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Jimmy impregnates both his granny and mother, and also accidentally impregnates his sister

81 Min Read

This sick story is
meant as an putrid fantasy not real life.

When Jimmy’s mother Margie (4 months pregnant with
Jimmy’s son) decided to move in with Jimmy and Jimmy’s
grandmother Addie (who was 8 months pregnant with
Jimmy’s twin daughters), Jimmy expected his 9-month
fuckfest with Addie to come to a screeching halt a
month ahead of schedule.

Jimmy was hoping to continue fucking eager (though
hugely swollen) Addie right into her 9th month, but he
doubted that would be practical with his relatively
prudish mother around; though Margie was undoubtedly
pregnant with Jimmy’s baby, she had only gotten that
way after Addie and Jimmy conspired to knock her up on
New Year’s Eve, taking advantage of her thoroughly
sauced condition.

“Someone needs to keep an eye on you two,” Margie told
her 18-year old son, “so it might as well be me.”

“Jeez, Margie,” Addie said, crossing her arms over her
hugely-swollen boobs, “you ruin everything.”

“All the same, Mother, Jimmy needs to focus on school
and he doesn’t need distractions bothering him like
those babies you’re going to pop out in May. I’ll help
look after the babies so Jimmy can focus on college.”

Fortunately for Jimmy, though, things weren’t quite as
bad as they seemed. For one thing, Addie was still
determined to get fucked as often as possible and took
considerable delight in fucking Jimmy whenever Margie
was distracted elsewhere.

Typically, Addie would wait until Margie was shopping
or taking a bath, then throw Jimmy onto the nearest
couch or bed and sink his instantly-hard babymaker into
her slippery-wet cunt. Or if Addie was feeling
especially frisky, she might frig herself to the edge
of an orgasm in her own bedroom, then prance (heavily)
into Jimmy’s bedroom on her high-heeled sandals and
plunk herself down on Jimmy’s lap while he was trying
to study.

“Hurry, Jimmy!” Addie said, struggling with the fly of
his jeans. “I need it now!”

“All right, all right,” Jimmy said, flipping out his
seven-inch pole, “keep your pants on…”

Of course, Addie never wore pants; rather, she favored
short dresses (even in her gravid condition) that
allowed Jimmy easy access, and usually no panties if
she figured there was a good chance of getting laid
soon. Like now, for example: after an awkward moment of
fumbling about (with Jimmy trying to reach around
Addie’s bloated belly from behind to feel for the
entrance to her pussy), the unlikely lovers had his
cock plunging deep into her hole, then proceeded to
fuck with the furious passion of people who didn’t know
how many more chances like this they would get. With
Addie 38 weeks along, she might literally pop any day

“Oh, Grandma…damn! You’re so wet…!”

“Oh, that’s it…” Addie grunted, feeling Jimmy’s balls
slap her labia with every downward thrust, “get it
deeper! Deeper!”

Soon Addie was coming–shuddering from her climax–and
Jimmy was coming as well; clutching Addie’s ponderous
breasts, he stabbed his penis upward against Addie’s
womb (where his daughters were now kicking, probably in
some irritation) and squirted his sperm deep inside her
body. Thoroughly sweaty, Jimmy and Addie then rested a
moment with Jimmy still up to his nuts inside Addie.

“Grandma,” Jimmy said, “you’re kind of heavy…”

“Oh, sorry,” Addie said, pushing herself up off Jimmy.
“I guess I got carried away there…”

Then, suddenly, Addie’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ of

“What is it?” Jimmy said (with his pants still around
his knees).

“Oh, Jimmy!” Addie said, clutching her belly and
looking up at Jimmy, “I think it might be time…!”

“Oh shit!” Jimmy said, trying to stand up, only to trip
himself with his own jeans.

“Just sit there…” Jimmy said, helping Addie to his
bed after he managed to get his pants up. Then he ran
to his doorway and called his long-suffering mother for

“Mom, quick, call the hospital! I think the babies are

* * *

Although Jimmy had been to Lamaze classes with Addie
and tried to prepare himself mentally for what lay
ahead, nothing could prepare him for the wonder of
seeing Addie deliver two beautiful baby girls (whom
Addie named ‘Samantha’ and ‘Victoria’) in the hospital
a few hours later.

Addie never did tell her obstetrician that Jimmy was
the father, but Jimmy’s anxious concern was plain for
all to see as first one, then the other baby crowned
between Addie’s legs and then pushed forth from her
body in a gush of amniotic fluid.

“Thank you,” Addie whispered to Jimmy afterward, when
the babies were laid on her chest, “for everything.”

Inwardly, Jimmy worried about the babies being healthy
(since Addie at 57 was somewhat advanced in age), but
they appeared relatively healthy and even vigorous,
weighing just over 6 pounds each. When Margie saw them
later through the window of the nursery, she remarked
(softly) that both girls had their father’s eyes.

“Thank you for helping us,” Jimmy said to Margie (now
acutely aware of Margie’s own baby, due in four
months). “I know we haven’t shown it much, but we
appreciate you being there.”

“Your grandmother will be resting for a bit,” Margie
said, “but I can think of a way you can repay me.”


Margie moved closer to Jimmy and suddenly clutched his
penis through his jeans.


“I thought I could control myself,” Margie whispered,
“but hearing you two fuck at all hours of the day and
night is driving me crazy! I need this cock in me now!”

“But aren’t you concerned…” Jimmy started to say.

“…about getting pregnant?” Margie guessed.

Margie gave Jimmy a wry look, then glanced down at her
own swollen belly.

“I guess not,” Jimmy said.

“Come on,” Margie said, taking Jimmy’s hand, “to the
car, quickly!”

Fortunately, the ‘car’ was actually a recently-
purchased SUV with lots of room (supplementing Addie’s
other vehicle, a red convertible) so it wasn’t
difficult for Jimmy to find room to take his mother in
the back seat. Although Margie was wearing a long blue
maternity dress.

Jimmy perceived a clue to Margie’s pent-up lustiness in
the white platform sandals she wore with the dress;
when Margie presented her ass to Jimmy and he flipped
up the back of her dress, his erection sprung to full
stiffness as soon as he beheld the luscious mounds of
her ass and the backs of her creamy thighs and legs.
Unlike Addie, Margie was wearing panties, but Jimmy
found her pretty slit wet and ready as soon as he
pulled her panties down around her knees.

“Are you sure about this?” Jimmy asked.

“Yes, quickly!” Margie said, “before anybody sees us!”

Not one to argue with his mother, Jimmy slid his
drooling cock-helmet into the mouth of Margie’s pussy,
then drove all the way up to his balls inside her with
a single smooth motion. Margie gasped and Jimmy reeled
with pleasure (mostly the unexpected thrill of spearing
his mom a second time), then Jimmy proceeded to fuck
his mom with quick, slamming thrusts, slapping Margie’s
ass noisily and causing the entire vehicle to rock on
its springs. In the event, it was a good thing
Jimmy was as turned-on as he was, or he might not have
finished before another group of hospital visitors
reached the vehicle next to theirs.

