Indian wife fucks college buddy in front of husband

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We’re Varun and Shriya, a married couple living in the USA. We’re originally from Chennai, India. Shriya is a typical tamil Brahmin girl: very fair and very curvy, with fat in all the right places. Though she comes from a conservative family, she is very modern in her outlook and is dynamite in bed. She has lots of values, and I knew she would never cheat on me.
One day she told me that a friend of hers was coming to our city for some work, and asked whether he could stay with us during that time. We did have a spare bedroom that wasn’t getting used, so that presented no problem for us. When I asked who the friend was, she told me it was Sriram. He was her friend from college and I knew he had a crush on her. They were very close, even though she had said no when he had proposed.
Now hearing that this was the guy, I was a little apprehensive. This must have shown on my face, because Shriya asked me if I was thinking about the old college stuff. She said all that is ancient history and that they actually hadn’t talked in some time. This settled me and I said sure, let him come.
So the day came when he arrived. Unlike me, he had obviously kept himself in shape. With a beard, he was pulling off the rugged look quite well. His tight tee shirt accentuated his muscles. We exchanged pleasantries and sat down, talking while Shriya went to get us coffee. Shriya had dressed nicely since she knew he was coming. She had on a semi transparent saree with a low neck blouse. I saw his eyes follow her as she walked away.
Shriya came back to serve us coffee. When she bent to serve him his, her pallu slipped. It was only for a second, as she immediately adjusted it with a little blush. But I saw his eyes go directly to her milky cleavage for a second, and his hand travel near his crotch. But it was all over in a second. We continued to talk about their college days for the rest of the evening, and then Shriya led him to the guest bedroom, and we turned in for the night.
As we were in bed, I commented about the guy to Shriya, “Your friend seems to be in great shape!”
“Yeah, he hasn’t changed from when we were in college. He looks very much the same now as then.”
“He must have had a lot of girlfriends.”
“Yes all the girls were all over him in college.”
“Except you?”
“Yeah, I didn’t like the rugged look back then, I went more for your type of guys Varun.”
She said that and kissed me, and we drifted off to sleep.
The next day we were at the kitchen where Shriya was serving me breakfast. Sriram walked into the kitchen bare-chested with his shorts on. He was really hairy, and he had obviously just taken a bath. His hair and some of his chest were still wet.
Shriya exclaimed, “Sriram you will catch a cold!”
She took a towel and went near him and started wiping his head.
“You really don’t know how to use a towel, do you?”
She started wiping his chest also. It was a little hot watching my petite wife wipe off the hairy chest of this guy. Her hands moved over the towel, over his chest muscles, and down his stomach. When she was done, Shriya ran her hands through his chest hair to see that it was all dry.
Now all this was clearly having an effect on the guy. His shorts were not able to contain his boner and both Shriya and I noticed his hard-on through his shorts. He had the sense to say he needed a shirt and he walked out awkwardly. I smiled at Shriya, kissed her and left for the day. The image of Shriya running her slender fingers through his chest hair stayed with me as I tried to work the whole day.
That night, as we were making love, I asked her about the toweling off. She caught on straight away.
“Oh Varun, are you jealous that Sriram has more chest hair than you? That’s so silly dear, you know I don’t care about that!”
“No of course I wasn’t jealous. I was just asking.”
“Oh really, then you wouldn’t mind if I wiped him off again tomorrow?”
Cornered by this question, I had to say that I wouldn’t mind. Shriya kissed me and said, “That’s good dear. He’s our guest, and I have to take care of him right?”
She kept kissing me and slid down licking my chest, and made her way down there and took me in her mouth. She started sucking me with her eyes fixed on mine. She gives a great blowjob and tonight was no exception. After a short time I came all over her face. We fucked wildly that night.
The next day, at breakfast, as expected, Sriram came down after his bath, still wet. This time however, he was only wearing a towel. Shriya smiled at me and with a patient air got him to sit down and started wiping him. This time she did it slowly, and her eyes were on me the whole time as she wiped off his chest. She finally said she was done, and he got up in front of her, and his towel, which was already bulged around his cock, slipped off.
And there it was, his large, hard, throbbing cock, right in front of my wife’s face. It was around four inches larger than my cock, and thicker too. Since he was standing and Shriya was sitting, his cock was directly in front of her, almost near her mouth. For a moment we were all shocked, then Shriya blushed and looked away. Sriram apologized and tied his towel back around his waist. I assured him it was alright, and told him to go change. Shriya had the slight shivers, and I hugged her tight to me and told her it was okay.
That night, when we were in bed, talk inevitably drifted towards the incident of the morning.
“Shriya, it must have been such a shock for you when his towel slipped off this morning?”
Shriya blushed and said, “Yes Varun, I didn’t expect it at all. His thing was so huge.”
Now I became a little defensive.
“It wasn’t all that big Shriya.”
Shriya is a very spirited girl. Argue with her and she is ready with a counter argument.
“Oh Varun, don’t be silly. It was almost twice the size of this,” she said, caressing my stiffening cock.
“It was almost in my face, so I would know best! From what I remember, it was much thicker than this too.”
She squeezed my cock as she said that. Now I was slightly pouting, and she decided to tease me a little more.
“You know, the other girls would tell me stories about him back in college. That he really knows how to satisfy a girl. And that he can do it for an hour without break.”
I myself could go for about 20 minutes, which is respectable, but not great.
“Looking at his body and his – thing, there might have been some truth in those stories after all!”
At this point I got mad and grabbed her, and we rolled over. She laughed as I squeezed her boobs with force. Her laughter turned to moans under my squeezes and she grabbed my cock and positioned me to enter her. She moaned uncontrollably as we fucked hard that night, quite unlike our usual soft love making.
The next day was a Saturday, so we all woke up late. I went down to the garage to tune my car, and had my hands full of grease when I heard Shriya calling me.
“I’m working on the car, dear. Can you get Sriram to do it?”
“No Varun, could you just come here. It won’t take long.”
“Sorry dear, my hands are full of grease. Wait for a while or call Sriram.”
“Ugh, alright, if that’s what you want.”
Then I heard her call Sriram. I finished up in another 5 minutes and headed to our room, and I was a bit shocked by what I saw. Shriya was standing in our bedroom in blouse and petticoat, Sriram just off to her side. Her blouse was unhooked at the back, showing her black lacy bra. She must have wanted me to just come and hook up the blouse.
