Indian wife Fucked by older men

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I am Karan. We are from India shifted here in San Diego, California. I have been married to my wife Priya for about five years. We married when we started working after post-graduation and ours was a arrange marriage. She was Miss Naughty when I first met her. We both liked tennis game and she was quite good. We didn’t have sex until our marriage and, once we did, I found out that Priya was a virgin. She had really never had a boyfriend before me, so she wasn’t experienced in the ways of dating and such. I really fell for Priya because she has beautiful black hair, athletic and very sexy in her own way. At first, she was very shy and withdrawn but, with my help, I got her to come out of her shell. When I first met her, When after marriage, we shifted tom LA, I saw her buying her skirts and outfits. Each time the skirt would get a little shorter. I made it a crusade to turn Priya into a hot little fox. After 2 years of marriage she gave birth to our daughter. After that she started working as a banker and opened up a lot. After that Priya was wearing skirts about four or five inches above her knees.
One night, before leaving the house to go to the movies, I stopped her at the door, and told her to turn around and close her eyes. As she did, I dropped down to my knees and started kissing her ass cheeks. She didn’t know what I was doing but she played along. I reached up and grabbed her little black undies by the waist band, and slowly pulled them down. She must have thought I had changed my mind about going to the movies. I slid her undies down to her ankles and lifted each leg out of them, all the while kissing her cheeks to keep her off guard. When I had her undies totally off, I slipped them in my pocket and kissed her for about another minute.
Then I got up and said, “Let’s go to the movies.” She asked me for her undies back but I told her tonight she would have to go without them. Well, Priya had come a long way but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted them back. I told her No way. If she wanted to go to the movies with me, she would go the way she was. She had a dress that covered everything and nobody would know but me. She didn’t like it at all but she finally gave in as always. I knew that Priya would say No, but I also knew that if I pushed her she would give in.
We had a great time at the movies. My hand found her pussy under her skirt a couple times and her cunt was as moist as it has ever been. She must have been really turned on by the thought of having no undies on.
After the movie, I took her out for a nice little dinner at her favorite restaurant. I then took her parking and she was the most turned on little girl I had ever dated. In fact, she just about raped me in the car. I knew I had found something and I was going to make as much use of it as I could. My little Priya enjoyed the thought that somebody might see her in such a condition. From now on when we went out, undies would not be allowed. I never said as much to Priya, but every time I picked her up, I would slide her undies down her leg and slip them into my pants. It always amazed me that whenever I would slip my hand under her skirt and feel her cunt, it would be very wet and slippery.
By that time, Priya had finally come out of her shell, so to speak. I had her in dresses and skirts that were about three inches below her ass cheeks. And she knew if we went out, she could never wear any underwear. Soon, I didn’t even have to pull them off, she would just dress without putting any on.
A couple of times when we went out to parties, she would get a little plastered and she then wouldn’t be as careful about how she positioned herself all the time. I know that a few times guys sitting across from our table got a great show of her cute little pussy, as she sat in her short skirt with her legs spread pretty wide apart. I would never mention it to her because I liked the thought of someone getting a few quick peeks.
I would come watch her play her singles partner and she would come watch when I played some of the guys.
I started videotaping her matches so she could watch them later. She always had these cute little tennis skirts on and I always thought they were so sexy. Then one day while taping her, I noticed that even though the skirt was short, you really never could see the little white pants that she wore under them. I filmed a lot of her playing and then went home and watched the tape. Nothing ever showed except if she hit an overhand shot close to the net. She would lift up some and that was the only time when her ass cheeks would come into view. In the entire match, this happened about twice. I started devising a plan right away. It was going to be a “rush” for me and an experience for Priya.
I edited the last three matches that Priya played. I didn’t have to edit out very much at all, just the few times she hit an overhand shot at the net. I made sure to edit about three of four matches back. Then, I was ready.
