Indian Housewife Pay Honorarium to Her Father In Law – Life of Indian Housewife

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Matasari sat by their side, stark naked, watching the couple who had just finished another round of intense sexual activity. Her face was still full of desire as she looked at Balwant and Sonam. Her large breasts, hanging down as large ripe mangoes, the dark nipples sitting prettily on the curves like grapes, wanting to be plucked and tasted. She had been occasionally taking her finger between the folds of her legs while the couple were copulating to consummate the marriage. The area was covered with muff of dark hair, hiding the vulva and the crevice that ran between them. Her horniness was glaringly evident in the moistness of the area, obviously formed from the juices that she had secreted.

“You have to offer ‘returns’ to the priestess for concluding this marriage. You have no objections to that?”

Balwant lay on top of his bahu when he heard those words from the maid turned priestess, Matasari.

He and Sonam had just copulated like animals … more like Rocky(D)s in fact. Inundated with ferocity, he had mauled her until he burst inside her ‘choot’ (cunt). He had filled her womb with his thick cum that contained his virile sperms, covered the fertile eggs of his daughter-in-law who was now his newly wedded bride, certain that she would be impregnated before the night was over.

It was Balwant’s second ejaculation that night, but honestly even this load was of no small measure. Much of the gooey substance rushed out from Sonam’s pulsating vagina on to the rumpled bedsheet the moment she turned her back and lay facing Balwant, with their arms around each other. She had made every endeavour to retain as much of it within herself for the primary intention of her desired pregnancy.

“I love you Babuji, I love you too much. Never have I loved a man more than this. And I promise to bear your children in my womb. Only yours from now on,” her words gushed out emotionally.

Balwant held her closer, tightly squeezing her into his chest so that Sonam’s breasts were leaking the milk that they held within, wetting the mat of thick hair on Balwant’s chest.

“I love you too, Sonam. You are mine and shall for ever remain so.” Lovingly, he removed the few strands of her hair that were covering her forehead. He bent and kissed her lips. Sonam could still smell the remnant sweetness of the pan (betel leaf) that Balwant had chewed after dinner much earlier.

Exhaustion was creeping into both Balwant and Sonam after the frenzy of their sex for such a long period of time. And so, although Balwant had heard the hesitant mumblings of the priestess and had even asked her to open out and tell clearly what she wanted, the newly wedded couple were almost half asleep.

“Sahib.. Sahib.(Sir, Sir)!” It was Matasari’s attempt to awaken the master of the house. She felt disappointed and perhaps frustrated that the couple were now indifferent to her needs once the marriage was accomplished.

Balwant felt a soft hand touching his bare torso and wanting his attention. He woke up with a fit and realized that he was still atop Sonam. He slowly slid down on the side with his hand still on her bare stomach.

“Huh!” He said with some initial irritation, and then having realized that he had agreed on the ‘gurudakshina’ (honorarium), mumbled out, “Yes, yes, tell me… what is it that you want?”

He noticed that Sonam too had woken up and was rubbing her eyes.

“Your marriage is still not complete …something else remains,” Matasari said, trying to bring importance in her words by stressing on the ‘incompleteness’ that remained. Any ‘incompleteness’, she was certain, was not what the couple would ever want! This realization alone would goad the couple to meet her own hidden needs, thought Matasari.

“Kya. Matasari.. Bahu aur maine doh doh bar chudai ki hai.. Phir ek bar aur (What Matasari? Bahu and I have fucked twice already …and yet you say once again)?” His voice was still groggy.

“No Sir, that is not what I meant …” Matasari said, a trifle hesitatingly.

“Then tell me what else is necessary?” He leaned over, and gently pushing back the ruffled hair from Sonam’s forehead, gave her a kiss but not hiding a trace of impatience at Matasari’s words and requirements that came in phases all through their secret wedding. The priestess seemed to be framing rituals by the minute! He wished to go back to deep slumber.

Her face going red, Matasari was unable to utter what she wanted to say. “You and bahu now have to pay the honorarium that’s due to a priestess.”

“That doesn’t matter … you will get that. Tell me how much I have to pay.” Balwant assured her, trying to quickly settle the matter.

“Sir, the priestess gets a special type of honorarium in this type of marriage.” Her face was continuing to go red as the blush transferred to other parts of her body. She stood in front of them, bare without a stitch of cloth anywhere on her voluptuous body. As she stood stark naked, the quivering on her lips was palpable. The look in her eyes were full of lust, something that would never escape notice from a matured and experienced man.

Balwant’s ignorance started to fade as he quickly guessed what Matasari was eluding to. Yet he wanted to be sure.

“Tell Matasari .. whatever you say …you will get that. It doesn’t matter even if you ask for it now itself.”

“But Sir, this honorarium has to be given by you both.” Matasari was fast to plead.

Sonam was silent so far, and yet deeply interested in these exchanges between Matasari and Balwant. She listened to each word, the surprises making her gape open mouthed.

“What needs to be done Matasari, tell me? I am prepared to do anything. Today, I have got back the priceless gift in life that a man could possess, the power of youth. And if everything works out well, I’ll fulfil my bahu’s cravings and be a proud father again.”

Matasari paused, unable to say anything aloud but whispering in a trembling and ashamed voice.

“You two have to take me on bed and continue to make love to me till I am completely satisfied.” She rushed through her words, unable to look at either Sonam or Balwant.