Shriya looked extremely sexy standing there: her smooth creamy waist was exposed. Her midriff has always driven me crazy, making me want to lick it immediately. Her waist, with slight fold of flesh, was just waiting to be pinched. Her ass was looking full and round in the petticoat, just begging for a spanking. I had seen her wear this blouse before, and it is very low cut. Because of his height, I knew Sriram would be able to see down her blouse and look at her milky boobs. The whole scene was making me very hot.
The two had not noticed me enter the house. As I watched, Sriram said something to Shriya and she nodded and raised her hands over her head. This made her boobs even more enticing. Sriram pulled Shriya close to him and hooked up the blouse. I was quite sure that her ass would have felt his huge cock. To his credit, he didn’t try to prolong the moment or anything. He finished hooking, and Shriya thanked him and asked him to leave. Before he turned around, I went back to the garage and walked into house a little later. Shriya had finished dressing and was looking radiant in the saree when I came back in.
We went out for lunch and had a nice time chatting. When we came back, after Sriram had gone to his room, I dragged Shriya to the bedroom and started kissing her. She responded back and we ended up on the bed kissing nude. Shriya loves to have her neck kissed and sucked. As I was doing that I asked her why she had wanted me earlier in the day.
I felt her nipple stiffen under my hand as she replied, “To hook my blouse Varun! You were too busy so I asked Sriram to do it.”
I pretended ignorance and outrage. “You mean he saw you without your blouse?”
She laughed and replied, “No you silly man. He didn’t see anything. I was in blouse and petticoat. I just showed him my back and he hooked it up and left.”
I remembered the scene itself, Shriya standing there with her luscious back and jutting ass, just begging to be taken.
“Wow you must have looked so sexy Shriya! I’m sure he would have been turned on, even if he couldn’t help it! Any man would.”
“Mmmm yes he was actually Varun”.
“How would you know Shriya, didn’t you just have your back to him the whole time?”
I nibbled on her neck as I said this.
“Mmm that feels so good darling. I didn’t see anything baby. But I felt his thing on my butt.”
I started caressing her wet pussy by now. “How did it feel baby?”
She grabbed my hand and started guiding my pressure on her wet pussy.
“It was so hard baby, like an – iron rod. And I could feel its thickness too.”
“How did you react darling?”
“What could I do Varun? I just ignored it. Besides, I think he couldn’t control it. He didn’t try to push it or anything. He was quite decent.”
Quite decent? My wife in her blouse and petticoat just got her ass felt up by a guy’s cock. I wondered how quickly she was adapting to the sexy nature of things in our house, after that towel incident. She was all shaken up then, and had actually shivered until I had hugged her and soothed her. Now she is talking about his cock on her ass so casually!
I was torn inside between the rampant sexiness of it all, and the jealousy that was rising because this Sriram had seen my wife the way only I had seen until now. He obviously lusted after her, but it seemed she was okay with that. The confusion overpowered me and I felt the need for some violence. I grabbed Shriya by the hair and forced her into the Rocky(D)gie position on the bed. She moaned freely as I pounded her wet and sopping pussy hard. For the first time in many months, she orgasmed before me, letting out a violent moan as her body convulsed around my hard cock. It was too much for me, and I came as well, flooding her love tunnel with my man juice.
Afterwards, when we woke up, it was like we were waking up after our first night. Shriya’s hair was dishevelled and her body had marks at the places where I had grabbed her creamy flesh. But she had this satisfied glow and beamed down upon me, her heavy breasts rising and falling with her breath.
She kissed me and whispered, “That was so good Varun. What got into you? I loved being roughly handled like that. Do you know what a woman really enjoys? Being dominated by the man she loves. That was so good Varun. Do that to me often you idiot.”
With that, she climbed off the bed and headed towards the shower. I watched as her sexy hips swung as she walked to the bathroom. If she only knew that the image driving that violence was of Sriram fucking her brutally, his dark tanned muscular body in contrast with the fair fleshy curvy treasures of Shriya, she might not be so happy, or I wonder, would she.
Shriya was in a very horny and playful mood after our violent love making. After her bath, she did something that she knew throws me over the edge – she wore a skirt. When I stepped out after my own bath, I was treated to the image of Shriya standing there demurely, with a tight tank top and a short skirt which came up to the middle of her sexy thighs. Because Shriya usually wears sarees all the time, her legs are never shown. I’ve argued with her about it a lot since she has the sexiest legs: long and well toned. Shriya’s whole body is well toned and flexible. Her legs especially so. Any man looking at her legs will want to run his hands over the smooth skin, spank her ass, and fuck the hell out of her. She knew this very well.
She came to me and innocently asked me, “Am I looking good?”
I pulled her in and kissed her for an answer. She broke apart and stepped back, “Ah Ah Ah, not until tonight mister.”
Her eyes went to the bulge in my towel and she said, “Keep that hard for me until night and then take me my dear lover.”
Though I approved of the sexy dress, I thought she had forgotten that we had a house guest.
“What about Sriram?”
Her face clouded over instantly, showing that she had not thought of it at all. My heart melted as she looked crestfallen.
I took her in my arms and said, “Hey it is okay. People here dress like this all the time, even worse, so Sriram will have gotten used to it.”
She looked up and said, “Are you sure? You don’t mind him looking at my legs?”
I smiled, “of course I mind, but I know you picked out this dress with a lot of desire, I don’t want to disappoint you darling.”
Now she also smiled and said, “Thanks dear. Hmm yes I know you love skirts, that’s why I picked this one.”
She put her hand over my cock, “Oh you’re so hard. Mmmm.”
Then she came to her senses and said, “Let me go make dinner darling. Dress and come.”
