Indian man lusts for friend’s sexy wife

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Due to Independence Day my friend and myself decided to go on a weekend trip. We live in Mumbai; my friend was married, we both worked together in Bangalore, very nice guy. We did visit lot of ladies dance bars in Mumbai. His name is Vivek and he got married just 4 years back and his wife’s name is Arthi. As the name indicates she is gorgeous. They stay in an apartment in Juhu. We decided on Thursday evening to go on a vacation, and finally decided to go to Pune.
We started Saturday morning, I took my car, on the way we talked about many thing, Arthi was very comfortable with me, even though she was sitting on the back seat I could see her in the mirror that smile, she is very cute, she was wearing jeans and a nice yellow top. Her breast size was close to 34C, nice back, good height, and a nice body. Vivek and myself were very old friends and Arthi knows that, so we reached Pune around afternoon, we went site seeing, boating etc…. now it was evening and we have to stay there and went to search for a hotel, everything was booked since it was long weekend. Finally one place we found a room, and that manager said they have only one room with two beds. Vivek said its more than fine with him, Arthi said she is more than ok with it. So it was decided that we would stay together in the same room. We placed our bags in the room and freshened up and decided to go and have dinner and see the nightlife.
Arthi was wearing a tight black backless top with blue jeans with her long beautiful hair hanging free and 4-inch heels completed her outfit. She had the proverbial hourglass figure with a very fair complexion. We got to the disco at 10.00pm, which was very wild and crowded; every body was drinking and dancing. As we were sitting on our table I start looking all the young’s chicks in their skimpy sexy cloths and was getting really horny. Arthi wanted to dance but Vivek did not want to.
I asked, “Why don’t you dance with me”
She giggled and asked ” hubby darling can I please dance with him ”
Vivek said. “You came here to enjoy so you should dance with him” so she agreed. So we went to the dance floor the place was packed. Having suitably immersed ourselves into the throng, I turned and began to move to the music. She followed my lead. She had beautiful rhythm and she was really moving to the music, her braless tits were jiggling with her movements. Since the room was packed it was hard not to keep from bumping into those around. We found ourselves uncontrollably bumping into each other. I didn’t mind.
Suddenly, someone pushed and she lost her step and she fell into me. I caught her by the waist and pulled her back to her feet. I could feel her full breast against my palms. Now there was no hiding my growing erection. I could tell by the look in her eye that she knew exactly what was pressing on to her back. Then a slow song started being played. I held Arthi in my arms our bodies pressed together and a shock went through me Her soft body was pressing with mine. I could make out her hard nipples trying to pop out through the dress. I start getting an instant hard on. I start moving my hand on her back her skin was so smooth. I said to her ” Vivek is so lucky to have a wife like you.” She just looked at me and smiled. I kissed on her neck while dancing she looked at me but did not say any thing. Her hair brushed against my face.
She pushed against my dick and said, “Looks like you enjoy dancing with your friend’s wife”
“Don’t tell Vivek,” I saw Vivek was looking at us and he seemed to be smiling and not minding that I was enjoying the dance with his wife.
“Bad boy” She let out a sigh.
She rested her head on my on my chest and pressed her body in to mine. I put my lips on her left ear and give a little lick.
It was a very nice place, we had wine to my surprise Arthi drank too, during the dinner we talked sexy stuff like what women like etc… After Dinner we went back to the hotel room, Vivek said he will have the bath, so me and Arthi was in the room, she was talking to me like she is very close to me, Vivek finished his bath and came out in shorts, now Arthi went for bath, she took her own time to get her undergarments / nightie from the bag.
When Arthi was having bath I talked to Vivek, and told him “You have a very nice wife,”
Vivek said “yes she is,” Vivek also told me Arthi want to try new things, meet new friends and may be more, so today may be a best day to make her double happy.
I was shocked; “I asked what are you saying”
Vivek told me “don’t worry my friend, now a days girls are like that, they want more” he went on saying “the other night I was having sex with her and my cock was inside, she told me talk something dirty I said can you take two cocks, she said oh my God, I am coming when you say that, can we do that in real”
“Are you crazy?” I said
“Arthi has agreed to a threesome with you she said she felt comfortable with you, also I would like to see her getting fucked by someone who has a big dick”
I was speechless to hear this from Vivek. Vivek said “Go have bath, and don’t waste your time, I will talk to Arthi. ”
Then the bathroom doors opened, Arthi came out in a nice white nightie, clearly see through pink panty and matching pink bra. I told Arthi you look sexy,
I went for my bath letting Vivek and Arthi discuss the night ahead. I finished my bath in a hurry and came out, I was wearing shorts, with no underwear. We had two double bed and they were already bought together by Vivek and Arthi and made as a one big bed. Vivek just nodded at me.