Sonam and Balwant looked at each other before looking back at Matasari. They had overlooked the fact that she was grossly lusted. Having witnessed the couple in intense copulation, not once but twice, was too much for her to withstand. Her lust had overtaken her, and she had asked for the ultimate ‘guru-dakshina’, the ultimate price. Whether there was any precedence to this was of little consequence, because both Sonam and Balwant were deeply in debt to her for making the night happen in a manner that they wanted. Their marriage was sanctified and concluded. If not in the eyes of society or others, but certainly to themselves.

In their eyes, the maid turned priestess was also to be their confidant in the matter, the living witness to their most wonderful union. It was true that very soon every member of the household, relatives and even neighbours, would have to be told as to why Sonam’s belly was swelling again while Rajesh, her socially wedded husband, was far away in a distant land.

The matter would have to be proactively shared with his brother and his wife, Anjali. How they would react to this wedding, and particularly the inevitable pregnancy, was unknown. But Balwant was the patriarch, and his word carried a stamp of authority and power. There was little anyone could do. Yet, Balwant apprehended, each one could ask for their own pound of flesh. Literally in their own erotic ways. Matasari was a case in point. As an acting priestess, she had placed her physical demand. If a maid didn’t hesitate to ask a physical togetherness, Balwant was certain that his brother and sister-in-law would hesitate at all and could be equally demanding.

Balwant resolved to tell about the marriage in the morning to his brother and his wife. That Sonam was now his wife was a ‘fait accompli’ and all should accept it because they had no choice. He would even encourage his bahu to talk to Rajesh and let him know. He looked into Sonam’s eyes and gave her a kiss, reassuring her by gesture that his love for her was well established and the maid’s demands, when fulfilled, would not diminish that love.

For now, it was Matasari’s turn to taste what she had been longing for.

“When were you last with your husband, Matasari? You know what I mean?” Balwant asked.

“Sahib, six months back when I had been to my village,” she said, her face shivering on being interrogated on her most personal matter.

“Hmmm. So that explains a lot, I think. Your price is getting clearer by the minute!” Balwant stifled his laugh.

In moments, he looked back at Matasari. “You said that even Bahu has to pay this price … Did I hear correctly?” Balwant asked her.

She covered her face leaving her ample breast open for display. The muff between her legs, though somewhat trimmed, was still full of coiled hair. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, not able to hide a blush.

Balwant’s mind was going in full circles as he anticipated what this meant. Yet, at that moment, he had his bladder full and needed immediate relief by emptying it. He kissed his bahu on the lips and turned on the side of the bed to stand on his feet. Both the women were amazed at what this man possessed, as it proudly dangled, its size astonishing even in a stage of rest. Picking up the crumpled dhoti, he roughly wrapped it around himself and dashed to the bathroom between the two rooms.

Relieving his bladder, he stood beside the wash basin and washed his face. It had been a very engaging night for him already and he needed to freshen up if he had to get into the act once again. The cold water made him feel invigorated and charged. But he followed this up by standing under a tap and cleaning his ‘lund’ which was coated with the seminal fluid and thick cum of the copulating couple.

When he had finished and was about to walk back to the bed, Sonam went to the toilet in turn. It was just as much a need for her too. She needed to relieve herself and freshen up. She didn’t want the night to end so soon. As she sat and heard her pee gushing out in a hurry, she thought of those moments earlier in the night when she had to bathe Balwant’s ‘lund’ as a part of the ritual with this very thing that came out naturally from humans and animals, male or female, alike.

When Balwant walked back to the bed, he realized that the nupital bed was in a way that best reflected what had happened earlier. The bed-sheets were all crumpled, the pillows strewn all over. There were stains of their combined juices visible here and there, as were smears of vermilion. There were garments and undergarments lying scattered on the bed and on the floor.

He watched Sonam walk back from the bathroom. Sonam had put on a flimsy nighty, possibly a bit hesitant now that Matasari had shown her lust equally for her as well as Balwant. Following her, Matasari also wrapped her saree around her, without blouse or petticoat. Even under these fabrics, they both left little to imagination, revealing extremely desirous curves on beautiful faces. And their nipples, taut and pointed, made Balwant crave for them. He felt an instant hunger to take those enticing nubs, of both these two women, in his mouth and suck on them. But he controlled himself for now.

“Matasari.. For the ‘guru-dakshina’ that you ask, we shall use the floor. It will accommodate us well, for I know the intensity in ourselves will prove the space on the bed as inadequate. Come, let us put two or three mattresses on the floor, and bedsheets too.” Balwant was taking the lead now.

They both nodded and quickly made arrangement on the wide, open floor in front of the marital bed.

There was a growing lust in Balwant as he looked at the shapely and firm curves of the village woman.

“You will get your fees priestess, but it will be in a manner that we desire to offer. We will not stop till you tell us to.” Balwant said, and then smiled at Sonam, who looked on shyly before nodding back.

“Yes, Sahib. Whatever the master offers is acceptable to this needy woman!” She too turned and looked at Sonam.

“Bahu, ek dupatta toh lao or enke ankhe bund kar dete hai. Enhe pata nehin lagna chaiye.. Kya hone wala hai. (Bahu, get a dupatta [lengthy scarf] and bind her eyes. She shouldn’t know what is going to happen to her).”