I put on tee shirt and shorts, and made my way to the hall. Sriram was apparently still bathing, so I started watching TV. He came down a little while later. After the towel-cock incident, he had made sure to dry himself up properly before coming into the room. He sat down with me, and we started chatting. His eyes literally popped out of their socket when Shriya came to serve us snacks. His eyes went from her toes to her milky thighs. Then they rested on her boobs, which were showing a little cleavage out of the tank top. We were sitting on opposite sofas. When Shriya bent to serve me, I could see him looking at her hot ass through the flimsy skirt. I had a mental image of Sriram bending Shriya over a table and fucking her. My already hard cock gave a jolt. Shriya smiled at my cock and seductively licked her lips, then winked at me and went to serve him. He was also hard, with his legs apart, and his huge bulge clearly showing. When she bent to serve him, she blocked my view, but I was sure that he would be looking at her cleavage. Shriya said, “Enjoy” and left for the kitchen. We both watched her sexily walk away.
I was getting jealous and hot watching all this. This bastard had now seen Shriya’s cleavage, back, and her sexy legs too. Will this end with him seeing her fully? If only he didn’t have a huge cock and a muscular body. My jealousy overpowered my heat, and I resolved to do something about this.
We had dinner, with Sriram taking every opportunity to ogle at Shriya. Shriya was aware of both his looks and his bulge, but seemed to take it in stride. I wanted the day to end as quickly as possible, and get my loving wife away from the eyes of Sriram. However, it was not meant to be. Since Shriya was in a playful mood, after dinner, she suggested we dance to some music. Previously, before Sriram, we would dance outrageously, and end up having sex in the living room itself.
Today, I wasn’t in that much of a mood to dance, and so just complied for a little bit. After I was done, Sriram asked if he could dance with Shriya. There was no way to refuse without being impolite, so I conceded and Shriya accepted his offer. I was very anxious: my sexy wife in this skimpy costume dancing with this guy! But the dance was very decent, and they kept their distance as they danced the Waltz in our living room.
After some time, Sriram suggested that they speed it up a bit. Shriya agreed and went to put on some salsa. Salsa is Latin American dance, and it is inherently very sexy. Shriya was soon spinning across the room, and we were treated to her black panties as her skirt twirled. Her creamy thighs were a sight to see and they invited you to put your hands over them and feel her sexy skin. I could see slight breathlessness and a hint of blush I her as she danced.
Soon Sriram started doing moves which involved him putting his hands on her thighs and holding her from time to time. I was sure he was in heaven, enjoying the well toned legs of my wife, right in front of me. His other move involved a twirl and pulling Shriya to him, so that her soft firm boobs were crushed against his hairy chest. There were also moves where the sequence would end with him pushing against her: I am sure she felt his engorged cock on her pussy and ass.
Shriya’s cheeks grew more and more flushed as she danced. There was a sequence where each person quickly runs their hands over the other person’s body. When he did it, he made sure his hands touched her swollen boobs and lightly over her pussy. In her turn, her hands ran right over his cock, so it looked like she was caressing the length of it. When the music reached its crescendo, they ended with him picking up Shriya, and she wrapping his legs around his waist: in effect driving her pussy against his hardness.
By then, I was hot and hard. I clapped hard as they finished and Shriya climbed off his hardness, very flushed. Her nipples were both hard and pointing out from the tank top. She ran to me and hugged me, and I felt how hot she was.
We immediately said goodnight and retired to bed. As soon as we were inside the bedroom, Shriya pulled me onto her, kissing me hard and rubbing herself on me. We lost no time in getting naked and Shriya pulled my cock to her. Her pussy was soaking wet and pulled in my cock almost hungrily.
Shriya locked her legs around and pulled me into her with each thrust. She was also thrusting her hips so that my cock reached the deepest points within her. She was moaning heavily with each thrust.
“Aah aah aaah harder Varun, aah.”
I was mad with lust after seeing the sexy dance and told her, “Shriya your dance with Sriram was soo sexy. I enjoyed it a lot.”
“Aaah oh Yeah, Yes, he knows how to handle a woman! Aaah ya.”
“He also got aroused by the dance Shriya.”
“Aaah aah Varun fuck me faster. Ungh — yes, he was so hard while we were dancing.”
“Did you feel it baby?”
“AAah, aaah how could I not Varun? You saw the steps.”
“How did it feel darling?”
“AAh aah aah It felt good Varun. I haven’t danced sexy like that, aaah, in a while, ohh yeah, with the guy, so hard.”
Now this was too much to hear my wife, my darling, say that she found sexy dancing with Sriram fun. I grunted and started fucking her harder and faster, like an animal.
She rolled her eyes with pleasure and gave out a small scream as she orgasmed “Ohhh Yeahhhhhhh OH MY GOD”. I felt her supple body convulsing all around me as pleasure rippled through her, and I came as well, emptying my spunk into her wet and wanting pussy. We rolled, and she came up on top of me. I reached out and caressed her creamy ass. We drifted off into sleep like this, with her head on my chest, and my cock still inside her.The next day being a Monday, I had to get up and rush to work. But my mind was tormented with the sexy dance that I had seen, especially the part where Shriya locked her legs around his waist. I had a very distracted day and returned home early, not knowing what that evening would bring to our sexy drama.
At home, everything appeared to be normal. Shriya was in a saree – nothing fancy, just a normal cotton one, with a tight blouse. She seemed to have lost that horniness that I had seen the previous day and was quietly going about doing her work. She smiled and welcomed me home and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Sriram, without an erection for a change, was sitting in the hall watching TV. I was very relieved and happy that things were so normal. I went to our room, changed, and came back to the hall.
We were chatting normally about various things when it suddenly started to rain. Shriya rushed out to get the clothes off the line, and we went to help her. It was a violent down pour, and by the time we had come back inside, all three of us were drenched. Shriya immediately got us three towels and asked us to take our wet clothes off. When Sriram and I looked at each other in embarrassment, Shriya exclaimed, “Oh for God’s sake, we’re all adults here. Let me start.” and took off her pallu.
This was the first time she had done that in front of another male. Due to the rain, all her clothes were sticking to her body and every shapely curve could be seen clearly. We could make out the shape of her bra inside the wet and clinging blouse. Her boobs looked inviting, asking us to strip her naked and suck on those mangoes. She started pulling out her saree, and looked sternly at both of us.
Sheepishly, we started stripping also. Sriram exposed his rippling muscles and his hairy chest as we stripped to our boxers. It was very clear that he was having a huge hard-on. It was difficult not to have, considering the beads of water on my wife’s sexy waist and on her back. She looked like a sleazy item girl as she stripped away her saree and stood in her blouse and petticoat.