I went to the bed and sat close to Arthi and hugged her, she was so soft, and I looked at her and said. ” Vivek and I have always been close friends, and you have such a beautiful and sexy soft body. Could we try to make our friendship even more interesting?”
She was just quite. I start opening the button of her nightie. I opened her dress all the way the front. When I pulled her nightie wide, I sucked in a deep breath and said. “Arthi you are so pretty. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.” She had a perfect body. Her tits were womanly beauties of 34C. Her waist is slim, she has long legs, and she had shaved her pussy she has a cute little ass. She has full sexy looking lips, the kind beg to have a cock sliding between them. I kissed her breasts through her bra. I let go her wrists and moved my hand to her breast. She moaned.
I leaned over and took her naked nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. She lifted her head and looked into Vivek’s eyes I lowered my lips and place them on her lips. She parted her mouth and our tongue met each other.
She looked at her husband Vivek said “Arthi darling I want to see you with other man and this is my long time fantasy even you know this. Lets all enjoy” Vivek gave her the green light; he came near her and removed the nighty. She was in pink bra and matching panty, was looking sexy, her bra was just covering half of her boobs. That dusky skin, nice body she was looking the south Actress. Now Vivek came closer and removed her bra button, we both slowly removed her bra, she did not try to cover her boobs, instead she kept one hand on my head and the other on Vivek’s. So we both squeezed her boobs, they were so soft, the nipples were so hard, we each took a nipple in our mouth, she was moaning.
She reached down and pulled down my shorts, She looked down and exclaimed, “Wow, I always thought Vivek was just talking when he said how big your dick is…it’s so much bigger than Vivek’s”
We made her lie down on the bed on her back, I slowly removed her panty, and she helped me by raising her butt. Wow the pussy was so nice, trimmed hair, when I touched it she said “umm” I took my hand and now she was guiding my finger in, While Vivek was playing with her boobs, I lifted her thighs, and kissed them. I kissed her legs…. Slowly went up, she was moaning. All of sudden I passed my tongue on her pussy, like we eat ice cream, she stood up suddenly, in pleasure, I started giving her oral, she pussy was smelling great, I spread the hair sideways and gave her oral of her life. Same time Vivek brought his cock near her mouth, With his cock right in front of her, Arthi took it in her hand, stroked it once or twice, then opened her mouth and engulfed him and she was giving Vivek a blowjob. It was a great fun.
I wanted my cock in her mouth too. And I moved away from her pussy and brought my dick near her face. She took my dick and gently stroked all 9 inches of my cock, with an air of naughtiness in her eye. I knew what she was about to do next. She closed her sultry eyes and submerged my entire cock into her warm mouth. My cock felt so warm and moist in her mouth, a feeling I have never felt before. I never knew how good it would feel.
Her gently sucking motion made my knees almost buckled, her mouth felt so good as it slid up and down my rigid cock. I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair while enjoying the feeling of her cocksucking. Her mouth was warm and wet and her lips gripped me just right as they slid up and down my shaft. I could also feel her soft tongue moving around the underside with each pass of her lips. She paused to lick around the head, up the underside and around my balls while pumping my cock in her fist.
Her oral skills were amazing, as she alternated between her husband, and me but I wanted to fuck her.
“I want to fuck you,” I said,
“Varun “She purred, her hands sliding up and down my cheeks. ” I want you too.”
She gave me a condom, and now I spread her legs
“My cock wants you,” I replied.
“Yes Varun I want that big hard cock of yours in my choot! Come on Varun fuck me! Here let me take that monster in my cunt. Oh god! Do it slow! You have bigger Lund than Vivek’s so take me slow and fuck me hard!”
I slid down, fucking my lusting cock between Arthi’s silky-smooth thighs. The knob of my Dick start entering my friends wife’s pussy-slit suddenly She clamped her legs as tightly together as she could.
It was very hard for me to put my Dick in her pussy. “Baby, if I keep this up I am goanna lose my load between your legs. Spread your legs and let me fuck you.”
“I can’t” Arthi panted. ” It will kill me it’s too big for me”
“I’ve fucked so many girls,” I said. ” And they still alive. Not only that – they can never get enough of this Dick of mine sliding in and out of their pussies.”