“Oh, Mom! I’m coming–!”

“Give it to me!” Margie cried, wrapping her sandal-shod
feet around his knees from behind. “Fuck your mommy!”

Pressing in deep, Jimmy fired stream after stream of
thick and gooey spunk directly into his mom, but
managed to control himself enough to stop the rocking
of the SUV as the aforementioned visitors walked up to
their own vehicle obliviously, entered and then drove

“So,” Jimmy said, nuzzling his mom in the backseat
afterward, “why didn’t you tell me you wanted to fuck?”

“Well, I was serious about you focusing on your
schoolwork. But now that Addie is out of action for a
while, you can fuck me too if you ever feel an urge.”

“Yeah, I feel an urge all right,” Jimmy said, feeling
his cock grow stiff again. Pausing just long enough to
tear open Margie’s dress and suck her swollen nipples,
Jimmy then guided his cock back into his mother’s hole
from behind and then fucked her again. This time he
lasted much longer, but was careful not to rock the car
quite so much before he added a second generous helping
of sperm to the first he had left inside his mom’s warm
wet vagina.

* * *

Naturally, it wasn’t long before Addie realized what
was up. After Addie brought her babies home, Margie
played at being a dutiful daughter as she helped Addie
look after Samantha and Victoria (who, strangely, were
both Margie’s granddaughters and half-sisters), but
Addie caught the meaningful looks between Margie and
Jimmy whenever they thought Addie wasn’t looking.

Addie’s doctor had advised her to refrain from sexual
activity for at least six weeks after giving birth, but
that didn’t keep Addie from spying on Margie and Jimmy
one evening in July after the babies were asleep in
their crib. Sure enough, Addie found her daughter bent
over the washing machine in the garage, with Jimmy
pounding her quickly from behind.

Now 7 months along, with her feet propped up high on
the heels of her sandals, Margie presented quite a
sight, puffing and gasping with every plunging thrust;
she and Jimmy were obviously trying not to make too
much noise, which only made the scene that much more
amusing for Addie.

“So,” Addie said, as Jimmy grunted in climax, squirting
his cum into Margie, “‘someone needs to keep an eye on
us’, huh?”

Still squirting inside Margie, Jimmy pulled out
suddenly in embarrassment, and Margie was hardly less
embarrassed as she quickly pulled her dress down to
cover her nakedness.

“Mother,” Margie said, “what a surprise…”

“So, you’re hot for Jimmy too?” Addie said, clip-
clopping across the floor in her own sandals.

“Well, I can hardly blame you…”

Addie drew closer to Jimmy and stroked his still-stiff
erection through his shorts.

“The babies are still asleep,” Addie said. “Let’s

Jimmy and Margie both looked at Addie with

“Here?” Margie asked.

“Now?” Jimmy asked.

“I thought your doctor said you had to rest,” Margie

“I had enough rest,” Addie said. “Now I need to fuck.
But don’t worry, Margie; you can help.”

Addie fished Jimmy’s slick cock out of his shorts, then
led him by his cock to a nearby couch and dropped to
her knees so she could suck him back to full stiffness.
Still startled, Margie just looked on with surprise for
a long moment, until Addie beckoned her over.

“Come on,” Addie said, “don’t be shy.”

And thus it was that Jimmy proceeded to fuck both his
mother and his grandmother for the first time on the
same night, without resorting to alcohol first to make
his mother part with her better judgement. Shy at
first, Margie quickly overcame her shyness to kneel
next to Addie and slurp on Jimmy’s cock, then Jimmy–
with a cock so stiff he was almost afraid the veins
would pop–lifted both Addie and Margie onto the couch
and proceeded to fuck them from behind, first Addie,
then Margie, then Addie again.

“Oh, be careful!” Margie said, as Jimmy slammed Addie’s
quivering hole, “maybe you should come in me

“That’s (unph!) a good (unph!) point…!” Addie gasped,
realizing Jimmy was close to his own cum now; “maybe
you shouldn’t cum in me…!”

But Jimmy wasn’t having any of that; thinking with his
cock rather than his brain, Jimmy cupped Addie’s
ponderous boobs (making them squirt milk onto the couch
involuntarily), then rammed in deep and squirted his
cum deep inside Addie’s belly, painting the mouth of
her womb with jet after jet of his thick, potent sperm.
Finding he was still hard even then, Jimmy then pulled
out and slipped his cock inside Margie, and gave her a
somewhat longer pounding before emptying a second load
of cum into her belly as well.

Addie, in the meantime, had rolled over onto her back
and was idly playing with her cum-spattered hole as she
enjoyed the sight of her grandson boning her daughter.
Even Addie could see that Margie looked a bit glum,
though, after Jimmy finished fucking her.

“Why the long face?” Addie asked, cupping her own boobs
and causing twin jets of milk to squirt up into the
air. “Here, come suck on my tits and you’ll feel

“Mother,” Margie said, “how can you be so
irresponsible! Jimmy just came inside you! What if you
get pregnant again?”

Addie rolled her eyes.

“Oh, come on, I’m 57 years old; what are the odds of
that happening? The last time was just a fluke.”

“Honestly,” Margie grumbled, “I hope my grandbabies
don’t inherit your irresponsible nature…”

“Oh, relax,” Addie said, encouraging Margie to join
Jimmy and pop one of her tits into her mouth; “you’d
probably be a lot happier if you didn’t worry so

* * *

For Jimmy, a second paradise of fucking then blossomed,
as Margie and Addie both took turns getting plowed at
every opportunity; Addie tended to feel she was getting
the short end of the deal since she did have to go back
to work at her accounting firm after her maternity
leave was over, but Margie reminded Addie that she was
taking care of her newborn daughters and looking after
her house while she was away, so she shouldn’t complain
too much.

To a certain extent, Addie was understanding;
typically, Addie would stay home with her babies on the
weekend so that Margie and Jimmy could visit local Bay
Area attractions together, and (much like Addie and
Jimmy had done the year before) fuck in public whenever
they thought they could get away with it. For example,
one Saturday in August–when Margie was 8 months along-
-Margie dressed in a short blue maternity dress and
white high-heeled sandals and invited Jimmy to fuck her
all over San Francisco Bay.

They fucked on a ferry during a tour of the bay, fucked
again in the darkened planetarium at Golden Gate Park,
then fucked some more in the back of a bookstore near
Fisherman�s Wharf (very quietly, of course, so as not
to attract attention). Each time, Jimmy took a special
delight in pumping his juices deep inside his mother,
knowing that such a holiday of sex might never come

“I wonder what Hannah would think if she saw us now?”
Jimmy whispered to his mom, pretending to study a book
with Margie as he embraced her and pumped his third
cum-load of the day into her pregnant body.

“Your sister?” Margie said. “She’d freak, probably.”

“We should bring her out here,” Jimmy said, giving his
mom a playful thrust as he reached for another book on
the shelf; rather than lifting up Margie’s skirt to
fuck her, Jimmy had pulled it down just far enough to
let him ease his cock inside her, then further
concealed their activity with the sweater he had
wrapped around his waist.

