Indian Housewife’s First Time With Another Man

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Hi my name is Alka. I am happily married for the past 10 years and have two kids, son 8 and daughter 10. My husband is a businessman. We stay in Delhi. Our life as a family has been great and happy. My husband also loves me a lot, so do my kids.

This story is about how I had sex with a man other than my husband in the past 17 years.

Once in the afternoon time, I was passing my best friend Amita’s house. Hence I thought I will go there and say a hi to her. So I went to her place without informing her. I knew that she will be alone since her husband will be at work and her son at school.

When I reached her place, I entered the house since I had a spare key for her house. I thought I will shock her. But it went the other way around. I heard her loud moaning sounds with the sounds of her bangles. It was very obvious that she was having sex with her husband.

I was surprised that her husband didn’t go to work today. I didn’t want to disturb them hence I thought to leave. But, then suddenly I got curious to see how would it feel to watch another couple having sex. Do they fuck each other better than what me and my husband do?

So I tiptoed to the bedroom and to my luck , the bedroom door was slightly open. But I was shocked by what I saw inside.

I saw that Amita was all naked with her hair open and just bangles in her hand and she was riding a dick in and out of her vagina. The shocking part was that he wasn’t her husband! It was Amita’s friend from the gym!!

I got cold feet and while I was trying to leave that scene in a jiffy, I hit a show-piece and it fell down. They both saw me looking at them. Amita yelled, “Close that door Alka, give me 10 minutes, I will be there”.

I closed the door and sat in the living room and the visuals were flashing through my eyes. And I was in a shock that my best friend whom I thought was a very nice lady was cheating on her husband. I could still hear her moaning and finally, they both made huge grunts which indicated that they both have cummed.

After 20 minutes, I saw both coming out of the room. The guy left and Amita was just in her bra and panty. I could see the area around her pussy was wet with cum.

She sat near me and asked me, “Are you alright?”

Me: You should be asking this to yourself. (I shouted in anger). What the hell were you doing? You are a married woman with a grown-up son.

Amita: So what? I am not leaving my family. I love them. What I was doing was just taking care of myself and my needs.

Me: Isn’t your husband there to have sex with you?

Amita: Yes, he is there but then I am just bored having sex with the same man for so many years. I am sure even he is too because everything becomes monotonous. The spark is missing. I am sure even he must be fucking women outside.

Me: And you are ok with the thought that he also must be fucking around?

Amita: Yes, of course. Sex and love are two different things. If he is finding pleasure somewhere else doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. And the same is the other way around.

I am sure even you wouldn’t be feeling the same sex which you felt during the first few years of your marriage. Even you must be missing that spark and excitement of feeling a new naked body on your naked body. And that feeling of holding a new dick.

I was quiet and listening to all this. Then I started thinking that she was right. But I couldn’t accept it. I was trying to find reasons to oppose this idea.

Me: But I am married and have kids. And what if someone finds out?

Amita: The fact that you worried about someone finding out explains that you want to try but you are scared of getting caught.

Me: Honestly after I saw you riding that guys dick and hearing what you told me now. I feel you are right. I do miss that excitement of sex and that can only be fulfilled by a new man. But how do I find a man who will have sex with me knowing that I am married with kids?

Amita: Don’t worry, I can ask my guy to have sex with you. I am sure he will be happy to do so.

Me: Won’t you be jealous that your bf is having sex with me?

Amita: As I said, I don’t love him or anything. It’s just pleasure. I don’t care how many women he has sex with as long as he can fuck me well and pleasure me to cum. So when do you wanna do it?

Me: I don’t know, I am just scared. I can’t go to a hotel because what if someone known sees me there. Can I do it at your place?

Amita: I would have let you two have sex here but my in-laws are coming tonight.

Me: So where do I do it?

Amita: At your place. I am sure in the afternoon, you are all alone.

Me: Yes, I am alone in the afternoon but that’s for just two hours. After that, my kids come back from tuition.

Amita: Don’t worry I will pick your kids from tuition and then get them to my place and will drop them at your place only when you guys are done.

Me: Alright. It’s too risky though.

Amita: Don’t worry Alka, you will have the best sex after a long time.

I left her place and kept thinking if I am doing the right thing or not. Also what if my kids or husband finds out? My entire evening went with all these thoughts.

After dinner, we all went to bed. My husband asked me about my day. And we had a normal chat. But in my mind, I could only picture that guy’s dick and myself naked with him. This kept my pussy wet since evening.

I was so engrossed in these thoughts that I didn’t realize my husband was fingering my pussy. He asked me why I was already so wet. I just lied to him saying that I was feeling horny for him.

Hearing this, he started undressing and pulled my nightie up and entered his dick in me. He fucked me for 20-25 minutes and then we both came. But honestly, I had my eyes closed and was imagining that guy instead of my husband. After sex, we cleaned and slept.