Sonam tied the dupatta on Matasari’s eyes, making sure that she was not able to see anything. And just as Balwant instructed, she led her so that she lay down on the middle of the mattress.

Matasari lay with her legs slightly bent. She occasionally scrapped one leg against the other, betraying the deep sexual turmoil she was undergoing. Her lips were slightly parted and her breathing somewhat heavy. She tried to move her covered face left and right, hoping to see something. Anticipation was building up for her.

Balwant moved up to Sonam and took her in his arms. His lips found hers as he kissed a refreshed bahu. The sweet taste filled him with renewed energy.

His fingers continued to roam around bahu’s body as he looked at the woman on the mattress.

“Matasari, I will take a test. If you answer correctly then your fruits will be quickly achieved. Or else, you’ll have to wait.”

Matasari ran her tongue over her lips.. “Yes Master … I accept the challenge.” She was unaware what the test could be, yet her words carried confidence.

Balwant pulled up his bahu’s nightie, drawing the hem up her thighs. Her slender soft legs were out for display. Keeping a finger on his lips, he cautioned Sonam to remain quiet. The bahu’s eyes were wide open, trying to anticipate what Balwant was up to.

He pulled her closer and, with one hand, tilted her head and forced his lips on hers to kiss her passionately. And then Sonam winced. His finger had invaded under her nightie and was touching her cunt lips. She cried out with a guttural moan in his mouth, squeezing her legs together to keep him away. He was not allowed easy access. He kissed her lips, sucking the lower one and, at that instant without warning, pushed in his thick, long, index finger to cut into Sonam’s vulva lips. He didn’t stop however by just inserting the finger. Rather, the finger persisted in exerting pressure and pain. The young bahu cried out in pain but, almost instantly, moaned in pleasure.

Balwant placed a hand on her mouth quickly, glaring eyes asking her to stop making a sound. As if that was possible, thought Sonam.

He kissed her further, arousing lust in his bahu who now started to kiss him back in a show of passion, holding the man’s cheeks with both her hands. Their lips swelled in the intensity of their kiss, but the raw pain brought more pleasure to both.

“Oh Mother!” she cried aloud as he poked his finger deeper inside her smouldering choot (cunt). She had no choice but to open her legs a little as he made his way in deeper.

“Bahu.. what happened?” queried Matasari, lying alone on the mattress with her eyes blindfolded by the scarf. The very sound of the shrieking bahu, obviously out of her released excitement, acutely heightened the maid’s own sexual need.

The patriarch’s index finger was now fully inside Sonam’s inflamed pussy, coating it with the slimy juices she was heavily leaking. She opened her eyes, now almost pleading silently to Balwant to prolong the drilling inside her, closing in her thighs to hold the man’s hand. Yet, she had an inquisitive look about her, as if trying to fathom what the patriarch was up to. He simply retained the mystical smile on his face and ploughed his finger in and out faster and faster, amid heavy breathing from his bahu.

Possibly, Balwant had by now gauged that the intended purpose and the stage that he sought in his bahu’s arousal had been reached. For, he stopped suddenly and pulled out his finger that evoked a clearly audible popping sound. Instantly, he took it towards his nose, taking in deep breaths, much to Sonam’s embarrassment.

“Come,” he whispered, and pulled her sharply to bring her close to Matasari.

Sitting down by Matasari’s side on the mat, he made his bahu sit beside him. “Now, Matasari, tell me.”

With a twinkle in his eyes he looked at Sonam’s embarrassed face and then placed his sodden finger on Matasari lips.. “Mooh kholo (open your mouth).”

Anxiety was evident on Matasari’s face. She opened her mouth and felt his fingers slide in. Instinctively she closed her lips and felt a unique taste that she thought she knew. But unable to conclude.

“Tell me what you think this is?” he inquired.

“Your finger, master.”

He laughed aloud. “Woh to hai. Lekin tumhe bolne paregi kya hai is par. (yes, that it is … but you have to say what is on it?).”

Matasari sucked on the finger again. The taste and smell was unmistakable. And thinking about the sounds she had heard a short while ago, that of a deeply aroused moaning of a woman, Bahu’s moaning actually, Matasari was squirming on the floor bed.


“Tell me.. Go on,” Balwant persuaded.

She shook her head in despair, unable to utter what she knew for certain it was. “Bahu’s …” ending what she was about to say.

“Bahu’s? Hmmm. What is it? Come on, Matasari, tell me.?” Balwant was unrelenting.

“Her, it’s her …” she hesitated, unable to let the word come out of her mouth yet gripped in spasms of desire. Unable to wait, she started to hungrily suck on the patriarch’s finger.

“You like it very much, don’t you, Priestess?” Balwant wanted to tease and needle her.

Matasari nodded her head, not letting go of his finger which remained in her mouth.

“Very well, let me introduce you to the source of that which you seem to like so much.” Saying this, he pulled out his finger from her mouth. But Matasari was in lust, sucking at the coated finger, and could hardly accept the denial. Her body raised involuntarily, chasing the withdrawn finger as her head bent at the neck, her tongue almost rubbing at the receding hand.

Balwant, by now, had got up and went around Sonam, watching her standing like a sex goddess. Her nightie was still wrapped around her thighs, but her breasts were almost popping out. He pulled her up and quietly motioned her to move her legs, one at a time.

