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Jenna and Taylor: Slaves

60 Min Read

The dial was turned down, the woman took out the cock from Jenna’s ass, and told the two to stand up and take off the clamps. Taylor didn’t need to, but Jenna still had two to take off. Once done, the woman had already redressed, and had her gun pointed at the two naked girls in the sex shop.
The woman kept her gun pointed at Jenna and Taylor. The two girls were completely helpless, as they stood there naked in the store, standing in the afterglow of what recently took place. The woman walked up to Taylor, the red head, and put the gun to the right of her neck. She started to kiss her, moving her tongue in and out, exploring the young girls mouth. Then she moved to Jenna, and repeated the act. But once done with her, she lowered her self slightly, and took a single lick with the tip of her tongue on Jenna’s abused tits.
The lady took a step back and said, “You can call me, Mistress Mari, short for Marissa.” She looked at the two girls, and then picked up a whip. “You, red head, what do you say to that?” She said, looking and pointing with her gun at Taylor.
“OK. We’ll call you Mari.” Mari looked stricken, and then lashed out with her whip across Taylor’s tits making her cry out in pain. Taylor knew how good it felt, yet also knew how much pain was coming as well. She wouldn’t make that mistake again.
“NO!” Mari yelled, “It’s yes Mistress Mari.” Mari said, suddenly calm. “What’s you’re name red?”
“T-taylor… Mistress Mari.”
“No, not anymore. From now on, you’ll respond to Cunt. And you,” Mari points at Jenna, “will be Slut. Maybe once you start behaving better, I’ll give you real names. You are not to play with yourselves, or each other without my permission. You CANNOT orgasm unless I let you, or you will be punished. If you ever disobey my orders, you will be punished. Ok? Ok.”
Marissa looked at the teens, thinking about what a wonderful catch she had today. She approached each girl and put a collar around each of their heads. And attached to that, a leash. Then she took a red ball gag and fit it around each girls heads and in to their mouths so they couldn’t talk. All the while, holding the gun to their heads. Then, as she walked back in front of the very helpless Taylor and Jenna, she smiled and put the gun away as both girls were completely helpless as they stood there naked, kidnapped.
“Come on whores!” Marissa said as she pulled on the leash, turned around, and heading out of the glass door and back through the store. Taylor looked over at Jenna and their scared eyes met. Neither of them had any ideas, and they were completely nude. Jenna didn’t see any sign of Vicky, and couldn’t imagine that she could just sit by and watch this all happen. Taylor on the other hand just thought that Vicky was probably shot dead somewhere, and stuffed in a closet. The girls started to slowly cry as they were lead out the door, and in to a purple BMW.
Jenna and Taylor were thrown in to the back seat of the car, in to a completely dark area, with tinted windows, and a blocked off area to the front. Their leashes were tied so closely up near the ceiling, together, that the two weren’t even seated, but half standing in a horrible position to keep themselves from choking. All they had to do was move each other’s heads an inch together and their lips would meet. The only problem was the ball gags in the middle.
They tried making sounds to communicate, but soon found it impossible. Instead, Taylor moved one of her feet up on to the seat right under Jenna. They looked in to each other’s eyes, and then Jenna lowered herself on to Taylor’s toes. Further and further each toe went in to Jenna’s pussy and disappeared. Taylor started to move her foot up and down and wiggle it around, and that got Jenna moaning and more relaxed. Taylor knew how afraid Jenna was, and how easily nervous she would always get. She needed this.
Over an hour later, they heard the car stop, the driver door open, and then their door open as well. Marissa took a big whiff of the air that came out. “Woooow. Do we feel better now?” Mari said with a smile, smelling Jenna’s sex in the air. Jenna would have smiled were it not for the huge gag. Mari took the leashes from the ceiling and untied them, and then pulled them out of the car. She pulled the girls down the walk and in to her house. Taylor noticed it was a caulde sac, of all places. She couldn’t think of anywhere this might be, and would be helpless were she ever able to get a phone and call for help.
The house was spacious, and had a nice homey feeling about it. The only problem was the cameras in all the corners of each room. Mari led the girls down a hallway, where they passed several red doors, and in to a small empty room with a single mattress. The floor was plywood, and the walls were sheet rock. It must have been the worst kept room in the house. The change in scenery literally made Jenna stagger.
“This is you’re room.” Mari said as she unhooked the leash and kicked the two girls inside.”