Sriram was getting embarrassed due to his hard-on, and was trying desperately to hide it. While this was going on, Shriya was drying me.
Once she finished with me, she went to him and said, “Sriram, it’s okay we’re all adults here. I know you are, shall we say, excited. Both Varun and I don’t mind – do we Varun?”
“Of course not,” I said, backing up my wife.
“So you don’t need to try and cover up. We’re all wet here and that’s just one more problem. So relax.”
Sriram could hardly believe his ears. He slowly took his hands away and moved his legs apart so that his cock was clearly visible. I could see Shriya breathing hard as she looked at his massive erection. But she controlled herself, and started wiping his chest. But her eyes would often return to his cock and mine, as if she was comparing the two in her mind.
Words cannot capture how erotic this was, with the two of us standing there with our cocks hard, and Shriya drying him, with only blouse and petticoat on. She ran her hands over his chest and muscles to check that they were dry. She did this slowly, almost seductively. Her hands came close to his hard-on as she dried his stomach. But she didn’t touch it at all. Finally she said she was done.
She looked at Sriram and said, “You should take care of that in the bathroom,” meaning his erect cock. I couldn’t believe that my wife was talking about cock to another guy. Sriram grinned sheepishly and left.
That night in bed was, as you can imagine, pretty hot. I was sure that the vision of Sriram’s cock stayed in Shriya’s mind as we fucked again in the Rocky(D)gie position. She was thrusting back at me hotly and moanly “Oh yes Oh god” at each thrust.
I asked her what she thought about Sriram’s cock.
“It’s so big, and thick. Any girl, would want it.”
The pauses in her speech were the points at which I was thrusting so she would stop moaning and give a little moan then.
“Oh really? Where would they want it baby?”
“Oh god, in every hole Varun. They would love to be filled up by that cock.”
“What about you Shriya?”
“What do you mean Varun?”
“Do you like it?”
“Don’t be silly Varun. ah ah ah, I’m your wife, only you can fuck my pussy.”
In a way it was satisfying to see that even though she obviously wanted his cock, she was restraining herself because she was my wife. I felt a little proud of my wife’s restraint. I was sure if one of her girlfriends had come and had tried to seduce me, I would have fucked her right away. But I was rapidly getting addicted to the heavy sexual atmosphere in the house. It made me hot, as if I was watching a porn film. Only here it was live, and the actress was my darling wife.
The next day, Shriya was a bit stiff in her movements. Sriram said he had learnt massaging, and offered to massage her. Normally I would object to a man massaging my wife, but here I was confused between jealousy and the obvious sexual chemistry between him and my wife. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted this to go. Did I want to watch him fuck my petite wife? I didn’t know, but I said okay for the massage.
We all headed to the bedroom, and Shriya removed her pallu. It was still exciting every time she did: the beautiful swell of her milky breasts through the blouse was a sight to see. Both of us became hard seeing it. Shriya smiled, looking at our hard cocks and lay down face down on the bed. Sriram moved to the side of the bed to massage her. I took a seat at the other side of the bed.
For the first time, I watched another man touch my wife’s delicious waist. It looked so inviting, with its folds and all. I watched as Sriram put his hands on her waist and Shriya shivered a little at the alien touch. She gave a slight moan as he put pressure with both his hands squeezing her waist.
“Oh you’re so strong Sriram,” she said as he continued to work her waist.
She starting moaning, “Aah that feels so good,” as he squeezed her waist.
“Varun you should learn to do this, he is doing it so well.”
Sriram’s bulge got even bigger hearing her moans. He was standing quite close so that his erect cock was brushing her hand on the side of the bed. I badly wanted to stroke my cock seeing this. Will this end with Shriya impaled on his cock?
I was very close to cumming as I saw Sriram pressing the creamy waist flesh of my wife on the bed, and hearing her moan that it was good as he squeezed her. He was now moving up her back, pressing and squeezing along the way.
He reached the blouse and asked, “Shriya do you want me to do your back?”
Shriya looked at me for a moment and then bit her lip saying, “Yes Sriram, can you unhook it and continue please?”
Sriram asked me then, “Are you sure? I can see this is a bit awkward. If you want to do it yourself its fine, I’ll tell you how to do it.”
I went to the other side of the bed and unhooked Shriya’s blouse in front of another guy. I opened the blouse at the back but didn’t take it off her body, leaving them attached to her shoulders. Her creamy white back was fully exposed with a sexy lacy bra. I ran my hands over her smooth back. I controlled an urge to lick her back, it was looking so good. Sriram asked me to unhook the bra too. I did that and finally Shriya’s bare back was now exposed to Sriram. The guy must have been in heaven.
He instructed me how to massage her and I started pressing. After a while, Shriya said, “Varun you’re learning fast, but could you let Sriram do it today? I need to do some work in the attic tomorrow and this back pain will get in the way. You could help me tomorrow darling.”
My wife herself was asking for another guy to touch her back!
I moved back to the other side of the bed and Sriram started massaging her again. She starting saying ‘mmmm’ again as he pressed her back and arched her back in pleasure as he pressed her waist. As he was massaging I am sure the entire length of her arm felt his hard cock. Finally it was over and Shriya thanked him warmly for helping and lay on the bed as Sriram left for his room.
As soon as Sriram had left, Shriya shrugged off her bra and blouse and grabbed me and pressed my head to her swollen boobs. She moaned loudly as I sucked her tits.
“Ohh yes suck them Varun suck harder.”
“How did you like the massage Shriya?”
“It was very good Varun. Sriram has very strong hands. Did you see how he squeezed me!”
“Yeah, I did baby. But was disappointed that you asked him to do it instead of me.”
“Oh Varun! I’m so sorry baby. But I needed relief badly. Tomorrow you can do it all by yourself.”
“No Shriya, I was just teasing! He knows his stuff, and he should do it till you get the relief. You liked his handling better right?”
“Ya baby, you have the technique but he was just more forceful and strong.”
By this point I had no idea if we were still talking about the massage or whether it was about future fucking by Sriram!
“Didn’t you feel shy showing your back to him baby?”
“A little baby, but since it was you who unhooked me, I didn’t feel too shy. I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t been there Varun.”
“I know baby. It’s good that you are getting more comfortable with him.”