Sonam did as directed, placing her legs on each side of Matasari’s face, and remained standing. She was careful not to touch Matasari, either with her legs or even with the uplifted nightie should it accidently unfold and fall. Once done, Balwant motioned Sonam to settle down, and then to squat on the blindfolded face of their maid.

Sonam’s molten wet pussy, almost at the verge of letting go droplets of her sex juices, was right on top of Matasari’s face. But for bahu, this very act seemed so unthinkable. Never in her imagination she had ever thought this would happen. She shook her face, trying to convey her reluctance. But Balwant, the dominant patriarch, merely shook his head to show his disapproval at his bahu’s effort at denial, and commanded her to settle down by silently pointing a finger towards Matasari’s face.

Having positioned herself, Sonam stayed forked over Matasari, with her legs spread out. The depravity of the act was sending sparks of lust and she knew that her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. She was even worried, if her leaking juice would drip from her swollen lips and fall on Matasari’s face. She shook her face again, making an attempt to move off. But Balwant held her close and slowly but deliberately pulled her down so that she straddled the maid. Carefully, so that she did not fall down.

Matasari could sense that something was happening around her by the rustle of air from the swaying nighty and the soft and yet audible sounds of moving feet. Even the heavy breathing of someone very close. But, she unsure of what was really going on. She could even hear soft exclamations.

Matasari was impatient. She squirmed on the bed, wondering what was happening around her and the reason for the delay in getting on with the proceedings. And then the nearness and the touch of flesh.

Before fully comprehending, Matasari felt a weight on her face – light, soft and spongy, obviously that of a woman. And she instantly knew that it was Sonam. Smear of juices touched her lips, nose and cheeks as the young bahu squatted on her face – the same unmistakable taste and scent as that of what she had tasted on the patriarch’s finger a while ago.

As realization set in, she let out a garbled moan and uttering ‘bahu’ ‘bahu’ in spasms of lust. Simultaneously, she started to lap at the leaking juices. As her lips touched Sonam’s labia to make a moist contact, she spread out her tongue to touch, feel and slurp what oozed endlessly. She instinctively put her arms up and feel the partly bare and partly covered torso of the young bahu. Fingers roaming, she could feel Bahu’s ample butt resting on her face. She couldn’t resist but squeeze the spongy curves.

To Sonam, the moment her wet vagina touched Matasari’s face, she shivered amorously. She made every attempt to stay on her hunches so as not to crush the woman below, but the wave of pleasure running through her made her lose that consideration as she pressed down. She rubbed in her bottom, squirming on the face. She felt Matasari’s lips and then her tongue hitting the tender centres of her womanhood. The ‘choot’ (cunt) lips had opened on their own with her crouching down and the maid’s tongue was directly invading the raw insides.

The more Matasari explored, the greater was her need to be touched and licked. She looked up at Babuji who was looking at her smilingly and appreciating the display of lust in these two women right before his eyes. Balwant watching them both, she and Matasari, only heighted Sonam’s own desires and she went back to feel the exquisite carnal pleasure that she was experiencing.

She started to move her pelvis back and forth to get the lips and the tongue to touch her sensitive areas till, at one moment, the probing lip was hitting the tip of her clit. Sonam shook instantly, showered in a unique and heavenly pleasure. In her wildest dreams, nor ever, had she known the pleasure that even a woman’s probing tongue could give. In her furthest of her dreams had she ever thought or fantasized that this was ever possible. She surrendered absolutely to this new found pleasure.

Balwant continued to behold the rising intensity of the sexual activity between two wonderfully amorous women. The sodden pussy of one with the exploring mouth of another, a combination that was bound to excrete, in abundance, what was eager to rush out. And this heady combination had fully smeared the lower of Sonam as she went on grinding her pelvic bones on the woman underneath. From mons pubis through her cunt, trickling to the sides of her silky thighs and all the way down to her arse. She was a fully smeared sloppy woman whimpering in brazen lust.

Balwant felt a rising hardness in himself, wanting to be as much a participant in this intense sexual behavior between the two but decided to leave them alone. Let them have their own moments together, he thought. For this was a side in his young bahu which he could never imagine she possessed. How had she kept this need hidden for so long? He was amazed that this had occupied her mind at all but felt a joy to possess someone so impossibly passionate, sexy and starving as she was.

But, back to the couple on the floor. Matasari on her own was in cloud seven. She was getting her ‘guru dakshina’ in a way unimaginable to her, unthinkable even in her wildest dreams but here she was, devouring the sweet nectar of her mistress. She sucked and licked, exploring every inch of what she could. Her hands continued to explore the fine supine butt and the cleavage that separated the curves. She moved her fingers around to explore areas that her lips could not. She moved her head up and down, left and right, almost aggressively, causing in turn to make Sonam more aggressive in her moves as well.

“Bahu, I want more of your nectar, give me more, as much as you can” she shrieked at one point.

“Oh yes, yes! Oh Matasari, take as much as you want, appease your hunger,” Sonam too was insanely clamouring to the maid.

The place of mutual contact – around Soanm’s ‘cunt’ and around Matasari’s mouth was drenched and one had as much to taste and savour as the other was prepared to leak and offer.

