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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 5

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In hall room. Time 11:25pm
J : Mani I will prepare my in laws room for you. You can use that room. 
M : OK miss. 
J : take your bag and come with me. (Mani take his bag and followed her. She open the door and switch on the light. The bed was prepared neatly. She showed the table which was nothing over it and tell to him he can use. He kept his bag over the table. She opened the bathroom door and said)
J : this is your bathroom. One towel is there. You can use it.
M : it’s ok miss. I have one towel. 
J : OK Mani. If you need to take bath, do it and come. I will come after bath and we can take dinner together. 
M : OK miss. 
(she went to her room and bolted the door from inside. She took the mobile from bag and on the mobile data. She was of the net because she know Rahim will call her. Actually she messaged him don’t call her, but she is not sure did he call or not. To avoid that she switch of the mobile data. She fond the notification of 5 missed video calls and some messages from Rahim. She smiled herself. She opened the message and and read. 
“where are you dear” 
“why you don’t take my call”
“did your in laws went” 
“don’t you reached your flat?”
She decided to call him. She put the headphone and call him. But the call is not gone. Actually his mobile was switched off and he put that on charging. Then he went to sleep. Jaya try 3 or 4 times. But there is no response from him. She message him. 
” hi Rahim, I just reached now. See you tomorrow. My student Mani is here to help me. So don’t call me. I will call you when I get time.” 
Then she went to bathroom and had a warm bath and come out by wearing new black bra and panty. Then went to cupboard and took a white salwar top and leggings. Which was very tight. After that she tie her hair with towel. Then come out from the room.
[Image: kajal-agarwal-hot-1445191906ng48k.jpg]
 Mani was sat on the sofa. He was wearing a rose color shorts and white color T shirt. His black legs and hand become more dark because of white and rose color. Seeing Jaya he stood up. 
J : Mani let’s have dinner. 
M : yes miss. 
He followed her she took athe plates and give to him. He washed it and went to hall and put on the table. She come with water. Then they undid the parasol and serve themselves. While taking food.
J : did you like this Mani? How is its taste? 
M : ya miss its good. Constrict (she smiled at him) 
J : Mani did you take all your text books? 
M : no I don’t have all text books. But I take all note book. 
J : OK I will arrange all text book to you. 
M : thanks miss. 
J : and I will help you in all your studies. 
M : miss… I dont like to studying at home. 
J : hmmm I know you like other books and other things. (Mani giggles and said Yes) 
J : you don’t have shame, to tell me yes?
M : why miss we know each other. You know everything about me. 
J : that ok, I you must study well and score high mark. I can help you to achieve that. If you promise me I will allow you to work here. Otherwise I don’t need your help. (he think a sec and said OK) 
M : yes miss I will study and try to get good mark. 
J : good Mani (she smiled) 
M : but today and tomorrow I will not open my book. 
J : then which book you will open. That dirty one? 
M : no I don’t have a book now. But I have other thing. 
J : what’s that? 
M : a CD
J : What CD? 
M : Movie CD.
J : Which movie? 
M : Something special movie. (he giggled) 
J : tell me clearly. 
M : a sex movie. 
J : what? Why you take that here. (her face become red) 
M : because here you have CD player. In my home we don’t have a CD.
J : then why you take it here? I will not allow to play it here. 
M : why miss? This contained same things which we read in that books. So what’s the problem. I will watch this after you slept. Please miss. Please allow me. I never get a chance like this. It’s my first time. I never see it before. (she don’t tell anything) 
M : please miss. Please help me. (she brake the silence and said) 
J : from where you got this CD? 
M : I will tell you, but don’t said to anybody. 
J : no I will not tell. 
M : hmm you know Raghu bhai? 
J : which Raghu Bhai? 
M : he is working in our school, he do all works like electrical, plumbing, gardening also stay in our school as a night watchman. (then she remember him, a black stud of 6 ft hight young muscular beast. He don’t cut his hair properly and not combed well. He normally wear lungy and shirt. Actually she don’t like him. When they met he smiled at her and wished her “good morning teacher” and she was noticed his yellow teeth which chewing pan. So she don’t like him) Raghu bhai and our peon uncle is stayed together in a room which was situated behind the school building. One day after playing lunchbreak I went near that room to wash my face and feet near by the tap. I heard some moaning sound from there. I went near the window without making any sound. The which was open. When I am looking inside I see that Raghu bhai was lay on his small bed his lungy was spread on both side and he was stroke his big black lund. I was looke  at the TV. I was really wondered. A beautiful white women suck a big black lund passionately. Her rose lips was around his dick. While seeing that Raghu bhai increase his speed. (hearing those words she is excited. Her nipple become erect. Pussy start to wet. To divert that she said) 
J : Mani what are you saying. I am your teacher. Don’t use bad words.
M : sorry miss. I was excited while seeing the show. About after 2 min there was a knock on the door. Raghu bhai pull his underwear up and ran towards the TV and ejectvthe disc and keep under his bed then opened the door. That was out peon uncle. They talk something and Raghu bhai enet out with him. But door was not locked. I slowly went front side and enter in the room. And lift the bed and see more CD’s under the bed. I took 2 CD and keep in my underwear and went to class after closing the door. 
J : you stole the CD? 
M : yes miss. I never see such movies and there is no source to get it. So I took. But I don’t get chance to play that. Because I my home there’s no facility. So I take it to here. 
J : for what? 
M : to watch and enjoy? 
J : don’t you have shame?
M : why miss. Now you know about me everything. That day we talk all thing. I don’t have any close friends to share my feelings. Now you know everything about me. So I said everything to you without hide anything miss.
J : but Mani it’s a bad habit. It may affect your study.
M : noo miss. If I don’t see this, I will think about this in all day. I am very frustrated. (she think a sec and said) 
J : OK now promise me you will studied well and score more marks than previous exam. 
M : yes miss I will score more marks. Please help me. 
J : hmmm OK. Now you finish this food. 
M : thanks miss. (they finish the food. After cleaning the kitchen the come to hall) 
M : miss can I play it? 
J : not now. I don’t like this type of videos. I never see in my life. 
M : but how can I play. 
J : I am going to sleep now. After that you play it in low volume. 
M : thanks miss. (Jaya went to kitchen and prepare some milk and poured in two glasses and give one to him and went to her room and bolted. She was thinking of him. “poor boy may be frustrated. I think it’s about his age. That Rahim also do such thinklgs in this age. So Mani can also do such things. So I must help him to play and watch.” she smiled herself. Then went to bathroom and remove the salwar kamiz and pull down the panty and piss. While cleaning she felt the wetness of the juice. The she come out. And went to wardrobe and took a silky nighty and wear. Which was knee length and sleeveless. Then she took the milk glass and started to drink. That time she heared knock on the door. She went there and opened the door.)

[Image: 40546756_085_b?%24xlarge%24&hei=900&qlt=80&fit=constrain]

J : what happened Mani? 
M : sorry to disturb you miss. 
J : what’s the matter Mani? 
M : Mani the player is not working? 
J : what? 
M : yes miss, the video player is not working. The CD can’t insert the player. 
J : I will check. (she went near the TV and check the player. But there is no use.) Mani actually I dont use this before. May be its not working. (she see a sadness on his face) 
M : it’s OK miss. Good night. You go and sleep. 
J : hey are you sad? 
M : no miss… Actually I was thinking more. So just… 
J : hmmm… Mani do one thing. I will give my laptop. You can play the CD in the laptop.
M : but miss I don’t know how to play it? 
J : hmm then what to do? 
M : can you play it yourself. (she think again and said) 
J : hmm OK, come to my room. (he followed her by looking in her round ass. The panty line can be visible. She took her apple laptop from the table and placed on her bed and switch on and login. Then took one CD from him and put in the reader, that was not CD, that was 8GB DVD and copy all files to her laptop and eject the disc and copy 2nd disk also. Then give two disk to him.)
M : you don’t play it miss? 
J : wait Mani I just copy all to here. I will play it for you. (he looked at her and smiled) 
M : thank you miss. 
J : Mani one condition. 
M : tell me miss. 
J : you promise me you will score more marks. 
M : yes miss I will. 
J : OK then second one. This is the secret between us. If anybody know this I will die myself. They will think I am a bad women. Who help her student to watch sex videos. 
M : no miss nobody know about this. Miss forget about student teacher relation now. I am your servant and you are my mistress. Then mistress can help her servant anyway. Nobody will ask anything. But anyway it’s our secret. 