“Ya Varun. You wouldn’t mind if he massaged me tomorrow also?”
“Of course not Shriya. Whatever makes you feel good.”
“Thanks Varun, you’re the best!”
By this time we had started fucking and I found her pussy wet and wanting. It was really surprising how horny she was becoming. She hadn’t been like this since the start of our marriage! Then we used to fuck every day, but overtime we only fucked once or twice a week.
The next day at breakfast, Sriram was very familiar with Shriya and the interpersonal distance between them seemed to have nearly evaporated. When breakfast was over, Sriram asked how the back was feeling, and reached out then and there and put his hand on her milky hip!
Shriya was shocked for a second but seemed to take it in her stride saying it was much better. Encouraged by this, Sriram put his hands on both sides of her waist and gave a little squeeze, saying it feels a little stiff still. Shriya closed her eyes in pleasure as he squeezed her, but gently dislodged his hands from her milky waist. As he took his hands off, his hands gently moved along the curve of her soft ass. I almost came then and there watching him touch Shriya so casually.
After Shriya had finished taking away everything from breakfast, Sriram asked if we could do the massage, since she still seemed a little stiff. Shriya agreed and we went to the bedroom. This time around Shriya dropped her pallu fast and turned around to me, asking me to unhook her blouse and bra. After I did this she went and lay on the bed and asked Sriram to begin. Soon we were treated to her moaning as he squeezed her waist and back, hard and strong.
“Oh god you have magical hands Sriram, that feels so good,” she purred as he applied force to her milky flesh.
After a while Sriram asked if she wanted him to do her shoulders too. She said sure. Sriram then moved near her head and swept away her tresses from her back. Since he was standing so close to the bed, his hard-on was brushing her face. He was doing it as if he didn’t notice. I watched as his erection brushed Shriya’s nose, cheeks, and finally her lips. She involuntarily opened her lips a bit and it looked almost as if the tip of his bulge was between her lips. This kept happening as he moved back and forth, massaging her shoulders.
When he finally reached her neck, he reached up and slid the shoulders of her blouse and bra to the side so that her smooth shoulders were exposed. Shriya shivered a little as he touched her there since she is very sensitive in those areas. I watched as she closed her eyes in pleasure as he massaged her shoulders and her smooth neck. She looked the picture of sexiness, sitting there with her blouse and bra almost off, but clutched to her chest and hanging on to her body. Her creamy complexion was visible all the way from her waist to just below her neck. I was sure he was going to remove the blouse entirely but he didn’t make any such move. The rest of the massage went smoothly without any more exposure.
We had another crazy fucking session after the massage. Shriya was hotter than ever and was very free in her moaning, urging me to fuck her pussy harder and faster with each thrust. We did it in Rocky(D)gie and knowing she was in the rough mood, I treated her harshly while fucking, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. Shriya loved it and begged for more as I fucked her harder and harder. Eventually we collapsed in a heap on the bed, panting, with my sperm oozing out of her pussy.
The next day the three of us were chatting while watching TV, and the talk moved to their college days. Shriya was saying that Sriram was the college playboy.
Sriram said, “No no that’s all exaggeration. I admit I had many girlfriends, but I wasn’t a playboy.”
“Yeah I guess that might be true. But every popular girl was your girlfriend at one point or the other!”
Sriram nodded rather proudly.
“So which girl did you like best?”
“No fair! They were all good in different ways.”
“What do you mean?”
“Some were nice to talk to, some were nice to go to movies with, and some were.” And Sriram smiled naughtily.
“Oh my god! You did it in college itself?” Shriya asked, as if outraged.
“But none of the girls got pregnant!” Shriya exclaimed.
“Of course, I wasn’t a fool. We used protection. And. ”
“And what?”
“Sometimes we did it such that we didn’t need a condom.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well we didn’t always use the front entrance.”
At this Shriya blushed deeply. Despite many pleadings on my part, she had never accepted anal sex before.
“How did the girls let you? It would be painful!” At this her eyes went down to his huge erect cock.
“Not at all. If you use proper lubrication, it will be very pleasurable.”
He smiled seeing Shriya look at his cock.
“Yes, in fact some of the girls liked it better than the normal version!”
“Oh my god I don’t believe it.”
“Try it, you will say the same too!”
Shriya blushed when he said this and glanced again at his erect cock.
And we continued watching the film, with Shriya in the middle, hard cocks on either side of her. I was getting amazed by the surreal nature of it all. My wife was discussing anal sex with a guy who was sitting beside her with a huge hard-on! The whole day I went about with a hard cock and it was the same with Sriram. I was a little happy thinking that though we were both horny for Shriya, I would get to fuck her that night and run my hands all over that milky body and Sriram would have to pleasure himself in his room!
That night I was expecting Shriya to bring up anal sex and I wasn’t disappointed. She shyly suggested that we triy it and lubricated my cock with her own hands and gave it a kiss when she was done. Then she asked me to lubricate her asshole too. I was touching her there after a long while and I could sense her tense as my finger found its way to her asshole. She grabbed the pillows tightly as I eased my finger in, applying the cream all over the area. I was half expecting her to say no, lets drop it, from the grim look on her face as I applied the cream. But she plonked down on the bed and raised up her ass to me saying, “Take my ass Varun. Fuck me there.”
What man can resist such an invitation? I slowly eased my cock into her asshole, putting it in little by little. I saw her grabbing the sheets as I tried to put more and more of my cock into her ass. She let out a little scream as my cock head fully entered her hole. I could see she was in pain from the look on her face. I took my cock out and then slowly put it back in, letting her asshole get adjusted to my size. Doing this several times, we got to the stage where Shriya didnt wince as my cock head entered her.
“Now for the real fucking I thought” and slapped her ass hard. She let out a yelp and before she could react more, I slammed my cock into her fully. I couldn’t tell if she was moaning or screaming in pain as I began to fuck her ass hard, while slapping her fair ass cheeks.
After a while she began to respond, thrusting back and moaning, “Oh yes it feels so tight in there Varun, fuck me fuck me hard.”
I reached in front and grabbed her tits as I fucked her ass. She put one hand in her pussy and was teasing her clit as I fucked harder. When I shot my hot cum into her ass, she moaned the loudest and shuddered, orgasming.