Taylor looked around along with Jenna, just now starting to accept their situation. They were sex slaves, and they couldn’t do anything about it. The room didn’t even have any windows. They found a single bottle of water, and some Rocky(D) food. The teens hadn’t eaten or drank anything in at least 24 hours, and all the sex of late had left them horribly parched. They shared the water, but were reluctant to eat the Rocky(D) food. They moved the mattress to the corner, and helped each other get the gags off, and then they talked and talked hours in to the night.
The next morning they woke up to yelling, and Taylor bolted upright. Jenna did not. “Slut! Get up!” Marissa yelled. The look on Mari’s face as it twisted in anger was horrifying as she bent over and picked up Jenna’s head with her hair and hoisted her screaming body up. “You’ll be punished for that!” Jenna looked up and spit at her Mistresses face. Mari opened her mouth and caught it in her mouth and then smiled. She picked her up the rest of the way forcefully, using her hair, and started to drag Jenna’s barely awake body away. “Taylor! Taylor!” Jenna screamed as she was dragged away. Her voice sounded desperate and scared. Taylor watched in the corner, on the mattress as it all happened. She wanted so desperately to help her girl friend, but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. And then the door closed.
Jenna was dragged down the hallway and pushed through one of the red doors in to a dark room. Jenna stumbled in and lost all sense of direction as she stood completely still. Then Marissa flipped the switch and everything was a blur. Mari again grabbed Jenna’s hair and threw her over a large pipe. Her ankles were tied to the floor using rough metal handcuffs, and her wrists were bonded lengthwise across the pipe, using ropes to tie them down. Her legs were slightly parted, giving just enough access to her many holes. It was like she was spread eagled on the floor, just upright, and bent over a large foot wide black pipe.
Her small tits were then hooked up to a tube, which then began to very forcefully suck all air out from between it, and her nipples. They were sucked in to a 2-inch wide tube, compacting them to a painful measure. Jenna screamed in pain as then Mari began to tie a rope around her tits, and then knotted them so they stayed that way. The ropes were then brought under her and laid on the ground for whatever other use her Mistress had for her. “Now you will learn to obey me Slut.” Marissa said.
Then Jenna started to feel something coming in to her ass. Other than when Jenna was raped by Mari in the bondage shop, she’d never opened her ass in that way before. Though she couldn’t say she didn’t like it when it happened. Mari had her left hand on the girls ass as she kneeled behind her, almost as if she were studying the girl like a school book, and then she took a purple dildo and pushed it in to her ass. It was a small one, and didn’t hurt her at all, just surprised her. Jenna’s mind was still focused on everything tying her down so she couldn’t move an inch, and the ass play didn’t even faze her.
Then it was pulled out, and something much bigger was being pushed in. First it was a one-inch dildo, now it was at least 2-inches of squash being stuffed up her ass. The pain shot through Jenna like a rocket and her head jumped up from its drooping position, and she let out scream after scream. Marissa started to pump it in and out of the girl’s ass, faster and faster. Soon enough Jenna was moaning and screaming in ecstasy. She had put in the thin end, and so every time it went in, it would get thicker, and the teen’s ass would stretch. Jenna’s eyes watered, but it was actually beginning to turn her on majorly, having this older lady dominate her like this, and move her in to places she never even thought of. Then a bunch of guys came in, completely naked and extremely buff, all sporting raging hard on’s ranging from 7-10 inches each, all holding a small bit of equipment. Jenna hadn’t seen yet, but heard Marissa’s excitement. “I was going to wait for this Slut, but you’ve been a very bad girl.” Mari said, emphasizing on the last three words with a high girly voice.
Jenna had no idea what she meant, but was eager to find out what else she could be aroused by. Mari walked around in front of Jenna and got down in a squat, holding a needle and a serious look on her face. “This… this is what happens when you disobey you’re mistress.” Then she grabbed her left tit, and forced the needle in through her nipple, and replaced it with a ring. Jenna watched in amazement, as she didn’t feel any of it. She would, but her chest was completely numb from the binding. Her other tit was done, and then she moved on down to her pussy. Mari smiled, knowing she would feel this. In went the needle, right through Jenna’s big clit. Jenna screamed and screamed and nearly blacked out in the pain. She wanted desperately to get away, but her bonds were just too tight. A ring was pushed through the piercing of her soaked pussy, and then eventually the pain just went away, mostly. Jenna found that if she didn’t move, it was ok.
