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Indian husband shares his wife with a stranger – Indian wife as a stranger’s bride

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If you followed my previous stories, you will know that both me and my Indian wife Geeta are busy professionals and don’t often get time for play dates. We must plan this well in advance, get office leaves and sort out a place where we can meet. Most of you know that my wife is Asian Indian, and I love to share her. I enjoy watching her being aroused by sensual play with other guys.
Geeta is a sweet Indian girl, who also has a kinky side to her. She likes to be that shy wife but also enjoy being a slut in bed.
Last few months have been rather busy and we both were stressed at work. During a casual conversation one evening, I asked Geeta if we can continue to explore the lifestyle and may be this time invite someone new to our house. As she was drinking her favourite red wine; she was slightly tipsy and being open minded. She said, “I always wanted to try playing as a young bride to a stranger.” She wanted to get dressed like an Indian bride and allow a stranger to make out like a wedding night.
The story behind this is, on our wedding night, we both were tired and she did not get much of action. I did make it up in following week and during our honeymoon, but she always had this regret in mind.
Even I found this idea highly kinky to invite someone to our house, have Geeta dressed up as a bride and watch them enjoy like a newly wedded couple.
Finding a new stranger was not too difficult for me, I was pro at this by now. I had membership of several adult swinger websites and I could easily shortlist someone with good reviews. I found a guy with tens of reviews and who introduced himself online as a sensual Bull. I got chatting to Ankit and shared our fantasy. He was also excited about this. He was single so never had a wedding night, he thought this will be very kinky for him to experience as well. We traded some pics and I showed those to Geeta. She was happy to go along with Ankit. Bulls Eye!! I was so excited!
We both took the Friday morning off and setup a time with Ankit. I picked up Ankit from nearby train station. We both shook hand and I was excited to meet a stranger who was soon going to take my lovely Indian wife as his own bride.
At home, Geeta was getting dressed up as an Indian bride. This involved nice red saree with lot of makeup, bangles, necklace and high heels. She also went with red bra and knickers to make it a real deal. I was thrilled to see her devotion to impress Ankit.
I parked the car in driveway and just then our neighbour came out to say hello. Bad timing! I had to introduce Ankit as a common friend. Soon we were inside, and I offered some wine to Ankit. We both had some wine before heading upstairs where Geeta was waiting as a new bride.
Ankit set some rules when we were chatting, this included
1.I was not to be part of playing. I could watch but not play. He wanted this to be an intimate moment between him and Geeta
2.He was to treat Geeta as his real Bride and wanted to leave a lot of love bites
3.He wanted me to take her shoes off. This was to stamp his authority.
4.He wanted going to strip my wife naked but once she was fully naked, I was to spread her legs and say loudly to Ankit- “Please take my wife as your bride and fuck this married pussy.”
I was not sure about the last point but did not want to disappoint Ankit. I agreed and thought we will see how it goes.
As we got upstairs, Ankit was impressed to see Geeta as a dressed up Indian wife. He gave her a hug and kiss on her cheek. She was excited but also feeling shy. I could see her cheeks going red with some embarrassment. Ankit wasted no time in starting to take off her red saree. He asked Geeta to open his shirt buttons.
Ankit then moved on to strip my wife to just bra, knickers and her high heels shoes. This is when he asked me to get on floor and open her shoes. I found it kinky, opening up her shoes while she is standing just in a red bra and knicker. Ankit then put her on bed and took off his jeans. He was now sensually kissing her all over and feeling her up. He was not in a hurry to fuck her. This got Geeta excited and she got in the flow. I could see her hands all over Ankit. Soon he unhooked her Bra and tossed it in front of me. He then moved to suck her lovely boobs. He was giving equal attention to both boobs. Geeta loves her boobs being sucked, she likes it hard. Geeta asked Ankit to take full boob in his mouth and to suck them hard. Ankit was also making love bites on her boobs. He moved down to kiss her naval and put her tongue inside it. Soon his hands moved down and pulled her knickers down, he tossed them on side of bed. Ankit then looked at me and asked me if I want to say something? Geeta gave a surprised look as she was not aware what was going on. I moved closed and spread her legs to give a clear view of her wet pussy to Ankit. I them spoke slowly “Ankit, please take my wife as your bride and fuck this married pussy.” Ankit looked at Geeta and said, “He is no longer your husband today, I will be taking you as my bride. Do you want that too?” I could see my wife of many years nodding a silent YES.
At this point, he slipped on a condom and followed with slipping his dick inside my wife. He was fucking her slowly and sensually. Geeta then asked if she can ride his dick, that’s her favourite position. He was happy to oblige. Soon Geeta was riding his dick, while he was playing with her boobs. He then got her in a Rocky(D)gy position to get her a good pounding like a bitch. I was watching all this action happening right in front of me. Geeta’s pussy was getting very wet and I could see it dripping.
She had love bites all over, her hair was messed up, her makeup was all over, her pussy was dripping, and her boobs were red with all the sucking.
Geeta was enjoying this session and I could see the passion in her fucking. Ankit was enjoying this and kept reminding her that she is his bride. He soon moved to missionary position and get a good long pounding. Soon they both had a massive orgasm. Ankit then moved to side of Geeta and lied down for a while. He then opened her legs and asked me to look how wet and wild was Geeta’s pussy after all that pounding. It was an amazing feeling. Geeta just lied down with her eyes closed.
I dropped Ankit back and when I came home, Geeta was in a shower. She came out and said, “Thanks for this session, I really enjoyed the feeling of being a new bride.” I have a feeling she enjoyed being taken over by a dominant husband.

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