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Intimate Friendship

16 Min Read

For over 2 years I have had an “intimate friend”, a
woman whom I regularly have sex with in addition to just
being there for each other in other ways. We have a very
secure and open relationship so there is no jealousy
when we each date others. It’s actually a turn-on when
we get together and share details of our sexual
adventures or help each other out after a sexually
unsatisfying date. She just loves to fuck and I’m glad
to get all I want of her hot pussy.
She has a given name but I always call her “Friend”
which continually reaffirms our relationship. She is
five years older than me at 29, about my size at 5’10”
and 160lbs and resembles Lisa Sparxxx the porn star but
not as pretty. She is well padded with somewhat sagging
DD tits, and plump enough that she qualifies as “built
for comfort”. She laughs when I say that and says she
doesn’t like speed anyway. If a guy is too quick then he
might not get another ride. She is fair though and gives
every guy a second chance in case she was “just too much
for him” the first time!
Her pubes are trimmed moderately short like her brown
hair. She also says if they don’t like hairy pussy then
they don’t get hers. She appreciates that I love to take
my time fucking and playing with her crotch carpet. Her
tits swing and sway when she gets going, especially when
on top, and she really likes guys to have fun with them.
I sure do.
We rent rooms in the upstairs of an older house with
rather thin walls. When I moved in I heard fucking
noises and moans and her voice saying all kinds of sexy
stuff almost every night and sometimes during the days.
I work at home about half of the time doing software
development and it was a bit of a distraction. I’m more
than a bit of a nerd and had never been laid. The sounds
were a stimulus for me to jack off to.
I had seen Friend in the house but never said more than
hi. About two weeks after I moved in there was a
Saturday when I heard her fucking in the morning then
later in the afternoon. I was in the hall heading for
the shared bathroom twice as a different guy left her
room each time. As I came out of the bathroom the second
time, Friend was waiting to use it and said hi to me
with a big smile. A few minutes later there was a knock
on my door and she was there with a bottle of wine.
I invited her in and as she poured for both of us her
robe opened to show lots of tit and that it was all she
had on. I was tongue tied so she introduced herself and
hoped she hadn’t disturbed me with the noise from her
place. I lied and told her that I had been listening to
music. She apologised for not bidding me welcome when I
first moved in and wanted to make up for it now. She had
fixed dinner and would like to treat me. I couldn’t
After dinner Friend dropped the robe and fucked me
bareback, after finding out I was a virgin, in the same
rumpled bed where she had already laid two guys that
day. I spent the night in her cunt and she got 4 of my
loads before she sent me back to my room early because
she had a morning date. A little while later I was in my
bed rubbing a drained dick, listening to the bed banging
against the wall and her loud “fuck me” talk thinking
about another cock sliding in my cum. I was surprised to
get hard again.
Later that day she knocked in my door and wanted to have
a talk. She explained that she wasn’t in love with any
one guy but just loved being loved. She had a really
good night with me and wanted us to be friends and
regular lovers. It was real important for me to never
forget that it was HER pussy and SHE would decide who
fucked it. She was used to variety so didn’t want to
have only one guy on her stud list.
Almost all of the guys she spread for were just hard
dicks and she made them wear condoms. A very few special
ones could leave their cum in her and I would be one of
those if I didn’t fuck other girls unwrapped. Feeling
male cream spurt in her cunt made it feel like real sex
and helped her climax. For me, feeling skin on skin and
the thought of millions of tiny wigglers, some of which
wouldn’t be mine, trying to impregnate her was hot.
Since I lived so very close, we have become close in
lots of other ways as well. We’ve learned that we are a
pretty good team. She is very physical and sensual,
possibly because she has been fucking since an early
age. I, with my sex life only in my mind until recently,
am more imaginative and erotic. Together we are
developing the other part of ourselves and enjoying the
process a great deal.
We share our fantasies and sometimes try them out
together. We usually fuck every day and spend one night
a week in each others’ bed. We have done sensual stuff
like covering each other with vegetable oil and
slithering around on the bed really feeling each other’s
parts in every way possible. She has taken me to my
first nude beach. She blew me in the car when we got
there but I still had a firm but not hard cock seeing
all the naked bodies. I
‘ve introduced her to erotic stories and online porn
where we get ideas to try out. We shower together often,
frequently after her overnight dates when she comes to
my bed for a “wet” fuck. She is developing new things to
do with her other guys and is getting better at telling
me about it. I love to be feeling her mouth, tits and
cunt with all parts of my body as she describes what she