J : hmm OK Mani. (she then open one file that was actually an interracial video. from blacked.com HD video with good clarity of sound. The video link is share here. {{https://uc.xyz/VM5JV?pub=video Karina White (Blacked – Girlfriend Cheats With Bbc On Vacation}}) 
J : Mani sit here. (he sat on the edge of the bed. The video started to play. While the girl in video remove her dress and stood naked. Mani’s heartbeats increased. Jaya also very excited to watch a porn movie with her student. The time moved and a black guy come and they started to kiss. Mani’s lund started to grow in his underwear. Jaya’s nipple started to erect. Slowly he undress the girl while kissing her. Then she kneeling in front of him and pull down his underwear and took out his big black cock and kiss on the tip and said “wawoo it’s big”. Seeing that Jaya’s throat become dry. Mani rub his dick over his trouser. Then the girl started to suck his dick. The black guy started to moan and hold her head. Both Jaya and Mani don’t say anything. There is only the sound of moaning from the video. Mani turned back and looked at Jaya. She was concentrated on the video by by her lower lips with excitement. He called her
M : miss.. (hearing his sound she wake up from her dream) 
J : ahmm yes Mani. 
M : miss…. Hmm… Errr.. 
J : what happened Mani. 
M : miss I want to stroke my lund. 
J : hmmm you go to the room and do what you need. 
M : but miss I want to do it while seeing this video, like Raghu bhai did. 
J : what….? You want to mastrubates here…? 
M : yes madam, while seeing this video. Can you help me. 
J : how can you say that to mastrubates in front of me. I felt shame. Don’t you. 
M : please miss. If you allow, I will switch off the light and do it in darkness. Then you can’t see anything. (she don’t say anything. But smiled. He beg her again. She then accepted.
J : hmm OK Mani. 
M : ohh thanks miss. (he jumped up and ran towards the switch board and switch off the light. Now the room can see the dimm light from the screen. He again sat on the edge of the bed. 
J : Mani.. 
M : yes miss. 
J : Mani I am feared, if anybody know about this, that a teacher allow her student to watch porn movie and mastrubates in front of her. Ohh I can’t remember Mani. I will die myself. (Mani turned towards her)
M : miss why you repeat this all time. I told you once it’s the secret between us. I will not tell this to anyone till I am dead. So please miss. (finally she agreed) 
J : hmmm OK.
M : ohhh thank you miss. Eyyyyyy…. (he put his hand in his underwear and hold his erect dick and started to stroke. Jaya looked at Mani. She can see the shadow of his hands movement by the light from laptop. She smiled herself. It’s the first time a male mastrubates in front of her. She again looked at the screen. Now the black guy enter his dick in the white girl’s cute pussy. 


[Image: giphy.gif]
That girl started to moan. The black guy started to move his hip forward and back word and slowly started to increase his speed. The girls face expression and moaning sound changed from pain to pleasure. That scene make Jaya’s heart beats increased. The blood flow to her brain. Her body parts stimulated. She felt her nipples rubbed under the bra. Her left hand slowly moved to her left boob and slowly started to squeeze. At the same time she noticed Mani’s hand moving. She heated “ahhhh… Ahhhhh….” and sound from him. That also excited her. She squeeze hard on her boob. Suddenly Mani ran towards the bathroom. She don’t know why. But her mind again concentrated to the screen. The black guy stop fucking her and again kiss her rosy lips. Their tongue rolled each other. He place his hand on her ussy lid and rub their. The girl making sound with pleasure. Seeing that Jaya’s pussy started to leak. She put her right hand in her nighty and rub on her pussy over the panty. Jaya felt a strange pleasure now. While watching porn movie she rub her pussy again. She see the guy lay in the bed and the girl kneeled on the floor and started to suck his cock again. Jaya rolled her tongue over her lips and bit softly. Now her right hand unknowingly slided the panty from pussy and it one finger inside the pussy. She was forget about Mani. She was concentrates on the screen and rubbing pleasure on her pussy. Jaya moan loudly while hearing the girl’s moaning with pleasure. The same time Mani was release his load in toilet and clean his lund tip and he heared the moaning sound of two girls. One from the laptop and other from Jaya’s mouth. He recognized Jaya’s moan. He switch off the light and slowly opened the door and lookd towards the bed. He see the shadow of Jaya. Her hand squeeze her boob other hand is hide in her nighty. Her mouth is partially open and moaning sound come from there. Her eyes are concentrated on the screen. Seeing Jaya Mani’s dick erect avian. He tiptoes towards the bed. While sensing somebody’s movement near her Jaya alert and looked at there and see Mani stood near her. She paused her activity. Her left hand on her left boob and right hand in the nighty and covered on her pussy.
J : Mani….(she looked at him with full of shame and humiliation) 
M : don’t stop miss… I know you also enjoy to mastrubates now…. (he consoled her by put his right hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she fell on his chest and started to cry. Her face is on his chest. He was frightened. He don’t know what to do.)
M : miss what happened? Why you are crying? Did I do anything wrong to you?
(after some sec, I she stop crying and apart from him. Then looked at him.) 
J : Mani… 
M : tell me miss. What happened to you..? All why you are crying? 
J : Mani it’s my fate. It’s the second time you caught me like this. I am your teacher. But my student caught me two times while mastrubates. How can face you in school. I am not a good women. I am very unlucky. I don’t have anything. Nobody is with me. My hubby, my relatives all are away from me. I am alone. And now while I am doing this you caught me. (she don’t know what is she talking. Her mind was full of sad, guilty, loneliness, humiliation, lack of care from hubby. Mani went towards the switchboard and switch on the light. Now they can see each other. He come back and sat next to her. She looked in to his eyes.)
M : Miss don’t worry about this. I know you miss your hubby a lot. That’s why you tell me you are alone, you are unlucky. Actually your body need some relaxation from sexual frustration. (she don’t say anything. Just looked at him) So you must mastrubates and satisfy your body. If you allow I cam help you. 
J : Mani… What are you saying? How can you help me. I am a married woman, I a. I your teacher, I can’t sex with you.
M : ohhh miss don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying about sex. I am tell about to help you in masturbation. 
J : how? How can I do it in front of you?
M : miss… I am already seeing that you are mastrubates… Fingering yourself. Then why you felt shame?
J : then how you help me? 
M : miss I will lick your feet finger. Massage your thighs, if you allow me I will lick and suck your pussy and press your boobs. (hearing that her nipples stimulate)
J : no…no… need that? (she said with shyness) 
M : then what you need miss? 
J : I don’t know. 
M : OK miss now allow me for five min. Then you decide that you need or not. (saying this he kneeling on the floor without getting her confirmation he took her soft feet in his hand and started to lick under her feet) 
[Image: preview.mp4.jpg]


J : hey Mani what are you doing. It’s dirty. We walk on all dirty places. Don’t do it. (he pause a sec and looked at her) 
M : miss please…. Just enjoy this and then tell me you need it or not? (then she don’t said anything. Now he took two finger in his mouth and started to suck.)
J : Mani it’s tickled…please stop…. ah..ha..ha (he don’t have a mood to stop this chance. He suck her fingers one by one. Her all fingers wet with his saliva. Slowly she started to enjoy the good feeling. She close her eyes and enjoy his sucking. The same time his hand moved on her legs and press there softly over nighty and also give mall nits on her fingers, That increases her pleasure… Seeing her face expression he know that she is enjoying his act. He louse a second and looked at her. She also sense that he is stopping. She open her eyes and looked at him. He giggled at her and asked) 
M : did you enjoy this? (she felt shame. She smiled at him) 
M : tell me miss.. I did you enjoy this? 
J : I don’t know. (again smiled seeing her smile he take a bold move and lick her left leg from toe to knee. She felt electricity pass through her body.) 
J : ahhhmm ha ha ha Maniiii please don’t tease me.
M : then tell me miss, did you like this? 
J : hmmm yes… 
M : wawoo good. Did you get this pleasure before? 
J : actually noo… 
M : sir (Mahesh) don’t do this to you? 
J : no…(her face expression changed to sad) 
M : why..?
J : he don’t do any dirty things. 
M : ohh miss its not dirty. It’s give more pleasure. I read many stories. In those stories women likes licking on their body sucking pussy, sucking boobs that fucking their pussy.(Jaya is wondered that her student using bad dirty words to her) 
J : Mani please don’t use dirty words.
M : sorry miss…. But it’s right what I am telling. Not in stories in real life. 
J : how you know? 
M : I know… I many times I see Shekhar uncle suck my moms boobs, lick her pussy. That time she hold his head tightly to her pussy. She also give him mouth on his lund. (Jaya’s pussy again leaked.)
J : Mani don’t you feel any bad on your mom? 
M : why miss. I know her condition. She need this. I can’t give her pleasure. So I don’t care that. 
J : you are so kind person Mani. 
M : thanks miss. Now I felt sorry for you. 
J : why Mani? 
M : because you don’t get those pleasure on your body. (saying this he started to suck her fingers again. She closed her eyes. This time he again press her legs her. Her fingers shine with his saliva. The movie also run on the screen. He started to lick over the feet to move upward and lick her smooth legs and reached near knees. She automatically lay on her back. He know that she enjoy this. So he use the chance and started to lick her thighs above the knee. He lift the nighty up. Now her panty can seen him he suck her thighs and move up and reached near her pussy. That time she open her eyes and raise her head and looked at him and said)
J : Mani… Stop…(he looked at her and ask) 
M : why miss? Don’t you enjoy?