I waited for the right opportunity and it came one night when we were watching a tennis match on TV. I knew that the player from Europe would win over the American player. Priya was sure the American player would win. I said, “Let’s make a bet. If you win, you get one day of anything you want. if I win, I get one day of anything I want. And whoever loses, cannot say No to the winner.”
She was so sure the American would win, she jumped right in on the bet. She was going to get a couple of new outfits, go to dinner, and maybe have her nails done, if she won. I had other plans, and was pretty confident I was going to win. The match was close but the American lost.
Priya laughed it away and asked what I wanted. I had it all planned. I said, “The first thing I want is next Saturday to be my day. And the first part of the deal is that any time you’re in a skirt, you can’t wear any undies.” Priya laughed, she knew she never wore undies anyway when she was in a skirt, so that was any easy request.
Saturday morning came around and the first thing I did when I woke up was remind Priya that today was my day, and she couldn’t say No to anything I wanted.
She agreed. Then, she reminded me she was meeting one of the girls at 3PM to play tennis but, other than that, the day was mine. I agreed and we got on with the days activities. I called a few of my friends and told them Priya would be playing a match today and I needed to go watch. If they weren’t doing anything, they should bring some beer and we could watch together. About three of them said they would and I told them I would meet them there at about 2:30.
At 1:00PM, I told Priya to get dressed for her tennis match. She said it wasn’t till 3:00PM but I told her I wanted to see her outfit on her now. She went and got dressed and came out wearing a white top with a blue skirt, one of her normal tennis outfits. The skirts are not real long because they don’t want them to interfere with their game. Next I popped in a tape of the last match Priya played and told her to watch it. She asked why and then I explained the whole story to her. She was going to play today without any tennis under shorts on.
She thought I was crazy. “These skirts are way too small to try to play without any shorts,” she said. I told her if we could see her shorts in any of the videos we shot of her, then she wouldn’t have to do it but, if we couldn’t, then she would have to keep her promise. She finally agreed because she knew with her running around and swinging the racket, her skirt was bound to rise up and show her shorts underneath.
Well, we watched the first match on video and not once did her shorts show. She didn’t think that was good enough and wanted to see another match. I took out the next tape and we watched some more. Each match had about an hours worth of playing on the tape. Again, she could see nothing. She still didn’t want to do it.
I told her I would play one more tape, and then we had to go. I would fast forward all the tapes to the parts that showed her. Again, none of them showed her shorts. I knew I was going to win this argument because she normally put up a good fight but always gave in at the end. Well, after watching the videos, she didn’t have a good reason to turn down my request. Plus, she had made the promise and I had proved that no one could see anything. She just didn’t know I had cut a few strokes out of each tape.
She finally relented and I moved over to her and pulled down her tennis shorts and the undies she had on under them. When I stood up, I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Five years ago you couldn’t get my wife into a short dress. Now I had her going out to play tennis in a short tennis skirt and had talked her into wearing nothing underneath!
We got all our stuff together and went out to the car. We both got in and I noticed when Priya sat down, the skirt just barely covered her pussy. She still didn’t think it was such a good idea, but I was not turning back. I didn’t even bring her shorts because I didn’t want her to change her mind before the match started. I placed my hand on her legs and slowly moved it up to her cunt. It was on fire. She was very wet and her juices were starting to run down her legs. I could tell, she was scared, but she was also excited, by the reaction I got from her cunt.
We pulled into the tennis club parking lot about 2:30. The girl she was about to play was there and a couple of other people were playing on one of the other courts, but no one else was around at the time. This made Priya feel a little better. She got out of the car and got her stuff, gave me that look like she didn’t want to do it, then walked over and talked to Sue, the girlfriend she was playing today.
Sue and Priya were evenly matched. They had played together in college. Now they just played for fun. You could tell Priya was walking very carefully. They started to warm up and at first Priya wouldn’t swing very hard. Then Sue made a comment that if Priya was going to play like that, she might as well go home. Priya looked around and nobody else was there but me, so she started swinging as she normally would.
