Indian Village girl’s NRI dream turns nightmare

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Meghna’s parents were over the moon. They were always told that her beautiful daughter would bring them good fortune. But this was huge – They had received a marriage proposal from an NRI groom. For those in her small village, marrying their daughter to a city boy is a herculean task. But now they were sending her daughter to marry a Non Resident Indian in America.
Meghna was the kind of woman for whom kings used to go to war over. She had the cute features of a doll while having the perfect proportions which many girls don’t get even after sweating in a gym for years. She was around 5’6″ which was really tall for an Indian girl. She could have been a model or in movies had she not been born in a small, backward village. Meghna always wore a full length loose salwar kameez to hide her very womanly shape.
Suitors had been asking for her hand in marriage for years, and she used to get countless love letters from admirers. But she always knew how important it was to maintain the Honor of her family and never responded to any of them. She was both excited and nervous about moving to the USA right after her marriage.
Meghna’s parents were so happy that they were ready to sell their ancestral land in order to give the ₹1 million in gold jewellery as dowry as demanded by the groom’s family. He also spent another ₹1 million for the wedding to make sure that everyone in the village was awestruck by their marriage.
Unfortunately, Meghna’s Prince Charming wasn’t that charming in reality. Prasad was a below average student and had completed his Engineering degree in some unknown local college. He struggled for close to a year to get a job but remained unemployed. An unscrupulous agency suggested that he should enrol at some shady University in the USA and then get work with his F1 student visa. After getting his fake degree and using the agency to make him fake references, he finally got a job in America. With half his money going to repay the educational loan and some for his family expenses, Prasad had literally nothing in his bank balance.
His parents tried getting him a bride in his home city but the parents of their targets were alert enough to do a background check and then rejected him. He was already an old looking 31 when a marriage broker suggested he get a village girl. The broker reasoned they didn’t know much about the world and would be very docile once Prasad married one. His parents told Meghna’s parents that their wonderful son didn’t have enough leave to return to India for any length of time, so he would go directly to the marriage ceremony and take her straight away back to the USA. Meghna’s parents fell for it – hook, line and sinker.
On the wedding day, there was a huge shock for Meghna’s parents. The photos they shared before were heavily photoshopped. The groom was older, shorter, fatter and bald than what they had expected. In fact, he was barely an inch taller than Meghna. As a pre-rehearsed script, the groom’s parents blamed the broker for sharing his older pics. They said the broker had also lied by saying that the groom was 27 when he was actually 31, making an 11 year difference between him and Meghna. The Prince Charming became the Ogre.
But, as expected, Meghna’s parents didn’t have the guts to cancel the wedding and become the laughing stock of the village. Meghna decided to take it optimistically and hope that her husband would compensate her by decently caring for her after marriage.
The marriage ceremony was done, and soon Meghna found herself in the USA. Prasad could never believe that he got a wife who would normally be way out of his league. Having sex with her made him feel so empowered after being an incel for so long and watching most of his friends with girlfriends. He kept changing his Facebook photos along with his wife to show his friends what kind of catch he had.
Meghna was so happy with the love and affection he showed at the start and was enthralled by the difference between the USA and her village. But after 6 months, she slowly started coming out of the trance. Prasad’s mother was so afraid that he might stop sending money to her after getting enslaved by his wife that she called him every day and reminded him to ‘keep her in place’. He purposefully didn’t enable international calling in her mobile so that she always had to call her parents in his presence.
She slowly realised that almost all his colleagues and friends lived in better apartments in good areas, while her house was a 1 bedroom with hall and kitchen integrated into one. The building looked worn down and the area was sketchy. She was the only Indian family in that area which was dominated by African Americans and Mexican immigrants. Prasad was driving a 2005 Toyota Corolla instead of the Audi A4 they saw in his pictures. He hardly took her out to fancy restaurants or bought nice dresses, and always kept stressing they were ‘building a future for them with small sacrifices’.
