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Joys of swinging

21 Min Read

For the next several weeks Sue and I talked about our
experience with Jim and Glenness and had some very hot
sex. In our conversations it came out that Sue loved
the feeling of being nasty and having been fucked. She
had enjoyed watching Jim’s big dick slid in and out of
her, and I told her I had enjoyed that also. I was now
more aware of men looking at Sue’s petite 5’4″, 34B
frame with a nice waist and curvy hips. Whenever we
went somewhere men noticed her cute face, then her nice

I brought home a large Dildo and told Sue to use it
during the day, get herself off with it, it would be

When I got home the next day I asked if she had used
the dildo and she happily answered “yes, you were right
it was a lot of fun.”

After dinner I suggested she show me how she liked it.
She went and fetched the dildo and stripped her pants
and panties off while sitting on the couch. Sue lubed
the dildo, leaned back on the couch pulling her knees
up and apart and rubbed the dildo between her wet pussy
lips. She closed her eyes and her mouth opened as she
inserted the dildo deeply into herself, she just cooed
as it bottomed out. It was here that I was struck by
the thought that she was simply uninhibited about what
she was doing. Also I realized that when it came to
sex, she was quite submissive, doing anything I asked
her to do. Watching her slowly move the dildo in and
out of her pussy really made me hot and I started
talking to her.
“Do you like that fat dildo in your pussy honey?” “Does
it feel good?”

“Oh yes, I like it, it was a good idea” she replied.

“Push it way in Sue, I want to see it way in you.”

Sue pushed the dildo in as far as it would go and
started shuttering in a climax. As she was coming down
from her climax I was getting hotter, I thought I would
see if I could get her to go over the edge once more.
“Sue, sex has been so good since you got fucked by Jim,
I think I should get you fucked again.”

Her breathing picked up right away and she resumed
moving the dildo in and out of her pussy. By now I had
my own dick out and was stroking it as I talked to Sue.

“Maybe I can find someone with a nice big fat cock to
fuck you silly.”

Her orgasm was building already and the dildo was
dripping with juice from her pussy.
“Would you like me to find a nice big cock to fuck you

I was hot as hell and waiting for Sue to answer.

Finally she said “if that is what you want, I would
like it” and she commenced to have a crushing orgasm.

I watched Sue as her orgasm subsided and she opened her
eyes to look at me, she had a sheepish grin on her face
and said “That was great.”

Still hot as a pistol, I knelt down between her wide
spread legs and slowly pulled the dildo out of her
pussy. As slick as it was it still had some resistance
to coming out of her due to its size and it made a
sucking sound as it popped out. This was the second
time I had seen her sweet pussy hang open and not close
up after having had something in it. I really liked
this. Her pussy was very juicy from using the dildo and
mycock slid in with almost no friction, it fell much
like it had after Jim had given her such a good

Looking into her eyes I told her “I want you to use
this dildo often so I can feel your pussy all loose and
sloppy like this.”

Sue nodded yes as she started a new climax. My climax
wasn’t too far behind as I was thinking how good her
sloppy wet pussy felt and how nasty we had been.

In the following days Sue asked me if I still wanted
her to have another guy and if so who did I have in
mind? We were still rather new to this small city and
didn’t know very many people outside of my work. As it
happened we were invited to take a trip to the nearest
big city and go bar hopping and site seeing with a male
friend from my work. He had friends where we could
stay for the weekend, Sue and I accepted the

On our first night on the town Dennis, our friend, met
an old girlfriend named Kelly and started chatting her
up. After more drinks and dancing, she suggested we go
over to her place and listen to some music. It wasn’t
to long after we had settled in at Kelly’s house that
they excused themselves and went into a bedroom and got
right after it.

Sue told me that, while at the bar, Kelly had told her
Dennis was a great lover and had big equipment. Sexual
noises began to come from the bedroom so Sue and I
stripped and went at it on the couch. It was less
wondering, than knowing that Sue would like to give
Dennis a ride, and the sex was pretty hot. Kelly was
crying out in pleasure and making nothing less than
a racket, Sue and I were both impressed.