I watched her closely, seeing if I could tell that she had nothing on underneath. So far, so good. I couldn’t tell anything was abnormal. Sue finally said she was ready to start and they started their first game. A couple of points into the game, the older guys I invited arrived and they came up and sat with me in the stands. At first, Priya didn’t know they were there. She played her usual game but Sue beat her by a couple of points.
They traded sides for the next game. That’s when Priya looked up and saw me chatting with a few older guys. She didn’t know why they were there but this made her nervous, just the same.
They started the next game and me and the guys continued to chat while they were playing. It was tied in the second game. Then Sue got the advantage point. What happened next stopped everyone from talking.
Priya hit a great shot that sent Sue running to the corner to try to get it. She got it but hit a high ball that was just going to make it over the net. Priya ran for the net and as she reached back to hit the overhead shot, her skirt was pulled up from the action and it was easy to see the hot little cunt of my wife.
At first, everybody had to do a double take. Then everyone got quiet, once they realized that Priya didn’t have any shorts on under her outfit. Sue also saw that Priya was naked under her short tennis skirt and couldn’t believe it. She looked up in the stands and saw all of us watching. Sue was in a state of disbelief.
Priya did not know her skirt had gone up that far. She was happy to get back to even with Sue. It was Sue’s serve and everyone was now watching the match without saying a word. Priya did not pick up on the extra attention. Sue served Priya and they volleyed for about a half a minute. Then Priya hit a winner.
Sue was now down a point. Sue thought about it, then decided if Priya wanted to put a show on for the boys, she knew how to help. On the next point, Sue made a point to hit a high ball that Priya could slam if she wanted. This time, when Priya went to hit the overhead hit, her skirt pulled up again and everyone stared as Priya hit the winner down the corner.
Now it was tied at one game apiece and both Sue and Priya took a few minutes to get some water. I went down and talked to Priya. She asked if her skirt was staying down. I told her it was just like the video, we can’t tell anything from the stands. Then she asked why the guys were there. I told her they saw our car from the street and just stopped by to say Hi to me. Sue then called and said let’s get on with the match. Priya pulled her skirt down as much as she could and went back to the court. I wished her good luck and told her not to let Sue beat her again.
Priya was fired up and was not going to let Sue beat her this time. She went back out on the court and let Sue know that she was going to win this match. Sue just laughed and thought to herself that she might let Priya win, but it would cost Priya a lot to get the victory.
Priya was serving first and all eyes were on her. The guys sitting with me on the bench had not really spoken out loud since they saw Priya’s skirt lift up. They would poke each other with their elbows, and they would stare real hard, but other than that, no noise came from the bleachers. I watched as Priya and Sue fought back and forth. Sue would win a point, then she would set Priya up with a high ball close to the net. She knew what she was doing. Every time Priya went after the kill shot, her skirt would pull up to just above the top of her pussy. We were sitting at midcourt, so we had a fine view of everything that was happening.
I noticed that the guys playing on the court next to ours had stopped playing and were sitting down between matches. One of them just happened to look over when my wife hit one of her kill shots. I saw his mouth drop and he elbowed his buddy to look. By the time his buddy looked over, Priya’s skirt had dropped back to normal. The two talked for about a minute. Then they packed up their stuff and came over to sit in the bleachers on our court.
Priya was busy fighting Sue because she wanted to win the match. Sue was watching everything that was going on. She saw the other two guys come over and sit down. She knew why they were there. She was going to help give them a show they would never forget. She waited about three or four points then acted like she barely got to a ball and hit another high shot for my wife to attack.
Priya reached back to hit the ball and this time she had to wait a couple of seconds for it to come down. The whole time Priya’s body was in the kill position her skirt was up around her waist. It was just as if she was nude on the court. Her eyes were on the ball coming down, everybody else was looking closely at her neatly trimmed cunt that was easily visible. Luckily, Priya was busy concentrating on the ball and could not tell the show she was putting on. Every time she slammed one, she would get the point, and the guys in the stands would clap a little. Priya looked up, saw us in the stands, and just sort of waved. She thought they were clapping because of the great shot she had just hit. She was never so wrong.