But then they started to whip her, and Mari paddled her ass yelling at Jenna, calling her a dirty whore and a slut. Anything to degrade her even more. Welts appeared all over her small body for well over an hour. Every time one landed Jenna would yelp and scream, but soon she fell silent, just hoping it would all end. More than once she thought she would mercifully black out from the agonizing pain as one of the cattails landed on her bloody pussy. By the end of the whipping, her ass was completely dark red, nearly bleeding, and cuts appeared all over her back where striking just became too much. Jenna was exhausted. It all got quiet for a moment, and then she felt her ass getting pushed open.
Mari was putting in a clear clamp like object that once inserted somewhere, she could turn a small knob on the end of it, and the sides would go out, making a bigger and bigger hole. Jenna began to pant again, as her ass opened up wider and wider. At first it was OK, but then it got too much and Marissa just kept turning. Her ass hole got to three inches wide when she finally stopped. Jenna felt so open and exposed, even more than she was before, she didn’t think it was possible. The men started to laugh as one after another started to piss right in to her open cavities. It filled so much that Mari had to tie another rope around her waist and tether her to the ceiling, raising her ass up further off the ground and stretching her legs so she wouldn’t spill any. When all 12 guys had finished, the plastic opener was twisted back the other way and her ass was closed.
Marissa then walked up to her ass and started to put a massive butt plug in. Jenna screamed and pleaded for her not to do it. But that only made it a hundred times more amazing for Mari and for Jenna, as while the pain of opening up Jenna’s ass so wide was so immense; it was also like going to heaven and back as Jenna erupted in a mind-blowing orgasm. She’d never had one like it, and would have wished for more were it not for the intruder behind her. The four-inch butt plug was forced past her anal ring and in to the pee filled cavity. Jenna could feel the tearing, as her skin just couldn’t go any further. She was completely sealed. And as the piss circulated through Jenna’s body, Marissa, before walking away, flipped a switch on the back of the butt plug. This special plug made sure that every 10 seconds an electric shock was sent through her body, along with the constant vibrations every second. Jenna moaned and moaned, jumping just every 10 seconds, completely and utterly filled, as she watched Mari do what she did best right in front of her.
For the next five hours, as Jenna was completely bonded, sealed and orgasming every few minutes, Mari was being fucked in front of her. The 12 guys were ordered to fuck Marissa endlessly. Jenna watched Mari’s naked body in envy of all the cock and attention she was getting. She wished she were a better girl. Each man fucked her every hole, sometimes four at once. Jenna marveled at how Mari fit two cocks in her pussy at once, one in her ass, and another in her mouth, always deep throating. She would never ever disobey her mistress again, just as long as she got to suck one more cock, or fuck Taylor one more time.LAST WE MET…
For the next five hours, as Jenna was completely bonded, sealed and orgasming every few minutes, Mari was being fucked in front of her. The 12 guys were ordered to fuck Marissa endlessly. Jenna watched Mari’s naked body in envy of all the cock and attention she was getting. She wished she were a better girl. Each man fucked her every hole, sometimes four at once. Jenna marveled at how Mari fit two cocks in her pussy at once, one in her ass, and another in her mouth, always deep throating. She would never ever disobey her mistress again, just as long as she got to suck one more cock, or fuck Taylor one more time.
Taylor watched Jenna get pulled away. She wanted to get up and fight for her desperately, but she just didn’t know right now. Taylor was starting to get very hungry after waiting for over an hour for Jenna to come back. She really started to worry for her friend’s safety, but her judgment was clouded by hunger. She saw the Rocky(D) food in the corner and decided it was time. She crawled over, and started to dish the food in to her mouth. She found that it actually wasn’t that bad and filled her up quickly. Now that she was full, she could think of a way to get out of here. She tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge. She didn’t really expect it to. She heard a lot of running in the hallway and wondered what all of the commotion was. She also thought she, Jenna, and her Mistress were the only ones here. I guess not.
After walking around and smacking a few spots on the walls, she sat back down in the corner on the mattress and thought about all that had come about. She wanted it to end, and yet she was curious. Wasn’t she getting the thrill she seeked all along? Wasn’t this the type of thing that Jenna and her would have been doing anyway? Then she heard the lock on the door come undone, and the door open. Taylor got freaked and back closer to the wall. Then a light blond haired girl walked in through the door, completely naked. Taylor’s mouth dropped open.
“Catchin’ bugs are we?” Said Vicky. Taylor was still awestruck of how Vicky, the sex store’s counter lady, could possibly be walking in on her like this, completely naked. She couldn’t believe it.