“You want to fuck Hannah?” Margie exclaimed (causing
heads to turn in the next aisle). “That is so wrong!”

“Worse than fucking my mom?” Jimmy asked, feeling his
stiffness return inside Margie, and feeling her cunt
muscles grip and suck him.

“Honestly,” Margie said, lowering her voice and
affecting a prim manner, “Hannah is starting a
successful career, and she probably already has a
boyfriend. We shouldn’t get her involved in all this.”

Inside Margie, though, Jimmy could tell that Margie was
at least a little turned-on by the thought of helping
Jimmy fuck his 21-year old sister; he could tell
because Margie was sopping wet inside, and he could
feel her pussy muscles clench his penis as he fucked

“Are you sure?” Jimmy whispered in his mom’s ear,
turning a page of the book they were supposedly
reading, and fucking her at the same time; “I bet she’d
look cute with a little baby in her tummy.”

For Margie, that was enough to put her over the edge
and make her cum; shuddering all over, she grabbed the
bookcase in front of her with one hand and shoved her
fist into her mouth with her other hand to keep from
crying out.

“All right,” Margie said afterward, “I’ll think about

“I love you, Mom,” Jimmy replied, finally squirting a
fresh load of sperm into her pregnant belly.

“Yeah,” Margie said, shifting her weight in her sandals
as her baby kicked inside her; “maybe too much…”

* * *

Ironically, Jimmy soon found that he needn’t have
bothered trying to get Hannah to come out to San
Francisco, because she was soon on her way there
anyway, responding to the latest family crisis. Addie,
as it happened, was pregnant again, barely two months
after giving birth to her twin daughters.

Unlike her brother Jimmy, Hannah (now 22) was less of a
slacker; she had graduated from high school early,
completed a bachelor’s degree in architecture in just
two years, and was already a rising star at an
architectural firm in Boston despite her relative
youth. About the only thing she didn’t have was a
steady boyfriend, but she was much too busy for that,
and much too busy for anything except work.

Still, Hannah did occasionally wonder how it was that
her grandmother and mother had both gotten pregnant so
quickly, when neither of them had a steady boyfriend
either. Grandma Addie she could almost understand: with
her big boobs and sexy body, Addie still turned heads
in her late 50’s; but her divorced mother Margie was
more of a puzzle. It wasn’t like Margie to have a one-
night stand with some stranger, yet she supposedly had
gotten herself knocked up at a New Year’s party when
she was drunk.

Thus, when Margie told Hannah that Addie was pregnant
again, Hannah was more than a little suspicious. Busy
though she was, she decided to take a break from work
and help her mother and grandmother with their new

“But Hannah,” Hannah’s boss said, “I can’t afford to
lose you now; our most important client asked for you

“Don’t worry,” Hannah said, “my grandmother has a
computer that will run our Auto CAD software, so I’ll
still be able to do my work from there.”

“You’re so clever,” Hannah’s boss said. “All right, you
can go…

“Just don’t catch whatever bug is going around out

“Which bug is that?”

“The one that’s getting everybody in your family

“Oh, that,” Hannah said with a smile. “Don’t worry, you
know me: I’m all business.”

* * *

For days after learning she was pregnant, Addie was
beside herself with panic. Having convinced herself
that her last pregnancy was purely a fluke, she hadn’t
even considered the possibility that she could still be
fertile. Now she was certain that someone would figure
out her secret–that she was carrying on an affair with
her own grandson–and take away not only her newborn
girls, but the unborn child in her belly, and Margie’s
baby as well!

“What are we going to do?” Addie said to Margie.
“Someone is sure to find out–the police or CPS–!

“Get a hold of yourself,” Margie said. “We’ve played it
cool so far, so nobody has to find out.”

“But what about Hannah? What if she figures out what
happened and tells Frank?”

This gave Margie pause because Frank, her ex-husband,
still had frequent contact with Hannah, talking to her
cross-country at least once a month. Margie and Frank
(who had left Margie years earlier for a younger woman)
were less interested in talking to each other directly
because of the bitterness of their divorce, which was
good in a way because it relieved Margie of the need to
explain to Frank why she and her mother had suddenly
become pregnant within five months of each of other.

Nonetheless, Margie could only assume that Hannah had
kept her father apprised of developments in the
maternity of his ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law, so if
Hannah discovered the truth about Jimmy being the
father of the babies…well, Margie couldn’t count on
Frank being sympathetic.

“Let’s just see what happens,” Margie said finally,
after thinking it over.

“Maybe we should move,” Addie said anxiously; “what do
you think? Maybe if we move, people won’t be so likely
to figure out what happened…”

“No, moving would be a bad idea; if we pulled up stakes
and ran off somewhere now, then everyone we know would
be sure to be suspicious.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Addie said, calming down a bit.
“Sometimes I wish I could be more sensible like you

“Well,” Margie said, glancing down at her own hugely
distended belly, “maybe if you’d been more sensible, we
wouldn�t have this problem.”

Amidst this atmosphere of nervous tension, Hannah
arrived a few days later. Jimmy went to pick her up at
the airport, and was surprised to see that the kiosk
where he had first fucked Addie was still there in the
terminal. It had only been 13 months since that first
fuck, though, so it wasn’t too surprising that the
kiosk was still there, now converted to a newsstand.

On the way to the airport, Jimmy had entertained
thoughts of trying to fuck her right there — like he
had Addie — but then he remembered that Addie was the
one who had first come on to him, and Hannah (sister or
not) might not like it if her dorky little brother
suddenly came on to her without any prior warning. But
Jimmy took heart when he saw how Hannah was dressed;
her short-sleeved beige blouse, long gray skirt and
slip-on platform sandals were unusually casual for her.

Like Addie and Margie, Hannah had red hair, but hers
was darker in color (like Jimmy’s) and had more of a
curl to it; Hannah was also busty like her mother and
grandmother, but her figure was more thick and heavyset
than theirs, with wide hips and thick legs. Between
that and her businesslike personality, she didn’t
necessarily appeal to a lot of men (other than Jimmy).

‘Right now,’ Jimmy thought, ‘there’s an egg in her
belly with my name on it; one way or another, I am
going to fuck her and give her a baby!’

“So, Jimmy,” Hannah said, waiting for her luggage by
the baggage claim, “things must be busy at Grandma’s
house now.”

“Well, yeah,” Jimmy said, putting a hand behind his
head sheepishly, “what with all the babies and all.”

“I heard that Mom sold our old house. So I guess you
and Mom have decided to move up here with Grandma

“Well, I don’t know about that; it’s just convenient,
what with school and all…”

Presently, Hannah’s luggage arrived and Jimmy
volunteered to carry the heavier bags for her.

“So,” Hannah said, on the way out to the parking lot,
“tell me the truth; do Mom and Grandma have steady
boyfriends? I mean they say they don’t, but you live
right here with them, so you would know.”

“Actually, I don’t know…” Jimmy said nervously; “most
of the time I just study, when I’m not at school…”

“That doesn’t sound like you at all; but I guess you
must have changed since I saw you last.”

