Indian Wife’s Love Make with her Driver

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I am sharing this story which happened in my life. I always loved my family. But there was something else more than my love towards my family which made me to do such a thing. Actually, it’s still continuing. It’s just my feelings.
My husband is a business man. He works a lot, and business is everything to him. I am a housewife, named Janani. Though I have done my graduation and had intention to work, I left my job and stayed at home as a housewife after the request of my husband. He doesn’t want me to work. He doesn’t like me to move in the society with other men. But he is a big time flirt. He likes to hang around with girls and spends a lot of time with them. But never allows me to talk with anyone from his business side. This is about my family and me.
I am aged 26, and I was wheatish. My height was 5’4 which was somewhat an average Indian women height, and I weighed around 56 kgs. I was 36C, and was really happy with the way I look. I was looked by many while I go out, which made me proud about myself.
Though we were rich, I didn’t have the chance to mingle with any of the outsiders, which made me feel very bored. All I could see in my house are the servants who work for us. They are working for a long time, and are pretty old. I had a friend named Rekha. I always speak with her and I used to tell her about everything happening in my life. I have told her many a time about my current state in my house, and the way I live the life. She insisted me to do something different from my usual life. She suggested me to start some business, and do something on my own. Since, my hubby was not that interested in me mingling with the outside world, especially guys, I decided to start a business which comprises mostly of women. A group of housewives talked about this over the phone and decided to make it big. We were wondering what business to do. We had frequent calls and meetings. Whenever, there was a meeting, I was asked to come to Rekha’s house. So I always run when I get a call, and catch an auto or taxi and rush to Rekha’s place. They all come in their car. There are some 3 cars in my house. Since, I don’t know driving, I don’t take them out. My husband never thought that he should appoint a driver for a car. He was busy with his business.
As days went by, we met every time in each one’s house. The ladies suggested me to learn driving and be on my own. They said that, it would be my first lesson to become independent. I thought about it and readily accepted as I badly wanted to be independent. The same night, I asked my husband to teach me to drive a car. He looked at me, and said “it’s a very difficult task for you, so don’t think about it”. I was so disappointed. I shouted at him that I am going to take the wheels tomorrow irrespective of whether I know to drive or not. I don’t care if I go and hit someone or somewhere. He understood my anger, and said that he will arrange for a session to teach me driving. I was a bit happy. I hugged him thanking him, and kissed his chin. He kissed me back in my lips, and got back to his laptop. That kiss was just a formality kiss, just to reciprocate my kiss. I kissed him again in his cheeks, holding his face. He didn’t move, but was there showing his face to me. I kissed him more, and thought I was unto something that night. I moved his laptop from his lap, and sat over his lap. He looked at me and said there is lots of work for him to do. I said, “Just this one night, please”. He was not ready but. Instead he said he cannot, and moved me and took his laptop and started to work again. I was so frustrated, that I went out of the room. I called up Rekha and was speaking with her. She spoke with me for some time, and said she is going to have a good time with her husband, and hung up the call. I felt very bad, and went to my room again to find my husband sleeping peacefully. Without knowing what to do, I slept next to him with tears rolling down my cheeks.
The next day started as usual. Me working in the kitchen, and preparing food for my hubby. As I entered the dining room, and served my hubby with the breakfast, he said to me “are you serious with your driving classes?” I readily said yes. He asked me why suddenly. I told him that I might travel frequently if I get into that business that we were about to start. He was not so happy with me starting a business on my own. He said,” why do u want to strain yourself. It’s a bad world out there. You better stay back at home and be happy”. I was so irritated, and replied “I am trying to be happy, and that’s why I am going to start a business”. He looked at me, and said that he will send a driver to teach me. I was amazed when I heard him saying that he will send one of his men to teach me. I asked him again, “what did u say?” He again replied the same that he will send one driver. I didn’t know what to say. I just said OK. He left for work. I made some calls and informed my friends about my improvement. They felt happy for me, and even congratulated me.