J : yes I enjoy. But it’s not right to allow to touch there someone other than him.
M : miss why you think like this. Why you waste your time. It’s the best and proper chance to feel the pleasure. Nobody is here to know this. I am here to help you and keep it as our secret. If you miss this. You will not get this in your life. Your husband never give you. And I don’t think you got another person to do this secretly. (he try to convince her.)
J : but Mani I felt shame. 
M : miss… Don’t be shame. Forget all things and close your eyes and enjoy this. (he press her thighs and just give a kiss on her pussy area over the panty. She felt something strange) 
J : Mani…  I felt shame. Can you switch off the light.
M : miss then I can’t see to do it properly. Do one thing give me one cloth and tie it over your eyes. Then you felt darkness. (she nodded her head with approval. He went near the cupboard and find a black dupatta. Now she lay on the back, her eyes was covered and tied with dupatta. Nighty was above the panty. Mani started to kiss again on the inner thighs and moved to her pussy area and give a kiss on her pussy. He see that her butt up with ecstacy. The same time he rub her thighs. He wanted to undress her fully. So he leave her panty and pull up the nighty up till over her navel. He then kiss on her navel and insert his tongue in and lick there. “ahhhmmm…”. Small moan escaped from her mouth. His tongue works perfectly in her deep sexy navel. She felt a strange feeling that she never felt. (Time is around 12:15am) After some minutes of navel play he moved up and raise her nighty further up over her soft round boob. But the nighty was stuck under her back. He moved his head towards her ear and whisper in her ear) 
M : miss your nighty is disturbing my work, can you help me to remove this from your body. Then I can easily do it on your beautiful body. (his seductive talk make her more horney. She whispered back to him) 
J : OK Mani (she raise her back slowly to remove the nighty. Seeing the green signel he pull up the nighty and removed through her head. Now Jaya the sexy young teacher of Mani lay on the bed with only her bra and panty. Her eyes is still tied with dupatta. He is in super excited. Mani’s lund growing again inside his underwear. He lick on her stomach and moved over her. The took her right arm and spread to see her clean armpit. She got another tickle while his hot breath hit on her armpit. He extended his tongue and started to lick there. The same time he rub his finger over her swollen pussy. 
[Image: AmpitSmellLig.gif]
“ahmmmm mmmmm ohhhhaaa” Jaya moaning with pleasure. After finishing right armpit Mani asked her in low voice. 
M : miss how is it? 
J : good Mani it’s good.. Hmmmm (she take long breath. 
M : did you need more pleasure miss?
J : yes Mani I need. 
M : then promise me you will not stop me. 
J : I promise you Manii. 

M : thanks miss just enjoy. (he moved to other armpit and lick there. This time his other hand press her boobs. He pinch her nipple smoothly over the bra “ahhhmmmm” and she give a soft moan. Hearing that he moved towards her ear and said)
M : miss if you remove this bra for me I will do it with my mouth and teeth instead of my finger. That gives you the memorable pleasure. (she was so excited. But do not reply back)
M : don’t you hear me miss (he again whisper to her by pinch her nipple again. She moaned with little pain and pleasure) 
J : ahmmm…. Ahhhh… I hear you Maniiii…
M : then replay me miss.. Did you need my mouth on your sweet nipple? (he again pinch her nipple smoothly. She moaned again and become hot)
J : Ahhhh Maniiii… I need… Hmmm
M : then remove your bra from me miss.. 
J : please you remove it Mani. I felt shame. 
M : no miss. It’s not my property. So I can’t do it myself without your cooperation. (again teased her by give pinch on her nipple) 
J : ahhhmmmm Maniiii….. I will remove…. Hmmmm(she lift her back slowly and put her left had on back unhook her bra. Now the frontside become loose. Seeing that Mani become more happy. She put the hand on her boobs and pull down the bra. The bra strap slide down from the shoulder and she remove the bra from her body and throw away. Her 34C round boobs 18th light brown colored nipple move up and down with her long breath. Swing the naked fair milky boobs of his beautiful teacher Mani’s mouth filled with saliva. He swallow the saliva. Jaya’s eyes was still tied with black dupatta. Mani moved his mouth towards her round boob and smell it. His hot breath hit on her boobs make her horney. Her pussy leaked. He caught her right nipple with his teeth and give a small bit and suck it. “ohhhhhmmmmmm myyyyy gooooooddddd” she moaned.. He rolled his tongue around the areola and make her crazy. Mani do the same thing to the left boob by squeezing the left boob. His magical tongue action take her to other world. She was fully enjoy the every sec of his actions. Jaya bit her lower lips with ecstacy. Jaya push Mani’s head to her boobs with right hand. That make him happy and he do the same thing on her boobs. Her nipple shined with his saliva. The same time Jaya felt itching in her pussy to put something. She produce more love juice. Her panty wet with her juice. She put her left hand on her pussy through the side of panty and insert her middle finger in her pussy. She “ahhhmmmmmmm……” Mani was busy to sucking her boobs. Her left hand working in her pussy. Mani sense her left hand movement and he sense that she is fingering her pussy. He stop sucking and place his right hand over her left hand on pussy and said to her)
M : miss why don’t you allow me to do it on your pussy also. You take rest I will handle this. (his words make fire on her body. Jaya don’t said anything. She remove her wet finger from her pussy and put on his right hand and guided to her wet pussy through the side of panty. Now his fingers felt the softness and wetness of her sweet swollen pussy. While his hand touch over her pussy she raise her but with pleasure. He is very happy that his beautiful high-class young teacher guided his hand to her pussy herself. He resume the sucking on boobs and rub her pussy with his middle finger. He insert the middle finger inside her slippery wet pussy while giving a big on her nipple. This time she moaned loudly with pain and pleasure “ahhhhhhhhhhhh muummyyyyy……” he become mad and suck and bit her boob vigorously. At the same time finger fucking her. 
[Image: 504C508-zoom.gif?from_helper]
” ahhh oohhhh yeeeessssss maaniiiiii….. I ohhhhhh oouuucchhhhh…” her pussy juice leacked. He took aut his finger and move in front of his eyes and see her love juice and lick his finger and said) 
M : ohhh misses what a taste… Your juice is very tasty…. It’s salty…. (He lick fid finger and clean it… He again put his finger in her pussy… This time he become more bold and said) 
M : miss your panty is disturbing my finger. Can you remove this panty. I (she don’t any word, but her both hands placed on the waist band and pull down by lifting her butt on the air. He got the green signal he pull down her panty by his right hand and pull through her thighs, knees and finally remove from her legs and throw away. Now Jaya is lay on the bed without any clothes except the dupatta on her eyes. He cupped her pussy with right hand and bit her right nipple and pull up and same time rub over her pussy.)
J : ahhh maniii. (she push his head to her boobs. After some time of sucking and finger fucking her. He stop and whisper in her ear)
M : miss now I am going to taste your juice. Not from my finger direct from your sweet pussy. (she don’t think anything. She is in another world another mood. Mani moved down towards her pussy by kissing her stomach, her navel finally reached near her clean shaven young pussy. 
[Image: Cute-Indian-Teen-Nude-Showing-Smooth-Pus...80x381.jpg]
Seeing that he become vary happy. He place his nose over her wet pussy and inhaled the aroma of her pussy. “ahhhmmmm wwaawooo….” he said unknowingly. He can’t wait to taste that. Extend his tongue fully and lick from bottom to top like a Rocky(D) lick on his favorite bone piece. That was first experience for both Jaya and Mani. Actually that was her dream that tongue on her pussy after hearing the pussy licking from Rahim. Mani thinking “I am the luckiest person in the world; get to eat a high class young lady’s cute tight shaven pussy.”)
He can’t wait to taste that. Extend his tongue fully and lick from bottom to top like a Rocky(D) lick on his favorite bone piece. That was first experience for both Jaya and Mani. Actually that was her dream that tongue on her pussy after hearing the pussy licking from Rahim. Mani thinking “I am the luckiest person in the world; get to eat a high class young lady’s cute tight shaven pussy.”)
J : ohhhh maniiii she moaned with pleasure. Her moaning is his energy and green signel to do further. He place his both hands on her both knees and spread maximum and place his head between her thighs and press his open mouth over her pussy and started to suck. The vacuum created between his mouth and pussy hold tightly her pussy and his tongue penetrate her hole. While he pull up his head, the pussy lips stretched up. That make her crazy. She caught his hair tightly and push towards ussy with loud moan.)
J : ohhhhh maniiiii…….. Hmmmmm….. Ahhhh………. Mmmmm (she is in seventh heaven. Jaya move her hip up anddown to access her hole to his mouth. 