Jimmy chuckled nervously; obviously Hannah was on to
them! But was that a good thing or a bad thing? Had she
come out here to learn the truth, tell their dad and
break up the family? Or was she up to something else?

Jimmy was tense with worry as he drove Hannah back to
Addie’s house in Addie’s car; this too reminded him of
his first fuck with Addie (which included a blowjob
from Addie in this very car), but he saw no trace of
carnal interest from Hannah as they drove along on the
highway. As usual, Hannah spoke of her work and
deadlines for future projects, so when Jimmy tried to
shoot her a ‘cool’ look and asked if she had a
boyfriend back east, Hannah just looked at him funny
and suggested he concentrate on his driving.

At Addie’s house, Addie and Margie greeted Hannah with
delight, and Hannah expressed surprise at how big the
newborns were, and how healthy they looked.

“I was concerned about that,” Addie admitted, cradling
Samantha while Hannah cradled Victoria; “at my age, I
was worried they might have problems.”

“And now you have another on the way,” Hannah said;
“you’ve been busy, Grandma!”

Addie blushed and glanced at Jimmy, who looked away
with embarrassment.

“Well, I’ve been busy too,” Margie observed. “Hannah,
can you stay until I have my baby?”

“Sure, Mom. I came out here to help out, after all.”

“Didn’t you bring your work with you?” Margie asked.

“Yes, but it’s nothing too stressful,” Hannah replied;
“I’ll just need a few hours a day to work on that.
Which leaves the rest of the time to help look after
you two!”

* * *

Jimmy, predictably, was soon even more tense; not only
was Hannah not especially interested in him, but she
was spending practically every day with Addie and
Margie–leaving precious little time for him to fuck
either one of them! He managed to poke Addie
occasionally (a favorite strategy was to slip into the
shower together and fuck while Hannah was helping
Margie with the babies), but Margie was now so large
that she couldn’t fuck comfortably in any position. And
even when Addie was available to fuck, she seemed very
preoccupied, with worry about her babies never far from
her mind.

“Oh, Grandma,” Jimmy said, holding Addie close and
thrusting his cock deep inside her as the shower water
splashed on his back, “I wish you wouldn’t look so

“I’m sorry,” Addie said, feigning a smile as Jimmy
thrust his cock into her pussy; “I’m just worried about
my boss, and Hannah, and Frank…I’m afraid someone is
going to find out what we’ve done and take away our

“Hush now,” Jimmy said, realizing Addie’s voice might
be overheard by Hannah, “don’t worry; nothing will
break us up, I promise.”

Addie nodded, but still she sobbed silently as Jimmy
continued fucking her, fucking faster and faster as he
reached for his climax. He tried to make Addie come,
rubbing her clitoris as he fucked her, but the more he
fucked Addie, the more agitated Addie seemed to become;
finally he just let himself go and squirted deep inside
her, spurting jets of cum against the mouth of her womb
where — even now — a tiny 2-month old fetus was

Margie, meanwhile, continued growing bigger day by day,
missing her due date in late September; tense days
followed as everyone in the house wondered when she
would pop, but at last Margie finally did give birth to
her baby a week later, a plump and healthy 8-pound baby
boy she named ‘Jacob’. This at last brought all fucking
to a stop, since Addie, Jimmy and Hannah had their
hands full looking after Addie’s babies and also
looking after Margie (while also trying to keep up with
school and work).

Jimmy, of course, was immensely proud of his new son,
just as he was proud of Addie’s daughters, but the
strain of pretending not to be their father did wear
upon him. At length, he even resorted to something he
hadn’t done for a long time — jacking off to relieve
his pressure.

Somehow, though, the family kept going and Jimmy became
philosophical as he reminded himself that he had known
there would be consequences for knocking up both his
mother and grandfather. Whether he could be open about
it or not, he had an obligation to be serious about his
schoolwork and support the family as best he could,
whether Hannah secretly intended to demolish it or not.

About a month later in November, Jimmy was in such a
philosophical mood when the time came for Addie and
Margie to take their babies to the doctor for a
checkup. Hannah had wanted to go too, but she had
developed a nasty cold and Margie was insistent that
Jimmy stay behind to look after Hannah. This seemed
frivolous, but then Margie gave Jimmy a wink and he
remembered how she had agreed to help him bed his
sister all those months ago.

“It’s a great chance to be alone together,” Margie
whispered, “but try not to take advantage of her TOO

“What do you mean?” Jimmy asked. “Does she know…?”

But Margie and Addie were off in the SUV before Margie
could respond.

“I’b sorry I’b such ad idcodvediedce…” Hannah said,
pausing to blow her nose.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Jimmy said, setting a box
of tissues on the coffee table in front of the sofa
where Hannah was sitting, then sitting down in the
recliner nearby. “Is there anything else I can get for

“Doe, I’b fide,” Hannah said. “You’re so kide, Jibby.”

Just then, Jimmy noticed Hannah’s robe open just a bit
— just enough to reveal the cleavage of her enormous
breasts. Jimmy averted his gaze, but he was sure Hannah
had seen him looking.



“Hab you bid fuggig Bob ad Gradba?”

With Hannah’s voice distorted by her congested nose, it
took Jimmy a moment to realize she was asking if he had
been fucking Mom and Grandma.

“What? No… Whatever gave you that idea?”

“Dode be coy wid me,” Hannah said, smiling and pausing
to blow her nose again; “I see you sbeaging off, whed
you thought I wadd’t loogig…”

Suddenly, Jimmy felt a rush of panic in his chest;
Addie and Margie had shared their fears about Hannah’s
close contact with Frank, so Hannah must be confirming
her suspicions now before going to talk with her

“Dode worry,” Hannah said, “I wode tell, if you do
somethig for be…”

With his heart still racing, Jimmy watched as Hannah
reached for her purse next to the couch, then brought
forth a wrapped condom. Stunned though he was, Jimmy
would never forget how cute (and sexy) his sister
looked as she gave him a sly look and let her gown slip
off her shoulder to reveal still more of her breasts;
somehow, the fact that she had a red nose and looked a
mess just made her that much more adorable.

“I wad you to fug be,” Hannah said.

“Excuse me?”

“Fug be! I wad you to fug be!”

Still stunned by this unexpected development, it took
Jimmy’s brain a moment to catch up with what his ears
were hearing.

“Are you sure?” Jimmy asked.

Sure, Jimmy WANTED to fuck Hannah, but why did she have
to pick now of all times?

“Look, I’m flattered,” Jimmy continued, “but you’re
sick as a Rocky(D), Hannah…”

“Are you afraid to catch whad I’b god?” Hannah said.

“No, it’s not that,” Jimmy said. “The truth is, I’ve
wanted you for a long time…”

“Ded fug be, Jibby,” Hannah said, dropping her gown off
her shoulders to reveal a pair of gorgeous breasts both
huge and beautiful–heavy but pleasantly full, with big
pink nipples. Jimmy was instantly hard, and more than a
little grateful
Hannah had the foresight to bring a condom.

“I dode wadda hab adybody see,” Hanna said bashfully.