I saw that 3 older man came and sit behind Priya who were having all white hair and must be around 60 years of age. They sat down away from the rest of us. I could see them quietly chatting between each other. It wasn’t that long before Sue was setting my wife up again. Then again the stands would clap as Priya hit a winner down the line. I checked out the older men that were watching and they too got into the swing of things, clapping whenever Priya hit a shot like that.
Priya won the second set and went to get some water. She asked how everything looked from where I was. She was afraid maybe her skirt inched up a little high once or twice. I told her I had been watching closely but I couldn’t see anything. She asked if I was sure. I told her I would go get the video camera out of the car. I would tape her playing and she could watch it when she got home. That way she could feel better that nobody saw anything they weren’t supposed to. Priya liked that idea a lot. I went and got the camera and went back into the stands.
I noticed Sue was giving Priya a lot of high balls now. Priya was killing every one of them, while the guys on the stands were going crazy. Out of the last ten points, five or six were high lobs from Sue. I heard the older men discussing some things down below us.
Well, the match finally ended and after the last point, everybody got off the bleachers at the same time. I saw all the older guys high-fiving each other.
Priya won the match and walked over to Sue to shake her hand. “I finally beat you,” Priya said.
Sue just looked at her and smiled. “Yeah, you really got the best of me today. Good match.”
As we were planning to leave the 3 older men came to us and congratulated Priya for winning the match and also suggested her few backhand shot scoring tips. They told us that they play tennis regularly.
Priya was quite impressed by their suggestions, One of them was Greg, another was Jeff, third one was Martin. These three men were in their mid 60s and were having very good built, they were all 6+ in height and quite muscular in built.
Indian wife Fucked by older men
After giving their introductions, Greg asked Priya and Karan about their professions. Karan told them that he is having his own business and Priya is product manager in a bank. Jeff complimented her by saying that Karan is quite lucky to have such a gorgeous wife. Priya thanked them and left with Karan for home as her daughter was waiting for them.
In the car Karan told Priya that she is so fair that even in white tennis skirt and top, her skin is glowing a lot. Another thing about which people complimented Priya was her figure. She had well toned legs and thighs and was having flesh in right places. She was not slim but not fatty also. Karan noticed Priya talking about those older men more than her match and said they must be thinking about her figure more than her game. He remembered that they had a very good personality in this age too. Priya shyly said she also felt the same.
After reaching home, both went to have shower and relax and then completed their household chores and chatted with their daughter. After dinner when Karan was in bed going to sleep, he saw Priya coming to room wearing a short red coloured babydoll dress. He instantly had a hard on and as soon he went close to her she passionately kissed him on his lips and laid him on bed on his back and within seconds both were naked and passionately kissing each other. Karan rolled Priya on her back and started sucking and pressing her boobs while kissing. Fuck me, fuck me hard, said Priya, though Karan was surprised he moved between her legs and pointed his dick towards Priya’s cunt.
Karan slowly entered his cock in priya’s cunt and realised that her cunt was very wet and his 7 inch cock entered fully in her juicy cunt. Aaah, aah, yes more, moaned Priya as Karan started to fuck her. As he increased his speed, Priya’s moan become loud, this was very different for Karan as Priya was never so vocal in the bed. He asked her what is she imagining, she said, I am thinking about those old men who not only had view of my legs and thighs but also my pantyless cunt on the court.
Karan asked while keeping his pace whether she fantasising about them, Priya said yes. Now Karan’s cock got more hard and he increased his speed and asked Priya to call him by older man’s name while fucking. She closed her eyes and said, yes fuck me, love me Jeff. I am your slut, fuck me.
This made Priya cum before Karan and Karan loaded his cum in her cunt. After kissing each other, they went to clean up and then went to sleep.
In the morning Karan said, you were at your best last night. Priya said, I love you, please don’t take my words last night seriously. Karan said she should not worry, nothing is wrong in fantasising and teasing. Priya felt relaxed.