The next morning after everyone left, I started cleaning my bedroom and put a new bedsheet because the old bedsheet had my husband’s cum from the last night.

I got a call from Amita.

Amita: Alka, has your husband and kids left? Raj will be coming in half an hour.

Me: Yes. But I am very nervous. I never had sex with any man other than my husband. I don’t know how will it be. And his dick looked much bigger and thicker than my husband’s. I hope it doesn’t hurt much. When he fucks you, doesn’t it hurt? How do you manage?

Amita: Don’t worry much, Raj will take care of you and your pussy. He will be slow and smooth. It might hurt you a bit in the beginning but it will be pleasurable later on. Since I am used to his dick, it doesn’t hurt me. And by the way, I have taken bigger dicks in me.

Me: Is your husband’s dick bigger than Raj’s?

Amita: Nope. I once had sex with a black guy who was 8.5 inches.

I was shocked listening to the size of the dick and that Amita had sex with many people and not just her husband and Raj.

Me: Please make sure my kids don’t turn up home while I am having sex with Raj. I don’t want my kids to see me naked in bed with a stranger.

Amit: You don’t worry, I will take care of it. You just forget everything and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Take this as your first night after marriage.

After 20 minutes, the doorbell rang. It was Raj. I was very nervous and embarrassed to see him. I just couldn’t look him in the eyes. I asked him to come in. We sat in the living room and there was an awkward silence. I was just looking down. It was Raj who spoke first.

Raj: How are you?

Me: I am good.

Raj: Are you uncomfortable or have you changed your mind about we getting in bed together?

Me (immediately): No I am just nervous. You know why we are here. I have never been close to any man other than my husband.

Raj: That’s alright. There is always a first time. Once we do it, you will get addicted to the pleasure of another man. You will like the idea of being married and yet getting to sleep with another man behind your husband’s back.

Me: Don’t say that. It makes me feel guilty. And this is just one time. I don’t want any extramarital affair.

Raj: As you say, my love. Are we only gonna talk or do what I am here for because I am sure we don’t have a lot of time with us.

I was shocked by the way he addressed me. I just replied with a nod.

Raj came close to me and held my face in his arms. My heart started beating very fast. My eyes were closed. He touched my lips with his and started smooching me.

It was the first time I was kissed by a man other than my husband. I felt an electric spark. Maybe also due to the thought that my husband was at work and here I was kissing another man in our house.

I started to kiss him back wildly. We smooched for 10 minutes. While kissing, he was mauling my boobs over my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra because I knew it had to be removed in some time anyway. Raj started pulling my t-shirt up. I helped him by raising my hand.

I was topless now, showing my boobs to a stranger whom I met for the first time. Raj started sucking my nipples hard. I was getting super turned on.

He was too good with sucking boobs, better than my husband. He did that for 10-15 minutes and then removed all his clothes and stood stark naked in front of me.

I had never seen a guy naked other than my husband who was a bit plump and here was Raj with a chiseled body. His long and thick dick was right in front of my face. I felt like sucking it immediately.

To my surprise, at the same time, Raj held my head and pushed my face on his dick. I immediately opened my mouth and took his dick in. I loved the taste of his precum. I was enjoying sucking him. I was sitting on the sofa with just my pants on and boobs jiggling naked and sucking another man’s dick while he was standing.

I sucked him for 15 minutes and then he came in my mouth. I had never had my husband ejaculate in my mouth. It was the first time but I liked the hot cum in my mouth and I drank it.

Then Raj made me stand. He started kissing me again and started pressing my ass. Suddenly, I felt his fingers getting around my waistband on my track pants. I realized that he was gonna pull them off and get me naked. I immediately stopped him.

Me: No, stop. Not here.

Raj: Why? what happened?

Me: Let’s go to the bedroom. People can hear us from the door as we are in the living room.

Raj: Oh, so you moan loudly?

Me (shyly): Yes..

I started walking in the same condition and Raj was walking behind me naked. While walking, I was thinking about how shameless I have become within a matter of minutes. I was walking half-naked with a fully naked man who was meeting me for the first time and soon, I will be fully naked in front of him and his dick will be in my pussy.

And I was taking him to my bedroom to get fucked on the same bed where I have sex with my husband for so many years. Rather than feeling guilty, all these thoughts were exciting me more.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, Raj turned me and started kissing me again and made me lay in bed and started pulling my track and panty together. I just closed my eyes because now I was getting completely naked. My pussy was visible to him.

I lifted my ass up to help him get my pants off and soon I was in my birthday suit with this stranger. He climbed on top of me and instinctively, I spread my legs to allow him to get closer to my pussy to enter his dick. I was all wet and dripping.

While he positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy, thoughts started flashing in my mind. Once this dick enters me, I will be cheating my husband completely. I will be losing my chastity, I will no more be a woman with morals, I will be committing infidelity.