Sue loves to have her pussy sucked and I did her a good
job before sinking my dick into her and giving her a
good long slow ride. With all the noise still coming
from Kelly and wondering what this guy would do to Sue
if he had a chance, I got very hot and shot off in Sue
as she finished a powerful orgasm.
Incredibly Kelly and Dennis were still at it after Sue
and I had dressed. We put on some more music and made
fresh drinks while we waited another twenty minutes for
them to reappear. Kelly looked like a wreck and headed
to the bathroom to fix herself up a bit. I made both
of them new drinks and Dennis mentioned that was damned
good stuff.

He asked if we had made ourselves at home and I said
“yes we had some ourselves on the couch.”

“Oh good” was his reply.

Since it was late and we would be traveling back the
next day we decided to go back to the place that had
all our stuff and get some sleep. We had made sleeping
places in the front room of these people’s house, Sue
and I on one side, and Dennis a ways away. After the
lights were out Sue was very horny and wanted some

I thought “what the heck” and started feeling her up,
but she wanted me to just get on and put my dick in

While I couldn’t be sure, it seemed to me she was doing
a good bit of extra moaning while getting it, almost
like she was sending a message to Dennis that she liked
to get fucked too.

The next morning we visited a number of places and Sue
did some shopping. Dennis wanted to visit one more
friend in the afternoon before we left for home. During
the visit we drank a few beers and Sue had several more
than I did. About the time I was thinking it was time
to go, Sue said she was going to change into something
for the ride home and went into the bathroom with her
bag. When she came out everyone noticed the change, she
was wearing a small skirt/shorts and halter top, nearly
everyone raised an eyebrow.

I thought “Christ she can’t wait, she wants it bad.”

We had said our goodbyes and had just got on the
highway when Sue began to look at me questioningly with
a slight devious smile. I relented and whispered to
her she could fool around some. The three of us were
in the front seat of our big car and Sue just turned to
Dennis and started kissing him.

He said with a pleasing voice “What is this?.”
I told him she was still horny from hearing Kelly get

“Alright!” was Dennis’ answer and he starting undoing
her top right then.

As I tried to pay attention to the driving I watched as
Dennis fondled my wife’s tits, sucking, kissing and
pinching her nipples. Before long he wanted to have a
feel of her pussy and was tugging at her shorts/skirt
to get it off. Sue lifted up and helped get everything
off and Dennis began rubbing her pussy and inserted a
couple of fingers in her. I could smell and hear her
sex as Dennis probed her wet pussy. Reaching between
her spread legs my hand was added to the probe. Sue
gave a moan and a “yes” as Dennis and I gently pulled
at her pussy with two fingers each. With two fingers
deep in her Dennis pulled rather snugly and I followed
his lead and pulled also, Sue’s pussy was now pulled
open by the two sets of fingers in her and she had her
first big climax of the night. This was too much for
me, watching her sopping wet pussy with all the fingers
in her was going to cause me to wreck the car.

For the next forty minutes Dennis and Sue felt each
other up, Dennis sometimes putting four of his fingers
up to the thumb web while Sue groaned and moaned. We
were near home when Sue pulled Dennis cock out of his
pants, both of us just stared at it. It was about ten
inches long and as thick as any I had seen, it was a
whopper. No wonder Kelly had squealed in delight. I
suggested they get put back together as we were nearly
home and Sue had been in the front seat without a top
for an hour, god knows who saw her like that.

Once inside the house I made some refreshments and
brought them out. Sue was topless again and being felt
up by Dennis. Sitting on each side of Sue we pulled off
her bottoms and again started fingering her pussy, we
were easily able to get in three fingers each at the
same time and Sue reacted by having an orgasm. It was
weird feeling Dennis’ fingers with mine in my wife’s
sweet pussy.

Sue had said she wanted a bath when we got home so I
went upstairs and started some bath water. Upon
returning I found Sue on the couch bent over sucking
Dennis’ big cock, her lips lovingly pulling on that
thing like it was a god. Dennis had his fingers in her
pussy making squishy sounds as he played with it.