“Oh, I see,” Jimmy said. “So it’s just our little

Hannah nodded.

“All right,” Jimmy said, standing up and feeling a
boner as hard as an iron bar in his pants; it was so
hard it almost made it difficult to stand up with his
jeans on, so he just dropped his jeans and shorts and
let his glory spring free on the spot.

Hannah obviously liked what she saw; instantly
forgetting her runny nose and generally achy condition,
Hannah reached forward to grasp the 7-inch penis when
Jimmy stood before her, and murmured appreciatively as
she stroked the shaft, feeling the vein-studded skin
and imagining the swollen mushroom tip inside herself.

To Jimmy’s surprise, Hannah then popped his cock into
her mouth and proceeded to suck the head and shaft with
a blowjob that was not only pleasurable, but also
startling and messy. It was pleasurable because Hannah
went at her task with remarkable gusto, but also
startling because Jimmy had no idea his sister knew how
to do anything like that, and messy because snot soon
started to run from Hannah’s nose as she energetically
slurped and sucked on her brother’s penis.

Indeed, Hannah had to stop to catch her breath several
times (since she couldn’t breathe well through her
nose), and it wasn’t long before Jimmy was taken over
the edge to one of the best orgasms he had ever had;
not two minutes after Hannah started, Jimmy began to
squirt ropes of cum into Hannah’s mouth, and she drew
back in surprise lest the flood of cum block off her
windpipe. Some she swallowed, but most spilled from the
sides of her mouth and ran in gooey streams down her
neck and chest.

“Oh, you’re a mess,” Jimmy said, realizing his sister’s
face was smeared with both cum and mucous; “here let me
get you a towel…”

“I’b a dirdy girl,” Hannah said.

“You are that,” Jimmy said, after he finished wiping
off Hannah’s face, neck and chest. “Now it’s my turn.”

Laying Hannah back on the couch, Jimmy then lowered his
face between her legs and found a hairy muff
surrounding puffy pink labia and a surprisingly large
clitoris. Somehow, it seemed appropriate that Hannah–a
successful career woman at an early age, competing with
men much older than herself–should have a big ‘dick’
(of sorts).

It didn’t turn off Jimmy, though; spreading Hannah’s
labia with his fingers, he explored her sex with
genuine curiosity, noting the subtle differences
between her pussy and that of his mother and
grandmother. Hannah’s pussy was perhaps fleshier than
that of the older women, but no less apt to grow wet
quickly when Jimmy laved the sensitive inner flesh of
her labia or flicked his tongue across her clitoris;
soon Hannah was shuddering with pleasure as she came,
and Jimmy knew she was ready to be fucked when he
dipped his fingers into her tight hole and felt her

For a split second, Jimmy considered climbing up
between Hannah’s thighs and fucking her raw; after all,
he desperately wanted to put a baby in her belly. But
it would have been cruel to force her when she’d
already showed him the condom, and doubly cruel to
force her when she was sick like she was; so protected
sex it would be.

“Are you ready now?” Jimmy asked, climbing up between
Hannah’s thighs and letting his penis (now dangling
strings of pre-cum) hover tantalizingly over her pussy.

Hannah nodded, but reached quickly for the condom
package. Jimmy nodded, and knelt back between Hannah’s
legs a moment as he tore open the package and then
rolled the condom down carefully over his considerable

“It’s been a while since I used one of these,” Jimmy
admitted, “but still a good idea. Four babies is
enough, eh?”

Hannah smiled, and then watched in awe as Jimmy
maneuved his penis up to the mouth of her pussy. The
truth was, she had fantasized about this herself for
months–ever since she first put two-and-two together
and realized Jimmy must be the father of Addie’s and
Margie’s babies, but she was reluctant to proposition
her brother until she was sure–absolutely sure–that
her guess was correct. Now she was sure, and now…

Now Jimmy was inside her, sinking his penis slowly into
the clenching tightness of her slippery cunt. He went
slowly at first, not wanting to hurt his sister, but
there was no denying the passion both of them felt when
Jimmy finally bottomed out inside Hannah, savoring
Hannah’s clenching tightness all around him as he
rested his naked balls on her ass.

“Oh, Jibby–!” Hannah gasped, looking up at Jimmy.

“Oh, Sis…” Jimmy replied, giving Hannah baby-strokes
to feel her friction; “damn, you’re so tight…!”

“Oh, Jibby,” Hannah said, “fug be!”

Jimmy was only too happy to oblige, and soon he was
doing what he had only dreamt of before, fucking his
own sister on his grandmother’s couch. He went slowly
at first–wanting to be gentle–but soon they gave up
all pretext of gentleness; Jimmy slammed his sister
hard, aiming to grind the nubbin of her clitoris
between their pubic bones, and Hannah responded by
wrapping her legs around Jimmy, and pulling him deeper
inside her. Soon the only sound in the big empty house
was the sound of Jimmy’s hips slapping into Hannah’s,
and their fevered grunting as both of them reached for
their next climax.

“Jibby,” Hannah said, “will you led be od top?”

“You want to be on top?” Jimmy asked, slowing his
thrusts to a gentler pace.

Hannah nodded.

“All right,” Jimmy said, giving Hannah another quick
pounding–churning the juices in her tight wet pussy–
then pulling out and helping Hannah up so he could take
her place on the couch.

As Hannah stood beside the couch (where she took the
opportunity to blow her nose again) Jimmy savored his
first good look at her body when she wasn’t in a supine
position. Businesslike she might be, but she was damn
sexy too; her breasts were double-D’s at least (like
Addie’s) and her wide hips and fleshy belly suggested
she’d be well-suited to birthing babies when the time
came for that.

‘Someday,’ Jimmy thought, ‘maybe I can fuck her without
a condom…’

Presently, though, Hannah made sure to check that the
condom was still in place before she climbed atop Jimmy
and then sank down on top of him, giving him a perfect
slice of heaven as she slid her creamy slit all the way
down his shaft, then sat there a long moment just
cradling his cock inside her.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” Jimmy said, reaching up to
cup and knead Hannah’s pendulous boobs.

“Thag you,” Hannah replied, starting to move atop
Jimmy. Soon she was grinding her hips against his
forcefully, grunting as she sought to impale herself
with every downward thrust, and it wasn’t long before
she finally did cum, rubbing her clitoris with one hand
while she propped herself up with the other.

“Ohhhh…!!!” Hannah wailed, “Jibbyyyy…!!!”

Suddenly Hannah began to shudder, and Jimmy was
transported to another realm of pleasure altogether as
Hannah’s inside muscles went into spasm, clutching and
sucking at the hard invader in her belly. If Jimmy
hadn’t just come a few minutes earlier, he was sure he
would have filled the condom with cum on the spot.

“Hab you cub yet?” Hannah asked afterward.

“No,” Jimmy replied, “but I’m not gonna last much
longer; Goddamn, Sis, you really get into it!”