One of the tenants in the apartment were meth head junkies. The Mexican families never bothered to even talk. Her neighbour was an old African American Army Veteran named Steve Taylor who worked as a security guard. He always tried to make small talk with Meghna. Meghna loved to have him as a father figure around.
Meghna had an outgoing personality who had kept herself in check to avoid being accused of ‘leading the boys’. But now that she was married, she openly talked with Prasad’s friends and wives during get-togethers. Once the phase of boasting by Prasad was over, he started to feel insecure again. He was afraid that a girl as beautiful as Meghna might end up cheating with his friends.
Slowly his feelings became an obsession and he stopped informing Meghna about these get-togethers and started giving lame excuses to avoid hanging out.
Meghna started to suspect he was deliberately avoiding going out, but she felt there was no choice than to silently take it. After all, Prasad was her husband and it was her duty to keep him happy. But she was getting bored staying home every day and she was afraid to even go out for a walk. Prasad’s friends implied the neighbourhood was very dangerous.
One afternoon, she was sitting on the bed crying when she heard a sound from the next room.
“Oh oh si si… Si, si, Cógeme duro nene. Si…Si…”
It was coming from her neighbour, Steve Taylor. She put her ears to the walls and kept listening. The other woman was probably a Latina and she was yelling more Spanish words. She could sense from the guttural noise that she was in the height of her passion. The noise went on for around another 15 to 20 minutes until she gave a loud shriek to announce her orgasm. They rested for around 10 minutes or so and went on for another round.
Meghna was amazed to hear the stamina of that old bull. Her sex with Prasad was underwhelming to put it in a mild way. He would play with her breasts for around five minutes and then mount her. After a few thrusts, he would come out in a minute or two and then roll over and sleep. Meghna never had an orgasm yet in her life after nearly six months of marriage. His stamina has improved to a maximum of five minutes but still, he always left her unsatisfied.
Once Steve and the woman finished and she began to move out, Meghna kept her eyes at the peephole to see who it was. She was shocked to find that it was Esmeralda, the assistant to the landlord. She was in her 40’s, married and had a teenage daughter and a school going son. Meghna couldn’t believe that she would cheat on her husband with this old man.
Also, she couldn’t believe that Steve of all the people would do this. He was a gentleman and she swore he looked at her like a daughter. How could he do this? Now she was wondering what he was thinking about her? Was he sizing her up too?
But as days went by, she couldn’t wait for the next time they got together. Meghna used a glass on the window to listen to their sounds. She was getting more and more curious, wanting to watch the pair. These sounds were becoming music to her ears in her soulless sex life. She was getting addicted to it, just like the meth heads were. She would get frustrated on the days where Steve had a day shift. She could no longer talk to Steve. Spending two minutes talking to him made her panties wetter than her foreplay session with Prasad. Her mind couldn’t stop sizing him up as he stood at a booming 6’3″.
She prayed to God to give her strength not to do something she would regret for her entire life.Excuse me, may I help you?” asked Meghna. She was on one of her ‘walks’ around the hallway after her husband left for the office. It was the time usually the entire building was empty as most of the occupants had also left for work.
She had noticed a young African American man trying to open the door of Steve’s apartment but was unable to do so. He looked up at her, startled. Then he managed a weak smile.
“Hello, I’m Travis. I’m Steve’s son,” He said. He stood up and Meghna froze. He looked at least an inch or two bigger than Steve himself. Travis immediately realized it.
“Sorry to bother you” he said “I was stationed overseas and didn’t know when the old man would be at home”.
“Shall I give you my phone to call him?” asked Meghna, reluctantly.
“That won’t be necessary,” he replied “I’m leaving town today and just wanted to see him”.
Meghna thought he looked dodgy but his face looked just like Steve, so she assumed he must be related to him. She decided to go back to her apartment.