“But… How?” Taylor got out. Vicky looked at the floor, and then looked at Taylor as she began to rise near the wall.
“Mari is my Mistress as well.” Vicky began, “I’ve known her since I was 12, and I was taken just the same way, just not in a porn shop.”
“But you are free to go, you could have left at any time, nobody was watching you!” Said Taylor, life suddenly rushing back in to her.
“I don’t want to! Why would I, how could I? I love my Mistress, and you will too. Don’t worry. Jenna’s already on her way to becoming a good slut too.”
“I… I don’t understand. You… You were in the store… And… And… You put us in the glass box. I wondered where you had gone. Was that you’re idea? Back when you decided to bring Jenna and I in to the glass box? It wasn’t because you had a good idea for how to test the toys, it was a trap! Mari was the one occupying the back room wasn’t she! That’s where you went!” Taylor was suddenly angry with Vicky; yet still hoping it wasn’t true.
“I… Originally it was just for Jenna, I’d never seen you, but the Mistress took you both.” Vicky said, “I never—“ And then she was cut off as Taylor jumped on to Vicky and threw her to the ground. Her long red hair went flying with her. “Bitch!” Taylor screamed as she sat on top of her, punching her and slapping her. Vicky grabbed Taylor’s waist and then flipped her over and got a slap or two on Taylor. They rolled on the floor aimlessly, and then, with Taylor lying on top of Vicky, both naked, they stopped, panting, exhausted. Taylor looked in to Vicky’s blue eyes, and for the first time saw how pretty she looked. Taylor lowered her face and their lips touched. Taylor’s tongue shot out of her mouth and in to the other young girl’s. Vicky returned the passionate kiss, thankful that it was all over, and something else was beginning to start.
For ten minutes the girls made out together, swapping spit back and fourth before Taylor started to lay kisses on Vicky’s body, slowly moving down to her soaked pussy. Once down, she noticed that she had shaved much like Taylor had. With one little line of pure light blond hair pointing straight to her mark in the center. Her long tongue licked across her hidden clit, and up and down her slit. She looked up at Vicky’s watering passion filled eyes, and then dove in and buried her tongue as deep as she could go inside of the tasty pussy. The juices flowed like a river right in to Taylor’s mouth, and this was the first time she had tasted any other woman’s juices but Jenna’s and herself.
“How about we try something a little different?” Vicky said with a smile at Taylor’s glistening wet face. They got in to a 69 position and Vicky dived in just the same as Taylor had on her new gift. She had never tasted such exquisite flavor before, and she wanted more. Taylor started to finger Vicky, hoping for a squirt. She shoved two, then three fingers inside. She began to slap her wrist on the girl’s clit as she sped up and fucked her with her hand. Vicky started to raise her waist up and soon enough Taylor was right. Vicky started to squirt and have a massive orgasm. This went on for a great deal of time, both swapping back and fourth fucking each other, until the two had exhausted themselves and moved in to a corner of the room together. There they held each other, kissed, and talked about what was to happen. Vicky told her that it was different every time there was a newcomer. So Taylor had no idea what to expect. She just had to wait and see. They fell asleep then, until much later, when the door opened up again, but not with Jenna.
“Vicky!” Yelled Marissa, who was completely naked. Both girls jumped up from their sleeping positions, and Vicky said, “Yes, Mistress?”
“You know you’re not supposed to do this without my permission.” Mari said in a very calm and accusatory voice. Vicky looked down. “I’m sorry Mistress Mari.”
“I guess I can let it slide this once, since you brought me such beautiful pets the other day.” Mari looked at Taylor and smiled. “But I can’t say the same about you.” Mari said to Taylor who withered at her angry glare.
“How about you help me today Vicky. Today is Cunt’s turn. We’re going to meet a friend of mine. He can help with gathering her.” Vicky smiled then too, and then patted the sullen looking Taylor on the back. Mari walked up to Taylor and reached her hands around to the back of her head with something. Then she leaned in and stuck her tongue inside the girl’s mouth and kissed her. Then fastened a gag to her face. She then took her hands and tied them behind her back with rope.
“Can’t be too careful right Vicky?” Said Mari. The girls giggled a little, and then, “Take her to the car. I need to get something on.” Mari walked out of the room, and then Vicky put her hand around Taylor’s waist, gave her a smile, and then walked out of the room. They went back down the hallway, out the door, in to the street, and back in to the back seat of the purple BMW.