“Thag you,” Hannah said, giving Jimmy’s cock a tender
squeeze with her vagina; “Now led’s maig you cub

Hannah then lifted back upright, and started fucking
Jimmy with forceful up-and-down strokes, calculated
mainly to get her brother off. But it was good for
Hannah too, because she especially liked the feeling of
being impaled on a good
stiff cock…

Then suddenly it happened; as Hannah slammed her cunt
down hard around his cock, Jimmy felt something snap
and realized (a split second later, as Hannah lifted
up, then slammed her hips back down again) that the
condom had broken.

“Hannah, wait–!”


But it was too late for explanations now; grasping
Hannah’s hips, Jimmy thrust upward as Hanna thrust
downward, then felt a surging stream of semen explode
from his cock and squirt deep into the uppermost depths
of Hannah’s unprotected pussy.

“Oh, fuck…!”

Still unaware of what was happening, Hannah felt
blissfully happy as she saw the pleasure on her
brother’s face, but inside her body a potential
catastrophe was unfolding. Even as Hannah settled onto
Jimmy’s lap, driving his penis up to its maximum length
inside her, gushing torrents of sperm were blasting
forth from the tip of his swollen helmet–veritable
rivers of semen which splashed against Hannah’s womb
and coated every inch of her slippery slit. It was only
a moment later, as Hannah felt a strange wetness
between her legs, that she realized something was
terribly wrong down there.

“Oh my God!” Hannah exclaimed, pulling off Jimmy’s cock
and seeing the busted ring of condom around the base of
Jimmy’s dick; “did you cub id be?”

As if there was any doubt, a great gurgling flow of
semen then belched forth from Hannah’s pussy a moment
later, running down her thighs and dripping to the

“Jesus, Hannah, I’m sorry!” Jimmy said. “But where did
you get that condom anyway?”

Now that Jimmy had a chance to look at the wrapper more
closely, it was a brand he had never heard of before.

“I god theb frub Dad’s drawer ad our ode house,” Hannah
replied. “He left theb there after he left Bob…”

“Oh my God,” Jimmy said; “you mean we were using
condoms that were sitting around in a drawer for ten

“Id thad bad?”

“Apparently,” Jimmy said. “Jesus, Hannah, what are we
going to do?”

Now passing beyond panic and into shock, Hannah began
to cry–which was all the more dramatic because of the
snot that started running down her face again.

“Oh, Jibby, Ibe sorry! I dode wadda habba baby!”

Jimmy thought for a moment, then considered a solution.

“Maybe we could get you one of those day-after pills,”
Jimmy said. “You know, just in case. There’s a family-
planning clinic not far from here.”

“Dad’s a good idea,” Hannah said. “Why dode we go dow?”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” Jimmy said.
“Mom and Grandma will be suspicious if we go now, what
with you being sick and all…”

“You cad say dad agid,” Hannah said, finally flopping
onto the couch and putting her hand over her head. “I
feel dizzy…”

“I’ll get some ice,” Jimmy said quickly, hurrying
(still naked) to the kitchen to get Hannah an icepack
for her head.

“Thag you,” Hannah said. “So, will you tage be to the
clidic toborrow?”

“Sure, Sis. I’m sure that will give the pill plenty of
time to work.”

Several minutes passed, as Hannah closed her eyes and
Jimmy (now with his pants on) sat nearby, reflecting on
the fact that his sperm was now swimming away inside
Hannah despite their best intentions to keep it out of
her. There was no doubt that the day-after pill was the
right thing to do if Hannah wasn’t ready for a baby,
but still he wondered–as he looked at his sister’s
belly–if some of his swimmers hadn’t already perhaps
found an egg floating free in one of her fallopian
tubes, and if one of them wasn’t burrowing into that
egg even now…

“You doe,” Hannah said some minutes later, “as log as
we’re goig to the clidic adyway, baybe id wouldd’d hurt
if we did id again, just this wudce…”

“Are you sure?”

Hannah nodded.

“All right,” Jimmy said, “but we have to be quick about
it; there’s no telling when Mom and Grandma might come

* * *

In fact, Addie, Margie and the babies stayed away much
longer than Jimmy expected; they explained later that
they decided to go shopping in the city, but Jimmy had
a feeling the real reason they stayed away so long was
to give Jimmy and Hannah a chance to have some quality
time together. And ‘quality’ would indeed be an apt
word for it; despite Hannah’s cold, Jimmy fucked Hannah
from on top, underneath, behind, and sitting (pretty
much every position they could think of except
standing) for the better part of two hours, punctuating
their incestuous coupling with three more generous
helpings of sperm which he squirted deep inside his
sister’s tummy.

When they were both finally spent, Hannah lay in
Jimmy’s arms and asked him if he was angry that she
didn’t want to have his baby.

“No, it’s all right,” Jimmy said. “A baby is a big
responsibility; I’m just glad you don’t want to turn us
in to the police…or Dad.”

“Oh, I would’dt do that,” Hannah said. “But you hab to
probise to fug your big sister dow, wheddever I wad

“Sure,” Jimmy said, “just as soon as I buy us some
better condoms.”

Despite the strong smell of sex in the house, neither
Jimmy nor Hannah let on what they had done after Addie
and Margie came home, although sly looks from Addie and
Margie suggested they were well aware of what had
happened. Putting that aside, though, Jimmy and Hannah
acted nonchalant the rest of the day, and the next day
Addie let them borrow her red convertible so they could
go out and do some ‘shopping’.

But as it happened, fate was perhaps against their plan
to reach the family planning clinic; driving along in
Addie’s car, Jimmy attempted to make a turn in heavy
traffic when another car sped through the intersection
illegally and Jimmy’s only choice to avoid a collision
was either to run over a pedestrian who was also in the
way, or to swerve off the road altogether. Choosing the
latter option, Jimmy ran into a light pole and totaled
Addie’s car.

Luckily, airbags saved Jimmy and Hannah from serious
injury, but both of them were quite shaken up and never
did get to the clinic that day. Jimmy was beside
himself with concern that Addie would kill him for
wrecking her car, but Addie was just relieved to know
that her granddaughter and grandson were safe.

“You can replace a car,” Addie said, “but you can’t
replace a human being.”

Hannah reflected on those words for a long time after
that, and was reminded of those words when she saw
Addie, Margie and Jimmy holding their infant babies
later that evening. Perhaps it was wrong that those
three had given into their carnal urges and created
babies whose futures would inevitably be clouded by
their incestuous origins, but there was no denying that
Addie, Margie and Jimmy genuinely loved their children
and wanted what was best for them. On balance, a baby
could do worse than to be born into such a home.

‘Perhaps it wouldn’t be TOO bad,’ Hannah thought,
resting a hand on her own belly, ‘if I had Jimmy’s

Jimmy, meanwhile, all but forgot about the planned trip
to the family planning clinic as schoolwork and various
other errands distracted him. Since he’d only fucked
Hannah once, he figured there was only a small chance
that she might actually be pregnant, and decided not to
worry about it unless Hannah brought the subject up

Several days later, though, Jimmy was reminded of the
aborted trip to the family planning clinic when Addie
took him aside for a quick fuck in the upstairs bedroom
(and Jimmy finally admitted–while fucking Addie–that
he he’d also fucked Hannah, and also mentioned the
busted condom, and the misfired plan to take Hannah to
the clinic); hearing Jimmy’s tale, Addie was delighted
that Hannah wasn’t planning on fingering them to the
authorities, but Jimmy made Addie promise–as he slam-
fucked her against the bathroom sink–not to embarrass
Hannah by talking about this openly.