After Karan left for important meeting, Priya relaxed at home as it was Sunday. In the afternoon when her daughter went to play at her friend’s place, Priya told her friend’s mum to take care of her daughter as she is going for a tennis match and will be back in the evening only. They agreed.
Priya and Sue decided to meet at the tennis court. Today Priya wore the same tennis short skirt and top which she wore yesterday, applied make up but today she was wearing a lacy pink thong to cover her cunt. When she reached court she didn’t find any sigh of Sue and received message from her that she is not well, will skip today.
Priya was just returning to her car when she saw Jeff, Greg and Martin coming with rackets to play tennis. They saw Priya and Martin said hi today also you are playing match, she said no, her partner is not available today. Greg said, don’t worry you can play with us if you don’t mind. She agreed.
She started walking towards the court and these 3 men were walking behind her. They were looking at her legs and thighs and Jeff was having a hard on. When they reached court she realised that all other courts were empty and they were just 4 people there.
The 3 old men started doing some warm up exercises before match and Priya saw that they have really well built in this age. Jeff suggested that he will team up with Priya and Greg and Martin will be on other side.
They started playing double’s match and while playing Jeff used to be on back so that he can see her body from back without her notice. They played for an hour or so and got tired.
All four of them sat on chairs nearby and were were drinking lime water. While drinking, all 3 of them discussed Priya about her job, and Greg saidher boss must be happy to have such a beautiful team mate. Priya laughed it off. Priya felt comfortable with them as they showed gentlemanly behaviour with her.
After that they played for half an hour and decided to call it off. As they were leaving the field, Jeff told Priya that he was also a banker previously and told her about some tennis tournaments which he won. Priya said, it is quite impressive. He thanked her and asked will she come with them for coffee at his place. She said she had to go home but when all 3 insisted she agreed thinking that Karan will be home soon to take care of their daughter.
Jeff asked Priya to come in their car only as his house is nearby. She agreed. Martin and Greg were sitting in front while Priya was at back seat with Jeff. While sitting her skirt rode up and Jeff had good views of her thighs and legs. She realised this but could not do anything about it.
Soon they reached Jeff’s house which was quite big and beautiful. After entering they chatted for few minutes and then freshened up. Jeff started asking Priya about her personal life and her family. She told them that their families in India are quite orthodox and women in house are fully covered till head to tow. They were surprised.
Jeff asked what drink each of them will take, both Greg and Marting agreed for wine and so he asked Priya whether she will take wine. She said yes. While drinking they were talking about their personal lives and all 3 men told Priya they missed their late wives alot. She gave sympathy to them. Now Priya was on her 3rd drink and was feeling bit tipsy, seeing this Jeff started playing a slow song on his music system and Priya for a dance. Priya was under alcohol influence and agreed.
He took her one hand on his shoulder and placed his right hand on her waist. They started dancing slowly and while dancing Jeff used to massage her waist and move his down to her hips and thighs and used to caress her. Priya wanted to stop him but couldn’t do anything as his touching and caressing were having positive effects on Priya. Now he got bolder and started dancing more closer to her which resulted in her body touching his. While dancing he was looking in her eyes with lust and started moving his hand under her skirt. First he touched her buttocks and then her pussy. He realised her pussy was quite wet and he decided to enjoy her pussy today.
Jeff moved his head closer to Priya and kissed her passionately. Under the alcohol effect and seeing Jeff’s muscular and tall body, she responded on his kiss and they started kissing each other passionately. While kissing she realised that in her front some hard thing was touching her cunt and tummy. It was Jeff’s 9 inch cock which was poking from his shorts.
While kissing her Jeff picked Priya in his arms and took her to his bedroom. Greg and Martin followed them. Priya said he always wanted men like them as her lover in bed.