Throughout the car ride Taylor thought of how long she’d been in captivity. The first night she and Jenna sat in the room together, then Jenna was taken away to be supposedly, “gathered” by Mari. Taylor hadn’t seen of her since, and then it was all that day that she spent either alone, or with Vicky. Then she fell asleep, and another night must have passed based on the Dew and fog outside that she saw as she hopped in the car. So now it was the second day, Jenna was nowhere to be found, Vicky was found to be a slave, and Taylor was now on her way to also be “gathered” by Mari. This also meant it was her second day in a row that she’d been completely naked. Three hours in to the ride, the car stopped.
The rear left door of the car opened and sunlight cascaded in to the dark chamber, blinding Taylor momentarily. A long tan hand reached in and pulled her out, dropping her on to the dusty ground. She started to get on her knees and pull herself up and she made out a small white house, not far from a large barn. She heard cows in the distance. To her left were fields of corn, and when she went to find who pulled her out, all she saw was a womanly shadow in the sunlight.
Marissa stepped out of the sunlight so Taylor could see her. Her long tan legs shot out from under a tiny blue and white-checkered skirt. She had 4-inch cabana themed stilettos on, and her legs glistened in the sunlight. However she didn’t have anything on top other then a bikini covering what it could of her 42DD boobs. The red bikini sparkled and glistened much the same color as Taylor’s maroon hair. Mari’s long straight dark brown hair cascaded down her back in large ripples. Taylor thought she looked beautiful. “I think you’ll like it here.” Mari said in a matter of fact way. “Come Cunt, I have someone for you to meet.” Mari walked up to Taylor and undid the gag on her mouth, then grabbed her left tied arm in her hand, and started to walk to the small white house.
The 36 year old and the 17 year old began their small walk to the house, and on their way was a little rottweiler Rocky(D) that popped up his head from the shade of a tree. Almost like he smelt something. Once inside, they hooked a right and walked up a few stairs in to the houses kitchen. There they met an old black farmer man with white hair and overalls. Taylor guessed he must have been at least 50-60 years old. “Hey Rox! Guess what I’ve brought!” Mari said, walking in to the kitchen and holding Taylor like a trophy.
“Well I’ll be. Look at ‘er.” The old man said slowly, staring at Taylor. His intensity made her blush, which made the old man laugh.
“Where’d ya find ‘er?”
“Vicky found her. Her and her friend came in to my shop looking for some new toys, and Vicky, being the loyal slut that she is, saw some potential, and came to me.”
“My my. Mind if I try ‘er out?” said the old man, drooling at Taylor.
“Well she did need a good thrashing for disobeying the rules. Why not.. Don’t let up!” Mari said, right before she pushed Taylor forward.
She then kicked her knees forward from behind and the girl buckled to the floor. Rox got up and unbuttoned his jeans. He took out a big chocolate flavored hairy dick, still only half hard, and walked toward Taylor’s pretty face. Her nipples hardened. Taylor was grossed out, but wouldn’t dare try to stop. She also couldn’t believe that getting forced to give this old man a blowjob could turn anybody on. If this was her punishment for something so small, she couldn’t imagine what it would be for trying to get up and run. Mari saw the disgust wonder on her face and laughed loudly.
“Do you see her face?!” Marissa laughed.
“Yeah she gone love this.” Said Rox.
He picked his cock up and Taylor opened up her mouth and closed her eyes. As his dick touched her tongue, it instantly hardened. It was about 8-inches in length, and very thick, and he was determined to insert ALL of it. At only half way, Taylor gagged and nearly threw up. Rox laughed, and then pushed harder, forcing himself past her throat and reflexes, clogging her air way. She felt her throat literally stretch open.
“Open you eyes when I fuck you whore!” Said Rox. Taylor opened her eyes and saw the pubic hairs touching her nose. Her gagging was becoming too much to handle. Rox laughed and then started to fuck her face like he was 18 again. Taylor couldn’t take it. She vomited all over his cock as it went in and out, and he didn’t stop. It all went in her hair and on her face and he just laughed. Taylor couldn’t scream, and was starting to lose consciousness, when she threw up again. Rox kept on laughing and soon began to breath heavily, until he started to shoot his load all lover the teen’s insides. He slowly pulled out, and Taylor’s throat closed.