“Oh, I promise–!” Addie squealed, pitching up on her
toes in her red high-heeled sandals and bending forward
slightly over the sink to let Jimmy pound her even
harder. Despite being 20 weeks pregnant, Addie could
still make milk, and Jimmy got even harder when Addie
lifted up her pendulous boobs and squirted twin streams
of milk onto the mirror before them. Seeing this was
all it took to make Jimmy’s penis twitch and leap
inside Addie, squirting generous gobs of semen deep
inside her juicy hole.

“Oh, that was good…” Addie said afterward, lifting up
one of her boobs for Jimmy. “Here, have some milk.”

Still behind Addie (and still inside her), Jimmy
reached around Addie to get at her boob and sucked the
offered milk eagerly from the offered tit. This kinky
business soon got Jimmy fully hard again, and it wasn’t
long before they were back to fucking all over again.

“So,” Addie said, “what will Hannah do if she’s

“I don’t know,” Jimmy said, nibbling on Addie’s ear as
he started fucking her again; “maybe have an

“Oh, I hope not,” Addie said. “That would be terrible.”

“I should probably ask her,” Jimmy said. “Just as soon
as we’re done fucking here…”

As hard as he was, Jimmy didn’t expect that would be
long, but he managed to hold off his cum for a good
twenty minutes before he came again, slapping his hips
into Addie’s quivering ass and firing another gush of
sperm into her belly. He then kissed Addie and left to
look for Hannah.

As it happened, Hannah had been reclusive recently–
staying in her room quite a bit and only coming out for
meals–but Jimmy didn’t necessarily ascribe any special
significance to that since she’d not only been sick
recently, but had also been through the shock of the
car crash (and a pregnancy scare), and also had a
backlog of work to complete on her computer.

When Jimmy knocked on Hannah’s door, though, Hannah was
not working at her desk. Rather, she was sitting on the
side of her bed with a strange look on her face,
looking at what appeared to be a small cardboard box
and instructions. Only after a moment did Jimmy realize
that the box had contained a home pregnancy test.

“Guess what?” Hannah said, looking up at Jimmy with a
wry grin.

“Oh my God,” Jimmy gasped; “are you…?”

Hannah nodded.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m going to have your baby.”

Jimmy hurried across the room to embrace Hannah, who
promptly began to cry.

“Are you sure?” Jimmy asked. “I thought you might want
to have an abortion…”

“I thought about it,” Hannah admitted, “but I don’t
want to kill our baby, Jimmy.”

Jimmy looked at Hannah with joy and surprise, and the
two siblings kissed with more than brotherly and
sisterly affection.

“But what made you change your mind?” Jimmy asked. “We
talked about going to the clinic…”

“It was the accident,” Hannah said. “I realized
afterward I could have been killed, and what would I
have left behind in this world if that happened? Aside
from my buildings, I haven’t really left much�and most
of the guys I know are jerks, so I never really
considered having a baby before. But with you it’s
different; what could be more wonderful than knowing I
have my baby brother’s child growing inside me? You’re
so kind to Mom and Grandma, I’m sure you’ll be a good
father for my baby too.”

Jimmy smiled, holding Hannah’s face in his hands.

“But to tell the truth,” Hannah said, “I am a little
scared. You’ve had lots of experience with this, but
this is my first baby! What should I do now?”

“Well, seeing a doctor is probably a good first step,”
Jimmy said, “but I’m not exactly an expert on this.
Maybe what we ought to do is go ask the people who
really are experts–Mom and Grandma.”

Jimmy then lifted off the bed and offered Hannah his

“Shall we go?”

Hannah nodded, and lifted off the bed to join Jimmy.
Only then did Jimmy notice that Hannah was wearing
surprisingly sexy black spike-heeled sandals on her
bare feet, not unlike the high-heels favored by Addie
even when she was pregnant. Jimmy had a feeling Hannah
hadn’t worn this particular pair of sandals for a while
since the straps across her toes and around her ankles
looked very tight, but he still liked the way they

“Nice shoes, by the way,” Jimmy said, as they started

“You like them?” Hannah asked. “These are my ‘fuck-me’

“Well, yeah…they make me want to fuck you.”

Hannah smiled, but put aside thoughts of fucking her
brother for the moment as they came upon Addie and
Margie in the living room downstairs. After an awkward
moment of silence while Hannah looked at Jimmy and
Jimmy looked back at Hannah, Hannah then told Addie and
Margie that she was pregnant with Jimmy’s baby.

Although Addie and Margie already knew that Jimmy had
fucked Hannah, they made an excellent show of appearing
utterly surprised; they rushed forward to hug Hannah
and expressed both surprise and joy just as Jimmy had.
They also kidded Hannah that she wasn’t quite all
business like she looked, but became serious again when
Hannah asked what she should do next, to make sure her
baby was healthy like theirs were.

“Well,” Addie said, “we could always fuck.”

“Mother!” Margie said. “Hannah is being serious here!”

“So am I,” Addie said, turning to Hannah. “I’ll have
you know your brother fucked me just about every day I
was pregnant with the twins.”

Jimmy blushed, having hoped that Addie wouldn’t go
there, but Hannah didn’t seem nearly as offended as he
would have thought. Hannah looked down for a moment
bashfully, turning one foot toward the other like a
nervous schoolgirl, then looked up at Addie, Margie and
Jimmy with newfound resolution.

“Actually,” Hannah said, “I wouldn’t mind fucking Jimmy
some more. I know we all like to fuck Jimmy, and it’s
kind of silly how we all act like we’re not doing that.
As long as we all know what we want, we might as well
have it out in the open.”

This time it was Margie’s turn to blush, for she had
avoided fucking Jimmy throughout almost all of her
pregnancy, only to turn into a very lusty matron indeed
toward the end. But Addie wasn’t nearly as shy as her
daughter, and endorsed Hannah’s suggestion

“Well, then,” Addie said, dropping off her dress and
popping open her bra; “let’s fuck!”

“Oh my God,” Margie said, turning away; “Mom!”

“I didn’t necessarily mean we had to fuck NOW�” Hannah
said, stepping back from the spectacle of her naked
grandmother, dressed in nothing but her red high-heeled
sandals, with boobs as big as basketballs and a belly
5-month’s swollen with child.

“Oh, I give up,” Margie said, rolling her eyes; “I’ll
just go check on the babies in the nursery.”

“Good idea,” Addie said, turning on Jimmy and Hannah.
“Now let’s fuck.”

Hannah’s misgivings notwithstanding, there was no doubt
what all of them had on their minds, and it wasn�t long
before all of them got down to it. After undressing
Hannah (leaving just her black sandals), Addie kissed
her nervous granddaughter sensuously and rubbed her
pussy, which had the dual effect of relaxing Hannah and
giving Jimmy an immediate hard-on.

