this man and his organ. She kept wondering how it was possible that even though her marriage was more than a year now she had not succumbed to her lust for this real ‘mard’. Perhaps, if she had stayed all along in her sasural (in-laws house), if she had constantly intermingled with her father-in-law, they would both have surely surrendered to each other much earlier. May be, she would then have been impregnated by this man’s healthy and fertile seeds, and the child that she conceived and gave birth to would have been theirs — hers and her father-in-law Balwant’s.

The very thought made her crave more for the man in whose arms she lay — naked with the fabric that was her nightie lying in tatters beside her. Every inch of her sexy, desirous body showed her to be as she felt like at that instant — a randi to her Babuji.

The words that they exchanged between themselves, as they remained overcome in their arousing lust, were unthinkable to Sonam. In a saner mind she would have blushed and covered her face in shame. And to think that these were the words that she was saying to her Babuji or words that she went on hearing excitedly and eagerly from him, surprised her more.

She knew that she wanted the man desperately, craved to be taken by him, lusted for the ‘lund’ to penetrate deeply into her insanely aroused ‘choot’ and to remain embedded inside, ploughing the walls of her wet womanhood roughly and brutally…. for it had the size and strength to do so. The only cock that had ever entered her vagina was her husband’s … incomparable in any way with the one that was now ready for her. Her young ‘chut’ was greedy and oozing wetness for the experienced, massive, immensely productive sperm filled, black cock that was her Babuji’s. The thought of the pleasure that would ensue sent waves of excitement all through her desirous body once again, and she shook and quivered in front of the patriarch’s eyes.

When the man at last began probing her ‘sex’ with one of his thick fingers, the touch was electrifying to Sonam. Was sex so very sublime, so very heavenly? And what would it be like when he finally inserted his ‘lund’? The patriarch was giving his bahu the most enjoyable sensation possible. Sonam could only cry out, “Babujiiiii!”. This man, this rustic patriarch was taking her young body to dizzy heights of sexual pleasure. At that point she didn’t want to compare him with her husband because she knew there could be no real comparison between the two.

With one hand she gripped the man’s free hand, while she held Balwant’s lund firmly. She moaned softly, as her eyes closed in pleasure.

“Abhi to angali dali hai (I have only inserted my finger), bahu,” Balwant said when he heard her moan and, without holding back, he thrust his finger deeper..

Sonam could only moan out ‘ahhh …Babuji’.

The patriarch was probing the walls of Sonam’s vagina, circling and swirling his finger around the insides of her ‘chut’, softly at first before the intensity increased. The young bahu soon felt the rustic man’s finger playing with her clitoris, hitting the head repeatedly with the tip, ushering out more of her juices.

“Oiiiiiiii,” she cried out as she squirmed, shaking her head on the pillow.

Sonam was really in ecstasy — one that she had never felt before. She held on to the man’s lund as if it was something very dear to her, pulling and squeezing the hard, thick shaft. But then she saw the patriarch taking out his finger, much to her anguish. But then, he was licking his own wet finger to taste the juices that had formed in her bahu’s wet, slippery ‘cunt’.

“Oh my god! What was Babuji doing?” She stared at him.

The removal of the man’s finger had created a vacuum in her vagina that was impossible for Sonam to bear. She tugged at the lund again and again before crying words that expressed the heat inside her.

“Babuji .. mujh se raha nahi jaa raha (I cannot bear it any more) …please,” she begged of her playful father-in-law.

The words that they exchanged between themselves were expressive of their lust and desire. Sonam’s inhibitions had gone out her mind …it was her body that was speaking. Even when the patriarch uttered the unutterable, she didn’t hesitate.

When Balwant asked how he should take her, she shamelessly said, “Apne lund se (with your cock).” She would never have been able to say these things earlier but her desires for this man, who had touched her most intimate part, had made her a shameless wife, a starved bahu who was clearly full of lust.

Balwant teased and played with her, using words and questions that only led her to be more and more open. He wanted her to be uninhibited in expressing her needs, prepared for sex whenever he wanted. He had a tireless libido that was impossible to contain or be content.

“Meri randi bankar mere lund ko legi (will you take my lund by becoming my whore)?” Balwant egged her on.

Red in the face and yet unashamed in her need, she blurted out, “Yes, Babuji I will be a whore to you.”

In truth, Sonam did not want anything that would bar her from possessing this man’s awesome ‘lund’ with which she was thoroughly in love now. Ever since she had seen it, and then touched it with her hands, and then given it the warmth of her mouth, she had become restless and obsessed for this magnificent organ of her father-in-law.

Unable to hold herself back anymore she wailed, “Babuji, Babuji …. dal doh lund meri choot mein … chodo mujhe (Insert your cock in my cunt …fuck me, Babuji).”