has just recently done.
Just a couple of weeks ago she had two married guys over
on a Saturday. She fucked me in the morning and again in
the afternoon just before each guy arrived and made them
eat her before they could fuck her. She really got off
tasting my cum on their lips and dick as they screwed.
She told me about it that evening as I fucked her for a
I get real hard when she tells me about all the screwing
she has done. Her pussy has hosted Black, Hispanic, and
Asian dicks. She has double-dated and swapped partners.
She has fucked bosses and coworkers and even a youth
minister. She has tried anal, oral, and tit-fucking.
While they are ok she thinks it’s a waste of a hard
dick. She figures a cunt was specially designed for
cocks and that’s the main place she wants to enjoy them.
Once in high school she got drunk and gang fucked an
unknown number of guys at a party. They didn’t use
condoms and she sweated her period and STDs for a while
so learned her lesson. I am kind of amazed that her cunt
feels so nice and snug on my cock after all the use it’s
Friend has one guy that she started screwing in college
about 10 years ago. For a while he practically lived in
her pussy so they fuck real good together. He has since
married but they bang about once or twice a month,
sometimes overnight. He was the only other one who
regularly barebacked her before me.
One time, after a “good-morning” fuck with this special
guy and then sending him on his way, she phoned me
without even getting out of bed to let me know that an
“extra-wet pussy” was waiting. I was hoping for the call
and slipped all the way in with one stroke. The slick
feeling of fresh “strange” cum all over my cock got me
off quickly. She knows what to say to me so I can soon
get hard again, without ever leaving her pussy, and then
we fucked till we both came.
I tasted the double creampie as she climaxed again from
my tongue. I’ve never watched her actually screwing
another guy but that is one of her recent fantasies as
part of a threesome. She will see if he is interested.
In the meantime I’m going set up a video camera so I can
actually watch her in action.
Although Friend is the main woman in my life I have gone
to on sort of dates with some others. I don’t hit on
them and some are puzzled. One girl about 5 years
younger than me asked if I was gay. When I said no, she
wanted me to prove it and took me to her bed. Good thing
she had condoms because I didn’t. I gave her a good fuck
but never asked her out again. Her tits were much
smaller than I was used to and she wasn’t very good in
the sack. I didn’t have the time and energy to teach
her. Friend made me promise to text her whenever I
return from an outing with another woman with a simple
“Yes” or “No” about getting laid. It was almost always
negative so she would come to my bed and give me a “good
night” screw.
I remember one evening I got home and could hear her
fucking away next door. I texted “No” and soon the sex
sounds stopped and she came in my door naked. She was
very aroused and I quickly pumped a load of cream in her
box which set her off too. I’m sure whoever she had been
screwing could hear us and I soon heard their noises
start up again as I fell asleep. We laughed about her
behavior when we fucked after lunch the next day.
Until recently Friend has only let me and her long time
fuckbuddy leave cum in her, but now there is another
depositor. She works as a part-time home health aide for
an older couple where the wife is very frail. She bathes
the woman and other personal stuff.
One day the woman said that she used to have a body like
Friends but just can’t do much for her still horny
husband any more. Would Friend consider helping him to
feel like a man again? Since Friend is a compassionate
and caring person she said she would do it once and see
how it went. The husband was nervous and out of practice
but got hard enough with Friend’s expert encouragement
to get in and get off. The couple were so appreciative
that she agreed to do the old man once a week.
A few days later the wife told Friend that she was a
“sexy angel” and her husband was now going to the senior
center to work out and was much happier to live with. He
was going to get some pills from his doctor so he could
make it good for his angel too. His cock is one of the
bigger ones she has enjoyed and he cleans her crotch
with his tongue since she doesn’t have time for a
I know I’m not supposed to be developing feelings for
her but she is my first lover and we do more intimate
stuff than most married couples. Damned few wives are
sexually shared like Friend is. Our sex life together is
hotter than anyone I know. It is clear to me that I
couldn’t keep up with her sexual needs and still work! I
don’t know what “love” is but I must have some for her
and I am truly happy to be an important part of her
life. She is obviously happy that she can have all the
fun with her body she wants and still have me there as
an anchor.
She knows a girl at work who claims to be bi. Friend has
done a bit with girls a long time ago. She wants to see
me fucking in real life and trying out some other pussy.
We’ve done some video of us together and of her doing a
couple of her other guys but it’s not as good as live
action. This work friend is coming to dinner Saturday
night. Our minds are full of the possibilities.

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