“Oh Varun that was wonderful. My body feels so sore, but so good. I’m sorry I didn’t try this before. You can have my ass as often as you want from now on!”
She kissed me and drifted off to sleep. As I drifted to sleep I thought, maybe Sriram coming was not all bad.
The next day Shriya was a little stiff in the back and this really showed while walking.
Sriram noticed right away and said, “You tried it huh?” with a wide grin.
Shriya blushed deeply in response.
Sriram didn’t let go and asked, “So how was it?”
Shriya blushed even more and murmured “It was good.”
Sriram teased her saying, “What was that? I didn’t hear you?”
Shriya snapped back, “Alright, alright it was great okay. Now gloat all you want.”
“Ha ha ha,with a sly look in his eyes, he said, ” you owe me one.”
“Yes, yes I do, I will return the favor someday” Shriya said gaily.
“And how do you plan on returning the favor?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you say that yourself?”
Sriram glanced down at his erect cock.
Shriya colored deeply.
“Ei you cheap fellow. I will tell you something in return, is what I meant.”
I was watching this exchange, getting more and more hard. It was like I did not even exist for the two of them. Both of them had become so comfortable talking about sex! I could hardly believe it was the same Shriya, who ten days back would be reluctant to talk about sex with me, and would call a “cock” a “thing.”
“Hmm. Alright, then tell me about the sexiest experience that you have had?”
“Oh that’s too private I can’t tell you that!”
“I’m not asking for details, just the broad picture you know.”
“I know about you, you will say like this, and then you will keep asking more and more questions and make me tell everything.”
“Ha ha not at all. You can stop at any point alright?”
“Hmm alright.”
Then Shriya looked at me, straight in the eyes. I knew which experience she was going to talk about. But I was worried where that would take us, right up the alley to her naked with Sriram? At the same time, I was battling a desire to see him naked and watch Shriya suck on his huge cock. Stuck with this confusion, I didn’t say anything to Shriya, which she took as a sign to tell the story.
“Alright. This was on our honeymoon. We had gone to vacation in Hawaii. And you know how those places are, everyone walking around in swimsuits. I was slightly taken aback when I had initially arrived. But later, I adjusted to it and started enjoying it as well.”
“You mean you wore swimsuits?”
“Yes of course.”
“What kind? Two piece?”
“Yes,” said Shriya blushing.
Sriram adjusted his seat, bringing his cock even more into prominence and drawing Shriya’s eyes to it. We all knew that he was imagining Shriya in a bikini, her heavy milky boobs and ass swinging, barely concealed by the thin fabric of the material.
“So what incident occured? If you’re just going to say there was a nude beach, I won’t agree. Everyonedoes that.”
“Well yes, there was a nude beach. But this incident took place in the guest villas, near the beach.”
“In the villas? That’s not so exciting!”
“Listen to the full story and then say that.”
“So what happened?”
“Don’t be in a hurry! Well Varun and I were staying there for our honeymoon. We had a great time there, the sun and the climate were just great. One day, after our trip outside we had come back to the room. Varun here was in a playful mood and we started kissing.”
“Hmm now it’s getting interesting.”
“Our room was on the first floor so that we had a sort of attached balcony which opened out into the park. We made our way to the balcony and we were kissing passionately. It was deserted at that time of the day and we, we, ”
“Started doing it.”
Shriya blushed a lot and then continued.
“Yes. It was very romantic and both of us were in a naughty mood. We had taken off our clothes and were doing it when we heard a noise.”
“Oh my god what was it?”
“There was a Spanish guy standing there looking at us doing it. We were both shocked for a second and I didn’t know whether to run and hide, or continue. But the guy just smiled and Varun started doing it again.”
“Oh my god, with the guy watching?”
“Ya! I closed my eyes and let Varun do it. When I opened them again, the Spanish guy was still there, and he was. ”
“Jerking off?”
“Yes, Varun made me get down in the Rocky(D)gie position and we did it again, all with the guy watching us. I know it was wrong, but it was so hot! Gives me the shivers to think of it even today.”
“But what happened then?”
“The guy finished, and smiled at us and left. After that we didn’t see him again in the villa.”
By the time Shriya finished saying this, both Sriram and I had raging hard-ons and you could see the erect nipples of Shriya through her saree and blouse. It was incredibly sexy, her sharing this private incident with her college friend who was hearing it with a hard-on!
‘Wow that was pretty wild! And you liked the incident a lot?”
“At that point I didn’t know how to react so I went along with what Varun did. But yea, it was so hot you know. Doing it in front of the guy. Felt very wild and naughty.”
“Only one problem.”
“What is it?”
“I don’t believe a word of it! I’m your friend and you haven’t even kissed Varun in front of me. You expect me to believe you did it in front of another guy!”
“Hey it really did happen! It was all in the heat of that moment.”
“Yeah right!”
I thought Sriram was playing it exactly right – Shriya is very argumentative, and she loves to prove people wrong.
“Oh come on! Why would I make that up!”
“Then prove it! Just kiss Varun!”
Shriya strode over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips.
Sriram sneered, “Are you his sister or his wife?”
Shriya then grabbed me and we started kissing in earnest. Shriya really wanted to prove her point so she kissed me even more passionately than usual, hugging me tightly to her hot body and running her hands through my hair. I ran my hands all over her body and squeezed her waist as we kissed.
Shriya let out a small moan as I squeezed her and we started to French kiss, our tongues playing together. I could make out that Shriya was really aroused and turned on, because she doesn’t French kiss unless she is extra horny.
We finally broke apart and looked at Sriram, who was sitting on the sofa with his legs wide and his hard huge cock poking through the shorts. Shriya’s boobs were heaving from passion and she asked Sriram, “Do you believe me now?”
“Yeah that was quite a performance! Did kissing in front of me give you a thrill?”
“Yeah a little but not as much as that time.”
“Well feel free to do it anytime! Don’t mind me!” said Sriram and then wandered off. We both knew he would be going to the bathroom to jerk off his huge meat, thinking of us kissing and my hands all over Shriya.
As soon as Sriram had left, Shriya dragged me to the bedroom and she practically dropped her clothes and jumped on me in her horniness. Soon she was moaning heavily as I was fucking her tight pussy while slapping her butt.
“Did you really enjoy us kissing in front of Sriram darling?”