As passions stretched in the two women, Matasari slowly began to move her hands inside Bahu’s nightie. Finding their way up, across Sonam’s belly and upwards, they soon found the lovely orbs, almost ready like some juicy fruit ready to be touched and plucked. There was milk inside those breasts, and sensitive. Matasari touched the nipples with both hands, just holding them within a few fingers. Instantly, she could feel a few trickles of milk flow into her hand. As she continued to lick the young bahu down below, devouring each drop, she wondered if she could as well suckle those milk filled nips.

Overtaken in another bout of desire, she took the breasts in her hands and started to knead them. A maid’s hands in India are neither soft nor delicate as they work throughout the day to help them make a living. Sonam cried out aloud, not knowing what to do. The sweet pleasure of touch on the breast was having just as much effect on her as in the maid, Matasari, whose fingers explored the taut nipples and pulled on them.

Matasari loved the touch on the pair, recollecting how beautiful and appealing they looked when Sonam fed Varun before her eyes so many times.

Matasari could feel that bahu was getting close to her orgasm in the manner she was thrashing her thighs about and sometimes gripping the maid’s head within them like pincers. But her own pussy too was on fire and needed to be doused at the earliest. She squirmed as she lay, her legs pushing against each other, her feet running up and down over her legs. She was restless, for her seething womanhood was in need and desperate for something, something that was missing till now. And she had missed this for the last few months – the services of a male sex organ!

Bahu was moving hard and moaning aloud and could come any moment on her face. There was no time to lose. She caught hold of the swollen breasts in her hand and pulled Sonam down towards her own pelvis. Sonam resisted, for she was unsure what Matasari was indicating. But the maid moved her hands to place them on Sonam’s shoulders and pulled her down towards her crotch. Partly bended as she was, she could now realise what Matasari wanted. They were women after all and knew that just like her own need of fulfilment, so were the needs of Matasari. The maid was being denied what she was herself enjoying so much.

But she had never, ever done this. And that too with Babuji standing right next to them. She resisted one more time.

Matasari, a strong working woman, put her hands at the back of Sonam’s neck and pulled her down between her own legs, towards the source of her own wetness.

“Nooo,” she cried. But to no avail. The lust within her was growing ever more rapidly and Matasari’s tongue was playing havoc on her pussy.

Once again, she tried to manoeuvre away from the maid’s pussy, trying to draw away in one final burst of resistance. But not for long. Matasari caught her head in her grip and pulled again, till Sonam succumbed – either to the maid’s strength or to her own lust. And then, for the first time, Sonam inhaled the sex of another woman and the musky smell enthralled her. She inhaled more and felt herself enjoying the unique experience. Her lips were on the Matasari’s labia and the wetness that gushed out from the crevice. The taste seemed so special that she needed no more urging. She pressed her lips followed by her tongue on the spot and starting licking in a frenzy that surprised even the patriarch.

Matasari let out a shriek of pleasure that could have been heard outside the room had anyone else occupied another room on that very floor. Sonam was oblivious to what went around her. Her tongue licked and grazed on the area, ignoring the tufts on the spot. The two women had clamped their arms around each. They rolled on the mat, their legs thrashing in hungry need. Their faces on each other’s womanhood, unwilling to separate. Never for a moment did their nether lips part, making weird moaning sounds that were so different in each woman. They cooed and whimpered as they orgasmed repeatedly much to the patriarch’s delight.

For Balwant looked on amazed, watching how their sex juices drooled down their lips and chin. Is this my sweet, innocent bahu, he kept thinking? But he didn’t have any qualms nor dislike. Rather, he was overjoyed at what this meant for their future, his and his bahu’s. Of the numerous ways in which they could experiment with and explore their sexual desires. He looked down again and again at the entwined female figures on the floor.

Till, finally, they just kept kissing each other on their lips, and slowly all was calm. It was a battle of sorts and they both won that battle together.

A part of the promised Gurudakshina had been paid. Now, it would be left to Balwant to complement and fulfill the promise.


The latter stage of the Gurudakshina involved Babuji and Matasari. Sonam was amazed at Babuji’s sexual prowess. This man, her husband now, had been engaged in the most erotic copulation at least three times during the night with not only her but also once with Matasari without losing any of his vigour. And, in the morning, he had not only got out of bed without sleepy eyes but had even suggested having sex once more with Sonam. She was spent and besides she had enough morning chores to attend to, not excluding breast feeding her son.

“Babuji,” she said softly, “I have to feed my baby and then get busy in my daily chores.”

“Haan! Haan! Kyon nahin ..jaroor. Lekin yaad rakhho, mujhe bhi pilana paregi. Mai toh bina doodh bistar se uthne wala nahin hoon. (Yes, yes. Why not. Certainly Bahu. But remember, you must feed me too. I am not the one who will get out of bed without drinking milk.)” He had already placed a hand on the young Sonam’s shoulders, bringing his face nearer and brushing his lips on her neck and back.

“Ummm, meri pyari bahu! Meri itni komal, kamini, yuva patni! Abhi mera bhi bacha teri goad mein barta jayega. (My loving wife! My soft, sexy, young wife! Now even my child shall grow in your womb).” Balwant said very passionately, neither hiding his love nor lust for his newly wedded young wife.

“Babuji! Oh Babuji”! She turned and faced him, taking his face in both hands and kissing him with an open mouth that was now stale and unwashed. To Balwant, even that breath seemed so sweet that he gripped her lips firmly with his and engaged himself in very passionate kisses. He held her hand and brought it to rest on his already hard manhood.