After some time, someone was at the door. I opened the door, and happened to see a guy in his mid 20s standing there.
He was dark, and well built. His height must be around 6’2. Had broad shoulders, and an attractive face, with an amazing eye sight. His voice was manly, and was husky. He sound polite and seemed gentle.
“Hello madam, I am Raju, and I was sent my Mr. Kumar.”
“Mr. Kumar sent you for what”
“He asked me to teach driving to his wife. Are you his wife?”
“Oh hi. It’s me. Come on in”
“It’s ok. I will wait outside near the car. You can come anytime. Just give me the keys”. Saying this, he got the keys from me and went near the car. He started to inspect the car and was ready for me.
I was surprised by my Hubby’s quick response, and was surprised to see such a young guy to be sent by my hubby.
I was in my night dress. So I changed myself to a salwar and I was about to walk out of my house, when the phone rang.
“Hello, who is it?”
“It’s Rekha. Aren’t you coming now for the meeting?”
“Oh, I completely forgot. I actually started for my first driving class.”
“Oh oh. Try to come today. It’s important.”
“Ok. I will somehow come.” I hung up the call, and went in to my room again to change myself to a sari. When I go for the meetings I try to dress nicely.
I came out of my house, and told Raju that we can start. I sat in the front seat and watched him drive. I also told him that I am going for the meeting. He was explaining things while he was driving. As the place came, he dropped and was waiting for me. I went in, and that day we made some good decisions regarding our business. We finalized our business that day, and decided to essence extraction and flavors. Some already had some idea. So my job at first was to invest some, and learn quickly the business from them. I liked the spirit within us, when some of us said, that we will become top business people in course of days. I was very happy.
While returning, Raju noticed that I was happy.
“Madam, u seem very happy”
“Yes, I am. My business got confirmed. And I’ll become like my husband one day.”
“That’s nice to hear.”
“Why do u want to be like your husband? You can make it big in business when compared to him, if you do it perfectly.”
“What do you mean by that? Do you intend to say that Kumar is not so good in business?”
“Sorry ma’am. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that”
“It’s ok. You just can tell me anything”
And he started what’s happening in the business. It seems to be that he was an MBA graduate and had to shift into driving because he didn’t get a good job. When heard, I was shocked. He had good knowledge in business, and was up to date in the current happenings.
“Did you tell Kumar, that you are an MBA graduate?”
“I did tell him. After that only I got this job ma’am”
“Didn’t he recognize your skills?”
“He said that his current requirement is a driver. And he appointed me as a driver.”
I was shocked hearing this. I felt sad for this guy. I didn’t even know what to do for him. I could talk with Kumar about this, but I was well aware of how things will go when we talk, so I decided not to talk with Kumar. That day, he was teaching me how to shift gears, what is what, etc… But I was completely lost. I just couldn’t concentrate on driving, instead I was just wondering about his character. His willingness to earn, despite being graduate, he is driving cars. We just talked for some more time, and I came to know that he is an orphan. I wanted to do something for this guy, but I was in a situation where I couldn’t do anything. All I can do is be silent and not talk to Kumar about this, so that it might save his job.
I did learn to drive cars, but I was not that good. I was not a quick learner. I was driving car under Raju’s guidance. In his absence I just went and hit against a wall once. So, I never took the car without him. As days went by, we came to know a lot about each other. I got him a mobile so that I can call him whenever I need. I used to send messages to his mobile. We used to chat. This made him happy. He thought that he got a good friend in me, but was behaving from a distant since me being the boss’s wife.
My business developed nicely. To everyone’s surprise I was grasping the business very swiftly and easily. I was able to manage things easily. I was able to make key decisions with ease and everyone felt I was one main reason for the business to reach such glorious height. Actually, I learnt everything from Raju. I tell him everything, and he gives me suggestions of what to do, and what not to do. I used his business skills. Though I didn’t expose him to the outside world, he was the key man behind my success. He knew that, and was happy for me. But he deserves something big. I always thought about changing his life for the better. Because an early break is important for everyone. If one doesn’t get that, many settle with what ever they get. I didn’t want Raju to settle his life as a driver.