Balwant, himself, was finding it hard to wait any longer. “Toh…. le loo tumko (So, I’ll take you)?”

Sonam nodded her head eagerly. “Yes, Yes …. Oh god!”

It took the patriarch the least time in pulling her legs apart by holding her soft, delicate, creamy thighs with the rough, coarse hands of an unsophisticated, rustic but strong, well built man. The moment the lips of her vagina was made visible there escaped a shriek of delight in the elderly Babuji.

“Ooooffff!” he cried hoarsely as he stared at her vulva and the reddish insides that led to the ultimate spot that he desired.

The exquisitely beautiful quivering lotus, drenched in its own heat, gaped at her ‘mard’. Babuji feasted on the aroma that escaped now, intoxicating him more and more. The air was filled with the fragrance of her sex.

‘Bahu, I know how young you are and how little experience you have with that really very modest cock that your husband who is my son has. You are seeing a cock that would surpass most cocks and may compare with one that is almost like a Rocky(H). I want to warn you, Bahu, that it will hurt you. Are you prepared?” Babuji asked, not hiding his concern for his bahu.

‘Yes Babuji. I am more than prepared for what you possess. I have reached the point of no return and my ‘chut’ will be calm again only when the hot sperms rest inside it. I can’t wait any more. Take me as you would take a slut … roughly and without mercy,” Sonam was panting as she uttered these shameless words.

There was no reason for Babuji to wait further. He put a hand on Sonam’s who was already holding the throbbing cock and together they guided the cock towards the waiting ‘chut’.

“Chodooon (Shall I Fuck) Bahu?” Babuji asked once more, whispering into Sonam’s ears, as he nibbled them with his lips.

“Haan babuji, chodo mujhe (yes Babuji, fuck me),” Sonam said shamelessly.

The first touch, as the tip grazed the vulva lips, was electrifying for Sonam. The moment that she had been waiting for had arrived for her. She shivered.

“Oh! Babuji! Mere Babuji, mere mard (my virile man)! Ahhhhh … …. kitni din ki pratiksha (I have waited so long),” Sonam cried in excitement.

The patriarch must have been surprised to hear these words. Waited for so long? What was his bahu saying? But he had thought that this had started coming only a day or two back! However, he didn’t probe further, letting it remain a mystery till it surfaced later some other day.

Sonam waited, but within a few moments she felt the hardness making its first attempt to invade her waiting womanhood. Perhaps a few centimeters … Babuji was being most careful, she knew. A surge of happiness filled Sonam. Her ‘mard’ was taking pains to see that she didn’t get hurt before she was prepared. Pain would be the ultimate … it was necessary to get the pleasure, but this experienced man was making the grounds ready for this remarkable, dark phallus with her.

“Does it hurt Bahu?” Sonam heard her man saying.

“No Babuji, push in more … I want you to .. I can’t explain how impatient I am … I want the entire ‘lund’ in my ‘chut’ …. Babuji, .. aur intezar kar nahi sakti (I can’t wait a moment),” she whispered.

“Toh samhal isey, bahu (then handle this, Bahu).” He warned.

Simultaneously with these words, the patriarch pushed in a bit more strongly so that a couple of inches had made a forcible entry. The ‘lund’ was unarguably thick and, by all counts, its width was too much for the young Sonam who yelped out in pain at first. Babuji stopped almost instantly.

“Did I hurt you?” the patriarch asked very caringly, wiping an involuntary tear of pain that trickled down Sonam’s cheeks. It was a gesture of pure love even in that moment when the man was gripped in immense physical need. Sonam gushed in happiness, forgetting the hurt of the invading ‘lund’.

“Nahin babuji … aur phir dard ke bina kaun si sukh (No Babuji … and what pleasure can there be without pain)?” Sonam said forgetting the pain.

Babuji’s arm beneath his Bahu’s back pulled her nearer, he kissed her cheeks and then had his lips on hers, pressing them passionately, parting them, as he became more and more engulfed in a passion that had been rare for a long time.

A rough, coarse hand held one of her breasts, squeezing and kneading them and running the palm over the nipples a few times. Then, at some point, he held a nipple at a time in his fingers and pinched and pulled them to his heart’s content. “Beautiful, very beautiful” he went on saying all the while. And below, he pushed in a bit harder, allowing his lund to capture more of the wet space that remained taut and tight. He must have pushed in a couple of inches now, for there was another exclamation of pain from his bahu.

“Hey Bhagwan! Mai marr jayungi (Oh god! I’ll die)!” Sonam cried but she didn’t push away her babuji from over her body. Rather her arms around his back gripped him more. She kissed him passionately, her saliva mixing with his as their breaths intermingled. This time, however, Babuji didn’t stop.