“Dekh, kya halat hota teri komal sparsh se, (See what your soft touches does to me),” he said, and Sonam excitedly, gripped it. She looked towards the ‘lund’, proud at being the rightful owner of the organ for she was now his wife.

“kash mai meri pyasi tan ki halat aap ko dikha sakta (How I wish I could show you the intensity of lust within me),” Sonam said taking deep breaths.

But she got up from bed and picked up her baby from the cot to feed him. She smiled at Balwant and then, much to the man’s disappointment, walked away to the next room.

“Matasari, close the door.” Sonam said from the bed.

Matasari was still in the throes of passion. She was overjoyed that Sonam had left her and Balwant alone and so readily complied, closing the door firmly behind the bahu.

On the bed, Sonam sat daintily, one leg over the other stretched behind her, as she placed Varun’s mouth on one of her erect nipples. Varun hungrily suckled.

When Sonam left the room to breast feed her child and the door was closed by Matasari, there was disappointment writ large of Balwant’s face. The effects of that disappointment, at being deprived of Sonam’s breast milk, was felt by Matasari. He charged at the hapless maid like a raging bull, gripped both her breasts in his large, rough hands, kneading them so hard that even a woman like Matasari yelped in pain.

“What happened,” cried out Sonam from the closed room.

“You feed your baby, Bahu. Don’t bother what’s going on here.” Balwant burst out in anger loudly.

He pounced on Matasari, throwing her on the bed and jumped on her like a ferocious animal that has found a prey. His hands squeezed the maid’s ample butts, making her cry out again. He stretched the crack, running a finger along it.

“Isko meri jaroorat hai. Tere gaand ko mai chodunga. Bahut Chodunga. (I need this. I’ll fuck your ass. I’ll fuck it a number of times.)” He cried out aloud, wanting Sonam to hear every word of it. And then, again, in an even louder voice, “lekin abhi nahin, aab toh teri choot chaiye. Mujhe pata hai tumhe sakh jaroorat hai mera lund ka, (but not now. I need your cunt at this moment. I know you need my cock.).”

He kissed Matasari, pushing in his tongue into her mouth. Then, he took her lips in his and pressed them hard, wanting the pressure to swell her lips.

“Le, aab mere lund haath mein pakad aur teri choot ki andar daal (Now hold my cock and push it in your cunt)” Balwant barked hoarsely.

“Tere malkin ki goad bhar di ..woh aab maa jaroor banegi. Aab tere goad bhi bhar dunga jaise ki tuh bhi Ma baney. Chorunga nahin, (I have filled your mistress’s womb and she will certainly conceive and be a mother. Now I will fill your womb too, so that you too become a mother. I won’t spare you.” Balwant was yelling.

Soma, in the other room, kept smiling mischievously. She knew that her refusal to allow the patriarch access to her breasts and suckling on them had made Balwant wild in anger. She giggled as she fed her child, deciding to set aside one breast for the aggrieved man.

In sheer delight Matasari had raised her legs and placed them over Balwant’s shoulder. She held the thick cock at the entry to her pussy, rubbing it along. Her eyes were imploring Balwant.

“Ghusa dijiye, malik. Aab der kis ki, chodo mujhe, choro nahin.(Push it in Master. Why do you delay? Fuck me, don’t spare me.)” Matasari’s voice was hoarse as she raised her hips to receive the hardened cock. How quickly it had attained that stupendous size, wondered Matasari.

“Pati ko batana, samjhi. Who khush hoga ki tere goad mein malik ka bacha anewala hai. Chod chod ke tujhe ma banayungi. (Inform your husband. He’ll be happy that his wife’s womb is carrying the master’s baby. I’ll go on fucking to make you my child’s mother.” The words of an extremely hot, aroused and lust filled man rented the air.

Excitedly, Matasari responded to the patriarch’s onslaught as he plundered her pussy. Up and down he went in rapid movements, almost berserk, invading and withdrawing from the maid’s cunt as she moaned incessantly. His hands busily kneaded her breasts and nipples. Sometimes, he roughly gripped her bottom in both hands to draw her in, and sometimes those hands just held the butt curves to draw them apart.

Matasari’s moans overwhelmed Sonam in the next room and the earlier smile had gone. It was difficult to guess whether it now projected a rising lust in her again or concern and hurt to feel she was losing Balwant to the maid. Jealousy of sorts?

Unable to bear any longer, and with her baby fed and asleep, she gently lowered him into the cot. Then, almost in a huff, she banged on the connecting door.

“Open the door, Matasari. Let me in,” she wailed.

It was Balwant who opened the door and stood aside for Sonam to enter the room. He was still sulking, his face seemingly indifferent to her presence in the room once again.

Peering inside, Sonam could see Matasari still lying on the bed, her legs wide and parted, eyes closed and lost in some sublime pleasure. But the young bahu’s attention was riveted on the maid’s pussy. For her eyes made no mistake in seeing the leaking spot from where, at that moment, Balwant’s gooey cum was tricking out to form a puddle on the bed.

Balwant ignored her attention elsewhere. He just caught Sonam’s shoulders and turned her to face him. It was impossible for the man to be indifferent to his beloved bahu. But first, he looked at Matasari indicating that he wanted her to leave the room.

“Matasari, you go now. Go and sleep beside the baby. I don’t need you anymore.”