One day, Kumar didn’t pick up the call or didn’t return the calls either. He didn’t come to my house. He was always punctual. I was confused, what to do. I called him for nearly 20 times. I called Kumar’s office to check whether he has gone there to work. But they said he is not coming to office nowadays as the boss shifted his workplace. With much confusion, I decided to go to his place and checkout what is wrong with him. So, I took the car, and started to his place. I didn’t know how to reach there. I asked the route to many people, and I reached there. I almost reached there, and when I was about to park the car, I got the call from Raju.
“Ma’am, I am sorry. I was feeling sick, so only I couldn’t lift your call. I couldn’t even inform you because I was sleeping from last night”
“It’s ok Raju. I understand.”
“Please don’t tell to Sir about this.”
“I won’t. But, do come out of your house and look outside. I am confused which is your house.”
Confused Raju, came out and watched from his balcony. He waved to me and talked over the mobile.
“What happened ma’am. Anything serious?”
“No. I was very much worried about you. That’s why I came to see you.”
“Ok. I will come home. You please go back home ma’am.”
“Why Raju? Won’t you invite me to into your house?”
“But this place is almost like a slum ma’am.”
“So what? There is nothing wrong in me coming to your house right?”
“No no. Not like that”
He came down and took me to his house. Actually, I shouldn’t say it as a house, it’s just a room. But I loved that place. He has just one room. The rest is open space. It’s in the fourth floor, and from where you can get a nice view of the nearby places. Especially the beach. The whole place looked like a heaven to me. As we entered the room, it was filled with his dresses completely. A typical bachelor’s room. He was trying to clean his place, since I was there. For him I was like a queen. So, he tried his level best to show that his place is one good palace. As I was sitting and looking around, he made tea for me.
“Hey, you are not feeling well, and why are you doing this?”
“Its ok ma’am. You have come to my place, and I should make you something.”
“Raju, stop treating me like a guest. Look at me like a normal friend”
“Ok ma’am.”
“And, please stop calling me ma’am. It really makes me feel old. Am I talking like a boss to you. I am friendly to you right? So call me with my name. FYI… It’s Janani.”
“Ok ma’am.. err.. Sorry, Janani.”
He felt very uncomfortble saying my name. But I really liked it when he said my name.
He was trembling while talking to me.
“Are you alright Raju? You still seem very sick”
“No Janani, I am all right.”
I went near him and I touched his neck with my hand to feel his fever. It was hot.
“Did you take any medicines?”
“No, not yet”
“Are you crazy? You are not a kid. Don’t you know to take care of your health?”
He was smiling.
“I am not scolding you to smile. Realize what is happening around. You were there with me to make many big decisions in my business. Even today I had one meeting. But I couldn’t attend that without your inputs. I need you in all ways Raju. This is just a small thing, but I am trying to make you reach a good level. And I want you to take it seriously and understand what we are doing. Do you understand?”
I didn’t know whether he understood or not. But for me, he said yes.
“I missed you today. Infact I missed you for the last 2 days. I curse myself, that why I gave break to you on weekends. And this weekend, you didn’t even contact me by any means. I got you a mobile so that you can intimate me anything and everything. Why don’t you understand that?”
He was standing there silently without talking anything. Scolding him all the way, I went to the other side of the room, to the so called kitchen and made him some food to eat. He was not willing to let me do that. But since I was scolding him, he couldn’t do anything.
That day, I had the lunch with him. I didn’t attend any calls that came to my mobile. I didn’t care about the business. I didn’t care about the family. I just had one good day in my life.
“Hey Janani, how come you drove the car? Didn’t you make any mistakes?”
“Even I don’t know how. I just thought about you and nothing else. Amazing.., wow.. So, I have learnt to drive completely..”