[Image: MED_0015598836.gif]
Her excitement increased. She want to see that what he was doing. She  remove the grip from his head and remove the dupatta which was tied over her eyes and looks at him. She see that 18 years old black boy’s dark face is attached to her pussy. Mani was collected her juice in his mouth. He stop a sec and looked up to see her face expression. He was wondered that see her without covering her eyes. He see a satisfactory smile on her face. He ask her. 
[Image: tumblrpeophbhsbhxo-1541869192cl4p8.gif]
M : miss did you enjoy this? (she tell yes by nodded her face. He put his middle hunger on her pussy and wipe her love juice and licked his finer to show her how much he like her juice. He colse his eyes and shows that he is enjoy the tase. She felt some strange feeling and shame. She rubbed his head lovingly with a cute smile. Seeing her smile he looks at her and said)
M : Miss I am very lucky to taste your love juice.
J : but Mani isn’t dirty.(she ask him in low voice with shyness) 
M : dirty….? It’s amrit for me miss. (saying this he give a kiss on her pussy and insert his middle finger inside and take out. Jaya release a moaning sound. While he insert the finger) 
J : ahhhmmmm…. (Mani move over her and took his finger covered with her juice towards her face.)
M : miss just taste your juice. (she give a confused look to him)
M : just lick my finger and taste it miss. 
J : no Mani… I can’t do it. It’s dirty. 
M : not dirty miss. Don’t you see how can I taste it. Please miss just taste it once. 
J : no Mani I can’t. 
M : don’t worry miss. It’s not dirty. (she looked in to his eyes) Miss just Close your eyes and open your mouth. Please miss… Just for me. (Jaya take a deep breath and close her eyes. Mani become happy and touch her puffy lips with his wet finger. She open her mouth slowly. Through the gap he insert his finger in and touch her hot tongue. Jaya got the taste of her juice. She close her eyes tightly and grip his finger with tongue like we ate something like leaven food. He twistvhis finger once. This time she give a suck to his finger.) 
[Image: tumblr_n01h7r7J3x1s7je5ro1_500.gifv]
M : miss…  (he call her seductively. Jaya opne her eyes.) 
M : miss how is it? 
J : hmmm it’s salty. 
M : don’t you like the taste. (she give a smile to his question. Tear drop are flow from her eyes due to pleasure and excitement. Seeing that he do another thing. He move his mouth towards her cheek and lick her tear drop from there. She don’t say anything.)
M : miss your tears also tasty. (she don’t speak anything) 
M : miss I am not complete my drink from your pussy. Can I continue? (she again rubbed his head lovingly and nodded her head to say yes. While moving down he give a kiss on her erect nipple. He reached her pussy. He caught her milky thighs and spread widely. Now he can see her ass hole. He spread her pussy lips with Right hand and started to lick. After some second he change his position. This time he spread her pussy with left hand and lick her clitories and insert right hand middle finger and started to move in and out. She got new sensation and pleasure while he finger fucking her pussy and lick her clitories. Her moaning was increased with pleasure.)
[Image: busty_wife_fingerin-3971-1-gif.1164072]
J : ahhhmmmm ohhhhhh aahhhhh
… Mmmmmmmmm….. Iiissshhhhhhh……. maaaannnnnniiii….. Ufffffff……. (she hold his hair tightly. He increased the speed of finger fucking and give a small bit on her clitories. She gripped his hair tightly and let out a big moan.)
J : aaahhmmm mummmyyyyy…… 
(Mani stopped his act. She surprised and looked at him. And push his head to her pussy. Because of shame she don’t want to tell him to continue. So she again push his head to her pussy. He know that she is in super horney. He resume his work. Jaya moaning loudly while increase the speed of finger fucking. Tear rolled down over her cheeks. Finally she reached her first orgasm. She hold his hair tightly with pleasure and raise her butt slightly up and squirted on his face with loud moan. The hot Lava from her volcano hit on his face. He open his mouth widely to drink her love juice.
[Image: 9ac3a891c8d3c604760346066f23b76d.gif]
 This is his first experience in his life. He is reading in many sex stories about this same situation. On those time he was imagine to suck a beautiful woman’s pussy and make her squirt. Now his dream come true. Because of the knowledge from story books he did the same to her pussy and make her squirt. Now his face covered with her juice. That was not much thick. Jaya breathing heavily. Her boobs move up and down. Finally after some second stopped the squirting. Her bearing lever is down. But he was busy by drink her juice. He commented to her to tease her)
M : miss you made my face dirty with your pussy lava. (she felt very shame. She don’t know what to say. He lick her pussy to clean.)
J : I am sorry Mani. I was out of control. I can’t hold it at that moment. Sorry Mani please forgive me. (he looked in to her eyes.)
M : ha ha miss I am just joking. See this (he wipe his face and lick his tongue) it’s amrit for me miss. I like that you ejaculated on my face. If you piss in my mouth I will drunk.(hearing that she felt a strange vibration over her body)
J : chiii Mani what are you saying. It’s dirty. Don’t say Iike that. 
M : ha ha no miss, I like it very much. Ummmmmaaaaaaaa…. (he give a kiss on her pussy)
J : ahhhh…. (Mani again collect some juice from her pussy on his fingers and moved up and put on her lips without asking her.) 
M : lick it miss. Taste your own cum. (she felt wetness over her lips. She automatically open her mouth and lick her lips, that time insert his two finger in her mouth. Her teeth hit on his finger. He whispered her to suck his finger and at the same time started to suck her nipple. She got pleasure while he sucking her nipple and she suck his fingers like sucking lund that she see before in that video. He twisted his finger inside of her mouth and rub on her hot tongue. Now slowly she like the salty taste of her cum. She close her eyes and enjoy the sucking of his finger.) 
(He slowly took out out his finger. But she caught his hand and suck passionately. Actually she was so excited when see the cock sucking scene. She imagine his finger is a lund and suck that. Seeing that he become more happy. He asked her in her ear.)
M : did you like it miss? (she giva a moan instead of saying yes.)
M : wait miss I will took more from your pussy. (Saying this he took out his finger and move to her pussy and put inside her pussy) 
J : ahhhhhmmmmm…. Mmmmm…. I maniii…. (Mani give a small bit on her nipple and again put his wet finger on her lips. This time without wasting any time she started to suck his fingers. He encouraged her by saying)
M : yes miss…. Yess… you are good…. Suck it….(she taste her juice. He again suck her boobs. After 10 minutes he took his wet hand out from her mouth. That was drenched with her hot saliva. She looked at his two black fingers. He took the same fingers in to his mouth and taste her saliva by closing his eyes. Seeing that she thnki in her mind “”how he did these things without any hesitation. Mahesh didn’t do anything like this. Mani drink the liquid from my vagina, and now lick my saliva with full of enjoyment.”” she remember one incident before 3 months. One night while they talking by laying bed she sneezed suddenly and some obehject like saliva from her mouth and nose hit on his chest. But he scolded her and ask her why she don’t hide her nose before sneeze……like that. But here Mani lick her saliva without any hesitation.”)
M : miss…. Miss… What are you thinking? (she wake up from her thoughts, while he calling her.)
J : nothing Mani (she smiled at him.)
M : tell me miss what are you thinking, don’t you like my acts? 
J : nothing like that Mani. You did this dirty things without any hesitation. But I am not sure mu husband do like this. (she tell him about the sneezing incident) so I was wonder while you lick my saliva also I am lick my on liquid. 
M : miss u told you before. I don’t think any dirty thing in this acts. I read in many stories; these types of act will give more pleasure. That’s why I try to give you miss. I have a wish miss. But I am not sure you will allow or not. That’s why I don’t do till now.
J : what is that tell me Mani. 
M : but promise me you will not scolded me. 
J : I promise to you. Now tell me.
M : miss now I wish to taste your saliva from your mouth. Can I.
J : how you taste it Mani. 
M : if you allow I will kiss you and insert my tongue in your mouth and taste your saliva directly from your mouth. (hearing that she charged again. Her nipples erect again. She also excited. Then she smiled at him and said yes. He was double happy. He smiled at her and moved his face towards her face and touch his lips with her rosy puffy lips. She felt his hot breath. He seethe kissing in many Hollywood movies. He try to kiss like that finally he extend his tongue and touch her lips. She opened her lips. That time he slowly insert his tongue in her mouth. Finally their tongue touch each other. 