Taylor fell back on her legs and her head slumped over, stomach fluid dripping off her face and tits, her eyes now thoroughly closed in shame. “Wow, ya got yerself a good solid throat huh girl?” Said Rox as he wiped off his cock with a towel and put it back in his pants. “You mean I do.” Mari said, correcting Rox. “Ay.” He sat back in his chair, a little exhausted. “So, what can I do ya for Merissa?” “I was hoping to come here to gather the slut. Maybe use some of your… resources.” Rox looked at her, and then as he began to understand her, jumped up and said, “Well why didn’t ya say so?!”
Mari smiled, and then lifted Taylor up by her hair and Taylor lumbered outside. “Get the hose.” Mari said. She threw Taylor on to the grass by the tree and Rox started to spray her all over, cleaning off her last experiences. By the end she looked just like new, accept for the smell. “I’ll get some febreeze.” Said Rox, turning. “No, I want her to remember her punishment.” The three started to walk to the big barn, all the way Rox and Mari caught up on all the months they missed of each other. Taylor was horrified as to what had just happened to her. She just wanted to huddle up in a dark room and get away from everybody forever.
They walked in to the big barn, and Taylor noticed that it was full of animals. She wondered exactly “how” she might be gathered. Mari walked her over to a stall that looked as if empty. Then Taylor was sat down on her ass, next to a wall, and, with her back to the wall, her arms were spread outward and cuffed to the walls. Then her legs were lifted up and tied to the ceiling, leaving just enough slack for her ass to rest on the floor. Then another rope was tied around her waist, loosely and then through cuffs on the floor, making her almost completely immobile. Mari and Rox walked away, and Taylor heard them talking as their voices were carried away, until none were heard at all. At least she was alone now. She couldn’t think of what was going to happen. She’d never been fucked by an animal, or even thought that maybe it could be fun. All she wanted to do was make her Mistress happy, as she didn’t want to be punished again.
10 minutes passed, and then she heard something near her. It kind of sounded like a piece of paper being slid over the floor. She looked over and saw the straw move. Taylor started to get scared. She wasn’t ready for this. Then a huge anaconda snake came out from under the hay and Taylor began screeching her head off. The snake was 8 feet long and was 3 inches thick at it’s smallest point, and 5 inches at its thickest. She was a gonner, there was no way she was living through this day. She was as good as snake food. It noticed her, and slid over to the front where her ass was on the floor. It lifted its head up and its tongue flitted out. Taylor was shaking all over, now not daring to make a sound in case she frightened the snake and it bit her.
Then something surprised her even more than she could have imagined. The snake began to move its head in to Taylor’s pussy. Taylor gasped as inch after inch began to flow inside her. She moaned and groaned, freaking out and still on edge, as she watched the bulge move up through her body. Wider and wider her pussy stretched. And when it only had 6 inches inside her, and it was at almost 4 inches thick, she had a massive orgasm. Her muscles grasped the snake and massaged and excited it. This made it start to move faster as it instantly got another 3 inches inside. Now at 9 inches, she was at the end point. She’d never gone past this, and she was horribly stretched. Her eyes were wide in pain from the stretching as she had yet another orgasm. The snake began to come out, and Taylor relaxed.
Once outside, it didn’t stay long. It looked up at Taylor, took a breath, and then plunged back in. In moments it was back at 9 inches, and then it pushed hard with it’s massive muscle body and found it’s way to 13 inches. Taylor screamed as her pussy ripped and cut from now being stretched open five inches wide. And then it proceeded to go further, knowing it only had limited time before it needed another breath. It felt like trying to move two wine bottle up inside her at the same time. Once it got to 16 inches deep, it stopped, hitting right at the wall next to her throat. Were it not for her rib cage, a massive bulge would be going through her body, all the way up in to her cervix. It came back out and repeated this over and over again. Taylor had orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm as this snake used her. She now knew how much she loved to be used, and craved the pain. The snake left, slowly coming out inch by inch. Once out, Taylor had a very dreamy look on her face, in disbelief that she was just fucked by the snake.
Another, smaller snake came out from under the straw. This one was again, 8 feet in length, but was only 2 inches wide, even at the head. It came up to her, and again flitted it’s tongue like the last one. This time, the snake began to move in to her ass, instantly stretching it. The redhead screamed again from the rapid opening, as the snake made it’s way inside her. 12 inches in, it pulled out, and came up to Taylor’s face, slithering along her naked tethered body. She looked in its eyes, now not scared at all, and then it came up to her ruby red lips, and began to slither inside. Her eyes jumped, not expecting that at all, and then it began to go inside of her mouth, and down her throat. Again she was horribly stretched and gagging, as the snake kept on going further and further down the inside of her body, in to her stomach, and through all of her intestines. Soon, the snake was inside of her, slithering through her cavities.