“So, you no longer need me right?”
“Hey, I always need you”
He was happy hearing this. And when I was about to leave, he got a call to his mobile. It was some girl. He didn’t attend the call, but he ignored it. I looked at him suspiciously.
“Are you coming to work tomorrow?”
“No, I am not sure Janani”
He got the call again. He ignored again. I took the mobile from him, just when that girl sent him a message. In which she has sent that, she wanted to be with him. So please don’t go to work tomorrow. I looked at him and got so angry.
“Is this the reason, you are not coming tomorrow?”
“Uh, No, err.. Nothing like that Janani. Just because of my sickness.”
“Don’t lie Raju. You are fine the whole day with me. And now you are not coming for any reason?”
He was silent. I just walked away from that place. He tried following me and convincing me, but I slammed the car door, and started off. That night, he tried calling me several times. He sent a lot of sorry messages. I didn’t respond to any. He might have got tensed. He might have not had food. He might not get sleep. Despite knowing this, I was not ready to respond, because I was busy crying in my room. There was no one to ask me why I am crying. Even I was not so aware of why I am crying. I slept like that crying without having dinner.
Woke up the next morning. Did the usual works, but with less tempo. Felt, I should have responded to that guy’s calls. I felt bad that I made him tense for nothing. I thought of calling, but realized he will be here within few mins for sure, and can solve this directly instead of call.
As expected he was early today. He sent me a message saying I am near the car, ready for today’s work. I saw him standing near the car, and I was happy. As I came out of the kitchen, Kumar came and said that he is going late to office as he some plans. I was upset, that it will take some more time to talk with Raju. I said OK. Time went by. Kumar came out from the room well dressed and was about to leave. He went out near the car, and suddenly he called Raju.
“Hey, you…”
“Me, sir?”
“Yeah, come here.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“My driver has not come today. So, drive this car today.”
“Ok sir”
I was so disappointed. They left the place. I continued with my job, half heartedly. I was so weak that day that I made some wrong shipments. Rekha was shocked to see me so dull and making errors in the work. She asked me what happened. I didn’t want to reveal anything. I said nothing. She asked me to take rest. I left back home early that evening. I was sitting silently, when I got a call from Kumar.
“Janani, just hand over the suitcase that I’ve kept in the bedroom to the guy I am sending. I am going to Mumbai for some urgent business dealing. It might get delayed. I might be in a situation to travel abroad from there. So, I will keep you updated. Ok? Bye..”
He didn’t wait for a reply from me. But he hung up the call. As he said, I gave the suitcase to the guy who came to claim it. It was around 10 PM. I got a call from Kumar, saying that he is boarding the flight, and asked me to go to my parent’s house if I want. And as usual, he didn’t care to wait for my reply, instead just hung up the call. I felt like being alone in this world, and tears started running down my cheeks. I didn’t get sleep. I walked throughout the house, and I went to my balcony. From there, I saw a guy standing near the back gate. I got frightened. I went down and searched for my mobile, to call someone. As I went down, my mobile was ringing and it was Raju, who is calling me.
“Hello…” I was breathing heavily.
“It’s me Raju..”
“Listen, there is someone at the backside of my house, I don’t know what to do. I think I should alert the watchman about this. If possible, can you…” As I was talking, he tried to make me quiet, and said.
“It’s me who is standing near the back gate. Please don’t tell it to the watchman. I hope you have not told him yet.”
I was relieved a bit. “No, I didn’t tell him yet. But, what are you doing at this time.”
“I just wanted to speak with you today. I never got the chance to. I still wanted to speak with you. That’s why I am standing behind.”
“Ok. Wait.”
I went behind and opened the door silently. He stood there, and started to speak with me.
“Shhhh. First come in. You can speak later.”
“Ok.” He came in and I closed the door. We were standing in the dark and I asked him, “What?”
“Sorry Janani. I am completely sorry about yesterday.”