“Umm oh god yea, it was so hot with someone watching.”
“He’s probably jacking off now thinking about your body baby.”
“Oh Varun do you really think so?”
“Yeah, of course, who wouldn’t get hard watching you kiss darling.”
“Oh god that’s so hot I’m coming, AAAAH.”
Pleasure rippled through her body as Shriya came heavily. She lay in a stupor for a while, with the drowsiness of orgasm washing over her. Then she realized that I hadn’t come.
She caressed my cock lovingly and said, “I know what will make you cum baby. Do me in my other hole darling, I know you love it.”
She once again got into the Rocky(D)gie pose but put her head in the pillow and lifted her ass up for me to fuck. I jumped at the opportunity and was soon ramming her ass hard.
Shriya was moaning hard again, “Oh yesss Varun that’s it I’m going to cum again, harder baby harder.”
Soon I came, unloading my hot cum in her asshole. While I was cumming, Shriya once again came violently and we collapsed on the bed, sweat lining our bodies.
By now I was so horny and definitely liked the horniness that Shriya got from all the sexual subtext with Sriram. So I asked her again about the kissing and she admitted she liked it. She asked me if it didn’t make me jealous that Sriram was looking at her when we kissed. I said of course not, it was hot just like the time in the villa. Then came the really horny request.
“If you don’t mind, I want to do it again then Varun.”
“Do what baby?”
“Kiss in front of Sriram.”
To say I was shocked would be an understatement.
“What? Are you sure? What if he gets hard like that Spanish guy darling.”
“He’s hard all the time anyway Varun.”
I got the feeling we had crossed some line here.
“What if he, he brought it out baby?”
“No, no he won’t do any such thing Varun.”
“But what if he gets carried away darling?”
“No, no he won’t. He might stroke it but he wouldn’t take it out Varun.”
My horniness won out.
“Mmm, alright.”
I was curious to see how far Shriya would take this. I badly wanted to see Sriram take out his monster cock and Shriya suck on it. But I wanted things to proceed at their own pace, without me pushing my wife into the arms of another man.
When the next morning rolled around, I could see Shriya was super excited about what we were supposed to do that day. She donned a super sexy transparent saree with a low neck blouse. She was looking as sexy as her namesake in the film industry in that costume. Sriram, as usual came for breakfast and feasted his eyes upon her exposed hip and hint of cleavage through the saree. By now, his becoming hard was common in our household, and so he didn’t even try to hide it, and instead sat down with his huge bulge showing.
Even he could see that Shriya was glowing with excitement today and said, “Looks like you had a great time last night huh?” with a grin.
Shriya just blushed.
Sriram went on, “Did you try the back entrance again?”
Shriya just nodded in shyness.
“How was it?”
“It was really great Sriram,” gushed Shriya.
“Good, good. If your kissing had anything to do with it, feel free to do it again.”
I could tell Shriya was just waiting for this, and immediately came to my side. But Sriram interrupted saying, “If my watching gives you a kick, then I want to watch well! Lets move to the sofa, I can’t see well from here.”
Shriya blushed at the straight forward request, but we complied and moved to the sofa. Shriya and I were sitting on one couch, with Sriram sitting opposite us.
Shriya began kissing as soon as we sat down, and I could sense from our kiss that she couldn’t take it anymore. We kissed passionately with our tongues soon seeking each other. As we kissed, Shriya had an eye on Sriram. I also looked, and to my shock Sriram was rubbing his cock through his shorts and a spot of precum had already appeared on his shorts from his rubbing. Shriya reached for my cock and rubbed mine as she eyed Sriram rubbing his. I squeezed her waist and this added to her pleasure in this incredibly sexy scene that I couldn’t believe was happening on my own couch.
We kissed hard as Shriya squeezed my cock over my shorts. I put my hand inside her saree and inched it up to her swelling boobs. To my surprise, she didn’t resist as I started squeezing her hot and heavy boobs. She started moaning audibly now, glancing at Sriram, sitting there rubbing his cock, watching me fondle here body. Her eyes were trained on his cock as she put my hand over her boobs and pressed them into her soft flesh. Her saree was still covering her body so Sriram couldn’t see her boobs, but he would have known that I was pressing them right there, just beyond his sight.
When I pinched her nipple through her blouse, Shriya gave a small moan and came to her senses. She got up and adjusted her saree. She smiled at Sriram and said, “Hope you enjoyed the show!”
He complained saying, “I didn’t get to see anything.”
“What you got to see is enough! And you can’t tell me that you didn’t like what you saw!” She pointed to his cock.
Sriram grinned and said, “Yes it was very hot! How was it for you?”
Shriya just blushed and slightly licked her lips.
“Let me massage you now,” said Sriram. I was alert – did massage mean something else today? Shriya consented and Sriram strode over to our couch. He was much more confident, and directly stripped Shriya of her pallu. She was looking like a goddess standing there with her milky cleavage jutting out, and her soft waist waiting to be squeezed. This was the first time some other guy had stripped any part of her clothing.
But Sriram did not stop there. He put both his hands on her milky waist and pulled her to him. Then he rotated her so that her back was facing him. He moved in, rubbing his cock on her ass. He started undoing her blouse. Shriya just stood there with her eyes closed enjoying it all. Soon he had unhooked her three blouse buttons. Now Shriya stopped him and turning around, slowly shrugged off the blouse, off her shoulders so that it was only covering her boobs, supported by her hands.
She looked at me and I read carnal lust and animal desire in her face. This wasn’t the shy wife I knew at all. She glanced again at his cock, and slowly dropped the blouse onto the floor. For the first time, Shriya was in just her bra in front of a man other than her husband. But even with all the horniness, some measure of shyness attacked her and she covered her boobs with her hands. But Sriram wasn’t going to let go, and she shivered as she felt his hand on her bra hook.
Sriram unhooked her bra and smoothly slid it off her shoulders. Shriya stood there for a moment, unsure, with her bra still clutched to her heaving breasts. With one last look at me she slowly let it fall to the ground, becoming topless for the first time before another guy. But she was still with her back to Sriram.
Sriram slowly turned her around and eased apart her hands. “I’ve been wanting to see these beauties ever since I first saw you in a low neck salwar at college,” he breathed.
