Judgement and Sentence

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Irene told me this Recently – She had written it down and I show it below:-

In 1973 My husband Paul gave me an advertisement from the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

“Women wanted to spend time in prison with three well-hung jailers – Apply by telephone”

So I telephoned the number – Which was answered immediately “Courthouse” – “I am telephoning regarding your advertisement” “Good – What’s your name?” “Rene” – I said ( stage name ) – “Well Rene come and see us tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 and he gave an address in Abbotsford.” So at 2, 25, I arrived and used a large knocker to announce my arrival. – The door was opened by a youth in a blue uniform who said “Rene?” – I said “Yes” and was conducted to the magistrate’s office, where I was greeted by a man in a black gown who said “your full name Please” – “Rene Reader” – “age” – “25” – “You realise you are seeking sex?” – “Yes – I hoped so” – “Do you masturbate?” – “Often, and I use a dildo as well as my finger” – “Do you like dirty talk?” – “Of course, you fucking dickhead” I replied, he nodded his head and smiled -“So you want to be fucked” – “I hoped so” – “How many men have fucked you?” – “12 So far and 3 more will make 15 – I am still trying” – “Are you married or single?” – “Married,” I said. “Does your husband know you are here” – “Yes, Paul gave me your advertisement” – “Good”, he said, “Do you suck cocks?” – “As often as possible” – I replied “and I swallow cum” – Do you want to have your arse fucked?” – “Yes,” I said “Paul seems to prefer it” – “Do you enjoy it?” “I do now, it hurt at first but after a week it became acceptable and now I love it” – “Fine,” he said, – “does he give you golden showers?” “Yes,” I said he makes me drink his piss. – “Are you into bondage?” – “Paul ties me to the bed sometimes” –
“do you enjoy it?” – “Yes it makes me think I am being raped” – “Does he beat you?” – “Not so far” – “if you are disobedient or late in obeying orders Your tits will be smacked with a wooly flail, which will not hurt but will stimulate your nipples. For more serious infringements your back will be hit with a harsher flail – again more stimulating – for most serious offences your bottom will be caned – that will hurt and may leave bruises. Unless you decide that is too much or you wish to cry off say ‘cave’ and you will be set free” here he donned a black cap “I find you guilty of immoral behaviour and sentence you to three days incarceration – your jailors will take you to your cell”.

Three tall men each with 10-inch circumcised cocks, grabbed me, put handcuffs around my wrists, and dragged me to a cage – where there was a bed with a blanket and a thin pillow, a small table, and a hard chair. “Take your clothes off you won’t be needing them until you are discharged”

You will have porridge for breakfast with a cup of coffee – a drink, mid-morning – sandwiches for lunch and dinner. They, then fondled my tits and fingered my cunt and bum, and locked the cage door. At 4:30 they returned with a plate of sandwiches and said “This is your dinner but you have to let us fuck you first – so lie down and spread your legs.” One stood on each side of the bed and told me to wank them off while the third man fucked my cunt, His cock was so large it stretched my cunt to take it and he kept thrusting deeply while I wanked the cocks on either side. – Two hands full. I felt the man in my cunt cum and he came and told me to lick his cock clean- so I did and while doing that the two of them came and spurted over my tits. “Rub it in” one ordered and I did – they left, and at 6:00 I ate my sandwiches and when they returned they said “We have come to give you a cum nightcap so suck each of us off in turn.” And my mouth was stretched wide at the girth of their cocks and totally filled with cum to swallow. – I was left to sleep overnight and was told “Breakfast will be served a 6:30” – I got little sleep. I was so overwhelmed.

At 6:30, a single jailor came with a bowl of porridge and said “take this pill – it keeps our pricks hard and makes women feel randy – Before you eat breakfast I am going to fuck your bum so kneel down with your arse in the air” – he prodded my hole with his finger dipped in porridge and then forced his cock ( much larger than Paul’s ) slowly into my bum and started to fuck and soon increased the pace and he came very quickly and I ate my porridge and took the pill and drank the cup of cold coffee whilst gingerly sitting on the hard chair. – Within minutes my cunt felt “want more” – I must get Paul some.

After breakfast, he came again “I am taking you to the exercise room,” and he handcuffed me and let me to a large room – “Lie on the table with your legs apart” I did and cuffed my hands and legs to the ends of the table. Then, he approached me with a large black dildo on a bar – he pushed the dildo into my cunt and switched a machine on – It was an electric fucker that kept moving in and out at speeds that he kept varying to keep me on edge until he let me cum. WOW

You are allowed two visitors and here is the first and he brought a young girl in totally naked – tiny tits and shaved cunt area – she sat in a chair – “This is a young maid on the staff and she will sit in the Queen Chair – we will push you in and I am sure you will know what to do – while we watch” – He pushed me headfirst under the chair. There was a hole in the seat of the chair and above me and all I could see was her cunt, I was astounded and did nothing for a moment – the Jailor said you are being too slow and he brought the wooly flail and whipped my tits, the magistrate was right it did not hurt and my normally prominent nipples felt even harder – “Go on” he said and I started to lick her cunt and suck her clit and shove my tongue in as far as possible she soon became very wet and I loved the taste of her juices. I was very excited and remembered being 12 years old. It was a delight.

At 10:30 they all came to me in the exercise room and said It’s time for your drink – Lie on the floor and open your mouth and, as I expected, they each pissed in my mouth – so copiously that I took time to swallow it all.

The rest of the morning was spent with me cuffed to the table while they, in turn, probed my cunt and butt with carrots, cucumbers, knife handles, and other items – odd but not unpleasant.

At noon, I was returned to my cell and given a plate of cum and cucumber sandwiches – not too bad, I was allowed a short nap and dozed for 1/2 an hour. Then they woke me up and took me to the prison cinema, and we watched a film of our activities so far ( I did not know we were being photographed ) – I had to suck them off in turn. I then had my head and arms locked in a pillory and a ball gagged in my mouth and told “this is a reminder to behave”, and I was whipped on the back, with the harsher flail. Not painful but gag unpleasant. I was then told to lie on the table when I sucked one cock while another fucked my cunt.

At dinner time the same as yesterday but the men were in different places and this was repeated the following days. So each of the three took a different role each day.

I slept quite well that night but had a sexy nightmare about being raped.

On the second day, another jailor brought breakfast and fucked my bum then they stood around watching the machine fucking my bum this time.

Then a second visitor arrived and was introduced as the Matron of the prison hospital. She was naked a fat woman with big floppy tits and a thick black bush., She sat in the chair and I was pushed under. She had a bad smell and was having her period but I licked her anyway – it was revolting and I nearly puked – I did not suck or poke her with my tongue – she did not cum and eventually got up and left saying “I did not cum and I have other work to do” The jailor said to me “You did not make her cum that is a serious offence, I will give you 4 strokes of the cane so bend over and he beat me” – it hurt and I was bruised.

My morning drink was the same every day and the cum and cucumber sandwiches satisfied my hunger.

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