“No, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you. I am very sorry.” We exchanged sorrys. He felt happy, and he was about to leave. I opened the gate again, and he went outside. The street light was minimal. I just went a little outside and said bye to him, during which he saw my face.
“Did you cry?”
I didn’t know what to answer. I said “No”.
“Liar. Look at your face, and your eyes are so red in color. What happened?”
I tried to convince him by saying NO. He came close to me, and again started apologizing. Suddenly, there was watchman was walking near the back gate. I saw him at a distant and pulled Raju in and slowly closed the gate, just in time when he neared the gate. He walked away whistling, and was standing there and smoking. I was holding Raju’s hand, and looking through the gate. Raju was looking at me. I started walking inside slowly, without making any noise, and went inside the house. Raju walked besides me looking at me. As we entered, he touched my cheeks and brushed it saying “Please don’t cry. You look so beautiful, and I just can’t imagine tears rolling down your cheeks.” He meant what he said. He looked deep into my eyes while saying this. He was now holding me, and his sight was amazing. I melted in his hands. I didn’t know what to reply, and I just said “Kiss me”.
“What was that Janani.?”
“Sorry, I just lost my control.”
“What control?” He asked in a husky voice, looking deep again. He also smiled while asking this. He knew what’s running through my mind. I again lost control, and I didn’t say anything, but moved close to him to kiss him. He knew what is happening, but I was not aware of what is happening to me. After all this thinking, and all these days, there was it, the kiss between us. It was so soft and tender. He just brushed his lips over mine, and held my hand. He moved his hand to my face, holding it in his palm, and taking my face under his control. He looked at me, and I was closing my eyes. He called “Janani”. I opened my eyes to find him standing so close to me. His face so close to me. His lips in easy reach to mine. I opened my mouth also expecting another kiss. He smiled, and gave his lips to mine. There was ignition. There was parting of the lips. The opening and closing of the lips were so rhythmical. He inserted his tongue into me and it gave a shock to me. The taste of him made me go crazy. I opened my mouth more to take his tongue inside. He let it inside to find my tongue and took it back. But while going back, he took my tongue with his. Wow, what a moment it was. I didn’t want to stop it. And so does him. We continued the kiss for around 3 mins. And then he broke the kiss and run his fingers all over my face. Me eyes remain closed. I felt he was moving, and when I opened my eyes, he was not in front of me. Suddenly I was moving up. I thought I am flying due to that electrifying moment. But later realized that Raju was carrying me. He carried me to my bedroom. As we entered, I switched on the lights.
I asked, “Do you need the lights to be on?”
“Yes, I just want to see my baby glowing in the light.”
He carried me to the bed, and placed me there. I was sitting in the edge of the bed. He removed the band that I was wearing, and let my hair free. There was a picture of my husband in the room, so I didn’t want to do it there. “Not here, Raju” He understood it. Smiling, “I understand. Let’s go to our bedroom.” Saying this, he lifted me again, and carried me to the garage. He let me down and said, “This is where I belong.” There was lots of place in the garage. But it was shabby. There were some tires. He let me sit on top of that, and run his hand over my face, touching every part of my face. It was like measuring everything in me. He pulled the pallu of my sari, and I was sitting there with my sari down till my hip. I was looking at him while he was busy doing this. He was smiling at me, and looking at me as if I was a little innocent kid. I took my hand to touch his chest over his shirt. I ran my fingers over his shirt, while he was running his fingers over my neck. I stood up, and again tried kissing him. He didn’t disappoint me. He kissed me, and his hand went to my breasts. He cupped them beautifully, and held it nicely. He didn’t press it hard, but he was gentle.