Shriya closed her eyes and let him move her hands, exposing her milky breasts.
“Oh Shriya, they are even more sexy than I imagined,” said Sriram and slowly put his hands on her breasts.
Shriya moaned as he touched her sensitive boobs. Sriram looked at me and at my hard-on and then started massaging my wife’s boobs in front of me.
“How does it feel?” Sriram asked her.
“Oh it feels so good Sriram. Your hands are so rough and strong. Squeeze me more, please. Squeeze harder”
Sriram wasn’t done teasing. “Is it better than when your husband touches you?”
Shriya moaned, “Mmm yes.”
“Why don’t you tell him that?”
Shriya looked at me, with guilt and pleasure mixed on her face.
“Oh Varun, I’m so sorry. But I can’t resist this. My entire boobs fit in the palm of his hands. His hands feel so much better on my boobs. Oh god mmmmm.”
I stood watching, with an almost surreal feel. Here he was, coolly squeezing her boobs in our living room, and she was letting him! Shriya grabbed his head and pulled them onto her boobs, imploring him to suck her fleshy tits. He started to slowly nibble on her nipples, making Shriya moan even louder. She is very sensitive in her boobs, and any mouth action sends her over the edge. I watched as she moaned her head from side to side, holding his head tight against her boobs as he ravaged her chest.
“Suck me harder Sriram, oh yes come on do it.” Sriram gradually grew more ferocious, leaving many bite marks on the tender boobs of my wife.
Sriram feasted on Shriya’s boobs for a long time after which he moved down, pulling down her saree and petticoat in one stroke. Shriya was now standing clad only in a sheer panty, which seemed to be soaked in wetness. It was a mark of her aroused state that she removed the panty herself, becoming totally naked for Sriram.
“Do you like what you see Sriram? I know you’ve wanted to fuck me since college.”
“How did you know that?”
“You always looked at me as if you wanted to devour my body.”
“Hmm, that’s true you were the sexiest bitch in college.”
Shriya smiled at that. Sriram came near Shriya and moved his hands slowly over each curve of her body, starting with her fleshy waist. She moaned anew as his hands caressed a new body part. He caressed and slapped her fair ass before his hands moved in between her legs and started to play with her wet and wanting pussy.
“Oh Sriram” Shriya moaned. She reached out and caressed his hard-on over his shorts.
“Varun look at his cock dear. It is sooo much bigger and thicker than yours. I couldn’t resist having it baby: I must experience it at least once.”
With that, she pulled down his shorts and underwear. And there was his cock, a full ten inches in length and very thick, right in front of my wife’s face. This was just how I had imagined it. Sriram was tan and dark all over, and Shriya was fair in every inch of her body. Comparisons of chocolate and butter spring to mind, as Shriya reached out and touched another man’s cock for the first time.
“Oh god! Varun it is sooo hard.”
She went on her knees in front of him and slowly put out her tongue and licked his hard meat.
“Ooooohhh,” was her reaction, as Sriram closed his eyes and enjoyed my hot wife licking his hard cock. Shriya finally started sucking his cock in earnest.
“Oh Varun its so huge, it completely stuffs my mouth,” she would say in between taking his cock in her mouth. I knew Shriya absolutely loves blowjobs and so sucking on Sriram’s cock must have been a treat for her. She enjoyed it fully, closing her eyes and moving her mouth back and forth on his cock. She couldn’t fit all ten inches in her mouth, so she also had her hands on his meat and it looked like she was feeding a dark hose into her mouth.
Shriya’s expert sucking soon paid off as Sriram moaned, “I’m gonna cum.” Shriya was just able to get his monster out of her mouth as he shot his hot cum all over my sweet wife’s face and boobs. Shriya looked every inch a slut as she lay there coated in his cum from her face down to her boobs.
She moaned, “Oh god so much cum.” She dipped a finger into the cum on her body and tasted it saying “Mmm you taste good.”
“Let me see how you taste Shriya.”
With that, Shriya lay down and spread her legs. Sriram started eating her pussy and I was treated to Shriya moaning and thrashing about as he licked her wet cunt. Shriya jerked her hips in reaction to his licking, shoving her pussy up into his face, symbolically asking him for more. Finally she screamed and came, her body convulsing with pleasure for a good two minutes as she came repeatedly under his skillful tongue.
Finally she revived and said, greedily looking at his cock, “Put that thing inside me Shriya. I want to feel it tearing up my pussy.”
Shriya positioned herself in Rocky(D)gie on the living room floor. I watched as Sriram grabbed her by her succulent ass, giving it a slap first. Every action of Sriram brought fresh moans from Shriya. She reached behind and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. It was finally going to happen! Hints of this were there right from the moment Shriya saw his cock, but finally she was going to be fucked by him! That too in front of me!
Sriram slowly entered her pussy, feeding his massive cock into her tight hole.
“OHHHHHHHHH god Varun, he is going so deep. Your cock never reached so far. Oh god!”
Sriram took his cock in and out, letting her pussy adjust to his massive girth and size. Finally, his entire cock was buried in the hot snatch of Shriya.
“Oh Shriya you’re so tight! It’s like you’re a virgin!”
“I’ve never had anyone as big as you Sriram, that’s why it feels that good. Oh god your cock feels so good! Now fuck me hard lover. Give it to me!”
And Sriram began ramming hard into Shriya, slapping her ass and pulling her boobs as he fucked her like an animal. Shriya was screaming in pleasure, thrusting back her hips for his thrusts and moaning for more. And then we saw why Sriram had a sexual reputation in college. He kept on and on, fucking Shriya relentlessly. After about 10 minutes of fucking, Shriya came violently. But Sriram did not stop, still plunging his cock in and out of her convulsing body. In this way, Shriya had three orgasms, one after the other, with Sriram still going strong and fucking her throughout. Finally, with her third orgasm, Sriram came too, flooding my wife’s pussy with his sperm.
They lay on the floor, covered in sweat, and in Shriya’s case, with sperm.
“Oh God, I had no idea sex could be so good!”
“You just needed the right cock baby!”
“Hmmm yes, if I had known this, I would have slept with you in college itself!”
“Hmm what’s wrong now, we can still do it.”
“Oh yes Sriram, you can have me whenever you want, wherever you want. I will always be ready to do it with you!”

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