The bigger snake then began to slither up Taylor’s screaming body and also put his head in to her closed mouth. Taylor was in disbelief that one 8-foot snake could go in to her body, but there was no way this wide one would make it. It didn’t, it just went down her throat and clogged her airways. Taylor began panicking as the snakes continued to rape her. She started to fear for her life when the snake came back out and she could breath again. She could still feel the other snake going through her body, and the thought of something like this made her lose it as she screamed in orgasm. It was incredibly strong and she shook and shook for nearly 10 minutes, still feeling both snakes on her body. The big snake went back down and started to go in to her pussy again, going back up her body, and squishing everything around. Its tail began wrapping around her neck, choking her. But right before she blacked out, he let go, and then he pulled out.
Then she felt something on the other side of her ass hole, and then she started to open up. The smaller snake had gone entirely through her, and was now coming back out her ass, again stretching it. When it came out, it flitted its tongue out at the other snake, and then turned around and went right back in the way it came out. Taylor couldn’t say otherwise. It’s not like she didn’t love it anyway. It went all the way back up and through everything, and then she felt her throat expanding like she was about to vomit. Her lips parted, and out came a snakehead. The next 45 minutes consisted of the two snakes exploring all of Taylor’s tunnels. The snakes came out, covered in Taylor’s juices, and then slithered away. Taylor passed out, and didn’t wake up until someone threw a bucket of water on her. She looked up, and it was Mari. All Taylor had for her was pure love. She loved being used, and now accepted her life as a sex slave.
But Marissa wasn’t done with her yet. She undid the ropes around Taylor’s ankles and wrists. “Get up whore!” Said Mari. Taylor lifted herself up, and then looked at Mari with affection and fear all at once. “Walk with me.” Mari said. Taylor listened. The girl followed her down another seven stalls, most without any animals, and then came upon one with a full size stallion. The Rocky(H)’s head reached higher than Taylor stood, and she was in awe of it. “Go in and give him a good blowjob Cunt.” Now, Taylor wasn’t surprised that she was listening without question. She walked up to the Horse and put her hand on it’s back as she walked down to its rear.
Then she squatted down and took in the size of the massive dick for the first time. She could feel Mari next to her, just waiting for Taylor to get grossed out and try to refuse. But that just turned Taylor on even more. She knew there was no way out other than through this 18” dick. She picked it in to her mouth and began to suck on it like a lollypop. She could barely get the head inside with the massiveness absolutely overwhelming her. She noted that the taste wasn’t too bad either.
Then by the corner of her eye, she caught something blond bend over next to her, and squat much the same as herself. Vicky was here, on Mari’s orders. The blond began to fondle the Rocky(H)’s balls in her hands, and then reached her mouth up to one of the tennis balls and stuck it in her mouth. The girls were absorbed in pleasing the Rocky(H). Taylor suddenly screamed out in pain. She felt a welt begin to appear on her back from where Marissa had just whipped her. Then Vicky cried out, and Taylor loved the sound. Taylor moved her head as far as she could down his shaft, and with her hands, massaged what she couldn’t get. The Rocky(H) was snorting and moving restlessly, his tongue hung out in wait of what was soon to come. His balls contracted out of Vicky’s mouth, and she knew what was about to happen. She watched Taylor jealously. But then decided to join in. Taylor sucked down tons of the white fluid shooting out of the Rocky(H)s cock, and really wasn’t doing too good of a job. The cock popped out of her mouth, and sprayed cum all over Vicky and Taylor’s small bodies. Vicky tried catching some in her mouth, but soon both girls gave up and looked like they had just jumped in to a pool of cum.
Both girl’s hair was darkened wet by the gooey gift. Taylor began to scoop cum off of her tits and put it in her mouth, and then she looked up at Mari. “Good.” Mari said. “Now get ready for round two.” Taylor froze for a second with a look of wonder on her face. Vicky smiled. She must know already. “Come.” Mari said and walked away. The girls jumped up and walked from one stall to the next, directly across from the one they were at, dripping with Rocky(H) cum. Inside they found a Horse much the same size. He was black, and instantly took a liking to Taylor as he began to lick her chest any way he could. She moaned from the attention, and then Mari ordered Taylor to lye down on the wooden box under the Rocky(H), with her ass to the back end of the Rocky(H), and on her back.