While kissing me, he took his both hands, and removed the buttons in my blouse. As we ended the kiss, my front was open and my bra was visible clearly. He lowered himself to kiss my face. Kissing my cheek, chin and going down further below to reach my neck. He kissed my neck violently, and it did arouse me more. I hugged him, pressing his head against my neck. The more I press, the more he kisses. He went further down to kiss my cleavage. While he was busy playing with my cleavage, I removed the blouse, and threw it away. As he hugged me, he snapped the bra hooks which came out in a second. I was standing there topless in front of him. He got excited, and started pressing my breast all the while kissing me. I tried removing his shirt, but he again lowered himself, to kiss my breast. I was in heaven, when his lips touched my breast. I could feel his hot breath on it. He took his tongue out to lick my breast. As he did it, he took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck. I am just losing control here, and I was not able to stand when he is sucking me. I held to him for balance, and was squeezing his shoulders.
“Oooooooooooh God… Its amazing Raju. I just can’t stand. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaaa..”
Hearing me moaning made him more arrogant as he tried to take my entire breast inside his mouth. I pulled his t-shirt, and threw it away, exposing his bare chest. His chest was hairy, and it was really nice to run my hands through it. He went further down to explore my navel. He licked it, and inserted his tongue into it.
“ooooooooooo, plz stop dear…”
His kissing got more and more, and he paused. He looked at me and,
“Do u really want me to stop Janu?”
Oh dear, ma’am became Janani, and Janani became Janu. I pulled him and kissed him again. He removed the knot of the skirt that I was wearing, and off it goes to the ground. I was in my panty, and his hands were groping my ass. He lifted me, and kissed me. I got down, and unbuckled his belt. Knelt down, and removed his jean pulling it. Touched his manhood on top of his boxer. He was holding my head, and brushing my hair. Planted some wild kisses on top of his boxer, and looker up. He had a serious face, and was enjoying my lips on his manhood. Ran my fingers on his waistline to pull his boxer down. There was it, his dick in front of me. It was thick and good size.
“Love it dear. Waiting for you”
Hearing this, my lips were kissing the tip the very next moment. Exposing the head, and slowly licking it. I could hear him moan, and his grip over my hair got tightened. He was holding it tight, such that he pulled it harsh at times. I slowly pushed it in, and made his dick feel warm. He got excited, and caressed my head. Brushing my hairs. I was swallowing his dick and it almost went it. I didn’t push the entire size inside my mouth. But he tried pushing my head such that I take his entire dick inside my mouth. He did succeed at times, but mostly I didn’t take it completely in. I am no expert in it, as I seldom touch my hubby’s dick. But I enjoyed this piece of meat completely, such that I feasted on it as much as I can. His tip was wet, and I licked it dry and clean. Teasing him again, will make it wet again. I just loved doing this. I was doing this for quite some time, after which he pulled me up and exchanges kisses. Carried me and placed me on top of a car, and made me to rest on my head. Pulled my panty, and spread my legs, and started kissing my leg.
Starting from the toe, he kissed inch by inch to reach my knee. Moved to my thighs, and to my inner thighs, after which I just lost control. I held his head, and directed it to my pussy. He spread the pussy lips, and inserted his tongue, and started licking. He inserted his tongue into my pussy, and was stimulating me. I was going so high, such that I was moaning pretty badly. I never thought about, what if the watchman hears?.
All that was running through my head was Raju. His touch and his manhood. After, so much of kissing and sucking, he put me to the ground, where he mounted on me. He kept his dick on my pussy, and was trying to enter into me slowly. After some slow and frequent pushes, he was inside me. Though this was the first time for him, he was very mature and gentle in handling me. From the very first moment, he cared about my satisfaction, and was gentler. He inspired me more. Even while coming inside me, I am sure his intention would have definitely been that I shouldn’t feel any pain. I moved my hand to his ass, and pushed his ass towards me, such that his dick was pushing more into my pussy.
We moaned a lot, and he was riding me for a quite a long time. He slowed down, and lowered himself to kiss me. We both were breathing heavily. I lifted my hands, and was holding the tyre on top of my head, and he rested his head, on my breast and enjoyed it. With constant pushing, he looked me and asked,
“Should I Janu?”