Matasari quickly got up and left the room, closing the door behind her.

The moment she left, Balwant raised a hand, placing it on Sonam’s breasts. He fondled a nipple for a while, just running his rough, thick fingers over it in circles as the milk oozed out. It was the one that Sonam had set aside for Balwant to feed.

“Dekho bahu, kaisi doodh nikalti rehti hai! Kya mujhe nahin pilaogi (See Bahu, how the milk gushes out. Won’t you feed me some milk)?” he said to Sonam, not hiding an iota of his greed.

“Agar mana karoon toh kya aap chor denge (If I forbid you, would you spare me)?” Sonam said impishly.

“Nahin. Bilkul nahin,(No, never)” Balwant said. He had already brought his mouth on to the waiting, free nipple and, parting his hungry lips, started to suckle immediately.

“Kitni swadisht, jee bhar ke mai pee jayunga, (So sweet! I will drink to my heart’s content)” he quickly said before bringing his mouth on it again.

Sonam looked proudly at the man and thought of her baby whom she had fed a while ago. Both these two, Babuji and her baby Varun, so wide apart in generations, were so eager to suckle on her milk filled breasts. While the baby suckled softly, nibbling on her nipples without teeth, the elderly Babuji’s vastly different. His grip on the nips was firmer, the suckling furious, the emptying quicker and the feelings in her entirely different. For one it was care and nurture, for the other it was erotic and arousing.

Sonam stroked Balwant’s hair and uttered, “I love both of you with my heart, my son and you … chorna mat mujhe Babuji (Don’t leave me Babuji).”

Having fed himself, Balwant had by now released the milky teat and got out of bed. With a slight push he had given a terse indication to Sonam lie down. Sonam had no difficulty in making out the man’s intentions. She went along with his wish, bending and curving her body so that her head rested at the edge of the bed.
Babuji, full of lust for her with his rising, hard lund had come and stood just beside her face.

“Muh khool, Bahu. Chosna hai tujhe, (Open your mouth. You have to suck now)” he said in a commanding voice.

Sonam, obedient and finding her own passions rapidly rising, opened her mouth like a dutiful wife. A hand stretched to touch the black, monstrous cock, huge and threatening. Balwant too came nearer and pushed in his lund into the bahu’s waiting, eager mouth. She sucked passionately. It was an erotic sight – she was sucking her sasur (father-in-law), who was now her wedded husband, while just moments back, she had been feeding her baby in the other room.

The man wouldn’t stop till he had fed her mouth and pushed in and out in rapid succession. At last he could hold himself no longer and exploded inside her mouth, almost in trickles now that he was fully exhausted of his powerful semen. Sonam swallowed the released drops, licking the shaft of any remnants of the man’s cum. Babuji stroked her head as she displayed this love for his lund.


“Come Bahu. You have to make a phone call. You must tell my son that we two have married. There is now a sweet and heavenly relationship between us.Tell him that we are now tied in love that can never be broken.” Babuji was goading Sonam to make that phone call now in front of him.

She looked a bit uneasy, not sure how to proceed with this task. But babuji poked her shoulders with his finger to goad her on. She dialed his number.

Balwant took the phone from Sonam and switched on the speaker. Having done so, he returned it to her. Just then, they could hear the phone ringing before Rajesh answered.

“Mai Sonam bol rahi hoon, (I am Sonam speaking).” she said softly, and Rajesh just laughed and said that he would know it was his wife from miles away.

They dwelled on their health and much more time on the baby and laughed and chatted intently. Back of her mind Sonam went on planning how to broach the subject. Till at last, Rajesh enquired about his father.

“How is Babuji? Does he take care of you?” he asked.

“Yes Rajesh. He cares a lot. Even you do not take so much care.” Sonam said, wanting Rajesh to be drawn into some discussion on his father that would make it easier for her.

“Mujhe malum hai who tumhe behad pyar karte hai (I know he loves you a lot),” Rajesh said.

“Haan (Yes),” Sonam said but there was a flush in her face which Rajesh couldn’t see because they were talking on their mobiles.

“Kya mujhse bhi jada (Even more than me)?” Rajesh asked, knowing that a husband’s love and sasur’s love were different.

Sonam kept silent, a bit out of hesitation but more so because by now Balwant had gripped her breasts with both hands from behind and started pinching her teats with his fingers. At the same time, his lips were running along her back, planting sensitive kisses here and there. A soft gasp escaped Sonam’s mouth, but it was loud enough to be heard by Rajesh on his mobile.

“Kya hua Sonam? Batao naa, (what happened, Sonam? Tell me),” Rajesh asked quickly, wanting to know from Sonam if Babuji loved her more than him.

“Haan Rajesh, tumse bhi jada (Yes Rajesh. More than you),” Sonam’s voice was now husky, a dead giveaway of a woman’s deeper feelings.

“Akeli reheti ho, shaayad woh tumhare liye mahasoos karta hai. (You are lonely, so he understands your loneliness),” Rajesh was leading her conversation, doubting of some inner developments that might be slipping in between the two during his absence.

Sonam took the bait and, in her present frame of mind, with Babuji nibbling on her ears and fondling her breasts, she carried on expressing what had been developing.

“Rajesh, biswas karo, woh vaastav mein mujhase pyar karta hai. Mai yeh nahin bata sakta ki yeh kaisa pyar hai, (Rajesh, believe me. He really loves me. I can’t tell you what love this is),” she whispered, her voice now emotionally charged.