“Le Bahu, mera lund le. Lund mangtee thi naa? Le, aur le. Sarii raat tujhe chodungi, meri randi (Take Bahu, take my cock. You wanted my cock isn’t it? Take it, go on, take more. I’ll fuck you the whole night like a slut,” the patriarch’s voice was hoarse in lust.

He pushed in more, fucked her harder, pulled back a bit before pushing in a few inches more. It was now a rampaging lund, occupying more and more the open spaces that it found before it. With a final push, the entire length of that massive organ was imbedded in her wet choot!

“Oooohhhhh Maaaa! Bachao mujhey (Oooooh mother! Save me),” Sonam cried as the hardness hurt her. But once it was inside she took a few moments to control herself and let herself get adjusted to the initial pain. When the lund had settled, she basked in the pleasure of holding something within her that she had been longing for. The feeling was exquisite, and sublime and she was proud now. She was filled with joy for she had been able to let that enormous, hungry lund of her babuji and lover be fully accommodated inside her.

Sonam lowered a hand of hers to the point where both Babuji’s lund and her own choot had united. She wanted to touch the spot and see for herself that he was fully within her, that she was capable of taking in this man’s manhood — the man whom she now loved, the man whom she could think of as no one else other than her husband. And she wanted him to fulfil that role, the role of fucking her, of giving her his fertile seeds and making her a mother again.

“Ahhhh Babuji,” she was deliriously happy,” chodo mujhe, jor jor se chodo (fuck me, fuck me hard).”

“Haan, haan, haan (Yes, yes, yes),” was the outburst of a raging bull in the patriarch.

“Harder, harder Babuji … aur jor se … choriye matt apni randi ko (harder Babuji, don’t spare your whore),” Sonam was wild now.

They went on fucking each other, bound and entwined as they were like serpents, pushing and plundering, giving and taking, moaning and shrieking in the delight of sexual love and togetherness as the region around their pelvis wanted to be merged into each other. The bed squeaked at this violent physical activity and if anyone was in a room below theirs, would have wondered why!

How the time flew Sonam didn’t know nor did she know how long this man, her lover, had been fucking her. Such a difference between his son and him! Whereas the son could not hold beyond a minute and left her unsatisfied, the father was so virile, so much of a mard. He could prolong the act for the woman to be deliriously fulfilled. Her eyes had closed, and she had dug her long nails into the man’s back, scratching him without a care. Sonam arched her pelvis into the man to take his weight on her. She had entwined her legs around his back but now she had raised and put them over his shoulders to get more of him within her.

The patriarch was far too experienced and knew the art of prolonging his ejaculation. In between, there would be moments when he would be immobile, except for the passionate kisses that he showered on his bahu. But, lower down, there was calm and waiting. Waiting to strike and push again, so that he could continue their love making to dizzying heights for his lovely Sonam.

“Tell me when you really need me, when you wish to take what I long to give … take your time,” Balwant said. His power of retention was extraordinary, and something that his dead wife had appreciated time and again when she was alive. Balwant always wanted to ensure his partner’s satisfaction. Or else, he never felt happy or satisfied himself. Sonam was drowned in unthinkable pleasure, as she squirmed and received her Babuji. Endless moments, before she had reached orgasm. She was now ready to receive, for she had been fully satiated in her sexual want as she had been truly swept over by endless waves of lust and desire. She moaned and moaned.

Sonam was awoken from her stupor when she heard the man warning her, “Bahu … meri rani ….anewala hai (Bahu …my queen …I am about to cum)!”

Sonam wanted complete fulfilment. She wanted his seeds deep inside her, inside her womb.

“Yessssss, Yesssss, Mere andar (Inside me) … Babujiiiiiiiiiii,” she cried.

“Leh, Leh isey (Take, take this)” he howled into her ears as she felt him gripping her arms followed by the most intimate of kisses on her lips and cheeks. Balwant had opened his lips and, hungrily and wildly, closed it around Sonam’s mouth. He sucked on her lips, even biting softly.

And then the dam burst as he let himself go and ejaculated his unending load stored in his two big testicles. Spurt after spurt of warm, fertile, thick seeds were filling her womb as the man pulled back only to push in harder after each burst.

“Take this!” He warned.

“And this!” He repeated.

“Whore! You wanted to be fucked, eh? You deserved to be fucked by no less a cock than that of the master of the house. I’ll fill that womb of yours with my thick seeds. I’ll breed you, make those breasts swell with milk for my pleasure.” He was remorseless as he plundered his young bahu’s cunt mercilessly, just like she wanted. Sonam was thrilled beyond measure. She was delirious in happiness.