For 19-year old Jimmy, the sight of his 58-year old
grandmother and 22-year old sister standing there
kissing and fondling each other, with their feet
propped up on their 4-inch red and black sandals, was
more than enough to prime his pump for action.

Such fucking followed as Jimmy had never before
imagined, with Hannah unleashing a wild side of herself
that he had only seen once before, and which she
obviously inherited from Addie. After they were done
sucking on each other’s tongues and nipples, Addie and
Hannah then knelt before Jimmy and took turns slurping
on his cock, with one sucking on the head while the
other gently sucked on his balls; then when it appeared
that Jimmy was close to cumming, Addie and Hannah both
kissed and licked the tip of his cock until it spurted,
covering both of their faces with semen.

Jimmy himself expected to be out of action for a few
minutes after this (especially since Addie had already
drained him twice that day), but the sheer novelty of
the situation–and the realization that both these sexy
ladies were carrying his babies–kept Jimmy hard even
after he came.

Awed by Jimmy’s prodigious babymaker. Both his lovers
then dutifully obeyed when Jimmy directed them to bend
over the couch (the same couch where Jimmy had knocked
up Hannah) and then fucked them both furiously from
behind–spending a few seconds in one, then popping out
to spend a few seconds in the other–and repeating this
cycle until both ladies begged him to fuck them long
enough to make them cum. Jimmy graciously did so,
boning first Addie to a climax and then Hannah, before
finally cumming himself inside Hannah’s tightly
convulsing cunt.

But still Jimmy was not through; once fully hard again,
he took turns plowing Addie and Hannah in whatever
positions they desired, sharing his cock democratically
between both partners as he fucked them missionary,
Rocky(D)gy-style, sitting and standing. Finally, though, he
did cum at last a second time inside Hannah, spackling
her insides with his cum as she rode him to her own
screaming climax on the couch.

Margie, of course, couldn’t help but hear Addie and
Hannah wailing through their multiple orgasms, but she
resisted the urge to go join the fun–partly because
she felt someone ought to look after the babies, and
partly because her doctor had told her to avoid sexual
activity for at least six months after she gave birth,
but also because she didn’t want Addie to have the
satisfaction of exposing her daughter’s carnal urges
yet again. Once the sounds of fucking died down, though
(and the babies were all asleep) Margie emerged from
the nursery to check on her mother and older children.

In the living room, Margie discovered Addie, Hannah and
Jimmy all sleeping together on the couch–apparently
fucked out–and smiled in amusement at Addie
especially. Despite her advanced years, Addie was not
unlike a child herself sometimes with all the trouble
she caused. Margie put this thought aside, however, as
she crossed the room softly on her thick-soled clogs
and dropped into the recliner next to the couch to
watch the evening news. Soon she too was a sleep, and
thus failed to notice Jimmy as he roused from his

The first she was aware of Jimmy, in fact, was when she
woke to find him between her legs sucking on her pussy.
She’d been having the most wonderful dream, and now she
knew why…

“Oh, Jimmy, that’s good” Margie gasped, “but my doctor
says I’m not supposed to do this yet…”

“Does it hurt?” Jimmy asked, dipping two fingers into
his mother’s vagina.

“Well, no…”

“All right, then,” Jimmy said, lifting up between
Margie’s thighs, “let’s fuck.”

Before Margie even had time to scream ‘no, don’t,
stop!’, Jimmy’s cock was at the mouth of her slippery
pink slit, and he sunk his shaft inside her–driving
all the way up to his nuts–with a single plunging

“Oh, Jimmy! Wait…!” Margie gasped.

“Oh, Mom,” Jimmy replied, “your puss is so wet! Just
let me fuck you a little bit…”

“But Jimmy,” Margie said, lowering her voice to an
urgent hissing whisper, “I could get pregnant! For
God’s sake, don’t cum in me!”

Jimmy murmured his reply, but already Margie knew what
he had in mind; Jimmy was thrusting harder now, and
faster, and she could tell he didn’t plan to pull out.
Margie was the only woman in the house now without a
baby in her womb, and Jimmy was clearly aiming to
rectify that situation.

“Jimmy, please!” Margie pleaded, feeling Jimmy fuck her
still faster, “please! Please don’t cum in me–!”

But Jimmy was already beyond reason; a moment later he
felt the sperm begin to boil over in his balls, and he
rammed his cock in as deep as it would go, straining to
fire his sperm directly into his mother’s unprotected
belly. Pulsing jets of cum exploded into Margie —
gooey ropes of youthful sperm that sloshed against the
back of Margie’s vagina and flooded the mouth of her
womb in a teeming puddle of wriggling, energetic
swimmers, all bent on the single goal of fertilizing
the eggs inside her.

Margie whimpered with concern — feeling Jimmy continue
to press his penis deep inside her, and strain to fill
her with his cum–and it scarcely made her feel any
better when Jimmy finally made a token effort to abide
by her wishes and pulled out, squirting a last feeble
spurt of semen onto her belly.

“Jimmy,” Margie whispered (not wanting to wake Addie
and Hannah), “this is very irresponsible! We already
have three babies in this house and two more on the
way! What if I get pregnant AGAIN?”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Jimmy said, lying down next to his
mother and opening her top to reveal her milk-heavy
boobs; “it’s just you’re so damn pretty, I couldn’t
help myself!”

“Yeah, right,” Margie said, feeling Jimmy lower his
lips to the closest nipple and draw her mother’s milk
from inside her body, nursing at the same tit where his
newborn brother had nursed just a few hours before.
“Jimmy, I was hoping to go on the pill once the doctor
said I could fuck again, but it’s no use if you knock
me up first!”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Jimmy said, lifting his lips from
Margie’s nipple and gulping down her milk; “we just
fucked this one time, so what are the odds I got you

But in fact, Margie’s fears were well-founded, for that
very night Jimmy’s sperm found an egg in her belly,
burrowed through its protective protein sheath and left
an opening big enough for a single spermatozoon to
penetrate inside. Soon the egg was fertilized and
implanted in Margie’s womb, and Margie thereafter would
not have another period that year.

Margie fervently prayed for another period, but five
weeks later in late December–while she and Addie were
out shopping for Christmas presents and Jimmy and
Hannah were home babysitting–Margie finally succumbed
to her curiosity and bought a home pregnancy test. The
result delighted Addie and horrified Margie: Margie was
now pregnant with her second baby by her son in less
than a year.

Adding to Addie’s 7-month old girls, her own 3-month
old son, and the unborn babies of Addie and Hannah due
in 4 months and 7 months respectively, Margie’s newly-
conceived baby would soon give the household 6 children
under 2 years of age, and all without a husband or

Margie couldn’t be too angry with Jimmy; after all, she
loved babies and also loved Jimmy’s cock. Nonetheless,
Margie knew the scene was now set for disaster unless a
miracle occurred to keep the truth of Addie’s
incestuous fuck nest secret from the world outside.

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