[Image: b294bc245004bc554e215ca39915effd.gif]
Both of them felt current pass through their body. He lick every nook and corner in her mouth. These same time he press her boobs. She moaned but sound not come out. She also enjoy his acts. She chewing his lips back. It’s also the first experience to both of them. In between this he do a strange thing. He make a glob of saliva in his mouth and pass to her mouth through his tongue. She got his hot saliva taste and swallowed unknowingly. She hold his head tightly and kiss him back. They kissing very madly. Their breath also exchanged. Mani is still in his clothes. His lund was tightened in his trousers. They continue the kissing. Mani put his finger inside her pussy and pinch her clitories. That time she kiss him madly. He started to increase the speed of fingering. She moaned, but the sound not come out, because his mouth is working in her mouth. After some time she got her second orgasam. He sense that. Mani release her mouth and moved down to her pussy and collected all her juice in his mouth and went back to her mouth. She was craving for kiss. She open her mouth to kiss him. That time he give her own juice mixed with his saliva to her mouth and caught her lips tightly. Some juice flow through her cheek. She gulped all the fluid from his mouth to get breath. He again insert his tongue and lick everywere in her mouth. Then he released her mouth and looked at her. She was breathing heavily by looking into his eyes. He lick her cheek and showed the juice in his tongue. She raise her head and took his tounge between her lips and take that drop of juice. He us so happy to see her acts.)
M : miss did you enjoy?
J : yes Mani…. Ahhh… I enjoyed a lot. (thus time said it without any shame. She take long breath. That time the clock rings for 01:00am.they looked in to clock and smiled each other. And give a soft kiss on lips.)
J : Mani I am need to go to bathroom. 
M : why miss? 
J : need to urinate. I (she smiled at him) 
M : can I come with you. 
J : nook I can’t do in front of you. (saying this she wake up from the bed and ran towards the bathroom. He see her ass cheek is bounced. She enter in bathroom and close the door. While she pissing heated knock on the door.
J : Mani what happened? 
M : miss please open the door I need to piss. (she wake up from the WC and open the door, and Mani was stood in front of the door without any dress by holding his dick in his right hand.
 Seeing him naked her body felt a vibration. She was looked at his black 6″ dick. Mani don’t waste any time and enter inside the bathroom. She really wonders by Mani’s boldness. He try to piss but his hard dic not allow him to piss. Finally after some second he pissed with some pain. She laughed by seeing his face expression. Finally he pissed. She moved to WC for clean her pussy. He stopped her. She looked at him with confusion. He push her towards the bathroom wall and kneeled in front of her and apart her legs and started to lick her pussy.)
J : hey Mani what are you doing. It’s dirty. I will clean it for you. (he pause a second and said) 
M : no need miss I will clean it with my tongue. I need this taste. He again lick her pussy. Slowly she started to enjoy and close her eyes. After five or more minutes he stopped and stood up in front of her. They looked at each other. His hight was till her mouth position. He place his both hands on her face and pull her down and started to kiss her mouth. She got the salty taste of her urine. They suck each other. After that they separate each other.) 
M : miss how was the taste of your urine. (she don’t say anything, she looked at him and breathing heavily.)
M : miss is my act hurt you? 
J : nothing Mani. It’s my first time I done like this. Actually I don’t like these things. You are doing so many dirty things. But through those act was make exciting me. I felt a strange feeling. Sometimes I felt pleasure. I don’t know what to say.
M : dot say anything miss. Just enjoy this. This is your best chance. (he kissed on her boobs) let’s go. (he hold her hand and guided to the bedroom. When she moved towards bed he stopped her. She looked at him)
M : miss please stood there. I want to stroke my dick by seeing your beautiful body. (she was wondering by his act. He looked at her curve naked body and started to stroke kis dick by sat on the edge of the bed. She felt shame while he staring at her body. She is staring at his dick.)
J : Mani you are crazy. My husband never looked at me and see me like this.
M : sorry miss it was one of my dream.(she like the conversation. Now she feel free with him) 
J : ohoo you have lots of dreams.
M : yes miss lots of dreams. But nothing come true except this. 
J : ha ha dreamer boy. Your all dram will come true. 
M : not all miss. But some other dreams you can help me. 
J : how? 
M : while I was seen that video I was dreaming that you stroke my lund and suck my lund. (he give a wicked smile. She also excited to touch his dick. She wanted to touch his dick because that movie and Rahmans sex classes excited her to experience to suck a dick. But she don’t get a chance and her circumstances not allowed her to ask to Mani.)
J : ohoo that is your dream. (she replied like funny manner) 
M : yes miss, but I know you never do this. But request you, if you can at least touch my lund. (she was so excited. With shame she giggle at him)
M : please miss at least give your hand to this poor boys lund. If you touch my lund my lund will be blessed.
J : ha ha Mani you are funny.
M : please miss….. I beg you… 
J : hmmm OK my poor boy. (she moved towards him. When reached in front of him. She give a smile and extended her hand towards his erect dick. Both Jaya’s and Mani’s heartbeat increased. He remove his hand from his lund to give access her. She touch his black lund with her far soft right hand. He felt electricity pass through his body. She felt the hotness of his lund. Her long hair dropped front side through right shoulder and hide her boobs. She slowly caught his lund and stroked. He felt a tremendous pleasure on his body.)
M : thank you miss… I you are too good. Can you please kneeled down. Then I can see your face and boobs clearly. That makes me so excited. (she follow his request and kneeled on the carpet on the floor; in between his legs. She slowly stroke his lund.)
M : thanks miss. (she smiled at him. She really want to take that in her mouth but her position resist her. She wish that he request her to suck and she waiting for that.)
J : are you happy Mani?
M : yes miss little happy. But I can’t compel you to suck my dick.(her heart beats increased) 
J : did you really want it? 
M : yes miss. I really want… But I can’t force you or make you in trouble. 
J : it’s OK Mani I will do it for you. (he becomes hight of the pleasure) 
M : really? I can’t believe it. 
J : ha ha (she leaned towards his erect dick and give a small kiss over his dick.)
M : ohh misses thank you…. You are so good. Please suck my lund. (Jaya opened her mouth and let to enter his 6″ black lund in her mouth. He was bathed before one hour, so there is no bad smell from there. Also there is some small public hair. Around the dick. Now her rosy lips circled around that black lund. She create a vacuum in her mouth. That time her inner checks attached to his dick. He moaned with pleasure.)
M : ohh missss…. (he caught her head with pleasure. After some seconds he push her head back and took his dick out. She looked at his eyes and think why he took out. Mani smiled at her and asked.
M : miss can you lick my lund. I want your hont tongue on my lund. Please. (she smiled at him and extended her tongue out and started to lick his dick. He pull back his foreskin: now his lund head come out. She lick his dick tip. She got salty taste of his urine. 
She like that and lick completely. He was enjoying the show and experienced her tongue. She lick entire length of his dick. The slowly put his dick in her mouth and started to suck. He hold her heir tightly and move forward and backward. His lund tip hit on her throat. Her saliva flowed through the side of her chin and over his dick. He stood up in front of her. To adjust the position he also raise her head. Now he move his hip and started to fucking her mouth.)

[Image: deepthroat-interacial-sex.gif]
M : ahhhmmmm missss you are awsommmmm…… Ahhhmmmmm
(her sucking sound is come out….. Slurp…. slurp…… Glaaaa…. Hmmmm…. Glaaa…. She enjoy the difficulty of arching breath. He can’t control anymore. His load was released in her beautiful mouth. She felt his hot sperm in her mouth. A strange taste. After releasing full load he took out his dick from her mouth. She stood up and ran towards the bathroom to spit his spearm out. Manu run back to her.)
M : miss wait don’t waste my cum. I need it. (she stop a second and turned towards him. He hugged her tightly and smooches her lick her lips and mouth. He lick her cheeks and collect all his sperm and insert in her mouth through tongue. And chewed her lips. He push her nose with his nose. She swallows all his semn with his saliva when she don’t get breath. He released her mouth. She took her breath. Her boobs move up and down. He giggled at her. She slapped at his face playfully)
J : you are very naughty. You made me swallow your sperm. 
M : sorry miss it was also my dream.
J : chiii…. Naughty…. I you are not poor boy. (he hugged her and whispered in her ear.)
M : yes miss I am your naughty boy. (He bit her ear) 
J : ahhh maniii…. 
M : miss please clean my lund with your tongue. (he push her shoulder down. She automatically kneels on the floor and looked at him. Actually she shows the resistance was a drama. She was fantasized all this when Rahim explained about dirty sex with his wife. 
[Image: img_5973.gif]
Jaya started to lick his non erected dick and wipe all the semen to her mouth. She showed the cum to hold in her tongue and smiled at him) 
M : please swallow it miss. (she gave a smile and swallowed it. She closed her eyes tightly while swallow and after that show the empty mouth. With a smile and asked)
J : are you happy now my naughty boy? 
M : ohh waawooo thank you miss, (he leaned down and kissed on her forehead. She closed her eyes and enjoy the kiss. He hold her shoulder. Then they stood up and walked towards the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. He kissed her again.)
M : miss I know I am doing dirty things to you and force you to do that. Sorry for that if I hurt you. 
J : eyyy Mani Its not hurting me. Actually I enjoy a lot. You know I am not experienced this much pleasure in my life. That’s because of you. I don’t have any tension now. Because you promise me it’s a secret between us. Thank you Mani. (she give kiss on his lips)
M : miss what about your opinion if I put my lund in your pussy. 