And my immediate response was,
“Yes baby, plz do it in me”
With this word, he increased his pace, and I was to reach my orgasm as well. He ejaculated his sperm inside me, and I happened to reach the orgasm at the same time. The pace decreased, and he was still inside me. His head rested on my breast. Our sweat was mixing, and we were breathing heavily. I hugged him, and kissed his forehead.
He is now licking my breast slowly. Taking the right one, and playing with it slowly. He is breathing heavily too, and so his pace was slow. But after some time, he regained and started to play with full enthusiasm. I closed my eyes, and was enjoying. He kissed my whole body.
“Janu, what do you want me to do now?” Smiling, and kissing my hand while talking.
“Kiss me dear”
“From head to toe.”
He just obeyed, started from my toe, one by one to my calf, and to my knee, my thighs and way up to my pussy, my navel, my tummy, my breast, my shoulders, my neck and my face. He just covered them all with his lips and tongue. Licking and kissing me all the way. I did the same to him as well. The play went on, and the time was around 3 AM. We loved for nearly 5 hours. Till this moment, I never thought that it is wrong, and so did he. I rested my head on his chest and was running my hand over his hairy chest, and playing.
“Is this right?” He started. He was looking at the ceiling of the garage, and I was busy playing with the hair in his chest.
“The relationship between us Janu”
“I don’t want to think. I can’t think it as wrong.”
“It’s not wrong for us, but it’s not right for others.”
“Why do you care about others dear. This is just between us.”
“But, I can’t be like this with you forever. I might be even fired by Kumar anytime.”
I know that he will surely be fired after few days. He is getting personal with me, and Kumar will definitely not like it.
“Kumar will surely fire you Raju. I am sure about that.”
“Then what Janu. I will have to go right. Then I can’t see you too.”
I just looked at him, and said…
“I can’t live without you. You mean a lot to me.”
He looked deep into my eyes, and said…
“I Love you Janu. So much. I just feel so happy when you are around, and I wish that happiness goes on forever. I really wish that, and I want that too Janu.”
I hugged him again, and we both slept. We woke up 7 AM. We got dressed up, and as we were about to leave the garage, I said to him… “No matter what happens, I will always be with you..”. And he smiled and kissed me for that.
We were partially dressed when we went back into the house. As we walked, Raju caught my hand and pulled me again. Caressing me, and said that he needed a bath.
“You can use the bathroom in my room.”
“Ok. Sure, you don’t want to join?” Smiling at me seductively.
Hugging him slowly, we were smooching, “Sure honey. Would love to.”
We went to the bathroom kissing each other. The dress went off as we entered. Got under the shower, and tried to bath. But he is one naughty guy, who didn’t leave me to bath so easily. He kissed me everywhere, while the water was running over my body. Went down, and lifted my leg, and sat between my legs. I was resting my one leg on his shoulder and the other was on the floor. He parted my pussy lips, and started to taste it again. The water running over my body and it reaches him through my pussy. He took the hand shower and directed it to my pussy. Kissing me so wildly, made me go mad. I pressed his head against my pussy. He moved his hand to my ass, and parted the ass cheeks and felt my ass. His hands are doing the magic, and I am getting lost. I turned off the shower and started to enjoy his every touch. After some time, he let my leg down. I thought he is done, but he turned me and pushed me to the wash basin, where I leaned myself to show my ass to him. He pounded on it, and bit my ass. Spread the cheeks and kissed my ass completely. I was moaning very loudly. He left me in that position and ran outside the room naked. I was wondering where he went. He turned on the music player to make sure that my moans don’t go out.