Jeff laid Priya on bed on her back and removed her shoes and socks. They saw nail polish on her toe fingers and liked it. Jeff took her legs in his hands and started kissing them, he kissed her legs, calves, thighs and this made Priya moan with aaah, oh like sounds. He started kissing on her inner thighs and reached her cunt as Priya spread her legs apart. He started kissing and licking her cunt with his tongue and Priya
Priya’s moans increased Aah aah aaouch yes oh no ummm, seeing this Jeff started undressing himself and then took off Priya’s top, removed her skirt and thong. Now they both were fully naked. Jeff moved on top of her and inserted his 9 and half inch cock in her pussy. As soon this big cock entered her wet pussy, she moaned loudly. He inserted his cock fully inside her cunt and started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around his waist.
Seeing all this Greg and Martin were wanking their own cocks. Priya saw their cocks too.
While fucking Jeff started kissing her stomach and then caessing and massaging her boobs, first he took them in his hands and pressed and then he took them in his mouth and sucked them for few minutes. As Jeff increased his speed, Priya moaned loudly and came. But Jeff hasn’t come yet so he continued to fuck her and she continued to respond her with passion. He again started kissing her on her lips as he increased his speed to the fullest. Priya’s moans made him cum in her cunt. He loaded her cunt with his thick cum. Priya also came with him. His cock started softening inside her cunt and he removed it. Juices started flowing out of Priya’s pussy. He kissed her on forehead and lips and thanked for great session. She said instead she should thank him for all this.
When Jeff saw Greg and Martin wanking their cocks, he told Priya to satisfy them too. She said ok and both then went to washroom to clean themselves.
When Priya came out of washroom she was wearing a towel to cover her breasts and pussy. Martin came from behind her and started kissing her on her earlobes and neck. Greg came in front of her and started kissing her lips and massaging her boobs. As Priya saw that Greg is in front of her and Martin is behind her she understood, she has to satisfy both together.
While kissing from behind Martin and Greg released the towel of priya and let it fell on the floor. This made Priya fully naked again. They took her to the same bedroom again while kissing her from front and behind. Both played with her boobs and her ass and thighs. As Priya started moaning again by their kissing and boobs sucking, Greg and Martin helped Priya to get on the bed on her knees and hands. Greg was standing in front of Priya and her mouth just in front of his cock, she opened her mouth and Greg inserted his cock in her mouth. Now Priya started sucking his cock which made Greg moan in heavenly pleasure. Martin also inserted his cock in her cunt from behind.
Because of having cock in her mouth she was not able to moan for excitement.
Martin started increasing his speed of his cock in her cunt and was also prsssing and caressing her boobs from behind.
After Priya increased her cock sucking Greg immediately came in her mouth and took his cock out of her mouth. Martin was still fucking her from behind and then he laid her on her back and she wrapped her legs around his waist. After sometime, Martin came inside her and her pussy was again loaded with cum. Martin kissed on her lips and moved his cock out of her cunt.
Greg, Martin and Priya cleaned themselves up in washroom and got dressed and came into living room where jeff was waiting for them. Priya kissed them goodbye because she was feeling tired and wanted to go home. All 3 men dropped Priya at her car near tennis court.
Priya drove off in her car to her home, thinking in her mind about the things She did with those 3 older men.
Priya’s continues her affair wth older men
Priya reached home and saw Karan playing with their daughter. Karan asked, “How was the match today?”
She replied, “Fine. Sue didn’t turn up so I played with Greg and company.”
Karan said, “You mean those 3 older men who saw your game yesterday?” Priya nodded yes.
“How did you feel playing with strangers in this short skirt?” Karan asked her.
Priya became a bit nervous and replied, “They are good people and I also had coffee with them at Jeff’s house.”
Karan gave a surprised look and asked, “I hope they didn’t do anything naughty with you, right?”
Priya lied and said yes.
Karan saw Priya wearing a thong under the skirt and asked why. She replied, “Because I didn’t want anybody to see my pussy openly.”
Karan came close to Priya and started kissing her. She kissed him back but said, “I am tired. We will enjoy tomorrow.” Then they both had dinner and went to sleep. Before going to sleep, Priya imagined how Jeff made love to her and started pinching her hard nipples. Then she thought, why not meet them again tomorrow in the afternoon.