J : no Mani it’s not safe. I don’t want to be in trouble. You can pleasure me with your finger. Sorry Mani.
M : it’s OK miss. I will not force you. 
J : thank you Mani. (clock rings at 2:00am)
M : ohh it’s 2:00am miss, I am going to sleep. (He stood up and picked his clothes. She caught his hand and said)
J : don’t go Mani you can sleep with me. 
M : really…. 
J : yes Mani. (she smiled at him. He put down his clothes and kissed her and both lay on the bed. They hugged each other and rolled over the bed)
J : ha ha ha naughty boy… Please stop. Let’s sleep. 
M : yes my dear miss. Today I am sleep by put my head over my beautiful teachers spongy boob as a pillow. (He lay next to her) 
[Image: blacked-lena-paul-in-revenge-is-a-dish-b...caf-13.jpg]
(they looked each other with love) 
J : ha ha naughty boy, I you can sleep like that. (she hugged him tightly and hold his head over her boobs. And extend her hand towards the switchboard and turn off the light. They slowly fell in to sleep after a hard pleasurable work)
J : ha ha naughty boy, I you can sleep like that. (she hugged him tightly and hold his head over her boobs. And extend her hand towards the switchboard and turn off the light. They slowly fell in to sleep after a hard pleasurable work)
Next day:
Jaya open her eyes while hearing the rings of her mobile phone. She see that Mani was in deel sleep by place his face over her boobs. She smiled and slowly pull him and make him lay beside her and without making noice she wake up from the bed and walked towards the table where her mobile was kept. She check the screen and seen the name “Pappa” Yes that was her father in law. She attend the call.
J : hello Pappa. 
S : ahmm betti we are now in Dubai Airport. It’s delay for 2 hours. 
J : OK Pappa. How is mummy. Did you had breakfast? 
S : yes betti we had breakfast. I will give to mummy. (he handover the phone to his wife. Then Jaya talked to her MIL. her MIL asked her about return journey. Mani etc. Then they finish the call. Jaya looked at the phone and see the time is 6:45am. She put the mobile in silent mode and looked at Mani. He was in deep sleep. She also not finish her sleep. She went to bathroom and release her urine. Then she wash her face which was lucked by Mani. Then she dry herself and come back to bedroom and wear a nighty without wear undergarments. Then lay on the bed beside Mani and sleep.
J : “ahmmm….. mmmmmm…. (Jaya was moaned in low voice. Her eyes was closed. Actually she was in sleep but she sensed some movements on her body. After some time she open her eyes and felt some movement between her thighs. She looked down and see Manis head is between her thighs. She knows what he was doing. She felt his tongue moves oved her entire pussy. She hold his head and enjoy the morning suck on her pussy. When he felt her hand over his head he know she is wake up. He stop for a sec and looked up and see her face. She smiled at him.he again resume his job. She spread her legs to access him easily. After five minutes of sucking her pussy they heated the door bell. They become alert.)
J : Mani…. Mani…. You take your clothes and went to other room. May be that is Girija aunty. 
M : OK miss (he took his clothes and ran to other room and close the door.
J : she wear a panty and salwar kamiz without bra. And wear a dupatta over her boobs. Then arrange the bed. Went to main door and open. Her guess was correct. Girija aunty is standing before the door.
G : good morning betta. 
J : good morning aunty. Please come in. 
G : it’s OK Jaya. I am going. Just come here to enquiries about you.
J : OK aunty. They call me now. They are waiting in Dubai Airport. The flight is delayed for 2 hours. 
G: OK Jaya. Where is Mani.
J : ahmmm… Errr…. I think he is sleeping. Yesterdy we were late. We reached here around 1 o’clock. 
G : OK Jaya. I am going. If you need anything ask me. Then Mani do everything. You can use him.
J : OK aunty. Thanks. 
G : OK, bye. (girija walked to her flat. (Jaya close the door and walked to kitchen. While she preparing tea, she felt two hands caught her stomach from behind. She know who was that. She smiled and asked)
J : Mani did you need tea? 
M : no miss I need milk. 
J : OK I will take it now. 
M : not that milk miss, I need milk from here. (he squeeze her boobs) 
J : ahhhmmm….  no Mani not now. (she turned towards him. Looked in to his eyes and said) I Mani don’t do this in this time. Now you see Girija aunty come any time. So…. (she give a kiss on his lips.) Now ok? I (Jaya smiled)
M : yes I am OK miss. But…. I (he gazed towards his half erected lund. Yes he is stood in front of her without wear anything. She also looked at his dick.)
J : Mani why you don’t wear dress. Please go and put your dress. I told you it’s risky to do anything in this time. 
M : miss… 
J : no miss……(she changed her tone and face expression to angry mode. He little frightened and run towards the room. Seeing he running naked she laughed. Poor boy. Mani wear the dress and come back to kitchen)
M : miss what I need to do. 
J : Mani sit here. (she showed the chair near the kitchen counter. He sat there. She sat on the next chair. Then looked into his eyes and said)
J : Mani I know, now you have some sexual feelings towards me. Yesterday I allow you to do such things and I am also do some new things to you. But there was an agreement between us. No one will know about this. So it’s not safe to do those things in all time. I am your teacher, if anybody know about this what will happen. My marriage life will spoil. Then I will die myself.
M : sorry miss I will not do this again to you. (he bent his head down with sad face. She place her right hand on his chin and said) 
J : hey Mani don’t worry about that. You are my little naughty boy. I will give you when we are alone without any disturbance from others. 
M : really? 
J : mmm yes. (she smiled and give a kiss on his forehead) 
M : thank you miss. 
J : OK let’s make breakfast. 
M : yes miss I am ready. (while they cooking, Jaya remember about Rahim.)
J : Mani chop these vegetables. I will come now.
M : OK miss. (she went to bedroom and check her mobile. She see 3 missed video calls and 5 messages from. She was Rahim. She open the message. 
“hii dear Jaya where are you? 
I really miss you…
Yesterday my mobile was switched off and the electricity were gone…
Jaya are you not there…? 
Why don’t you took my call…?” Jaya smiled. She message him back. 
“hi Rahim yesterday we come back late at night. Now my student Mani is with me. So I can’t attend the call now. I will call you later.”
Suddenly she got video call from Rahim. She cut the call and send “Rahim please understand I will call you… Please wait. Jaya walked to kitchen and opened the fridge and check the milk. Fortunately milk bottle was empty. She went to her room and come with cash and said.
J : Mani milk is empty. Can you buy from **** supermarket?
M : sure miss. 
J : take this money. (after Mani went out she close the door. She know he will take 20 min. She sat on the sofa and call Rahim. He attend the call with in sec.)
R : ohhh my jayaa how much I miss you dear. 
J : ha ha why….?
R : yesterday full night I was lay on my bed thinking of you. Unfortunately the electrify was gone. 
J : hmmm it’s OK. Now I send Mani out to buy milk. He will come within 15 min.
R : ohh shit then how can I talk to you jaya… 
J : now you can talk to me Rahim. 
R : but not like this Jaya I need you in private talk… You know what I really mean. 
J : ya I know… You always think like this. 
R : ya really I need you Jaya. You promise me we got good time after your in laws went from there. Now you tell about your fucking student. 
J : Rahim.. Please understand me. I will make a way. Please wait for that.
R : really…? OK I will come there at today night, and wait in terrace.
J : noo Rahim… Not here please I need some time. Please… 
R : hmmm OK. But I can’t wait long time. So at lease now you give something to me.
J : now? 
R : yes now… whats the problem you are alone now. 
J : hmmm OK. What you need now.
R : I want to mastrubates with you. 
J : you naughty. It’s morning time. May be neighbor aunty will come now. I can’t do it now. Please Rahim. 
R : OK at lease send me your photo without anything. Then I can mastrubates myself. Please Jaya. 
J : Rahim it’s very risk. If the photo will leak.. Ohhh God I can’t think about that. 
R : Jaya please…. One pic. 
J : no Rahim I can’t. 
R : ohh… I think you avoid me.
J : what are you saying Rahim. 
R: then why you do this to me. 
J : Rahim because of my situation. Please…. I I will give you a surprise when we meet again. 
R : what surprise? 
J : surprise can’t reveal before you got. 
R : hmmm OK I will wait for you Jaya. Love you my friend. 
J : ha ha OK my naughty friend. 
R : Jaya.. 
J : mmm
R : at least squeeze your boobs for me. (she smiled and squeeze her left boobs over salwar.) wawoooo…. I want to drink…. 
J : chiii…
R : ha ha… (that time the door bell was rings) 
J : shhhhhh….. I will call you later bye… (she cut the call and went to open the door. Mani was stood there with milk bottles. He went to kitchen. She follow him after close the door. She kept the milk in fridge. Then they prepare breakfast also for lunch. After finishing breakfast Mani cleaning the kitchen and come back to hall room. Jaya was sat on the coach and eating TV. Seeing him she tell to sat near her. He sat next to her and looked at her and smile.)