But then suddenly, the pain of Raj’s dick entering my pussy got me back from my thoughts.

A huge moan came out of my mouth. He entered too deep and touched places inside my vagina where my husband’s dick couldn’t reach. Then he took a pause for a minute. I hugged him really tight.

Me: Ohhhhh Raaajjjjj…! What a dick you have! You have filled my pussy completely. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard and wild..
Raj: Yes love, I will give the best sex of your life.

Raj started fucking me in missionary. I could see us having sex in the mirror. I with legs spread and Raj in between my legs. It was a turn on. It was 10 minutes since Raj started fucking me. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was my husband!

Me: Baby, wait wait!

Raj: Don’t stop me, I am loving this.

Me: I don’t want you to stop either. It’s my husband and if I don’t pick up, he will keep calling and disturb us.

Raj stopped. However, we were in the same position. His dick was still inside me. I picked up the call.

Me: Hi, baby.

Husband: Hey babes, why did you take so long to pick up?

Me: I was doing some work and was too engrossed so I didn’t realise.

While I was talking to my husband, Raj was on top of me moving his dick in and out of me very slowly and sucking my nipples.

Husband: I just called to check if kids had gone for tuition.

Me: Yes yes, honey. They left. Can I call you later? I am in the middle of my work. Let me finish it and call you.

Husband: Alright.

I felt so bad for my husband. But then I couldn’t do much. The pleasure I was getting was too immense and overpowered all the guilt. We resumed our sex.

Raj fucked me in Rocky(D)gy and few other positions for good 1 hour. I was shocked that how can he stay for so long. My husband use to cum in 10-15 minutes maximum. Today, I was getting the actual pleasure of sex with a real man. I had already cummed thrice.

Suddenly, Raj yelled.

Raj: I am cumming..

Me: Yes, cum in me. Fill your hot cum in my pussy.

Raj: Won’t you get pregnant?

Me: I am on pills.

Raj: Alright then. Here you go, baby.

We both came together. Raj made huge grunts while cumming. He collapsed on top of me. I was hugging him tightly and feeling his back and ass with my hands running all over him. I could feel his dick going limp in my pussy and slowly sliding out.

Since his dick was huge, it did not slide out completely even after becoming flaccid. He pulled it out slightly raising his ass and he moved over me and slept next to me. I was hugging him and sleeping. I completely forgot that I have a husband or kids. I felt like I was a girl who was with her bf.

We both didn’t speak anything and slept for 20 minutes. I got up suddenly with the feeling of his finger in my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw that his dick was erect again. He started smooching me.

I held his dick and started moving it up and down. Raj came on top of me again and I got the signal that he wanted to fuck me again. So I spread my legs and while we were kissing, I guided his dick to my pussy.

He entered with a slight push and I let out a painful moan. Raj started moving very slow. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was Amita.

I got scared thinking that she was already on her way to my place with my kids. I did not stop Raj and picked up the call. While Raj was slowly fucking me, I spoke to Amita.

Me: What happened? Are you on your way?

Amita: No, not yet. I thought I will ask you before I leave. Are you guys done? How much time more do you want?

Me: We did it once. He was hard again so we are doing it again.

Amita: Oh sorry I disturbed. You guys start then.

Me: We have already started. He is already inside me and fucking me slowly.

Amita: Oh wow!! So it’s the second round, huh!! Someone who was so shy is already having a second round.

I was blushing.

Amita: You guys finish your fucking and let me know when to leave.

Me: Yes sure. Anyway, I have to get done fast because my husband will also be coming home soon.

I kept the phone and we started our session again. Raj started fucking me at a normal pace. He asked me if I wanna come on top.

Now I was getting bold in front of him and there was no point in being shy as I was already naked under him. I came on top of him and started riding him. I was looking like those porn stars.

We kept fucking in that position for another 40 minutes and finally, we both came together and I lay exhausted on him.

Since there was not much time before my kids and husband arrive, I got up and went to the washroom and cleaned myself and dressed up. So did Raj.

I escorted him to the door and while leaving, we smooched again. Before leaving, he asked me –

Raj: When are we having sex again?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe not.

Raj: Why? Didn’t you enjoy it?

Me: Nothing like that. I had the best sex of my life. I just don’t want to get addicted to this cheating sex or have an extramarital affair.

Raj: It’s not a big deal. You are just satisfying and pampering yourself with some sexual pleasure.

Me: Please don’t try to convince me. I have already cheated on my husband after so many years of marriage. I just don’t want to take risks and spoil my marriage. Thank you for giving me a good time. I will remember this time spent with you.

Raj: As you wish. If you ever change your mind, I am just a call away.

We smooched again and he left. I changed the bedsheet again because it was full of my and Raj’s cum and I didn’t want my husband’s suspicion.

Soon my kids arrived and later in the evening, my husband. I was back to being a normal housewife who was getting fucked like a slut by a stranger a few hours ago!

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