Before she could even start to resist, I forced my cock head into her pussy, stretching it mercilessly open. She dug her fingernails into my back, starting to fight back, but it was to late. With a smooth thrust, I sank my nine-inch cock all the way up her cunt.
“No slowly” She said.
“I am inside you'” I panted. ” You took every inch; it feels like heaven inside you”
Arthi still had her fingernails sunk into my back. She lay motionless under me, her legs clutching hard around my legs. Little whimpers came from her throat, “Don’t hurt me, and take it out,”
“No way,” I said. ” I am never goanna take it out,”
Slowly I started to hump, to slide my cock in and out a few inches at a stroke. She clung to me for life, as I began to take longer and longer plunges into her defenseless pussy.
“Ah, feels so good,’ I said. You’re pussy so fucking juicy, so fucking hot. My cock made squishing noises in her choot as I slid in an out. Arthi I never fuck a tight pussy like yours. Tell me you like it ” tell me you like it baby tell me or I will stop,”
“NO don’t stop now I love it and I want you, I never knew that getting fucked by my husband’s friend can be that pleasurable” “Oh, your lund feels so good in my choot please fuck me as long as you want, I am your wife for the night fuck me, mari jaan, I love you. You are my lover. Fuck me all night.”
She began to rock her loins faster, to the rhythm of my thrusts. I gazed down into her eyes. I fucked her with long, swinging thrusts that my belly smacked against Arthi’s belly. Arthi wrapped her legs around my loins, digging her heels into my ass cheeks trying to draw my cock into her deeper.
Arthi yelled out; “that’s it Varun, oh God yes just like that, fuck me, oh God fuck me, I love it, I love fucking other men.” she looked over at Vivek was jacking himself off watching me fucking his wife.
She smiled at him with a wicked grin then said; “like it Vivek, like watching your wife getting fucked and fulfilled with a big cock? “Come on honey tell me how much you like watching your wife fuck other men, get closer and see what a real man with a real cock can do to your wife ”
I said, “”man, your wife’s pussy sure does feel good!”
She said I feel great inside, when I was ramming my cock inside the pussy, she was telling me, “Do that…. Do that….. there…. There…. I like it…..,”
Vivek came over near her mouth.
She leaned forward, sticking out her tongue to lick him. “Oh shit, I’m cumming!” Vivek said gripping his wife’s head as he came in her mouth. Vivek started shooting his load all over his wife’ s face and tits. I kept fucking her, as Vivek went to clean. She was moaning. I put her legs on my shoulder and fucked her some more.
Vivek had come back after cleaning himself.
She said “You lay down I want to ride you” and she started riding me, she was sitting on top of my dick and I put my dick in her pussy and she started rocking back and forth and up and down, wow what a scene, her breasts were jumping right in front of my eyes and I had both my hands free to feel them, I pressed them squeezed them and did everything to the beautiful boobs in front of my eyes.
I rolled her over on to the bed without removing my dick and started pounding her pussy. I again started pumping heavily she asked me to slow down but my dick was boiling I did not hear any thing from her and continued strong strokes; perhaps she was feeling pain now. But I was wild on her and merciless. She hugged me and pulled me down. I could feel the softness of her breasts and her erect nipples against my chest. I was fucking her hard and she had her legs wrapped against my buttocks. Lifting myself on my hands, I pushed harder and faster, but she seemed to want more. “Fuck me harder”
I looked at Vivek and said, “Your wife is a great fuck. I’m ready to cum.” after a few moments I started pumping faster and with a huge thrust came deep in Arthi’s hot cunt I rammed my cock deep, grabbed her shoulders and came hard inside the condom. She was holding me tight and came again and again.
Arthi looked exhausted and sweat was rolling down her body, she said, “that was fun! Can we go again Varun?” I replied “no way! My cock is rubbed raw from your tight pussy!” She laughed & said “Varun you gave me the fuck off my Life. I never thought that one day my husband friend is going to fuck me. I’m feeling a little sore myself. But it’s a nice feeling. May be we can do it again latter”
Arthi got up and kissed Vivek and said “sweetheart…. I’ve just had the best fuck of my life. It’s something I have always dreamt about for years, fucking two men at a time thanks darling for being so understanding ” She went to the bathroom to clean up.
All of us took bath again, and slept that night. When we got up in the morning, she was very friendly and told us we should often go for tours like that.

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