She blacked out in pure ecstasy by Balwant’s merciless thrusts till her womb was filled to the brim. In the eyes of the creator, they were now one. And they were ready to procreate!

When they had truly completed their love act, and had regained their breath, they kissed each other. Their passions had subsided but their inner love for each other had grown beyond measure. In between their kisses, they expressed their love.

“Bahu … my queen … I love you,” Babuji said lovingly. “I promise I’ll love you as a man loves a woman, just like a husband loves his wife. It will no more be between a bahu and her sasur (father-in-law).”

“Babuji … I cannot express how much joy you have given me. Mai sirif aap ka hi hoon, har din har waqt! (I am only yours, every day every night) I am yours totally from today and I shall love you as no other woman has loved a man more,” she whispered in deep love.

Sonam watched her father-in-law who had a smile of content on his face. He stroked the bahu’s hair, parting it to see the sindoor that spread across and, in a token gesture, ran his fingers over the line. To Sonam, who couldn’t see his hands, it was a gesture of possessing her with application of vermillion, even though he didn’t apply any yet. By now, his enormously long and hard manhood had shrunk and become softer, although it was still much larger and harder than what Sonam had ever experienced. It still remained embedded in her cunt.

“Bahu, I’ll have to withdraw my lund for a while. You’ll not feel sad?” he asked apologetically.

“No Babuji, because I know that it has taken possession of my ‘chut’ and I can always have it whenever I want,” Sonam said a bit shyly.

But the instant he had taken his lund out Sonam could feel the vacuum that had been created. The parting hurt her in mind just as much as the entry had hurt her physically. However, she could sense that the enormous load of thick juices that had filled her yoni was trying to gush out. She was horrified that it would spill and spoil Babuji’s bedsheet and create utmost embarrassment to both.

“Babujiiiiiiii,” she tried to stretch her hand on the only available piece of clothing that did not belong to this room — her lacy panties. It was underneath the pillow beside her, but with Babuji’s heavy body on her, she was unable to move.

Her father-in-law realised her predicament and quickly stretched his hand to grab the panties from underneath the pillow. Instantly, he placed it on the leaking ‘pussy’ of his bahu. In moments, the tiny fabric was fully wet with the sticky goo. He cleaned the area thoroughly as he kept looking at his Bahu, who shyly looked away.

Once that was done, he was about to clean himself, as he brought it nearer to his withdrawn shaft. Sonam quickly held his hand, preventing him from doing what he wanted to do. She took the panties in her own hand and threw the piece underneath the bed. “Only I will clean it,” Sonam whispered before she seriously remarked,” From now on, it will be my duty to clean it after we have made love!”.

As Babuji remained on his hands and knees, Sonam quickly slid her body along the bed till her face was underneath the patriarch’s cock. She held the lund, still covered in sticky juices, with her hands, and then cleaned the surface with her tongue. Even when it was thoroughly cleaned of every trace of the stick cum, she went on licking, causing a growing hardness once again.

“No bahu! Tonight, we will not indulge in it again. I love you too much to hurt you again on the first night. I know what a monster this is and how hard and brutal force it has. As you get used to my savage ‘lund’ I will plunder your ‘chut’ and all that you have in that beautiful body of yours. Yes Bahu, again and again, every night. But not tonight, my dearest!” Babuji said caringly and kissed her on her lips. He hugged her close.

The words once again made Sonam love the man. He was truly a great lover, no doubt about it and he could fully satiate a woman with both emotional and physical love, such that would make any woman bask in sheer joy and wish for perpetual binding.

“Yes Babuji, as you wish! Then, at least, let us sleep in one another’s arms. Surely you will not deny that to me?” Sonam pleaded.

Babuji laughed and nodded his approval.

As they settled comfortably on the bed, Sonam looked horrified at the white bedsheet. There were unmistakable signs of her Babuji’s sticky cum that had dribbled out of her pussy at some point.

“Babuji!” she drew the man’s attention. He simply laughed it off.

“So? Does that prove anything about our intimacy? Sleep peacefully Bahu without worrying so much,” Balwant assured. Sonam made a mental note to clean it the next morning.

Soon they were in each other’s arms, their lips inseparable even in sleep, their breath blowing into each other’s face. It was as if they were made for each other, to be for each other. Sonam felt she was never as near, physically or mentally, to her husband. Balwant, on the other hand, looked back at his life and wondered if he had found real love again in his young daughter-in-law, who could fill his emotional void and physical needs fully.

The couple’s physical nearness and activities had begun with Balwant suckling his bahu’s breasts sometime around three at night. But it was now past five. Clinging together, they fell asleep. Their relationship had changed entirely. From Bahu and Father-in-Law, they had become lovers.

By : AshmitaMadhukar

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