“Matlab … Tum … Babuji …(Means? You and Babuji …)” Rajesh threw another question, almost leading Sonam into answering.

“Saach! Dono mein ek dusre se ek geheree… (Yesss. Between us now there is a deep…)” Sonam couldn’t continue.

Rajesh was surprised at himself. Surprised that instead of being hurt or angry, he seemed to like and even approve what Sonam was hinting.

“Saach saach batao Sonam, kitni door ja chuki ho. Nahin, nahin ..sharmao mat .. dil se bolo … mujhe koi mahsoos nahin hoga. Mujhe malum hai tum kitni akeli ho aur saach bolo toh Babuji, isi umar mein bhi, saacha mard hai, (Tell me the truth Sonam, how far have you gone? No, No ..don’t feel shy … be honest and speak out your heart. I won’t feel anything bad in this. I know very well how lonely you are, and the truth is that even at this age, Babuji is virile and a real man),” Rajesh said, not hiding his genuine feelings and revealing how happy he was.

“Tumhe dukh nahi hoga nah (You won’t feel sad, huh)?” the young wife asked, still doubting if Rajesh had truly accepted this forbidden relationship.

“Bilkul nahin. Tum bina dar ya jhijhak mujhe batao. Ghavrao nahin Sonam (Not at all. Tell me without fear and suppressing anything. Don’t fear Sonam) Come on, I love you,” Rajesh was now very excited and desperate to hear this from his wife’s mouth, a rapid rise in his senses had already hardened his rather modest cock.

“Kaal raat hum dono neh gandharva vivah kar liya aur … (Last night the two of us were wedded in the ‘gandharva’ way…” Sonam hesitated.

“Uska baad? Pati patni mein jo hota hai wahi kiya nah? Toh phir sharmati kyon? (After that? You did what any husband and wife do? Then why do you feel ashamed? Oh Sonam, I am so happy). Dekho, abhi do saal mai ghar wapas ho nahi sakunga. Aur mujhe pata hai ki tum aur ek bacha ke liye abhi bhi taras rahi ho. Abhi Babuji woh kartvya nivayenge, (You know I won’t be able to go home in two years. And yet I know that you crave for another child now. Now Babuji will fulfil that duty),” Rajesh said caringly.

“Saach mein tum naraz nahin ho? (You are really not angry)?” Sonam felt very relieved.

“No dear, I am most happy. I want you to be happy and fully satisfied …both emotionally and physically. I know my own shortcomings. You should take good care of Varun and Babuji too. If Babuji wants to talk with me on this matter, then he can do so. He may be hesitating and wondering what I will think about him,” Rajesh tried to ease and comfort Sonam.

“Oh Rajesh! I am so happy. You love me so much. You too care of yourself and please … do ring me now and then. Aur haan mai unse kahungi tumhe phone karne. (And yes, I’ll tell him to talk with you).” They disconnected their mobiles.

Sitting beside Sonam and fondling her all through, Babuji had heard every single word that went on between his bahu and son. And he was very excited to know his son’s mind.

Sonam turned and faced her Babuji. She held his face in both her hands and planted a very passionate open-mouthed kiss on his lips. Her joy was so very evident, now that she had told Rajesh and he had, in turn, accepted it wholeheartedly and supported her in no uncertain words. Whatever feelings of guilt and remorse that pricked her till now, she was fully relieved.

“Oh Babuji! He does not have any objection to our relationship. I am so, so happy. I can’t express what is going on within me,” Sonam was bursting in joy, “and listen, he was telling that he wants to talk with you and wants you to ring him. Please, you’ll talk with him Babuji?”

“Certainly, bahu,” he said holding her tightly.

“And Babuji, now you too must tell the rest of the family about our relationship and marriage. For my sake, please?” she was happily enquiring, knowing fully that the head of the family would not hesitate to declare what had now been fully established.

“Tum chinta mat karo bahu … sab ko pata chal jayega aaj hi … ki tum abhi meri raandi bibi ho (Don’t worry Bahu, everyone will get to know that you are my slut wife,” he burst out laughing.

“Babujiii …mujhe chida rahen hain aap …kya aap saach mein yehi kahenge (Babujiiii, you must be teasing me. … are you really going to say that?” Sonam asked, wondering if Babuji would really say this unspeakable word.

Babuji didn’t answer her question. Rather, he gripped her and kissed her passionately, kneading his breasts roughly in his big hands. They were fighting for breath as saliva dripped down their chin, but neither was prepared to let go of the other. His tongue deep inside her mouth he flushed out more of her saliva, ran his tongue over her sparkling teeth, taking in her sweet breath.

Sonam could only moan in spasms, “mmmmm …ummmm …ummmm”

“Just see what happens …everyone will get to know today itself …and you’ll have no complaints,” Balwant said in the end.

Sonam knew that the family would be made aware of their marriage on that day itself and this powerful man would not hesitate to tell them that he had every intention of filling his young bahu’s womb for another child very soon.

Yet, in Balwant’s mind, there was a lurking fear. No matter how powerful and assertive head of the family he might be, he feared that considering the unthinkable relationship between him and his bahu, some of his family members might seek their pound of flesh … The young Bahu’s flesh to be precise!

By : AshmitaMadhukar

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