The next day, Priya came home early from the office in the afternoon and called Jeff. Jeff said that they will meet at the tennis court after half an hour. Priya started getting ready and decided to wear a different colour today. She selected a dark red short pleated tennis skirt and short top. She wore red lipstick to match her dress. She checked herself the in mirror and said, “Bye, bye, hawty.” She went to her car and drove off to the tennis court.
When Priya came out of her car, Jeff called her towards his car. When Priya was walking towards their car, the older men got aroused on seeing her in the short red dress. She was looking very sexy. At the same time Karan came to the court to see Priya’s game but he saw Priya moving to Jeff’s car. He continued to watch them and decided to follow them.
Priya sat next to Jeff on the back seat. Greg and Martin, as usual, were sitting in front. When Greg started driving the car towards Greg’s house, Jeff on the back seat couldn’t control himself and started looking lustily at Priya. He put one hand on Priya’s right thigh and started moving his hand up and down on her naked thigh. She looked at Jeff and smiled. He got bolder and moved closer to Priya and moved one hand on Priya’s back and the other on her left thigh and started kissing her. She replied his kiss with same passion as her hands were on Jeff’s back.
They both continued to kiss each other passionately. Their tongues meet and they sucked each other’s lips like long-lost lovers. While kissing, Jeff laid her on her back on the seat. As she lay, she opened her legs. Jeff took off his clothes and started undressing Priya. She was naked within a minute.
Karan, in the other car, was watching Jeff and Priya kiss each other. Now she was lying on the back seat with her naked sexy white legs on the window of the back door. His cock instantly got hard and he wanted to see more.
On the other hand, as soon as Jeff and Priya got naked, Jeff started kissing her earlobes, neck and lips. He was also massaging her boobs with both hands and was also sucking them. With this, his one hand moved towards Priya’s pussy and he inserted one finger in it.
Suddenly a low moan came from Priya’s lips and he realised that it was very juicy inside. He adjusted himself between Priya’s legs to fuck her. He moved his cock between her legs and, seeing her eyes partly closed in excitement, he took one of Priya’s hands and she held his big cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.
As he entered her pussy, Priya moaned loudly, “Aah, yeah! More, please, more! Insert more! gGve me more!” Hearing this, Jeff inserted his full cock inside her pussy and started making love to her. As his big cock started moving in and out of her pussy, she was getting ecstatic and her moans got louder. She moaned, “Yes, Jeff, my man! I love you! Fuck me hard! More! Yes!” Jeff increased his speed inside her pussy as he kissed her luscious lips. Her hands were on his back and she was digging her nails in his back.
To comfort Jeff and Priya, Greg took the car off the road near his house and stopped it. Now both Greg and Martin were looking at both of them as Jeff fucked Priya. As Jeff was fucking her, he suddenly took his cock out of her pussy. She asked what happened, and he replied, “Suck my cock.” Priya agreed.
Priya took his cock in her mouth and licked it for few minutes which made Jeff moan in pleasure. Jeff said, “Oh, suck it, you bitch! You are just wonderful. Suck my cock, my slut!”
Then Jeff withdrew his cock from her mouth and reentered his cock in her pussy. He again started fucking her with full force. Priya’s moans increased and she said, “I am your bitch! Fuck me hard! Yes, yes!”
Jeff increased his speed and said, “You are my slut now. I will fuck you whenever and wherever I want.” Hearing this, Priya came. He realised this but continued to bang her. She kissed him on his lips and started moaning in pleasure.
Now Jeff realised he could come anytime, so he increased his speed and sucked her nipples. In a few minutes Jeff and Priya came together. They kissed each other and Priya thanked him, “It was wonderful sex. First time I had sex in a car and I enjoyed it.”
Jeff said, “You are also amazing at sex.” Priya smiled back.
As his cock softened he came out of her and they cleaned and dressed up.