He came running back to me and pushed me again to the same position and charged on my ass again. I felt as if I was getting weak. He finally left me and stood up and hugged me from behind and felt my breast. I closed my eyes, and completely rested myself on him. He turned on the shower again, and started to apply soap on me as if it got over. I felt it would be selfish, if I don’t feast on him as he did. I turned and kissed him completely. Looking at my excitement, he himself pushed me down to my knees by lowering my shoulders, and caught my hair. I opened my mouth and the very next moment, his tool was inside my mouth. He was fucking my mouth, in steady pace. He tried to push it deep inside my mouth. I did choke few times, where he would stop and look at me. I will again suck him indicating that I am fine and loving it. I caught his ass, and started to push into me, and would squeeze it to let him know that he has to increase the pace. Knowing that, he would increase the pace. He constantly hit my throat. I was going weak. I knew that. But he was getting so excited and high, by doing this.
He didn’t ask me for permission, but directly shot at my face and mouth. It was hot and sticky, and flowed over my face, just to be washed by Raju. We laughed a lot. I was asked to be naked with him. So after the so called bath, we did walk into the kitchen to make something for us to eat after out tired sessions. We both cooked, and we both fed each other. It was so much romantic having him cooking besides me in the kitchen, where he would always kiss me for everything. I feed him and he would feed me back from his mouth. We were like a hot couple so much in love.
We went to the bedroom this time, and jumped on the bed. I didn’t care about Kumar’s photo this time, and was just concentrating Raju’s every move. He made me bend down, and touched my ass hole. Rubbed his dick over there, and pushed it in slowly over my ass. I was so much in pain, but he was slow enough to make me enjoy after some time. I was getting my first shot from behind. He removed his dick and pushed me to the bed. I turned and faced him. He came over me crawling, and spread my legs. Inserted his dick and was pushing it hard in a constant rhythm. I was caressing his face, and the best thing about him was he was looking deep into my eyes, while he was fucking me. I was so lost by his sight. He just concentrated each and every push, and said, “I Love you”, for each and every push. He could see my every expression, and he loved it. He had his face so serious, and his eye sight was nowhere but my eyes. So manly, and so lovely. I wished that I could be with this man for my entire life.
We tried many different positions. He would carry me, and insert his dick into my pussy, and make me lean backwards such that I am standing upside down. Did it in the chair. On the dining table. On the terrace in the moonlight. It was a complete love week with him.
For the next 1 week, I just didn’t concentrate much on my business. I just spent my time completely with Raju, loving him, and spending a lot of romantic time with him. This guy knows what the word love and romance means. He is just the opposite of Kumar. He stayed with me completely. He cooked for me. He dressed me up. He took me out. He cared for me. A small injury to me, he got so tensed. He loved me. He made me love him. He made me laugh. He made me feel important. He made me realize who I am. He took me out in his bike which was my first bike journey with a guy. I felt important and felt something more precious to someone. I loved myself. It was a new Janani, and I could feel that very well.
Kumar returned back, and my relationship with Raju continued discreetly. My business also grew nicely. The relationship between me and Kumar worsen much more. He started to go on frequent tours with his secretary, and I just got the news that he is having an affair with her. It didn’t break me. I was happy for him. This way, the things went on.
My business attained some good profit, and my partners were so happy. My partners wanted to start another business too. They started one, but I didn’t agree to be a part of that business. They were no longer interested in taking the business forward, as they wanted to shift their time to something else too. I decided to buy the shares of others and make it my own business. I did it, and thus I became the sole owner of the business. Everyone felt, that I am the right person to carry forward the business successfully. Even this idea was not mine, it was Raju’s. Raju was no longer a driver for me. I got him a job in a reputed organization. Though it was not his dream job, he managed to work on that.
Days went by, and Kumar filed for a divorce. He went on to marry his secretary and live a happy life. I moved on.
And here I am, well settled with the man of my dreams. Yes, I married Raju, and have a beautiful daughter. And I also made Raju takeover my business, and it’s ours now and not mine anymore. He was sincere in work. He loved it to the core, but definitely not more than me. I felt that I should concentrate more on family and less on business. Raju didn’t allow me to completely retire from work. Raju changed a lot in my life, including my name. And here it is my perfect life. Mrs. Janani Raju.

——————- By lak_nov24

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