“May I have a glass of water please?” a voice came from behind. She turned to see Travis touching his throat to show that he was parched. It was common courtesy for Indians to give water to those who ask for it, so she opened the locks and let him in. Meghna asked Travis to sit on the couch and went to the kitchen.
As the weather was sunny and dry outside, Meghna decided to make some “Rooh Afza,” an Indian brand of sherbet. She placed some cookies on a tray and came back to the hall. What she saw shocked her so much that she dropped the plate and glass.
Travis was sitting there completely naked and his expression on his face was very frightening. Meghna’s instincts immediately reacted and tried to assess her options. She realized that he had locked the door to the hallway with a deadbolt and put a chair in front of it, but if she could make it to her bedroom and closed the door, she had a fighting chance. But that path was longer and Travis had the advantage of height and strength, but it was the only possible option.
She immediately bolted towards the bedroom but Travis was faster and he caught her before she could reach the door. With his large basketball sized hands, he covered her mouth. Meghna tried to fight back but with her petite frame, she could never hope to fight a guy built like a gorilla.
“Oh I forgot to mention, Ms Curry Lips.” he whispered, “I just got out of jail.’
Meghna went pale with fear. She looked up to see his face. His bloodshot eyes and menacing grin only showed he was telling the truth. His elbow was pressing against her ass. No, that wasn’t an elbow. She realised it was his hard dick.
“I hope I can now remove my hand and you won’t shout.” said Travis. He was angry at his dad for helping him arrange a useless lawyer which caused him to spend the last 2 years in jail for assault . He came to steal his belongings and this Indian woman just got caught in the crossfire. It had been a long time since he had any female company, and he knew an Indian woman wouldn’t report this to their husband or law authorities. Too shameful.
Meghna gasped for air when he removed his hand. It was so big that it easily covered both her mouth and nose. Tears were falling in her eyes as she pleaded to his conscience.
“Please leave me!” she begged. “I’ll do anything else.’
“You can start by taking me to your bedroom,” laughed Travis. Meghna was wearing a loose nightie but Travis could see her perfect body against the light. “I guess that’s where you were already leading me.” And he rubbed his erect cock against her ass once more.
Meghna wondered how big it was. Was he even bigger than Steve? She chided herself for thinking like that during these dangerous times.
Once inside the bedroom, Travis barked, “Strip!.”
She looked at him with a bewildered expression. “I said strip!” he repeated, only to see her look more confused.
“REMOVE THE CLOTHES!” he finally shouted.
“No,” she cried, “I can’t do that..’
“Sorry, your curry accent is making it sound like ‘Yes’,” sniggered Travis.
Meghna was shocked. She knew that some people in the USA were racist, but she never expected it from a black person.
“Will you strip or you want me to tear it off?” warned Travis.
Meghna felt she had no choice as she wouldn’t be able to explain the torn nightie to Prasad. She slowly crossed her hands and removed it over her head to reveal her bra and panties. Travis’s tongue was hanging out. She was even better than he expected.
“Wow, nice knockers babe,” said Travis.
Meghna didn’t understand the slang but she guessed it might have meant her breasts. Travis hugged her and kissed her lips. Meghna couldn’t resist and she felt his big tongue going inside. Even the tongue looked huge. After a long kiss, he broke and she once was left gasping for air.
“I guess you forgot to strip completely,” added Travis.
Meghna knew there was no way to negotiate with an ex-convict. So she slowly removed her bra and revealed her light brown nipples.
“Hmm, they’re really nice curry nipples” exclaimed Travis “Looks like your body already wants the action,” and he placed a finger on her white panties.
Meghna froze. She realized that it was already wet. She couldn’t even understand how her body was betraying her. She didn’t know whether it was the size of his cock or the taboo in this situation which was making her hot. Travis pulled her hand and made her stroke his cock. She was astonished over the fact that she couldn’t completely hold it in her hands. She always wondered how big Steve might have been, but she never thought about the thickness of his cock.