Karan realised from afar why Greg had stopped the car and while thinking about her wife’s pussy being fucked by someone else, he started wanking himself and came too.
Greg drove them to his home, which was very much like a farm house. Priya loved the sight. When they reached the house, they all got seated in the drying room.
Greg brought rum for the three older men and red wine for Priya. As they drank wine, Priya said to Greg, “Your house is in a very beautiful location and well built like you.”
He thanked her and told her his house was also very well designed and that she should see. She agreed and he took her on a tour of his house. Jeff and Martin followed them. By this time, Priya was having her fourth drink, so she was a bit tipsy and couldn’t walk properly. Greg saw this and put his hand around her naked waist. They moved towards his kitchen, then his dining room, and then his bedroom. Priya congratulated him, for the bedroom had huge bed which was partially round in shape.
Priya teased Greg, “For whom did you make such a big bed?” He replied that he made it for his wife who divorced him for someone else.
She said, “Sorry to hear that, but I hope you enjoyed yesterday with me.
He smiled and said, “We should finish what we left incomplete yesterday.” With that, he came closer to her and started kissing her. Priya kissed him back.
While kissing they both started undressing each other and in a minute both were completely naked. Greg took Priya to the bed in his arms and laid her on the bed on her back. Priya saw the muscular body of Greg and started kissing his body. This made his cock instantly hard and he also started passionately kissing her body from head to toe. He took her sexy legs in his hands and kissed her toes, her calves, and her thighs. He said, “You have a very sexy pair of legs.”
While Greg kissed her lips and sucked her boobs, Priya spread her legs and asked Greg to make love to her. He moved between her legs and inserted his big cock in her pussy.
Priya’s pussy was again wet because of foreplay and Greg’s cock went inside very easily. Priya moaned, “Oh, my love! Aahh! Aahh, yes, more! I love you!” Now Greg started fucking her with speed. Priya wrapped her legs around Greg’s waist tightly. As Greg increased his speed, Priya responded with same passion and her moans increased. She said, “You sexy old men have made me your slut.”
Greg responded, “I love you, Priya. You will get a lot of enjoyment.” And then he increased his speed more and in few minutes both Greg and Priya came together.
Greg said he had the best sex of his life. Priya said, “Don’t worry. Many more such moments will come.” He took his cock out of her pussy and kissed her on her lips. Priya responded. Priya laid in bed for some time with Greg keeping her head on his chest before cleaning herself in the washroom.
Priya and Greg dressed up and moved back to the living room where Jeff and Martin were waiting for her. Jeff said both took quite a lot of time. Priya just smiled. Priya was sitting between Martin and Greg. Martin started caressing her sexy legs with one hand. She first said, “No, I am very tired.” However, he continued and came closer to first kiss her legs, then her naked waist. Then he kissed Priya on her lips. Priya kissed him back. She realised that Martin was also very muscular and this made her pussy wet.
He took Priya and led her to another bedroom. He undressed her and she undressed him. He laid her on the bed and started fucking her. While he was fucking her, Priya moaned loudly. This continued for few minutes before Martin and Priya both came.
While Priya was dressing up, Martin took her thong from her and said, “It is a souvenir for me.”
After getting dressed, they returned to the living room. Priya realised that it was already after 8pm and she needed to go home. They wanted her to stay longer, but she said her husband Karan would be home anytime so she had to go.
Priya gave each one of them a passionate kiss and then they drove off to the tennis court. They dropped Priya near her car and left. Priya went back to her house. Little did she know that Karan had seen her going with the older men to their place.
She realised that she liked her new life and wanted to continue. Karan asked Priya how she got late, she again lied that they were playing tennis for 3 hours. Karan said, “I saw you going with the older men in their car.”
Priya was shocked, She didn’t expect it. She started crying and said sorry to Karan.
Karan came close to her and said he will be ok with it if she were to give him every detail of it and tell him she loved him. She said she loved him only and always will.
Priya then gave Karan every detail of her exploits with these three older men.

———————– By funduman4all


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