J : what… 
M : nothing… I can I kiss you. 
J : boo… Not now…. 
M : please miss…
J : hmmm… (he caught her face and leaned towards her) 
J : Mani why are you in hurry. Go and check the door is bolted or not. (he ran towards the door and check the condition and come back. And without saying anything kiss her on her lips. She slowly enjoyed and kiss him back with slow moan. He squeeze her boobs over her salwar. Then he try to pull up the salwar. She stop him to do that. After 10 minutes of kissing they separated and breath heavily.) 
M : wawoooo that’s good miss.. 
J : you naughty body don’t have patience. 
M : ha ha sorry miss. Time was around 11:10 the door bell rings. Jaya tell him to go to kitchen then put a dupatta over her boobs and pen the door. Girona aunty was stood there.) 
J : ohh aunty come in. 
G : Jaya are you busy. 
J : no aunty. I was just watching TV. 
G : had your breakfast. 
J : ha aunty. 
G : where is Mani. 
J : haa he is in kitchen. May be waging the plates. I (her mobile rings. She went towards the table and see that her hubby Mahesh is calling. She took the call and talk to him normally and said about Girija aunt. Then give to Girija aunty. 
G : hello betta how are you. 
M : ha good aunty. 
G : don’t worry about Jaya. We are here to help her also her student Mani is with her. We know him very well. He will take care of her. So don’t worry about her. 
M : ohhh thank you Girija aunty. Thanks a lot.
G : it’s OK betta. She is alps like my daughter.
M : ohh thanks aunty. Can I talk to Mani. 
G : sure betta. I will give now. (Girija call Mani and give phone to him.)
Mah : hii Mani it’s me. Jaya’s husband. 
M : hello sir how are you. 
Mah : fine how is your study?
M : it’s good sir. 
Mah : OK Mani. Take care your teacher. And do anything what she need. I will give you money how much you need. 
M : sir no need money. She is my miss. She tell me she will teach me and makes me score good mark. That’s what I need. I will learn everything from her. 
Mah : ohh that’s good Mani. Best wishes. 
M : thank you sir. 
Mah : on Mani now I am going for some work call her later. 
M : I will give to her. 
Mah : it’s OK Mani. Will call her later bye. 
M : OK sir. (Mani give phone to her. Jaya opened the Whatsapp and block Rahims number after inform him. Then talk to Girija aunty after one hour Girija went to her flat. Mani close and bolted the door and come behind of Jaya and hugged her.
J : Mani.. 
M : please miss… Now Girija mam is gone. Now the time is 12.00pm. It’s their lunch time. After that thay will sleep till 3.30pm. So nobody come here to disturb us.
J : how you know. 
M : ya I know it’s their daily routine. 
J : Are you sure?
M : yes miss. I am sure. Believe me.
J : but if any other person will come. 
M : nobody will come in this time. (sting this he turned her towards him and kiss on her face. Chew her lips. She respond him back. They suck each other. He put his both hands on her butt and slowly pull up her salwar. She become alert and brake the kiss and said)
J : Mani let’s go to my bedroom. 
M : yes miss. (he caught her hand and pull her to bedroom. When they enter she close the door and turned and see that Mani is started to strip himself.)
J : Mani why are you undressing ?
M : now only we both are here they why I wear this. (she give a naughty smile. Jaya is become horney after kissing.) 
J : then why I wear this also.
M : miss you are awesome. (she hold her salwar to lift up and asked) 
J : Mani are you sure Girija aunty will not come back? 
M : yes miss I am sure. Do it fast. Why we waste our time? (she giggles and raise her salwar and removed. She was wear a ash color bra. Then she place her hands on the band of leggings and pull down without any shame in front of her student and removed through her legs and put on the chair. Now she stood in front of him with her bra and panty. Seeing her he stroke his black dick. He walked towards her and again kissed her.)
M : miss you are so sexy. I never see such a sexy women in my life. I watch more naked women in magazines but not find such a beauty like you. 
(Saying this he press her boobs and chew her lips. His words give some proud on her body. She kissed him back. His dick become erect and hit on her thighs uunder her pussy. He place his both hands on her butt and press hard and pull down the waist band and remove the panty down to her knees and further pull down by using his feet. Now she is only with her bra and panty was on her feet. He moved his hand to her pussy and rubbed over there. “aaaahhhh…..” a moan escaped from. I her mouth. He got the space between her legs and the position was correct. While kissing he put his dick between the junction of her legs and pussy. Now it’s the first time he rub his dick over her pussy. He fet the leaking of her pussy. She also become alert and took his dick with her hand. They stop kissing and looking each other. She nodded her head with no signal.)
M : at leastpput my lund in your mouth miss… Please.(she smiled and push him to bed. He lay on the bed by looking at her. Without shame she unhook her bra and removed through her shoulder and thrown to the bed an walk towards him seductively and kneeling in front of the bed and took his dick in hand and started to lick and suck his 6″ black cock.)
M : ohh miss… Thank you…. mmmmm you are so good…. (he rub her hair with love. Actually this was her fantasy after watching the video in previous night. After some minutes he tell her)
M : miss come over here and sit on my face and suck my lund. (she paused a sex and asked) 
J : how..?  (he explained her. She climbed over the bed and place her legs on both side of him and moved her pussy towards his mouth and took his dick in hand and started to suck. The vie of his teachers pussy make him mad. He cupped her pussy with his mouth and suck. That make her crazy. She moaned and increase the speed of sucking lund. He insert the tongue in her pussy. Now he can see her ass hole. He place his finger over there and press. “ahhhh….” Thats the first time somebody touch there… She moved her head fast. While sucking her pussy he press her asshole also. After continues sucking each other both of them reached the climax together. He ejaculated his sperm in her mouth and she squirted on his mouth and face. Both were breathing heavily. His sperm flow through the side of her mouth. He give a kiss on her wet pussy. “ahhhh…”  she gulped the sperm which cum in her mouth. Then they separated and lay one the bed.)
J : ohhh Mani that was amazing. 
M : ha ha thank you miss. Now I know, Sir did not do this to you. 
J : no Mani he don’t do. He think these are dirty things. I am also thinking like that till yesterday. 
M : really? 
J : yes Mani… I never felt this pleasure on my body.
M : another dirty thing is balance miss. 
J : what…? 
M : I will show you. Please bent over and and stay on your fours. 
J : how? 
M : stay on your knees and hold with your hands like the girl saty while the black guy fucking her from behind. (without wasting time she did what he said. He come behind her and separated her ass cheek and started to lick her asshole.) 
J : ohh noo Mani you lick there….. Don’t you felt nausea.
M : why miss…? Tell me miss how is this….
J : ohh it’s good…. hmmmm
M : then enjoy this without thinking anything. 
J : hmmmm…. Ahhhhmmmm…. (Mani now insert his middle finger inside her pussy and started to lick her asshole. She squeeze her boob with double pleasure. With in 3 minutes of Mani’s work she squirted again. But he don’t stop his finger motion. He continues his finger action she screamed loudly…) 
J : hhhhhh……. Mannniiiiiii…….. Myyy goodddddd….. (she lost her balance and fell on the bed on her stomack. He see her round milky butt. He give a hard slap on her ass. His hand printed on her white butt with blood color.)
J : aaauuuccchhhhh…….. (she felt pain but she enjoyed that. He kiss on her ass cheeks and give small bits and lay over her. Now his half erected dick is between her ass cheeks. His face is on her neck. Mani kissed her neck and asked) 
M : did you enjoy miss….? 
J : mmmm…. 
M ; now my lund is between your ass. 
J : mmmm…. 
M : can I put in your pussy….. 
J : no Mani….. 
M : please miss… One time only…. (she turned her head and looked at him) 
J : no Mani it’s risk. I can’t do that. Please don’t compel me. 
M : hmmmm OK miss. As your wish. (she turned. He lay beside her. She caught his face and kiss him.)
J : thanks Mani…. You are my naughty boy.. 
M : love you miss. (he kissed on her lips. After some times she started to wake up.)
J : I am going to take a bath. 
M : I am also coming. 
J : Mani you just stay here. May be somebody will come. 
M : no miss nobody will come at this time. 
J : hmmm OK. (she took a towel and went to bathroom. Mani walking back to her and slap her swaying ass playfully. Her ass was shaked due to his slap. She enjoyed that. So she don’t say anything. She stood under shower. Water hit on her face. She felt relax. Mani come ner her and hugged her. Now both of them getting wet. Jaya showed the bathing lotion. Mani took and give to her. She apply that on her body and him too. He like the smell. 
Mani started to massage her body with foam. He squeezed her both boobs. The slippery hand on boob make her pleasure. After some time he place his hand on her pussy and insert his two wet and slippery finger in her pussy and started to finger fucking her. She close her eyes and enjoy that. Mani bit her shoulder smoothly and increase the speed. Jaya herself squeeze her boobs.) 