Travis couldn’t believe the lack of fight by Meghna. He was aching for pussy during his time in prison and his ex-girlfriend refused to give a booty call. Meghna seemed to be such an easy lay who had become so docile and cooperative. But he wanted to quench his thirst, so he pushed her down onto the bed. He pulled down her panties to reveal her hairy pussy.
“Wow, that’s a real Bin Laden you’ve got there, Lady,” he smirked. Meghna went red in embarrassment. Prasad never commented on her hairiness down there and so she never shaved or trimmed, making a big, hairy bush.
Travis positioned himself on top of her and held her wrists with his massive hands. He kept rubbing the head of his cock over her vulva. Even the slightest touch was making Meghna moan in pleasure. Travis laughed, and slowly inserted his cock inside her vagina.
Meghna suddenly woke from her trance. She was going to be penetrated, and by someone other than her husband. And it was too thick and too painful for her to handle.
Her primal instinct switched off the English part of her brain. She was trying to thrash around hoping to push back Travis, but it wasn’t easy to push a 300 pound brute made of pure muscle. However, Travis became alarmed by her sudden screams and was lost for a second. Then he had the presence of mind to put his hand over her mouth lest someone hear it. To Meghna’s bad luck, the only residents left in the building were the meth heads who had probably phased out by now.
Meghna’s eyes were wide open and tears were flowing. The pain was too much to handle. She felt he might break her pelvic bones. Travis pushed all he could inside, making her eyes almost come out of their sockets.
“It’s ok, baby,” he said “I guess it’s your first time with a BBC.”
Meghna was so phased out in pain that it was just gibberish. Travis slowly started moving his cock in and out and her muffled screams kept coming as her vaginal muscles were trying to accommodate his massive size. Soon he started rocking at a steady pace and her pain slowly was replaced by pleasure.
Travis noticed that she was no longer screaming and he slowly released his hand. He was greeted by a smooth sound of moans coming from Meghna. Her entire body was quivering by his thrusts and her breasts were bouncing in accordance.
Travis increased his speed to the maximum and Meghna was shaking like a ragdoll under him. She was moaning continuously for around ten minutes and sweat was coming through all her pores. She gave a huge grunt and had her first orgasm.
Meghna felt as if she was hit by a lightning bolt which sent her soul out of her body. All her nerve endings went on overdrive. After nearly six months of marriage, she finally experienced her first elusive orgasm.
Travis wasn’t going to give her time to relish that experience. He just kept ramming inside her like a piston with the extra lubrication due to her orgasmic juices. He continued until he gave a grunt and got his first orgasm inside a vagina after two long years.
Meghna could feel a warm jet of fluid hit her and it was flooding her vagina. It felt much more than the usual load given by Prasad, and the big cock of Travis made sure it hit her uterine walls. She kept feeling jet after jet of warm semen as Travis’s body was releasing his pent up frustration. She could feel her walls relaxing as his dick became flaccid, but it was still big to her. Much bigger than her husband.
Travis wasn’t the sort of person who would look for cuddles. He just got up and walked to the hall. The release of the weight on her body suddenly dulled the euphoria of the experience and brought her back to the real world. She realized that she had sex with someone other than her husband in the same bed she consummated her marital vows.
Tears of shame were flowing from her eyes. Her husband tried to avoid hanging out with his friends to stop her from cheating on him, but she ended up doing so in their very own room. She was forced but she hardly resisted. She tried to get up and wash herself but her body was still recovering from the intensive workout she just had. Her left thigh was slightly cramped, but she slowly got up and tried to go to the bathroom to wash herself.
She went to the living room to access the bathroom and to her surprise, she saw Travis sitting on their couch drinking the beer which Prasad had kept in the fridge. She thought he might have dressed up and left. Travis realized that she had arrived and raised the bottle to her as if he was making a toast. Disgusted, she left towards the bathroom and cleaned herself.