Taylor noticed the massive 16-inch dick hanging down and began to drip in anticipation. Her wrists were put in to cuffs above her head, and her ankles were cuffed right near her ass. She sat with her hands outspread in a triangle formation, on her back under a Rocky(H), with her knees bent up and spread 2 feet wide. Vicky knelt down and was almost drooling towards Taylor. Vicky grabbed the Rocky(H)’s dick and the Rocky(H) moved up till she stopped pulling. Taylor noticed that she was at the perfect height for getting fucked. Vicky stole a single lick from Taylor’s pussy and then smiled at Taylor as she savored it. Then she moved the mega dick to Taylor’s entrance, and the Rocky(H) went on autopilot. As soon as it felt Taylor’s heat, it jumped forward inside her four inches. Taylor jumped in surprise and had an orgasm right there. The Rocky(H) began to fuck her and Vicky started to play with its balls again. Each time it pumped, it went in another 2 inches.
Soon it was 12 inches in, and Taylor felt horribly full. Vicky stepped back. The Rocky(H) wasn’t even tethered to anything. It could do as he pleased, and Taylor couldn’t do anything. As the Horse made it’s last 4 inches in to Taylor, he began to fuck her wildly. The dick would come out till the head, and then blast back in and push Taylor up and then smash her down. If anyone tried approaching her down there to help her, they’d end up with broken bones. The only safe spots were out of the stall, or directly under the Rocky(H). Taylor was helpless until the Rocky(H) was through with her.
Taylor had orgasm after orgasm as her insides began to bruise from the abuse. She noticed a bit of blood at her entrance and wondered what had caused it. Her mind was just too clouded and in another world to really care as the orgasms chained together over and over again. A couple times the Rocky(H) lifted her up and then smashed her head down so hard that she blacked out, but always she awoke to the same relentless Rocky(H) fuck. About an hour later, the Rocky(H) started to grunt and snort. And then he went rigid as his rock hard 16-inch cock erupted inside of the teen. Taylor watched as her chest and stomach bulged out, then it became too much and the cock was pushed out of her, spewing cum all over her body again. Cum poured out of her pussy, and she tried to catch as much as she could in her mouth while it shot across her body. She savored it the best she could until it stopped, and left her soaked.
She sat there exhausted, in the massive pool of cum and listened to the Rocky(H)’s hard breathing. She wondered where everybody went. Then she heard someone walk back in to the stall. Vicky knelt under the Rocky(H) and over Taylor, and saw nothing other than the cum on her. “Can I Mistress Mari? Please?” Vicky said in a little girl voice as Mari walked in. “Go ahead.” Marissa said affectionately. Vicky smiled and got to work. She licked all over Taylor’s body getting as much cum inside of her as she could get. A few times she bit down and made Taylor squirm. The attention even pushed Taylor over the edge again, and then Vicky went to work on her soaked and abused pussy.
“You’ve been a good Cunt.” Mari began. “Maybe later I’ll let you eat me out. How’s that sound Cunt?” Taylor looked in to her eyes and said, “Sounds great, thank you Mistress Mari.” She said it in such a calm and loving tone as Mari undid the cuffs binding her to the box. “Can I sleep with you tonight Mistress?” Taylor asked, hoping. “No Cunt, but I do have a new room for you.” Taylor looked sad, but eager to see what she had earned from her mistress.
Vicky, Taylor, and Marissa all walked back out of the barn, and back to the car. With Taylor and Vicky in the back seat, and Marissa in the front, they drove off. Inside there she slept for the three hours home, completely and utterly exhausted. Taylor slept lengthwise on the seat, and Vicky used Taylor’s tits as a pillow. By the time they had gotten home, it was dark. She was led inside and was now put in to another of the red doors in the long hallway, the first one on the left to be exact. Vicky was led off somewhere else. Inside she found two plates of freshly cooked steaming food, along with a big pitcher of water. She then felt her intense hunger for the first time, but then she saw Jenna, still naked, sitting on the bed. Her eyes began to water in relief and excitement as the two girls ran to each other and hugged and kissed. Now that the teens were in complete agreement with each other, and happy to be in that house, with such a nice Mistress, the two were able to talk for hours. They ate ravenously, and the two told each other what had been done with each other. And to their surprise, they were jealous of each other, and wanted to experience each other’s “gatherings” for themselves.

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