J : aaahhhh…….. Maniiii……. Ooohhhhhhh….. (Mani bit her neck and lick there. With in sex she raised on her finger foot finger and squirted. With a loud moan. She stay there by supporting her back on the wall and just relaxed by taking long breath. Mani drag her to under the shower and wash all foam from her body. Now Jaya become normal. It’s 2nd orgasm in day time.)
M : how was it miss… (she don’t say anything. Smoked and hugged him and give a kiss on his cheeks and said with love) 
J : that was good Mani.. Thanks…. 
M : I don’t want thanks miss. I need your mouth on my lund. (Jaya hit on his head playfully and kneeled in front of him and took his dick and said) 
J : naughty boy have a naughty…. Lu…. (she don’t complete the word lund) 
M : then take care my lund miss. (she took it in her mouth and started to suck like a lolly pop. He hold her head and fuck her mouth. She like that. Suddenly he took out his lund. She looked at him with confused face. He smiled at her and said.)
M : miss please suck my balls. (saying this he caught his black ball. Without hesitation she started to lick his ball and slowly put in her mouth and sucked. He hold her wet hair and said) 
M : ahhhmmmm…….. Ohhhhhhh….. misssssss…. You are awsommmmme…… (that encourages her and sucked his ball for 5 minutes. Saliva flow through her chin. Then again put this lund in her mouth and started to suck. This time he hold her hair tightly and fuck in her mouth. Within an minutes he lost control and piss yellow urine inside her mouth along with cum. He was holding her head tightly. She was struggling on her breath and swallowed his cum and yellow urine. She pushed his hip forcefully and separated from his dick and shouted at him with angry. His dick was pumped the yellow uring over face and on her body)
J : what’s the nonsense are you doing Maniii…. Why are you pissing in me…. (before he saying anything she stood up and slapped on his cheek with anger.) 
J : you dirty pig…. I never expected this from you. I do all things for you. But why you did this to me. (she took a cup of water and washed her mouth and face. Spit on the floor. He was really frightened. He try to tell her. But she again scolded him and dry her body with towel and went to the room and wear Salwar Kamoz after wear bra and panty. Mani was stood in bathroom without saying anything. He dry his body with one towel and wrapped around and slowly come out from the bathroom. She was look at him with anger. She don’t say anything and pick his dress from the floor and went to other room. Both of them stay in separate room till 5.00pm. Both don’t had their lunch. They become alert when door bell rings. Mani went there and opened the door. Girija aunty was there.)
G : ahh Mani…. Where is Jaya. 
M : miss is in her room. 
G : is she sleeping. 
M : don’t know madam. 
G : ahhh Jaya… (Mani looked back and see Jaya on the back side) I was thinking you were sleeping. 
J : ahh aunty I was sleeping. Just before 15 min I wake up. 
G : everything is all right? 
J : yes aunty. Come in and sit. (both Girija and Jaya sat on sofa. Mani was stood there by looking down. Girija and jaya talking each other after 15 or 20 min she left from there. Mani close the door. Jaya went to kitchen and took two plates and take food which prepare for lunch and arranged on table and called Mani.)
J : Maniii… (he was inside the room. He frightened and come out) 
J : come here. (he slowly went near her without looking at her.)
J : sit here an  take your food. (he don’t say anything and sat on the chair opposite to her.)
M : I am sorry miss. 
J : it’s OK. Now you ate your food. (he started to ate food without saying anything. After finishing half. He took the plate and walk to kitchen. After washing he come out and went to his room. She also went in her room. Both are really upset. She was become sad to slap him. He was sad because she scolded him. Around 8 pm she went to his room. He was lay on the bed. Sewing her he sat on the bed. She sat next to him and said.) 
J : sorry Mani. I lost my mind at that time. Sorry to slap you. (she place her hand on his cheek and consoled him. He dragged down and caught her feet and cried) 
M : I am sorry miss. That was my mistake. Please forgive me. I will never do this again. Please for give me.. (he caught his shoulder and pull him up. He stood and she also stood before him. They looked each other. She wipe his tears and give a kiss on his cheek.)
J : sorry my naughty boy. (he laughed while crying. She also laughed. Both hugged each other and stood there for some minutes. Then separated each other) 
J : Mani come let’s have dinner. 
M : no miss I am not hungry. 
J : you don’t ate in lunch. Come let’s make chapathi together and ate together. (Then she caught his hand. Both went to kitchen and make chapathi and had their dinner. But don’t talk too much like before. While ate food her mobile was rings. She went to her room and check the mobile. And see “Ashima calling……” That was her colleague teacher Ashima. (will introduce second heroine Ashima later) 
J : hello… 
A : hello Jaya miss.. 
J : tell me miss.. How are you? 
A : I am fine miss. Can you do a favor for me. 
J : sure miss. What’s the problem? 
A : miss you know about our training in ***** coachingccenter? actually tomorrow is my turn to attend there. Unfortunately I can’t go there. I ask other staff. But they are already attend. So can you swap our dates. Can you go tomorrow instead of me. Otherwise our principal will scolded me. (Jaya think a second) 
J : tomorrow is Monday… OK miss I will go. Don’t worry. 
A : ohhh thank miss. Thank you so much. 
J : it’s OK miss. How is your baby? 
A : ahh he is fine. Actually tomorrow my husband returned back to Saudi. So I need to sent him off. 
J : it’s OK miss no problem. 
A : thank you miss. 
J : OK miss good night. 
A : good night. (Jaya went to hall. Mani was not there. He was in kitchen cleaning his plate and come out.) 
J : Mani tomorrow I will not come to school. I went for a training. It’s around 45 km from here. So you go alone. 
M : OK miss. Good night (he walked to other bedroom. She know that he was upset. She don’t say anything. After finishing food Jaya switch off all light and went to her bedroom and locked the door. She changed her salwar to nighty without wear anything inside. She lay on the bed and check the rout to the coaching center. While reading the place name she remember Rahim. Because Rahim’s near by city was that. He come there to purchase things. She unblock him in Whatsapp and send hi message to him. Suddenly she got video call from Rahim. Jaya took the call after fix the headset. 
R : hello Jaya where are you? I really miss you. 
J : sorry Rahim. Because of my situation. 
R : its OK Jaya. I can understand. 
J : how is your wife? 
R : same situation. Poor girl give me blowjob to satisfy me.
J : hmmm I understand Rahim. Where is she now? 
R : she is sleeping, because of heavy medicine. 
J : hmm OK. 
R : Jaya are you alone now?
J : yes Rahim. But Mani is in other room. That’s why I slowly speeking. 
R : mmm… Can we do now? 
J : sorry Rahim I was no mood today. I was upset. 
R : why..? Why are you upset Jaya? 
J : nothing I was thinking of my husband? I miss him. (actually she can’t tell the truth. She don’t think about her hubby also. She was upset because of slapping Mani.) 
R : I told you Jaya. Don’t waste your time. He don’t do anything to you other than Mani. Actually a husband must be take care his wife mind and body. But he never do this. Both of you are just legally married but not enjoyed your married life. 
J : you are right Rahim, but Rahim his parents and my parents don’t know about this. 
R : don’t worry Jaya. You find your own pleasure without knowing then, like we did previous days. That’s our secret. We got pleasure but not hurt any other person. So let’s enjoy your young life without boring. I am here to help you secretly. You also know about me. 
J : yes Rahim. 
R : then why you worry now,  just cheer up. Ummmmmaaaaa….. 
J : you naughty ha ha ha…. 
R : HA HA love you Jaya… 
J : love you Rahim… 
R : then why you are waiting. Remove your clothes and show me…. I am waiting to stroke my lund Jaya. 
J : Rahim today I was really tired after cleaning my flat. Also have a coaching in ***** city so I need to sleep early. 
R : ***** city. That is near my home. 
J : I know that’s why I call to yo to inform that. 
R : really? 
J : yes Rahim. We can meet tomorrow there. I will inform you after finishing the coaching. 
R : ohhh thanks Jaya. Love you. 
J : OK Rahim I am going to sleep now. 
R : please Jaya wait. At least show me once…. Please Jaya.. 
J : hmmm OK. But no more time. 
R : OK Jaya thanks. (she place the mobile on the bed properly and lift her nighty and removed through her head and stood naked in front of him. He started to stroke his dock by seeing his naked angel. She turned and show her back and round ass. Seeing that saliva come out from his mouth. He wanted to bit her ass. She turn again and squeeze her boobs seductively. After 4 or 5 min show she took the mobile in hand) 
J : Rahim I am going to sleep. 
R : please Jaya don’t cut the call. 
J : please Rahim. Understand me. I told you. We will meet tomorrow. 
R : OK Jaya. I don’t compel you. I will wait for you. 
J : OK thanks Rahim. Good night. 
R : good night dear….. Love you. (after that she cut the call and wear her nighty went sleep.

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