When she came out of the hall, Travis beckoned her. He motioned her to sit on his lap and she reluctantly responded. He tried to part her legs and insert his cock inside again but he wasn’t fully erect, so he asked her to kneel down.
Meghna understood what he wanted. “No please,” she begged “I can’t do that.’
“Who said you had a choice in this?” laughed Travis, “We can play this game all day, but you don’t want your husband to open the door and see you next to a BBC.”
Meghna knew the only way to get this brute out of the house before Prasad came home was to accede to his demands. She got down on his knees and took his flaccid cock in his hand. She could finally fathom the size and realized that even when soft, he was really big.
“Once you go black, you never go back,” said Travis, reading her mind. “Now suck. Before your husband comes home.”
Meghna opened her mouth wide to accommodate his cock. It tasted of piss and his cum. She felt nauseous but she kept sucking worried what he would do if she didn’t. Travis wound his fingers in her hair tightly and was helping her to get the momentum going. As his dick started getting erect, she could feel it straining her mouth. He started pushing into her so far that he was deepthroating her.
After around ten minutes, Meghna felt she could take no more but the strong hands of Travis were only hurrying up the process by working his penis faster and deeper. She tried to protest, but all that came out were “mmmphhh…….” Each second passed so slowly and the pain in her mouth was becoming unbearable. She wished Travis would come easily and quickly like Prasad.
With a huge grunt, Travis finally came. Meghna tried to take her mouth out but he held her head so hard that her mouth was getting the assault of his ejeculation. With the big cock in her mouth and the liberal spray of Travis’s love juice, she had no other choice than to swallow or get choked. She tried to swallow but some of the sperm came out of her nose making it look like snot running down her face.
Travis realized that he had gone overboard and immediately released her. The blueness on her face disappeared as Meghna gasped for air and tried to get rid of the cum from her nasal canals, but Travis’s dick was still spraying all over her face and chest.
Meghna waited for her to come to terms with everything that had happened but a strong taste of bile came to her mouth. She closed her mouth and ran to the bathroom and vomited everything into the sink. She kept retching as more and more came out. She cleaned out her nose and washed off the semen from her face and body.
To her surprise, Travis was waiting outside when she came out of the bathroom with a glass of water in his hands and a look of genuine concern. She immediately dunked the glass as her throat needed something to cool off. He lifted her up and carried her to the couch. He made her curl up in his arms while sitting on the couch and he opened another bottle of beer.
Meghna was so physically and mentally fatigued that she didn’t realize that she was finding solace in the arms of her tormentor. But her relief was short-lived as Travis took her hands and wrapped it on his cock and made her give him a hand job. Meghna was so dazed that she was only subconsciously aware of what she was doing.
Soon Travis became erect again, much to Meghna’s amazement. He slowly lifted her and allowed her to sit on his cock, pulling her legs apart. He could see the hairy monster slowly eat up his cock and allowed gravity to take care of their union for a while.
Meghna once again started moaning as his erect cock was hitting her G-spot. It had penetrated deep inside her but some of it was still outside. Travis held her waist and slowly started rocking up and down.
Meghna started feeling the pleasure rise once more. She adjusted her legs so that they were placed firmly on the couch and started moving her hips on her own. She didn’t realize that she was now a willing and willful partner in this act of betrayal. Meghna loved the rush of his penis sliding inside of her, threatening to tear her apart.
She started moving on his cock as fast as she could. Travis held her tightly so that she didn’t slip. Her body became pink and sweat was once again coming out, glistening her body with tiny beads of excitement. She was panting loudly but she didn’t want to lose the momentum. With a loud shriek, she had her second orgasm of her life and then fell on Travis like a sack of bricks.
But Travis hadn’t cum yet. He made her wrap his arms around his legs and put his hands on her buttocks and lifted her. He also stood up and Meghna instinctively grappled her legs around his thighs. He started moving his hips to change guard and continue the session.