Remembering the bath water, I ran upstairs and turned
it off and returned to the living round to find Dennis
sitting back on the couch with my wife sitting facing
him straddling his cock. She was settled all the way
down on it, not moving, just getting used to the
monster in her cunt.

Dennis was patient and waited for her to start moving,
he said to her “You are on it all the way, ever had one
like this before?.”

With her eyes shut, Sue shook her head no.

Amused Dennis inquired “Do you like it?.”

Sue answered “Its way up me, its big and it feels

Sitting there Sue shuttered with a climax moaning “oh
god, oh god.”

Slowly she recovered and started moving up and down his
shaft. I sat a little behind her and watched her
stretched pussy lips being first pushed in, then
gripping obscenely as his cock pulled part way out of
her. Her juice was running down his cock and off his
big balls, it was so erotic to see her pleasuring
herself and him.

She later told me it wasn’t one or many orgasms, it was
wave after wave of one long orgasm starting with
sitting on his cock. Dennis knew he was a cocksman and
liked to have fun with it. He lifted Sue off his cock
and got a quick protest from Sue. He placed Sue at the
front edge of the couch and leaned her back spreading
her legs and putting her knees back. She was fully
exposed with Dennis kneeling in front of her, for a
moment he just studied her and played with her pussy.

Sue lifted her hips to encourage him to go on, instead
he asked her “what do you want?”

“You know” Sue said.

Dennis chuckled and said “Oh no, you have to ask for it
now, tell me exactly what you want”.

This was incredible, he was going to make my sweet
young wife ask him for his cock, tell him she wanted
his cock, I didn’t think I could take much more of it.

Sue panting, yes panting, said “Your cock, I want your
beautiful cock in me.”

Dennis said “Okay” and slid into her again, moving slow
and easy, watching her enjoy the fucking.

Sue was moaning and groaning so loud I had to tell her
to keep it down or the apartment next door would hear.

I told Dennis I wanted some and he said “When I am done
bud, then you can have all you want.”

I couldn’t touch myself by then I knew I would shoot

After Dennis had been giving it to her easy for ten or
fifteen minutes he asked “You want it like this or

Sue paused for a moment and said “fuck me, fuck me

Dennis raised himself off his knees and started
stroking Sue with firm long thrusts, really beginning
to pound her. Pussy juice was running down the crack
of her ass and their sex was making slapping and
squishy noises.

Sue was swearing, grunting and saying she had never
been fucked like this before, “its so big Jess, it
feels so damn good.”

It must have been too much for Dennis also, because he
slammed into her and held his cock buried in her and
his balls jerked as he pumped his cum into her. Sue was
now limp as Dennis pulled his dick out of her, she
remained in place splayed out in front of us, the third
time I had seen her cunt hang open.

I couldn’t wait and got down between her legs and sank
my dick into her, she was very hot and the large pool
of cum in her was very hot also. She was of course
loose, sloppy and wet from the mound to passed her ass
but I was getting to where that was just the way I
liked her. I certainly didn’t cum from the friction
but was blowing my load in her shortly. After I got up
Sue just lay there and Dennis came over to her and
stuck four fingers deep into her pussy moving them
around, when he pulled them out they were covered in
cum and juice which he it wiped all over her tits,
rubbing it in.

She lay there all wet from sweat and the cum Dennis had
rubbed on her breasts, as Dennis watched and finished
dressing, Sue told him “That was very good Dennis.”

Reading her just right he said, “Don’t worry you’ll be
wearing this cock again.”

We helped Sue up from the couch and she left on wobbly
legs for her bath. I noticed that as she started up
the stairs there was a wide streak of white cum that
had run past her knee, she had been thoroughly fucked

Seeing Dennis to the door he said “that was real nice,
can I have her again sometime?”

My reply was “Ah, yes, I guess, she seemed to enjoy
it.” Dennis smiled broadly and headed out the door.

Sue came to bed and when I asked her for some more she
said “No, I am a little sore and fucked out, thanks

This was our second experience, but there are many

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