Meghna was fresh from an orgasm and she couldn’t believe he had started giving her another one. Honestly, she never knew that someone would actually have sex while standing. He was lifting her so effortlessly and his lips alone were moving so well while his entire body was perfectly still. Her pleasure centers were going into overdrive and she was delirious with the mind-breaking sensations.
After a few minutes, Meghna achieved another orgasm. Travis too approached almost at the same time. Meghna felt another spurt of semen inside her. Travis’s legs buckled under the intense activity and he fell back to the couch. Meghna was also tired by her second effort, and the third just drained what remained of her stamina. She kept hugging him and they both just dozed off on the couch.
She would have slept even more had Travis not started shaking her awake. She looked at the time. It was almost 2 pm. The semen had actually dried up in her inner thighs. They must have slept for at least 3 hours. She immediately rushed to the bedroom and wrapped the nightie around her.
“Do you have anything to eat?” bellowed Travis from the living room. Meghna rushed to where he was as she had to usher him out before Prasad returned home.
“We have only sambar and rice,” she said.
“What the f*ck is that?” asked Travis.
She took him to the kitchen and showed the orangish brown liquid with some vegetables floating around. Travis made a squeamish expression on his face .
“I ain’t eating no curry,” he said, “I’d rather eat something outside.”
He came back to the living room and started getting dressed. Meghna heaved a sigh of relief as he finally had decided to leave. He went to the door but turned back.
“I had a good time, and I know from your moans that you had a good time. However you are welcome to complain to the cops if you want. But that means your husband will know everything we did.” He grinned like a shark when he said that, “I know in Sharia law, the women are always blamed in such cases.”
This statement hit Meghna hard. Not only did this man rape her for the past 3 hours, he was also confident that she wouldn’t complain and now is mocking her directly to her face. But what in the hell was Sharia law?
Travis removed the chair which he had used to block her escape and almost unlocked the bolt and stopped suddenly.
“What the f*ck!” he shouted and came towards Meghna.
“Please no,” begged Meghna “My husband will come home soon.”
“Then let’s have a quickie,” said Travis and pulled her hand. She tried to wriggle out of it.
“Stop resisting now,” he said, “Just one last fuck before I leave for Florida. Do you want your husband to come home to find you riding my black cock?”
Meghna felt deflated, but a little excited. She understood that she could not reason or negotiate with this man. It was probably best she just agreed to his demand and stopped resisting. He swung her around and made her bend down and put her arms on the couch. He dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her. He made her pull her buttocks apart. He gave each one a tight slap making her wince in pain.He spit on his hands and lubricated his cock.
He pushed all of his cock into her anus in one go, resulting in a loud scream from Meghna. He then slapped her ass as he kept ramming inside her. Meghna was crying in pain as he kept slamming into her as fast as he could, all the time slapping her ass. He used his left hand to pull her hair, while his right hand kept slapping her ass cheeks until they became red with his marks.
She was having a tough time holding her composure. Having her pussy raped by a BBC was humiliating but anal sex wasn’t something she had ever thought of doing. Meghna felt embarrassed because she was actually enjoying this pain along with the pleasure.
Travis then lifted her leg and repositioned her so that he was holding one of her legs and was going into her anus at a slant. Meghna used an elbow to support her body as she held Travis’ hand using her other hand. She noticed that she could see her reflection in the mirror and became red.
She could see this enormous brute holding her nonchalantly and fucking her. His thick black cock was going in and out. Her breasts were shaking around like jelly. But she couldn’t stop looking at it. Travis too realized that and he pulled her face around to give her a kiss. She responded well this time and they kept kissing until she finally climaxed. He too didn’t take much time and he shot his final load. It was much less this time and then he abruptly pulled out of her.
Meghna fell on the floor and a stream of semen seeped out of her ass, forming a small shiny pool. In the corner of her eye, she saw Travis lift up and button his pants. He opened the door and left without saying a single word nor did he even glance back at her.

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